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Chapter 17

Lincoln’s P.O.V

The air in the car was thick with lust.

Kalem’s needy whimpers were enough to drive me crazy but paired with his scent that testified to his arousal, I could barely control myself.

I didn’t think I could stop myself from fucking him tonight.

I glance back at Kalem through the rearview mirror and press my foot down a little harder on the gas pedal at the beautiful sight I find.

Kalem’s entire body was writhing within its constraints, the seatbelt keeping him plastered to the back seat of the car despite his moans and whimpers. His mouth was parted and his lips wet as he worked himself over, but never came like he was told.

My cock strained against my zipper at the sight, fangs dropping with the need to have him in every possible way.

“Are you touching yourself for me Kalem?” I ask as I manoeuvre my way through the traffic.

“Y-Yes Master,” Kalem replies shakily.

“Are you hard for me Kalem?” I press, knuckles paling as I gripped the steering wheel a little tighter.

“Yes Master,” He moans with a small cry. “H-Hard for Master.”

Pulling one hand from the wheel I palm my own erection, hissing at the pleasurable friction that made me shiver.

“You’re such a good boy Kalem,” I praise, glancing back just in time to see him throw his head back with a moan that made my cock ache.

Praise would always be his undoing.

“Master please!” Kalem begs breathlessly from behind me. “P-Please... I need, ngh!”

“No cumming,” I say quickly and smile at his helpless whimper.

“M-Master...i-it feels so uhg...good!” Kalem cries making precum spill from my tip.

I pull my hand back to the wheel and steel myself against Kalem’s pleas, just a little more and I’d relent. Stopping the car and taking him at the side of the road in the back of the car.

The thought was too tempting, just as he was.

“Do you want me to tell you what I’m going to do to you when I get back?” I ask with a quick glance back, unable to control my smile as my mind brought forth so many delicious possibilities.

“I-I’ll mess if you do,” Kalem replies making me chuckle.

“No, you won’t,” I reply surely, voicing it as a command because he loved those so much more. “Good boys listen and I said not to cum, so you’re not going to make a mess are you Kalem?”

“N-No Master,” He whines with a little sob as he continues to stroke himself through his pants. “I-I’ll be good, M-Master’s good boy.”

I smile at that, happy that he was turning away from referring to himself as a slave.

I’d been slowly working him away from the word, using ‘boy’ when praising him and ‘slave’ only when correcting and always in the third person. So he’d associate the word slave with negative things or actions instead of himself.

Any signs of progress had been slow to come but they were coming, he only called himself a slave when he was really upset at himself now and I saw that as a significant improvement.

Soon enough, he’d discard the word altogether.

“When we get home, I’m going to have those addictive lips of yours until all you can taste on your tongue is me.” I start as I pull off the highway, only a little further to go until I could make my words a reality. “I’m going to touch you everywhere, like you’ve wanted for so long and I’m going to make your skin wet with my tongue.
I’m going to taste inside of you before filling you with my cum and I’m going lick up all of your cum, because you’re going to cum a lot tonight love. That’s a promise.”

Kalem’s strained moans were music to my ears, his desperate begs and pleads making it so hard not to cum within my trousers.

He was drooling slightly now, the scent of his arousal grown tenfold as he kept himself on the edge for me.

“Good boy, just a little longer.”

When the car finally came to a stop, I didn’t waste a minute getting to Kalem. Opening the door, I stop in my tracks, body freezing as my eyes rake over him.

Kalem was a wreck.

His chest was rising and falling erratically as it tried to control his raging heart, his lips slick with saliva and his hazel eyes shimmering with need.

I let my eyes linger on his hands for a moment, watching as one stroked over the prominent bulge in his pants while the other groped and squeezed at his balls.

Resting my arm on the outside of the car, I lean down slowly to get a better look, smiling when Kalem quickly nuzzles his nose into my neck as if to hide. His hands not stopping even as I watching him bring touch himself.

“How does it feel?” I ask gently.

“G-Good Master,” He breathes out, his warm breath brushing against my neck teasingly. “S-So good.”

Turning to him, I take his lips in a much-needed kiss, every cell in my body aching for him at this moment. Letting my tongue slip between his lips, I kiss him with everything in me before sucking on his tongue.

Kalem moans into my mouth and gives himself up to me without a second thought.

Pulling away I brush his hands away as I look down at his trapped cock. Running my hand over his erection, I massage his erection and kiss my way down his neck as he cries out his pleasure.

“Ahhh!! Master p-please!” He begs while arching from the seat. “I-I can’t uhdh p-please!”

“You’ve been so good for me,” I whisper as I squeeze down on his cock. “So very good.”

Pulling my hand away, Kalem whimpers at the lost, his body trembling slightly as he barely managed to stop himself from cumming right there.

Unable to tease him any longer, I unbuckle his seatbelt and take him in my arms. Making quick work of locking away the car, I take us to my bedroom and let him down onto the bed.

I watch from the end of the large, king bed as Kalem lies down for me. Opening his legs as wide as his shaking legs would let him while his hands clenched onto the sheets below him.

Undoing the buttons on my wrist, I roll up my sleeves as I watch the prize on my best I’d be having tonight and every night to come if I had anything to say about it.

I slip off my shoes and remove my belt before making my way over to the lights, turning on the one over the bed not wanting to miss a single part of him tonight.

Kalem eyes track my every moment, his heart racing while I moved around before finally returning to him. His eyes down wander as I unbutton my pants before dragging the zipper down.

Leaning over, I do the same to him before tugging off his pants after the shoes.

Kalem doesn’t wait for me to take off his shirt and underwear, slipping them off himself before reopening his legs to reveal his hard dripping cock, that made in between his legs wet for me.

“You drive me mad,” I confess as I palm my own erection.

Kalem watches breathlessly before opening his arms in invitation. Climbing onto the bed, I make my way between his legs, my size making them spread further apart as I lay down over him.

Resting myself down on my arms, I keep most of my weight off him but let him feel some of it. Kalem squirms below me, his cock strained against my stomach as he looks up at me with dazed eyes.

“Because you’ve been so patient with me and good on the way home,” I say against his lips, loving how he clung to me. “You can come as much as you want tonight, let me see you unravel for me.”

“T-Thank you Ma-” Kalem’s words fall short as I thrust my hips down against him, circling my hips as I grind him into the bed watching for the moment he came apart, and he did. “Ngh! Uh.. I-I’m...ahhh!”

He came. His mouth falling open and his body trembling, Kalem came undone below me as he rubbed his cock against me wetting my shirt while he moaned for me.

Taking his lips, I swallow the rest of his moans as he rode out his orgasm. Rolling from off of him and to my side, I watched heated eyes as Kalem shivers on his back his stomach wet and his cock still hard and wanting.

Not allowing him a moment to recover. I take ass in my hands and pull him into me. Kalem comes easily, letting me slip a leg between his own as our lips brush against one another.

“I want to fuck you tonight,” I confess as I rub my leg up between his legs while kneading his ass. “Are you okay with that?”

“P-Please,” He begs as his eyes flutter shut as he rocks his hips forward.

“Do you understand what I mean when I say that?” I ask hesitantly, Kalem knew quite a lot but was still so innocent the lines became blurry at times.

“You’re g-going to put your.... y-your..” Kalem’s cheeks fill with a beautiful blush as he fails to get his words out.

I would never understand how he could be so shy about some things, unable to say sex without turning red and then so luid with others, not afraid to show how badly he wanted things.

“Cock,” I provide as I slip my hand between us to stroke him. “My cock.”

“Nghh!” Kalem groans as his hands grip my shoulders tightly, hips rocking in tune with my strokes while I brought him forth by his ass.

“Say it,” I instruct.

“M-Master’s cock,” Kalem repeats and shivers after he does. “Y-You’re going to put you’re c-cock in me.”

“Do you want that?” I ask after stealing a quick kiss from him. “Do you want that, even if it hurts in the beginning?”

Kalem’s eyes lift until they meet mine, his beautiful, hazel eyes practically lighting up for a moment as he looked at me.

“I do,” he says confidently, adding a small smile with it. “I want you Mas-... I-I want you L.. Lincoln.”

My heart stops as Kalem gnaws nervously on his lips, clearly scared that no referring to me as Master would award him some nonexistent punishment.

It only served to make my chest fill with a happiness I only found with him.

As far as I could recall, Kalem only said my name once or twice and both times it was practically forced on him.
Never before had he so willingly said my name and never had it ever sounded so perfect in all my years.

Kalem was my undoing and there was no denying that.

“If you’re sure,” I reply instead of the three words that almost slipped out.

“I am,” Kalem replied quickly before he leans up to press a kiss to my lips.

I let him lead the kiss, more than happy to see him taking charge in this way and so confidently. When he pulled away, though red with embarrassment, Kalem was smiling and that alone was like a ray of sunlight onto my chest.

“Well in that case,” I whisper against his lips while stroking his leaking cock, “let’s make tonight a memorable one love.”

Kalem thrusts his hips in time with my strokes, his balls rubbing against the fabric of my trousers to send him just a little crazier.

As Kalem exposes his neck for me, I lick a trail up the length of his neck, fighting hard not to sink my teeth in him in claim.

Instead, I suck, nibble and bite the sweet skin while bringing him to his second orgasm for the night.

Kalem moans for me, taking everything I gave him whole begging for more. I let the hand that was on his ass wander, I slip my fingers down between Kalem’s crack to tease at his hole.

I freeze my movements when I find a wetness there. Running my curious fingers further down, I rub the pads of my fingers around his hole, pressing down slightly more of the slick substance slips out.

“M-Master!” Kalem warns as he continues to rock his hips viscously, my fingers still rubbing at his wet hole. “Ahh!!!”

Kalem’s fingers dig into my shirt as he cums again, his Adam’s apple bobbing against my tongue as I sucked it. His hips jutted and froze as his cock jutted out another stream of cum from his rock hard erection.

I continue to kiss my up his skin, pulling my hand away from his sensitive member as he pants against me.

When he finally settles, I lay him back down on his back gently before pulling down to look at him.

Kalem chest was covered with streaks of his cum, white and glistening in the most tempting manner. His cock was still hard and ready despite his panting and his legs wet from his hole.

I’d thought it was from his precum, Kaldm had always produced an absurd amount of it but it wasn’t. That paired with how his erection refused to go down made it an undeniable fact now that Kalem wasn’t human.

Whatever he was, I absolutely adored it.

“Are you tired?” I ask as I bring my fingers to my lips, running my tongue over them and collecting any and all cum that I’d caught on them.

“No Master,” Kalem says quickly, eyes wide and panicked, clearly terrified that I’d stop if he were.

I smile down at him as I pass my fingers down his cock and balls, massaging his taint until he whimpered for me and then finally against at his hole.

Collecting some of the slick he produced, I bring it to my lips and let him watch me suck my fingers into my mouth while my eyes glowed for him.

Kalem came again.

I couldn’t help but chuckle at the sight, his body so responsive to me that it was almost as if he were made for me. I lick my fingers clean and hum my contentment, like his cum, Kalem was sweet there.

I thought before when I’d sucked him off that I just adored him so much I found him sweet there too, but he was actually very sweet.

Yet another piece to his unknown species.

“Do you know how much I enjoy you Kalem?” I ask as I unbutton my shirt, watching him waiting so perfectly and patiently for me to have him. “Everything you do, from your smiles to your moans, make me want to never let you go.”

Kalem’s eyes widen at my words before they soften and a large smile forms on his lips. I return it, unable to deny him anything and pull my shirt from my skin.

“I’ll never let you go,” I whisper as I move between his legs and push them back from behind his knees, revealing his dripping, clenching hole for me. “Not because you were a slave, but because you are mine and I am yours.”

“Master,” Kalem breathes out breathlessly.

“I know,” I reply knowingly because I loved him too and I knew now was not the right time to say it. “I know.”

I watch as his cock pulses against his stomach, hard and just as wet as he watching me lower myself slowly.

“Enjoy this, my love, for I am definitely going to,” I whisper just above his hole before I run my tongue over him.

“Ahhh!” Kalem cries out as I run my tongue over and around him greedily. I lick him up, teasing at his puckered hole with eagerness. “Nghh!! Mahsg!”

My tongue laps at Kalem’s hole, swirling around it before pushing gently against it but never into. Gently coaxing him into relaxing for me while I enjoying this addictive part of him.

Pulling back a little, I watch with a straining cock as Kalem shakes below me. With his legs to his chest, every inch of him was exposed and open for me. His slick hole clenching and unclenching as if begging to have my tongue again.

“Stroke yourself,” I instruct as I lower once more. “Nice and slow.”

“M-Master’s,” He states breathlessly, but it sounded like he was making sure that he could.

“Yes, stroke yourself for me.” I encourage, knowing he liked it when I owned him in this way. “I want to watch you play with yourself.”

Kissing his hole gently, I let my tongue back out as Kalem brings a trembling hand to his cock. He wraps his fingers around himself and moans as he slowly brings the fist up his cock, collecting the precum at the top before easing the fist back down.

Watching him with hungry eyes, I slowly ease my tongue inside of him and make sure to capture the moment he came from the intrusion. Kalem’s entire body went lax as he rode out yet another orgasm, his head falling back as he slowly stroked himself through it while I kept prodding him with my tongue.

“M-More!” He begs while I thrust my tongue in a little deeper. “Please M-Master! Ah! Ah! Ughhhh! M-More!”

Unable to hold back, I drive my tongue in as far as I can and Kalem melts. His entire body opening for me as I fuck him with my tongue, his hole wettening even more from it. He was sweet and so plaint, I couldn’t help but imagine waking him in this very same manner for the rest of my life.

The urge to bite into him came up strong again, my instincts telling me to make Kalem mine and to link his life to mine in every way.

Pushing it down, I focus on his pleasure, redirecting that very energy to making him lose his mind as I fucked him open with my tongue.

When I finally pulled away, Kalem was dripping wet and trembling, intangible words spilling from his mouth while his eyes stared dazedly at me.

Keeping his legs in place, I rest myself between them letting him feel my cock rubbing against that precious hole of his while I graze my fangs across his lips.

“Did you enjoy that love?” I question with a small groan at the beautiful friction to my denied shaft, loving how Kalem lifts his hips to meet my cock.

“Y-Yehss M-Master,” Kalem replies, lips parting to let his tongue lick at my fangs.

The action catching me off guard and triggering a shiver of arousal through me that makes me grind my hips roughly down into him, the bed creaks at the force of it but Kalem only moans and does it again.

“Fuck,” I groan as he continues to tease me, kissing his way into my mouth until his tongue was inside and running up and down my fangs. His hips still rolling to rub my cock against his wanting hole.

I thrust down again, unable to reign in my strength as Kalem slowly awakens the animal I was with his actions. He moans once more, his body taking my rough treatment without protest.

“Kalem,” I moan out after I break the kiss and continue fucking him into the mattress, wanting nothing more than the be inside of him.

“M-Master!” He moans as he wraps his arms around my back. “P-Pleazeh...ngh...i-in!”

“Jesus Christ,” I groan as I force myself to pull away from Kalem, sitting up and out of his grasp.

“N-No!” Kalem protests, trying to follow but I press him back down gently.

“I’m not stopping,” I promise with a kiss to the inside of his hand. “But I still have to prep you and I wouldn’t have with the way we were going.”

“I-I want you i-inside Master,” Kalem demands with a strength to his voice that completely contrasted his blush.

“Me too,” I reply with a smile. “But I have to prep you.”

Kalem pulls himself up from his back and crawls into my lap, sitting down comfortably he wraps his arms around my neck and presses a gentle kiss to my lips.

“Master,” He says hesitantly, a smile on his lips. “I-I’m very happy right now.”

“Is that so?” I question with a smile of my own.

Kalem nods.

“I feel very good,” He explains and I bite my cheek to stop from laughing at his directness. “Y-You make me feel good Master.”

“I’m very glad to hear that,” I reply with equal seriousness as he held.

“So I want to make you feel good Master,” He continues making me raise a brow. “C-Can I make you feel good p-please?”

The answer was an obvious yes because when would I ever deny Kalem anything. So I nod slowly, curious to see what he would do.

Kalem smile stretches across his face as he pulls himself off me and down onto the floor. I watch with wide eyes as Kalem spreads my legs and pulls my trousers down.

I comply and let him strip me until I’m naked, my erection standing tall at the sight of him between my legs and licking my lips.

My balls were heavy with cum I intended to leave inside of him, but I suppose seeing some of it on his lips was just as I good.

“I-I hope you like i-it Master,” Kalem whispers as he wraps his hands around my cock before pushing up onto his knees.

Glancing up at me one last time, Kalem wraps those luscious lips around the head of my cock and sucks. I tightening my grip on the sheets as I watch him sucking eagerly on my cock head, his hands holding me in place for him.

“Fucking hell,” I groan as Kalem stares up at me with wide, hopeful eyes. His mouth making me go weak and my bones trembled as he worked me.

Leaning forward, Kalem takes a little more into his mouth before he begins stroking the rest of me with his hands. His eagerness filling in for where he wasn’t skilled, the image of him sucking my cock enough to make my eyes roll.

“That’s good Kalem,” I praise as I force myself to keep my hips still. “So good.”

Kalem moans around my cock and my cock hardens at the sound. He continues to suck, taking a little more carefully until he needed only one hand to stroke me.

It was his first time and I didn’t expect him to deepthroat me so I was glad he didn’t try to, seeing him with my cock in his mouth was more than enough for me.

Then his tongue came out, stroke my cock while he sucked and I knew I couldn’t go on much longer.

“Kalem!” I moan as I ball the sheets into my hands. “I’m going to cum, pull away.”

Kalem shakes his head, eyebrows pulling together firmly as he sucked even harder. And I was fucking done for as my eyes rolled back and my balls tighten before I released in Kalem’s mouth.

Kalem closes his eyes as let me fill his mouth, his hips shaking on the floor while he sucked telling me he came again. The thought that this was enough to set him off, making me cum a little more as Kalem pulls back to just my head, sucking hungrily on it as he pulls my orgasm through me.

“Fuck.” I groan as he pulls away letting the final bit land on his mouth and cheek.

Kalem smiles up at me after he swallows, his tongue swiping up the last bits from his lips before he leans forward to suck my tip for any more.

“D-Did you like it, Master?” Kalem asks while my brain continues to short circuit.

Kalem will be the death of me.

“It was perfect Kalem,” I assure him before releasing my death grip on the sheets to run a hand through his hair. “More than perfect, you were amazing.”

Kalem pulls up from his place on the floor and jumps into my arms for a hug. I hug him back through my still pending recovery and press a kiss to his shoulder.

“Thank you, Master,” He beams when he pulls back to look at me.

God help me when he learns to take it all

“Are you sure you’re not tired?” I ask as I pull back from the edge of the bed while Kalem still in my lap. “We can stop here for tonight, no need to rush in at all.”

“I’m not tired at all,” Kalem declares and manages to someone sound offended in his response. “I’m fine Master.”

He was still hard so I didn’t think he was lying about that.

“Okay, okay,” I reply as I lay down and take him with me.

Laying on my chest Kalem didn’t way much at all but he was much heavier than when he first came home with me. His cheeks were full and his bones didn’t show, he looked healthy and it warmed every part of me.

“You tell me when it hurts okay,” I warn as I rub my fingers against Kalem’s hole making him shiver.

I was going to use lube but he was so wet I didn’t need it.

Watching him closely, I rub around his hole before I slowly working him open before slipping the first finger in.
Kalem sucks in a breath at the intrusion but moans when I was down to the knuckle, his lips parting as I watched him closely.

Slowly I pull the finger out before pushing back in, Kalem moans again and pushes his hips back for more.

“Does it hurt?” I ask carefully as I repeat the action.

“No,” Kalem moans in response, his eyes growing heavy with lust as I continued fucking him with the single finger. “Feels good.”

At that, I pick up the pace a little and continue to watch for any signs of discomfort but there were none. Kalem was enjoying it and even more so when I added a second, everybody in him going lax as I stretched him open.

“You like this?” I question as I finger him to his liking, searching for the small knob that I knew would send him into an orgasm.

“L-Love!” Kalem corrects as he sits up and presses his hands to my chest, rocking back onto my fingers while his cock rubbed against mine. “S-So good Master.”

“One more,” I warn as I add a third finger, watching as his movements slowed as he adjusted to them.

His slick pushes past my fingers as Kalem took them all, his cock dripping onto mine while he panted above me. Studying him, I continue to work my fingers in and out of him, loving how he feel apart at the intrusion.

“Y-Yes!” He moans, continuing his desperate rocking after another moment. “Ah! Ah! Ah!”

It takes a little longer for me to find Kalem’s prostate but when I do, Kalem freezes immediately as he screams out above me. His cock pulsing but not cumming as he rode out his orgasm, his hole releasing more of his slick as I continued to finger fuck the spot.

“Ngh! Master!” Kalem moans as he looks down at me, drolling running down the corners of his mouth as his eyes filled with tears. “I-I need you ughh... i-inside... need you i-inside me!”

Taking my fingers from Kalem, I turn us over so that he’s on his back using his slick to lube myself.

“It’s going to hurt a bit in the beginning love,” I warn, pressing a gentle kiss to his cheek. “I’ll go slowly okay?”

Kalem nods against me and spreads his legs further apart for me, taking his invitation, I align myself in place before slowing pressing into him.

The tears slip from Kalem’s eyes as he looks up from me, bearing down on his lip with his teeth. I slow and pull back, letting him take a few breaths before trying again.

When the tip pushes through I pause, taking the time to not get lost in his warmth or tightness as he bears down on me.

“Relax Kalem,” I whisper through ragged breathes. “Relax.”

Kalem whimpers as he breathes against me, his fingers digging into my skin as I slowly ease inside. Pulling back a little each time before driving forward again.

By the time I was fully buried inside of him, Kalem’s nails were drawing blood from my back. I close my eyes and try to breathe, he was so fucking tight and wet, God he was wet it felt so good.

But I couldn’t move, not when he was still adjusting to me.

“I-I feel full,” Kalem whimpers, squeezing down a little on me before releasing a small moan.

“There’s no rush,” I promise as I pull back to look at him.

Resting on one arm, I brush my hand through his hair, pushing back the ones wet with sweat that stuck to his forehead.

“Master,” Kalem says with a smile that defied his tears, “you’re in me.”

This time I’m unable to stop the laughter, my body shaking from the force of it as I hover on top of a giggling Kalem.

Trust Kalem to make me laugh during sex.

“Kalem,” I start, still laughing, “now is not the time to make me laugh.”

“I didn’t mean to Master, I-I swear,” Kalem says through his own giggles. “I-I’m just happy that you are.”

Leaning down, I press a kiss to Kalem’s lips in hoped that he heard the words I’d say to him soon enough. I kiss him with everything I had, letting him feel just how much I truly cared for him.

“Can you please make me f-feel extra good, Master?” Kalem says against my lips. “I’m ready.”

“Your wish is my command,” I reply through a smirk.

Slowly pulling back, I close my eyes and savour the feel of Kalem as I push back in. His hole welcoming me as I drove back in, Kalem’s breathed hitched and faltered as I thrust in and out of him.

His shaky breaths giving way for moans, and his tense frame relaxing into me as he wraps his arms around me and gave himself to me.

The sounds of my cock driving into his wet hole only spurred me on, the feel of him clenching onto me while he moaned beautifully into my ear making me see double.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” Kalem moans with each thrust, his hard cock rubbing against my stomach. “M-Master!”

“You feel so good Kalem,” I promise as I pick up the pace, letting my hips drive me further into him, deeper into him. “So fucking good.”

The ancient bed groaned and creaked with protest as I lost myself in Kalem, letting my hands roam and grope every inch of him I could find while I lathered his neck with kisses, biting and licking where I could.

Kalem was pliant for me, open and wanting as I continued to fuck my way into him. And Kalem loved it, begging for more, pleading for me not to stop while his nails scraped up my back, searching for something to hold on to.

Sitting up, I grip both sides of Kalem’s waist and watch as I take him the way instincts demanded he’d be taken.

My cock slide in and out of him with ease, his slick coating my dick and his inner thighs and only growing with his arousal.

Kalem was something erotic.

His moans too sweet, his chest lathered with his own cum and his hole too wet. Everything about him called for me to take him, begged for me to have him and own him.

So I did.

I took him in every possible way and watched as Kalem’s eyes rolled back as my cock met his prostate once more. Watched as he cried out while his entire body trembled in my grip, his cock releasing spurts of cum that shot out of his tip and onto his stomach.

“Masdr,” Kalem tries mindlessly as he grips the crumpled sheets on either side of him, his hips rocking in time with mine now.

“Yes love,” I answer as I lean down for a moment to lick a trail up his stomach, lapping at his cup with my tongue as I promised.

“Ssub gjdq!” He tried again, but I couldn’t possibly understand him.

Taking his erect nipple into my mouth, I sub the knob while I continued to fuck my way into Kalem’s needy hole. Loving the way he rolled his hips every time I drove in, only to tighten around me when I pulled out.

“This is why I wanted to wait,” I admit as I pull back to watch my beautiful boy. “So you knew that when this happened it was because I wanted to you, not because I own you. Do you understand that Kalem?”

“Y-Ysde!” Kalem answers through a moan as I approach my own climax.

“I’m going to cum Kalem,” I warn as I tighten my grip on his hips and thrust in a little harder. “Are you ready for me?”

“I-Insuad,” Kalem begs as he reaches for me and I understood what he wanted.

With a few final thrusts, I let myself get pulled off the edge as my balls tighten once more, blurring my vision with black spots. I keep my hips tight against Kalem’s as I moan my pleasure, my cum spilling into Kalem as he came as well with a heady cry.

Resting a hand on his stomach, Kalem tightens himself around me making us both moan I finally fall from my high.

Look down, I watch as Kalem lays limply below me, his cock finally sated and limp as he twitched slightly in his place.

Carefully pulling out, I watch unable to look away as Kalem whimpered gently when my cum immediately came pouring out of him. My cock made a valiant effort to twitch to life at the sight of Kalem claimed with me in the most carnal way.

Pressing a finger to himself, Kalem tries to push the cum back into with a sad whimper that both pulls at my heartstrings and makes my mouth run dry.

“N-No,” He groans unhappily as some slips out despite his best efforts.

I force myself to stop watching the glorious show of Kalem trying to keep all of my cum inside of him and intervene.

“It’s okay love,” I reply as I pull his hand away and watch as the cum trails down his legs making me shiver.

“I-I liek it inshye,” Kalem protest, his words still a mess as his eyes grew heavy and he fought against his exhaustion.

“I know you do,” I reply as I lay down beside him and draw the sheets over us. Pulling him into my arms, I rub his shoulders gently and press a kiss to his head.

Kalem was already dozing off so I continued to press sweet kisses to his head, knowing I’d have to deal with a more awake Kalem that would definitely put up a fight against cleaning the cum out of him in the morning.

I ignore that thought for now and let myself sink into the feeling of having the love of my life, in my arms.

Because that was what he was, the love of my life.


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Have I gotten rusty? Was it enjoyable? Be honest.

I hope you guys liked it especially because you had to wait a bit for it, I loved writing it and I can’t wait to write more sex scenes for these two cause I think Kalem makes them so special.

Anyways, vote and comment as always, it makes me smile!

Until next time,
Byeeeeeeeeeeee Humansssssssssssss

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