Demon King

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Venus POV

I sit cuddled into Damien's chest for I don't know how long until I hear the door open.

That must the doctor.

I know it not my fault but I can't believe I put both of our lives at risk because I couldn't remember one simple and detrimental thing.

I could have also spared Damien the stress and heartache.

He doesn't know but a couple months ago I spent some time in the library reading about demons and mates since his explanation was just a simplified version.

Anyways I ended up learning that when one's mate is hurt the other feels deep sorrow and it will eventually kill them if said mate dies.

The sound of a throat being cleared sounds throughout the silent room.

I move my head from Damiens chest and see the doctor standing there.

Damien turns to also look at her.

"If you don't mind I would like to examine Sir Venus before I say anything."

"Yeah sure" I respond

"Umm I'll need King Damien to move out of the way."

"Yeah, of course. Sorry" Damien said getting up and stepping to the side

The doctor proceeds to check my body, limbs, etc...

"Ok you seem to be all good." She smiles

"What about the baby?" I question and place a hand on my stomach

Damien moves back to my side and grabs hold if my hand at my question.

"You're baby is okay, quite the resilient little one you have." The doctor smiles

I finally take a breath again, I didn't even realize I was holding my breath.

"Oh thank the universe!"

I pull Damien into a hug but quickly part from him as another question pops into my head.

"Umm what about the bleeding from before? What caused it?"

"Umm it was some internal bleeding from a ruptured spleen. But no need to worry you're out of the woods.

I was able to slow the bleeding enough for your accelerated healing to do it job."

Woah that was...I don't know what that was.

"Thank you, doctor." I praise

"It was my honor to serve you."

"So the baby wasn't affected at all?"

"No, there was small damage from what I'm guessing were the blows but as I said you're baby is quite resilient."

Looks like he or she is already such a fighter.

"Anymore questions?"

I shake my head no

"If that's all then I'll be taking my leave.

Just rest for the remainder of the day as extra precaution." The doctor says with last part as she walks out of the room.

"When we're you planning on telling me?" My dad's voice sounds through the once again quite room.

I turn to look at his spot over on the couch.

"Dad, when did you wake up?"

" I think I'm going to step out and give you guys time alone" Damien says basically running away

I'll kill him for leaving me alone to deal with my dad's wrath when he's the one that knocked me up.

Dad gets up from the couch and walks to my side.

"Dad, I-I-I-" I stutter trying to explain

"So you were just planning to keep it a secret until I see you in a hallway with a baby?"

"No, I promise that I was going to tell you eventually. Soon. It's just that-"

My dad starts laughing

"I'm just messing with you. I already knew I was just waiting for you to tell me."

"What do you mean you know?"

"Well I guess I also have a confession to make." He smiles half heartedly

"What is it?"

"Umm it has to do with the prophecy." He says nervously

"The prophecy, how do you know about that?"

"Well in kinda the one who set it in motion."

What does he mean by that? What?!

"So you created this whole thing?" I say confused

"No, I should have worded that differently. Just allow me to explain."

"Ok go ahead." I calmly state

"As you know the prophecy has been around for millions of year blah blah blah. So I'm not the one who created it or much started it from the very beginning.

But I'm the one who lead you to this very moment or life your living when I came here from a different dimension."

"How did you get here and why did you come here specifically?"

"I used to work for an organization known as The Organization Of Unified Dimensions And Beings, or for short the UD or organization.

As the name entails it's a place where all beings from different dimensions work together and keep peace. They deal with all sorts of matters.

I worked Agent for them

We were usually assigned tasks to butterfly effect time and prevent fatal outcomes.

I'm a elife( e-life) from the seventh dimension. We have psychic powers and can use magic. So you can see how I was needed.

Agents don't work alone so I was assigned a partner.

Your mother.

A human first Dimensional being.

At first we didn't really get along because I had the preconceived notion and judgement that humans were horrible and lowly, especially those from the first dimension.

But we were forced to work together as partners and eventually as time went on I saw your mother for who she truly was.

And we grew closer because of it.

Eventually overtime we developed feelings for each other and started going out.

After about two years you're mother became pregnant with you.

We kept it a secret in fear of what would happen. During those times inter dimensional much less inter species breeding was frowned upon.

Your mother wasn't showing even after a couple months so we thoughts we could quit when she was close to giving birth then hideaway in a dimension where they wouldn't find us or our secret.

But one day we were called into headquarters, to meet with the council.

We were scared but we kept a low profile and went.

While there they told us that they knew and that they had actually planned for this to happen. Then they proceeded to explain the prophecy and how we had a part.

Then they told us that we would have to come to this dimension and would most likely die here raising you.

Your mother and I weren't sure about everything and we thought about it for a while but we eventually agreed.

We had planned to leave in a month or two after. To have everything planned and bought. So we could live a good life.

But things didn't go as planned.

As I said it was frowned upon by others to cross breed and word got out about us.

People plotted against us and wanted to kill us so we had to leave immediately, unexpectedly

We were dropped here with nothing. For the next couple of months we stayed in a cheap motel and worked to by our house.

Then shortly after your mother started to go into labor, and well you know how the rest goes...

I'm sorry I didn't tell you before but I just couldn't risk interfering."

Omg! When did I start crying.

I wipe my eyes and pull my dad into a hug.

"It's okay dad, I understand. You don't have to apologize." I say through tears

I never knew how much my parents had been through. It's also kind of touching to see that they were willing to sacrifice their old lives just for me.

It's really touching.

"So you're just gonna tell me I'm a hybrid and act like you didn't just say it. Where's my powers?" I joke trying to lighten up the mood

"Technically you are but you aren't. You're totally human. You took after your mother in more ways than just your looks."

"So nothing at all?"

"Nope, I waited and waited but nothing ever happened."

"Dang it. I really wanted magic!" I fake pout

"You're a demon now so you should have powers anyway." My dad laughed

"Yeah I know but-.........wait how did you know that."

"Psychic remember." My dad said tapping his temple

"Oh yeah! Wait, that means you have magic too! Show me a trick."

"Actually, I can't." His expression falls

"Why not?"

"I don't know but I just lost it. It was a long time ago, a couple weeks after we arrived here."

"Aww, I'm sorry dad."

"It's fine. I've gotten used to it."

"Since your not human do you have a different form?" I say trying to change the subject and move on from this depressing subject


"Can I see it?" I ask like a five year old kid

"Yeah sure."

My dad takes a deep breath in and closes his eyes. A few moments later his hair begins to turn blue, his skin turns a light shade of pink, and his ears are now pointed.

"Woah cool." I say in amazement

My dad opens his eyes and they are now a bright green and cat like.

"Double cool."

It doesn't last though and everything slowly fades back to what I grew up seeing.

"It makes me sad that you had to hide yourself from me as a kid." I pout

"I didn't mind. I knew in time you would learn and see."

We sit in silence for a few short moments after that before my next question arose.

"So you knew all along I was going to meet Damien?"

If so he could have saved me a lot of embarrassment a year ago

"Yes, I knew you were destined to meet someone but I don't know their identity brother your age of meeting."

I nodded.

After that we talked about other stuff for a while until Damien came back with some food for me and my dad left.

While I ate I explained to Damien what happened and he was pretty surprised too.

It's kind of weird to think about the fact of how everything in our lives is planned or mapped out. But I can't do anything about it so.....

After that I spent the night cuddled into Hiro's chest and watching Tv until I fell asleep.

2 weeks later...

I feel rejected by Damien.

Over the past couple of weeks he's been thoroughly avoiding me.

I barely see him during the day anymore, he's always locked away in his office.

And then he comes to bed so late at night I'm already sleeping. At that he won't even cuddle with me anymore. It's just a kiss in the head then he gets into his side and goes to sleep, back turned to me.

I've stayed up and wait for him a couple of times to ..... you get the idea but he usual just tells me to go to bed then heads to shower.

I feel so unwanted. What did I do wrong?

Maybe it's my appearance.

I get up and walk to the mirror and lift Hiro's shirt up.

Maybe it's because my stomach has gotten bigger. He probably thinks I'm fat and ugly now.

All that aside, I'm bored too!

Damien said I'm not allowed to leave the wing until he has run a full background check on all his employees.

And there's a lot!

My on visitor that I'm allowed to have, Joey, can't even come because she's busy with work.

So here I am sitting in a room all day by myself feeling rejected, lonely, bored, and horny.

Speak of the Devil.

I hear the door open. I already know who it is so I don't bother to look.

I instead just pick up the remote and start flipping through the tv channels for the fiftieth time today.

"Hey baby." Damien says

"Hey." I respond in a monotone voice

I soon feel the bed dip from a new weight on it and come face to face with Damien.

"What's wrong?" He says with a concerned look.

I chew on my lip and contemplate whether I should say it or not.

I end up just blurting it out.

"Do you think I'm fat and ugly?"

I watch as Damiens face forms a confused expression.

"No, why? Did some say that to you?" He questions

"No, it's just that you haven't touched me in a caring nor sexual way in weeks.

All I wanted to do was be close to you after what happened but all you did was push me away.

I just feel like you don't want me anymore." I fuss

"I'm so sorry. I never meant for you to feel like that. I've just been busy. Since I no longer have an assistant the work load has doubled and I'm just trying to manage.

I know how much need your rest so I didn't want to wake you all those times you were sleeping and I felt guilty for making you stay up all the times you were awake.

Since it was like 12am." He said kissing my forehead and pulling me into his chest.

I wrap my arms around him and hug him.

It was a while that we were in that position in complete silence.

But it changed when I felt slow kisses trail from my hair down to my temple to my check to my jawline and finally reaching my neck.

When Damien reached my neck I tilted my head to give him more access, and let out a low moan when those hot lips lingered in each spot longer and included some licking, biting, and sucking.

He moves down to the crook of my neck, where my mating mark is.

His tongue runs along my mark and I let out a loud moan.

His lips move from my neck to my lips.

He kisses me passionately and I kiss back with even more fervor.

His hands fall to my waist and lift me onto his lap.

I feel his growing erection on my bottom. I begin to move my hips and ride him through his pants.

Damien let's out s deep groan at my movements.

His hands slip under my shirt and roam my upper bod until one hand settles at the small of my back while the other teases my nipple

"Mmmhmm." I moan at the pleasure.

They are a bit more sensitive due to the hormones.

His hands slide from under my shirt and I whimper.

My shirt, well his shirt, is soon being pulled over my head and I'm left in my boxers.

I briefly kiss him then move onto his neck.

If I'm gonna have hickey's he's gonna have them too.

Damien groans at my action.

I pull away and keep eye contact with him as I slide down his body onto the floor.

I still keep eye contact as I unbuckle his belt and slide his slacks down his legs.

I look down and see his very erected member.

"Commando today I see." I tease

Damien smirks in response.

I wrap my hand around his member and watch as his face contorts in pleasure.

I move my hand up and down his member and stroke him.

I look directly into his eyes as I take him into my mouth.

"Mmm. Fuçk you're so hot."

I remove him from my mouth and lick from the base to the tip of his dįck.

"Mmm, yeah you think so."

I take him back into my mouth but this time I relax my throat and deep throat him.

His breath becomes more heavier.

"Nggh, yeah" he says through staggered breaths

His hand moves to the back of my head and sets the pace for my bobbing.

I switch between working with him with my hand and my mouth.

"Mmm, I'm close."

I move my hand down to his balls and take him back into my mouth.

I bob my head and fondle with his balls until I feel his warm seed fill my mouth.

I swallow all of it because spitters are quitters.

Damien pulls me up to meet his face and kisses me passionately, slipping his tongue into my mouth and tasting his own essence.

He pulls away and pushes me onto the bed.
Oh I
Hiro slowly kisses up my leg, looking like a predator hunting prey.

He reaches his hands up to the waist and of my boxers and pulls them off my body.

He moves back up and grabs hold off my member and stroking it.

I moan at the contact and pleasure being sent through me.

He spreads my legs and props them up with his free hand.

I watch as his head losers and moments later I feel his warm toy he proving my hole.

He strokes and works me with his mouth at the same time.

"Mmm, I feel like I'm going to explode." I writhe in pleasure

He continues his action and I'm being pushed closer and closer to orgasm, but all to soon his actions cease.

I whimper.

"Don't fuss pet, I'm only going to prep you." Damien says grabbing the lube out of the night stand

He opens the tube and lathers his fingers.

Soon enough I feel two fingers in my hole and I'm a moaning mess as he stretches me.

After a lot of pleasure he withdraws his fingers and in their place I feel the tip of his dįck at my hole, teasing me.

"Just do it already. Quit teasing me." I beg

"So impatient. I think I might just make you wait longer for that." He smirks

"Come on!" I whine

"I'm only messing with you." He chuckles then pushes in.

"Arghhhmmgfdc." I moan at the sudden fullness

He begins with slow movements and slowly increases his pace as my fingernails dig into his back.

"Mmm, I gonna cum."

Damien grabs hold of my very hard and sensitive member and pumps it in rhythm with his thrusts.

"Mm...Damien.." I moan

"I know but wait. I'm close. Let's come together." He breathes out.

A few more thrusts and pumps and I'm about to pop.

"You can cum now." Damien says

I feel the familiar pull in my abdomen and soon follows my sweet release.

Damien releases at the same time inside of me.

In the haze, my fangs descend and sink into Damiens shoulder.

Damiens actions are the same of my own and cause a second release from the both of us.

The warm feeling of closeness fills me, then everything goes black.
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