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Chapter 22

DOUBLE UPDATE PART 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kalem’s P.O.V

Master digs his fingers into my sides and begins pounding his thick cock into me.

Master was so rough and it felt so good, that it forced me onto my toes as I took all that Master would give to me.

“So tight,” Master growls in that low voice that made me leaking all over him, it was so sexy.

I hadn’t had Master inside of me for so long and now that he was finally back where he belonged, it felt better than anything in the whole world.

“M-More,” I beg as I push myself back on Master’s length that was filling me so good. It kept hitting that spot that made light spark before my eyes, that good spot that was deep inside.

Master moans and takes me even faster, resting one hand on my and the other on my waist to keep in place while he used me.

“Ung! Nuh! Ah!” I moan with every thrust as Master thrusts in and out of me.

I let my head fall forward and my back arch as drool slips past my lips, Master using me giving me the best pleasure.

But it felt so good because the way Master used wasn’t like a slave, it was in the way he’d only do with me.

The thought made me squeeze down on Master as I push back to meet him, feeling myself drawing closer to that sweet place again that made me feel good all over and made things come out.

“That’s it, love,” Master grinds out as he continues driving his cock into my wet hole. “Make me cum,”

“Ngh! Ahh! Ahhnnb!” I cry out as I squeeze down and my legs begin to feel a little wobbly again.

But Master keeps me up and in place for his cock, making me feel better and better with every thrust until I was right on the edge.

“Cum with me Kalem,” Master says into my ear and I have no other choice but to do just that.

My eyes squeeze shut as I cry out my pleasure, that good feeling spreading all throughout me and settling on my hard part where all my cum was coming out.

It felt so good and only got better when Master thrusts a few more times before he stops and fills me with his cum.

On the edges of my toes, the good feeling starts again as I feel Master fill my insides while he presses his chest to my back. It was all too much; Master’s rushed breathes against my skin, Master’s thick cock pressing inside and his cum filling me.

I couldn’t stop making a mess.

When I open my eyes, I look down at the floor and find myself barely on my toes, my legs shaking in front of Master’s strong ones. My mess was on the floor and Master’s was dripping from my hole where he was still buried inside.

I squeeze down extra hard on Master, my heart happy and full at the sight of his cum dripping from me because that meant that he gave me a lot.

“Not satisfied?” Master whispers against me. I watch as his fingers circle my hips to take hold of my cock. I whimper in his grasp as he squeezes it and strokes it before releasing a heavy hum from his chest. “Still nice and hard.”

“Hard for M-Master,” I answer as I watch him continue to touch me.

It felt naughty to watch Master touch me so freely while he was still so deep inside of me, but that’s what made this feel even better.

“That’s right, you belong to me and I to you.” Master agrees and I smile a little with happiness. “Ready for more?”

“Yes Master,” I answer before he even finishes his words.

I thought Master would turn me around or take us to bed, but Master doesn’t do that. Instead, he pulls me up until we’re both standing tall again and then takes hold of both of my thighs and lifts me up.

I go up with a squeal of surprise as Master spreads me open and I arch against him. Not knowing where to put my hands, I twist them back to grab onto Master’s arm muscles.

“Enjoy this love,” Master says before he lowers me back down onto the rest of his cock.

But in this position, Master slid into me even deeper than usual and before I even knew it was coming again, I was making a mess.

Master doesn’t stop, even through my extra good feeling, he just keeps thrusting his hips into me while he lifts me up and down to meet his thrusts.

My eyes roll back as I hold on to Master with all my strength while he takes me over and over again. It was the deepest I ever had Master inside of me and it made the good feeling come back every time he pressed all the way inside of me.

“S-So nghh.... uhg!....goodd!” I try but I don’t know if my words came out right.

“Cum as much as you want,” Master says into my ears while he fucks me like he said he would. “You look so pretty when you cum.”

Master’s words make me whimper and my neck heat up, his warm breath against my skin only making me shiver even more.

Master keeps whispering taunting, dirty words into my ears while he uses me in the best way and I let myself enjoy it all as much as I can.

I made a mess three more times before Master came again while inside of me and put me back down on my feet but I couldn’t stand.

Master catches me before I fall and turns me in his arms, holding me tight against him. I look up at Master with dazed eyes as our still hard parts rub against each other and Master’s cum runs down my legs.

“If I don’t take you to bed soon, I might end up taking you on the floor,” Master says gruffly while he palms my cheek.

I lean into his touch and moan happily at the thought of Master bending me over and taking me while I was on my hands and knees.

“Kisses Master,” I whisper and Master doesn’t waste a second to press his lips to mine.

I loved when Master gave me kisses because they made my heart go floppy and my stomach feel all happy inside.

Master’s mouth was soft and as Master rubbed his fingers against my hole, I opened my mouth to taste more of Master.

Master groans as our tongues meet and I let my fingers play with his hair a little since Master promised me that that was okay. So I turn my head a little for more and kiss Master even harder.
Master’s naughty part pulses against mine so I know I’m doing it right this time.

“Seriously love,” Master says through the kiss. “We’ll end up on the floor if don’t get you in bed right this second.”

I pull away wanting to be a good Kalem for Master, even though I wanted more kisses, and Master smiles down at me.

Picking me up, Master takes me to his bedroom and lays me down on his big bed that I slept in most times.

I crawl back as Master follows me as if I was something he was hunting, it made me leak a little more down below.

“I want to try something with you,” Master says when he’s directly over me and I’m looking up at him.

“Anything Master,” I say honestly but I don’t think that was the right thing to say because he looked a little sad.

“I know you mean it love, but don’t be so quick to agree to things,” Master says gently and I knew he was being kind because he was trying to teach me something. “It’s okay to say no to me.”

I listen to Master’s words and try to think on them as best as I could since I knew Master was being serious.

I couldn’t think of a single thing I’d ever say no to Master about, but it wasn’t because I was willing to anything for Master, which I was. It was mostly because I knew Master would never ask or make me do anything mean or harmful.

Master was nice and kind.

“Okay,” I agree and Master nods happily. “What is it? I want Master back in me.”

Master chuckles and kisses me quickly before he climbs off the bed and heads to his large dresser. I watch Master move and grip the sheets to stop myself from touching myself.

Master’s body was really amazing.

He was tall and long, but he had muscles all over that made him look even sexier. His back was also really broad, so much that I could barely wrap my arms around it.
But the best part of Master wad that his chest had hair on it like his legs and arm and it made him look so strong and manly... it also made me leak a lot.

Master pulls open a drawer and takes out a black, wooden box from it before he comes back to me. It wasn’t really a big box but it wasn’t small either, it was a good size.

“I got some items or rather... toys for the two of us to use,” Master explains as he rests the box down on his nightstand. “I picked the ones I thought you’d like and I’ll introduce them all to you with time, but only two for tonight.”

I try to peak into the box but Master blocks me from seeing with his body, winking at me from over his shoulder.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, I bite my lip to stop from begging, scared that it may upset Master and that he’d put the toys away.

“The first one is rather tame,” Master says as he shuts the box and turns back to face me with a piece of cloth in his hand. “I want to blindfold you.”

“But I won’t be able to see Master,” I reply and he smiles.

“That’s the point love,” He explains as he unfolds the dark blue cloth. “Without your sight, your other senses will be heightened and things will be more intense.”

When I frown, Master tries explaining a different way.

“You should feel even better with me inside of you,” He says make my interest peak.

I did like it when I felt good and Master wouldn’t hurt me. It was a little scary, the thought of being in darkness since I had so many bad memories with the dark but maybe... maybe I could make some good ones with Master.

“Okay Master,” I say after a moment and he studies me. “I want to try, i-if I don’t like it I just have to say so right?”

“Right,” Master agrees.

“Then I want to try,” I say firmly and nod a little to be extra sure.

Master leans down and kisses me softly, so softly that everything inside of me melts and my toes curl with pleasure.

When Master leans back, he lets me see his perfect smile and slips the cloth over my eyes.

I take in a breath as everything goes dark while Master tries it behind my head, I couldn’t see Master anymore just feel him leaning over me. But when Master finishes and pulls away, I’m left sitting in what feels like an empty space.

Twisting the sheets in my fingers, I tell myself to just breathe calmly because Master was still here with me even if I couldn’t see him.

I gasp when Master runs a finger down my chest, the digit moving slowly and lightly down my skin before it pulls away. Holding my breath, I wait for the next touch but it doesn’t come. When I release the breath, Master runs his large palms up my thighs making me moan.

Master wasn’t do anything special, just touching me and yet it felt like he was doing so much more.

Panting gently I try to stay still as Master continues to tease me with surprise touches and caresses until I’m dripping from my naughty parts.

“Ah!” I moan out when Master’s teeth sink into my left nipple while his fingers pinch the right. It was rougher than his other touches had been and the difference made things feel even better.

Master licks at my nipple and pulls away, leaving me panting and wanting for a minute or two before he does the same to my other nipple.

“Master,” I moan when I feel myself nearing the edge, all his touches combined making me want to mess again.

But Master seemed to hear that in my voice because he stopped his secret touches until I was away from the edge and it just throbbed.

That’s when Master pushes me back onto the bed, helping me to the centre where he positions me with my legs open while I held myself up by my arms.

When I’m the way he wants, Master draws his hands away and watches me. I could feel his eyes on me, touching me and taking me all in from wherever he was. It made me shake a little as whimpers left me every time my cock strained for Master.

Master doesn’t touch me any more for a while, but it felt like if he was touching me all over.

“You’re dripping,” Master says making me realise that he hadn’t said anything since he put the cloth on me. “Your cock is drenched in its own precum and you’re so wet below me cum is coming out.”

I don’t say anything, not knowing what I could even say with my cheeks heating up.

“I guess I’ll just have to fuck you some more,” Master says roughly and I moan while my hips shift slightly, my hole clenching at Master’s dirty words. “But first...”

Master’s words trail off and he reaches over and rubs two fingers against my hole. He gets them wet before he shoves both fingers inside me and begins fingering me roughly.

“Nhg! Ahh! M-Master,” I moan as Master parts my legs further with his other hand and continues using me.

My hole was making a wet sound that sounded so loud now. It was all I could hear, the sound of Master’s fingers thrusting in and out of me amongst all his cum.

“Master,” I beg as he curls his fingers to rub that special spot that made things spill again from my cock. “Ahhhh!”

I shake in my spot on the bed as I try thrusting my hips up for soMething while I came but Master keeps me down and keeping fingering me.

When I settle back down from the good feeling, Master’s still taking me with my fingers and it makes my head go blank with how good it all felt.

Master keeps going, keeps making me cum over and over until my stomach has all my cum on it and I can’t say my words properly anymore.

I can’t do anything but feel.

Finally Master takes his fingers out of me and I whine from the loss as I tremble in the place Master put me in.

“Good boy Kalem,” Master praises and my cock pulses, it was still hard and I still wanted Master inside of me again. “You’ve been so good for me tonight.”

“Mahswt...pledse,” I beg as Master gently pushes me onto my back.

“I know love,” Master replies as he presses his cock to my hole before he slides all the way in. “Mhmm.” He groans when he’s always inside, stopping to wrap my legs around him.

My breathes were coming in short, desperate pulls as I adjusted to having all of Master buried deep inside me. The feeling somehow stronger than usual when I could only feel his weight over me and not see him.

Master pins my hands above my head with one hand and begins pounding into me again.

I lie still for Master, unable to do anything but take everything Master fave me and it was better than anything I ever imagined.

Master was rough and fast as he moved inside of me, pumping his hips harder and harder into me while I continued to make messes between us. And he kept saying all sorts of naughty words to make me moan and cry out for him.

It was amazing.

“Do you hear that love?” Master asks into my ear before he sucks on it making my entire body and soul tremble. “The sounds we make together when I’m driving my cock into your wet hole.”

“Yhwna!” I moan and Master chuckles a little.

“You’ve cum so many times and yet you’re still hard,” Master teases as he sucks on my throat. “You drive me insane.”

The bed moves and groans with Master and I, the sound of wood splintering coming and going but Master doesn’t stop taking me.

“Ahgh! Ngh! Uh..ghy!” I didn’t know what sounds I was making, all I could do was take and take all of Master.

“I’m going to cum love,” Master warns as he picks up his pace making me draw to the edge again. “I’m going to fill you with my cum, just like you wanted.”

A sob pulls from me at Master’s words as I press on my toes wanting it so bad.

Master pushes me back down with a moan and pounds me until he’s cumming into me again. My eyes roll beyond the cloth as I fall over the edge one last time and make a mess with Master again.

My body shakes against Master’s as he breathes roughly against me, sounding just as tired as I was becoming.

My naughty bit finally goes down and I feel a little sad that this had to stop, even though I was so full and tired now.

Master sits up and untied the cloth, I blink a few times and look up with heavy eyelids to find Master’s eyes red and his fangs down.

“Mahhu,” I call as I reach for him.

Master lets me pull him down for a kiss, so I lick his fangs the way he liked it and moan when his hips slam into me instinctively. I keep licking and Master keeps pounding until he pulls back with a groan.

“Enough,” He growls and I lean up for more. “I’ll bite you Kalem,” Master warns and my heart jumps.

I knew Master was a vampire and I knew Master drank blood. I had blood but Master never used mine.

I wanted Master to use mine.

I pull Master back down with strength I didn’t know I had and by how big Master’s eyes went, he didn’t know either and I lick his fangs again.

Master snarls and tries to pull away but I wouldn’t let him go as he began to lose his control and stopped fighting me. He moaned and groans as I kissed him and moved my hips a little for more of him.

Then I brought his lips down to my neck and Master hovers for a moment before he sinks his teeth in.

I cry out with unfamiliar pleasure as Master sinks his fangs into my skin completely and sucks greedily.

It was something different and little painful, but it felt mostly good....really good.

Master pulls away too soon though, escaping my grasp and holding me down as he pants heavily above me, his lips slightly red.

“You shouldn’t have done that,” Master pants and I roll my hips. “Kalem.”

I don’t say anything back because I didn’t think that I could and stop moving.

“I haven’t drunk from a person in decades, that could’ve ended badly.” Master scolds so I look away. I didn’t want Master to be upset at me, I just wanted to have him in that way too.

“I don’t want this night to end on a sour note, we can talk about that tomorrow,” Master says with a sigh and he leans down to kiss me softly. “How about that second item now?”

My sadness immediately flips to excitement as I look up at Master and he chuckles. Leaning over he opens the black box and pulls something out that I didn’t recognise.

“This will keep my cum in you and stop it from slipping out,” Master explains as he eases out of me. “It’s called a butt plug.”

When Master out of me, he carefully slips in the second toy and I squirm a little when I feel the heavyweight settle in me.

It felt nice and nothing was coming out, so I decided that I liked Butt Plugs.

“Let’s go to sleep now love,” Master stays as he lays down next to me and pulls me into him.

I go easily and hold onto Master, and even though this was kind of a hug, I don’t say anything.

“Kalem,” Master calls softly.

“Mhhmm,” I hum sleepily.

“I love you,”

My eyes pop open a sit up to stare at Master. Master smiles up at me with that perfect, kind smile that he’d given me since the day he saved me.

Tears fill my eyes and my lips begin to wobble as I stare at my Master with a heart ready to burst in my chest. It was hard to breathe now with the words I wanted to hear from Master now out in the open.

“M-Master loves me?” I manage to ask after several tries, but Master waits for me to get it before he nods, his smile softening as he reaches up to palm my face. “Really l-loves me?” I ask, leaning into his hand.

“I do,” Master says and something deep inside warms to life for the first time and I felt like I could explode from inside with happiness.

“I-I love Master,” I reply and he nods again. “With all m-my everything.”

“I love you too Kalem,” Master says and I hug him again. “With all my everything.”

I sob into Master and he holds me tight to him, with whispered promises of loving me forever and ever and never letting me go. I believed every one of them as I cried into him, feeling so happy and grateful inside to be given a Master like mine.

My Master.... my Lincoln....


What a chapter.... wheew. Whatever Kalem is, that species got one mad sex drive lol.


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Thoughts on the ending? A lot happened, ‘I love you’ was shared and Lincoln finally bit Kalem but not in the like mating way, just blood way and another piece of Kalem’s species was revealed.

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