Demon King

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Close call

Damien POV

I quickly shove Vinnie in the car and close it.

I had planned for this and left John with instructions on what to do if it turned out that I had to fight anyone off.

And well I was right

I do have to say that I never expected it to be my assistant though.

That was probably the shock, not in a good way, off my year.

I'm hurt. I trusted her and she betrayed that.

And that's one of the few things I don't tolerate, disloyalty/betrayal.

It's so disheartening to see someone I thought I would know for the rest of my life or at least until I stepped down to just turn on me.

This hurt won't last long though soon the darker, curler part of me will consume and feed off of these feelings. Then comes the hurt for them.

The part of me I wish didn't exist because that Damien is.... That Damien loves to hear the screams of pain and fear from his enemies, loves to come up with new ways of how to push a person to brink of death but still live, he loves to see the blood shed and mutilations.......That Damien is not me...... he's something I myself try to run from.

Keep locked away.

I've been successful in my efforts to keep him at bay.

2 years. That's how long ago he last made his appearance.

746 days.... I counted. But now it's all going to go down the drain.

All because people don't know how to move on peaceful. Now that ticks regular Damien off.

But to attack, harm, attempt to kill, and plot against me makes you an enemy in my eyes and in his.

But in his eyes enemies need to be eliminated as suffer to the fullest extent for their crimes.

It's a trigger I can't control. It's like a door your meant keep locked except it open and you don't have the key to lock it.

I of course keep this part of myself a secret from Venus out of fear of how he will view me. Out of my own selfish want of him to see me in a perfect light and not fear me.

I'm aware that he has heard the rumors of the 'cruel prince', or probably now changed to King. But I never let him believe it.

I always said it was gossip and how people can take something out of context and just run with it.

I can feel the door creeping open already.

Uggh, no chance left for them now.

I stop a knife thrown by my ex assistant, I don't want her name to ever pass my lips again, mid air.

I easily turn the knife right back on her and simply let it take aim.

She quickly dodges it before attempting to throw another one.

Stupid little thing aren't you. I would have expected catch on quickly that throwing another knife will only result in the same effect.

I once again turn it back on her.

I stand and wait for her next move, probably another knife throw.

But I sense a presences behind me, wait three.

I'm not sure I can take four people at once. So save my self trouble and strife, I send the levitating into the air then knock them unconscious with one swift movement of the hand

I take a quick glance around to see who tried to ambush me.

Of course it was Veronica and her two goonies.

I should make a movie about all four of them called dumb, Sumer, and dumbest's

At least it's over now and I can finally bring Vinnie home.

But first I have to deal with the scrappy bunch over here.

I walk back into the run down factory.

I'm definitely having this place torn down along with any other abandoned buildings.

I walk up to one of the agents and instruct him to collect, detain, and deliver the feeble minded four to the cells under the castle.

Yes, Venus doesn't know about that either.

Speaking of Venus I am now walking back to the car to get him.

I open the car door and he looks a bit surprised, he was probably off in la la land as he sometimes does.

"John I'm going to take him in my car. You can just drive back to the castle." I instruct John and he nods

I then try to pick up Venus but receive a slap to the hand.


"I told you not to do that. Turn around so I can get on your back." Venus scolds

Really? He can be so stubborn, even right now in the worst of situations.

"Come on." I fuss

To my words he gives a response of glares.

I don't need more of a fight than I've already had. Which I'm exhausted from so I just cave

"Fine." I say and turn around

What? Using my powers is draining when I barley use them.

Venus gets on my back and I hear him let out a quiet but audible sigh of relief

It's both saddening and relieving.

Saddening because it made me think about the fact that he had been through so much. The pain and mental strain was probably so heavy.

But then relieving because I know that heavy weight has been lifted off of him and that he feels much better and safer.

I walk for a minute or two to where I left my car.

I unlock it, walk to the passenger's side and open the door.

I feel Venus slide off of my back.

"Hey what are you doing?" I question out of concern

He looks at me like I just asked him what planet we're on.

"Making a sandwich. No, getting in the car. What else does it look like?" He says with a bit of an attitude

I'll let it go for now

"I could have maneuvered myself so you could get in with less stress on you."

"I'll be fine to walk on my on for two steps."

He gets in the car with a slight wince.

Even though I can't feel it, that hurt me.

I shut the door and go to get into the drivers side.

I get in the and shit the door.

I start the car quickly and start pulling out. I never want to see this place again.

"I noticed you winced when you got in. Do you need to go the doctor ? How badly are you hurt?" I asked concerned

I can see some bruising and small cuts on his exposed skin.

Maybe I should take him to the doctor

"I'm fine, most of it is healing anyway. So I'll be fine."

"Are you sure?" I take a quick glance at him to try and read his expression.

"Yeah. I just want to go home."

"And that's where I'm bringing you love"

I grab his hand

I hear Venus make a small gasp.

This has me worried.

"What is it love?" I ask concernedly

"Nothing it's just a question."

"Well, question away we have time."

I run my thumb along the back of his hand.

"Ok, well I was wondering why I don't heal as fast as you do. Ya know since I'm a demon now I expected to blink and everything to be gone."

"It's because you're freshly turned. The quick healing won't happen for a couple more months. It's a slow process so your body doesn't go into shock if you were turned and not demon bo-"

My sentence is cut short as Venus' grip on my hand tightens.

I look over at him concerned and see his face twisted in pain and see a fresh trail of blood running down his legs.

"I think we need to go the hospital." Venus says through clenched teeth.


"Yeah, I think we do."

Fućk no, I can't take him to hospital there's to many eyes, mouths, everything!

I can't take him to our doctors office that's to far away.

I quickly pull my phone out of my pocket, I know texting and driving is bad but it's urgent, and speed dial John.

John quickly picks up and I instruct him to call the doctor and tell them to get there ASAP.

I hang up and step on the gas a little.

This is the least timely and most private option.

Thankfully the roads are mostly bare so with a little speeding I reach the castle in the less than 10 minutes.

I pull into the drive way and pull to a quick stop before hastily getting out of the car.

I rush over to Vinnie's side and go to pull him out bridal style.

"Don't fight me on this this time." I assert

"Don't worry, I'm not." Vinnie slightly laughs through his pain.

I rush inside and to the elevator.

Just as I was about to get in Venus' Father walks by.

When he sees us his eyes go wide with worry.

"Woah, what happened?!" He whisper yells rushing to Venus.

"Long story. Later...." I Auckland say stepping into the elevator.

"No, not later. I'm coming with." He yells and steps into the elevator.

I don't stop him. He's a concerned parent.

Something I wish I had.

We take the elevator up and as soon as the doors open I'm greeted by the doctor.

I also gave John the code and told him to let them up when the arrived.

I'll be changing it anyway after today.

We quickly rush down the hallway to the bedroom.

The doctor opens the door for us and I walk in Hastily and send Venus down on the bed.

By now he's half awake half asleep from the pain.

The doctor drops her bag and begins to take out supplies and set them on the bed.

"What happened?"she asks

"Uggh I'm not sure he was kidnapped and ugggh......" I sputter out

Oh god. He might die and I can't even say what happened.

"KIDNAPPED!" Venus's father yelled in most likely I'm the not good kind of surprise

"Don't start. Not now. This is why I told you later." I bite



"BOYS!" The doctor yells and we go silent

I turn back to Venus and see he's still some what conscious.

"Baby, What happened?" I plea

"Veronica... hit me.... Kicked me... stomach." He pieces out.

THAT LITTLE BĮTCH. WHEN I- when I know Venus is okay, I'll have her throat. She'll be the first to be subjected to my tortures and the last to die.

"Okay, my nurses shouldn't be long now with right equipment so for now I'll try to stop the bleeding." The doctor says calmly amidst everything

Please be okay baby, please.

This is all my fault isn't it. I should have never let Kira so close to me, him, or my information.

I should have never left him alone.

I should have gotten to him quicker. I shouldn't have waited til morning.

I-I-I should have done more to protect him.

As I though it all the ways I failed Venus and what lead to his current state I felt my eyes pool and the hot tears rub down my cheeks

What Kind of mate am I?

I'm supposed to protect him but yet I couldn't do that!


Later that day, 6pm......

He's okay!

Thank whatever is out there! He's ok!

I look at his sleeping face and a small smile graces my face to know that he's fine now.

I could have lost him, and I don't know what I would do if I had.

He's my air, my sun, my moon, my rain, my everything.

My reason for living.

I look over to the couch where Venus' dad is asleep.

After Venus was stable and we calmed down I explained to him what happened.

He said he didn't blame me and was sorry about earlier.

But I blame myself and he was right earlier. How could I let it happen.

Anyways, the old geezer didn't leave all day. Not even to eat.

Don't worry I didn't let him starve.

I had food brought up here.

And as for the bathroom he used the one here.

He complained about how much 'fancier' my room was than his for the couple hours. Then he suddenly stopped and when I looked he was passed out.

I can't sleep, I have to wait for Venus to wake up.

As if right on cue he shuffles, and I look back at him to see his eye flutter open.

I rush over to his side.

"Hey baby, are you okay?"

And much to my surprise he replies with a chipper response


"You don't have to pretend to be fine. If you're hurt say your hurt."

"I'm not, see" he said sitting up

Which causes me to jump to his aide.

"Look, no bruises or cuts too!" He smiles

I look at him with suspiciously with a lifted eyebrow.

I know he has slower but still accelerated healing but still.....

He unexpectedly grabs hold of and pulls my shirt neck towards him.

Landing my lips one his and he passionately kisses me.

I kiss back because I didn't want to let go after almost losing him.

But his hands start to roam my body and I pull back earning a whimper from him.

He pouts and gives me puppy dog eyes.

"Woah there tiger. You're dad is right there, we don't need a repeat of ..... and I don't trust that your fully healed."

He pouts some more but then he looks like he remembers something and his hand flies to his stomach.

"What is it, what?! Do I need to go get the doctor?" I jump and spit out quickly

"No, not me. The baby. Is the baby ok?"

"I don't know the doctor hasn't told me anything, she told me she was waiting for you to wake."

"Well where is she? I wanna know."

"I'll call her."

I got out my phone and quickly dialed her then hung up.

"Why didn't you tell me in the car?" I question a bit upset that he kept it from me

"I didn't remember. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to keep it from you." He says with his head dropping a bit.

I pull his head in to chest and hug him.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you feel bad. I'm just worried."

"I know. It's okay."
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