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Chapter 15

Lincoln’s P.O.V

My eyes immediately snap open when I hear my bedroom door creak its way open.

I listen with alert ears at Kalem’s attempt to silently slip inside the darkroom before he gently shuts the door behind him. To a human, his movement would not be susceptible, barely audible in fact, but to a vampire, he might as well have jumped up and down while calling my name.

I close my eyes as he nears the bed knowing he’d try to flee if he knew I was awake. I breathe steadily through my nose, relaxing under the feel of those hazel eyes settling on my skin.

“It’s fine Kalem,” He begins in a gentle whisper to himself. “Master said to come if you had a nightmare, Master said it was okay. Master won’t be mad, you’re not being bad.”

It took much effort to not just open my eyes and pull Kalem down into my arms, especially with the nightmare of words Kalem was constructing for himself. I manage. Somehow, I manage to keep myself in check and simply wait every spec of patience I had for Kalem to come around.

Eventually, I feel Kalem slide into the empty space of the bed, his weight like the softest feather in this world, practically unnoticeable. He takes in a deep breath before sliding his slim arms around my waist and curling into me from behind.

I’d never imagined it for myself, but I suppose I was the little spoon in this relationship.

After a moment, I begin to shift, pretending to still be asleep, the actions making Kalem go rigid as I turn to face him before pulling him in seemingly unconsciously. I keep him close, my arms around his waist and my legs caging him possessively.

He releases the breath still lodged in his throat, when I return to my feign state of slumber, before he shyly slips his small hands around my waist, keeping himself taut against me. Kalem easily buries his face into my chest, breathing me in deeply until he falls asleep soon after.

I stare at my sleeping angel with contentment hastily filling my heart, leaving room for nothing else but joy.

Since our... delicious exchange in my office, where I finally sated my desires to taste and touch Kalem in the manner I’d denied myself for too long, we’d grown closer. Kalem and I. If that were even possible.

It had started when our rules came into play and expanded with that wonderful exploration lead by lips against Kalem’s smooth, silky skin.

With the new door opened and structure to balance him, Kalem had bloomed into the sweet human that hid just below the surface, under years of abuse and exploitation. He no longer hesitated with voicing what he liked and didn’t like, didn’t stop his smiles or frowns for that matter, going as far as to scold me when he thought I’d done some wrong only Kalem could catch.

He’d touched that part of him that made him Kalem, that vital part inside that has been smothered for way too long. And he did so with such happiness, his only worry to stick to the rules and work within their parameters which I’d made sure to make too broad to restrain him.

He was free. Completely and utterly free and it was undeniably beautiful to watch unfold.

Leaning forward, I press a kiss to the top of Kalem’s head, pulling him even closer as I let my lips curl upwards.

I didn’t believe in any higher being, but the words of thanks for the angel in my arms escaped anyway.


I wake up suddenly to Kalem’s small whimpers, his chipped nails digging their way into my skin as he desperately clenched onto me.

Reawakening instincts kick off immediately as I look across the room, listening with perched ears for any sign of life beyond the precious one in my arms. When I come up empty, I glance down at Kalem to find his eyes clenched shut while he twitched, clearly ensnared in a nightmare of his mind’s doing.

I glance at the clock to find it barely past five in the morning.

I rub his back soothingly, hoping my touch would calm him some, but it didn’t help, His whimpers quickly turning into broken sobs, his twitching turning to deep trembles that seemed to run bone-deep as he soon broke out into a cold sweat.

I whisper sweet nothings to him, trying to rock his body to a gentle state of peace as he sobbed, not wanting to wake him if I could avoid it. When I felt a warm liquid on my leg I knew I had no choice but to wake him.

“Kalem, love, wake up,” I say gently as I sit up with him. I shake him a little, calling his name until haunted hazel eyes pop open, glossy with tears and rampant with fear.

The sight of that terrified look in his eyes, the one which I hadn’t seen since I first laid eyes on him, did everything to tear my heart from my body and my soul along with it.

Kalem looks around erratically as if to grab his bearings, his fingers clawing at my skin for stability as he shook in my arms. When his eyes finally found their way back to mine, his lips begin wobbling before a wave of tears pours from his fractured gaze giving way to heartwrenching sobs of agony.

“It’s okay Kalem,” I promise as I hold him to my chest, carefully pulling him to my lap before sliding from the bed and walking us into the bathroom. “I’m right here, you’re safe. You’re home with me, not there.”

“Master.” He sobs out repeatedly, his tremors refusing to subside, even with every inch of him resting in my arms.

I rub his back soothingly all the way to the counter before I slowly set him down when I try to pull back, his cries escalate forcing me to discard the thought of parting in any way. Instead, I take a seat on the tilled edge of my deep bathing pool with him in my arms waiting patiently for him to calm.

It felt like hours before Kalem cries settled themselves into sniffles, his mental torture taking me down with him as I held him to me, unable to do anything to wash the bad away.

When he finally relaxes enough to let me see him, I pull back to get a look at my boy’s face. His eyes, so full of light and ease lately, were red and puffy from all the crying, his face wet with fallen tears that I quickly wipe away. But the broken, hurt look in his gaze was not so easy to brush aside. The moment my hand caresses his cheek he sinks into it and shuts his eyes with a sigh of relief.

“You want to tell me about it, love,” I ask gently and he shakes his head with a small hiccup. “That’s fine but we need to get you cleaned up.”

It must’ve been only at that precise moment that Kalem realized that he peed himself because he shot up with a look of complete horror and mortification blanketing his features.

“It’s fine, I’ll change the sheets while you shower,” I say reassuringly, but this only makes his heart race even more.

“D-Don’t leave m-me.” He stutters out, his eyes quickly refilling with tears.

“Okay, okay I won’t. No need to cry, love.” I promise, taking his hands in mine as I draw him back to me. “You shower, then I will and we’ll go back together okay?”

He nods at this before dropping his head avoiding my gaze.

“I-I’m s-sorry Master.” He says, his voice breaking on the words as he tried to hide from me with obvious embarrassment.

“There’s nothing to be sorry for Kalem, I’m happy you came to me.” I soothe him, not wanting him to even consider this as wrong. “I told you to come and you did, I’m so proud of you.”

Kalem’s wet eyes meet mine, a look that spoke of revisited horrors and regrets sinking its way into my veins as he slides himself from my lap and carries himself to the shower without another word.

Burying my face in my hands, I close my eyes trying not to let myself get lost to the rage that was quickly building. This episode, Kalem’s self-anguish and pain a loud reminder of what he’d been through, lived through... for his entire life.

Releasing a breath to stable myself I draw my gaze up and past my hands and look to the mirror as the sound of the water fills the air.

They all have to die. It was simple really. All that stood with Diablos, in the present or the past, the ones who stood by him and the others that helped him, they’d lose their lives. And all others like him, any other in this wretched world that even thought like him.

Hatred boiled in my veins, bringing up old thoughts that were too dark to let settle. Hatred for them and hatred for... myself. It shouldn’t have taken the situation getting personal for me to act again, to try again after tearing down the revolting system failed so many times.

...but it had and many had suffered like Kalem had, many I could’ve saved.

I brush the thoughts away, not willing to drown in them just yet. Glancing back at the shower now closeted by steam I feel my heart shatter within its confines.

It was just like Kalem to hate himself for disturbing me, to blame himself for simply reacting. Unraveling the doubt that would claw its way back into him would be bothersome but I’d do it now and again if I must, he wasn’t a disturbance and could never be.

I slept enough these past few years to last me the rest of my life, the nights of sleep I had these few nights were out of boredom. To me, it was the same as lying awake but I suppose Kalem didn’t see it that way.

When Kalem came out of the shower, I stepped in straight after and made quick work of washing myself clean. After, I moved quickly to grab him a shirt of mine and another for me. We dressed away from one another before returning to the room where I changed the sheets before Kalem could see them.

“We can face things in the morning, or whenever you’re ready to,” I tell Kalem as I look to him. “For now, let’s go back to sleep,” I finish with a small smile, not hesitating to offer my hand for him. He takes it hesitantly allowing me to lead him to the bed. I sink in, lying on my back, before pulling him onto my body completely.

“M-Master?” He questions with confused as he looks to me.

“I want you to know and feel that I’ve got you, that you’re safe. No one will take you from me Kalem.” I say as I circle my arms around his small body. “You are mine.”

His eyes shimmer at the honest proclamation before he glances down at my lips. Before even I could process it, his lips were against mine sending a shiver down my spine. He pulled away, severing the connection just as quickly as he made it, biting his lip with a wild blush making its way up to his neck and into his cheeks.

“T-Thank you, Master.” He whispers before pressing his head to my chest. My chest that would be thumping uncontrollably if it weren’t frozen and I thanked the heavens it was or he’d hear his effect on me. But then he was asleep again, falling back into his dreams too soon to account for what he did to me.

I’d have to deal with it in the morning I suppose, for now, I’d enjoy the feel of his weight on me, against me. The feel of him.



“Master, please wake up.”

“Master, I can’t move.”

“Master. It’s breakfast time.”


I keep my eyes closed, quite enjoying the act of impersonating slumber so I could hold onto Kalem just a little longer. He’d woken up not too long ago and had resolved himself to staring at me, with not nearly as much stealth as he thought he held.

It was hard keeping still, but I’d done it, rubbing my hand innocently down his back every now and again. He’d shivered against me but made no effort of escaping, his erection a clear sign that he enjoyed my touches. That was until a few moments ago when he’d seemed to have enough of me.

“Please Master,” he whines loudly. “Its breakfast time and I-I...I need to use t-the bathroom.”

My eyes immediately shoot open at this, he jumps at the sight of them and tries to hide his blush against my chest. I loosen my firm grip around him and he quickly slides off of me and then the bed. Rushing into the bathroom, he closes the door gently behind him with a gentle sigh before releasing a string of embarrassing comments he didn’t know I could hear.

I should really tell him about my hearing abilities soon, but that’d ruin all the fun.

Folding my arms beneath my head, I look to the ceiling, grasping for something stable to anchor me through my raging thoughts.

Last night was... unpleasant, to put it lightly.

A reminder of why and what I was fighting for. Any doubt or hesitation I’d previously harbored concerning taking on the role of Plyen as Malcolm had suggested, withered away and died last night.

It had to end, all of it and all it would cost me would be my freedom. The price to pay was small for all the good it would do, the pain it would stop.

The choice that once seemed so impossible now was entirely too simple to ignore.

“Master.” I glance over to find Kalem making his way back to the bed from... the bedroom door?

With a blood bag in one hand and a small bowl of strawberries, he made his way over to me. He wore a loose shirt of mine that I’d given him the night before and a pair of shorts that complimented each and every one of his curves.

I could see his erect nipples pressing against the thin fabric that did little to hide his beautiful body and even less to cover him. It was way too big for his thin shape, leaving one side hanging off of his shoulderblade.

Bite him. Own him.

My thoughts stall as I realize Kalem hadn’t come from the bathroom but the bedroom door that was on the other side of the room. But he’d been in the bathroom, only moments earlier.

Was I truly so lost in my thoughts that I’d missed him slip from the bathroom and towards the bedroom door?

But even if I had, the time it took to get to the kitchen was not as short as his return to me had been.

It didn’t add up... it didn’t make any sense.

My mind reels for a possible explanation as I watch Kalem come to me. An easy smile resting on his lips as he stops at the edge of the bed, resting our breakfast down on the opposite nightstand before, lingering hesitantly.

Before I could coax him into coming any closer, he was puffing out his chest as he took in a deep breath and climbed onto the bed. Crawling across the large mattress until he was positioned between my legs, his face tucked into my neck.

Heaven above, grant me strength.

His warmth caressed my skin in a way I unashamedly craved. His small hand pressed to my rising and falling chest, his shorter legs trapped by my own.

“Kalem, how did you go to the kitchen so quickly?” I ask as I run my fingers through his hair. “I didn’t even see you leave the bathroom.”

“Of course you didn’t, I did pop Master,” Kalem says with a giggle as he looks at me as if I was being foolish.

Perhaps I was, because his words only served to confuse me more.

“You did pop?” I repeat slowly, the question making Kalem nod quickly. “And what is pop?”

“I think of where I want to go and I pop there and then I think to where I want to go next and I pop there,” Kalem explains as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

As if him describing teleporting, in a Kalem way, was the most natural thing in the world.

“I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to,” Kalem mumbles doubt seeping into his features as he begins to pick up on some of my unease. “I-I won’t do it again Master, p-promise!”

“No, you can... pop as much as you want to,” I reply mindlessly as I crawl into my mind for a possible explanation. “Just don’t do it outside of the castle.”

“S-So no more pop to the gardens?” Kalem asks with a slight wobble to his lips. “I really like the plants there Master, c-can I pop if I go with you?”

The gardens? He’d been going out of the Castle without me knowing it, hearing it.

“Kalem,” I say releasing a breath as a quickly forming headache begins to scratch at my thoughts. “This popping, when did it begin?”

“With Master.” He says with a frown as if my questions made no sense. “I thought Master gave it to me.”

“Gave it to you?” I repeat mindlessly.

“The trainers said that s-sometimes our masters would give us g-gifts or like ‘abilities’. They’re many different types of masters, masters who may be really strong and can share it.” Kalem says scratching at the corner of his head as if his own headache was beginning to seep in.

I knew exactly what Kalem spoke of, even if he didn’t.

The original bunch, the first thousand or so, which were crafted were all given an ability. A source of their power that would help us all serve the ones who gave it to us, the strength of it decreasing with each creation as the witches soon learned to give too much power could lead to those who would be difficult to bound.

And true to his teachings, we could share them - the first ten or so at least.

I hadn’t shared my gift with Kalem because it was one I rarely touched, so this ability to ‘pop’ as he called it... was all Kalem.

Then, as if a wave of memories and brushed aside clues drowned my thoughts, things began to click there way into place. Kalem, at times, could be quite gentle on his feet, shifting from places so quickly I thought I’d missed it being lost in my own thoughts, but I hadn’t. He’d done this before, I just hadn’t noticed it.

“Master?” Kalem questions hesitantly, his feature blanketed with worry.

I take the moment to study Kalem, looking deeper than I had when I first found him. Searching now for something beyond human as he appeared to be, but there was nothing. Nothing but Kalem’s beautiful hazel eyes blinking back at me as he watched me dissect every inch of him without knowing it.

“This is something I didn’t expect,” I comment as I rest my forehead to his shoulder, happy to give up for the moment.

“I’m sorry Master,” Kalem replies as he hugs me to him, comforting the two of us in a way only he could manage.

“You’ve done no wrong. We just have to figure out what, or who, you are,” I reply as I pull him closer. “Can you pop now? With me perhaps, to the gardens?”

“Yes Master,” Kalem says as he pulls back with a large smile that showed his eagerness to please.

Then, in the blink of an eye or perhaps even faster... we were within the forgotten gardens that laid just outside the buried castle’s walls. The overgrown rose bushes coveted most of the lands, burying past pathways beneath them, working with the now molded stone arbor that once was so beautiful in the sun’s light.

I remembered.

I look around, the broken rays of sunshine that escaped through the cracks of the word above giving little light to the abandoned expanse of land I hadn’t paid much attention to since the 16th century when it was above ground and open to the public eye.

“Lincoln if you are simply going to stand there and brood then perhaps you should stay within castle walls. Frowning at the stone walls, I sure they will frown right back.”

I blick away the cheerful voice of a past life and refocus my attention on the cheerful face in this one.

“I find it really nice out here because everything is so pretty.” Kalem shares as he wanders his way through the bushes as if he knew his way around with his eyes closed. “But I don’t think the little animals here like me here, they don’t move when I come.”

I follow Kalem senselessly, subconsciously aware that there hadn’t been a sliver of wind to pass us by or a single sound to be heard for miles beyond Kalem’s wild heart.

“See!” Kalem exclaims as he stops before a yellow rose. The large one that had fought its way upwards, letting it sit above all its siblings, searching for the sun. I take the remaining steps that laid between us, bringing me right beside a beaming Kalem, my frozen heart almost skipping a beat at the sight before me.

Right there... on a non-existent surface sat a small bumblebee... only inches from the yellow rose. Its wings stuck mid-flight, as it seemed to be... not moving a single muscle, at least one visible to the open eye.

It was frozen. Fixed in its place, in this place, within this space... as all things but we were.

Fixed. Frozen. Stuck


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