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Chapter 10

Lincoln’s P.O.V

Anger was an emotion I rarely felt.

It didn’t take more than a few decades of my life for me to realize that allowing myself to fedel such a dangerous emotion led to more trouble than it was worth. Not to mention, it demanded energy I wasn’t willing to spare.

So I didn’t get angry, not much.

But now, as I stared down at Kalem’s trembling form, I couldn’t access that part of me that gave me control. I couldn’t pull myself together to soften my hold on his chin as I stared into his glazed eyes which were treating a waterfall of tears at any moment.

I couldn’t bring myself to feel anything other than the deep-veined, reddened anger that pumped its way through my body with a strength I couldn’t combat.

“What did you do?” I growl again, unwilling to believe the scene I’d just witnessed and what it implicated.

Kalem’s lips tremble as he tries to speak, words seeming to fail him as he stared at me with wide, fearful eyes. His attempts to pull away falling away as he surrendered under the weight of my fury.

“Master,” He manages as more of a plead than anything else.

“No,” I grind out, more to myself than Kalem. I couldn’t let myself fall victim to my need to keep him happy, not when he possibly just did something irreversible.

“M-Master.” He whimpers once more.

Feeling my grip tightening, I drop his chin and take a step back, ignoring the tears that coated Kalem’s cheeks as I turned to face the one who truly deserved to feel the indisputable wrath that threatened to break free any moment.

Wequie was at the base of the staircase, the distance he’d put between us not nearly enough for him to survive. His smile was nervous as he rubbed his hands together, eyes darting down to my feet as I took my first step towards him only to lift to mine when I stood directly before him.

“What was the deal?” I question, my voice cold and smooth as I studied him. My vision focused directly on him, ears pinged with the sound of his heart that beat erratically within him.

“You know us, incubus,” He replies with a small chuckle to accompany his shrug. “We stick to our privacy policy.”

“Privacy policy,” I repeat slowly, letting my tongue sweep over my fangs.

“Ye-” Wequie’s words stick in the air as my fingers wrap around his throat, a chocked gasp escaping him as I slam him into the wall and keep him there.

“What was the deal?” I repeat for the last time, eyes bloodshot with the need to kill rising as he scrapped desperately at my fingers, his breaths short and desperate.

“Master!” Kalem warns but not before a knife-like edge sliced its way across the back of my neck, the agony rippling through my entire frame as I dropped Wequie.

Stepping back, I let my fingers blanket my already healing nape as my own, cold blood coated my back. Kalem was by my side instantly, shaking with clear panic as he tried fusing over me but my attention was held by Wequie. His true form on full display as he coughed roughly, his tail raising behind him, the pointed edge wet with my blood.

“Okay, so maybe I underestimated how pissed you’d be,” Wequie says glancing up at me, his best heaving as he pulled himself against the wall. “Never thought you’d try to fucking kill me.”

“I told you not to touch him.” I remind through clipped words. “Warned you to not do exactly this with him.”

Kalem’s grip around my arm was tight, his body still trembling as he pressed himself into me as if to hide himself for the situation that was all too big for him. Too much he was not nearly ready to see or understand, a fucking horrid situation he’d weaved himself into.

“Well you didn’t tell me he was suffering now did you.” Wequie snapped back with more vigor than his body was ready for sending him into another fit of coughs. “I could barely breathe with the way his scent clung to the walls.”

And that logic was exactly why incubi were the most hated species in the supernatural world.

The way of thinking was warped in the most infuriating ways that could only be understood by an incubus. Driven by lust, their decisions mirrored just that leaving the rest of us fucked because of it.

“He is not suffering.” I grind out as I pull my hand away from my neck, frowning with annoyance at the digits which were not soaked with blood.

“If you could smell it you would know that he is.” Wequie combatted while rolling his eyes. “I did him a favor, free of charge as well, that’s how much he needs it.”

“Go upstairs before I kill you Wequie.” I manage as I pull my drenched shirt from my head, wiping my hands against the bloodied fabric to dry them some. “I need to talk to Kalem.”

Not needing to be told twice, Wequie pulled himself to his feet and dashed up the stairs, his long, black tail following behind him as he ascended the staircase.

When he was out of earshot, I finally turned my attention to Kalem, anger seeping away when I find his face wet with tears as he stared at the shirt in my hands, his small hands gripping my arm for some sort of stability.

“I’m fine Kalem,” I promise, taking one of his hands as I bent down for him to feel the previously split skin. “Not hurt, all good.”

Kalem’s fingers were still for a moment before he let them sweep across the skin, pressing up onto his toes as I bent further for him to survey the skin. Minutes passed before he seemingly convinced himself that I was indeed okay, settling back down with a slower heart but still tearful gaze.

“Tell me what deal you made Kalem,” I demand, unable to leave the matter alone for a moment longer.

I saw the kiss the two shared and knew that could only mean one in two things, the first being that he’d sealed a deal between himself and the incubus. The second possibility too painful to consider, the weight of it tearing itself through my chest in a way I couldn’t survive.

“T-To... with M-Master... soon..” Kalem tries, stumbling over his words as his face became a bright red, fingers twisting around themselves while he avoided my gaze with everything he could.

He’d never get it out.

“Whatever it was, it is not happening,” I say clearly, my harsh words making his eyes dart up to mine. The shattered look on his face pulling at every part of me to take the words back but there was no way that I could. “I’ll get the details from Wequie, but I’m telling you now that whatever it was, I will have no part in it.”

Opening his mouth, Kalem looks at me with a sadden gaze, only to shut his mouth and lock the protests within it. He nods gently as he lets his gaze fall, body slumping as the weight of my words sunk in.

I knew that Kalem wanted more between us, needed it, but there was no way I could give him anything of the sort while he still thought of it as servitude to his ‘owner’. I’d plan to have a talk with him soon, to separate what he thought to be what I wanted and what was actually in the realm of possibilities for us.

But waiting for him to better settle down apparently wasn’t the smartest decision because he’d gone ahead and taken matters into his own hands.

Something that angered me to the core, an anger that could only be directed towards myself because I didn’t take care of the matter when he needed me to.

I’d let him down in a manner and that was what really pissed me off.

“M-Mad,” Kalem mumbled with a small sniff. “You’re m-mad at me.”

“I need to talk to Wequie, find out what kind of deal you made so I know how I’m going to stop it,” I reply, ignoring his query with the knowledge that the truthful response to his question would tear him apart.

A small sob was the only response to come as Kalem jerked his head in understanding.

“I don’t want you around him, so stay in your room until I come for you,” I instruct, pressing my hand to his back to make him begin to walk.

The walk to Kalem’s room was quiet, lacking the usually light atmosphere that lingered between us as well as our easy conversation. Instead replaced by a tense, rigid tension that put a disturbing space between us.

At his door, Kalem turned to hand me the two, blood bags he went to fetch, his hands shaking as I took them from him. My heart softened some as I held the two, A-negative bags in my bag, his efforts to always give me my preferred type warming me some.

“I-I’m s-sorry Master.” Kalem manages, taking himself into his room before I could respond.

I sigh as I close the door behind him and set off, my mind, body, and soul now exhausted from the altercation and the implications which came with it.

Today was supposed to be a bearable day.

Wequie would come by, restock my bloodstock and equip me with materials I needed to better protect the castle with Kalem in it now. He was supposed to leave then, promptly, then I’d surprise Kalem with a visit to his stupid elf and try to not look bored the entire time.

I’d mapped the entire thing out, yet it got fucked over before I could ever approach step two.

“I have never seen you so mad and I was there when Malcolm tried to cut your hair in your sleep,” Wequie says the moment I enter my unused office space when he was hanging comfortably from the ceiling, his tail wrapped around one of the chandelier rings in support.

“What did he ask for?” I ask as I slump down in one of the dusty couches and rub my temples desperately.

“Wanted you to touch him.” He says with a small dip to his cheeks. “He just wanted some action to happen between you, poor thing.”

“And the price?”

“I told you, free of charge.” Wequie groanes as he drops down, landing gracefully onto his feet like a cat. “Of course I get the supplements between you two, but besides that nothing.”

“Call it off.” I demand and feel my eye twitch when he laughs in response.

“We both know once a deal’s been made there’s no calling it off. No changing it, breaking it or stopping it, it’s on its way.” Wequie says as he curls onto the other side of the couch, his tail wrapping itself around him. “And before you ask, I ordered him a nice, little one night version of the werewolf heat. He’ll be the one experiencing it and you’ll be drawn to him as any smelly mutt would.”

“Killing you would be a gift.” I grind out as I glare at him.

“It honestly would be, let me know if you find a new way to get the job done.” Wequie yawned the edge of his tail scratching at the black-tipped ears that now sat on top of his head.

Wequie had gotten himself cursed by a witch centuries ago, cursed with an immortal life that he saw as a gift initially. But centuries later he was tired of living and tried every thinkable way to off himself, of course, none worked but he still tried.

“You should’ve told me he was special to you,” Wequie says after a moment of silence making me chuckle helplessly. “Yeah, I know sharing your feelings is an unthinkable affair for you but I would’ve thought twice about this.”

“Thought twice and still carried it through.” I challenge, raising a brow that is quickly met with a shrug of admittance.

“May I ask why you of all people, have a human slave and refuse to use him?”

“He is not a slave,” I growl in warning making Wequie’s tail slip up in defense. “He grew up in a slave house, his mind is fucked in all sorts of way and I’m trying to help him escape that.”

“That’s why you haven’t touched him?” He enquires doubtfully.

“He sees himself as a slave who needs to serve his Master, that’s what he wants to happen between us,” I explain making Wequie’s frown deepen even more.

“No, he doesn’t,” Wequie says slowly as if speaking to a skittish animal. “He sees you as his master and he wants to serve you because he wants to please you.”

“You just reworded what I said.” I deadpan.

“No there’s a difference.” He argues confidently. “I can’t get into your mind but he’s human so it was easy to slip in and connect his thoughts with the scents he emits. He doesn’t see you as some master he has to serve because he is a slave and that’s his role.

He sees you as his one and only Master, someone he wants to serve not has to and he wants to because of how you treat him, different from the ways he knows. It’s something he wants, which I can tell you is the only thing he actually wants.”

My mind blanks as I let Wequie’s words tumble around in my head, the meaning of them trying to seep through my preconstructed thoughts. Kalem had tried to tell me something along these lines not too long ago in the kitchen but I’d interpreted that as him liking the Master he got and an attempt to serve me the same way he would any other.

Wequie’s words suggested something else.

“Literally just talk to him about it, I don’t understand why it’s so hard for people to talk.” Wequie groans as he stretches, his true form slipping away as his tails and ears disappear. “But not today, he’s not going to get a single thought through his head that isn’t sex.”

“I seriously hate you,” I promise, the words only making Wequie smile.

“I left everything in the garage and already loaded my payment, now I’m off to annoy Malcolm.” He informs as he stands to his feet. “I heard he picked up and elf and I am truly dying to see what that looks like.”

I stay planted to the couch even after Wequie takes his leave, trying to wrap my head around his words and what laid before Kalem and me for the night. I’d lived long enough to witness more than one wolf heat and was never fond of the wave that took over the species like prisoners.

To imagine Kalem sufffering the same fate made my fangs ache with discomfort.

Unable to hide from the inevitable any longer, I make my way to Kalem’s room with a container of his favorite fruits, all traces of blood gone from a quick shower. I knock gently on the door, opening once a soft response came from inside.

Kalem sat curled in the center of his bed, eyes red-rimmed and face still wet with fresh tears that continued to flow. The image cracked its way through me as I made my way to him, sitting on the edge of the bed as I set the container aside for the moment.

“How are you feeling?” I ask firstly, checking to see if it already started. “Hot?”

“No Master,” Kalem whispers gently as he looks up at me. “I’m sorry Master.”

“I know you are,” I reply with a small smile. “But sadly, there’s nothing I can do to fix this.”

“P-Punishment.” He suggests with a wince as if the word pained him to even utter.

“I don’t believe in punishments,” I say clearly before taking a breath. “But you do need to learn from this, we’ll discuss that after we get through tonight.”

“Tonight?” Kalem asks almost hopefully.

“It’s going to be a long night for the two of us Kalem,” I say honestly. “The deal you made will affect both of us, but you more so.”

“I’m sorry M-Master,” Kalem says once more taking the fight from me as I pull him into my lap. He comes easily, clenching onto me as I wrap my arms around him tightly to keep him to me.

“I know but, I’m the one who should be apologizing,” I admit as I run a gentle hand over his back. “I haven’t been listening to what you’ve been trying to tell me or even show me, and it led to this.

“No, Master is perfect,” Kalem says pulling back to glare at me with determination.

“Your Master is very far from perfect.” I retort making his frown deepen.

“You’re wrong,” Kalem protests once more. “Master is nice and kind, I-I like my Master.”

I tip Kalem’s chin up slightly before leaning down to connect our lips, I let my teeth nibble at his lips making him shiver as he sunk into the kiss. Kalem’s small sounds in response made my head heavy with lust as he turned within my grasp to scale my body for more.

I pull us apart when Kalem’s rigid length could be felt against my leg, knowing now was definitely not the time to carry this own. Kalem’s eyes were dazed as he swiped his tongue along his lips, wetting them in the most inviting manner that had me hardening alongside him.

“We’ll have plenty of time to do more of that in the future, but not before we talk.” I manage breathlessly making Kalem pout in the most adorable manner. “First we get through tonight.”

If we get through tonight...


Am I sick for wanting to see Kalem in a heat-like manner?


I wanted Lincoln to react worse than that but when I was writing it just didn’t feel right so... yeah. I wanted him to get so mad he made Kalem like bawl or some shit, lol.

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