Demon King

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Find him

Damien POV

I got up from where I was sitting and grabbed his arm.

When I did I tingles rand up and down my body, that was one of the best feelings ever.

I glanced at his face as I took his arm and it was blank showing no emotions at all.

Is he suicidal and that's why he's reacting like this?

Because most people would be in tears by now at the series of events that just took place.

If I were in his position I would be scared shitless.

I drag him through the door next to the platform then through a couple dark halls.

I don't really know where I'm going.

I'm just trying to make sure no one is near me well us.

I look around and to make sure there is no one nearby.

Then, I do it. I kiss him.

I know, I know what your thinking he's human.

Yeah, I've gotten over that fact. He's my mate I'll only get one.

I'm going to cherish him and not think less of him for his species.

But any other human I don't care about.

Plus I can just turn him if he does accept.

He doesn't kiss back when I first kiss him.

Just there like he did from before.

Jus as I'm about to stop and apologize, he kisses back.

Holy shit he returned it.

We go on like that and it become very heated.

I feel my soaking pants (oh yeah, when I'm done here I'll have to get another pair) getting tighter

After a few minutes later he pulls away to breathe and I let him. Humans have very small lung capacity.

After a couple seconds I go back in but then he pulls away and takes off running.

I stood there in shock at what just happened.

Why did he run? Is there something wrong? Something wrong with me?

When I finally recover. He's completely gone. I try to use my supernatural hearing to see if I can catch a sound to follow.

But I hearing nothing. Just silence.

Fuçk! I have to find him.

First, I need to get my eyes back to normal. I take this time to make sure I still look put together.

When I feel them change back to their normal color, now to get back to the dining area.

I walked back the same direction I came from and soon saw the door I walked through before.

I walked through the door and emerged into the room.

As soon as I walked into the room everyone turned to look at me.

Damn, where they waiting for me to get back?
Get a life.

Most of them turn around as soon as they turned around. They know better than to stare.

I motion for my assistant Kira to follow me, her table is right next ours and also right next to the door.

She gets up quickly but calmly not to cause anymore of a scene.

She begins to follow me as I'm walking.

I walk through the door to the kitchen then down another hallway into a storage room.

Kira follows me in and closes the door behind her.

"Two things get me some new pants and get information on that black haired guy to me at the end of the night. Got it"

"Sure if I may ask. I thought you dealt with him. Why would you want his information if the problem is already taken care of?"

"You may not ask. My businesses is business. Now do as I say. Don't ever again try to question me or get further information that you weren't told, if you do you can find yourself a new job. Understood?" I say sternly. I don't like people sticking their noses in my business and affairs.

"Understood" she said with a lowered head and eyes looking at the floor

"You may leave now that's all" I state

She opens the door and leaves without saying a word.

I'm sitting in the closet for about another 10 minutes when a knock sounds on the door.

I walk over to it and open.

My assistant is standing there with a pair of pants.

I take them from her with a thank you and close the door.

I quickly change into the new pair. Much better I hated the feeling and smell of the last pair due to all the spilt alcohol.

I pick up my discarded pants and fold them before handing them to my assistant.

She puts them into a small duffle bag that I'm guessing the pair I'm wearing now came out of.

"Ummm.... Just make sure those get back to my house and end up in the laundry. You can leave now." Is all I say before walking in the same direction I came.

When I finally got back to the dinning area and took my seat; I took a look around. Yes! People are leaving.

I guess dinner is over I didn't even eat mine.

Oh well when I get back to the castle. I'll have the kitchen make me something.

Now all I have to do is wait for everyone to leave and I can go home.

"Is everything fine, darling? Are you doing ok?" Mirabel leans over and asks with a worried look on her face.

I'm not to worried about what she thing about just happened, she's seen similar and worse scenes.

"Yes, everything is fine. Why don't you head home, I'll have my on of my body guards escort you to your driver." I answer with, then call over one of my guards and explain his task.

They leave right after I finished explaining.

I look at the other seats next to me, their empty. I don't even know where my parents went and don't care.

Quick little Joey POV

Watching that whole scene unfold was terrifying. I felt so useless and helpless I couldn't do anything about anything that happened.

I'm more concern for Venus right than I have ever had for myself.

When he spilled the wine and got dragged into the room, I was scared for him but became worse when that asshole king emerged without him.

Where the fück could Venus be?

I hope he's not dead or beat up somewhere suffering.

Maybe I should try to call him, but damn I don't have my phone. It's locked in a room that we aren't allowed to go to until after this.

Ok, I'll call him as soon as I get my phone.

I hope he's ok

Please be ok Venus.

Ok back to Damien

That was the longest and most painstaking 30 minutes.

Have you ever wanted someone to just leave already but they won't.

That's how I felt with about the last 100 people.

I just wanted to tell get out.

So I can go home and find my love already.

I felt so much relief seconds ago when the last person left.

"His file, sir" my assistant states while handing me a folder.

"Thank you. You can go home now" I state as I get up from the table and start heading to the car out front.

I tuck the file into my jacket right before I walk out of the enterance because paparazzi.

I didn't allow any cameras except the ones at the ceremony, but as soon as that was over they were turned off.

So only word of mouth for what happened earlier.

Plus it's only high ranks they won't talk but if they do it's only amongst themselves.

They'll forget soon enough.

As I'm walking to the car I'm flashed with lights and crowded by news stations.

But they don't get close enough. That's what the bodyguards are for.

I of course out on the fake smile and wave all the way to the car.

Hmmm... which news station am I going to pick.

Which one of you is going to make millions.

Eeine meanie miney you.... I picked a woman wearing a navy blue coat.

It says 7 news. Hmm I'll have to watch it tomorrow.

I leaned in to the microphone staring straight at the camera.

"Thank you for joining me on this wonderful day today, Ivamor. I'm excited to be your new king and ruler, well achieve amazing things. I hope you all have a happy new year. I love you all." I said and finished with a wink.

I got into the car and closed the door.

Finally on my way home.

When I got home I went up to my room to shower and look at his file.

I set it down in my dresser before I stripped and got into the shower.

The water felt so nice and relaxing. When I was finished I dried off and got dressed. Then, brushed my teeth. Got to keep these babies clean and healthy.

I tuned of the light and exited the bathroom.

I walked over to my dresser and picked it up.

I carried it over to my bed and got comfortable before I began to open it.

Ok here we go.

I opened the folder and the first thing I saw was a picture of him. Yup this is definitely him. I'm keeping this by the way.

I move the picture of the way then read his file and background check.

He's 18, graduated high school....( a/n: information you already know or are gonna find out so I'm just gonna skip).... ahh finally address

He lives at 567890 wonderland land ave and winter crossing. Hmm that's not to far from here, only about a 10 minute drive.

I'll text my driver to be ready to go tomorrow morning.

With that I went to sleep, I'm beat.


Next morning

Uggh what time is it. I get up and stumble out of bed over to my curtains because they make the room pitch black.

I open them and become blinded. Ya, know maybe I like living in darkness.

I close them in a so a little bit of light can get through.

I turn on the tv and turn it to the channel I chose last night.

Right as switch the channel the video clip from last night starts playing.

Damn I looked good last night. Ooooo my teeth were on point.

Anyways I should get start getting ready to go to his house.

Would he even be awake.

I still don't know the time.

I unplug my phone and pick it up from the nightstand.

Damn, really. It's 11am. This is the latest I have ever slept in, in my entire life.

Ok, he'll definitely be awake.

I walk to my bathroom to brush my teeth. After I finish brushing my teeth, then head over to my closet to pick out an outfit for today.

Ok, I've got to look nice today.

What color should I wear?

Which one looks best on me?

What kind of shirt or pants should I wear?

What fabric?


A million question ran through my head as I searched through my closet for a good outfit.

Finally I decided on a dark grey sweater with some black jeans and a black belt.

I decided on one ring and a short chain necklace.

I decided to put my hair into a bun because it's what best suits the outfit.

I put on a black trench coat over it.

Ok, I think I'm ready now.

I'll just go downstairs for breakfast now wait it's to late for breakfast. Is it lunch? No it's to early for that.

Brunch? Brunch.

I decided in my head.

I head downstairs to the kitchen and have then prepare a quick meal for me.

A burger with a sunny side egg, cheese, bacon, and onions. The perfect combo of breakfast and lunch into one.

I finished eating it then headed out the door to my drivers car.

I hand him the address but tell him to stop at "flora's flower shop" before we go to his house.

Uggh I should of had one of my assistants get them for me now that I think about it.

I really don't want to cause a scene or have people crowd around me. Hopefully the store is empty.

Maybe if I put on sunglasses it will help.

We arrive at the shop. I put the sunglasses on and get out the car.

Ok, steady but fast in and out don't draw to attention to yourself.

I did it I made it into the store without being noticed.

Ok, why are there a million people in here? Why does everyone have to get flowers today?

Don't panic just keep going.

I walk around the aisle of flowers looking for the ones he likes.

Oh there, peonies.

I read it on his file, along with a lot of other useful information about him.

It's crazy how much information you can get about someone at the drop of a hat.

I grab them and head to register.

Thankfully, it's open.

The cashier scans it and I pay.

Just as I was about to grab the bag and leave. I hear it the the thing I was trying to avoid.

" Look it's the king." A little girl yells pointing at me

Her mother quickly pulls her hand down and scolds her for pointing at people.

" I'm so sorry about he- oh my god it is you. Can I get a picture."

By now everyone was staring at us because of the yell for before. Oh no here comes the crowding and the can I get a pictures.

" Ok" I responded with but let out a mental sigh.

I took of the glasses and took the picture. Then everyone else started.

That's going to take forever

"Ok, I really must be going. So how about one group picture?" I offered

They all shook their heads and accepted with a wide smile on their face.

I took the picture then left.

I hated that.

I got back in the car and set the flowers down on a seat next to me.

About 5 minutes later we arrived at his house. I got up and walked to the door and knocked.
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