Demon King

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Few things interest me

Damien POV

I finish sliding my black slacks up my long muscular legs; and begin walking over to the other side of my bed that contains a sleeping woman, Veronica.

No she not my girlfriend, just a causal fuçk. What can I say I'm a man in need.

"Hey, Veronica get up." I say lightly tapping her. She doesn't even move

"Veronica , get up" I say again repeating the same actions. Again nothing happens

Well I tired to be nice about it. I have to options scream in her ear or use my powers on her. Hmmmmm...... I'm just gonna scream it's less work.

"VERONICA GET THE FÜCK UP AND OUT OF MY ROOM." This time she wakes up and with a pissed look.

"I'm going to the bathroom to fix my hair and brush my teeth. Be out of my room and sight by the time I'm done." I say harshly as she gets up to gather her clothing.

I have always been this mean to any one who is not of important to me or my duties.

Nothing's going to change for her especially since she's only used as a glory hole. If she doesn't like it she can leave.

But I know she won't. I already know all about her plan or scheme of sorts.

You see she's a common demon, on a slightly higher level that humans. Well humans that don't have power or aren't royalty, the regular humans that are of no use to us.

I met her on my 18 birthday when I got horribly drunk, as it was my first time having alcohol and I got greedy.

I'm guessing during the night I ran into her as she is a maid here. I don't remember anything from that nigh not even how she ended up in my bed the next morning, but I did remember the sex, that's how this whole thing started.

Anyways, She sees us sleeping together as her chance to climb the ladder and become queen when I get crowned king. She thinks somehow I will develops feelings for her. How disgusting of her to think so.

I would never fall for someone as whore-ish, ugly, lowly, and pitiful as her.

I don't know why she doesn't just give up. It's no use it's been 2 years and I treat her the exact same. I've shown I have no interest in pursuing her.

I step out of the bathroom and I'm pleased to she has done as I have said. If not I wouldn't hesitate to have her fired.

I step into the kitchen and moments later my usual breakfast is brought out to me.

Although demons only need blood and food is completely useless. I personal still eat it because of the many delectable taste of the different flavors; and the way each one dances differently in my mouth, but they all seem to be harmonious. It brings me pleasure and sparks my curiosity. Few things spark my curiosity.

I open the lid to the platter and stare down at the plate of sunny side eggs seasoned with garlic, parsley, salt, pepper and onions, aged and smoked bacon to perfection, and on the side two buttermilk biscuits that are moist in the middle and crisp at the edges.

This has been my favorite meal so far for the past 2 weeks.

I taste new things when I get the feeling to.

I finish my meal in silence then leave to head to my office.

I work in silence for the next couple hours until my mother and father walk in.

Ahh yes, King Stefan and his beloved and amazing wife, Queen Emiko. The Rulers of the North.

I prefer to think I don't look like any of them but I have been told multiple times that I have features from both parents and mix in some areas.

I have been told multiple times that I have my mothers mono-lid and beautiful dark brown, while my fathers strong bone structure, sharp jaw, and height. That my mothers lighter and plate complexion mixed with my father deeper richer and chocolate complexion to my Carmel one; their complexions met halfway. That my mothers silky and black as ink hair with loose curls absorbed some texture from my fathers extremely textured hair, leaving me with tighter curls but silky-er looking hair that now falls down to my mid back.

I have never cut my hair it's something that I love and cherish. I only trim it sometimes. During the day when I'm at work or have to make appearances it's up in a tight bun; and in my down time it's out, down, and free.

Enough about my hair, and back to my parents.

I guess I do agree that I have taken these features from my parents but I don't like accepting it. I don't like knowing I look like the people that alienated me and ignored me my entire childhood.

I was only born out of necessity, my father needing to produce an heir to succeed him, he never wanted to be king, and my mother never wanted children she had alway found them disgusting and to noisy, she made that clear the few times I saw her as a child.

I was lonely asa child not having siblings because of their selfish reasons, I was taught by the finest and most expensive right here in the castle because a future king does not need other children as a distraction. I remember being told as a young child when I asked my mother. They were always gone when I was a child; always on some business trip or vacation, and when they were here always locked away by themselves.

I had a care taker, Mirabel, who raised me from my infant state to my 18th birthday. After that she retired due to old age, I make sure to go see her at least once a month and have anything she needs sent to her. She the only human I will ever love, she's my true mother.

I remember the many memories I have with her. They are all happy except for the ones where I became a sad for some reason that I no longer know, but in those moments she comforted me. She made feel at home and loved.

It's sad that humans die eventually. I offered her immortality many times and she has declined all with a smile and simple statement 'I embrace death, my son. You have given me fulfillment for 10,000 lifetimes.'

"Hello my darling Hironori, how I've missed you." My mother says walking into the room.

Hironori is my Japanese name, it means benevolent ruler. It only shows how much they wanted to push the title onto me, no that I'm turning 21 in a couple months they are itching to be free. That's what they are here for to make sure I have already set the date for the crowning ceremony.

"Hello Mother, Hello father." I say looking up and nodding at each of them.

They take a seat in the two chairs in front of my desk.

"How may I help you?" I ask

"We are here to discuss the ceremony." My father states in his deep baritone voice.

Ha called it. They are so predictable.

"Yes, I have already set the date and time, booked a venue planned and ordered decorations, ordered the ceremonial clothing, the caterer will be our restaurant, and sent invitations, my receptionist is handling the RSVP's. All you have to do is show up on time. Anything else?"

"What's the day and time?" My mother asks

I look under the pile of papers in the drawer. Ah here it is. I close the drawer and place the itinerary on the desk.

"This is your itinerary. The day is December 31 and it begins at 10 pm. You guys arrive at 7pm to be properly prepped and dressed. Just in case you forget what is what I have highlighted everything you need to know in yellow. I have also sent you a digital copy just in case you lose this. Anything else?" I say and hand her the piece of paper.

"No that's it, goodbye son" my father says while getting up and grabbing my mothers hand.

My mother simply waves bye.

When the door closes behind them I finally let go a sigh. I hate being in their presences they are such nuisances.

I work for a couple more hours. When I respond to the last email, I exit my office and head for my room.

My room brings me comfort, the matte black walls and curtains all create a feeling of stillness while the gold on my bed and the etching of walls compliments it nicely and brings a nice light to the darkness.

My bathroom is a nice contrast a light blue painted on the walls. White Marble surrounding the golden porcelain of the sink and tub.

I remodeled it a couple years ago to it's now perfection. Hopefully my future mate will be this perfect.

I can only imagine in a few short months I will have someone who will complete me in every way possible.

I lock my bedroom door behind me, I make my way over to the bathroom and step in. I shed my clothing and take my hair down feeling it fall against my bare skin.

I step into the shower and feel the hot water against my skin.

I close my eyes and just listen to the sound of the water falling. Then I remembered and my eyes flew open.

Crap I forgot to bring her the invitation. I hurriedly turn of the water and dry myself of. I hope it's not to late, what time is it. I rush over to my phone and look at the time oh ok it's only 7pm.

Oh ok I think she's still awake. I pull on some light joggers and a grey shirt. Then head down stairs and a cross the castle to where she resides.

I don't care that I look so casual. I'm home and not at work, who cares. The maids have seen me like this plenty times and they can gossip all they want about the way I'm dressed but they have no proof as most live in the servant quarters and those that don't are checked and all devices are taken at the door.

I arrive at the door I'm looking for and knock. It takes a few moments but the door opens at a little woman appears.

" Mom!" I smile at her and bend down to give her a hug.

"Damien what are you doing here I saw you two weeks ago. Don't get me wrong I'm happy to see you and these beautiful curls of yours,but is something wrong?" She says with concern in her soft light brown eyes

"No, I just came to give you this. It's my coronation invitation. I wanted to give to you in person." I say handing her the envelope

"Oh what a surprise thank you. Hang on I'll be right back, I have something for you too." She disappears for a few moments and reappears with a ziplock bag. She hands me the bag and I look at it's contents. I smile in content, they are her white Macadamia nut cookies. They are the best.

"I made these cookies earlier and was planning to bring them to you tomorrow but since your already here."

"Thank you Mira I love these. Also, I'm having a tailor come here tomorrow to get your outfit for the ceremony. Alright have a good night."

"Ok, good night darling. Sleep well." She says

I begin to walk away and she starts closing the door.

I put the cookies in the fridge and head up stairs back to my room.

I do some light working out and then head to bed.
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