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Chapter 21

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Lincoln’s P.O.V

When I’d mentally accepted the fact that I’d be receiving a punishment from Kalem, the possibility of the punishment falling under the category of sex had never crossed my mind.

All the possible outcomes my brain produced, revolved around cleaning in some form.

I’d concluded that he’d perhaps ask to clean for a longer period during the day than his usual set time or even continue spreading his love for cleaning to the parts of the castle I’d denied him.

My worst-case scenario was for him to make me clean alongside him.

But it had turned out to be none of the above, in typical Kalem fashion he went in the complete opposite direction, producing two bipolar punishments with my name on them.

“Master you’re making the car move too slow,” Kalem declares from the back seat, drawing my attention to his reflection in the rearview mirror for a split second before I refocus it on the busy motorway. “You have to go faster so you can get your punishment.”

“It doesn’t matter what speed I drive at, you still have to eat dinner before we get to any of that,” I reply, glancing back to find him pouting as he slouches into his seat and looks back out the window with little interest.

Despite the nature of the punishments, I was happy to have Kalem acting like himself again.

It had been a gruelling last couple of days for the two of us, the strain on our relationship a noticeable one that had us both walking on a thin layer of ice. With Kalem feeling so torturously uncomfortable and unsure in his own skin, nothing had gotten through to him, no amount of love or reassurances could bring him out of his own mind.

Nothing until I came to him, from the mindset of a slave, and reminded him of our rules.

It still made me miserable to think of him in that light, but Malcolm had been right, it was the only way to get through to him and it had worked

As disheartening as it was to admit, Kalem’s roots would always set from his past as a slave, tying the stems of his personality to it for the rest of his life. It’d come time for to me to realise and accept that keeping that reality in mine would save us both a lot of heartache in the future.

So, here we were, on our way to carry out my first punishment which wasn’t really a punishment. Neither of them was honestly speaking, but they both made my abandoned spirit twist with displeasure in some form, so I suppose they were serving their purpose.

Kalem had always been the hugger between the two of us, I’d simply grown accustomed to and fond of that constant display of affection from him. But my heart still clamped down on itself when I thought that he’d be refraining from doing so until he decided otherwise.

Perhaps they really were good punishments.

“Master,” Kalem calls, drawing my attention away from my thoughts once more.

“Yes, love,”

“Can I have the crispy meat for dinner?” Kalem asks hopefully, his chest pressing against his seatbelt as he pushed forth in excitement.

“Bacon,” I supply and he gives me a little nod. “I can add it to your meal if you really want it.”

“Thank you, Master,” Kalem says, releasing a muffled squeal as he shifts excitedly in his seat.

“I told you didn’t I, that one day you’d be asking me for more food.” I remind as I take the turn off that lead back to the garage. “I’m glad to see that I wasn’t wrong.”

“Me too Master,” Kalem replies quietly and I sneak a peek into the rearview mirror in time to see his cheeks heat up, taking on a lovely rose shade. “M-Maybe one day I c-can try pizza again.”

My eyes widen in surprise at this suggestion since Kalem had been pretty adamant about his hatred for pizza. It’d left a bad taste in his mouth being the first food he tried outside of that disgusting mush nonsense, and only left a worse impression in his mind since he’d soon after thrown it up.

“Maybe,” I reply with a delicate sense of pride welling up in my chest. “There are many different types of pizza, I’m sure you’ll like at least one.”

“Do you have one you like Master?” Kalem asks as I reach down to scoop up my gate opener from the cup holder.

“When I indulge in eating, I like sausage and green peppers on mine,” I reveal and Kalem’s face crumples at the mention of the new foods. “I’ll have you try those soon enough.”

“Okay Master,” He replies hurriedly as I park the car amongst the rest of my collection. “I hope I like them both too so that if I do eat pizza again, and I like it, we can have something else we both like.”

As I had been doing since meeting Kalem, a smile twists my lips upwards as my chest warms from his innocent words. Kalem’s pure intentions melted my heart within its cage and imprinted themselves into my skin.

“That would be very nice,” I reply, letting him see my smile before getting out the car.

It doesn’t take long before we find ourselves back in the comfort of our home, the quiet expanse welcoming us with its usual silence.

Several months had passed since I’d first brought Kalem here, this forgotten castle that we’d made into our home. The time that’d passed was an equivalent of minutes to my lifespan, and yet there was an unmistakable change in this place since his arrival.
And it wasn’t just how clean the old castle had become, no it was something in the atmosphere. Something full of life and light that had Kalem’s little fingerprints all over it.

Things were changing, the same as I was.

It was almost as if, this lost, ancient castle was coming to life again just as I was now that I’d found my purpose for living. And it, like I was, was ready to exercise it’s original purpose.

“Take your time and clean yourself carefully as I showed you,” I say to Kalem as we stop in the doorway of his bedroom.

“I will Master,” Kalem promises before he presses himself up on his toes to deliver a light kiss to my lips.

“Good boy,” I praise when he settles and he eyes practically sparkle at the praise. “I’ll be in the kitchen when you’re done.”

“Okay,” He says and I leave him to shower.

In the kitchen, I begin pulling out the different ingredients I’d need for Kalem’s dinner and chuckle to myself as I survey the spread.

I’d always known how to cook, and for a decade or two taken the time to learn the bases of the world’s different cuisines. But with time, as I seemed to do with most of my hobbies, I lost interest in the activity. Especially seeing as I didn’t need to eat food to survive, it was really just a waste of time and resources and though I may have an endless supply of both, it didn’t appeal to me any more.

Yet here I stood, centuries later, putting on an apron to make dinner for my heart and soul.

And I wouldn’t change a single thing.

Using my speed, I chop up the vegetables and season the potatoes lightly before putting them all in the oven to bake before placing a pan to heat for Kalem’s bacon. I chuckle at the random request, he had a tendency to crave certain foods at any other time than their usual eating times.

I fill the pan with as many slices as it could take, Kalem’s stomach had become a black hole the second his appetite grew and his tastebuds were reawakened. It was nice to see that his body was no longer outlined by visible bones and his face wasn’t hollowed but full, his cheeks chubby to match the little stomach he’d grown.

It was progress.

“Master, I’m all done,” Kalem announces as he skips into the kitchen with his hair damp and clinging to his skin some places. He was wearing his favourite pyjamas, the white ones which were lined with yellow at the edges and had yellow buttons.

“Just in time,” I reply as I finish the last touches to his meal, plating a few extras pieces of potatoes on it before coating them in a gravy of sorts.

Kalem climbs into his reserved stool at the counter, shifting around until he was comfortable before he took hold of the knife and fork I’d set out for him. I smile when I glance up to find him wearing a determined look while he looked at his meal.

“You’re going to try both today?” I ask with obvious excitement while I reach in one of the cupboards for a clean glass.

“Yes,” Kalem replies confidently. “I think I can do it, Master.”

“I have faith,” I assure him as I pour him some orange juice. “The first step is always trying.”

“And I want to try!” Kalem promises, making me chuckle as I carry the steaming plate and cup of juice for him.

Nodding at him, I set his dinner on the placemat in front of his before pressing a kiss to his forehead, “I hope you like it love.”

“Thank you, Master,” Kalem says as I pull away and shows me the brightest smile I’d seen him wear in quite some time. He looks back at his food and makes a move to dive in but stops right before he can, pinning me in his gaze once more. “Master needs to have his blood.”

“I don’t need it every day,” I counter but Kalem sets his utensils down and folds his arms seriously.

“I’m not eating until Master does too,”

“Technically, it’s not eating,”

“Master,” Kalem groans and I raise my hands in surrender.

“Fine, I’ll get a bag,” I surrender and quickly grab a bag from the fridge before returning to his side, shaking it a little as evidence. “Now eat up.”

Needing no more encouragement, Kalem picks up his knife and fork again, holding it just as I’d shown him before sticking his fork into a potato with adorable aggression. He holds it still and slowly saws it in half with his knife, jumping a little in surprise when it split in half.

“Yes!” He cheers and brings one of the split pieces to his mouth, chewing it happily before he closes his eyes and groans his pleasure.

Laughing lightly to myself, I slide onto the stool beside him and tug at the cap of my blood bag with my teeth before sipping mindlessly at the bag. The usual rush of satisfaction runs over me at the spectacular taste, but I barely notice it, my mind too entertained with watching Kalem conquer the knife and fork for the first time.

I mentally store it away with my other memories of Kalem, the notable ones that never failed to make me ache with laughter or thaw away at my stagnant heart. This memory sat beside the one of Kalem trying to dress himself for the first time, directly in front of the one of him seeing a sunflower.

These gems of him I’d hold onto for all my life.

“Master, I’m full,” Kalem announces despite the sizable portion that was still on his plate.

“Are you sure?” I ask doubtfully and he nods at me with a mischievous glint to his eyes.

“If I eat any more of Master’s good food I don’t think I’ll be able to get naughty with Master for long,” He explains and my brain malfunctions for a second as I stare blankly at him. “I have to be in my best shape for your punishment Master.”


Kalem slides off his stool, taking his plate and wrapping it up before he sticks it in the fridge. He comes back for my blood bag and throws it away before busying himself with the dishes as if he hadn’t said what he just did.

Kalem really was something unpredictable.

I watch with intrigue as Kalem rushes around the kitchen, moving quickly to return it to its shimmering state so we could carry out tonight’s plans.

We hadn’t had sex for more than a week and the thought of having Kalem’s warmth wrapped around my cock made it harden within its restraints.

“All d9ne,” Kalem announces proudly as he looks around at the clean space before he fixes me in his gaze and lust fills his eyes.

With his fingers trailing the countertop, Kalem comes to me in small, slow steps that were meant to drive me out of my mind and were succeeding to do so. It didn’t help that I could practically taste how wet he was under those clothes, the scent filling my nose and senses.

Kalem stops a few steps before me while I turn in my seat to face him, a shiver running up my spine as my toes graze the cold tiles beneath me.

My eyes climb up his frame like my fingers would, taking in every inch of his soft skin and smooth curves before settling on the bulge pressing against his silk, pyjama bottoms.

“You’re hard,” I state as I watch his erection grow the more I fixate on it, a reaction that had me wearing a smirk in seconds. “And I haven’t even touched you yet.”

Kalem whines gently but he doesn’t say anything, just shifts from one foot to the next as he slips his hands behind his back as if to present himself for me.

He was panting slightly now, his heart racing with anticipation while he looked up at me and swallowed. My eyes dart down to watch his Adam’s apple bob in his throat, the sight especially enticing to the part of me that wanted to bite him.

“Take off your clothes Kalem,” I find myself instructing as I lean against the counter and watch.

Without any hesitation, Kalem begins unbuttoning his shirt. He takes his time as if to tease me, wear me out and I let him.

It added to the fun.

When all his buttons are loose Kalem slides the shirt off his body and rests it on the counter. Revealing two hard nipples I wanted to lick and expanse of skin I would explore thoroughly, with my fingers, with my tongue and with my teeth.

“Touch yourself,” I direct and Kalem doesn’t miss a beat.

Drifting shy fingers down the length of his body, he palms his cock, releasing a strained moan of satisfaction as looks me in the eye and squeezes himself.

My cock pulses and my patience fractures at his mercy.

Knowing just how much he turned me on, Kalem smiles playfully before he slips his thumbs into the sides of his bottoms and pushes them down.

My mouth runs dry when he straightens to reveal a lack of underwear.

Kalem was completely naked, his cock standing hard and proud while precum dripped from the tip and his slick ran down his thighs.

There were no more games to be played from that point.

Before I could fully comprehend it, I had Kalem up against the wall with my body pressed roughly against his while I took his lips with savage hunger.

Kalem moans beautifully into the kiss, his soft lips moving with clear intent against my own while I plaster his hands beside his head. He gives himself over as always, eager to please and so undeniably erotic with his needs.

Kalem had learned how to kiss, no longer shy in his efforts as he moulded his lips to mine. Now, he kissed like he was starved for it, desperate for all the parts of me he could get and it never failed to thrill me.

The taste of him was addicting and I wanted more.

Sinking my teeth into his lip, Kalem whimpers and rolls his hips to rub his cock me. He parts his lips on a moan and I let my tongue greet his, the contact causing sparks to erupted in every cell of my body.

Our tongues dance with familiar, heated movements that makes Kalem moan and whimper, twist and turn as he gives his all to me. And I do the same, give him everything, the need, hunger and lust running through my veins, letting myself fall victim to his touch.

When our lips part, I pull back to look at my boy and can’t help the deep rumble that comes from me at the picture I find.

Naked, Kalem licks hesitantly at his swelling lips, wetting them while he looks up at me with those gorgeous hazel eyes that were begging for more. He was still moving his hips, searching for more friction and pleasure while his precum poured begging to be swallowed along with his cock.

“Do you want me to touch you Kalem?” I ask feigning innocence as I tighten my grip on his wrists and look down at his weeping cock.

“Please Master,” Kalem begs with a whimper that had my blood pulsing.

“Would you like it if I stroked that hard cock of yours?” I press as I watch his squirm beneath me.

“Master,” Kalem pants desperately

“You’re already so close, aren’t you?” I tease as I release his wrists to wrap one arm around his waist while I use my other fingers to rub against his wet entrance.

“Y-Yes Master,” Kalem admits as he rests his hands on my shoulder, pressed on the edges of his toes he continues to rut against me. “S-So close ngh!”

“If I pressed a single finger in, you’d cum,” I tell him as I continue to tease him and he whimpers. “Hold it for a moment love, I want to taste you when you do.”

Slipping down to my knees, I grip Kalem’s ass firmly with both hands and run my tongue up his shaft. I repeat the actions several times before I finally take his cock into my mouth.

“Ahhhh!” Kalem moans as I work him over with my tongue, swallowing as much of him as I could while relishing in his rich taste. “M-Master, ahh... m-mess!”

Closing my eyes, I suck on his tip and swallow when his cum comes spurting out. Kalem’s entire body trembles with his pleasure, his orgasm rushing through him while moans continued to escape his parted lips.

Enraptured with his sweet cum, I hollow my cheeks and suck him harder while I run my tongue beneath the underside of his cock.

“Master!” Kalem moans desperately but I don’t let up, only taking him deeper. “Too much ughh M-Master !”

I let my right hand slide down between his legs, wetting my fingers with his slick before pressing the first finger in.

“Ahhh!” Kalem moans as his weak arms give way and he bends over my shoulder.

I hold him steady and slide the single-digit into his wet channel while his throbbing cock continues to fill my mouth. Thrusting the finger in and out, I quickly fall in love with the sounds his wet channel made while I fingered him.

Determined to drive my boy completely insane with pleasure, I suck him in opposition to my fingers, pulling my mouth off his cock when I drove my finger black inside of him.

Kalem moans and cries, begs and pleads for more and more as he reaches a hand back to spread his ass for me.

“A-Another please nghhn M-Master,” Kalem begs as he pants over my shoulder. “Please Master.”

I oblige, pressing another slick finger into his hole I use the two to attack his prostate. Driving them in and out of him, I can’t help but moan around him as he cries out with pleasure.

“Uh! Master!” Kalem whimpers as his legs begin to give way. I pull myself away from his cock with reluctance and sit back onto the floor properly before I help him settle in my lap, with my fingers still inside of him.

Straddling me freely, Kalem wraps his arms around my neck and holds on tightly while he grinds down on my fingers.

“Good boy, Kalem,” I praise as I meet his movements with my own, fingering him at an even faster pace.

“Master’s boy,” Kalem adds making me smile.

“That’s right Kalem,” I say pressing a kiss to his shoulder blade, “you are all mine,” I promise as I spread his ass with my free hand before adding a third finger inside of him.

“S-So good Master,” He pants beside my ear as he holds me even tighter. “It’s so gooddd.”

I thrust my fingers a little deeper and Kalem shudders for a moment as he cums again, a small cry pulling from him as he squeezes down onto my fingers.

When Kalem settles once more, I ease my fingers out of him and pull him back enough to see his face.

“You just can’t help yourself can you love?” I tease as our lips brush against one another.

“N-Need Master,” Kalem replies desperately, one of his hands reaching down to palm my cock.

My eyes squeeze shut at the feel of his small, thin fingers running over my straining erection, a groan leaving me quickly.

“I need Master inside,” Kalem presses as he begins groping me. I quickly place a hand over his to stop myself from cumming on the spot.

“Let me undress first love,” I practically beg as he looks at me with a small pout. “Then I’m all yours.”

With obvious reluctance, Kalem slides off my lap and settles in the space beside me while I pull myself to my feet.

Kalem stares up at me the entire time I strip, not taking his eyes off for one second while he watches me discard item after item until I’m completely naked.

A joyous smile pulls at Kalem’s lips the second he lays eyes on my erection which he makes jump slightly as he crawls towards me.

Dear Father have mercy...

Kalem nuzzles his face into my crotch, inhaling deeply before he slips his tongue out for a taste.

“Mhmm,” I groan as I rest my hand in his soft hair, holding him in place as he continues to tongue my shaft with eagerness. “Just like that.”

Holding the base of me with one hand, Kalem draws back to lick at my tip and the image he made here on his knees, tonguing me, was almost too much

“If you keep... ahh fuck,” My words fall apart as Kalem wraps his lips around my head and sucks on it with wide eyes fixated on mine. “You’ll make me cum if you keep that up.”

Kalem lingers for a moment before he pulls away with a regretful sigh. “I want Master inside first.” He says, offering no place for arguments.

“As you wish love,” I reply with a smirk as I lean down to pick him up.

Kalem giggles with amusement as I set him on to his feet, but it fades as I turn him to face the wall.

“Hands on the wall,” I whisper into his ear as I press myself up against him, Kalem shudders but listens.

He places his hands on the wall and leans back to rub his ass against my cock. I watch it slide between his ass, too turned on to look away and miss how his own slick lubed up my cock.

When I was dripping with him, I press a hand to the wall and lean over him, covering his body with mine while I licked a path up his neck.

“I’m going to fuck you now Kalem,” I whisper into his ear and he pushes himself back against me even more. “And I’m not going to stop fucking you tonight until that pretty cock of yours goes soft.”

“Please Master,” He begs as I slip my free hand down between his legs to stroke him.

“Ask for it properly love,” I encourage while I speed up my strokes.

“P-Please ahhhh... please... f-fuck me M-Master,” Kalem begs so I lift my chest from his back and draw my fingers away from his leaking cock.

Stroking his slick over my cock once more, I press my tip to Kalem’s entrance and slowly push in.
I watch the entire time as Kalem relaxes enough for me to breach him, his tight heat making my teeth grind together.

Pushing back a little, Kalem swallows my head with a whimper before he lets the rest of my length slide inside.

I keep a firm hold of Kalem’s waist as I move in slowly, not wanting him to take more than he could handle in his excitement. He doesn’t fight me when I take control of the pace, just focuses on relaxing as best as he can.

“You’re doing good love,” I praise him as I pull out some before easing back in.

I repeat the process with exhausting patience until I’m completely buried inside him, his warmth tight and perfect around my cock.

“Relax love,” I whisper through my teeth while I watch Kalem clench and unclench around my length.

After a few minutes of slow, careful thrusts Kalem’s breathing settles and he begins to moan with pleasure.

Throwing his head back his nails dig into the wall as he begins to meet my steady thrusts with his own movements.

“Feeling good love?” I ask as I watch him crumble, still wanting his vocal approval before I picked up the pace.

“Yessss,” Kalem moans readily so I tighten my hold on his hips and pick up the speed.

I’d give him all he ever wanted tonight




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