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Chapter 9



Kalem’s P.O.V

Master kissed me.

Master put his lips on my lips, that’s kissing... I think.

I’m not really sure if it was official kissing, because it was so short. But whatever it was, it felt really, really nice, like a dream.

Everything with Master felt like a dream, too good to be real.

“No questions?” Master whispers next to my ear, I shiver from the feel of his warm breath as I pull away from my naughty thoughts that were stopping me from listening to Master’s reading.

I shake my head quickly, looking up at Master from my favorite place in the whole world. It was the one where I got to snuggle against Master’s chest, the one where he wrapped his arms around me making me feel like I was completely surrounded by only my Master.

Master studies me for a long time before smiling a little and continuing his reading.

I shake my head and try to keep up with his words, trying to make myself follow his finger as it went, but my thoughts went away again and I stopped focusing on the story Master chose today.

Master’s lips were soft and warm.

I couldn’t stop thinking about them since the moment Master placed them to mine, making me wetter than I’d ever been before.

I think something spilled down below, it took extra long to clean it up.

If my counting was right, then Master kissed me three days ago which meant that three days ago I had the best day of my entire life.

I knew it was wrong for a slave to want their Master in the way that I wanted my Master, but I didn’t know how to make it stop and even if I could, I didn’t want it to. It felt really good inside to like Master the way I did, I didn’t want that feeling to ever run away from me.

I wanted to have the feeling and Master forever.

I knew Master was using me, it was one of the things that happened to slaves which meant that I was finally being a good slave to Master.

I was happy that I pleased him enough to finally use some part of me, but I was even more happy that it felt so nice when he did it. It felt special, like something different but I didn’t know what it could be.

Whatever it was, it made me like Master, even more.

Every night I asked the nice man above to let Master use me even more. To never stop using me and never use any another slave but me.

It was getting harder and harder to hide the way my body reacted to my Master. I tried to stop it, to stop the wetness from leaking out, but I couldn’t, and I really really tried.

Master just had to look at me in that way he did that made his eyes look like they were actually burning fires and it would happen all over again.

I was becoming such a bad Kalem.

But no matter what, I knew I couldn’t touch myself to make me feel good, every part of me belonged to Master so I couldn’t touch without permission. And I hadn’t built up the brave parts inside to ask him if I could, the trainers said Master’s would always say no but my Master was weird so maybe he’d say yes.

For now, I rubbed myself against Master’s body whenever I could because that way, Master was basically using me with his body and then I wasn’t doing anything wrong.... not really.

I think Master was starting to notice though because he started to stop me.

“Can you even repeat what I just said?” Master says suddenly, his voice heavy enough to make me jump.

I keep my eyes down as I look to the page we were on and try to remember the last thing I heard Master say, but nothing came to my mind.

I curl into myself more knowing I deserved punishment for not listening to Master, the trainers said not listening was one of the worst things a slave could do.

“I-I’m sorry M-Master,” I say but my voice was too quiet for even me to hear.

Master closes the book and sets it down, putting his arms under my arms and pulling me up so that both my legs were on Master’s side. I look down at my fingers, playing with them to avoid Master’s eyes as he stares at me quietly, probably deciding how to punish me.

Master had me for so long but never punished me.

I have done so many wrongs since the day I met Master but Master never punished me, not even one. Which made it even scarier now because I didn’t know what Master’s punishments would be like, I didn’t like punishments and I knew Master’s punishments would be worse than any punishments the trainers ever gave me.

Maybe he would lock me in my room for a week with all the lights off, o-or he might make me stay in the slave quarters with no water. Those were the nice ones I could think of, the bad ones I didn’t want to think of cause it hurt just to put it in my mind.

“Kalem,” Master calls making me look up to him. I frown a little when I find him looking happy at not mad, another sign that my Master was crazy. “What’s on your mind? You’ve been running with your thoughts all day.”

“Nothing,” I say quickly, looking away from Master when heat started to rise up my neck.

One of Master’s long fingers pushes my chin up, forcing my eyes to meet his. I whimper when I meet his eyes, he didn’t look scary or mean, he looked like that new word we learned last week... am..amused. He looked like that and his lips were up in a way that wasn’t really a smile but made me hard down there.

“Now I must know what you were thinking of,” Master whispers his smile-thingy turning eviler.

“Master,” I whine hoping he’d let me keep it a secret.

“Okay, okay,” Master says leaning up to kiss my nose. “If you don’t want to tell me, then that’s okay. I won’t force you to share something that you don’t want to.

“Thank you, Master,” I say with a sigh before hugging Master. Master hugs me back making my body feel fluffy and nice inside, I sink into Master’s arms and sigh again.

“Comfortable?” Master asks with a soft laugh.

“Yes Master,” I say happily, as I wrap my arms around Master’s neck to hold tight to him. “Always comfy with Master.”

Master doesn’t say anything else and I know that he isn’t mad. Master was a quiet Master so I knew he was the happiest when he didn’t say much. I didn’t want to mess up his happy state, so I closed my eyes and let myself fall asleep in Master’s arms.

“Best Master in The Entire World,” I whisper as I’m pulled into the dreamy place that was sometimes nice and sometimes mean.

I hoped that I’d have a nice dream about Master.


“Kalem,” Master calls from behind me, I stop wiping the windows to give Master all my attention. “My supplier is coming today to well... supply me with some materials, will you be fine with someone else in the castle?”

“Yes, Master,” I say quickly even though my throat became tight from Master’s words alone.

Master chuckles a little as he walks to me. I stay still and watch as Master takes the cloth and lemon spray from my hands and puts them on the floor. Master runs a hand through my hair once he’s finished, I smile happily at being so close to him.

If I could be this close to Master forever, I’d be the happiest Kalem in the world.

“Do you want to try answering one more time but with the truth?” Master says after a moment.

I look down trying to hide from Master’s eyes. They somehow knew everything, even without me saying it.

“I’ll be fine Master,” I promise as I stare at my fingers. “If I’m with you, I’ll be fine Master.”

I sigh happily when Master pulls me in for a hug, hugs were good because hugs meant that Master wasn’t mad or angry with me. Hugs were nice and for happy times, this must’ve been a happy time if Master was hugging me.

“Then you’ll stay with me,” Master says while rubbing my back, I bite my lip to hide the sounds the touch gives me. “Wequie is harmless, for the most part, just don’t believe the words that come out of his mouth.”

“Is he a bad man Master?”

“He’s an incubus,” Master replies instead. “Everything he says comes with the hopes of a sexual ending of some sort.”

I pull back enough to look at Master, I didn’t know what the one word meant but Master didn’t try to explain it as he usually did. I frown a little, opening my mouth to ask him about it but stop when he presses a kiss to my head. I close my eyes and lean into Master, unable to stop my whimper when my clothes become tight again.

“Master,” I whisper when he pulls away.

I look up at Master, begging him with my eyes to use me in any way he wanted. Master’s eyes were heated and focused on me but he didn’t move, only held me to him as I waited for him to take me.

But he didn’t, Master never used me.

“He’ll be here soon,” Master says as he separates us. “I’m going to get his payment.”

I nod quickly, if I answered with my voice Master would hear the way it wanted to break.

“Can you get two blood bags and meet me in the office?” Master asks as he continues to put distance between us.

I nod again, holding on to the small smile Master sends me as we separate.

Master was a very confusing man.

Master had kissed me once on the lips but never again. He kissed me on my face and hugged me more than I could ever ask for, but he didn’t do anything else.

I didn’t know what to do to make Master see that I was always ready for him to use me however he wanted. Always ready for him, to obey him and serve him the way I was trained to... and anything more he wanted.

I’d give my Master anything.

I frown slightly when I find the fridge empty of all bags, I thought I put more yesterday but they were all gone.

I quickly make me way down to Master’s dungeon, I didn’t want to keep Master waiting or thirsty so I ran down the stairs until I was at the bottom.

I press my hands against the webby walls until the switches hit on and the place brightened with old lights.

I rushed past the empty slave quarters and dug a hand inside Master’s freezers. From the way Master reacted to his breakfast, I knew he likes the ones with big A’s on them the most.

So I got those and turned back to head for Master.

I stop when I see a man standing in the hallway. I could see nothing but his edges and frown as I held the blood bag close.

“M-Master?” I call hopefully, taking a step forward.

“I’m not your Master human.” A voice responded making me step back.

The person was moving to me and I couldn’t go back anymore because I was at the wall. The man moved slowly and for the first time I realised how scary down here was.


I feel tears pouring down my face as I look into the man’s gold eyes, his hand clasped tightly over my mouth to quiet my call.

I push against him as I scream against his hand, wanting to be with Master where I know I was okay.

“Quiet now, we don’t want the old man rushing down here.” The man whispers, his golden eyes keeping hold of mine. “Not before I’ve said a few words.”

I try to stop myself from crying, the tears and sobs were keeping me from calling for Master. My chest too tight and heart too fast for me to get the single world out.

But all I could do was think about the arm in Master’s hand and the people who wanted me away from him, the thought making the tears come again.

I didn’t want to leave Master.

“You are drenching my hand human.” The man says with a small gag. “Your tears are soaking in and I need you to stop that. Can you stop that?”

I shake my head honestly.

“Maybe sneaking up wasn’t the best approach, now that I think about it I’d scream and cry as well.” The man comments with a sigh. “I’m not here to hurt you, quite the opposite actually. My name is Wequie, I know it’s strange call me W.”

I freeze at this, my body calming for a second as I remember the same name being called by Master earlier. He was a supplier to Master, I didn’t know what that meant but Master liked him enough to let him into the castle.

“You recognize the name?” The man questions with a raised brow. “How odd of Lincoln to prepare for my arrival... odd indeed.”

I look up at the man now that my sobs were slowing, trying to see him properly instead of the picture of a monster my mind put there.

This man was only a little taller than me, with short brown hair that curled and gold eyes that all worked together to make his caramel skin stand out. He looked really nice now that I was looking at him and prettier than most of the slaves I’d seen.

“Thank you.” Mister W says making me jump. “I can’t read your thoughts just smell your reactions, it’s flattering actually.”

I try to make the heat stop climbing my cheeks but it wouldn’t, Mister W smiled widely and pulled his hand away.

“Now, we have little time before your Master comes looking for you.” Mister W says as he pulls out a small towel to clean his hand. “The first thing I smelled when I entered this castle was your arousal. It was practically dripping from the ceiling, you’ve got it plastered everywhere, I couldn’t help but try to follow the source.”

“A-Arowsul?” I repeat with a frown.

“You’re too cute.” Mister W says pressing his hands to his face. “Arousal sweetie, you’re horny and hot down below. Do you get hard often, wet below?”

I look down to avoid his question. I didn’t want to share parts of me like that with someone who wasn’t Master.

“It’s okay, nothing to hide from but something to celebrate.” Mister W groans with a small laugh. “The best thing this world has to offer is sex and every cell in my body tingles for you. You want it bad, even if you don’t know what exactly you crave.”

I look up to Mister W, he was smiling sweetly and his eyes looked even brighter. Master said he was an incubus and I only met one other in the slave house, he was the only person to ever love being used there.

“I can help you,” Mister W says, bending his head a little to meet my eyes better. “Help you get what you want and need from your Master. Free of charge, I can’t sit back and watch a creature suffer in this manner... it’s simply deplorable.”

“I have to ask Master first.” I whisper as I look at the blood bags he asked for.

“He’d say no.” Mister W says immediately, rolling his eyes in that way Aias did when he was remembering someone he didn’t like. “A prude that man is, he’ll try and tear my throat out when he finds us.”

Mister W takes a step closer and smiles, he swipes his tongue over his lips as he runs a hand down my shoulder.

“Don’t you want to know how to make him touch you?” He whispers softly, his new tone making something inside of me buzz. “How to get him to kiss you, every inch of you? Lick you and taste you, devour you?”

I push the bags down to cover the bulge in my pants.

My mind was swirling with thoughts of Master, images too strong and too real of everything he said coming to life in my mind.
I could feel Master’s lips on me and my body loved it, dripping more than usual as I looked in Mister W’s eyes and saw what Master could do with me.

“You produce more precum than the average human.” Mister W said with a small hum. “And a virgin, your scent alone would send most of my kind crazy.”

“P-Precum?” I ask shakily, my legs feeling weak.

“And an unprecedented level of innocence to boot, what a treat you are.” He groaned with a smile. “Precum comes from the tip of your cock, a sweet, luscious substance that should never be wasted. You don’t waste a drop of it from your partner, do you understand me?”

Mister W said this seriously as if the thought of wasting it made him uncomfortable so I nodded quickly. Promising myself to never waste Master’s, I didn’t want to make him uncomfortable too.

“It’s what’s making you so wet right now.” He continues. “It’s like you produce your very own lubricant.”

I didnt know what that meant but didnt ask, everytime Mister W tried to give me a new word I got even more confused.

Master was better than Mister W with new words.

“M-Mister W Sir,” I say making him squeal a little, whispering ‘so cute’ to himself. “I-I want M-Master to touch me a-and to touch h-him.”

“Is this your formal request?” Mister W asks, his eyes glowing with excitement. “If this is, I will make this come true and supplement from any releases exchanged between you. Are you okay with that?”


“Then you must seal it with a kiss.” Mister W says making me try to back away but I couldn’t move any further.

I shake my head quickly, not wanting to feel or touch anyone but Master in my entire life.

“A simple peck no more than a few seconds.” Mister W says softly, his voice almost as kind as Master’s. “It’s the only way to make it happen human.”


“I won’t force you,” Mister W says taking a step back, allowing me to breathe for the first time. “But if you do, I promise you by the end of the night you will fall asleep with the taste of you Master’s cum on your tongue and the feel of his fingers within you, if not his cock.”

I whimper at his words, the images blurring my vision as my body is filled with them.

The one that held me still with need showed me lying on Master’s bed with him behind me, my body on his as his hands searched my frame. The feel of his cock rubbing against my hole almost too real, making my mouth water as I moaned.

“Kalem?” I open my eyes at the sound of Master’s distant voice.

I look up to Mister W who raises his brow in question.

“Yes please.” I beg as I take a step forward to him.

My lips met Mister W’s for no more than three seconds before we were torn apart. Master’s body pushed between us like a tall barrier neither of us could climb.

I tried to look down but Master pushed my chin up, his eyes narrowed with more anger than I’d ever seen before as he wiped his thumb over my lips.

A low growl pulled from his own making me whimper as I tried to look away, chest tightening with fear but he pushed my chin up.

“What did you just do?” Master snapped as he gripped my chin roughly.

A big wrong or a good right....


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