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Chapter 18

Kalem’s P.O.V

My lips were pulling up in an extra big smile before I even opened my eyes.

It felt like these days all I did was smile, no matter where I was or what I was doing, I’d always be smiling. Master said that he’d never seen anyone so happy before and I told him I was only so happy because I was with him and that he would’ve seen it much sooner if he didn’t take so long to make me really happy.

Only a little piece of me was scared that Master may think it was rude and punish me, but the rest of me was right to think that he would know I was just trying to tease him a little. Master laughed, he laughed really loud and pulled me into his arms for a hug and kiss that almost made me burst with happiness.

My life was amazing now, even better than amazing, it was... extraordinary and it was like that because I had my perfect Master with me.

So, of course, I couldn’t help stop smiling, I was happy because Master taught me new words like that really big one with the extra in it, and we spent all our time together. And I was really happy because of moments like these, where I woke up in Master’s bed with all of me covered by all of Master.

Two large arms were wrapped around me, keeping me pressed to Master’s firm chest while one of his legs was laying over my own leg, caging me to him. Master’s steady breathes were passing through the ends of my hair as he snuggled a little closer to me.

Since the first night Master took me, we’d been sleeping together every single night. Whether he took me in his room or mine, I always fell asleep right after Master filled me up, but Master never put me back in my bed or returned to his own, so we stayed together.

When I woke up the first morning still in his bed and apologized for not leaving, Master told me to never apologise for that again because he loved having me sleep with him. I loved it too so I made sure not to apologise again.

Master took me every night now.

Every single night Master would take me without fault. He would touch me all over, running his fingers over my skin to make me shiver and open for him. He licked my skin, bit me and tasted all of me while saying dirty words that made me spill over and over. Then he’d put his c-cock in me and he’d make me feel so good before he spilt in there.

It was amazing.

But Master didn’t only touch me when it was night, he did it all the time but never went all the way during the day. And Master didn’t mind when I sometimes touched him too, he didn’t get mad that I kissed him first and asked for more, he just smiled and gave it to me. Master had become much more huggy-kissy these days and I hoped he’d never stop.

Aias was right, waiting was worth it in the end.

I shift a little when I feel Master’s cum leaking from me a little, it only made me smile even more as I peaked up at Master. I bite my lip to keep back any sounds when I find him looking just as handsome and perfect as always.

Master’s face was like something moulded carefully by magical gods in the sky, shaped to be nice in every way and nothing less. Master’s body was amazing too, it was so strong and way bigger than my own. His arms were muscular and his skin super soft, so soft that I couldn’t help running a finger up his stomach.

Seeing him always made my chest fill up with all the joy in the world, it also made my bad parts get excited, but I tried my best not to think about that.

“If you weren’t so clearly supernatural I’d be worried about your insane recovery time,” Master says gruffly making me freeze in my place as he slowly opens one eye to look at me. Master runs his leg against me making me gasp with surprise, I didn’t even realise I was hard down there.

“You’re always ready, aren’t you love?” Master says with a chuckle that only grows when my cheeks heat up. “Hard and wet.” I shiver at Master’s words, they were naughty but it didn’t feel wrong, instead, they made me feel good all over. “I wonder what you’d do if I kept you from coming for an extended period,” Master says thoughtfully, a wicked grin spreading across his features.

I open my mouth but stop myself right before I could offer him a response. I loved all that Master gave me and was willing to try anything he asked, but I knew from my experience in the car that I probably wouldn’t enjoy not being able to release anything for any longer than that.

So I stayed quiet instead.

“How are you feeling?” Master asks seriously, the teasing tone gone now as he palmed my cheek gently. Master’s hand was soft as always and even though it wasn’t the warmest, I loved it anyway.

“Good Master,” I promise while leaning into his touch, I close my eyes to enjoy being this close to Master as best as I could.

“Nothing hurts?” He asks carefully, his other hand gently running down my spine making me arch into his touch. “You must tell me if I’ve been too rough with you love.”

“No, I’m okay Master,” I say quickly. “I promise I’m not lying, I’m okay. How are you Master?”

“I’m fine thanks for asking,” Master says with a playful grin that I quickly return before leaning up to kiss his lips.

It was quick but just as nice as all our other kisses.

Master rolls onto his back taking me with him so that I was laying over him, I wrap my arms around him and snuggle into him. Trying and failing to keep my giggles in while he kissed his way up my neck then to my cheeks.

“I have a little day planned for the two of us,” Master says against my collarbone where he presses his final kiss before resting his head back to look at me. “So we should be getting out of bed and having breakfast...or I guess it’s lunch at this point.”

“A day?” I ask completely confused. “Are we going by Aias and his Malcolm?”

Master’s eyes widen immediately, his body going stiff under me making panic spike all around me as he watched me with a raised brow.

“His Malcolm?” Master asks with the smallest hint of a smile behind his confusion, that made me relax a bit because when Master was smiling things were okay and I wouldn’t be in trouble.

“I-I...ummmm...” My words fall apart under Master’s analysing gaze.

I didn’t want to say something wrong because maybe I wasn’t supposed to share that Aias said that he was the Master in their relationship. But then I couldn’t lie to Master because we couldn’t lie to one another unless it was for a really good reason. Maybe I could tell Master the truth, but what if he told his friend and I ended up hurting his feelings which would be so mean.

“Kalem, calm down,” Master says, his smooth voice pulling me from my wild and building thoughts.

“I don’t know what to do Master,” I say truthfully, my voice turning into more of a whine at the end.

“Would it help if I promised to just keep this conversation between the two of us?” Master asks and I nod quickly, Master offers his little finger so I quickly wrap mine around it and squeeze. “Alright then, tell me what’s this about now.”

“I just meant t-that he was... A-Aias Malcolm because Aias... isn’t like me....and his Malcolm isn’t like you,” I say trying my best to be careful with my words, they were always tricky for me but this was the trickest they’d ever been.

“You’re saying Aias is Malcolm’s Master,” Master replies flatly, offering me a smirk as if he didn’t just read through my tricky words with no problems at all. I nod slowly and Master releases a breath. “I’m quite aware of the relationship they have Kalem, it’s very obvious if you pay the two of them even the slightest bit of attention. Did Aias say that much to you?”

“Kind of,” I reply and Master nods.

“Malcolm’s always liked the subservient role more than the rest of our kind, it’s something that’s always made life hard for him,” Master explains, his features slowly falling as they fill with sadness. “He’s always been rejected by our kind because of it.”

“Why?” I ask with a frown.

“Because vampires are hypocritical pieces of shit,” Master spits angrily making my eyes go wide, Master didn’t really use bad words unless he was taking me so it was a little surprising here him use them now. “Either way, I’m happy the elf is pleasing that side of him.”

“Me too!” I say happily. I didn’t really know Aias’ Malcolm but he seemed nice, he was Master’s only friend and he made Aias happy, even if he didn’t show it, so I liked him. “So are we going to see them?”

“Not today,” Master says as he sits up from the bed, pulling the sheets from around us before sliding off slowly and standing with me still in his arms. I latch onto Master and smile into him when he holds me close to him and takes us to the bathroom. “Today, I’d like to spend some time outside the castle, without any thoughts of Diablos or what you could possibly be.”

“Don’t tell me what it is!” I say when Master sets me down, excitement pouring into me as I tried to imagine what we could be doing with just us that we didn’t do in the castle. “I like surprises, I think.”

Master surprised me a few times with new foods to try or more yellow things and it made me even merrier than usual, so I was almost completely sure that I liked them.

“I won’t,” Master agrees as he leans into the shower to turn on the water. He turns back to look at me, looking almost scary with how serious he looked at me. “Okay then, time to clean you up.”

I hated this part of the day the most.

It wasn’t that I didn’t like being clean, I loved taking showers and baths, and I loved them even more when I got to take them with Master. Everything smelt nice and fresh, and the water was always warm like a pretty waterfall. I loved it all, promise.

What I hated was that cleaning up time was now the time that Master would help me get clean in the morning, making sure all his cum from the night before came out.

I hated that the most.

Master didn’t understand that it felt good to be so full with him when I couldn’t have him in me, that it felt a little naughty but also right to feel his cum trail down my legs. It made me feel like Master really owned me in every way and was having me in a way that I’d never ever let anyone else have.

It was the best feeling in the whole entire world.

I begged Master to let it stay, even for just for a bit of the day, but he always said no. This was one thing he wouldn’t change his mind on, no matter what I said.

So I ran away the first time, Master caught me though so it didn’t make sense trying to hide. I did pop, but then I’d be lonely just being by myself for too long so I popped back, then Master would clean me up.

“Just a little longer today Master, please!” I ask hopefully, but Master was crossing his arms. “After breakfast, please please.”

“Kalem, you know the answer already,” Master says before pushing open the shower door and stepping aside for me. “Come on, the quicker you get in the faster it ends.”

I make sure to send Master my most upset glare, giving him a few seconds to see that I was not happy at all and then enter the shower. When Master tries to get in with me, I put a hand to his chest and shake my head.

“Seriously?” Master asks with a little laugh. “Kalem.” He presses so I fold my arms the way he did. “This is my shower.”

“Well I’m using it right now Master, so I’m sorry but you will have to find another way to get clean,” I say raising my chin but I was still looking up at him, I pressed up onto my toes but that didn’t help either, it just made me wobbly. “I would get clean with you, after breakfast, but you said no to that.”

Master stared at me, clear shock written all over his features as I look right back at him. I wanted to laugh a bit, not only because Master’s face looked a bit funny right now but because I couldn’t believe I was doing this and getting away with it. But I kept myself strong until Master stepped out with his hands raised in surrender and started to fill his bath instead.

“If Kalem three months ago could see you now,” Master mumbles while releasing a breath. “He’d have a damn heart attack.”

I giggle a little at that and step under the water, closing my eyes and enjoying the feeling of the warm water raining down on me. The shower wasn’t as scary as it once was and I loved spending time under this water, it was what I imagine rained to be like.

Aias said that rain was the water that came down from the clouds, he said they were the nature’s messengers and that they’d pass all over the skies watching and following where the soil’s calls led them. He said the clouds would go where they were needed and that they’d release all their water, pouring down what nature wanted all its pieces to feel.

I never saw rain, but I imagined that I’d really like it.


I press my face against the clear glass to Master’s special carrying machine he called a car, it wasn’t that scary anymore because I got accustomed to being in it, I even liked it now. It was fast like Master, except I could actually see the things around us when it moved.

I didn’t know where Master was taking me, but it wasn’t somewhere close to Aias’ Malcolm’s home because we didn’t use the usual rode to get there. We were somewhere completely different now, somewhere that had a lot of buildings and a lot fewer trees.

It was pretty in its own way though, and I couldn’t stop looking out at al the different shapes and sizes of the buildings all around. Someone of them seemed to hide in the clouds, the top of them too high for me to see from the car machine.

There were also a lot of people walking everywhere, people that looked like me and Master but Master said they weren’t because most of them were human. But there wasn’t anyone who looked like Aias which made me smile, Aias was special and I didn’t want to imagine anyone ever looking as nice as he did.

“If for any reason you feel uncomfortable or scared, just tell me and we’ll go straight back home,” Master says from the seat in front of me, his dark eyes meeting mine in the tiny mirror thing he used to spy on me. “You’ve spent little time with civilization so if you feel overwhelmed, you tell me and I take you back home okay?”

“Okay Master,” I say before looking back outside, I liked it when it was just Master and me so I wouldn’t lie about not liking it if I really didn’t.

“If you see a symbol like the one I showed you of Diablos’ followers, tell me immediately,” Master says, his voice tight with quick anger. I nod for him to see and Master quickly continues. “And remember you can’t call me Master out here,” Master reminds me, his words making my smile falter. “Lincoln from the moment we step outside.”

“Yes Master,” I say stretching out the Master a little longer since I wouldn’t be able to say it much longer. Master only laughs from the front as he turns off into a separate road, taking us to the surprise location without another word.

When the car machine stops, Master gets out first before coming for me, I knew to stay in the car and wait since Master liked taking care of me in this way and I loved it as well. I take Master’s hand once I’m on my feet, and stay close to him as he leads me away from the car machine and through all the small roads where people walked.

Looking around, I didn’t know how some people did the walking by themselves and didn’t get lost or scared. I couldn’t even imagine trying to do it without Master holding my hand tightly, and it was extra weird that not one of them wore collars. That meant that these were all bad slaves which only made me more scared because that meant that they were super mean or naughty.

“We’ve got two stops to make today, but I think you’ll like this one much more than the second,” Master says as he walks us through an open gate that leads into a pretty area full of different paths and many flowers. “This is a botanical garden, it has many different types of flowers for you to see.”

I beam up at Master, my fingers immediately squeezing down on his to stop me from getting too excited and popping all over to see it at once. Master had been spending time with me out in the gardens because he knew I loved flowers and I could already see some that we didn’t have at home.

“Am I allowed to give Mas-,” I clasp my lips shut and try again. “Am I allowed to give you kisses here?”

“Please do,” Master says with a smile that I return before jumping into his arms to press my lips to his.

Master’s arms wrap around my waist as he moulds his soft lips with mine, the connections causing sparks to erupt between us. When we part, I show Master my happiest smile before pressing a kiss to his nose, it made his nose wrinkle up before he sneezed a little so I did it again.

Not liking those kisses, Master puts me down but I only take his hand in mine again and pull him towards the nearest flower I could see. When we started to explore, my mind decided to only take in the flowers and nothing else, it was just me, Master and these pretty plants.

And I couldn’t stop smiling as I darted around from flower to flower with Master, my heart fluttering up every time I saw a new one that I didn’t even know existed before today. There were so many different types; purple ones, blue ones, white ones and red ones. They were everywhere and I felt like my heart would die from how happy it all made me.

I kept looking back at Master to show them to him, because they weren’t in his garden and maybe he hadn’t seen them either. Every time I did, Master would smile and tell him he found them nice too, he liked the black ones best of all. Master made sure to help me with the names I couldn’t say, taking the time to teach me how to say them right before letting me go to another.

Never ever ever had I thought that there could be so many different types of flowers, but they were and I just wanted to keep them all forever. And Master even said there were even more in the world which just made me head do its own little pop.

We stopped again in front of a section full of bright green flowers that didn’t really look like flowers from far away but there were. They had many layers coming out of it from the middle and curled out at their edges, I liked them a lot because they felt as soft as they looked.

“Green... chersannmodwm,” I say trying to read the two words off the little piece of wood in front of it, but the second word was way too long and looked a bit made up to me.

“Green Chrysanthemum flowers,” Master corrects, saying the word so easily that it made me look silly. “Kri-san-thay-mom. It is a hard word, so don’t feel discouraged.”

I nod and push down my bad feelings, not letting myself say mean things about myself in my head and trying not to think that a good slave would know that word. Instead, I pull away from the green long-word flower and go to the next, focusing on the pretty flowers and nice smells instead.

Master promised that we could start growing some more flowers like the ones here in the garden, he said that we could clean it up and set it up for me if I wanted. So it was only right that I gave him extras kisses and hugs after that, promising myself to help Master make a big mess in me when we got home.

“Master, I really like this place,” I announce with a smile. “It’s one of my new favourite places in my whole life.”

“I’m glad you like it so much,” Master says kindly and I knew that he really meant that. “But I think that you’re going to like it a lot more when you see that flower over there.”

I turn to where Master was pointing and freeze when my eyes land on a big bed full of large yellow flowers that made me forget how to breathe. I was stuck in my place as I stared at them from my spot, they were tall and bunched together before spreading open at the top in long, yellow petals that were so bright and full that I felt weak. The centre was a dark brown that made the yellow look even brighter.

“It’s called a sunflower,” Master says next to me, but his voice was just a little whisper to be because all I could see was the flower that was my favourite colour which made it my favourite flower. “Do you want to get a closer look?”

I nod but still didn’t move which only made Master laugh. After a gentle push towards it, I let my feet take me over and everything in me came all out when I got closer and before I knew it I was squealing while I jumped up and down on my toes.

“It’s yellow Master!” I exclaim as I lean down to get as close to them as I could. “Yellow!”

“Lincoln,” Master reminds but he was smiling as he watched me try not to melt into the floor.

“Sorry... but it’s a yellow flower!” I whisper shout with overflowing excitement.

“I know,” Master says as he leans over to pluck out one of the flowers, he twirls it in his fingers before he steps a little closer to put the flower into my hair. I try to stay still as Master put it there, but my body couldn’t stop moving and now Master was being extra sweet so it was super hard. “Beautiful,” Master comments as he steps back.

The word made my face go hot so I turned back to all the sunflowers and couldn’t help squealing again as I ran my eyes over them.

Best day ever!!!

When we went all around the garden two times over, Master said it was time for us to go. I didn’t want to go just yet, but Master promised that we could come back again so I didn’t argue. Plus there was a second-place to go according to Master, and I was excited to see that surprise as well.

“Here we are,” Master says as he stops us in front of one of the biggest buildings around, but it wasn’t tall like the others, just fat. “Want to guess what’s inside.”

“Yes!” I cheer happily, narrowing my eyes and staring at the building for a clue. “Is it a castle?”

“No,” Master says, his teeth sinking into his lip to stop his laughs.

“Is it a shoppy place?” I ask instead, Master took me to two different one of those places that had many many things in different rooms, the first time to get me some clothes and the second for me to get Master’s gift. But Master shakes his head no making me frown as I put my hands on my hips and stare up at the fat building, there was no way for me to know what it was.

“You’re not going to get it, so let’s go in,” Master says making me gasp as he pulls me forward.

“That was very rude Mas-... Lincoln, that was not nice Lincoln.” I say behind Master, if we were home I’d give Master a super tight hug until he apologised but I didn’t know if it was okay to do that here.

“Rude...the truth...” Master replies softly, looking over his shoulder to send me a wink that made my body do a shiver thing that made me feel like it was shocked of a moment.

Master leads through the doors that opened on their own, keeping me close as we entered the building that looked a lot bigger inside. We go up the many stairs as slow as everyone else which was so hard, Master carried me most places now and to do it myself was harder than I remembered.

Eventually, we made it all the way up and that’s when I saw all the books.

There were shelves and shelves and even more shelves of books that went on forever, they were everywhere and covered almost every inch of the large open space, and as I looked up, I could see even more levels that were the same as this one.

It was the most books I’d ever seen and Master had a lot of books, but this library had more than Master’s.

“This is a public library,” Master whispers beside my ear as he pushes me forwards, his hand resting gently on my back. “It’s a place where people come to borrow and read all sorts of books. Maybe for their academics, the things they need to study and learn or perhaps for enjoyment like how we read.”

“It’s amazing...” I say mindlessly as Master leads me into one of the columns that had shelves almost touching the roofs. “So many places to clean.”

“There people to do that here,” Master says with a chuckle. “So sadly you can’t come to clean it all out as you wish.”

“Is this where Master gets all his books?”

“Lincoln,” Master reminds making me wince but Master just presses a soft kiss to my cheek. “No, this isn’t a book store, you can’t keep the books here. I collect my own materials, I’ve bought the majority over the centuries or been granted them, during my reading decades I was a bit of a critic and got quite a few sent for my opinions.”

“When you conquer reading, I imagine you’ll finish all the books in my library within a few years,” Master continues from behind me, following me as I reached out my fingers to gently touch the different coloured and sized books. “I imagine one day that you’ll be comfortable enough to come here and try anything that piques your interest.”

“Will Master come with me,” I ask while turning quickly to see Master’s reaction.

“I’ll always be wherever you need me to be,” Master promises as he steps close enough to kiss me, I let my eyes fall to his lips but bring them up just as quickly.

But Master seemed to catch my eyes drop because suddenly a smile was on his lips as he was backing me into the shelf, I tried to swallow as I looked up at Master with my back against the metal.

There were people around and I didn’t know those people so I didn’t want to do anything bad, but my naughty parts were bad and didn’t agree with me. I was already getting hard and a little wet as Master pressed his hands to either side of my head, caging me in for him and only him to enjoy.

“It wasn’t nearly as bad getting out of the castle as I thought it would be,” Master confesses as he gets a little closer. “I rather enjoyed it.”

“I loved it,” I say honestly. “But I loved it because I was with Master... a-and I love Master...I think”

Master freezes at my words, his eyes going super big as he pulls back a bit to look at me. I try not to hold my breath as Master stares at me as if I’d said something crazy, I cover my mouth trying to take it back but it was already out.

“You think?” Master asks carefully and I nod my head then shake it, then nod again because lying was bad.

I didn’t mean to just pop it out but I did love Master and didn’t think I should not tell him.

“I-I never ever l-loved anything before Master.... so I-I don’t know f-for sure... b-but all my h-happy feelings are b-because of Master a-and when I-I feel warm inside, i-it’s because y-your with me,” I say trying and failing to find the words that were most good to make Master understand but not be mad at me.

Master just stared at me, his face not changing and no words coming from him as he just looked at me. I try not to look away because I knew Master didn’t like it when I looked away from him but I had made Master mad so I didn’t know what to do.

I wanted to ask him what I did wrong or why I couldn’t love him if I did, but he was just staring and wasn’t saying anything. Master always told me what to do and helped me figure things out when I was lost, but Master was just quiet now and it was scaring me.

The trainers said we weren’t supposed to feel, to just be tools for pleasure but I had felt and now I was in trouble because of it.

“M-Master?” I try to call but it came out as a whimper instead.

I raise a hand to touch Master but he flinched away as I had hurt him. Another whimper comes as I pull my hand back to my chest and look down, my eyes quickly filling with tears as I tried to make the pain stop.

Everything inside of me was panicking and I didn’t know what to do, I couldn’t turn to Master because he wouldn’t let me touch him and that scared me more than anything in the world because only slaves weren’t supposed to touch their Master’s first.

But Master said I wasn’t his slave, he said I was his K-Kalem...

“Kalem, you need to take deep breathes,” Master calls but I couldn’t understand his words because now my head was so loud and I couldn’t breathe when everything inside of me was hurting so much. It hurt more than the whips and the lashes, the mean words and all the pain, it hurt way more.

Master was mad at me. I hurt Master. Master was upset because of me.

“I’m sorry love, I didn’t mean to pull away.” Master continued, but my heart wouldn’t stop beating so loudly and I couldn’t hear his words. “I was just surprised.”

“Kalem, just look at me.” Master had my face in his hands now but I kept my eyes down because looking into a Master’s eyes was bad and I didn’t want to be bad. “Please look at me love, I’m not mad at you. I promise Kalem, I’m not upset.”

I didn’t want to be bad, I wanted to be good so Master would love me too...

Master took me in my arms, holding me tight to him as he surrounded me in his warmth and rubbed my back in that way that always made me feel safe. I raise my hands to hug Master back but drop them before I could, not wanting to do anything wrong again.

I couldn’t stop myself from crying then, all my tears coming out as I sobbed into Master with my hands at my side. Everything was so confusing and I didn’t know what to do now, I couldn’t hear Master’s words in my head so I felt lost. I wanted to hug him, Master said I could hug him whenever I needed to, but could I still do that now?

“Please Kalem, it’s okay,” Master says, his words still muffled in my head. “I-I’m sorry”

I just wanted to be good.


Legit started crying. A lost and confused Kalem = A wailing Tippy.


It was actually going so well and I thought this would end with some cute ‘I love you’, but then my mind was like... if Lincoln’s as old and fucked up as he seems, would he just throw out an I love you that quickly. And then if he didn’t, Kalem would totally freak out, wouldn’t he?!! And so this happened....

I’m not mad at either, just sad that Kalem’s still struggling so much in this world with emotions and thoughts.

Anyways, vote and comment with thoughts ya know I love to hear them.

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