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Chapter 14

Kalem’s P.O.V

“Good Morning Master,” I say, smiling brightly when Master’s eyes opened like they did every morning when I came to wake him. “I have your breakfast.”

Master’s eyes dart to me and they immediately soften, in that nice way that made me soften too and made me feel like I would just melt into the ground. But I couldn’t do that because then I wouldn’t be able to touch Master and that wouldn’t be any good.

“You know the rules,” Master says as he pulls himself up to rest against the wood part of his big bed. I feel my skin begin to heat up as I look down, trying to control the happy feeling that was making me push from foot to foot. “What comes before breakfast Kalem.”

I rest Master’s blood bag down on his small nightstand, trying my hardest to keep my smile small as I climb onto the bed, slipping into the space he made for me.

Flicking my eyes up to check if this was still okay, I relax a little when I find Master smiling at me. Master’s smile was the nicest thing I knew, it was sweeter than anything in the world and was his way of showing me that he wasn’t like the trainers.

My Master was kind.

I close my eyes and press my lips to Master’s, barely keeping down my squeal of delight at the electric feeling which ripples through my body. But I couldn’t hold back my moans when Master wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me onto his lap as he kissed me back hard.

Master’s kiss was perfect, perfect in that way that made something warm spread through every inch of me as he held me close. I rest my hands on Master’s shoulders, holding on to him as his mouth claimed mine, his tongue swiping at my lips while his teeth nibbled on them making me harden down below.

My grip on Master only tightens when he tugs me closer letting me feel that he was hard too. I rock against it, something in me loving the feeling of Master there and wanting it closer. I try to calm my naughty thoughts, they only made me get more excited and then Master would find out how wet I was becoming.

I tighten my grip on Master’s shoulders when he finally slips his tongue into my mouth, immediately using it to taste and touch every part of me his hands couldn’t. I moan into it, chest hammering as his hands shifted up and down my thighs before running up my back.

Master pulls away with one last kiss to my lips, his smile even bigger than the one he had before he tried to eat me up. I was trying to catch my breath and stop rocking against Master’s parts while Master looked perfectly okay.

“I’m really happy you pushed for the rules,” Master whispers as the hand on my leg, moves a little closer to the hard part of me that felt like it had its own heart, it was twitching so much. “They are growing on me.”

Rule No.1 of Master’s Rules: Kalem must kiss Master awake every morning.

“Especially this one,” Master says with a chuckle. “I’m so glad you asked for it.”

I hide my face in my Master’s neck, trying to escape the way every part of me was heating up because of it. Even though I was the one who wanted this rule, it still made me feel a little embarrassed, especially with the way it made me feel every time.

Master just laughs again as he pulls me as close to him as I could get, pressing a kiss to my cheek before he reaches over for his blood bag. I sink into the Master’s hold, snuggling my way into him as I curl up with a happy smile on my lips.

I liked when Master held me like that, as if he’d never let me go. I liked it because it made me think maybe he never would.

“How are you feeling?” Master asks, coaxing me from the floaty feeling I feel into for a moment.

“Good Master,” I whisper against his skin. “Better than good, perfect.”

“Good,” Master says, sitting me up gently to look at him after putting down his blood bag. “We have quite the day ahead of us, first things first - your breakfast. What would you liked to eat love?”

“I liked the egg and beans from Sunday,” I say hoping I’d get them away. I really started liking eggs, they were nice when Master made them all fluffy and it tasted best with the beans he got for me. “Oh and strawberries, please.”

“Your wish is my command,” Master replies as he stands, taking me with him.

I hold on tight to Master, heart racing with joy as I try to understand how this perfect life was mine and why I was given the best Master in the world.


“Kalem,” Master calls making my head shoot up from the sentence I was trying to get through.

Master was sitting on the other side of his large desk, we were in the room he told me he’d be using more often as he slowly ‘readjusted to the world he left behind’. I didn’t really know what that meant all together but that was okay because it meant that I got to clean the forgotten space.

Now there was a spec of dust to be found anywhere and Master seemed to like using it as much as I liked to use to the library. If I wasn’t helping Master get all the books he asked for, then I tried to read my own while I lay on the couch and if I wasn’t doing either of those things, then I was in Master’s lap sleeping.

I love my life with Master.

“Yes, Master,” I say, flipping the book as I quickly sit up.

Master was frowning deeply at the papers before him with that look he got a lot these days as he worked his way through tons and tons of papers. I stand and go to him, fingers twisting in front of me as he looks up at me through his glasses.

Even though I knew something was upsetting him, I couldn’t help the way I dripped at the sight of Master with his glasses... he looked so good.

“I asked you to get the books on the Frye Trials, but the fifth rendition is missing. Could you not find it?” He asks gently despite the deep frown he wore.

I shake my head quickly and he sighs, slipping his glasses off.

“I can look again.” I offer but Master quickly dismisses me as he pushes back his chair a bit to offer me his lap.

“There’s no need for that.” He says as I quickly take his invitation. “That library has become your very own baby, if you can’t find it then it’s not there.”

“Master, can I ask what you were looking for in that book?” I ask feeling a little of his frustration too, I tried to find it for a whole day but it wasn’t anywhere and I checked everywhere.

“I told you things would be changing around here, in time.” He reminds and I nod allowing him to continue. “There are a few people I have to visit, others I have to knock down and replace and that book holds some references to contacts I need to get a hold of if I’m to get things rolling.”

When Master realizes that I didn’t understand a word of all that, he smiles and presses a kiss to my lips.

“You know there’s a man, Diablos, who’s trying to tear us apart,” Master says and I nod quickly. I knew this part. “Well, the original plan was to simply kill him and get rid of the problem.”

I shiver uncomfortably as his words bring back images in my mind of the piles of bodies Master had set on fire.

Master rubs my shoulders comfortingly as he pulls me closer to him, making all bad feelings go away for the good ones to come in.

“But after a rather unpleasant conversation with Malcolm,” Master starts with a sigh as he runs a hand through his hair. “I’ve come to realize that that won’t be enough, not if I want to stop anyone from coming after you or me in the future.”

I nod slowly, understanding what Master was saying but not what it would really mean.

“Kalem,” Master calls making me tense as his eyes found mine.

“Yes Master,” I answer with a small smile.

“What do you know about vampires?” Master questions making my eyebrows draw closer, he’d asked me this question before. But I don’t argue, circling my mind for an answer that’d please him and also be true.

“Vampires are immortal,” I start, using the big word Master taught me for living longer. “They drink lots and lots of blood, or maybe that’s just you Master. They also really fast and smart a-and... mean.”

Master chuckles making my smile grow more, if he was laughing then I said the right things.

“And why do you think they’re mean?” Master questions, raising his eyebrow in that way that told me I was humoring him.

“Because they hurt people,” I reply honestly after a moment, keeping my voice quiet in the hopes that Master wouldn’t hear me.

Rule No.5 of Master’s Rules - Kalem and Master must always tell one another the truth unless they have a really, realllly good reason not to.

Master didn’t hurt people, not like how the trainers did. Master wasn’t like them, not in one bit but all the other vampires I ever met were the worst. They made everyone they touched cry and scream, they only ever caused me pain and I knew now, with Master, that that wasn’t the way things were supposed to be.

And even if they were, I didn’t want things to be like that. I wanted things to be the way they were with Master.


When Master didn’t reply, I open my mouth prepared to apologize but Master beat me to it before I could even get my reasons together.

“Kalem, don’t you start apologizing now,” Master says gently palming my cheek. “You know I love it when you speak to me honestly.”

I nod feeling a bit better knowing I pleased my Master.

“I asked you that question again because I wanted to know which parts about my kind and our inner-workings you knew about,” Master explains as he swipes his thumb against my cheek. “I take it you don’t know much about the present rankings.”

When I shake my head no, Master only smiles before he pulls me closer. Taking me into the position he always did when he was reading me a story in the library.

“Vampires were created by witches,” Master starts after a long silence, his fingers gently stroking my skin while he spoke. “A very, very long time ago, near the beginning of it all... they created me.”

I don’t say anything, don’t ask any of the questions that came up, somehow knowing that this was something Master didn’t really want to speak about.

“Not from scratch, at least I don’t assume so but from the shell of the man I was once before. I don’t remember who that was and have no clue what I may have been like.” Master continues, his voice sounding so far away even though he was so close now. “More followed, in different stages with different skills and forged for different things... but we were all wired the same, to follow.”

When Master doesn’t say anything else, I twist a little to look up at him. He looked angrier than I’d ever seen him but also very sad too, it made my heart twist up in the ugliest way. I wanted to make Master smile as he always did and make all the bad memories go away.

Master’s eyes connect with mine, a flash of something I couldn’t read passing through them before he coated his features with a stronger expression.

“When we were free from their control, no longer chained to their will, the need to follow remained as the first... they all looked to me,” Master admits, sounding guilty as he drew his eyes away and focused on the fingers that were still sweeping their way across my skin. “But I didn’t want what they craved from me. I didn’t want to lead anyone when I’d finally pulled myself free from the life I’d been forced to live for centuries.

So I left them, simply slipped into the shadows and let my memory turn into something of a myth while they squandered to find their footing. In the beginning, a structured system of sorts was what reigned. There were Plyens, ones who ruled a clan and others who followed their wishes.

As time went on, those structures began to dwindle with more and more power struggles coming to light. Naturally, things began to unravel and we’re left now, living in the remnants of that, where there are no laws there to follow or accountability to the species as a whole.”

“No punishments?” I ask and Master nods with a little smile that doesn’t stay for long. “Are there supposed to be Master?”

“Well in recent years, other species have pulled together to created a little group known as The Supernatural Board,” Master explains with a thoughtful expression. “Instinctively, we reject this sort of thing, but even if there was a way to get over that, there’s no single vampire or group for that manner to represent the entire species.

The clans have mostly fallen apart. Yes, there are still a few which remain but they are not nearly as strong as they have to potential to be, though they still manage to carry on. It’s a complex shit situation I never planned to have a hand in.”

“But you will Master?” I ask voicing the wants I thought Master was thinking of.

“I will.” He replies with a sigh. “For you.”

My eyes widen so much they hurt making me squeeze them shut, Master chuckles lightly before lifting my chin up for a kiss. I kiss Master back happily, not wanting to waste having him take me like this for a single moment.

“You, my sweet boy, you are the only thing in this world that could make me do this,” Master whispers against my lips, his soft words making my breath hitch as I flick my eyes to meet his. “I’ll take control of it all, tear down whoever I need to and reshape this world of ours into one where no other would even consider touching you.”

Before I could reply Master’s lips were already back on mine, kissing me roughly as if he was trying to push everything else away. I gasp as Master breathes in deeply, his mouth molding with mine while he pressed me tightly into him.

I open my lips for Master, happy to have him taking me in the way I imagined he would for so long.

Master’s fingers sink into my legs, gripping the skin their tightly in a way that made me stiffen and whimper for him. I wanted Master to touch me more, to touch me everywhere he could and not stop.

“M-Master,” I beg when he pulls his lips from mine. Master’s eyes were heavy with a fire that made me leak in my clothes.

Then the books that were on the table were falling to the floor from Master’s hurried hands that placed me down along the space they were before. I look up with rushed breathes as Master climbs over me to take my lips once again.

Master was devouring me and I loved it.

His mouth was claiming mine with barely enough breaks for gasps while Master ground his hard, larger body down unto mine. The feeling of him between my spread legs making me shiver and moan beneath him as I felt something building.

“Master!” I try between kisses as he grips my butt in one hand to pull me up while he thrust down roughly. “I-It’s c-coming!”

Master doesn’t stop, only moves down to lick his way down my neck, sucking and nibbling on my skin in a way that made my eyes roll and everything spill down below. I hold onto Master’s shoulders, trying not to fall apart in the way I felt I was as he continued to pleasure me in a way I always dreamed he would.

Master slows gently, raising to bring his now red to mine. Those red eyes always looked scary on other vampires but on Master, it just made down below strain to stand up again.

“Kalem,” Master says with a wicked smile that made my heart race as he slowly sat up, his fingers working to undo the buttons of my shirt. “You didn’t cum just now, did you Kalem?”

I stare, trying to catch my breath as my mind swirls. It didn’t help that Master was sitting above me looking all hot and... hot, his hands slipping into my open shirt to palm my chest freely.

“That would be against one of our rules now wouldn’t it Kalem?” Master asks in the teasing tone I both loved and hated. “And you know what happens when you break the rules... well this rule specifically.”

“Ahh! Ngh, M-Master!” I whimper as Master takes one of my nipples into his fingers. Rubbing over it before flicking at it gently to make my piece down below shake with need.

Master’s other hand works at my pants until they were open revealing the mess I’d created down below at feeling Master over me, taking me so roughly. The memory made me harden under Master’s gaze as he swiped his thumb over my tip making me shiver.

Rule No.9 of Master’s Rules - Kalem must ask permission before he makes a mess.

I watch with tired eyes as Master brings his thumb to his lips, his eyes pinning me down in my place for him while he licked at his finger before humming gently.

“Sweet.” He whispers as he slowly pulls off the table and back into his chair.

Before I could even think of moving, Master was pulling me down to the edge and taking me into his mouth.

Things got messy inside there immediately.

But Master didn’t stop, eating it all up while his hands kept my trembling thighs apart for him. I open my mouth, wanting to beg but my words run dry as Master drowns me in a world of good feelings I never ever wanted to leave.

“M-Master please!” I cry out as Master’s tongue swirls around the sensitive part while he took everything else in his mouth. “Ahhhh!”

Master spreads my legs further apart making it impossible for me to do anything but lay here open for my Master and everything he wanted. When I stop trying to close my legs, Master runs one hand back up my chest to play with my nipple while his mouth still made me feel like a crazy person.

“Uhng! M-Masnrw!” I try to speak but the words don’t come out right, just all wrong. I bite my lip to stop the sounds that try to come out when Master moves down to lick at another part of me while his hands kept working me.

“You taste so good, love.” Master comments, his voice heavy as he continued to touch, lick and sink his teeth in every part of me he could. “Simply divine.”

When I feel the wave building again, I grip the edge of the table tightly trying to find something to hold to this time but it wasn’t enough.

I couldn’t hold back the sounds anymore.

Master’s mouth was too good and the pleasure he gave me too much that nothing could hold me down as I spilled yet again and cried out for my Master, everything in my body going tight as a rush rippled through it before releasing as I did.

Then everything when dark.


Kalem is a lil monster I swear, I can’t wait for him to learn more shit.


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