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Chapter 16

Kalem’s P.O.V

I look up nervously up at Master, Aias and Master Malcolm.

They were all staring down at me, a look of doubt shared between Aias and his Master while my Master looked only a little worried. I focus on my hands instead, watching them twist and turn while wishing I never did the pop.

I didn’t think it was a bad thing, it helped me be a better Kalem for Master because I got around easier and cleaner quicker. I thought Master had given it to me for finally being a good slave to him, for being a good boy.

The trainers said only the best slaves got the privilege of tasting some of their Master’s power, they said it only came to those who were good and did all we were trained to do perfectly. I’d been good recently, I hadn’t upset Master at all, so I thought because I was being good... he gave me a piece of him, but he didn’t.

So I was just being bad in secret.

“Are you sure you didn’t imagine it?” Master Malcolm asks, I glance up to find him looking at my Master with disbelief all over his face.

“I didn’t imagine it,” Master replies dismissively.

“I won’t judge you if you did, it could’ve been a drug... are you on drugs?” He asks with a little snort and chuckles to follow. “If you are, no need to feel ashamed, you’ve seen Wequie and I try wolfsbane.”

“I am not on drugs Malcolm,” Master says tightly, his eyes pulsing red for a moment.

“Well, if it’s not drugs then maybe you’re craving company.” Master Malcolm offers with a small shrug. “There’s only so much Kalem can do, he’s trying his best. It’s entirely possible you’ve been underground for too long, maybe you should get out more, make some friends.”

“I do not imagine it,” Master replies crisply, a sudden look of exhaustion coming over his face as he looked at his friend. “And I do not need any more friends, you are more than enough for me to deal with.”

“What I’m hearing is that I am the equivalent of a group of friends,” Master Malcolm says with a big grin.

“Malcolm,” Master warns

“My friendship is invaluable to you, irreplaceable and a treasure trove in your eyes,” Master Malcolm voices before touching his chest with a soft look shifting through his features. “I’m touched, truly.”

“I sense nothing but human on him,” Aias says mindlessly, studying me with the same narrowed eyes he’d gotten since Master told everyone about my popping.

“I smell the same,” Master Malcolm agrees as he looks me over.

I wish I never did pop.

I’d only done it a few times and only once with Master but it was already changing everything. Now everyone was looking at me like I was something different now, something bad, but I didn’t feel any different.

“I-I’m sorry.” I manage before returning my attention to my hands.

“Nothing to be sorry about love,” Master says as he bends down to cup my cheek with his large palm, I lean into it quickly loving having Master’s hand on me. “We’re just trying to figure out what exactly this may be, so we can deal with it properly.”

I nod slowly, leaning into Master, even more, when he comes a little closer. I was scared and worried that Master may not want me if I wasn’t the Kalem he thought I was, the one I thought I was. But if Master was still touching me then things couldn’t be too bad, could they? I hoped they weren’t, I never wanted to leave Master.

“Can you do it now?” Master asks gently, his dark eyes searching mine with nothing but kindness and love in them. “Can you do pop now, with Malcolm and your friend so they can see it too?”

“I-I can try,” I say quickly wanting to make Master happy, I’d do whatever he wanted to me to.

I soak in the feeling of Master next to me, using it to make my trembling heart calm down a bit. When it does, I focus on Aias’ big screen with the moving people in it and the room it was in. I cling onto Master, Aias and his Master in my mind before pushing myself to go there.

Opening one eye, I look around in surprise when I find us still in the office space Master brought me to straight after I popped us to the gardens earlier.

Frowning, I close my eyes extra hard and try again. I think of the room, cling to everyone and try to pop, but it doesn’t work. I look up to Master, feeling useless and stupid when I find him looking at me patiently.

I try again, but this time with only Master and me. Maybe I couldn’t pop many people, maybe it was only for Master and I. It still didn’t work, even when I tried to pop by myself, nothing worked, no matter how much I tried or focused it didn’t work.

“I-I can’t Master,” I say dropping my eyes, I wanted to just do one thing right for Master. “I’m sorry Master, b-but I can’t.”

“That’s okay Kalem,” Master says before he takes my face between both of his hands, pulling my eyes up to his. Master’s eyes, though heavy with darkness were full of kindness that made me feel floaty inside. “That’s perfectly okay, what’s important is that you tried and you did. So I am so proud of you.”

“Really?” I ask with a little whimper, my heart jumping with pleasure.

“Really,” He replies with a smile that he presses to my lips, kissing me sweetly before looking at me again. “It’s okay,”

My entire body buzzes with happiness as Master’s praise and loving words wash over me. There was no better feeling than knowing that I pleased Master and Master said I did, and that he was proud of me. My chest was filling quickly, with something warm and tasty, it was that same tingly feeling I got when Master hugged or kissed me... the one that made me feel like I could fly.

“I feel like a third wheel,” Master Malcolm voices with a sigh. “I want a kiss too, Aias.”

“I’m sure you do,” Aias replies sounding amused and pleased, a wicked grin even taking his lips when Master Malcolm made a little noise of disappointment.

With the warm piece from Master’s love in my chest, I try one more time to take Master, Aias and Master Malcolm to the room, using it to push me forward. I smile happily when the room changes to the one in my mind, the space different than the last time I’d seen it but it was where I wanted to go.

I look at Master hopefully and smile when I find him smiling proudly at me, I jump into his arms and Master catches me easily. He hugs me tight and presses a kiss to my neck, his touches making me harden a little below but I forced myself to ignore it, I couldn’t get naughty in front of Aias.

Aias’s eyes were now wider than I’d ever seen them, no longer narrowed and curious, they were full of shock and disbelief as he looked around the space. Master Malcolm looked a lot more scared, he was spinning so much that I thought his head would come off, small huffs of disbelief leaving him as he looked down at me and then around again.

“T-The fuck..” He breathes as he looks to Master who stands, putting me on my feet but keeping his large arm around my waist. “W-We just...the office...what the fuck.”

“Maybe you’re simply imagining things,” Master says with a smirk that made me giggle a little.

“I deserved that,” Master Malcolm admits after swallowing several times. “Or I’m on wolfsbane.”

“You’re an idiot.” Master breathes out.

Aias glances at me before he takes a hesitant step forward, looking just as shocked when nothing happened because of it. With that, he makes his way quickly to the circle time machine on the wall, reaching up to take it down. He studies it for a moment or two before turning it for the rest of us to see.

“You were right about timing coming to a halt,” He says as he walks back to us, showing us the frozen handles.

I move a little closer to Master, hoping he wouldn’t be upset because of this. I couldn’t stop that part and I thought before the animals were just playing, but they weren’t. I was the one being mean and making them stop.

“It continues when he ‘pops’ back to the original point he left,” Master explains to Master Malcolm and Aias who was back to studying me.

I didn’t like to see Aias look at me this way, he always looked at me with smiles that he didn’t show others. He only looked at people like how he was looking at me when he was being cautious or didn’t trust them.

“How did you only just notice this?” Master Malcolm asks after folding his arms. “You’ve been with Kalem for more than three months now, how in God’s name are you only finding out about this now?”

“Things seem to carry on from their fractured point when he returned, with no disturbance or difference. I never noticed because I never felt things shift or change around me.” Master explains, his grip on me tightening just a little more. “To be fair, I did at times question how he moved so quickly but I put that all up to me not focusing on him entirely. With Diablos and protecting Kalem, I thought my mind just wandered too far for me to notice his movements.”

“I-It’s not Master’s fault,” I say quickly, hoping Master wouldn’t be too upset for me defending him but I didn’t want him to get in trouble because of me. “It’s my fault for doing it without Master’s permission.”

“You don’t have to explain yourself,” Master says while sending an angry glare at Master Malcolm who carefully took a step behind Aias to hide. “Especially to Malcolm of all people.”

“If you two children wouldn’t mind settling down, we could possibly work through this,” Aias says as he rests the clock down onto the large table before leaning against it, Master Malcolm follows his movements and steps into place next to him. “Kalem, do you remember the first time you popped?”

I take the moment to think about it, I wanted Aias to be happy with me because if Aias was happy he’d give me his happy smile again and not his smart eyes. It takes a moment to go through all the times I did it, I really only did it when the fridge needed more bags for Master or when I was cleaning. But then my mind found the first time in my memories and I smiled brightly as I looked back at Aias.

“It was after Master showed me around the entire castle,” I say before looking up at Master, it was still one of the best days I had with Master because it was after Master took me home from Aias’ home and he called me love. “Master took me all around and I saw the castle gardens and everything was so pretty that I wanted to see it again. I just went to the glass to try to see it again from there, but there were plants all over it and I couldn’t. I was trying to see through a space in the vines and then I was outside again.”

“For future notice, all you have to do is ask Kalem and it’s yours,” Master says as he looks at me, his fingers running gently through my hair. I smile and nod, Master presses a kiss to my head making me drip a little below.

No Kalem, don’t be naughty!

“This could be the reason why your nemisis wants to Kalem so badly,” Aias offers to our masters, his words making me tense because I knew he was talking about the bad man.

“It would explain why he’s going through such lengths for one person,” Master Malcolm agrees, he thinks on it for a moment before dipping his tongue into his cheek and shaking his head. “But if he knew what Kalem was, thought him valuable enough to start a war over, then Kalem wouldn’t have been up on the stage that night.”

“Mistakes happen,” Aias replies with a small shrug. “It would explain why they kept him for so long, trained and brainwashed him, a ploy to make him susceptible for this man’s doing.”

“I wouldn’t put it beyond Diablos to go through all that trouble,” Master says before cocking his head at Aias. “But that’s still a lot of trouble to go through just to control someone, there are easier ways that I assure you Diablos is not above pursing. His humanity is not existant, he wouldn’t wait that long and he’s not my nemesis, just an unfortunate and unwanted obstacle in my life.”

“Malcolm argues differently,” Aias replies looking over to his master who seemed to be in a state of panic with both Master’s eyes on him and Aias’. “Either way, we can’t rule it out as a possibility. Tell me something little one, have you ever done this ‘pop’ before you lived with your Master little one?” Aias asks, his voice sounding a little gentler now.

I shake my head and he offers me a smile.

“Then if this does involve Diablos, perhaps he grew tired of waiting for an ability that never came from Kalem or he never knew,” Aias says surely, his features more relaxed now. “And this isn’t some gift of yours you shared with him?” He asks looking to Master who also shakes his head. “Then if it’s not you or Diablos, then this is all you Kalem.”

I blink up at Aias, not knowing if to smile or frown. I couldn’t tell if it was a good thing or a bad thing for this to be mine, I didn’t mean for it to be a bad one and if it was then I’d never do it again. I didn’t want to hurt anyone or make anyone sad, especially Master.

“But he’s human,” Master Malcolm says surely. “His heart beats healthy, his veins pump blood and he smells like one. In every sense of the word, he’s a human.”

“Humans do not freeze time or teleport pisen,” Aias says looking to his Master who shivered a little at the word I didn’t recognize. I’d ask him later what it meant. “He can’t be human, or at the very least, not entirely one.”

“I’ve searched through everything I know to be supernatural and there’s nothing that fits what Kalem does or at least, not entirely,” Master comments with a little frown forming, it was his worried frown. “The only thing that may have that much power is a warlock, but the species require some sort of spell to be cast before their magic is put into use.”

“He’s not a warlock,” Master Malcolm says with the shake of his head, looking more serious than I’d ever seen him. “Even watered down through blood ties with humans or other species, vampires can easily feel the presence of a warlock or witch’s magic. Lincoln and I would’ve picked up on the traces of it within his blood.”

“Not if someone masked it or bound it to be hidden,” Aias offers but Master shakes his head as well.

“There’s no magic capable of doing such a thing, perhaps for other species but not between witches and vampires,” Master explains with a tightness in his voice that told me he didn’t like witches and warlocks. “They made us, there’s an eternal bond between the magic in their veins and the magic used to twist us into vampires. We’d sense it one way or another if he was a warlock.”

Looking at Master’s hardened features, I prayed to anything that could listen and the big man in the sky that I wasn’t one of them and that if I was that it would be taken away, I didn’t want Master to hate me.

“Alright,” Aias says giving in. “Perhaps something linked to the fairies.”

I look between them all as they all stare at me before shaking their heads with quick nos passing between them all.

“Why no?” I ask quickly, I never met a fairy and I didn’t know what it was, but it sounded like something pretty.

“Fairies are very... protective,” Aias says after searching for the right word.

“You would’ve never ended up in Diablos’ hands as a fairy,” Master Malcolm continues for him. “They’re not ones to let their people go, few even leave their realm. Not to mention they need sunlight to survive, the number of years you spent there would’ve killed you as a fairy.”

“And even so, fairies can not teleport,” Master adds gently so I nod my understanding.

The rest of the day continues like this, with Master, Aias and Master Malcolm trying to figure out what I was. I listened and tried to understand the things they were saying but it was hard because I didn’t know much about what they were talking about.

I tried to be a good slave by answering all the questions Master asked me and by bringing water and blood for them as they moved from to Master’s Malcolm’s dirty library. Master stopped me when I tried to clean it up, so I did it in secret while they all talked and looked through all the dusty, forgotten books in here.

The library wasn’t as big as Master’s but it was still nice, it just needed to be cleaned and taken care of.

But the time I finished wiping down one entire shelf and dusting clean all the books in it, it was dark outside and Master was viscously reading through one large book that was almost half my size.

Aias was sitting on another couch doing the same with a much smaller book while his other hand gripped Master Malcolm’s neck, mindlessly rubbing the skin there with his thumb. Master Malcolm was sitting on the ground between Aias’ legs, leaning into the touch while he held a book of his own, talking lightly with Master about the possibility of me being an angel.

“Master,” I say gently as I make my way to him. He looks up immediately, his eyes seemed to be full of frustration and exhaustion but he still smiled at me, offering a hand to pull me into his lap to straddle him after putting his book down.

“I’m sorry Kalem,” Master apologizes as he places his face into my neck, wrapping his arms around me tightly while he breathed against my skin. “This must be terribly boring to you, I apologize for getting so wrapped up in all this.”

“It’s okay Master,” I say honestly as I lean into his arms and body. “I’m fine, I just want Master to be fine too.”

“I’ll be fine when I know exactly what you are,” He says pulling back to rest his chin to my chest and look up at me, “I want to know every little thing there is to know about you,” Master says before licking his lips slowly.

My eyes dart down to the movement, the sight of Master’s wettened lips that followed making me whine softly as I immediately grew hard down there. Master grins up at me as if knowing what was happening to me and pulled me even closer, pushing my hard bit against his stomach while one of his hands squeezed my bum.

“M-Master,” I whimper as things begin to get wetter.

“Please refrain from touching him in our presence,” Aias’ voice carries over in a flat tone that made all the sexiness in Master’s eyes fade away and my hard parts deflate. “Sensitive ears on both ends here, there’s no need to carry that out here. Either leave or control yourself.”

I peek over my shoulder with heating cheeks to find Aias’ grey eyes still focused on his book while his Master leaned further into his touch, completely curling into him now as he rests his head on his leg. Aias was petting his head gently in the same way Master sometimes did for me when he read to me and I laid down, maybe Master Malcolm wasn’t really a Master...

“I suppose we should leave then, we haven’t gotten much further than when we first began,” Master says with a disappointed sigh. “I wouldn’t mind relieving some of this stress, what about you Kalem?”

My tongue sticks as my mouth goes dry, my mind racing with all the thoughts of what Master could do to me.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Master says with a chuckle as he stands with me still in his arms, I hang onto him with a smile. I loved when Master kept me in his arms and carried me, it was like I was all his and only his. “We’d appreciate it if you two kept trying to find something, I’ll be doing the same on my end.”

“Of course,” Mast-... Aias’ Malcolm says from his position on the floor. “Come again when you wish, Aias is nicer when Kalem is around.”

Aias removes his hand from Master...Aias’.... from Master’s friend’s neck and lies down on the couch completely, disturbing the position they’d had earlier. Aias’ Malcolm looks up at him with eyes full of regret and sadness as he leaned closer to Aias as if searching for his touch again.

“I didn’t mean to make you upset,” He tries but Aias refused to look at him, he moved even closer. “I’m sorry.”

“I’ll be sleeping alone tonight,” Aias says not even looking at his Malcolm.

Aias’ Malcolm sinks down completely, a small sad noise pulling from him as his shoulders fell and he tried to get as close to Aias as he could from his position of the floor.

“Well um,” Master says, clearing his throat a little, “yeah... we’re just going to go.”

“Goodbye little one, I’ll see you soon,” Aias calls looking to me, purposefully looking over his Malcolm.

I give him a wave over Master’s shoulder and hang on as Master takes us out of the house and to his machine, his car.

“That was something I wish I never saw,” Master comments, shaking his head while he tied me into my seat in the back. “It’s been a long day, I’m sure you’re tired. Let’s get you home and fed, then to bed.”

“M-Master,” I start hopefully, I cross my legs to stop the rising part from showing. “I’m not v-very tired, c-can we... i-if Master wants...k-kisses a-and...Master...”

Master’s hand comes around my neck as he crashes his lips into mine, I let my eyes fall close as Master’s lips sweep hungrily over mine. I lean up for more of his lips, wrapping my arms around Master and pulling him closer to me for more, my bad parts were being really bad but I didn’t mind because it felt so good.

Master forced his tongue into my mouth and I let him, he tasted every part of me he could, his tongue searching my mouth and taking control of every inch of me. I moan into his mouth when he digs his hand between my legs and cups my naughty bits, giving it a rough squeeze before he pulls his lips away from mine.

“Nghh! M-Master!” I moan as I look down at the place he was squeeze and gripping, the place that Master owned.

“You’re so sexy and you don’t even know it,” Master whispers against my ear, he kisses his way down my neck and squeezes a little harder. I push from the seat but the strap over my chest kept me in place for Master to play with. “It’s getting harder to keep myself under control, to take things slowly with you.”

“Ahhhh!” I moan out when Master sucks on a spot on my neck, licking and biting it gently in a way that made my hole squeeze and clench, it even felt a bit wet. “Master, uh... ah! P-Please...”

“Kalem,” Master groans as he pulls my hand down from him and steps back making me whine for more of him. “I’m going to drive home and I’ll have my way with you when we get there, but I need you keep yourself like this for me, hard and wanting. Can you do that Kalem?”

I shake my head because it was hard to get words out and I didn’t really know what Master wanted exactly but Master knew that.

“Keep your hand here,” Master says as he directs my right hand to my naughtiest part and pushed down making me gasp as my body squirmed all over. “Rub yourself and squeeze yourself, I want you hard and desperate when we get home... but don’t cum.”

“N-No messes?” I ask through a small cry, because I didn’t think I could stop myself from making a mess and Master had his hand on mine, pushing it down on my hard, wet spot.

“No mess,” Master confirms making me groan a little, but he only smiles. “Can you do that for me Kalem?”

“Y-Yes Master,” I say with a shaky nod.

“Good boy,” Master praises before kissing me hard again and I almost messed.

This is going to be really, really hard.


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