Demon King

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I wanna go home

Venus POV

Where the fuck am I?

I try to get up once again but it doesn't work like the first time.

Hmm. Ok, maybe this is a dream.

I should try to wake myself up. But how? My hands are tied down.

Ok let me try hitting my foot.

I lift my foot up and drop it onto the floor as hard as I can.

Ouch! That hurt. Ok, so I'm definitely awake.

Then it hits me. If I'm awake and tied up then that means something bad is happening to me.

I start hyperventilating and do my best to hold back the tears but I fail.

They stream heavily down my face.

"HELP!" I yell through my horse crying voice.

"HELP!" I try again

I keep yelling for I don't know how long after that but nothing happens.

I stop because my voice is almost gone and I've just lost hope at this point.

Why the fuçk does it have to be so dark. If there was some sort of light I could have the slightest idea of where I am or what specifically is happening.

All I know is that I really need to piss and I can't because I'm tied down and not at home.

I don't know when but I eventually fall back asleep. When I wake up this time it's not so pleasant.

"Get up" Someone says and slaps me in the face

"Owww, what the fuçk!" My eyes fly open and cup my cheek. I sit up and lean against the wall

I search the room for whatever stranger just hit me for no reason.

My eyes land on a pair of black boots and follow them up. They land on a familiar face. It takes me a few seconds but then I remember.

"Veronica!" I say with anger in my voice

"Aww so happy to see you remember me." She crouches down and taps my head while giving a closed lips soft smile.

"Don't touch me." I sneer at her, since it's all I can do because my mobility is currently limited.

She draws back her hand and gives a faked shocked look.

"Feisty" she says with a devilish grin.

God I hate this bïtch.

"What do you want?" I bitterly spit out

"World domination and Damien" she says nonchalantly

"And what does that have to do with me?"

It has no connection to me. Well I mean sort of. Obviously I have a connection with Damien but if she wants him why doesn't she take him? Not that I want him gone, that would tear me apart.

"Ugghh, do I have to explain everything?" She looks at me with a 'are you dumb?' Look.

I just stare back at her with a blank expression.

"Fine." She says and stands up straight from her crouching position. To then pace around the room, and give this long rant and explanation.

It all sounded so deluded that I knew right then and there that she had gone mad.

Someone get this woman to a psych ward.

Anyways long story short, she sees me as an obstacle and leverage.

Honestly I have no time to get upset over crazy people. During the explanation she mentioned that she left a note to Damien that entailed exactly what she said.

I mean who is such a mastermind but give away their whole plan before it's complete?

Please come back to me when you have it all completed.

"Ok. Ok, can you just let me go. I really don't have time for all of this." I say being fed up with everything already

"Were you not listening?" She says looking a bit pissed

"Kinda." I respond with

"Anyways, you can't leave because we are just getting started." She says as a wide grin comes across her face.

The sound a phone ringing fills the room. Veronica reaches into her back pocket and pulls out the ringing phone.

She looks at it for a moment before smiling.

"Speak of the devil" she waves the phone at me before answering

I just sit quietly and watch what's happening.

Veronica answer the phone with a hello.

I can't really hear who ever it is she is talking to so all I have is her side.

"Oh good. I see you have come to your senses and made the right decision." She says trying to sound seductive


I wonder who the hell she's talking to trying to sound like that.

"You hear that you human piece of shït. He chose me not you. Turns out you were just a little publicity stunt. Now I get to rightfully claim my place." Veronica spits in a vicious and venom laced tone.

He chose? What? Publicity stunt?

What the hell is she tal- Damien!

Yeah right in her dreams, he chose her. Like I believe her. I mean literally hours ago Damien and I were telling each other how much we loved each other.

She's crazy so I guessing she just hears whatever she wants to hear.

I've watched enough kidnapping movies to know that if you don't give the crazy person what they want shït hits the fan, really quick at that.

I don't say anything and just answer with silence because I just want to get the hell out of her.

I'm guessing Damien said something because she turns back to the phone quickly

"Yes sorry to keep you waiting." Veronica replies quickly

"Meet me at Donald's Milk factory at 3pm tomorrow, and come alone that way I know you're serious and not trying to trick me."

I know he is trying to trick you, and it's what you deserve.

"Goodbye my love." Veronica says

Blah. I think I'm going throw up.

"See I always get what I want." She smirks at me like she accomplished something.

Yeah yeah. Whatever

"At least let me go to the bathroom first I really need to piss." I try to change the subject because the truth will probably come out of we linger on it for to long, and I actually need to go to the bathroom really badly.

She sits there contemplating it for a few moments, I wish she wouldn't because I'm not lying.

"Ok, I'll let you go to the bathroom. Only cause I don't want piss on the floor."

Thank god.

She unlocks the, what I now know are, cuffs connected to chains nailed into the floor

She doesn't know I'm no longer human, so when she's not looking I could probably break these and make a run for it.

I get up once my hands are freed. Omg that feels amazing to finally stand after so long.

Short satan doesn't waste time and drags me to dark green door located in the left wall of the room.

"In there." She says and pushes me towards the door.

I open the door and quickly step in closing the door behind me.

I go to lock it but there is none.

First things first, Pee. Then see if we can find a window or vent to crawl out of.

I walk over to the toilet and do my business. I pull up my boxers, since all I'm in is my usual sleep attire of one of Damien's shirts and boxers, and wash my hands in the small sink to the right of the toilet.

I don't care whatever situation in I will always wash my hands after using the bathroom. If you don't that's extremely gross.

Now time to get back to business. I look around the concrete walls and see nothing, not even a vent.

Aww come on! What kind of building am I even in?

No windows, concrete everything, and bright asš Florence lights.

I reluctantly walk back out of bathroom.

"Back on the ground."

"Aww come on! Really? That's super uncomfortable. I promise I won't try anything." I protest.

"Yeah like I believe that. Sit down."

"Ok, fine." I walk over to the other side of the room and sit down in my previous spot

When Veronica bends down and goes to put the cuffs back on I head but her.

She falls back and clutch's her head and that's when I make a run for it.

I run for what I assume is the door to exit the room.

"Boys get in here." Veronica yells

As soon as she yells that the door flies open before I can reach it, and two big, tall and muscular men walk in the room.

They head straight for me.

No, no, no, no! Come on.

I try to dodge them as they go to grab me but one of them grabs me from the back, pinning my arms to my sides and carrying me over to the spot.

I squirm around and try to free myself from his grip but it doesn't work.

The mam sets me down and hold me down while Veronica re-attaches the cuffs.

"So you wanna play it like that." Veronica say standing up and straightening out her hair.

I glare at her

"I was going to take it easy on you, but since you want to be like that I'll let you have it" Veronica says glaring down at me

What the fuçk does that me-

"*cough*, ggrswaasd" I moan out as her foot connects to my stomach.

Then, I remember. No, no, no! God no!

I try my best to curl up my body and protect my stomach as she continues her assault on my body. Each hit worse than the last.

At least she isn't hitting my stomach. I think after about 5 minutes of her continued abuse I pass out.

The next time I wake my whole body aches. I painfully sit myself up against the wall.

I look down at my limbs and try to assess the damage. My arms and legs are covered in purple bruises and bloody cuts.

I have a head ache too.

Damn how long was I out for because I again can't tell because there aren't any windows.

"It's about time you wake up, I've been sitting here for the past 3 hrs bored out of mind!" Veronica says

I follow where her voice came from to find her location in the room.

She's sitting in a chair in the opposite corner of the room with a book in hand.

She reads? Wow, surprising.

"I would beat you up again, which I have to say is quite fun and relaxing, I can't because Damien is here. So it's time for you to kiss him goodbye" she smiles while saying that last part.

Thank god, I finally get to leave.

Veronica gets up out of the chair and walks out of the room.

The two men from before come in and unchain me.

I laugh to myself, I guess she's still scared from earlier.

But it's not like I was going to try anything because this time I actually get to leave.

But my hand aren't free for long because they place a pair of handcuffs on me.

I roll my eyes at it. All of this is so unnecessary.

Each one them grabs one of my arms and basically carries me out of the room.

I don't mind it though I'm sure it would hurt to walk.

We exit the room into a hallway with many more rooms lining the walls.

What kind of factory is this?

No one wonder it got shut down, it seems very sub par.

I'm lead down the long hallway and up some stairs.

As we emerge on the ground floor fresh air hits me in the face and I take deep breath,

Damn the difference in air quality makes me realize how stuffy it was down there.

It's starting to get cold again, it's a bit chilly.

We walk a bit more before I'm placed into a chair in the center of the first floor, and facing the entrance.

Veronica is leaning against a cement pillar.

I hear a car pull up.

Thank god Damien is finally here.

Veronica heard it too and gets off of her phone and looks at me with a smile.

"He's here" she says and turns around to face the door

I hear a car door shut and not long after Damien is walking

He's dressed in a white short sleeve t-shirt, a leather jacket, and leather pants with his hair up in a bun.

I like it, it's super hot.

My eyes follow him as he walks up to us.

I know this is not a good time but damn that man is fine!

He goes to a stop about 5 feet from us.

I look at him look at me and I can see the pain in his eyes.

It's probably all the bruises and cuts.

He shifts his gaze to look at Veronica and the look in his eyes changes to one of hatred.

Veronica runs up and hugs him. She's latched onto his waist because of the height difference.

Damien moves his arms up and stares awkwardly before patting her back.

"Ok, that's enough hugging wouldn't want get bored of it." He says prying Veronica off of him.

"Yeah your right." She unattached herself and walks away from him

"So let's just get rid of him and carry on with our day." Veronica says turning and glaring at me.

"Yeah, your right l. So let's hurry." Damien responds.

I don't believe it for one second. I can read Damien so well that I can't possibly think this is true.

"So what should we do with him?" Veronica says fawning over Damien like a dog does with treats.

Get some help.

"Um, I think we should just drop him off on some random street on our way to the PALACE." Damien said emphasizing the last word.

What was that for?

Ok never mind question answered. Seconds after he says it I see people in black gear with guns come out of every spot of the building.

Ok this got scary fast.

Is this the military?

I mean sure I've heard of them m, but I've never seen them because you have to pass a bunch entrance tests to even qualify and then after that they train in a remote location for years. It's all pretty secretive.

I'm sure if I wanted to know about the location I could find out but the thought has never crossed my mind.

Anyways it's remote so there are no distraction so that we can be the best.

And it pays off so we stick with it.

I heard that they all know how to kill 3 people with one bullet.

I look over at Veronica, and all of the guns are pointed at her. She looks scared and hurt at the same time.

"I knew you couldn't be trusted. So that's why I brought backup. Boys!" She yells

Another massive amount of people come out of hiding spots.

They look less organized do to the lack of uniformity in their outfits and weapons. Some of them have: knifes, hubs, hammers, etccc basically anything that can hurt someone.

The guns now shift from being on Veronica to them.

Damien nods at the soldiers

"Fire." Damien says

Soon the room is filled with the sound of gun shots.

Ouch my ears, it's loud asf.

Veronica makes a run for it, while Damien is running towards. When he reaches me he crouched down and cups my face.

"Are you ok?" Damien says with worry in his eyes

"Yes but just obviously a little hurt." I softly smile

"A little, this is not a little. Did Veronica do this to you? Why am I even asking? I know she did." He answers his own question before I have the chance to answer.

I nod to answer the question anyways

"I'm gonna get you out of here and have John take you to the castle. Then I'll deal with Veronica."

Damien breaks the handcuffs and they fall of if my wrists.

I rub my wrists in content. Finally they are free.

"Ok now let's get you to John he's waiting outside."

"No, I coming with you." I protest

"You can't you're hurt, so let's just get you to safety ok."

"No look yes I can" I say standing

It only lasts for a few seconds before my knees give out.

"Ok yeah see I told you." Damien says picking me up like a mother would a three year old.

"Let me down. You're making me feel like a baby."

"You are my baby."

I can feel my face turning red from that comment.

"I'm being serious."

"You seem to keep forgetting that you're hurt. Plus it's not a big deal, I carry you all the time."

"Yeah but in public it's usually piggy back cause it looks less awkward."

"Look we are almost to the car, it doesn't matter anymore."

I turn and look over my shoulder, and there John is waiting next to the car.

We keep walking and right as we reach the door out of no where a knife plants it's self into the side of the car.

My eyes go wide because it barely missed my head.

I look around to try and see where it came from.

And there she is.

It's Kira?

"Kira?" I question

"Kira what are you doing here and what are you doing? I didn't tell you about any of this."

"I know." She replies shortly

"So what are you doing here? Why did you try to hurt us?" Damien says in a serious tone

"I guess it's time to out myself."

"Out yourself?" I question

"Do I have to spell it out for you guys. How do you think Veronica knew when you were alone to kidnap you?

Who do you think let her in the castle?

How do you think she got into your wing?" She says in a obviously tone.

Holy shit it was all her, I never expected that.

I'm hurt, I trusted her.

"Why would you do this? You've worked for me for 4 years! I pay you well and I don't treat you anymore harshly than I talk to anyone.

I thought I could trust you!

Every, everything I blamed on poor Kia and it was all you!

Why?!" Damien says in a loud booming voice.

"Simple. Veronica is my childhood best friend. She told me about how you hurt her and tossed her aside so I helped her in getting revenge.

She texted me about today and said if it turned out you were lying to kill you.

So that's what I am doing. No If you'll excuse me."

She pulls another knife out of her jacket.

Damien quickly opens the car door, shoves me in, tells John the child-lock it, and closes it.

What? No

I bang on the window to try and get him to turn back.

He should just get in so we can drive far away from here.

I don't want him to get hurt.

I can't do anything because of the fricking child lock.

I watch as Damien stops the knife mid air probably using his powers.

The knife turns back around and head straight back at her.

She quickly dodges it before attempting to throw another one.

And the same thing happens.

Out of the corner of my eye I see Veronica me the two guys from before approaching behind Damien.

I bang on the window and try yelling to warn him.

"Damien! Damien! Damien! Behind you!" I yell

I guess he's saw them because now they are all floating.

Damien lift his hand and makes some sort of movement then they all fall to the ground unconscious.

My eyes go wide. Ok never knew he could do that.

It's over! Just like that, it's over.

Damien doesn't walk back to the care but walks back in the building.

I wonder what he's doing

My eyes move from the door and scan the building.

Looking at the building from the outside I'm surprised it hasn't collapsed by now.

I get lost in my own thoughts waiting for Damien. I'm pulled out of them when the car door opens.

"John I'm going to take him in my car. You can just drive back to the castle."

Damien says trying to pick me up again but I slap his hand away.

"I told you not to do that. Turn around so I can get on your back."

"Come on."

I just glare at him.

"Fine." He says turning around and I get on his back.

I let out a sigh of relief.

It's been a long 12+ hrs.

I'm so happy I finally get to go home
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