Demon King

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Damien POV

Omg it finally time. After today my parents won't be bothering me anymore fina-fucking-lly .

Also if I'm lucky I met my mate today.

The last couple months have been pretty boring to be honest. Cant wait to become king and make people suffer.

Maybe add a couple laws here and there that state j walking is punishable by torture, or maybe..... hmmm

I got it! Citizens are only allowed to eat grass and anything else is punishable by death.

Yeah perfect. I should write this down so I don't forget.

Ha, I got you.... you really though I was serious didn't you. No I'm just kidding those rules are far to ridiculous.

This is one of the few joys I do get though. Telling others completely absurd and watching how they react. Only in the end for me to tell them it was all a joke. I'm sure some people have walked away thinking I was crazy but.... you win some you lose some. It really is a fun game. You should try it.

Although, when I am king....Ooo King Damien has a nice ring to it. I like it. Anyways, I'm going to run a tight ship and any one who falls out of place or becomes unruly I will punish as I see fit.

Just as I finished signing the last of the paper work for this morning. I lay my head down on the desk.

Uhhh.. after tonight I am so sleeping in. I'm so tired. I got up at 4 am to do paper work so I wouldn't fall behind on it, and now it's 8am.

Maybe I could take a mini nap. Just as I close my eyes I hear a knock on the door.

Or maybe not. I lifted my head up and answer with a "Come in"

I watched as the door opened to see who it is.

Oh it's my assistant. Well one of the two. Her names what is it again... Madison? Abby? ....Jasmine no.

Oh yeah, Greta, she's the one with blonde hair and dark drown eyes. She always looks constipated for some reason though.

I'm not being mean, it's an observation. I know it is a bit blunt though but it's the truth.

Another fact about me. I'm blunt(when it's not something important), I hate beating around the bush. I would rather completely burn the bush.

"What was it that you needed?" I ask her

"Oh sorry to interrupt sir but you have to go get ready now. Everyone is waiting in the guest bedroom down the hall." She replied with quickly

"Oh, ok thank you. You may leave now" I replied with as I started getting up.

She left the room and soon after I walked out the door to the room down the hall.

I walked in and sure enough there was everyone with all the supplies.

I sat down in the chair in front of the vanity and they got to work.

While the hair dresser worked on styling my hair, a nail tech was giving me a mani, and the makeup artist was covering up any bags or blemishes, making sure my skin looked perfect.

When they were finished and I gave my approval of their work, they all left. The only person left was the stylist. She handed me my suit. I took it and walked behind the curtain set up for the purpose of me changing.

When I was finished I stepped out from behind the curtain. She walked up to me and started applying the finishing touches. She put a black handkerchief in the pocket of my suit, fixed my shirt collar, buttoned the suit jacket, and finally applied my rings and bracelets.

(All or most of rings get resized )

3 to my right hand: the ring that is passed down from king to king, my birth ring with my birth stone, and my element ring. All demons high ranking demons have some element(s) they can control. Most only control one but on rare occurrences multiple.

I'm ones of them I can control all four. There has only ever been one person in all demon history to have this besides me. It was my 9x great grandmother on my moms side.

She's was from the Firelireal where it originates from according to some ancient book. But she was mated to the prince of Greenheaven that's how my mom ended up being from there. Until she came her to Ivamor.

Anyways that's enough of the history lesson.

The 2 ring on my left hand don't mean anything just decoration.

My bracelets each have different words that are meant to represent balance and being me luck in leading.

Once the stylist is done and makes sure nothing is out of place, she brings a mirror in front of me so I can approve so she gets to leave.

I look in the mirror and not toot my own horn but damn I look hot. If I was someone else and I saw me I would fuçk me.

I nod at the stylist, her signal it's okay to leave, and she does so.

Pictures of Damiens outfit, hair, and jewelry.

(Birth ring)

(Element ring. )(Use your imagination and pretend it has all the color red, green,blue, brown. Couldn't find one that looked how imagine it.)

(King ring)


I wonder what time is it. I go to pull out my phone and look. Where's my phone?

I look around the room and see it on the chair I was sitting on earlier. I walk over to the chair and pick my phone up. I click the on button and look at the time.

Damn it's 12:30pm already. I didn't think I was in here for 4 hours, it didn't seem like 4hrs. It only felt like 30minutes.

I can't leave this room how else is my assistant supposed to find me because I'm supposed to have a press appear in different towns around the country soon along with. I wonder what time I'm supposed to leave.

I sit down for about 5 minutes before my assistant comes and tells me the jet is ready. I get into the car that was waiting to bring me to the airport.

We arrive at where the plane is I get out of the car and walk over to the private jet. I climb up the steps and get on.

I take the seat in the back right. I have my other assistant Kira and my body guards on the plane with me.

As soon as we take of the plane lands. It's only a 30 minute trip to the towns we are visiting.

I get off the plane and I'm met with paparazzi and news reporters. Ok showtime.

I put on the best fake smile I have and give the crowd a wave.

I have my body guards on either side of me as I make my way to the awaiting car.

As soon as I get in the car my smile drops. Being nice takes so much energy even if it is fake.

I drive around town waving at citizens and stopping a couple times to meet some people and hug children. You know I have to make a good impression.

After that we head back to plane and repeat the process 5 more times at the final place I give a speech that's televised nation wide. It went something along the lines of " Hello Ivamor, I'm your soon to be King and current prince Damien of Ivamor. Blah blah blah honored to be king ya da ya da ya da promise to be a great ruler etc etc you can trust me .hmm hmmm hmmm thank you wonderful country.

Although I am excited for this position and hope to do my best and bring honor to the nation. I hated that, if I had a choice I would rather not.

On the plane I changed into a suit identical to one I had on. I changed because the one I had on had become messy and dirty from hugging so many strangers and my galavanting for the past 6 hours.

The plane landed not to long ago and I'm in the car right now heading to the venue where my birthday party and ceremony is being held.

Only a couple more hours then I get to sleep. I'm so tired.

I finally get to venue 30 minutes later by now it's almost 8:00 pm.

Yes, this party should be over by 12pm so only four more hours.

I step out of the car and walk through the entrance. I take a look around as I being walking. Everything is perfect exactly how I wanted it.

I would expect nothing less or else someone would be in some big trouble.

All I do is stand there and people begin to flock to me.

There aren't commoners at this party minus the staff so the people talking to me are high ranking.

Still doesn't make them any less annoying, but I digress and still act business like.

Can't be starting any wars anytime soon.

Soon enough everyone takes their seats and my mother and father take their positions on stage along with the royal officiate.

Cameras are on and broadcasting to the people watching.

I spare you the details and give a quick summary. My father places the crown on my head while I'm seated on the royal thrown signifying the passing of the power from me to him. The officiate says some speech then states something saying my father is stepping down then I do the same but accepting the position and that's basically it.

After that everyone takes their seats in the dining area. Myself seated at the table in the front in the middle with mother, father, and Mirabel at my sides.

Soon enough the waiters start bringing out our food.

I'm having salmon with scalloped potatoes and some wine.

Speaking of wine where is my wine, I think staring at my empty glass.

I call over a waiter that is holding a wine bottle and is going around filling glasses.

I don't know why but there's something about him that seems alluring.

Maybe it's just lust. I do find him quite attractive the way his uniform fits his body so nicely and how his dark hair.... wait what the hell am I doing?

Why am I thinking about a common HUMAN in this way. What's wrong with me, maybe it's the sleep deprivation. Yeah I really need to sleep.

As he gets closer and closer the feeling becomes stronger and stronger

Then I feel my eyes being to change color to their red that only for happens for a b umber of reasons.

Wait is he.... no he can't be

Yes wait no

I have this internal battle as he continues to approach

He's almost right in front of me when he trips and the wine bottle falls on the table break and spilling the wine everywhere including on my pants.

"YOU!" I look up and him and say
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