Demon King

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Good day gone bad

Venus POV

We pull into the parking lot of doctors office and get out of the car.

I look around the small hillside parking lot. There aren't a lot of cars here. Only 3 other cars.

Damien locks the car and walks around the car and grabs my hand then leads us inside of the cabin like building.

We walk in and I look around at the lobby. I like it, it's comfy.

The walls are painted a deep maple with a creme accent wall behind the counter.

And the seating area has brown leather couches, one on either side of the wall, with a glass coffee table in the middle.

The walls decorated with abstract art.

We walk up to the receptionist.

"Welcome, King Damien and Sir Venus. Right this way." The receptionist lady says getting up.

We follow her down a hallway and into one of the rooms.

"Just wait here the doctor will be right in." She said with a smile then leaves and closes the door.

" I wanna go back to the island. I really enjoyed it there and I miss it." I say trying to make small talk to pass the time

"Mmm, we'll go next month. When it starts to get cold again."

"Ok. Its a dea-" I pause because I hear a knock at the door and a voice.

"Knock knock." The doctor says while opening the door

That was fast it barely even been 5 minutes.

"It's so nice to see you guys again." The doctor said

"It's nice to see you too." I reply with

"You too." Damien says

"Can you lay back on the bed and lift your shirt for me please." The doctor says while starting up a machine

I do as instructed and Damien takes a seat in the chair next to the bed.

"This may be but cold." The doctor says and pours a gel onto my stomach.

It's not really that cold. It's actually kind of soothing.

"Well looks like we have been busy since I've laugh seen you." The doctor jokes

I just stare because I don't know how to react to that.

"Nothing, ok tough crowd. Anyways, if you look at the screen right here you can see your baby." She says pointing to the screen of the machine.

All it looks like is like a tiny ball.

"It's too early to really see anything as you are two weeks. Correct?"

I shake my head.

"If you want to know how that relates to a human pregnancy. Demon pregnancies are shorter than human pregnancies. Being 6 months compared the on the normal 9 months meaning you develop 1.5x faster than a human.

That translates to about a week ahead. So technically in human terms your 3 weeks."

That was kind of a unless information but also kinda cool to learn.

"Cool, I didn't know that." I reply with

"Did you want some pictures printed off?" The doctor asks

I look at Damien to see what he want. He shakes his head yes.

"Yeah." I reply with

"Okay, I'll get those printed off right now."

The doctor clicks a button and they start printing.

"May I just say in my 30 years of being a doctor I have never seen a case like yours. But I mean demons exist so any this possible, right?"

"Haha yeah." I say awkwardly

"And that's it. Any questions or concerns I can answer before I leave?"

The doctor hands us the pictures.

The doctor whips the gel of my stomach and I sit up while pulling my shirt down.

"Uggh yeah. When will we be able to see more....of like the baby?"

"Around 6 weeks and any time after that."

"Do I have to change my diet?" I ask

"No, just stay hydrated and get tons of sleep. But don't go eating to many sweets." The doctor says joking about the last part.

I respond with a small chuckle.

"Alright so I'm going to head off now, and you guys can leave whenever you'd like." The doctor says opening the door and walking out.

We watch the door until it fully closes.

"Ok, ready to go get a haircut?" Damien asks getting up

"Yup." I say getting up.

We exit the room, walk back down the hallway we came, outside and back out to the car.

We get in the car and drive for about 20 minutes, vibing to music the whole time, then we come to a stop in front of a cremé midsized building named Orsina's salon.

It's a nice looking building.

"Don't look so nervous." Damien looks over at me and says while turning the car off

"Sorry I just don't trust strangers messing with my hair." I say getting out of the car.

Hiro walks around the car and meets me.

Don't worry you're in great hands, the owner Orsina has been cutting hair for years, and the hair dressers that she hires are top of the line." Damien states as we walk towards the door

I shake my head

We walk a few steps to the door and walk in.

"Ahhh damey how are you? It's been a couple months." A dark skinned lady says walking up and hugging him

And to my surprise he actually hugs her back.

This is the first time I've ever him not get mad at someone touching him without permission and the nickname.

Damien could care less about the title part, it's just a public thing. But the NICKNAME!

But I keep quiet and watch their interaction.

The hug wasn't long as they quickly part.

"You know I've just been busy with the new title and all." Damien says with a smile responding to her previous question

"Hmm, I understand." She says shaking her head in understanding

"And you. It's so nice to met you." She says turning my direction and hugging me.

Wow, okay I wasn't expecting that. I stood there in shock for bit before awkwardly hugging back.

"It's so nice to meet the one who makes mr. dark and brooding over there happy."

I smile. Not really knowing how to respond. God this is painfully awkward.

"It's nice to meet you too." I said as she pulls away.

"Okay well enough dilly dallying. Come, come let's get started." She looked back and forth at us and motioned for us to walk further inside.

We walk further into the salon.

"You guys can sit right here." She says directing Damien and I to stations sitting on either side of the room.

"And this is one of my best stylists, Adrianna.she will be doing your hair today. Trust me she's the best" She said introducing me to a mid height girl with long curly red hair.

After that she walked off to Damien.

"Hi. When your ready take a seat and we can begin." Adrianna says
I take a seat in the black chair.

"So what were you looking for today?" Adrianna asks me

I pull out my phone and show her the picture of the hairstyle that I want.

"I would also like...." I explain to her the other specifics that I want done.

She turns the chair so that I'm not facing the mirror and gets to work.

I think I'm there for the next 3 hours.

Damien finished in half that time and went to sit in the waiting room because I didn't want him to see until my hair was done.

I saw Damiens hair though when he was finished. He got the ends cut,like he said he would, and added some highlights. It looked really nice.

"And done!" Adrianna says making the final cut and turning the chair around to face the mirror.

" Omg! It's perfect, I love it! Thank you so much." I say in shock.

Vinnie's hair:

It really is perfect and even better than I imagined.

"Can you go get Damien?" I ask Adrianna.

She nods and walk away.

A few seconds later, through the reflection of mirror, I see Damien walking toward me smiling.

In a matter of seconds he's standing behind my chair.

"Awww Babe. I didn't expect the blonde but I love it."

"Thanks. I like too!"

"Does this mean you're gonna start acting wild? Cause you know they say blondes have more fun."

I chuckle.

"Maybe." I say with a mischievous grin

"Is that so?" Damien leans down to my ear and whispers in my ear.

"I'm ready to go, come on." I say getting up and intentionally ignoring his question.

"Ok, yeah sure." Hiro says walking behind me.

"Bye, Guys. Thank you for the amazing job on our hair." I say right before I open the door

"No problem. It's literally my job, come back soon though. I mean it." Orsina says giving Damien a 'I'm not joking' look.

"Alright sure. Anyways once again thanks for the hair, we are gonna get going now so bye." Damien chuckles.

We wave out last goodbye's then walk out of the salon and to the car.

"Is there anywhere else you wanted to go since we are already out?"

"No, but I do want to do something else today." I respond

"And what is that?" Damien smirks at me

"Get your mind out of the gutter. I want to go swimming." I say playfully hitting his arm.

"Owww that's abuse and you just got your hair done."


"So, people usually don't like to get their hair done then go swimming. It kinda defeats the whole purpose."

"Not really like we were gonna go anywhere or like it's gonna wash out. So if I want to go swimming, I'm going swimming. Call it hormones, I guess."

"Sure, hormones." He says starting to pull out of the parking lot

I put my hand over his that's on the gear shift which makes him freeze.

"What's wrong?" Damien asks with concern

"Wait did we forget to pay?"

Damien let's put a deep breath and his expression relaxes

"You scared me. No, I paid while I was waiting."

He proceeds with the previous motion of pulling out.

"Anyways, what was that supposed to mean earlier?" I question

"What was what?"

"The "sure hormones"." I do my best to mock his voice

"Nothing, let's just listen to music." He says turning up the radio volume.

"Fine be like that then. Just know for 2 weeks you'll receive nothing, not even a kiss."

"Wha-" Damien tries to argue but I cut him off.

"Nope final decision. To late" I say with a smile knowing I won.

20 min later....

I watch as the garage door closes before getting out of the car.

I wait until we walk into the foyer to yell

"Last one to the pool is a rotten egg." Then take off.

I quickly glance behind me to see Damien take a second to realize what happening before taking off behind me.

I look forward and run as fast as I can.

Which doesn't seem to be fast enough cause I took another glance back and he's gaining on me, fast.

I look forward again. Damn him and his long legs.

But I think I'll win. I can see the pool house door, it's only like 10 ft away.

I run full speed ahead for the door and as I expected I win.

But Damien wasn't far behind as he enters only a second after me.

"I win, I win." I yell jumping up and down like a little kid.

"No fair you cheated." Damien protests

"No I didn't. I just simply made it equal because you had an unfair advantage, Daddy long legs."

"Why did you have us run over here anyways. We have to get swimsuits."

"I know but I just simply choose to ignore that step." I say pulling my shirt over my head

"Really, skinny dipping?" Damien questions.

"Yup." I pop the p at the end

"You act like this room isn't made of glass and that anyone can't just walk in."Damien looks at me like I'm crazy

"So just lock the door and no one roams the grounds at nigh plus the huge gate. So no one will see.

"Actually security roams the grounds at night."

That's kind of concerning, but I wanna do what I wanna do and nothing is gonna stop me, so I brush it of .

"Well better hurry and get into the water before they see." I say slipping of my my underwear and jumping in.

"Cannonball." I yell as I do so.

Within seconds my body is submerged in the water and I'm floating to the top.

That was so much fun.

I unroll my body from the ball as I near the top.

When I re surface I wipe my eyes and look for Damien.

I swim up to the edge where he's standing.

"Gonna join me?" I question.

"Uggh fine."

"Get the door then." I say looking over to the door.

Damien looks over at the door then closes his eyes.

He opens then again but this time they are red. The red isn't new they turn that color anytime we have sëx, you get used to it after a while.

I count our watching what's happening.

I look over to the door as that's where he is concerned on. I can't really see anything gapping but then I hear the click of a lock.

"Wow how, how did you do that? Will I be able to do that?" I question.

Damien's eyes fade back to their normal color and he looks at me.

"It was just telekinesis due to the aid spelt powers i posses. There's energy in the air, you can harness it then aim it at the desired target and manipulate. It takes some practice to get good at. And to answer your question only if you have air elemental powers." Damien explains while undressing.

This is great, I'm getting a lesson and a show.

I watch as he slips the last piece of clothing off then dives in.

Of course he had to dive, he couldn't have cannonballed and been childish like I did.

I swim over to where he just re surfaced.

He reached his arm out and tries to grab my waist. But I slap his hand away.

"Nope, remember no no no no touching." I say with a smile

He shakes his head with a smile not believe j was actually serious.

I get a little closer just enough so I can touch him.

I reach my arm out and tap his Shoulder, yelling tag then swimming away as fast as I possibly could.

I make sure to kick water in his face as I swam away to stun him.

"Come back here.." he yelled

And I laughed as he chased me around the pool. We carried on like that for another hour or so playing: tag, racing, having water fights, etc...

Now I some how ended up with his arms around my waist, back against his chest, and my head on his shoulder and looking up at that stars with him.

"I thought you said no touching?" Damien says

"This is your one freebie after this nothing else, got it mister."

"Sir yes, sir."

"Hey stop" I say poking him

"This reminds me off our 5th date, when went stargazing." I say

"I still remember that day so vividly. It was so chaotic."

I smile tempering exactly what happened.

"Yeah, the traffic, the detour, the wine, and then my dad freaking out about the wine thinking it was blood." I reminisce

(A/N: in this country legal drinking age is 18)

"Hey, not my fault you're clumsy." Damien defends.

"Yeah but you're the one who set an open bottle of wine on a rock part of the ground."

"You should have know how to stand up more carefully then."

"Yeah yeah just shush. Look that one looks like a heart with our initials." I point at the constellation and trace it with my finger.

"Oh yeah it does, doesn't it." Damien says

I move from Damiens shoulder to now facing him and kiss him.

"I love you." I say when I pull away.

"I love you too. But what was that for?" Damien questions

"Just cause." I smile

"Oh ok well if that so then I love you to the moon and back" Damien says peppering my face with kisses.

I scrunch up my face and laugh

"Okay okay, that's eno-" I stop mid sentence as I hear the pool house door handle turn.

But it obviously locked so the person can't get in. So after it's followed by a knock.

"Who is it?" Damien says in a deep but loud voice.

"Uhhh it's Kira. Can you let me in? I need to talk to you."

I hear the door lock click again like before.

Kira walks in.

"Oh sorry to interrupt you guys but there's an emergency online meeting being held in less than 15 minutes. I tired calling but you didn't answer so I had to ask the maids where you are and one of them finally answered that they saw you run in here.

Umm so yeah that it." She says awkwardly standing there after finishing

Damien and I are still in the same exact position we were in moments ago.

Very close and facing each other in the middle of the pool.

"Uhh yeah sure, I'll be right up. You can go now but before you do get two of those towels over there and set them near the edge of the pool." Damien replies

She nods and walks over to the shelf full of towels and grabs two, then proceeding to walk back over to the she and setting them down then leaving.

We part and swim over to the edge, get out, and wrap the towels around our waists.

"I'm gonna head up and get ready for bed while you do that." I say

"Ok, I'll come back once I'm done."

"Ok, bye." I give Damien a quick peck on the lips then head out.

The walk back to the elevator made me uncomfortable, as I was only in a towel walking through the open.

I did my best to walk quickly though. Once those doors to the elevator closed though I felt better.

I did as I said I would, I got in the shower, brushed my teeth, blah blah blah, then got in bed.

I turn the tv on to watch but it spins become background noise as I drift of into sleep.

The swaying motion I still felt from the water helped lull me even further.

Hours later.....

I wake up to go to the bathroom but I can't move. My hands my hands they are stuck. I try looking around the dark room for some form of familiarity but I find none.



I call but no one answer I do my best not to cry.

Where the fućk am I?
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