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Chapter 12

Kalem’s P.O.V

I pull the fluffy blanket tighter around myself as I peak up at Master from over my knees.

Master was angry.

He was frowning deeply, which made him look like the trainers did before they punished me. But Master said he wasn’t going to punish me, yet his face still looked mean, but my Master wasn’t mean, he was sweet.

Master had been like this ever since ‘the heat’ ended, which was two days ago.

Just thinking about that day I spent clinging onto Master made me feel sick inside. It was the worst day ever because not only did I make Master upset, but I made him suffer too.

That was the worst part, knowing that Master was in pain too.

I wish I never made that deal with Mr.W and that I could tell old Kalem to not make such a big mistake. If I was a better slave who listened to their Master instead of giving him so much trouble things would be okay now and Master wouldn’t be angry.

But things weren’t okay.

I open my mouth to say sorry but bite it back just in time, Master told me to stop saying it and he seemed to only get madder when I said it anyway. I thought if I said it more he’d see that I really really meant it, but I think it just made things worse.

“M-Master,” I call, making him look away from the food he was glaring at and towards me.

His pretty, dark eyes soften a little bit, not looking so mean as they relaxed slightly and he gave me all his attention.

“Yes, Kalem.” He says as one of his eyebrows raise, making me realize I was staring for a little bit.

“A-Are you s-still mad a-at me?” I ask with my eyes rushing down to my toes, they curl as silence falls and Master doesn’t say anything else. “I-I’ll take a-any punishment o-or do a-anything you want me to if it will m-make you happy a-again.”

“I’m not angry with you Kalem,” Master says as he pours the food from the hot plate to another. “And there’s nothing you have to do besides regaining your strength.”

I watch as Master comes to me with the plate full of yellow eggs and bread. I ate eggs the most because it was what my body liked and Master cooked it in different ways that tasted super nice.

Master was still trying to get me to eat more often and to try new things, but mush was still my favorite. Master gave it to me sometimes if I begged hard enough, but if not it was eggs, bread or fruits. He said he’d add more soon, I wasn’t looking forward to that day at all.

As Master puts the plate down, I slide my legs down and get closer to the table while he gets a small bowl of apple slices that he put next to the plate with a glass of water.

“Thank you, Master,” I say glancing up at him.

It felt wrong not doing this for Master and to sit here while he served me, a slave should never be treated like this but Master insisted on it. Master said it made him happy to do so, it was my purpose as his slave to make him happy so I tried not to fight it too much even though it bothered me.

I just wanted to spoil Master the way he always spoiled me.

Master looks over the food, making sure everything was there, before finally sitting down into the chair next to me. I immediately shift to face him, wishing I could be even closer to him or in his lap.

Master runs a hand through my hair to push the hair away before leaning forward and kissing my forehead, I close my eyes and smile as the warm feeling of Master’s lips on my skin ripples through my body making me feel like the luckiest slave in the world.

“Kalem. I’m not mad at you, not in the slightest,” Master whispers as he pulls away. “I’m upset with myself for not dealing with our issues when you needed me to.”

I open my mouth to say no but Master stops me with a finger to my lips.

“I’m not nearly as perfect as you praise me to be Kalem.” He says making me frown deeply, but Master only smiles. “I’ll be better for you, to you, but before we do that you need to build back your energy which means eating full meals and plenty of water.”

“Yes, Master,” I say quickly making him smile. I didn’t like eating three times a day but I knew it would make Master a little happier if I did, so I didn’t complain.

“I want you to try the fork again today,” Master says pulling the silver weapon from behind him. When I whine a little Master chuckles as slips it into my fingers, trying to put it in the right position. “You did great last time and you’ll do even better now.”

“But it makes everything fall everywhere Master,” I argue as I try to hold it the way Master showed me last time. “And it’s harder to use than my fingers.”

“That’s only because you’re still learning,” Master replies with one of his kind smiles that made everything seem so easy. “The more you use it, the easier it’ll become. You can eat the toast with your hand since we’re not at the knife stage yet, so we’ll only try using the fork for eggs today.”

I glance at Master before I poke one of the lumps with the fork, the fork doesn’t go all the way inside so I poke harder. When the point, metal edges come out the other side, I lift it and try to not let my hand shake so much. I lean down and push it into my mouth right before it could slip off again, I chew quickly and look to Master who was smiling proudly as he watched me.

“See? Not that hard.” He says making me smile too.

Master watches me the whole time I eat, his head in his hand as he leaned against the table. He doesn’t say anything as he waits for me to finish my food, but he didn’t look so angry anymore so if he was happy then I was happy too.

“Tell me if something feels wrong,” Master says as I finish the last bit of my eggs.

I nod as I push the plate away a little.

Today was the first time I had egg and bread together, I usually had them on their own so I knew Master was extra worried that I may get sick again. But I hadn’t gotten sick since the first time Master gave me pizza so I wasn’t worried.

“You don’t have to eat the apples now if you’re full,” Master says as he takes my clean plate and empty glass away. I pull the bowl to me and slip one piece in my mouth, I still had a little room left and I liked apples so I ate a little.

“Sweet,” I say with a smile as Master walks back to me once he was done.

I watch with widening eyes as Master stops right in front of me and leans down to snatch my lips in a kiss. A sad whine falls out when Master pulls away quickly like he always did.

Master never kissed me for long.

“Very sweet,” Master says with a smile as he looks down at me.

“You’re not being nice Master,” I tell him as I try to make myself behave but things were getting hard.

“My apologies Kalem,” Master says with a grin. “I have trouble keeping my hands off sweet things.”

Heat rushes up my neck and into my cheeks as Master looks at me with a hungry look like he did when he didn’t touch me during those bad hours.

It made things harder than ever before.

“Linc, your home smells like cum!”

“I hate my choice of friends.” Master breathes out as he closes his eyes and sighs.

I giggle and look away from Master at the sound of Aias’ Master’s voice, beaming at him once I see him walking through the hallways with Aias at his side. I slip off my stool and rush straight to them, crashing into Aias as I squeeze him as tightly as I could.

“Oh! Did you miss me this much little one?” Aias asks with a laugh as he hugs me back, I smile widely into his chest as his familiar scent wraps around me. “I yearned for your company as well.”

“Master said I could come and see you again when I got better,” I say as we pull apart from our hug, Aias’ thin eyebrows pull together as he tilts his head a little.

“Better?” He questions, running a finger around the curve of my ear before looking over me at to our Masters. “What happened to him?”

“To make an unpleasant story short, he made a deal with an incubus.” Master fills in making my heart squeeze in my chest at the sound of the sadness in his voice.

“Wequie mentioned something along those lines when he came to torment us, that little shit.” Aias’ Master groans, I turn to see him eating my apple slices. I frown deeply but force myself not to complain.

The food wasn’t mine, it was Master’s and this was Master’s friend who was also a Master. I was just a slave.

“Ow!” Aias’ Master shouts, rubbing the spot on his hand which Master hit extra hard making him drop my apples. “What on earth was that for?”

“Don’t touch Kalem’s food,” Master says firmly making me smile as I lean into Aias’ side, trying to hide the way that made me feel special and warm inside. “I take it the incubus caused you trouble as well.”

“Nothing more than a slight annoyance,” Aias replies but he was smirking just a little bit.

I look between Aias and his Master, not understanding what was going on. His Master was getting a little red in his cheeks while Aias looked more amused than I ever saw him look before. I glance to Master hoping he’d know what was going on but he looked just as confused as I felt inside.

“I don’t want to know.” Master says rubbing his head a little, “What are you even doing here?”

“Aias wanted to see Kalem,” Aias’ Master says as he waves a hand at us. “And I’ve found some information on Diablos’ location.”

I tighten my hold on Aias at the mention of the name. Whenever somebody said it, it was because of something bad and trouble always came from it. I heard of it a few times in the slave house but it never meant anything to me then.

Now I knew that that was the name of the man who wanted to take me away from Master, so I hated that man with all my heart because anyone who wanted me to be away from my Master was wicked and evil. Master didn’t like him either so it was okay for me to never want to meet the bad man, ever.

“He’s made no moves on us since the initial attack,” Master replies, his voice lower as his face became colder. “But I know he’s only working at something behind the curtains, as usual. I’m guessing you’ve heard as much?”

“Bits and pieces.” Aias’ Master says as he sinks into the seat I was in before. He picks up my yellow blanket and looks to Master.

“It’s Kalem’s,” Master says quickly.

“Sure.” Aias’ Master replies with a snort.

“Master,” I say before he could attack his friend, he looks at me as he releases another one of those deep breaths. “Can I show Aias my room please?”

“Of course. You don’t have to ask permission, it’s your room Kalem.” Master says with a smile.

I slip from Aias’ arms and rush to give Master a hug, he hugs me back with a gentle chuckle. I tiptoe to kiss his cheek on both sides before I let go, I grab my bowl of apples and rush back to Aias without looking at Master again. I’d never done that before and I was too scared to see if that made him angry or happy.

I grab Aias’ hand and pull him away from our Masters as I run away, trying to ignore the way my face was heating as Master’s scent swirls around me for a little longer.

“Do you ever become fearful of being in a place as large as this one?” Aias asks as we go through the hallways, I look back to see him looking around with wide eyes.

“No,” I say shaking my head as I slow down, looking at the high ceilings like he was.

“I’d think that you would be,” Aias says as he pulls away to go to the tall windows that were covered by plants. He runs a hand over it, staring out the small spaces between the plants and to the outside. “It’s underground with little sunlight and it’s disturbingly enormous.”

“But I have Master,” I say as he turns to look at me again. “Why would I be afraid if Master is with me?”

He stares at me for a long time making me frown too. I tried to think over what I said and try to find what I said that didn’t make sense. I think I did that sometimes.

“I thank Ythene that this unwavering trust was not put in another’s hands,” Aias says making me frown, even more, I didn’t understand him when talked like this. ”Guiwh aif Ythene.”

“You’re making my head hurt Aias,” I tell him as his words blend together.

“I apologize,” Aias says with a small smile. “I’ll stop talking so show me your room, you’re clearly excited too.”

“It’s really nice,” I explain as we reach the door. “Master lets me keep a lot of things I like inside and he never takes them away, no matter how many mistakes I make.”

“Well, he seems to be one of the good ones,” Aias replies as I open the door and pull him inside.

My room was the same one Master put me in from the first day he brought me home. I still had a bed which was covered with white and yellow sheets, most were fluffy because Master knew it kept me warm at night. There was also all my clothes in the closet, I still didn’t like wearing it but it didn’t annoy my skin as much as it used to.

My favorite part about my room was that everything inside of it Master gave me so every time I looked around I thought about him.

“It’s very beautiful,” Aias says as he walks around the space, looking up at the lights that Master said was called a chandelier. “A lot of yellow.”

“It’s my favorite color,” I say with a smile. “Master said it was okay to have one. What’s yours?”

“It’s not featured in this realm.” Aias replies as he sinks down onto the edge of the bed like Master sometimes did. “Its closest form in this realm is probably a shade of grey.”

“Can I see it?” I ask hopefully, but he shakes his head with a sad smile.

“Only elves are allowed inside Ythene’s realm,” Aias explains as I sit down next to him and curl into him. “It’s the law.”

“That’s okay then,” I say smiling up at him. “I don’t want you to get in trouble. Can you tell me the name?”

“It’d probably just hurt your head again,” Aias says laughing before he pins me with a look. “Now tell me what possessed you to make a deal with an incubus.”

“I don’t want to talk about it.” I groan as I look down, but Aias doesn’t let me escape.

“I met that serpent and I know your little Master would never even consider leaving you to together for a single moment.” Aias continues as he pushes my chin up. “So you start explaining yourself or I’ll go make your Master tell me exactly what happened.”

“Okay, fine,” I grumble with a sigh.

I force myself to tell Aias about what the deal I made with Mr.W and about the night Master and I spent that was nothing like what I imagined it would be. Aias listens carefully, smiling for some parts but he never laughs at me, only pulling me in for another hug when I finally finished.

“I didn’t mean for it to... be the way it did,” I promise as I play with his hair. “I thought it would j-just get Master to... t-to..”

“You are so adorable,” Aias whispers with a small smile. “Adorable and terribly impatient. You’re beloved Master will get to it when he gets to it Kalem.”

“I want him to ‘get to it’ now.” I protest making his smile grow even more.

He studies me for a moment as he thinks hard, playing with my hair as I was his. But Aias’ hair was much better than mine could ever be, his hair was long and soft, so soft I wanted to touch it all day and it smelled just as perfect as always.

“Do you know that molasses takes quite some time to form?” Aias says with a kind smile still resting on his lips. “Molasses is like a very sweet syrup and there’s a long process involved in getting the best results. But it’s one of those things where the time is worth it for the sweetest found by waiting for the process to be completed perfectly.”

“You’re talking big again,” I complain after a few minutes pass of me trying to understand him.

“If you wait for what you have here to develop properly instead of trying to speed up the process, it’ll be even better in the end,” Aias says instead. “Do you understand?”

“I think so,” I reply as I try to put his words with Master’s words, they were kind of similar.

“So do you think you can wait a little longer and avoid making rash decisions?” Aias asks while giving me a few pokes to my sides that makes me giggle, I nod quickly and he finally stops. “Good.”

“You’re happy with your Master too,” I say making him tense before his smile disappears.

“I’m tolerant.” He combats.

“No, you’re happy.” I correct and pull away before he could cover my mouth. “You like your Master like I like mine.”

“He’s not my Master little one,” Aias replies with one of his smiles that said he knew something I didn’t.

“So what is he?” I ask instead and stare at him until he finally answers.

“I’ll tell you this,” Aias starts as he rests his hands behind him, crossing his legs. “There is a Master in our relationship, but it most certainly is not Malcolm.”



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