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Chapter 29

Kalem’s P.O.V

Standing at the front door of Aias’ Malcolm’s home, I try to keep my feet on the ground but I couldn’t help but bounce up and down every time I thought about why I was waiting here.

It was because Master was coming back today.

I squeal a little as I jump off my feet completely, unable to keep my happiness inside, my body was too small to contain it all. When Aias looks at me with a look of amusement, I bite my lip to stop any more happy sounds from coming out of me until I saw Master.

Aias was excited too, I knew he missed his Malcolm a lot even if he didn’t say it, he was just better at keeping his emotions inside than I was, especially his happy ones. It made sense that he could because he was taller than me so his body was bigger and could keep more inside of it.

It’s been exactly four days since Master left, I counted, and though I always tried to be good for him over the phone, I missed Master very, very much. I felt sick inside without seeing him and I couldn’t stop myself from crying whenever our calls came to an end and I couldn’t hear his voice anymore. But even so, I’d made sure to be1 good while I waited and now Master was finally coming back.

Another sound escapes me but I don’t try to stop it anymore, I knew what my body could handle.

Even though I was super happy, I was also a little nervous because now that Master was coming home, Aias would tell him and his Malcolm what I was.

I was still trying to understand how I was an angel and a demon and an elf, it seemed like too much and I didn’t want it all. I just wanted to be Kalem and nothing else, I didn’t want Master to think of me differently when he found out what I did. Aias said that he wouldn’t, but he wasn’t my Master so there was no way to know for sure.

But even with the way my tummy bubbled with nerves, I was too eager to see Master too focus on my worries.

“When will they be here Aias,” I whine after another minute passes without any signs of Master.

“I don’t know young one, they didn’t give us a specific time,” Aias says patiently, “That’s why I suggested waiting inside.”

I pout and turn back to face the long driveway that leads up the house, the minute Master’s car turned the corner at the end, I would see it and he would see me waiting for him.

I couldn’t wait to be in his arms again.

When Master finally arrives, it’s not from the driveway like how he’d left a few days ago, instead, it’s out of nowhere. Master’s car pops right in front of the house with no warning, making me scream out in surprise and pop onto Aias who didn’t even flinch - I was learning how to pop without making everything go stop around me.

When my eyes focus on Master, Aias’ Malcolm and Mr.W in the car, I force myself to let go of Aias who was holding me calmly. The second Master steps out of the car that had just somehow done pop on its own, I find myself running down the stairs so I can get to him.

“Master!” I greet happily as I run to him with my biggest smile, “You’re back!”

Master uses his speed to meet me halfway with a smile of his own that was bright and pretty. He picks me up suddenly and gathers me into his arms to hug me tighter than he ever had before. My entire body vibrates with joy and contentment, as I wrap my arms around Master’s neck and my legs around his waist, trying to hold in my happy squeals as I melted into his arms.

Nothing felt better than being with Master.

I bury my face into his neck so I could soak in the scent of home and love that I’d missed so much.

I’d been sleeping in Master’s clothes the last few nights so I could feel like I was sleeping with him around me, but the scent that lingered on his shirts was nothing like the real thing that made me feel all tingly inside.

“Master,” I whimper happily as he groans into my ear.

Leaning back, Master presses his full lips to mine and kisses me deeply, making my entire body light up from the contact. I moan into the kiss, wanting a hundred more like it to make up for all the ones we missed while we were apart.

It was a deep kiss and full of love, so raw and real that it made my chest ache inside for more. Master doesn’t hold back, kissing his way into my mouth until I open for him, allowing him to have a taste. He sucks on my tongue and nibbles on my lips before kissing me gently and doing it all over again.

I giving him all I can, kissing him back with all the want I felt while he was away. Masters hold on me tightens to the point that it hurt a little bit, but even that felt right, so I soaked it in, never wanting him to let go of me ever again.

“I missed you so damn much,” Master breathes out against my lips the moment we part. His dark eyes flick up to meet mine and I smile when I see them full of his love.

“I missed you too Mas-,” I stop myself for a moment, feeling like that wasn’t right for right now, “I missed you too L-Lincoln.”

I was only a little scared to use Master’s name but that went away immediately when Master’s smile turned so happy it hurt my chest to see it.
It also made his eyes flare with something mixed between the look he gave me when he was really happy and the look he gave me in bed, I absolutely loved it.

I feel my smile grow even bigger and kiss Master again before I tuck myself into his neck, not wanting him to put me down.

“Let’s go home,” Master whispers against my neck where he was kissing, I begin to nod eagerly but stop when Mr.W clears his throat, bringing our attention his way.

I look across to find Mr. W sitting on the top of Master’s car with his legs folded beneath him and his face in his hands as he watched Master and me with a pleased, naughty look.

I didn’t know how I felt about Mr.W.

He was the reason why I went through that horrible time where Master didn’t touch me even though we both really wanted it and it made Master upset with me. But I knew inside that it wasn’t really his fault, I agreed and he didn’t force me to do anything.

But still, I found myself glaring at Mr.W just a little bit.

“Before you run off to have sex, shouldn’t you all talk together first.” He says with a raised brow. “Last time I checked, there was news to share on both sides to share, including the fact that there will be a whole clan of vampires coming here in the following weeks.”

Master releases a frustrated groan as if he’d forgotten about everything else but me, but still, he nods in agreement.

“You’re right,” Master grumbles with clear annoyance, “Malcolm, are you good t-”

Master’s words stop as he turns to face Aias and his Malcolm, I turn my head as well to see what caught Master’s tongue and my eyes go super wide when I do.

Aias had his Malcolm pinned to the front door with one hand around his neck and the other digging into his hair. He was giving him super rough kisses, as if he hadn’t seen him in a really, really long time.
His Malcolm was moaning beneath him as Aias used his larger body to keep him plastered to the door, showing the most need than I’d ever seen him do before.

It was like he was trying to eat his Malcolm.

“My eyes, my fucking eyes,” Master grumbles uncomfortably.

“My dick, my fucking dick,” Mr.W says in a soft purr, “I could cum.”

Master turns away to not look, but Mr.W and I keep watching the pair attentively.

I bite my lip to stop myself from saying anything naughty because even though Aias was my friend, what I was watching was making my body react in ways it should only react for my Master.

“Master,” Malcolm whimpers through Aias’ possessive kisses.

Aias stares at Malcolm with a heated gaze I’d never seen in him before, and something in the air shifts all around us as Aias’ golden eyes seems to burn with lust. But it all suddenly washes away when he turns to face the rest of us as if just waking from a dream.

A super good dream I’d say.

His face turns very neutral as he slowly steps back from his Malcolm, but doesn’t withdraw the hand he had around his throat while kissing him.

“I assumed you left,” He says simply, his tone came off a little annoyed but also very unapologetic.

I look to Master to tell him about how I’d used my word for the week but quickly bite my lip to stop myself, thinking this probably wasn’t the best time.

“Thank the Fucking Gods I didn’t,” Mr. W says as he licks his lips hungrily. “I feel reenergized, that shit was hot.”

(A/N - See what I did there, with the fucking gods lol, I’m amazing)

“Let’s head inside,” Master says in a clear effort to change the subject, “the quicker we talk, the quicker we can leave.”

Aias nods sharply before looking back at his Malcolm who was still staring at him and looking very, very dazed.

“After,” Aias whispers through clenched teeth before he releases Malcolm’s neck as if it suddenly burned him and rushes into the house.

Malcolm glances to us for a second before he follows after Aias and disappears into the house as well. Mr.W hops off the top of the car and follows after them with a slight skip to his step before Master takes us inside after them all.

Turning me to look at him, Master offers me the softest smile, “How have you been love?” he asks while gently stroking my cheek with his free hand.

I lean into his touch and hum my pleasure at having his loving touches back, “I’ve been good Master. I missed you a lot, but ask Aias, I’ve been good.”

“I’m sure you have,” Master replies, his smile growing and his eyes flickering with care, “but I want to know how you’ve been, emotionally.”

I gnaw on my bottom lip as I think about what to say. After what happened with Aias and me in the library, things had become a little strange for me. It was hard trying to understand all the new things Aias was telling me about myself.

It still scared me a lot to think about telling Master and that fear only grew as the moment drew closer and closer. I think my biggest fear of them all, was having him not love me anymore because he didn’t like the bad parts of me.

Just thinking of having to live without Master made me wanted to crawl in a hole and sleep forever so I wouldn’t have to face the pain.

“I had a lot of fun with Aias,” I start before trying to find the best words, “but things got scary for a bit.”

“Scary?” Master repeats, making a concerned face.

“It’s not anymore, not really,” I reply but Master frowns as if he didn’t understand me completely. “I’m okay now Master.”

“Okay,” He says, relaxing a little bit, “if you’re okay, I’m okay.”

Master’s words felt like sunlight on my skin after a long day in a cold room, it made me light up inside. “I love you so much!”

Master smiles widely and kisses me again, “I love you too Kalem, more than I think either of us knows.”

“How was your trip Master?” I ask just as we enter the library.

“Well you’re about to find out,” Master says as everyone else sits down.

Master heads straight for a free armchair and sits down with me in his lap. I turn my body enough to see everyone, but keep myself tucked up in Lincoln’s arms, not wanting to be anywhere else.

Lincoln. I felt a little naughty calling Master by his name but it was just in my head and Master seemed happy when I said it out loud, so it was okay, right?

“Alright let’s get this over with, I’ve been stuck with these two for far too long,” Master grumbles, the hands he had on me tightening a little.

“Please, as if you didn’t enjoy the ride, you smiled more than twenty times - I counted.” Mr.W says with an amused smile growing on his face while he looks down at us all. He was sitting in the small dip of one of the large, circle window close to the roof which made me wonder how he could climb things so well.

“Twenty times,” Aias repeats plainly, “congratulations on acquiring double digits.”

Master scowls unhappily at them all but doesn’t reply, instead, he takes several, deep breathes before speaking again.

“What did you find out about Kalem?”

The words make my heart start beating painfully against my chest as it tried to escape this conversation.

“Kalem,” Master says gently, his eyes searching mine for answers.

“I think it would best for me to explain,” Aias interjects but Master doesn’t look away from me, even as he nods his head slowly.

“In normal circumstances, I would not share this information as it involves details of my realm, but Kalem’s situation is not a normal situation.” Aias starts, his face turning pinched. “For his safety, it’s best to give you all the details, but what I’m about to tell you is not permitted to leave this room or be repeated in the company of anyone else,” Aias says, his voice turning deeper suddenly, a little threatening. “It must stay between us.”

“Okay,” Mr.W agrees quickly, his bronze eyes glowing with intrigue.

Aias scans his gaze over him, Master and his Malcolm before it settles on me. I take in a small breath of air and lock inside before nodding.

“Kalem is a Nyphilim of Ythene’s Realm,” Aias says into the air, sounding strong and confident as he announced the title proudly. “He is elven, and his both an angel and a demon.”

Silence fills the room as everyone takes in Aias’ words on their own, everything was quiet except the loud thumping from my chest.

It takes several cycles of mentally telling myself that Master loved me for me to gather to courage to look up at him.
His eyes were no longer on me but Aias and they weren’t mad or angry, they just seemed open. Though the way his eyebrows pulled together a little, I could tell that he was confused as I had been.

“Elven,” Master repeats just as Aias’ Master asked, “Angel and Demon?”

Aias’ Malcolm glances across at Master from his position on the floor next to Aias’ feet before he looks at me. His eyes weren’t judgy or scared, they were kind and became even softer the longer he looked at me.

He sends me a discreet wink and smile that makes my heart slow a little, I smile back.

“Answer the elf part first,” Mr.W says as he climbs down onto one of the bookshelves, “Kalem doesn’t have pointed ears or sharpen teeth as you do. His eyes are hazel, not gold and his ears aren’t pointed. Plus, he smells entirely human.”

“Elves have the ability to take on different forms,” Aias provides after a moment as he looks at me, “with practice, one can nurture a new appearance as a second form. But it takes a great deal of energy, so it’s not largely practised.”

“So you’re saying this isn’t what Kalem really looks like?” Master asks, his words said carefully as they left his lips.

“It is, to an extent,” Aias provides, frowning a little. “I believe this is his second form, he’s bound in it by elven magic that isn’t his own. Whoever hid him in this realm went through great measures to keep him hidden.”

Again, quiet settles over the room but this time Aias fills it readily.

“I suspected for some time that Kalem was a Nyphilim. I didn’t say it immediately because I wanted to know if there were other Nyphilims in realms that weren’t my own. I wanted to be sure before declaring him something that would put him in danger,” He says with a soft sigh, his fingers in his Malcolm’s hair tightening before he explains further.

“Throughout my realm, there was a great push by all elven kind to eradicate the Nyphilims species entirely. We believed that it was successfully across all margins, but when Kalem started to perform traits of the Nyphilim breed, I began to think that perhaps we didn’t.”

“Eradicate,” Master says slowly, his body tensing beneath mine and I could almost feel the power flowing from him as he turned on his defensive mode.

Master’s defensive mode was super distracting.

“To all elven creatures, Kalem is a threat,” Aias says as he looks at me, but his eyes were only filled with love. “It is known by all that if a Nyphilim has been identified, a legion must be gathered and the Nyphilim killed immediately.”

“But Aias doesn’t want to kill me,” I say quickly when everyone started to grow a little tense. “He isn’t going to do any of that.”

“I am not young one,” Aias confirms with a smile I return tenfold.

“Wait, I feel like I’m not understanding something,” Master says with a deeping frown, “Not that I want you to do any of that, but why aren’t you? And why is Kalem’s kind such a threat if he’s elven, why is his species hated so much?”

Aias continues to pet the top of his Malcolm’s head affectionately while he tries to gather the best words for this situation. I knew it was hard for him because he wasn’t allowed to tell outsiders about the elven realm, it was forbidden and he could get in a lot of trouble if it was found out.

Aias was risking a lot right now, but when I tried to tell him maybe we could find another way, he said we were friends and that it was worth any risk to make sure I was safe.

“Ythene crafted the Nyphilims before any of her other creatures, they helped her forge the many sectors of our realm. When the rest of elven kind came to be, the Nyphilims were meant to keep the balance throughout all species in our realm, they were the peacekeepers and death’s reapers,” Aias explains before licking his lips, “They’re many worlds in our realm, many prides and many species, all with different ways of life.

The realm is exceeding old and after centuries of witnessing the realm’s inhabitants grow only to fall, the Nyphilims decided amongst themselves that change needed to happen.

Their change, in the beginning, was helpful and seen to be needed at the time. They nurtured our magic and helped perfect species relations. It didn’t take long for the realm, as a whole, to make leaps and bounds in all fields when we all operated as one entity - elven.

However, it is said that the Nyphilims’ control began to play into areas it shouldn’t, areas they weren’t needed and weren’t supposed to interfere with. Things like population control and cultures, they were killing the young for species they believed were too plentiful and changing practices within certain colonies to feed their model of Ythene’s realm.

It fed too much into their other half, their darker, demonic traits and slowly, they forgot their foremost roles. There was no more reasoning to their killings and the lands became nothing but bloodshed and darkness.

A revolution came to play, the Nyphilims against all elven creatures. We lost so many to their power, billions died from their hands and billions more would’ve if Ythene didn’t step in.

In every elven pride, every colony and every species, Ythene awarded the best of her warriors with a weapon forged with the same power she used to make the Nyphilims.

We killed them all.

The role of peacekeepers and death keepers were reassigned to the best-suited members of every species and peace and nourishment has been prevalent throughout the realm ever since.”

I could feel everyone’s eyes on me, and I knew they were all looking at me through new eyes. Eyes that were showing me as a mean, terrible person, as if I suddenly represented everything Aias just told them about my kind.

I wanted to tell them that I wasn’t like that in any way, that I was just Kalem but I couldn’t because it would be a lie. I was one of the people Aias spoke about even if I didn’t want to be. So I bite my lip to keep myself silent and stared at my fingers that seemed so small now.

“I think one escaped with Kalem and ensured that he was hidden here on Earth by what I hope was the last of that Nyphilim’s power,” Aias adds gently, but I keep my eyes on my shaking fingers. “Kalem is very young for a Nylphim, his age in elven years would put him as a babe during the war, but whatever magic was used to bind him in this form, bound his growth as well.”

“So he’s not eighteen?” Aias’ Malcolm asks.

“I’d say that he is slightly older in terms of the years he’s actually lived consciously,” Aias supplies easily, “But the war was centuries ago, he’s actually much older, he simply wasn’t necessarily conscious for them.”

“So what, he was asleep for centuries?” Master asks disbelievingly.

“Entry to and from Ythene’s Realm is closely monitored. Our advancements as a society with the Nyphilims and post-war have been massive and we can travel between worlds very easily,” Aias says sounding so proud of his people I had to smile a little. “We no longer use the type of transport that would require actual time to pass between journeys, and so it’s not monitored. I’d say during the height of the war someone who cared deeply for Kalem escaped the realm that way.”

I close my eyes and try not to think about Aias’ words too much. The only people who ever cared about me were Aias and Master, it made feel sick things inside to think that someone who cared about me left me in the slave house.

I knew now how bad the slave house had been. It wasn’t a home and they weren’t nice people, they were the worst type of people who did bad things every day to people like people, people who didn’t do anything wrong.

Before Aias came, every day there was full of sadness and so much pain. Aias and Master would never ever leave me somewhere where I wasn’t happy because they cared.

I open my eyes when I feel two large hands encircle my trembling ones to hold them tightly. Master pulls me back to him with his arms around me and kisses my neck softly, “It’s okay love, I’m right here.”

I focus on Master’s whispered words of love and try not to let myself cry as his love seemed to pour into me from every angle, even ones I felt inside my soul.

“I think that’s enough for today,” Master says a little louder to everyone.

“We’ve barely scratched the surface,” Aias protests, though he sounded exhausted.

“As that may be, I think that’s enough for Kalem today,” Master replies a little more sternly.

“N-No, it’s okay Master,” I say, trying to be good for him but my words were shaky, “I’m okay.”

Master stays silent for a moment before he kisses the place he bit all those weeks ago so gently it made my eyes glossy, “It’s okay not to be Kalem.” He whispers for only me to hear.

“I am,” I protest despite myself.

“Well, I’m not,” Master says and when I look at him, I find him making a sad face that makes me smile a little despite my tears. “I’m not, so is it okay if we go home, for me?”

Clenching his fingers with my own, I nod and lean into him. Master stands with me still in his arms, letting me hide my face in his neck, not wanting to look at anyone when my eyes were so wet.

“When he’s ready, we’ll come back to continue,” Master promises while he strokes me back soothingly. “Malcolm, tell Aias about how things went on our side and if you wish elf, you can carry on telling them without us.”

With that, Master leaves the room and in the next moment, we’re in front of his car.

Master doesn’t put me in the backseat, he slides into his seat with me still clinging to him and shuts the door behind us.

“It’ll be okay love,” Master whispers gently, holding me close to him while still rubbing up and down my back with his loving hands. “I’ve got you.”

Master continues to whisper words of love and support, kissing my cheeks and neck like I was something precious to him. I try really hard not to cry too much, but the tears wouldn’t stop and I couldn’t let go of Master when he was being so nice and perfect... and nice.

“I love you. I love you, Kalem. I love you so very much.” Master repeats the words over and over like a perfect song that filled me with so much joy I cried harder.

Master loved me. Master cared about me.

“I want to go home. Can we go home?” I manage after some time.

“Of course love, let’s go home,” He agrees before kissing my neck one last time.

To my surprise, Master still doesn’t put me in the back, he puts me in the seat next to him and buckles me in. When we drive away, he keeps his free hand on my lap, his fingers tightly intertwined with my own.

“This doesn’t change anything Kalem,” Master says after a few minutes on the road. “You’re still my Kalem and I’m still inexplicably in love with you.”

I was elven, and I was bad and good. I was nothing like the Human Kalem Master knew, but he still said he loved me.

Even with everything he just heard about how mean I could be, he still said he loved me.

“Thank you,” I say in a happy sob that made Master look across at me worriedly. I was crying again but these were happy tears, not the sad ones. “Master and Kalem forever?”

Master’s worry falls away and he chuckles a little as he looks back at the road. With one hand on the steering circle, he lifts our hands and presses a long kiss mine, “Master and Kalem forever,” he confirms with a sweet smile.

I press a kiss of my own to Master’s hand to seal the promise and hold our clasped hands to my chest to calm my heart down.

“Master and his Kalem,” I whisper softly to myself, unable to contain the smile on my face.

Lincoln and his Kalem, forever.




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