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Chapter 8

Lincoln's P.O.V

Kalem was a strange, little human.

I watch, both sad and confused, as Kalem cleans my bathroom for the third time today, scrubbing the spotless spots he’d cleaned earlier. I tried to stop him, but he refused, intent on cleaning every surface he could find, particularly the ones I used to most. Fighting me on all my attempts to take him from his stupid cleaning supplies.

Kalem had gone into ‘ultimate slave mode’ as the elf liked to call it.

He’d taken on this role from the day I parted from his side for the first time, somehow regressing into the persona of what he thought to be the perfect slave. His actions meant to please me as if his presence didn’t already do that.

It was sad to watch him digress in this way, any slivers of a hidden personality that had shone through him since being with me had retracted and been buried deeper than I knew possible.

I’d scared him that day, my absence terrifying him to the point that he blamed himself instead of blaming my incompetence.

It was a dreadful day for both of us.

But what confused me was the way Kalem went against so many things I thought were things slaves wouldn’t dare to do. He wasn’t afraid to refuse my wishes whenever cleanign entered the equation, nor was he cautious of touching me whenever he pleased. Adoring me with hugs that I honestly didn’t think he could help giving.

It was like Kalem was incapable of completely being what he aimed to be, his adorable traits faulting his hearty efforts to be the perfect slave.

It was the most confusing thing to watch. Both sad and amusing at times, seeing him chase his tail aimlessly trying to be something he could never be. For Kalem, the real Kalem that laid beneath what he presented, was everything a ‘perfect’ slave was not.

He was expressive, saying any and everything that came to mine. Kalem was imaginative, saw the world in a light I don’t think any other could. But best of all Kalem was simply Kalem, a clumsy, beautiful boy who thought that yellow was the best color in the world and loved falling asleep to a story every night.

Thus, the blend made him a strange human.

His company and growing personality called to a part of me that I didn’t know rested within me. I found myself smiling more in a single day than I had in an entire decade. I found joy making Kalem happy, a deep contrast to the man I’d been for as long as I could recall, one that only liked pleasing myself.

Kalem wasn’t quite changing me, more so, altering certain aspects of myself and I didn’t mind it nearly as much as I expected to.

“Kalem, the bathroom is clean enough,” I say pulling him from the tiled floor despite his protests.

Kalem looks up at me sadly, the soaped sponge still in his hands as he dangled aimlessly in my grasp.

“You’ve done a superb job love,” I assure him, but the dismayed look on his face didn’t shift much so I added the words I knew helped. “You’ve pleased me,” I finish uncomfortably, voicing the words I hated to say more than anything.

It brought him down to a position lower than my own and that made me more uncomfortable than anything else ever could. Yet they were the only words that made Kalem listen.

Innocently, Kalem beams up at me. His little body practically vibration in my grasps as joy fills his features, completely ecstatic he tries to hug me.

“Oh no you don’t.” I say, extending my arms to keep him away. “No hugs while your wet and soapy.”

Kalem pouts, looking up at me with pleading eyes and a droopy lip that I had no chance against.

“You’re horrible.” I grumble angrily as I pull him to me, allowing him to wrap himself around me in a tight embrace.

Kalem giggles as he squeezes onto me, rubbing himself against me with small sounds of pleasure.

The movements and sounds laying waste to my barely, present self-control.

Kalem was growing more... for a lack of a better word, horny.

It wasn’t hard to catch the hard-ons he sported every time I got too close or the small sounds he released when we touched. A single hug practically made him drip as he sought out more pleasure in the most torturous ways.

I told myself to not encourage him, told myself to not indulge in his beauty or needs, but that was proving to be a much harder task than I’d anticipated. Especially challenging when I was faced with someone as beautiful as Kalem, I didn’t stand a chance.

But I couldn’t touch him, wouldn’t let myself further our caresses, not when he still thought of that as an act of pleasing me rather than a demonstration of affection.

Kalem had pointed out to me, in his own words, that he cared for me as more than any other Master and beyond what he should as a slave. But he was still very fragile, his mind eighteen years worth of manipulation that I’d rather untangle before diving into anything sexual with him.

No matter how badly I wanted him...

“Where would you like me to clean next Master?” Kalem asks against my neck.

“Nowhere, the castle is just fine.” I assure him as I walk him from my bathroom and towards his room. “I’d like you to take a shower and change out of this uniform.”

“But I like this uniform, Master,” Kalem mumbles quietly against me.

“Yes well, it needs to be washed,” I reply setting him down in his bright and fluffy room. “The other is useless with all that blood and this one needs to be cleaned, so you put on some nicer clothes and I’ll wash these for you. Okay?”

“Okay, Master.” Kalem agrees, though with obvious reluctance.

“Then we can do more reading, how does that sound?”

Kalem was back in my arms all over again, hugging me tightly while he chanted a million ’Thank you, Master’s to me.


I trail the extent of the property while Kalem showered and changed, listening for any unwanted visitors but came up emptyhanded. Just like I had every day since the one attack Diablos made on me.

He’d been quiet, eerily quiet.

Diablos wasn’t one to hold himself back, he’d always been prone to attack without thinking. Always favored his fists rather than his mind, a fruitless manner of fighting that always left him open for attacks.

Yet now, he seemed to be thinking for once. This something I didn’t like because I couldn’t predict his actions when he was thinking, I could only map him out against the person I knew centuries before.

But I hadn’t seen or spoken to Diablos for much longer than I’d originally thought, not since the night of the rebellion where he was born.

Checking once more, I return to the castle content with knowing we were safe for today but it was a fragile form of safety I knew wouldn’t carry on for much longer.

A war was coming and I needed to be prepared for the worst of it.

The fact making guilt spread through my veins when I returned to an overjoyed Kalem who was sitting patiently on the edge of his bed squeezing him pillow against me. He came at me the moment his eyes found me, jumping into my arms with a series of giggles.

“I missed you, Master,” Kalem whispered, his excitement muffled by my shirt.

“I was only gone for a bit,” I reply as I held him close.

“Too long.” He grumbles against me, solidifying what I knew I had to do.

I walk us to his bed, sitting in the space he’d occupied only moments before. Kalem shifted until he was comfortable, leaving his hands looped around my neck as he sat back to look at me with the most honest smile I’d ever witnessed.

“Kalem, do you remember when the vampires tried to take you?” I ask slowly, the words making Kalem’s smile fade to be replaced by the cutest glare I’d ever seen.

“The bad people.” He confirmed with a nod.

“Yes, the bad people,” I reply with a chuckle. “And you remember the note I got that said I was supposed to give you back?”

Kalem nods again, worrying invading his features as his body tensed suddenly.

“Well when I left you with Malcolm the other day, it was to go deal with the man who sent the bad people,” I explain, using ‘deal with’ as a pose to ‘decapitate’ because I didn’t want that word in my boy’s vocabulary. “I know you don’t like it but I’ll have to leave you sometimes so I can make sure there are no more bad people.”

Claws scratch at my chest when Kalem let his head drop, his sadness a live, torturous thing as he sagged in my arms. I dipped mine quickly, desperate to meet his gaze but he didn’t look at me.

“I don’t like being apart from you either Kalem, I wish I could never part from you,” I admit as I raise his trembling chin. “But I have to do this so that no one will ever disturb us again.”

Kalem looks at me, expression still solemn as he nodded gently. I could tell he didn’t mean it and that wouldn’t do, I wanted to leave knowing he’d be okay with it even if it was only for a short time.

“It won’t be forever,” I promise and meant it. “When I’m done dealing with these bad people, it’ll send a message to any others and they won’t try to separate us ever again. Then we’ll never part again, okay?”

Kalem nods again, this time seeming to mean it just a little more.

“I’m not really one for confrontation Kalem,” I say softly as he looks at me. “I don’t indulge in petty indifferences and I don’t exert energy on those not worth it. But I am willing to give everything I have to destroy these people, not for them... but for you Kalem. I will tear them all down for you, to keep you where you want to be and to keep you happy forever. So I’m doing this because I have to make sure he knows that I’m never giving you up.”

Pure awe trickled into Kalem’s gaze as he looked to me, any tears that were building leaving him as he visibly lightened at my words. I could hear his heart race, his blood pumping and had to reel myself in with an iron grip to not bite him at this moment.

The need to sync his life to mine disturbingly strong.

“R-Really Master?” Kalem asks hesitantly, hope radiating from his gaze.

“Really,” I promise before pressing a gentle kiss to his cheek, reveling in the way he shivered because of it. “You’re mine.”

It was a temporary worry of mine that human combustion would take place in my arms with the way Kalem seemed to have a minor heart attack from my declaration. Then he was hugging me again, sending us both down onto the bed with his excitement that made me laugh helplessly.

I held him to me, gentle with me return of his hug while he continued squeezing me with as much strength that he could muster in his tiny arms that were slowly bulking up. It took some time but Kalem was getting better physically, and slowly, mentally as well.

It would take some time, but soon enough my boy would be all better and live a life with nothing but happiness.

I wouldn’t stop until he had that much, God knows he deserved more.


“Kalem?” I ask, stopping my reading at the look of confusion that daunted his features as I read this chapter. It took a few minutes, but I was pretty sure now about what perplexed him in this reading.

“Yes Master.” He answers turning in my lap to face me as I close the book for a moment.

“Do you know when your birthday is?” I ask curiously.

“What’s a birthday?” He questions back, making my heart sink a little more.

Here was yet another thing so simple that Kalem had been denied even the knowledge of. Reminding of just how disgusting that fucking slave house was.

“It’s the day you were born. We celebrate that day each year when you grow older. People usually get lots of gifts and spend the day doing their favorite things.” I say making him nod slowly. “How do you know you’re eighteen if you don’t know your birthday?”

“The Trainers know everything about us Master and they said I was eighteen.” He explains with a small frown as he contemplates his words.

“Well, we’ll just have to get you one,” I say with a weak smile. “Is there any day particularly special to you love?”

Love, that title I’d denied for not even a full week before caving. My self-control was practically non-existent.

He plays with his fingers as his eyebrows draw together in deep thought, after a couple moments they spread and his eyes find mine as he smiles widely.

“The day we met Master.” He says with a large smile.

“Okay, that’ll be your birthday,” I say with a smile in return making his grow even more. “And next year we’ll celebrate yours.”

“Thank you, Master.” He basically squeaks as he hugs himself to my chest. I run my hand up and down his back gently as he breathes against me, his heart calm and his body relaxed. “Master, when is your birthday?”

I take the time to think, not wanting to share with him the full story of why I didn’t have a birthday or at least one that I could remember. That was a tale I’d never repeated to another and had no particular interest in sharing, but I knew I’d have to one day to Kalem. If not for me, to sadate his neverending well of curiosity.

Instead, I decide on the date of the earliest memory my mind gave me access to.

“Today, I suppose,” I say making him shoot up to a sitting position, his eyes wide and his heart suddenly now racing a mile a minute.

“Today?!” He screams as he presses his small palms against my chest. “Today’s your birthday?”

“Yes.” I say laughing at his expression.

“I’m a horrible Kalem.” He mumbles to himself making a smile tug at my lips, pride swelling in my chest to hear him refer to himself as something other than a slave. He’d shifted unconsciously to referring to himself in the third person rather than as a slave, it was strange but I preferred it over slave any day. “I’m going to prison.” Kalem continues and I can’t help but laugh at this.

Since reading and building his knowledge, prison entered his vocabulary as a place people went when they did really bad things. Not knowing my birthday apparently warranted a visit to prison.

“You’re not going to prison Kalem,” I say smiling as I run my hand through his hair. “You didn’t even know and it doesn’t matter, I’m too old to be celebrating it anyway.”

“How old are you Master?”

“Eight thousand ninety-two, give or take,” I say making his eyes practically pop in their sockets.

“E-Eight thou...” His voice fades away as he brings his fingers to his face in an attempt to count a little. “You’re really old Master.”

“First vampire,” I say and I swear this time his eyeballs actually exploded.

“Ever?” He queries in disbelief.

“Yeah,” I say letting my hand run from his hair to his cheek. “Are you scared me of now?”

“No Master, never!” He says seriously as his little fingers curl on my chest. “But we need to get you lots of gifts and do what you love.”

“That’s not necessary,” I say trying to brush the topic off.

“But you said that’s what people do on their birthdays.” He says with a frown. “It’s your birthday, so we do that.”

“Yeah but...” I start not knowing how to get myself out of this one. I hated my ‘birthday’ because it wasn’t really my birthday, just the first day I had any memory of. But the light in Kalem’s eyes told me I couldn’t dare admit that to him and risk making it flutter away. “Okay fine.”

“Let’s get gifts!” He exclaims happily before jumping out of my lap taking his amazing warmth with him. He pauses with a growing frown of confusion. “Where do we get gifts? And what are gifts, Master?”

This shouldn’t be as adorable as it is.

“Gifts are nice things you give to someone you care about.” I explain and Kalem nods before gasping. He leans down to pick up the book we were reading and hands it over.

“Gift.” Kalem says eagerly and bite into my lip to stifle my laughs, knowing it would probably make him cry.

“Thank you Kalem.” I manage after a moment. “But most gifts are things which people don’t usually have.”

“B-But you have everything Master.” He says looking around the library anxiously.

“That’s why you don’t need to get me a gift.”

“But I want to.” Kalem presses giving me the droopy lip and full eyes again.

I am an incredibly weak individual.

It wasn’t that late in the afternoon so I knew at least one mall would be open along with some shops. It’d be a great chance to get Kalem out of the house as well, so I couldn’t find it in me to hate the idea of getting out too much.

“I have an idea,” I said before standing.

We change quickly, Kalem no longer struggling to put on pants or fighting against me at wearing them.

As we approached to the car, fingers entwined, Kalem raises his eyes to mine.

“Why can’t I sit next to you Master?” He questions with a tilt of his head.

“Because sometimes cars crash together and they’re accidents.”

“Cars?” He questions, tilting his head slightly,

“Yes, this is a car,” I say pointing to the vehicle. “If we crash, it’s safer for you in the backseat than the front seat,” I explain clearly as I open the back door for him to get inside but he keeps holding onto me instead.

“But what about you Master?” He questions, his body unconsciously pressing into mine.

Dwindling self-control...

“What about me?”

“You’re in the front, you can get hurt.” He says with clear fear in his eyes.

It was actually cute that he thought I could get hurt and heartwarming that he cared.

“I’m a vampire Kalem, the first vampire,” I state with a chuckle. “It’ll take a whole lot more than a car accident to hurt me.”

He looks at me unsurely at this, but slides into the back without another word. I place a small container of strawberries and apple chunks into his lap before closing the door behind him.

By the time we get to the mall, the container is empty and Kalem is a little energized.

It was more than gratifying to see that slowly introducing him to actual food with great patience was working. He barely touched mush anymore, only asking for it on random days.

Kalem immediately attaches himself to me once we got out of the car and looked around wondrously at the numerous people.

“Master, I think that I know what I want to get you!” Kalem exclaims drawing a few eyes to us.

He didn’t seem to notice, but the word Master was troublesome more so in public than at home.

“Before you tell me love, can you do me one favor.” I ask lifting his chin and rubbing his skin with my thumb. He nods vigorously with a sparkle in his eyes. “You must not call me Master when we’re not home. I’d prefer you not to call me Master at all, but I understand now that you like that title. But, here, you can’t call me that, at all.”

“Why not?” He asks softly, the sparkle of excitement fading from his honeycomb eyes.

“Because you are very young Kalem and someone could misunderstand.” I explain, knowing trying to explain his past as a slave to this world would lead us nowhere. “And if that happens they will try to take you away from me.”

“No!” He exclaims in a bit of a whisper, looking around at the other humans as if they were the enemy. “I want to stay with you.”

“I want to stay with you too love.” I say rubbing his skin gently. “So you must call me Lincoln.”

“Okay.” He says feebly, clearly not liking this condition.

“Now what did you want to get me?” I ask making the light return to him as he smiled brightly.

“Ca-” He stops suddenly before biting his lip in deep thought. “I can’t tell you.”

“Why not?”

“Because then you’ll know. I have to surprise you.” He says firmly as if I was the child in this conversation.

“Okay,” I say with a smile. “But how will you find it without me?”

“Well...” He fades off with a small frown that makes me laugh in amusement. “I don’t know.” He sighs in defeat.

“I have an idea.” I say before offering my arm. Kalem loops his hands around my bicep quickly as we begin to walk.

When we enter the mall and people drown us out, his grip becomes tighter, but I whisper comforting words of my own to calm him as I walk us to the large, map of the mall.

“I’ll go through each store and what they should sell. When you hear what you want to get me, tell me what store it is and I’ll take you to it. You can run in and get what you want.” I say and he nods his head in agreement.

Thankfully what Kalem wanted was in one of the first few stores and I walked us to Bath and Body Works. I had no idea what Kalem possibly wanted to get me in there but I didn’t question him.

Instead, I gave him some cash and briefly explained how shopping worked. Making sure to emphasize the part about paying before he left.

“I’ll be waiting at the bench.” I say pointing to one not too far off from the store. “Come to me as soon as you’re done.”

“Yes Master.” He says before biting his lip and looking around in a panic as if someone would snatch him in moment. “L-Lincoln, yes Lincoln.” He corrects with a guilty look before he gives me a quick hug and heads for the store.

I take my seat and keep a close eye on the doors of the store. If it were up to me, I’d rent the entire place so Kalem could explore as he wished. But I knew he needed to get acquainted with the world he’d been kept from and me keeping him away from it would be no better than the slave house.

Once Kalem came running back to me, I had to force myself to not look into the bag of heavenly scents and keep my eyes on him.

“Got everything you wanted?” I ask

“Yes, Ma-... Lincoln, yes Lincoln.” He beams up at me. “Can we go home now?”

“Too many people?”

“I like it better when it’s just us Master.” He says with a heavy blush, looking up at me through long lashes.

Instinct told me to claim Kalem.
To pull him into my arms and claim his mouth, body, and soul as mine. To sink my teeth into him and join us for life.

But reason got to me first.

“I like it like that too.” I admit with a smile of my own, offering him my arm again before we make our way through the mall and back home.

My lips tug upwards at a big box wrapped with black wrapping paper and a bow that sat on the small table in the library, the only new item since we left earlier. I let my fingers tug at the tag to read it despite already knowing who it was from.

Happy Birthday Lincoln
- Malcolm

“What is it?” Kalem asks from behind me. I clear our curiosity by undoing the bow and pulling the paper from one side.

The top lid of the box opens the reveal stacks and stacks of books which ranged in age, color, and size. I smiled at the new stock of literary works I knew I’d love, Malcolm had a habit of picking my favorite books.

“I don’t know if my gift will be this good.” Kalem whispers doubtfully as he peers into the box from behind me.

“I’ll be the judge of that.” I say teasingly, taking his hand in mind before leading us to my armchair.

I sink into it and Kalem takes his rightful place in my lap straddling me with a smile before handing me the bag.

“I didn’t know I was supposed to wrap it up all pretty Master.” He says with a small pout accompanied by an upset frown.

“Next time.” I say as I pull out a large circular glass. My eyes widen at the sight of a Watermelon Lemonade candle.

“I-It’s just that the only t-thing you l-like to eat with m-me is watermelon.” Kalem begins in a scramble to explain. “A-And you always have such nice smelling bootles, s-so I thought you’d like something that smelled nice. P-Plus you always say that t-the castle smells old and you o-only smile when I use t-the lemon c-cleaner. S-So I thought maybe if y-you had somethings-smelling like t-things you loved, y-you’d be happy...” Kalem finishes with a bit of a laboured breath, his fingers twirling and twisting each other nervously. “D-Do you like it M-Master?”

I let my eyes raise to his, not at all surprised to find them filled with hope and anxiety as he stared back at me. I raise my hand to his cheek and rub it gently with my thumb.

“M-Master?” Kalem questions unsurely as I lift his chin slightly before leaning in.

Kalem’s eyes widen into saucers as I press my lips to his in a gentle embrace before they flutter shut. He practically purrs against me as I shut my own eyes to savor the taste of him.

Pulling him closer, I keep my grip on his legs tight as he moans against me. Kalem comes easily, pressing into me as much as he could as he tried to kiss me back.

It wasn’t really working out on his end but that was okay, he was trying

I pull away after a moment, not wanting to force anything, opening my eyes to find his entire face red with wide eyes.

“I love it Kalem.” I say with a smile as I continued to caress his skin. “You got something I didn’t even know I’d love. I’m so glad that I found you.”

He opens his mouth but not a sound comes out. Instead, he gulps and eventually nods before burying his head in my neck.

I rub his back gently and let him hide from me, not daring to tease him about the erection that was rubbing against me.

I knew my actions didn’t scare him, shocked him, most definitely, but not scare. He’d find a way, a Kalem way, to tell me his feelings regarding that kiss.

I tried not to let myself begin to feel any regret or shame at my actions as I stared at the candle in my hands. Heart swelling from something so simple yet so perfect.

Something just like Kalem.


Kalem is actually just adorable.

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