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Chapter 11

Lincoln’s P.O.V

I close my eyes and press my head against the wall as Kalem’s moans and pleas bounce off the castle walls.

“Master,” He cries from inside his room, his voice tight with a sort of need that made my cock harden. “M-Master please!”

My teeth grind together as I fight against myself to remain in control of my body. The voice of reason finding itself drowned out by the raw hunger that flooded my veins to have my boy.

This Godforsaken heat started only two hours ago, even though it felt like it had been hours more, and it came with a force that neither of us was prepared for.

Kalem was...

The minute it hit him, he was writhing on the sheets chanting my name with a tone too pure for what he truly wanted.
A tone that managed to caress every inch of me, urging me to give him what he desired.

I hadn’t expected my reaction to be so strong, for the lust to be so... heavy. But it was and the weight of it blurred my thoughts to focus only around one person.


Kalem who was gentle and kind, too pure and unknowing. Kalem who didn’t truly know what he was signing up for. Kalem who was now screaming my name, tugging viscously at the locked door to get to me, desperate for some form of release.

It was torture.

“Master please,” Kalem whimpers as the door rattles. “Please just a-a little... please just t-touch me a little.”

“I can’t do that.” I manage through deep, strained breaths.

As if my voice alone delivered the touch he so desperately craved, a broken moan filled my ears as Kalem’s scent spread with a greater force.

I couldn’t see him, but I knew he was dripping wet. His body’s blatant display of what it craved was impossible to ignore, especially with the way that scent surrounded me.

He wanted so much and fuck if I didn’t want to give it to him.

No matter what I did or told myself, all I could think about was what sounds he’d make with my cock inside him.

I wanted to know if he’d beg for more while I thrust into him or if he’d moan while I came inside of him.

I could only think about how he’d react to being full with me, touched by me, sucked and licked and fucked by me... I wanted to fuck him.

“God.” I groan as I clench onto my hair to settle myself. Trying to find something to ground me to reality instead of the fantasy I wanted to slip into.

“Master,” Kalem begs against the door with an erratic heart. “P-Please Master, it hurts.”

That was the worst part of all of this.

Kalem refused to touch himself. Fucking refused to give himself the release he needed to make it through this.

And why? Because those parts of him ‘belonged to Master’.

As if I wasn’t tortured enough...

Despite his promises and pleas, I couldn’t touch him like that. I couldn’t use his body in the manner he wanted me to, even with the knowledge that he wanted it in a form that differed from what I’d previously thought.

I couldn’t touch him until he understood what that meant between us.

So that left us at a standstill, a horrible middle where neither of us could blink without a stroke of the worst type of agony I could imagine.

“It’ll hurt less if you just touch yourself,” I growl with frustration that I was barely managing to keep in check.

“Can’t t-touch, it’s Master’s,” Kalem replies softly in that same manner he did countless times.

The same manner that made my resolve almost snap every time.

“Fuck.” I snap as I stand to my feet, resting my head to his door as I breathe in the scent of him. “You can’t say shit like that when I’m like this Kalem.”

“Come inside Master,” Kalem begs so close now that I could practically feel his body’s heat through the door, his voice shaking as he spoke. “Please Master, come inside and touch me.”

“Kalem.” I moan as my eyes shut tightly.

I freeze at Kalem’s cries which slip through the door, Kalem’s scent growing in a manner I knew could only mean one thing.

“Did you just cum?” I question through ragged breathes, my imagination working hard to conjure an image of what could be on the other side.


I dig my fingers into the wood of the doors as I shift my stance, mind desperate to hear Kalem confirm my suspicions.

“Kalem,” I call as I take in a breath of air, his name sounding like a plea on my lips. “Answer me.”

The silence carries on making me grit my teeth as I push away from the door, barely managing to stop myself from pulling it open.

It had only been a few hours and I was near my breaking point, yet I was supposed to make it through the whole night.

I would chop off Wequie’s fucking tail the next time I saw him.

“Kalem,” I call again, my own worry palpable in my voice. “Answer me so that I know you’re okay.”

“I’m okay M-Master,” Kalem replies shakily. “There’s... it is...I-I’m scared Master.”

My fingers wrap around the handle, snapping it open without a second thought as Kalem’s words shatter my heart entirely.

I take a moment once the door opens to gather myself, Kalem’s scent blanketed the space like a heavy cloud that made it hard to breathe.

“Master,” Kalem calls drawing my eyes to where he was on the floor.

I don’t waste another moment as I pick him up in my arms, willing myself not to focus on the fact that he was naked or that his chest was coated with his own cum.

I try not to enjoy the feel of him in my arms as he wrapped himself around me, clenching on to me for dear life as his body heated up in preparation for another round of the blasted heat.

It seemed to work like this, rounds that came on to him and took their toll on his body until he received some type of release.

“Don’t l-leave me.” Kalem sobs into my neck as I sink down onto the bed with him in my arms. “P-Please don’t leave me, Master.”

His words were like a heated knife to an open wound, completely agonizing to hear from lips so sweet. I close my eyes as I rub his head soothingly, trying to stop the horrid trembling his body had taken to.

“I won’t,” I promise, knowing there was no way I could shut the door on him in this state. “I’ll stay until it’s over.”

“Promise?” Kalem asks against my neck.

“I promise,” I confirm as he pulls back to look at me.

His eyes were slightly swollen, red with tears as his bottom lip shook uncontrollably as if he was holding back a world of emotions.

It broke my heart to see.

“I’m sorry Master.” Kalem cries, his words barely tangible with the tears. “I’m so sorry.”

“I know you are Kalem, I know you are,” I whisper as I run a hand up and down his back slowly. “I’ve already forgiven you, there’s no need to keep apologizing.”

“I-” Kalem’s response breaks off into a moan as another wave hits him making him harden against me as he cries desperately.

My fingers tighten around Kalem as he begins rocking into me, searching for some form of friction, causing moans to pull from him as he glued his body to mine.

Then his lips were on mine and the lines began to blur. I slip my hands down to his waist to still him, letting my lips move against his as I coaxed his mouth open.

Kalem’s mouth was warm, tongue wet as it slides against mine. The sensual touch making him shiver against me as he rocked forward desperately. His moans were alluring, pulling me in as I bite down on his lip. Gripping his hips tightly, I pull him forth as I press my leg up against him giving him the rough friction he needed.

He came instantly, body shaking against me as his cum coated our skin. Parting our lips, I press a gentle kiss to his cheek as he panted while clinging to me.

“The faster you cum, the faster it ends,” I inform him, speaking slowly as I tried to ignore the ache between my legs. “If you touch yourself, it’ll be better for you.”

“C-Can’t.” Kalem breathes out.

“I’m telling you that you can.” I press, body tense as I prepared for another wave of this hell. “If it’s my permission you seek, I am giving it to you. I’ll be here with you, so please stop making this worst for yourself.”

Kalem curls into me, fingers tightening around my muscles as he remained quite. I wait patiently, hoping he’d come to before the heat rung his mind through once more.

“I-I don’t k-know how,” He reveals in a gentle whisper after a moment.

My hand freezes as his words sink in, the meaning of them seemingly incomprehensible to my mind. Impossible until I remembered where Kalem came from and the conditions he faced, once which made his life miles different from a normal boy his age.

“I’ll help you,” I tell him, the words making his hopeful eyes meet mine. “I’m not going to touch you, but I will help you.”

As if my words were a needle to his balloon, the hope spilled from his eyes as he looked down sadly.

I take his chin quickly, bringing his eyes back to mine as I lean in to press a gentle kiss to his lips. I take my time with him as I put in all the emotions I harbored for him into it, showing him the way he’d opened my heart with his beautiful soul.

“I’m not touching you tonight, but when we talk and you understand what it truly means to be with me,” I say against his lips as I search his eyes. “Then I’ll give you all your heart desires and more.”

A shy smile pulls at Kalem’s lips as he nods his understanding with reddening cheeks. Reminding me of just how precious he was, how special he was to come out of what he’d lived his entire life through and to still smile.

“We’ll make it through tonight together okay,” I say offering him a smile of my own.

“Okay, Master,” Kalem replies before taking a chance and kissing me himself.

I smile against his lips as he tries with everything he had to kiss me, pulling away with bright cheeks as he smiled up at me.

I’m never letting him go.

---- Kalem’s P.O.V ------

I look away from Master’s eyes as he smiles down at me, the way he looked at me was just too much.

Master was too much, too perfect.

“Lie down now, it’ll be easier this way,” Master says as he pulls my yellow, fluffy blankets away from us.

I shift down the bed, crossing my legs to hide how hard it was becoming down there from being with a Master like this.

It was what I wished for with Master, but I didn’t want it in the way this was.

This way wasn’t like the dreams at all, Master wasn’t touching me here.

“Would you prefer it if I covered you?” Master asks as he lies down too.

“No!” I say quickly as I look down at my naughty bits which were getting even harder with Master so close. “No, it’s o-okay Master.”

“Are you sure?” He asks as he kisses my head, I close my eyes and pull close to him. I loved when Master gave me kisses. “It’s okay to feel uncomfortable Kalem, even with me.”

“I’m not.” I promise as I look up at Master from his chest. “Never like that with Master. It’s just.... being bad down there.”

“Being bad?” Master asks with one of his brows going up.

“I-It gets...” My words don’t come out as I feel am cheeks and neck get hot again. “It gets w-wet Master.”

When Master doesn’t say anything back, I look up at him, scared I said something wrong again. But Master didn’t look mad, the way Master looked was making it even worst down below as everything became hot all over.

“Master,” I beg as I pull myself to him and open my legs, hoping with everything that he’d touch me.

“Fuck.” Master groans as I rub myself into him, eyes not leaving where I was moving against his leg.

Master smelt so good like this. I always liked the way Master smelled, but now it made everything even better.

It felt like he was holding me, it was strong like him and covered me all over like when Master read to me.

It was perfect.

“Wrap your hand around yourself,” Master instructs with a hard tone that made me spill a little down below.

I stop moving against Master, shaking slightly as I reached down. I stop for a moment, not feeling right with touching my Master’s belongings.

I look up at Master but he nods a little to tell me to go on... so I do.

I touch slowly as I do as Master says and let my fingers surround myself. A small cry comes from me as a good feeling spread all over my body.

“Now move your hand up and down.” Master breathes out from above me.

I do as Master says and move my hand up and down, the feeling so good that I was spilling again.

I pull myself closer to Master and let my hand move a little faster, hoping Master would be okay with that. Master wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close while kissing me hard.

I moan against Master’s lips as he kisses me like he was eating me, his body warm to mine while I kept moving as he told me.

“F-Feels good Master.” I whimper as Master kisses my mouth and jaw.

“I’m glad,” Master whispers against my ear as he licks it a little.


“Faster.” Master growls against my lips, his pointy teeth scraping at me and making me tremble. “Tighten your grip and rub your cock faster.”

I do as Master says and moan as my body shakes the way it did when things were going to feel really really good.

I scream for Master as things come spilling out again, the sparks going off inside of me as Master kept kissing me sweetly.

I breathe against Master as I stop the rubbing, my hand now wet with myself. I let my eyes take a peek up at Master to find his eyes red as he watched me.

It made things spill again...

“It’ll all be over soon,” Master promises as he takes my hand to lick the fingers, each time his tongue went over my skin I shivered. “Just a little longer love.”

My chest flutters at the name as I close my eyes. It was scary but it would be okay because I had my Master with me.

And I was Master’s love.


A different type of heat...


I actually had a lot of trouble writing this chapter. I first started with Kalem’s POV and was writing it like a usual heat, but it felt so fucking wrong.

Like this is baby!!

So it took some time to get around that in a better way, I hope I did. If I didn’t.... welp

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In case you didn’t know, I stopped the update schedule. So it’s update whenever I update now. Sorry.

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