Demon King

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A letter from a mad woman

Damien POV

What the fuck could be so urgent that they need to hold a meeting.

I think as I dress in this hallway closet because it was the closest closed off room.

I finish dressing then get on the elevator and head up to my office.

When I open my office door I see that Kira is already there waiting next to the desk with an open computer.

"Hello again, sir." Kira says and nods in my direction as her eyes follow me as I walk across the room to my desk.

"Hello again, Kira." I repeat her greeting back to greeting back to her.

I sit down at my desk and look at the computer. There are about five other little screens visible, and on the video screens are the rulers of the other countries??????

What could they possibly want. It shouldn't be about a war as all countries have signed a peace treaty to keep worldpeace.

We all make sure to have some what good relationships and ties to each other for political purposes. But for war purposes, the rule is you stay over there I stay over here and it works!

So what is the problem?

I click the unmute button on the screen.

"Hello Kings and Queens, may I ask what the meaning of this meeting is?" I say trying to sound as formal as possible.

Uggh, god I hate hate hate having to be this proper and put on this show.

I would much rather be in bed cuddled up with Vinnie right now. I hope he's still up when I'm done with this.

Actually no, sleep is good for him and the baby it's been a long day.

"We called this meeting because of the bombings that occurred worldwide today" Giselle, the queen of Roona replies.

I've been to Roona before on a half business half vacation trip.

I didn't like it much the region is fairly dry and is mostly made up of deserts and some sand dunes of course along with the modern civilization.

Although those are a beauty in its self, deserts aren't really my thing.

Anyways, did she just say bombing??!?? And worldwide at that.

Nothing happened here.

"What? What do you mean bombing?" I question to try and get clarity as I'm confused because I heard nothing of this.

"I mean as in explosive that killed over one hundred people with many more hospitalized." Giselle saying it like I'm stupid.

She's always been like that and that's why I can't stand the woman.

Always being so condescending, but I mean I've met her parents so is we where she gets it from.

Such a rude family someone should teach them manners.

"Can you recap the events that have occurred today. Nothing has happened here and I haven't heard anything of the occurrences in your countries."

Giselle let's an audible sigh before beginning.

Again, I hate here.

"Today at exactly 3:41 pm or whatever time it translate to in your country, bombs detonated simultaneously. The bombs caused hundreds of deaths and tons of damage.

We know nothing happened in your country that is why we are holding this meeting. We can handle the casualties and damage of the bombs on our own but since your country was unaffected we suspected that you were out of your head and encoded to break the treaty.

But as evident in your confusion it clearly wasn't you.

So that means we are now dealing with a worldwide terrorist or terrorists.

Since your country was unaffected we suspect they originate from your country.

You, we need to quickly find them and put an end to them before they act again." She finishes

The one day I decided to take to myself and step away, this happens.

"Yes, of course, definitely. I will inform the military and have them deploy the special agents immediately. If that is all I'm going to leave now and get to it."

"That is all" Giselle replies with

"Goodbye your majesties." I say before closing the laptop

I pull out my phone and send a group message to my military leaders informing them about what has happened and that the perpetrator(s) need to be found.

Now I finally get to go back to my Vinnie.

"Goodbye and Goodnight, Kira." I say standing

"Goodbye, sir." She bows.

I walk out of the room into the hallway and get onto the elevator.

When I arrive at the wing door, I unlock it and head inside making sure to close it behind me.

I walk into our room expecting to see a bundled up Vinnie but the bed is clear. Maybe he was still up and went down to the kitchen for a late night snack.

I'll just hope in the shower until he comes back.

I head into the bathroom and take a nice, long, hot, and soothing 20 minute shower.

When I step out I see Vinnie is still not back so I grab a pair sweatpants and throw them on before heading down to the kitchen.

When I get to the kitchen it's empty and it's only the chef left and she's packing up for the night.

"Hey, Violet have you seen Venus?" I ask her

She stops and bows as custom to say hello.

"No, sir I have not.

" So he didn't stop by here?" I further question to get clarification

"No, sir."

"Okay, thank you"

"My pleasure, sir"

I step out of the kitchen and think about all the possible places he could be be.

I checked the game room, the pool house, the living rooms, etc....

Every possible leisurely room and nothing. Where could be be.

Oh I know maybe he's with his father.

I head-over to his room and knock on the door.

I takes a few minutes before the door is opened but when it's opened it reveals a sleepy looking Robert( not sure if that's the dads name, I don't remember)

"Hello?" He greets while rubbing his eyes and yawning.

"Sorry to bother you but have you seen Venus?"

"Ummm, Venus. Uhhh no." He says still half asleep.

"Ok, thanks." I reply before walking away

As he closes the door, and what I am assuming, heading back to bed

Old people they always go to bed so early

Hey I get to say that about him. He's my father in law, well soon to be anyways.

Where the hell could Venus be.

I'll go back to the room maybe he came went back before I looked in the room he was in.

I mean I was looking for a whole 30 minutes.

I walk over to our private elevator and take it up to our room.

Soon enough I'm walking through our bedroom door and once again it's empty, just like before.

But this time my heart well hearts dropped. Where the hell could he be.

"Ok, Venus if your hiding from me as some joke it's not funny anymore, so come out."

I say loudly.

I get no response just silence.

I look around the room to see if anything is misplaced for any possible hiding spots but I see something on my nightstand.

I didn't notice it before when walked into the room earlier.

I walk over to the night stand. It's a not addressed to me.

My head started racing with a million thoughts as I stared at the piece of paper on the dresser.

What could be inside it.

Did Vinnie run off and this was his goodbye note?

Why would he leave me?

What did I do?

It doesn't look like his handwriting

I finally gain enough mental composer to pick it up and read it.

"Hello Damien, it's been a while. You may be wondering who this is.

Well I'm excited to say my love, my darling that it's me Veronica your first and only love.

Now that we have reacquainted with each other. I do have to tell you that I have Venus."

When I read that last sentence I feel sick. How the fuck did she even get in.

I hastily but also reluctantly keep reading.

"Such a beauty when he's sleeping isn't he. But also quite a heavy sleeper at that, he made it so easy. Not stirring in the slightest through any of it.

Before you freak out. I'm not going to hurt him unless. Unless you refuse my deal then it's bye bye. Lights out.

You see over these many months that I've been gone, away from you my love. I've been thinking.... contemplating what happened Between us.

I felt so hurt and betrayed, lost. Wondering why, why would he do this to me. After that I went through many stages: At first I was angry and wanted you dead, then I wanted Venus dead for stealing what was mine, then the both of you. But finally I regained my peace of mind and came to my now amazing plan.

So you might be wondering what this plan is. Well as I said I regained my peace of mind, but it came with a want. A want for power. Power so that no one would ever bring me down so lowly again.

So high up there that those who dare look my direction die.

Step 1 is already complete, disruption. As I'm sure you've already heard, well I made sure you heard. About the bombings that is.

Ahh yes it was I. I honestly have to pat myself on the back for that one. It took endless months to make something that would cause that much damage, plant them all, and wire them all to this singular red button.

It was worth it. I need the world governments distracted trying to find this terrorist so that I can begin step 2.

Step 2. Is where our deal steps in.

See when I had regained composure I realized that you didn't choose me over him. It was all just merely a publicity stunt. It's obvious it's me that you wanted. But the headlines, oh the headlines would have been the death of you if you went with me.

I do have to admit though. The original plan was to kill Venus. So that way I got rid of my biggest obstacle. But as I thought more I realized that he was only an innocent by stander forced to go along with whatever you say. An innocent citizen.

I still need leverage even though I know you don't care about him, he's an innocent that will be caught in the crossfire, and you can't let that happen. Can you?

So here's the deal. You join me and let's dominate the world together and I set him free no harm done. If we have a deal call the burner phone on the nightstand and I'll tell you where to meet me.

Anyways, ta ta. I have to go it sounds like you're coming.

-xoxo Veronica"

I finish the letter in horror and utter panic.

This bïtch has gone insane and convinced herself that she fine.

Who in their right mind would come to such a horrible horrible epiphany.

"Fuçk, Shït, Fuccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccck." I scream out loud

Why does this day keep getting worse

I mean pro we know who did it now, con all the other shït.

How the fuçk did she get in though? I keep questioning and asking myself

Then it hits me. The fücking door was left open.


I exit the room infuriated and walk down the hall briskly.

I unlock the door and don't even bother to close it.

It doesn't matter anymore. The one thing it was meant to keep safe is no longer safe.

Some guardian Rowan is. I mean what guardian put the person they are guarding in danger.

I arrive at the suite door quickly.

I knock on the door loudly not caring if I'm waking her.

She unlocks the door and looks rather awake.

"You!" I say through clenched teeth.

"You, what? I'm confused what did I do? What's happening?"

"You, are the reason he's gone and we are in this mess.

If we don't find him, I'll have your head." I crush the letter in my anger.

"Wha? Who's gone?" What mess?" Can you please calm down and tell me what happened.

"Venus, he's missing and it's all your fault. The door..... you left it open. A crazy ex maid of mine who wanted him dead now has him."

She looks terrified and shocked. Her hand clover her mouth.

"I'm so sorry. I thought I closed, I thought I did. How could I be so absentminded and stupid.......

Find him. We need to find him now." She says the last part walking back into the room scrambling to find something

"Uggh where is it" I heard her murmur to herself

"Aren't you a guardian, shouldn't you be able to tell when he's in danger?" I question because again what king of guardian can't do their job.

"Uhhh well kinda, kinda of not."

"What do you mean kinda?"

Her incompetence is starting to piss me off even more.

"Well you see in the other dimension there's a special device I used to look into your futures and if it wasn't going to plan I would pop over here and adjust one thing so that it would butterfly effect.

I myself cannot see any future events or current events." She counties to search for whatever as she responds to me

"Well what about when we first met in my office, how did you know when Venus wasn't in pain anymore?" I continue push for answers.

Cause honestly I was so stupid to trust her and not get the full story.

"I can smell pheromones. Every body emits pheromones of every sort and I'm super sensitive to them. I can smell them for up to 10 miles seats. So whenever they change I can smell it. That's how I was able to tell you.

I should have been able to smell Venus's fear if he was kidnapped. I wonder why it didn't change

Damn I can't find it. I swear I packed it. " She whispers that last part to herself

"Because he was as- you know what all I'm doing is waisting time. You apparently don't have a solution so I'm going to deal with it on my own."

I start walking away when Rowan yells after me.

"Wait I do have a solution."

I stop in my tracks

"Oh yeah, what is it?"

"It's this machine thing from the other dimension, it's a long story but that's the solution. I just can't find it." Rowan please

"Then quit wasting my time." I say as coldly and bitterly as I could.

Some help she is. I stand by word from before if anything happens to Venus I'll have her head.

I soon reach back to my room to make the only choice possible.

I pick up the phone from the dresser and click on the only number in the contacts.

The phone rings twice before I receive an answer.


I recognize the voice it's Veronica, and she sounds rather excited.

"Hello." I reply with

"Oh good. I see you have come to your senses and made the right decision." She says trying to sound seductive

Right decision my asš, and especially not when you try to sound sexy but end up sounding like a badly acted out porńo.

But I play along.

"Yes, I have realized what a mistake I made I'm not choosing you. I hope this can be our second chance. Just tell me when and where darling. I'm yours and you are mine." I say trying to sound convincing

I mean she's lost her mind so it's really not that hard to convince her, right?

"You hear that you human piece of shït. He chose me not you. Turns out you were just a little publicity stunt. Now I get to rightfully claim my place." Veronica spits in a vicious and venom laced tone.

Venus! I suddenly realize she's talking to Venus!

I fight the urge to scream through. The phone for him and tell him that everything I said is fake.

Ugggh come on, I hope you know me better than that and that you're smart enough to realize what I am doing. Use that big beautiful brain of yours you idiot.

I mentally scold in a loving way. As I can't actually say it or who knows what will happen.

I'll get you soon, my love. Promise.

"Hello?" I say when the phone goes silent for a bit

"Yes sorry to keep you waiting." Veronica replies quickly

"Meet me at Donald's Milk factory at 3pm tomorrow, and come alone that way I know you're serious and not trying to trick me."

"Ok, until then."

"Goodbye my love." Veronica says

"Goodnight my love." My face contrite in disgust at the fact hat just called her that.

That was so lude, vile, disgusting. There aren't enough words in the Ivamorian dictionary to describe that encounter.

And it was right in front of Venus too. I'm so sorry babe.

Next day, 2:45 pm

Last night was by far my loneliest and hardest nights in my life. I couldn't sleep, the thought of Vinnie not being by my side where I knew he was safe.

Not knowing whether or not he was being hurt or hoe he was sleeping.

I never realized how much I loved the way he would hang onto me in his sleep.

As soon as I would climb into bed a frenzy of limbs would attack me, and it hurt like hell with how hard they would land on me.

But I missed that pain. What if I never-

It's okay I can't think like this, I'm on my way right now to get him back.

I pull up 5 minute later to the old, decaying, and abandoned factory building; that was shut down even before my dad was born.

I honestly should have gotten rid of it months ago along with many other abandoned buildings. All they do is take up space that could be used and now apparently house psychotic people.

I take a deep breathe before getting out of the car, and walking towards the entrance.

What the hell has this come to?
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