Demon King

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Venus POV

Later on that night I just ended up on the couch laying my head on my dads lap, while he stroked my head(as in the one with eyes), as he tried to comfort me as best he could. We watched the clock count down on and fire works go off on the TV.

I didn't tell him what happened and he didn't ask.

It could be out of fear of upsetting me again or he realizes that i might not have just wanted to tell him.

I guess he's always been good at respecting my privacy.... well most times.

Thinking that reminded me of a memory from a couple years ago.

This was when I was maybe about 12 or 13. I don't remember. I had this diary that I would write everything down in. I hid it under my bed so my dad wouldn't find it.

One day when dad was off from work he decided he wanted to do something nice and clean my room.

To be honest my room used to look like a landfill.

It's gotten better over the years.

Anyways, but that happened to be the one day I left it on top of my bed because the night before I was hugging it hoping and wishing that my feelings for my school crush would be returned.

Obviously you know what coming next, he read it and found out that I was gay. So I guess that was kind of my coming out story.

That's besides the point, later when I got home he told me about the events that had occurred while I was at school.

He told me that he accepted me and sexuality make a difference in how he sees me.

It made me happy to hear that, to know I was accepted.

I quickly moved passed that though and got angry at him for invading my privacy.

I guess it was partially my fault to it was just a black notebook with no label, he could have thought it was a school notebook and wanted to see what I was working on.

But it was also a lot of his fault. Even if he didn't know he soon realized when he read the first page, he could have stopped reading then. But he didn't, he kept going.

I got mad and didn't talk to him for about a week and a half after that. Eventually I forgave him and he apologized.

The only benefit I really got out of that situation was a clean room and saved me from having to come out.

Eventually I drifted of to sleep on the couch and the this morning I woke up in my bed.

Dad must have brought me to my room.

I hate when he does that, he's old and I'm the lightest, he's going to hurt himself.

I've told him to stop already. He always ignores me.

I walk to the bathroom and take a shower. I need a shower after last night.

I take a quick 10 minute shower and brush my teeth before getting dressed. Sweatpants and hoodie today.
I'm so happy it's Saturday.I have the day off today. Well weekend.

I step out of the bathroom and head down stairs to get some breakfast.

I hear my stomach grumble right on que.

I enter the kitchen. Oh dads up he's never up this early on his days off. He made breakfast too.

Pancakes, I love pancakes!

"Why are you up so early?" I ask taking a wear as he brings a plate of pancakes over to me

"Early? Do you know what time it is?" He loos at me with a slightly confuse face

"No, I haven't checked my phone yet." I respond with

"Wait, where is my phone?"

Dad gets up and picks it up from the kitchen counter before bringing it to me. Then, takes his seat again.

"Also dad."

"Hmm" he responds with while sipping his coffee and easing the newspaper, it's probably about the coronation.

"STOP picking me up! Your old your gonna hurt yourself, I'm heavy." I say looking towards him

He slightly smiles and chuckles

" I am not old and weak. Look at these muscles." He says flexing his arms.

I do admit he does have some muscle, well more than me at least.

"Second of all a butterfly weighs more than you, quit being so humble."

I just give him a whatever look.

I finally look down at my phone.

Omg it's 10am! Really?

And I have 20 missed calls and 40 texts from Joey.

I open the text messages and scan over them.

Where are you?
Are you okay?
Are you hurt?
I grabbed your stuff for you.
I'll bring it to your house.
Call me.
Please answer.
Pick up.
Pick up.

And so on

I sent her a text saying I was fine and no I wasn't hurt.

2 minutes later I got a response


Joey: Are you sure? I swear if that asshole hurt you, he'll never live to see another day.

Me: Yes Joey I'm sure. No, he didn't lay a hand on me

Do you want me to come over? I should come over.

No I'm fine . Don't come over.

Ok, I'll believe you but call or text me for anything

Ok, I'll will . Bye, my little kangaroo.

Bye bye, planet boy.


Promise .

I go to the living room and turn on the news.

Just my luck his face is plastered all over the news.

I watch them re run the same clip of him after his party last night.

Have a happy new year. Uggh shut up.

I finally switch of the tv after that.

I don't even know how to feel about him. I'm still attracted to him but at the same time he scares the shït out of me.

I haven't even fully processed last night.

I don't want to think about this anymore, I got up and grabbed one of my favorite books "the lost world", and begin reading.

That's what I did for the next hour or so. I don't know. I lost track of time. I was pulled out of the imaginary world when I heard a knock on the door.

Ugh must be Joey. I swear that girl never listens to me does she. I told her not to come over but yet her she is.

I say to my self getting up to answer the door.

"Joey, I told yo-..." I say while opening the door but when I finally see who it is I freeze.

" I-i-i-i promise I'm not going to say anything. So you don't have to worry an out the whole situation last night. I never meant for all or any of that. I'm so sorry about your pants and the wine. I'll pay for it but please don't hurt me."

"Are you done now?" He asks with a slight chuckle.

I swallow hard.

Did he just chuckle?

What does that mean

" I came here to talk about and apologize for last night. I also need to explain a few things and ask you a question or two. If you let me. Can I come in?" He asks

My eyes go wide.

Did he just ask, me? Him the king as me

I'm going crazy I need to be sent away.

He stands there with a eager look. Most I likely because he's waiting for my answer.

"Umm.. uhh.. yeah sure." I say moving out of the door way,

He walks in and I close the door behind him.

He turns around and hands me a bouquet of flowers. Hmm, peonies my favorite.

"For you. " he adds

How did he know? Come to think of it how did he know where I live.

He's the king probably has his resources.

I put the flowers on the table in the kitchen.

My dads washing the dishes, I walk over to him.

"Who's at the door V?"

"Uggh, the king" I whisper

"The what?" He says with wide eyes

" Don't pay attention to that. Can you please just go to your room until he leaves. I'll come get you then." I whisper

" What did you do? Are you in some kind of trouble? I'll go but this is not over." He states In a serious but whispered tone .

I just nod before we walk out of the kitchen.

You have to walk past the front door to get to the rooms.

So when dad saw him, he was a mess. Waving and smiling all the way almost tripping a couple times. Then he was out of sight.

I motioned for him and on of the couch's in the living room, since the living room is right next to the front door.

He took a seat on the big one that towards the all with the tv. I took a seat on my dads old recliner opposite of him.

I waited until I heard my dads door close before I said something.

"So...." I said to try and break the silence

"Umm yeah. I don't really know where to start. So I'm just gonna start with the window and the pants. Don't worry about it. I had the pants washed and they were black so they shouldn't stain. The wine is just wine, a drink so I don't care about that." He says

When he says that I relax and feel way more at ease.

"Ok so umm the next thing. I'm sorry about kissing you last night without your permission; and scaring you. I'm figure you might have been at least slightly scared, so I'm sorry for that."

Did he just apologize to me?

I'd never expect that in a million.

"It's ok, I forgive you" I answer with

"Ok, thank you for forgiving me. The reason I did kiss you though is because your my mate. Do you know what that is?" He asks me

I shake my head no

Is talking about a king lost friend or something.? What in the world could that mean.

"Ok then I'll explain it to you. Basically all supernatural beings witches, fairies, werewolves, etc... and demons, like myself all have mates,otherwise know as soulmates. Even though we all live in different dimensions it's a trait we share.

Every species of supernatural has a different belief as to how soulmates were created and came to be. Our belief is that when the king of all demons, Reihal, created us demons, he never wanted us to be lonely so he split our souls in half and made our soulmate.

And over the years as we reincarnate our souls end up in new bodies or new species, but always find each other." He finishes explain

That was a lot to take in and learn.

I never knew any of this. I'm not surprised though since demons want nothing to do with us.

All that we were taught in history when I was in high school was about the wars.

"So... I'm that to you? And you me to me?"

"Yes" he answered

I just shook my head I'm understanding.

"Now for the final thing. Do you accept me as your mate and partner?"

Wait what in the world is happening. If I say yes I'm going to be dating the king.

I mean it couldn't hurt if this whole mate thing he says is true, then we should workout and I get a happy ending. Right?

Screw it


"Really?" He says sounding like an excited little kid

I nodded my head

It's kind of shooting to see how his mood posture and attitude changed from neutral and closed off to open and a small smile on his face.

"Ok then umm, do you wanna go on a date to get to know each other?" He said with an eager look

"Yeah sure. Do you want go tomorrow since I'm off of work tomorrow."

"Yeah perfect. Here put your number in my phone and I'll text you the details later." He said handing me his phone

Woah okay this thing is huge.(A/N: a little foreshadowing😼). This is definitely the newest model.

Didn't this come out like 3 days ago, and he already has one.

I make a new contact and add my number and name.

I hand it to him and he looks down at the screen.

"Venus. Your names Venus?" He says

"Yup. I obviously don't need to ask yours, King Damien." I reply with

"Damien, too you that is ." He says

"Ok, Damien. I have a question for you"

"Go ahead." He says with a smile

"How did you get my address and know I liked those flowers?" I ask still curious from before.

He chuckles a bit then answers

"Magic." He says as a spark flies from his hand

My eyes went wide how did he do that. Is he some sort of witch too?

He started laughing at my reaction. It's not funny.

"I'm just kidding. I had my assistant get information on you." He responded

"Ok ok. Then how did you not know my name?"

"I just skipped over that. I wanted you to tell me yourself."

"Oh ok"

"I'm sorry but I have to go do my job now." He said getting up and walking over to the door.

I get up to and walk to the door and open it.

He walks outside.

"Oh ok then, bye." Somehow this makes me sad . Why am I sad I just met him.

"Bye." He says and hugs me

Mmm I like this he's so warm and smells so good. I want to stay like this forever.

Eventually I let go and so does he. He walks away as I close the door.

Wtf just happened.

Apparently I have a boyfriend now, that was easier than i thought it would be. Thinking about everything that happened I can't help but smile, I don't know why.

"Dad you can leave your room now" I yell

I hear his door open and couple moments later he walks past me humming.

" Looks like someone's hit themselves a lover boy." He says

"Omg dad you were listening?" The whole reason I told him to go his room is so he would hear.

"No, I swear I wasn't. What happened is that o needed to go the bathroom so I put headphones in but one fell out while I was walking so that's how I heard the him ask you on a date. But it was just that one part. I quickly put the headphone after it fell out." He explained

"Oh ok. Wait, I didn't hear you flush."

"When do I ever flush. What was your response?"

"Dad your so gross and I said yes."

He just nodded g to hen left me alone for the rest of he day.

The rest of the day I did mostly nothing then planned my outfit and hair.
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