Demon King

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Emotional rollercoaster

2 days later....

Venus POV

"Rise and shine, darling" Damien whispers as I'm awakened by him kissing down the side of my neck and shoulder.

"Mmmm, no it's to early. More sleep." I grumble and reach my arm up to my shoulder to push his face away.

I feel my hand make contact in the center of his face.
Damien grumbled as I pushed back.

It didn't last long though. The removed my hand from his face and instead intertwined them palm facing forward.

"No you can't get more sleep because we have to go to the doctor today to find out the gender of the baby today." He said placing both of our hands on my small but visible bump.

"Unless you don't want to?" He questions

"Omg no, I want to! I just totally forgot that was today." I say quickly getting out of bed.

As quickly as I got up I had to sit back down due to my recent development of nausea and dizziness If I get up to hastily.

I usually have to lay in bed for ten minutes before slowly sitting up and getting out.

I assume it's just the first symptoms of morning sickness rolling in but I'll ask the doctor today just to make sure.

Damien is at my side within seconds to make sure I'm ok.

"Are you okay?" he says with concern in his eyes as he squats in front of me

"Yeah I'm good. I just got up to quickly." I softly smile

"I think you should mention that when we are at the doctors office."

"Yeah, I was already planning on it. Can never be to sure.

Now go get ready, I'll get up in a few." I tell Damien when I realize he won't move until I do.

He gives me a reluctant look before getting up and heading to the bathroom.

I get up about five minutes later and about thirty minutes after that we are ready to go.

"Ready?" Damien questions

" Yup"

I grab his hand and we head out the door.

So time and car trip later we are sitting in the office waiting for the doctor.

"So what's your guess, boy or girl?" I ask curiously ask Damien

"I don't know I haven't really thought about it. But I'll be completely happy with either." He replies.

I roll my eyes at that response. Yes I know it doesn't matter but I just want an answer to the either or, not the latter.

"Uhhh don't be like that! Just think about it and answer the question."

"I did answer the question."

"Just think about it."


He pauses for a second and I can tell he's actually thinking about it because his mouth pulls into a half smile, like it always does when he's thinking about something.

"Ok, I have an answer." Damien says a minute later

"And what is it?" I eagerly ask

He opens his mouth to say his answer but at the same time a knock on the door sounds, and few seconds later the doctor walks in.

"Hello his majesty's, it's so nice to see you guys again. And Sir Venus you seem to have healed quite nicely." The doctor greets and states as she is seething up the equipment.

"Yup, and it's all thanks to you. I can not thank you enough." I smile

"Just doing my job or I'm sure the king over there would have my head." She jokes

I lightly chuckle and I see Damien do the same.

"Alright so shall we get started?"

"Yeah, sure."

I sit up a little and roll up my shirt to expose my stomach.

"I see we've had some nice healthy growth." She smiles

I smile back.

She picks up the gel and pours it onto my stomach like last time, then begins the same procedure with the machine.

I happily watch the black and white screen as she moves the wand around.

She's watching the screen as she does so, then her face changes from a light smile to one of surprise.

"What?" I question at the look.

"Ok so here is baby, and baby is a......" the doctor pauses for added suspense.

I eagerly wait and watch for her to spit out the answer. I don't know why I'm so excited but I am.

"A girl!" She smiles.

I proudly smile and look at Damien to see he is also donning a bright closed lip smile.

"And baby number 2. Is a...."

"Wait did you say two?!?" I say in surprise and not of shock.

I couldn't have heard her right, could I?

"Yes! Congratulations you're having twins!" The doctor happily states

"Omg!" Is all I can mutter from my frozen state of excitement and shock.

I never in a million years expected this!

"Shall I continue?" The doctor questions

And I furiously nod

"Baby number 2 is a boy! Congratulations on your son and daughter."

I smile and look at Damien who is still also smiling.

"Since we got both on the first go that means keep your hands to yourself from now on." I jokingly say to Damien.

He gives me a light chuckle and a look I don't catch in the moment.

I also hear the doctor slightly laugh.

"Before I leave do you have any questions or concerns?" The doctor asks

"Umm yeah actually. In this past week everytime I wake up and get right out of bed I feel nauseous and dizzy. Is that something I should be concerned about or is it just morning sickness symptoms?"

The doctor frowns and thinks about it for a few seconds.

"Have you ever thrown up due this feeling?"


"And how often to you drink blood?"

"Once a week."

"In what quantity?"

"12 oz"

"Oh no that won't do at all. You're feelings of nausea and dizziness might be early symptoms of morning but I think it's due to under consumption.

You're at a stage now where the pregnancy begins to mature faster, and especially because you're having twins with blood being the only source of food nutrients for them, they may be drawing from your blood supply resulting in your ill feelings.

I'll prescribe that you drink blood at least 3 times a week and at least 32oz for each time.

And that should fix the problem." She explains

"Ok will do, but one more question."

"Fire away."

"Does it have to be in one sitting because I'm not sure I can do that."

"Oh, of course not! I recommend putting the blood into a water bottle and drinking it through out the day."

"Ok, thank you."

"Is that it?" She questions one last time.

"Yes." I shake my head and look at Damien to see if he has anything to say

"Ok, then I'll be taking my leave now. You guys get home safely." The doctors says then waves goodbye and leaves.

A few short minutes after that we are outside and in the car ready to leave.

"What was that look you gave me earlier?" I question as he pulls out of the parking lot.

"What look?" I watch as his eyebrows furrow as he continues to look ahead onto the road

"The look you gave me after I made the joke?" I clarify

Hiro still looks confused but after a moment his face untwists and he starts smiling.

"Ohhh I know what you're talking about bout now." He chuckles

"Ok so... what was it?"

"Oh it was just that fact that you're such a liar and hypocrite." He jokes

My mouth opens in fake offense

"I am not!" I defend

"Yeah sure as if you weren't instigator of the multiple rounds the past two nights."

I can feel my face heating up and turning red at his statement.

"I hate you." I state as I deliver a quick light smack to his arm.

"Mmm...yeah harder." He mocks

I know my face is definitely bright red now


"Yeah and you suck this di- alright I'll stop"

"You're so immature sometimes I swear. I'm definitely not gonna let you touch me now in any way, not even a hi-five." I pout

"Come on baby don't be like that . Damien says trying to grab my hand

I quickly pull my hand away from his

"I'm being serious. I'm actually upset."
(A/N: his pregnancy hormones are starting to kick in so he'll become more sensitive and overact or take things the wrong way in situations)

"Oh no. Babe I'm sorry! I didn't mean to upset you. I was only joking." Damien said with concern and regret

"I don't care, grow up." I crossed my arms over my chest and looked out the window at the passing scenery

"I'm really sorry."

I didn't reply and the rest of the car ride back was quiet except fo low volumed music playing.

When we come to a stop at home I get out of the car and walk inside by myself not giving Damien a chance to walk with me.

It's mainly the mocking that hit a nerve and I don't know why but it did.

I was halfway across the foyer when I was attacked from behind.

"Damien get off of me you kn-" I start but pause a I struggle with person and realize in no way is this person close to Damien's stature.

"Joey!" I say turning around and embracing her


"It's been a while. I thought you were still busy with work?"

"I know and I was but I got a day off so I decided to come and spend it with you."

"Aww that's so sweet. So, what do you wanna do?"

"Ummm, I don't have anything in mind. Whatever you wanna do is fine?"

"Well I just kinda wanted to go lay down and watch tv since I'm kinda tired. Is that fine with you?

"Ya sure." Joey replies

"Ok, then co-" I pause mind sentence as I felt a warm hand at the small of my back. I know exactly who it is because if one of the staff members touched me in such a way Damien who have them gone by yesterday, so it must be Damien himself

I turn my head and shoot a glare at him. He knows I'm still mad. It's only been like 2 minutes.

"I'll be in my office call me if you guys need anything. "

"Ok" Joey smiles

Damien means down and whispers in my ear at a volume only I could hear.

"I know you're still mad at me but I mean it. Ok, seems." After ending his sentence he plants a kiss on my cheek before running away.

Damn I need to get revenge for that.

"You ready?" I ask Joey

"Yeah let's go." She responds

We head over to the elevator and I enter the new code.

It's not permanent though, Damien is having some people come and change it to biometric in a few days.

Since you can't really steal a code for genetics.

Within minutes we are upstairs and entering my bedroom.

Joey plops down on the foot of the bed and I toss her the remote.

"Pick something." I mutter

I walk over to the armoire to grab a pair of shorts and shirt that I can change into.

I don't care about changing in front of Joey, it's just about her seeing Umm... other,more vulnerable, private moments that upsets me, so I strip out of my current clothes down to my boxers.

"Okay, woah bump."

Joey gets up from the bed to meet me. Her eyes travel over my naked upper body.

"Woah, hickey's too." She winks

"But you have a bump!

"Is it really that noticeable?" I question

"It's not very noticeable but you can definitely tell there's something there."

"Oh." I mumble and pull my shirt over my head

"What's wrong? Why do you look upset? Are you not happy about it?" Joey questions with a concerned expression.

"Yes and no. I'm happy that I get to do such a thing, but it's just kind of hard to see your body change in not the prettiest of ways."

"Shut up, you are absolutely stunning in every way. Right now and till the end of time. You look great." Joey argued

"Yeah, thanks."

"I mean it. I wish I could do that and look how you look even for a day.

I tilt my head at the last part of her statement.

"What do you you wish?" I question

She looks at me with a knowing look and purses her lips before parting them.

"I wish because I can't. I'm infertile." She says with a Solemn expression.

I gasp and pull her into a hug.

"I'm so sorry." I don't know why but it never crossed my mind that there's others who will never get to know how it feels. And yet here I am complaining.

"It's fine it's not like it's your fault. Plus it's nothing new. I found out two years ago, so since then I've accepted, healed, and moved on."

I pull away from her to read her face and she shows no expressions of sadness so I decided to go ahead with my question.

"If you don't mind me asking. How did you find out?"

"No I'm fine with telling you. Two years ago my then fiancé and I after 5 years of being together decided to try.

In the beginning there was hope and promise so after ever negative test we would try again and again and again.

Then eventually we started to lose hope, but thats when I had gotten pregnant.

We were so happy that we had finally gotten a positive result after months of trying.

But a few weeks later I had a miscarriage.

It was probably the worst day of my life to live and witness.

The miscarriage sort of pushed my fiancé and I apart a bit. The emotional toll was very taxing so we didn't have the means to comfort one another.

But eventually we picked our heads up and decided to try again and again and again.

Still nothing.

So I decided that we should go to a fertility clinic and well you can guess what happened there.

Learning this information just caused a withdrawal from both of us in the relationship that eventually we just became strangers to one another.

We decided to breakup a few months later and that was the last of that." Joey finished

I can see the tears pooling in my eyes, blurring my vision. After hearing that heart breaking story I can barely hold my composure.

I don't know how Joey isn't balling.

I throw myself at Joey and once again embrace her.

"Joey I'm so sorry you had to go throw that. If you ever need anything or want to talk about anything I'm here. And I don't just mean that after hearing this. You know you're always welcome.

"Yeah I know V, thanks. But as I said I'm alright. Now I have the perfect movie in mind."

Joey says pulling my arms off of her and picking up the remote.

I watch silently at her actions and decide not to push further, seeing as she has already barred her soul to me.

Joey picked "Grown-ups 2". Which was a juice refreshment of comedy to full out the sad and heavy moments before.

About 30 minutes into the movie a knock sounds at the door.

"Come in"

"Hello Sir Venus, King Damien has requested that you start today with your supplemental drinks." The maid says handing me a large solid colored water bottle.

(A/N: the maid was given a temporary code to get in that expires after 5 minutes.)

" Thank you. You're dismissed."

The maid gives a quick bow and makes her way back in the direction of which she came from.

"You're dismissed" You know your starting to sound super posh." joey mocks and takes the drink out of my hand

"Wait- no. Give that back." I try to grab it from her but she moves it.

"Why? What's in it?" She says still playing out game of car and mouse.

"Nothing just give it back." I sat trying to grab it

"Then you won't mind if I take a sip then." She says quickly gulping down the liquid.

"Noooooo-" I try to yell and stop her

Her face twists into one of disgust and her toubge sticks out.

"What the hell is that?"


"What now?"

"Blood. I have to consume more of it for medical purposes."

" I think I'm gonna be sick. I need to go wash my mouth out." She says making a run for it for the bathroom

"I warned you not to. You know what they say curiosity killed the cat." I yell before turning back to the movie with a slight chuckle

What? It's a little funny .
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