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A few scenarios that take place in my weird messed up hell of a brain Originally started on Wattpad but Wattpad is deleting Mature stories so I decided to back this up here :) Contains bxb, bxm, bxbxb

Romance / Erotica
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tongue tied (bxb)

It was late at night everyone was at Noah's house for a party, LED light were changing color every few seconds, songs were blasting through the speakers, one after another, people dancing around each other, people drinking, people making out, people screaming song lyrics, but the only things that matter is the person in front of me.

Jackson, everything around him doesn't matter, only he matters. We're both almost totally drunk. Tongue Tied is playing on the speakers, and we're both jumping around, and screaming out the lyrics.

take me to your best friend's house
I love you then and I love you now
don't take me tongue tied
don't wave no goodbye

He comes closer to me, interlocking one hand with mine, still jumping and singing

I'll get real high
slumber party; pillow fight
my eyes and your eyes
like peter pan up in the sky

He looks at my eyes and I look at him, our bodies getting tired from jumping, we slow down, and stop singing, other people still screaming the lyrics.

don't take me tongue tied
don't kiss me goodbye
take me to your best friend's house

Our faces are inches apart, we're both smiling like idiots, looking in each other's eyes, I move closer and connect our lips, I can still feel him smiling, he kisses back; wrapping his arms around my back.

don't leave me tongue tied
don't wave no goodbye
don't leave me tongue tied
don't leave me tongue tied
don't wave no goodbye
don't leave me tongue tied

He pulls back and smiles, I smile back.

"I've wanted to do that for a while now."

He grabs my hand and pulls me away from the others. He puts one hand on my back and pulls me closer connecting our lips once again. Its soft, slow, and passionate, it's feels so good. My lips are tingling, sparks are flying everywhere, the world feels like it's turning. I pull away.

"Promise me something?" I ask
"Anything," he says

"Promise me that when we're sober you won't make up an excuse to why you kissed me, and don't say that you didn't mean it. Promise me you won't pretend as if nothing happened. Promise me that you won't break those promises." I say, he holds up my hands and wraps his pinky around mine.

"I promise," he says and kissed the pinky. I kiss him once again and he kissed back almost immediately. This is perfect.



Sooo I originally started this story on Wattpad but currently Wattpad is being weird and apparently deleted some Mature stories so I decided to back up my work on here.

I do plan to start being active on here too, maybe post some stuff here that won’t be on Wattpad?? Maybe we’ll see

Anyways I hope you enjoyed that,, more to come :)

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