Demon King

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Venus POV

A couple hours after the guests arrived, the prince and soon to be king arrived. I guess he has to be fashionably late and make an entrance.

He definitely made it known when he arrived because the receptionist at the front announced it on a microphone. Then everyone started clapping. I could care less so I didn't even turn around.

I'll never understand royalty or rich and famous and people.

This is the first party I have been to that involves high ranks. Might I add it's quite boring.

The music is just a bunch of classical music, no actual dance/party music. All I'm allowed to do is just stand here and wait for people to ask for something.

The fact that I can eves drop but they aren't talking about anything interesting just about boring stuff like politics, pets, their daily actives and etc... nothing juicy no drama.

Damn I though rich people were supposed to be interesting.

If this is what all their parties look like I never want to go to another one.

After many long agonizing hours of just standing there. It's announced that the crowning ceremony is beginning.

Uggh that means I'm only halfway through this party. Someone end my suffering.

At least I'm getting paired a lot from this.

Everyone begins filing and taking their seats into the area designated for this event.

All the staff have to stand in the back once everyone is in.

I look ahead at the stage, that thrown is beautiful, it looks like it was just bought but I know it's not. It's the same thrown every king is crowned on so i know it's really old.

I wonder what the exact age of it is?

Damn my feet a killing me. I try shifting my weight from one to the other to try and alleviate some of the pain.

"Do you have to go the bathroom?" Joey whispers to me

"No, why?" I whisper back

"Because you look like your trying to hold in something."

" No my feet just hurt"

"Oh, ok. I can't you with that but we are almost done. Two more hours then you can go home and rest your old and weary bones."

Did she just call me old

"I am not old and or weary, if it would be anyone it's you. Your like a billion years old." I say as I elbow her.

"I am not a bil..." Joey stops talking as she looks ahead and fixes her posture. What is she looking at.

I look in the direction she looks. Oh they are finally coming on stage. I think to myself as I see the king walking out with the queen.

They are both wearing pastel blue, a color that complements them both. The queen a long flown dress made out of tule and the king a suit .

They are both very good looking and make an attractive couple. They look exactly the same from that picture I saw a couple years ago.

Good genes probably. Oh yeah they are demons and they age much more slowly than humans.

Sometimes I forget that demons live among and rule us because they look so human like.

I know they do have darker much more powerful and more intimate dating sides, with beastly looks. But, humans well, I haven't ever seen that.

I sure only a few if any humans have seen that side of them.

Since we are seen as less than by them because we don't possess any power and die so quickly. They separate themselves from us.

So in turn no other sides are seen other than the composed and human looking sides.

The next person that walks out on state is prince and Our soon to be king in a matter of minutes.


Mmm... forget I said that.

But the way he is so captivating. The way his suit fits his body so nicely; and the color looks so pristine against his skin. The way that his hairstyle frames his face so nicely while still showing if his long, beautiful ,flowy, curly hair.

I can imagine laying next to him, tangling my hands in and playing with those majestic locks.... wait what am I doing

No, I can't be thinking like this. Especially, someone I have no chance with.

For the rest of the ceremony I try to focus my eyes on anything but him: the floor, the ceiling, the guests, their outfits, the officiate, just anything but him.

Every couple minutes I couldn't help it though I kept glancing at him then quickly looking away.

When the crown was placed on his head, I couldn't help but stare the power he radiated and how attractive it was.

What's wrong with me. I need to get out of her and stop before I develop a crush on the king.

There is no way in the world him and I are ever gonna happen.

If I don't get over this now, I probably develop some sort of crush on him. Have it for a while then be disappointed and heartbroken when he marries some other royal princess.

Not soon enough the ceremony ends and everyone begins heading to the dining area.

I'm so happy to finally be out if that room only one more hour then I can forget about everything here and celebrate New Years with my dad when the clock hits 12.

Myself and the other waiters head to the kitchen to bring out the dishes.

Orders were chosen on the RSVP invasion so while everyone else was at the party and ceremony the cooks have been back here making them.

I was soon handed a bottle of wine and told to fill guests glasses along with a couple of other people.

Yes thank god that all I have to do.

I walk out and notice the King with his family at the table in the front of the room. Ok, so I can just avoid that table and I'll be fine.

Someone else can get it. Right?

I being to walk around the room and fill glasses.

I'm almost done with all of them. Soon I can go take my position along the wall.

"Waiter, come fill my glass." I hear a voice say behind me, I turn around a to see who said that and guess who it is.

The one person I'm trying to avoid, the fuçking king.

Ok, maybe he wasn't talking to me.

I look around to see if there are any other waiters near me.

No they are all done, minus the one across the room.

So he was talking to me.

FUÇK! Why do I have to be so slow.

I being making my way towards the table.

Why me?

Haven't I been through enough suffering for one night?

Does the universe hate me that much?

I being walking up the two steps of the platform where the table is.

Then it happens, I trip.

Just my luck.

The bottle goes flying out my hand as I fall on the floor.

I quickly get up but just as I get on my feet I cringe as I hear glass hot glass.

I look up and what I saw scared the shït out of me.

The King looking down at the wine now spilling on his lap.

Oh no, I'm dead that's it. R.I.P Venus gone but never forgotten.

I opened my mouth to profusely apologize when something even scarier happened

The king looked up at me with glowing red eyes and muttered one singular word.


Oh no, oh no, oh no. I treated over and over again as I began to mentally panic.

He gets up from the table and grabs my arm, as he grabs it my arm tingles.

Uhh this is not the time for horniness. When I'm about to die.

He pulls me through a door directly across from the platform.

I have absolutely no idea where this door. Probably to a dungeon full of cellars, that I'll be thrown Into to rot for the rest of my life.

One wrong move and my life is over like that.

As I'm pulled through the door I'm lead down a series of long dark hallways until he stops.

He looks around. I don't know what for. Then, he kisses me.

Wait he kisses me?

No, no this can't be right.

This is a dream. This is not actually happening and I'm in my bed sound asleep, I'll wake up any minute now.

Then right on que I do, I wake up and look around my room.(Naw just kidding. I got y'all though.)

Then I don't wake up. No this is real this is happening.

Fück what do I do?

I guess savor it, so I begin to kiss back.

I've only ever kissed one more person and even kissing them didn't feel as amazing as this.

This is probably what sex feels like, I don't know what to compare this to but it feels amazing.

The way his soft and plump lips feel against mine. They ignite a fire inside of me that grows with each second this lasts.

Tingles flow up and down my body and even a little to far down south.

This feels like heaven, a few more seconds and everything becomes even hotter.

I break the kiss needing air.

Then, realization hits me what did I just do. What did he just do.

Oh no I'm in big trouble.

He goes to kiss me again but I just run. I don't know where I'm going but I have to get out of here.

I run down some hallways until I see an exit, I run straight for the door and don't stop until I get home.

It was cold as hell but there was no way I could go back for my jacket.

I probably have some midnighters being sent after me right now, so that I can be brought to behead.

I open the front door and quickly step inside trying to catch my breath.

" Venus is that you?" I hear my dad call from the kitchen

I don't respond. I can't. I don't know how to.

I slide down the door and tears flow down my cheeks.

When my dad doesn't get respond after a few moments. He pokes his head out of the kitchen.

That's when he sees me and walks over to me with a worried look on his face.

"Venus are you okay?" He asks looking extremely worried and but scared.

"I-I-I....." that's all I can force out before I start bawling
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