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Lincoln Wolf The first vampire to have ever walked the face of the earth. Made to be used as a tool of destruction, bringing about death, chaos, and misery to all who crossed his path. After centuries of following this desolate path, he broke free from the shackles which bounded him, but still doesn't feel truly free. He's experienced every emotion that resembled darkness, never approaching the ones of light. That is until he stumbled up a doe-eyed young man who made him feel the brightest emotion of them all.

Romance / Fantasy
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Author's Note

I have waited for over a year for this moment and I am so unbelievably excited about it, it shouldn’t be legal.

Hello, my amazing, gorgeous, wonderful and special humans. I’m very grateful to all who are choosing the read this book; both my current readers and any new. Thanks for coming and I hope you stick around.

This has a few stuff you should know about the book before you begin.

1) THIS IS NOT PETER’S BOOK. I don’t know when I’ll start Peter’s book, it’s after all the rest so please stop asking. It’ll come when it comes.

2) This book is a stand-alone novel which doesn’t require any earlier books to be read in order to understand it. It is placed in the same universe as my werewolf books and will have a few glimpses or mentions of my other characters, but it is a separate book.

3) The Vampire World I am creating is new. It will most likely differ from the ones you are used to or have heard about. The book should answer any questions as it progresses, but if not, I will answer them myself.

There is a Vampire 101 I uploaded on Forever Ever After Tales, I suggest checking it out first. But also know that some information in there is wrong, I did that on purpose and you will understand why by the end of the book.

3) The main characters are two perfectly queer beauties. That means dick in ass, dick against dick, dick in hand - dick everywhere action. If that is not your style, please leave before it is too late. You have been warned.

4) I’m pretty cool with criticisms, but I don’t tolerate hate. If you don’t like the characters, the choices, the plot - cool, that’s your opinion and you can share it. But if you start blasting unnecessary hate, I won’t take it kneeling down.

Get it, kneeling... Master.... ha

5) I can’t spell. Grammar isn’t my strong suit, however, it is improving. I do try but I don’t get them all. So Grammar Nazis, go wild with my mistakes. Correct me, it helps for the future, just don’t be a bitch about it and I won’t be a bitch in response.

6) If you’re an incoming Inkitt reader, my books were uploaded from Wattpad, so lots of author’s comment refer to Wattpad - they’re just too many books and too many chapters for me to weed out every

7) Do not fetishize gay men. There’s a difference between enjoying some smut and a love romance, and put men in a ‘sex box’.

I hope you all enjoy this story, for once, I highly doubt this will be a sad one that will leave you guys in tears. Hopefully just fluff and smut with a nice plot.


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