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Chapter 25











Kalem’s P.O.V

“Aias,” I call as I look up from the book he’d given me. “What’s a mermaid?”

“That’s not what you are little one,” Aias replies with an easy chuckle from his seat across the room.

“But what are they,” I press, hoping he’d tell me.

Aias had given me this book to read to see if anything inside of it sounded like me. I was getting really good at reading, so good that I could look for what I really was on my own.

I only had to ask him for help sometimes when the words got too big or the person who wrote it were using normal words in a strange way. Aias said those people were just trying to be smarter than they were.

Which was a little sad. But right now, I wasn’t really sure if my reading was that good because this book said that these people had tails and lived underwater.

They were like fish-people and I didn’t think that was real.

“They’re a species that survive in saltwater,” Aias explains as he lowers his book for me to see his gold eyes.

I thought Aias’ eyes were the prettiest eyes in the entire world. They were like those special gems that Master kept in his special wardrobe that had all his nice things. I loved looking into his eyes so much, and when I told Aias that, he turned red.

“They, like every species, come in many different forms. However, they’re rarely seen, they’re a private kind,” He says fondly as if he related. “‘Mermaids’ are in all realms with the proper conditions for them to live.”

“What do they look like?” I ask as I lean over the edge of the couch with interest.

“Like you and me, when they come up for air,” He says vaguely, his voice smooth and his words flowing liken a gentle stream. “But when they’re in the water, they’ve got tails where our legs are and their true image is revealed.”

The way he said that sounded scary so I don’t bother asking what a true image was, instead I ask him, “Have you ever met one?”

“No little one, elves aren’t very fond of many species beyond their own kind,” Aias replies making me frown a little.

“But you like your Malcolm,” I say quickly and he laughs in that way he always does when I call his Malcolm, his.

“An unwelcomed exception,” He replies but his smile was there.

“And you like Master,” I say and his smile vanishes immediately to be replaced by a smug look.

“That is a gross oversight of emotions on your part Kalem,” He says as he eyes me. “Your Master is only tolerated by me because of you and ‘my Malcolm’.”

“What about me?” I say finally and Aias’ eyes soften a bit. “You like me right?”

“I love you Kalem,” Aias corrects and my heart beats a little faster. “Not in the way you love your Master, but in the way that counts.”

Climbing from the couch, I drop my book and run over to hug Aias. He catches me in his arms with sweet laughter that made me feel fuzzy inside almost as much as having a friend who loved me did.

“Would you still love me if I turned out to be something bad?” I ask into his neck as he rubs my back.

“There is nothing bad in you little one,” Aias replies in his serious tone that he used to use when I called myself a slave. I hadn’t heard it in a while, but it still made me be quiet quickly. “No matter what blood runs through your veins, there’s no changing what’s in here.” Aias presses his finger to my chest as I lean back to look at him. “Okay?”

“Okay,” I agree and my smile spreads before I could stop it and I wanted to hug Aias all over again. “I love you too Aias, in a friend-way.”

Aias laughs at my words but doesn’t scold me or tease me as he sets me down before standing up.

“We should get started on dinner,” He says and I hum in agreement. I take a fistful of his shirt and walk with him as we leave his Malcolm’s study.

Master and Aias’ Malcolm left two days ago to go meet a vampire clan that Master said would help us if things went right.

I didn’t want Master to go, but I knew it was what he had to do so that one day I could have him with me forever.

Master explained to me all the things he planned to do, to make this world safe for me and him and our love for each other. I didn’t want to be a bad Kalem and complain when he tried to make it happen.

But even being as good as I could be, I really missed Master.

I missed waking up in Master’s arms and giving him his morning kiss, I missed getting ready with Master while he gave me hugs and kisses.
I missed watching Master make breakfast and having him read me stories. But most of all, I missed just having him close.

I felt like a piece of me was gone, and it was hard to make the rest of the pieces work without him close.

“Hey now, what’s this face about?” Aias asks suddenly, when I look up I realise we didn’t walk much from the study. Aias was standing in front of me, crouched down to meet my level with an inquisitive look on his face.

Inquisitive was my word of the week, I used it four times so far.

“I miss Master,” I say honestly because lying was bad and Master didn’t like it when I lied to him, so I knew Aias wouldn’t either.

“It’s only been two days,” He comments with a sad smile but I shake my head.

“It feels longer,” I whine, biting my lips to keep it from wobbling. “It feels like forever and I hate it.”

“You were all smiles when he was leaving, I didn’t think it would bother you so much,” Aias says honestly and I bring my eyes to meet his patient ones.

“I did that because I would’ve cried if I didn’t,” I reveal as I twist a little on my feet, “Master would’ve stayed if I cried and I didn’t want to make him feel bad.”

“So you feigned being alright,” Aias whispers in understanding before he straightens himself and rests his hand on my shoulder. “That was very brave of you little one, considering all you’ve been through. I’m sure your Master would be very proud to know you were so strong.”

“You think so?”

“Oh yes,” Aias says as he begins to walk, leading me with a gentle hand. “You’ve grown so much, he would have no choice but to be proud of you.”

A bit of my sadness clears to make room for the flood of happiness that invades my chest. When Master was proud of me, happy with me; he’d smile and tell me how much I meant to him, how good I was for him.

Sometimes he’d give me rewards, I loved all Master’s rewards especially the ones he gave in bed.

“And I’m sure, he’d be even more proud of you if when he came back I told him you were nothing but good.” Aias carries on making my eyes widen. “That you helped me with our research and waited patiently for him.”

“I can be good, p-patient,” I say quickly and Aias smiles at me as we walk down the large, spiral staircase.

“I’m sure you can, so no more long faces alright?” I nod quickly and his smile grows. “Think of this as some Aias and Kalem time, I don’t get nearly as much of it.”

I lean over to hug Aias’ waist as we continue to descend. “I’m sorry.”

“There’s only one true way to make it up to me, and that is to have as much fun as you can with me until your Master returns.”

“Deal!” I say quickly. Aias’ smile, when he was happy, was almost as beautiful as his eyes, I loved to see it.

It doesn’t take long to get to the kitchen once we make it to the bottom of the stairs. I didn’t know my way around his Malcolm’s home but, he did so I followed closely.

It was so different from Master’s castle. It was much smaller but also not as dark inside since it was above the ground. There were lots of windows so sunlight came in and lots of indoor lights to make it bright when it got dark outside like it was now.

The kitchen was nothing like the kitchen we used in Master’s castle, this one was bigger and everything was white and silver and super clean, since I cleaned it this morning.

“What are you making?” I ask as I head for a seat at the nearby table, but Aias grabs my arm and turns me around.

"We are going to make a common elven dish,” Aias says with an expression that almost dared me to challenge him. “I think you’ll like it.”

“What’s it called?” I ask as I stand by while he gets the different ingredients out of the massive fridge.

“When translated, it’s called ′The trees’ leaves’,” Aias says fondly. “In my realm, we work around our natural foundation, and so all elves have a palette that favours natural produce.”

“I don’t like vegetables,” I say with a frown while my eyes track him laying out only the healthy stuff.

“You’ll enjoy this,” He assures me but I didn’t think I would. “Rinse these for me.”

I take the bowl full of cabbage and tomatoes to the sink and pick up the soap. “No, just water no soap,” Aias says taking the soap away from me before I could squeeze some out.

“Okay,” I say with a frown, I didn’t get how it could be clean if it didn’t have soap but maybe that’s how they did it in Aias’ realm. “Tell me more about your home.”

“Like what?”

“Anything or everything,” I answer quickly, hoping that for he would indulge me since we were alone, “anything you like, I want to know more.”

“Alright,” Aias agrees and I bite my lip to keep in a squeal of excitement.

Aias rarely spoke to me about his realm anymore, he did when we were in chains together to comfort me after a beating, but always soft so softly I almost missed his words. When I asked for more now, he’d always say no because his Malcolm and my Master could hear him which he didn’t like.

But they weren’t here now so he had no excuses!

(A.N - A group of elves in my books is called a Troop or Band and a colony/pack/clan of them is called a Kin - I’ll do an Elf 101 soon)

“Where I live, it’s in a valley between great mountains that breach the skies,” Aias begins, his voice turning ethereal as he spoke. “There creatures of all kinds that live in the valley, breathtaking in every way and a sight to behold, if they let you witness their beauty. My kin lives in the centre of the Valley, on the river’s path”

“You live in like boats?” I ask with a frown, I didn’t know you could live on boats.

“No young one,” Aias replies warmly as he begins to dice all the clean veggies I laid out. “The castle was built around the river’s path, it flows through the inner workings and boats are used to pass through. The castle itself is higher up the river’s path, closer to the peak but the rest of my kin is littered along its path.”

“That sounds so nice,” I say as I stop the water with nothing left to wash soaplessly.

Aias was smiling fondly down at the yucky plant food as he continued to cut them slowly, and I knew his smile wasn’t because of the food but because of the things he was probably remembering of his home.

I had images in my head of his home, they came together like a puzzle piece as Aias told me more details. With purple skies, animals and colours I couldn’t imagine and now a castle on water, it seemed magical to me.

“It is nice,” Aias replies as he rests his knife down and looks to me, his golden eyes glowing so brightly my heart thumped a little faster. “And that’s just my kingdom between one valley. The rest of the planet is a wonder of its own, Ythene’s realm is even bigger and better.”

“I want to see it,” I whine and he chuckles as he escapes the dreamy state he fell into for a moment.

“Perhaps one day you may,” He replies and I frown quickly because he said before that no elves were allowed inside. Aias seemed to pick up on my thoughts because his smile changed a little, “I’m quite influential over there, I don’t imagine it would be too hard to change the law.”

“Influential?” I ask with a bit of frustration because I didn’t know this word.

“It means that I have a bit of power, I’m ranked highly should I say,” Aias explains but his eyes darkened as he spoke and his lips turned downward.

This wasn’t a topic he liked to talk about.

“We’re straying from making the meal,” Aias says firmly closing the door on the subject of his world and past. I wanted to say sorry but I didn’t know if that would help, besides, Aias was already taking out pans and powders for dinner. “There’s some fruit in the fridge, pick what you like and begin to cut it into small pieces. As small as you can.”

“Fruit and veggies?”

“They can make an intoxicating combination,” He replies with a smirk that I could tell probably made his Malcolm want to do naughty things, because that was the smirk Master gave that made me want to do naughty things.

I wondered if Masters were born with those faces to torment their Kalems and Malcolms.

Opening the fridges two big doors, my mouth falls open when I look at all the many vegetables and fruits that filled every row, draw and space. It was all the things Master said made me healthy and more, it was scary.

“Do you not eat meat Aias?” I find myself asking with what I think was horror.

I couldn’t imagine not eating the crispy meat ever.

“Only if I catch it myself,” Aias replies and it takes me a second to realise he meant that he killed what meat he wanted to eat. “Otherwise, I find the taste unsatisfying.”

“Poor Malcolm,” I mumble under my breath as I pull out some apples and pears, then a few mangoes and peaches.

“Grab a lemon or two as well please,” Aias requests but it sounded like a command, most of what Aias said sounded like instructs he expected to be followed.

I didn’t think he even knew he was doing it.

“What does your Malcolm eat, or drink?” I ask as I close the fridge to find Aias’s slightly confused face as he heats two pans with oil. “There’s no blood,”

“He keeps it in a separate room,” Aias replies as he mixes the lays the vegetables out on a long board before he begins to douse them with different powders and herbs. “Malcolm drinks a copious amount.” Before I can ask he quickly fills in, “it means abundant.”

“Master drinks a lot too,” I say as I begin to cut the apples, sneaking in one or two pieces in when I dared.

I couldn’t help it! Apples were the best!

“Has he had yours?” Aias asks carefully and I hesitate a bit on the answer, not knowing how he could react.

“Once,” I say and quickly look up, expecting to find anger but Aias was still calm as he rubbed his seasonings into his vegetables, one at a time. “I made him and he wasn’t happy about it.”

“Understandably,” Aias replies making me whine softly, I didn’t want Aias to scold me too, Master already did that. “There are different types of bites a vampire can give outside of drawing blood, it could have done something irreversible if he wasn’t careful.”

“Like what?”

“I trust the vampire will tell you when he returns,” He replies making me groan, Aias only laughed. “Until he does, avoid it young one.”

“Okay,” I agree sadly.

I liked when Master bit me, it felt really good and it made me feel closer to Master than I ever did before. It was more than just the physical, it was something deep inside that made me feel like if Master and I, in that moment, were one together.

My head became so loopy and it drifted into a different space that felt thin and empty, it felt like peace and happiness. It was like I found a safe space while Master took from me what he needed and it was bliss.

I loved it.

So much that I wanted to do it again, forever, but Master had been pretty clear that he wasn’t going to bite me again for some time. He said he needed to think about what that would mean for him, for me and us, so I didn’t fight him on it... even though I really wanted to.

“Does your Malcolm drink from you?” I ask and Aias shakes his head immediately as he puts onions to simmer in the low-heated pan.

“That isn’t a privilege I see my Pisen earning for quite some time,” He replies, his lips turning up gently with amusement.

Aias and his Malcolm confused me sometimes, but they seemed happy - even if Aias never admitted it - so I was happy that Aias found him.

“You eat another apple slice and you won’t have any for the meal young one,” Aias scolds making my hand freeze a few inches from my lips with the small chunk of green apple.

My face burns as I put it back down and force myself to keep cutting up the rest of the fruits without taking some more pieces for myself.


I watch with sleepy eyes and a full tummy as Aias continues to scan his way through the stacks of book that surrounded him.

It was the time Master usually put me to sleep, so I was tired but didn’t want to sleep alone, it scared me. Aias had given me a nice big room but I couldn’t be inside of it without remembering the night I woke up in it and Master was gone, so I stayed on the wide couch in the study.

The dinner Aias made was better than anything Master ever gave me and even after three plates, I still wanted more but my body said it couldn’t take more. It was like every flavour exploded in my mouth and made a home in it each time I took a bite, I loved it.

I made sure Aias knew how good it was and made sure he rested while I made everything clean again, it was the best way I could say thank you and he hugged me after which made me happy.

Aias told me to go to sleep, but I couldn’t sleep long without Master, so I followed him to the study and watched him while he tried to figure me out.

I didn’t think we would ever find out what I really was. Master, Aias and his Malcolm looked every day as much as they could and never found anything, no matter how hard they tried. There was nothing close to what I seemed to be and that scared me because special things were usually treated as bad things.

I didn’t want to be special, that always led to pain and I was tired of hurting.

Sleep takes me slowly and quietly, bundling me up in its warmth and whisking me off to a land that had purple skies and pretty people like Aias.


My eyes pop open at the loud thud that comes from Aias as he drops a heavy book down on the table before him. The sudden sound pulled me from my deeps and made my body jerk in surprise and fear.

“This is a waste of time,” Aias groans to himself as he swings one long arm out, sending the rest of the books crashing to the floor.

I must’ve made a sound because Aias’ sharp eyes shifted to me and the look in them sliced through me like a poisoned blade. It made my heart freeze and my breathing halt as I looked at him.

Pulling my blanket closer to me, I try to hide behind it while I tried to take in the scent of Master on it to calm me. But it wasn’t working, I felt frozen under Aias’ gaze, prisoner to him at this moment and that scared me.

His eyes soften suddenly, the Aias I knew coming to the surface before he looked away.

The tips of his ears with twitching with frustration and his jaw was clenched tightly together as he folded his arms across his chest as if to cage himself in. I knew he wasn’t mad at me, not really, but I still felt a little bad because it was about me.

“I’m sorry Aias,” I whisper.

“It’s not you that’s angering me Kalem,” He replies as he pushes his chair back and begins to pace. It worried me to see him like this because Aias was always so cool and collected, calculated and controlled, never... erratic. “It’s me.”

“You didn’t do anything wrong,” I say as I lower my feet to the ground, my fluffy yellow blanket slipping down to my waist at the movement. I bury my fingers in it for comfort and squeeze.

“No,” He admits, but he was still pacing and his words were still stiff. “However my potential negligence of this situation could be.”

I didn’t understand what Aias meant and he knew that, but he didn’t correct it for me.

“Aias, what’s wrong?” I ask wanting to make it better, to make him smile again. “Aias.”

“I have an idea, no, a suspicion of what you may be,” Aias reveals and though his words first brought me joy, it quickly withered away because Aias was still pacing and he didn’t look happy.

“I-Is it something b-bad?” I manage after trying to swallow many times, it was hard with how fast my heart was racing.

I was scared and I wanted Master.

“It can be,” Aias replies honestly before he releases a twisted laugh that made my skin crawl. “It has been in the past, that’s why we eradicated the species.”

My body began to buzz gently, in that way that it did before I popped and I could feel that I was on the edge of doing it. Everything in my body told me to hide or run, to get away from Aias and anyone who wasn’t Master. But this was Aias, Aias would never hurt me.

Aias was my friend.

“Reviling in my fears, I’ve been negligent to my kin, my kind and my realm... to you,” Aias says as his feet suddenly come to a stop, his back facing me. “But I must know for certain.”

Times slows down in my mind when Aias turns around and looks at me with golden eyes that seemed to burn now with nothing but cruelty and hatred. My lungs burned as instincts came to life and demanded I escaped, but my heart was too torn inside to move with how Aias looked at me now.

Aias’ face twisted with pain as he came at me was the last thing I saw before something dark took over every fibre in my being.

Master, help me.....


You will know what Kalem is SOOONNN I promise!!!!!


I liked seeing some Aias and Kalem time, though it did end really badly loool. I don’t think Aias would really hurt Kalem like that but ya never know.

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