Demon King

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Venus POV

5 months later...

I've been working at dark for 5 months now; and damn does it pay good. Especially since I got promoted from dishwasher to a waiter, 2 months ago.

The day I got promoted I was called to the mangers office. I remember walking to the office with such fear and worry.

A million thoughts ran through my head all at once. What did I do wrong? Was I going to get fired? Was I going to get a pay cut? Was I going to get reprimanded or be under constant supervision. I don't preform well when I know I'm being judged for something important.

All those thoughts scared the help out of me with my 3 months of pay checks we had just gotten everything fixed and started floating above the water rather than catching small bits of air before drowning again. I didn't want it to end.

I remember hesitating before I knock on the door and waiting for permission to come in.

A couple seconds after a 'come in' sounds from behind the door and I walk in.

The manager motions for me to sit at one of the chairs in front of her desk so I do.

"Venus do you now why I have called you into my office?" She asked while I sat there with a scared look

" No, ma'm. I reply short and quickly.

"Well we have been watching you-"

Oh no I'm getting fired this is where it's over for me. It was fun while it lasted. I think to myself while listening to what she's saying.

"By we I mean Joey as she is the head of this place when I'm gone. She says that your one of our best workers; that you are: focused, quick, clean, punctual, and get along with your co workers very nicely. You have shown exacerbate work place skills and manners, because you have exhibited these skills and behavior we are permitting you to the waiter position. Do you accept?"

Well that took a full 180 as i think to myself as my eyes grow wide and a smile makes it way onto my face.

" Thank you so much for this opportunity and yes I accept" I reply to her with while smiling

"Ok great. Your Pay is now 25 dollars an hour and you'll go though training for a week starting tomorrow."

"Ok got it, again thank you"

"No problem your a great employee, you may leave now"

I get up and leave the office, then back to finishing the dishes.

I was honestly so happy to get a pay raise and for my hands to stop being so damn dry.

Anyways a couple months later here I am as a waiter.

I like it way better than washing dishes. My hands are back r their moisturized and soft texture and my arms aren't as tired as before. I also get hella tips and compliments now, so that helps.

I've also gotten hit on a couple times but I don't take them seriously because I would rather some ask me politely than make unsolicited comments and try to think they will win.

"Hey, wanna go to the movies this weekend?" Joey asks as we are finishing closing the restaurant for the night.

"Uggh yeah I think I'm off and my schedules is free. Just let me double check real quick." I say pulling out my phone as we walk out the door to restaurant.

Yeah I'm free.

"Yeah, All clear." I say seeing my breath in the air

"Uggh god I hate how cold it is. You never get used to it well actually maybe that's a me problem." I say to Joey

"Actually no same. Like you would think it wouldn't be a shock every morning but it is, that's why I try to live up those 3 months of warm weather so much."

"Yup, it really is." I responded with

"Are you excited for next week?" Joey asks me

"Umm not really I'm kind of terrified to be honest, the only reason I said yes was the extra cash. I mean come on who doesn't take an offer for money."

"You are right about the money. But, why are you scared?"

"Are you joking? We are going to be in the same place as the royal family. I have barely seen a picture of them twice much less been in their presence. Also, I heard they are terrible people, I don't want to mess up and be judged by them." I say whispering the last part because you can get in seriously trouble saying anything negative about the royals.

Joey just looks at me with an understanding nod before we begin talking about another subject.

It continues like that until I reach my house and as I enter I wave by to her and say I'm going to text her amount the movie details.

The rest of the weekend went by in a blurr . It consisted of me going to the movies with Joey on Saturday at 12pm then lots of sleep. It was pretty good if I do say so myself.

After that when I came back to work on Monday it was so agonizingly painfully long I just wanted to get it over and done with so the day that was contained in the week could do the same. But no it was slower than trying to run on sand.

But finally the day came

The coronation day and birthday of our future king. Everything honestly is so tense today with all the prepping having to be done for the catering while still having the restaurant open. I'm going to be so tired after today.

Around 12 the restaurant closes and we all head over to the venue. The venue was so beautiful. When you walked in the arch way was lined with beautiful peonies as you kept walking above your head their were having flowers from a grape vine stand. Then you walk over to the seating areas there was outside and inside seating. The tables were lined in beautiful cream colored cloth and as a center piece matching candles. Inside through a door that connected to inside seating was the kitchen.

After a couple hours of making the food and setting up a candy/ desert table for young children guests started to arrive.

Uggh here we go I guess. I'm so not ready
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