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Chapter 30

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Kalem’s P.O.V

I watch, with my face in my hands and a smile on my lips, while Master cooks dinner with his usual ease.

Master’s large frame took up most of the area in front of the stove, making him bend his head sometimes when he needed something from the fridge or cupboards. He moved swiftly around the familiar space, his eyes lifting every now and again to offer me a smile that made my heart go poof!

I’d missed my Master so much.

We’d been home for only one day so far since Master returned with Aias’ Malcolm and Mr.W, and we hadn’t parted from each even once. I knew I loved Master very much and I knew how much Master meant to me, but being away from him showed me just how much I really needed him.

It was like everything became so easy and simple when I had Master with me.

Since we were finally together again, I felt like not spending all the time I could with him, it was a big waste not to and I didn’t want to waste all the special times I had with Master. I wanted to be with him always, to make him as happy as he made me, so we could be happy together, forever.

Master was my forever.

A happy sound escapes me without my permission while my legs kick out beneath me, my body too full of all this joy for me to keep it all inside. Master glances at me from over his shoulder, his expression teasing and amused while he looked me over.

A shiver runs down my spine from having Master’s dark eyes on me, it made me hot with lust and full of embarrassment that made my ears run hot too. I’d been making more and more strange sounds ever since we came home, and each time I did, Master would smile his teasing smile.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this happy,” Master comments as he turns back to the sizzling food that smelt so good, it was some type of meaty food, but I could tell that it wasn’t my favourite - bacon. “Not even when you’re cleaning.”

I laugh a little at Master’s words, wanting to say something smart like Aias always did, but I couldn’t think of anything so I just told him the truth instead, “it’s because you’re home and you still love me.”

Master’s smirk turns soft at my words and I almost wished that I hadn’t said them, but Master and I didn’t lie to each other so I knew I wasn’t wrong to share them. I knew Master loved me always, but I’d been so so scared that being something that was mean and dangerous, would take Master away from me... take his love away from me.

But it hadn’t, Master was still all mine to love and keep and it just made me so happy that I couldn’t stand it.

“I’ll tell you as many times as you need to hear it, love,” Master says as he stops to give me all of his attention, “I’ll love you always, no matter what.”

I squeal again and pop myself over to Master to give him the tightest hug I could, Master jerks a little in surprise but just laughs as he hugs me back and kisses my skin wherever he could. When I remember the food, I manoeuvre myself onto his back and hang on, watching over Master’s shoulder while he continued to cook.

“You popped without stopping time,” Master comments with a hint of confusion to his words.

“It happens sometimes now,” I explain as I burrow my nose into Master’s shoulder so I can inhale his scent better, “since Aias told me what I was, its happened a few times, but I can’t really control it.”

“I guess like with all things, with time and practice, you’ll learn how,” Master replies encouragingly, “we just got to take things one step at a time.”

I hum in agreement and look up at Master as best as I could, he didn’t seem scared or unhappy with me and I knew inside that he wasn’t, but I could see that he was thinking about it all really hard. Master was a planner, he liked to put things into place far before the time was ready and I knew how hard he was working to make sure everything went according to plan with the vampires. It was why he went to that clan and planned to visit many others, he was getting things ready for the right moment.

But Master hadn’t planned for me to be an angel, or a demon... or an elven mix of the two. He didn’t make room for that or for all the danger that came with it, and I could see that he was thinking really hard about how all of this was going to affect his plans and what he needed to shift to make sure things still went well.

It made me feel bad, guilty for making things even harder for my Master, but I knew that I couldn’t help it and that Master would be disappointed with me if I said mean things about myself so I stopped myself from doing that.

Instead, I tried to think about all that I could do to make things easier for Master and everything that I knew that I could do to make him super happy.

My first thought was to make messes, but I think that made me much happier than it did Master, though I knew Master enjoyed them a lot too. My second thought was to clean, but that was again a me thing since Master hated to clean. Which left me at a little stump because I didn’t really know what I could do to make Master super happy.

I knew Master liked to drink blood, especially my blood, but we’d only done that once and he got really mad with himself when that happened so that was a big no-no. The point was to make Master happy not sad. Master also liked to read but that was another thing we did for me, not him.

What could I do to make Master super happy?

“You’ve got to come off of me now love,” Master says pulling me away from my thoughts. I look down with wide eyes when I realise that Master had already plated my food and was standing in front of my eating seat.

“Sorry,” I mumble as I slide off of him and let my feet meet the floor.

Before I could sit in the seat, Master takes hold of my arm and tugs me to him, he holds me steady before he leans down and kisses me lovingly. I melt into him immediately, leaning against his chest while I pressed myself up onto my toes to get more. Master smiles against my lips, nibbling them just a little before he pulls away too soon.

“Eat first, then we’ll get to more of that later,” Master whispers as he lets me go.

I bite my lip to stop from whining and climb onto my stool instead, Master and I had already had many rounds of good times since we’d come home and spent all of last night making up for all the lost time. So it was okay to listen to Master and eat my food, leaving that for after instead.

I wait until Master’s seated beside me with two blood bags of his own before I begin to eat. I didn’t know what it was that Master made, but it was so good that it made me moan like I did when he was inside of me. The food was much better than amazing, something way better, so good that I made myself eat slowly to savour it all.

It made me think of all the times I’d told Master that I didn’t like to eat so much and that my old meals were better, I was so silly. Food was amazing and meal times were one of my favourite parts of the day.

“Master, what do you like?” I ask in between bites, hoping that my question wasn’t too obvious.

I liked surprises and I wanted to surprise Master with something nice, but first I had to figure out what I’d do for him.

“What do I like?” Master repeats with a raised brow and I nod quickly, “in terms of people, food, or just in general?”

“In general,” I reply quickly.

Master looks down at his blood bag in thought while he sips on it, the confusion building the more he thought on it, “there’s not much,” he begins slowly, “I like you, I like blood, I suppose I like Malcolm and Wequie.”

“That’s all?” I ask and Master shrugs a little, “but what about other things.”

“There are no other things,” Master replies making me frown deeply.

“There has to be,” I press on, “L-Like I really like it when we read together and I love cleaning and flowers, I love sunflowers best. Don’t you have something like that that you like Master?”

Again Master thinks on it, his features becoming tense while he searched his mind for the best answer. I could tell that it was taking a lot of effort and that worried me a little bit, I didn’t even have to think to know that flowers made me happier than most things - except Master of course, he was number one always.

But Master didn’t seem to have a sunflower of his own, which was... sad.

“It’s hard to have things I can enjoy eternally,” Master says after a while, resting the empty bag down and smoothing it out with his fingers, “I do pick up interests but none tend to stick through the generations. I loved to read for many decades, but it’s hard to find the same pleasure from the activity as I did before, though I do still find a good book quite enjoyable. I suppose music took my fancy for a while, but again, fleeting.”

“So you don’t have anything you like?” I ask Master as I look at him.

“I like the colour green and animals,” Master provides with a small chuckle, “if it helps, others tend to know what I like without me knowing it myself. You and Malcolm specifically have a knack for that.”


“Yes Kalem, you,” Master jokes, poking my side a little to make me giggle, “I’d have never known that a scented candle could make me so happy, but having it has brought a simple joy to my life that I wouldn’t have had without you getting it.”

“Oh,” I reply mindlessly as I think back on the gift I’d gotten Master for his birthday.

Master kept it in his office now since he did all his work there, he didn’t light it every day, it was more a random thing. But I knew that it made him very happy when he did light it because I’d find him reading or writing with a small smile on his lips.

“Yeah,” Master replies with a chuckle as he leans over to kiss me on the side of my head, “why all the questions?”

“I just wanted to know if you had something like my sunflowers,” I reply honestly and Master smiles easily, “if you like them too, we can share.” I offer, excitement building at the prospect.

“No, no,” Master says shutting em down quickly, “I’m more than happy to let you keep them.”

“Okay,” I mumble and Master laughs again before he begins telling me more about the Anouk Clan and his time with them.

I listen to him as best as I can and pocket the idea of achieving super happiness for Master into the back of my mind for later.

I would make sure than my Lincoln was happier than ever before.


(A/N – there’s a couple of lines which may sound like really bad errors on my part, but that’s just Kalem language)

When I wake the next morning, it’s to Master’s lips around my naughty part - my c-cock - that was so hard that it hurt a little.

Master’s lips were tight around me, working me up and down with his wet mouth that made me curl off the bed with a cry of pleasure.

With the sheets on the floor, I was free to see all of Master’s firm, muscled body stretched out below me and the image only made me jerk between his lips as I ran my eyes over his smooth skin.

“Master,” I moan as I try to close my legs, the pleasure building so quickly that I knew I’d make a mess soon if he didn’t stop. But Master doesn’t let me, instead, he spreads me wide open so that his lips could lick and bite at my thighs, making me tremble all over.

“Good morning love,” Master greets with a carnal smile that showed his fangs that he’d dropped to graze them across my tight balls.

Master’s voice came out slightly deeper than I knew it to be, dragging his words against his throat in a low hum that made me want to give him everything I could.

“I just want a taste,” Master says before he presses my legs up, exposing my wet hole for him.

But Master doesn’t lick me there like I thought he would, instead he sucks my balls into his mouth, one by one, giving them each equal attention that made breathing become so hard.

A mindless series of moans escape me as my arousal builds slowly with every lick from Master’s tongue that made my toes curl into themselves. I could already feel myself growing wetter for Master as my hole clenched desperately to have something there, to have him there.

“I...please, c-cum,” I manage in the form of a plea.

Master doesn’t let me, keeping a tight hold around my balls with his fingers which he sucked viscously, coaxing me to make a mess but never letting me do it.

He only lets my balls fall from his lips when they’re slick with his spit and I’m begging him for more. Master pulls himself away without letting me cum, leaving my naughty bit pulsing and jerking for him, my legs shaking a little in his hands.

I whimper under his unmoving gaze, wanting more of him and his mouth. I didn’t want him to stop but I was also happy to take whatever else he would give me. I would always take all of what Master gave me.

With a mischievous smile on his lips, Master continues to look down at me like a meal he couldn’t decide how to devour. But while his eyes devoured me, his hands continued to touch me, always moving over some part of my body with addictive caresses; from my chest to my hips, my legs to my neck, my face to my stomach and anywhere he wanted them. His touch wasn’t light nor rough, but heavy like his presence that filled the air completely.

“I think,” Master begins while he runs his hands up and down my thighs, brushing by my desperate hole with the tips of his fingers, giving me just enough to make me shiver but never enough to send me over the edge, “I think we should try another one of my toys for you,” Master’s piercing eyes never drift from mine even as my body twists and arched into his touch, “what do you think?”

Nodding quickly, I swallow and close my eyes to get out the word, “yes.”

Master’s smile widens, his pleasure in me and my readiness growing as he pulled my hips to his so he could rub his full cock against my wanting entrance, the contact making me moan with the need to have him inside of me, so deep that all I could think about would be Master.

“Would you like the pick which we use this time?” Master asks, something in his eyes turning primal from the suggestion.

I swallow again, the inside of my mouth suddenly wet, “can I?” I ask and Master nods, “then yes, please.”

Running a single finger down the length of my c-cock, Master watches me squirm and cry out for him but doesn’t still doesn’t let me cum, he runs the finger up my length once more before he moves it down, sliding it over my balls and between my legs to rub at my hole.

“Always so wet for me, aren’t you Kalem?” Master taunts, the words making my cock leak as it always did when Master used dirty words on me.

“Y-Yes Master,” I reply breathlessly, my heart hammering within my chest, “wet for you.”

Master groans low in his throat before he bends down to kiss my while his body pinned me to the bed. I wrap a leg around his waist and thrust upwards, loving the feel of Master pressing himself into me while he sucked on my tongue the way he sucked on me down below.

I almost made a huge mess at just that thought, but Master pulled himself off of me and the bed before I could.

While Master went for the box of toys, I sit up and try my best to ignore how hard and wet I was despite how much sex we’d had last night and the day before. Taking the wooden box from a draw, Master closes it behind him before he comes back to me where I waited on the bed.

I shift a little in my spot as Master sets it down on the bed and sits back down before he opens it and turns it to face me so that I could have a look inside at all the many things he kept inside.

It was mostly black or red, but nothing inside was similar to another, everything was completely different in shape and size. I didn’t know what most of the toys were, but every time I picked something up, Master would be quick to explain exactly what it was and what it was for.

My hole leaks when I run the silk material that Master had used on me before though my fingers, the sight of it quickly bringing back all the memories of that night where Master had fucked me against the kitchen wall and then in bed with this over my eyes. I almost wanted to use this again since it was so amazing last time, but I wanted to try something new more so I kept looking.

“What’s this?” I ask while holding up something that had two large loops and metal buckles for each, the loops were made of a tough material, I think it was leather.

It looked kind of like a collar but there were two loops and I didn’t have two necks so I knew it couldn’t be that and I couldn’t imagine how both Master and I’s necks would fit in such small loops.

Master licks his lips for a moment before he raises his eyes from the loops and to me, “they’re called handcuffs,” Master answers and I could tell that he liked these, “you can use them on wrists or ankles, it restrains you.”

“Restrains me?” I ask as I slide my hands through them to see if they would really fit, and they did.

“I could tighten them so that you wouldn’t be able to move your hands apart, or I could lock them to the bed, so you’d only be able to move your lower body,” Master explains, his words growing rougher for the last part.

I wanted that too, what Master was describing looked amazing in my head, it was hard to imagine anything better than being completely under Master’s mercy... but my mind came up with something else that was pretty close.

Something that felt both wrong and right, good and bad but in the best way, the sexy way that made me make lots of messes. The more I thought about it, the more the fantasy grew until my entire face was hot and my naughty bits were harder than ever before.

A part of me told me that it was wrong, just wrong and nothing else. But I knew inside that that part of me could only be right if Master wasn’t my Master, we were different and I could imagine this, I could want it too because I wasn’t a slave.

I was Kalem, Master’s Kalem and I could want this, it wasn’t wrong to want something new.

I knew Master would never hurt me for wanting this, knowing my weird Master he may even say yes, but I didn’t want to come off as rude or make him upset by asking. “What is it?” Master asks when I don’t reply for a little while.

“I...” The words stick on my tongue as I look from Master to the loops and then back at him again, “Well... if I-... um,” with a deep breath, I gather all my courage and force myself to just spit it out, “do they only work on me?”

“No, they weren’t made solely for you,” Master says with a chuckle, not quite understanding what I meant.

“So,” I drag as I hold onto them a little tighter, “they can work on you too?”

Master blinks in surprise at my words, his lips parting as he stares at me as if I were a new being and not his Kalem, “you want to... use them on me?” he asks when he finds his words again. I nod slowly, suddenly full of worried that I’d ruined the moment when things were nice and hot between us. “Oh...” Master says mindlessly.

“Is that wrong?” I ask Master slowly and he shakes his head in response, “does it make you mad?”

“Of course not,” He replies with one fo those easy smiles that made all my fears and worries wash away, leaving me silly with happiness, “it just surprised me is all.”

“So we can use them, on you?” I ask as I push myself up on my knees, clenching the loops tight in my hands while still not knowing exactly how they worked, “you would let me do that?”

“If that’s what you want,” Master replies with a smile that fades immediately for a frown instead, “well, not these in particular, they wouldn’t work on me,” Master explains as he gets off the bed and heads to the large closet that he’d never used. He opens both sides and looks down at the trunk that sat at the bottom, like a larger version of the box on the bed. With interest, I climb off the bed and head to Master’s side to look inside when he unlocks the top and opens it.

“I thought we would start slow in our explorations, I placed the ‘softer’ things in that box for you. I didn’t want to scare you so I didn’t include the ones I thought you could use on me, if you ever wanted,” Master continues while he digs through the large trunk for other loops I guessed, “I never thought you’d want to so quickly, but I’m more than happy that you’re open to it.”

“So I can play with you like how you play with me?” I ask and receive a light shove from Master that makes us both laugh.

“That’s not exactly what I had in mind, but if you wished it...” Master didn’t finish, letting my imagination fill in the rest with images of all the things I could do to Master that he’d done to me.

By the time Master found his other loops and shut the trunk, I felt like I’d entered a whole new world and it was making me really wet.

“So, how do you want me?” Master asks with a wicked grin.


Sliding the black strap through the metal loop, I tighten the handcuff on Master’s right wrist just as I did on his left, making sure it was secure like he said it had to be but not so tight that it hurt him.

I give it one final tug before I sit up to look down at my work.

Master’s powerful arms were stretches out above his head, each pointed towards the ends of the bed where his wrists were locked in place by the metal loops that were attached to the frame of the bed. Master said they were made special so he couldn’t break free and that just made me smile even wider.

“I take it you’re pleased with what you see,” Master taunts as he shifts a little, testing my restrains on him, making his muscles flex under his skin.

“Very,” I whisper as I watch him move, feeling almost dizzy with lust at seeing Master like this.

I wasn’t sure what it was that made seeing Master like this affect me so much more than ever before, but I was sure it had something to do with being on top of Master since it rarely happened. I preferred having Master on me, pushing me down to take what was his, but being above Master made me feel something that felt just as good as I did when I was being pinned down by him.

“And I can do whatever I want?” I ask nervously.

“Yes,” Master promises.

“That means I can do whatever I want to you Master?” I ask to be sure while I run my hands through Master’s chest hair, leaning down to inhale him them.

“Whatever you wish Kalem,” He breathes out in response then he rests his head into his pillow and waits for me to do just that.

I wanted to have a taste of Master but I was sure that I wouldn’t be able to manage that without making a mess, and I didn’t want to do that until Master was inside of me so that I could feel him do the same inside of me.

So instead, I waste no time and stretch my left hand back while I rested the other on Master’s chest for support. Circling my slick hole, I bite my lip to stop a whimper before I slip the first finger inside and push myself back on it.

Master sucks in a shuddering breath, his arms jerking a little in response as he looks up at me with fire in his eyes. His want for me made me moan as I pulled the finger out before pushing it back inside, curling the end so that it would press against that perfect spot Master always found.

“Mhmm,” I moan as I push the finger in and out of me, keeping my eyes on Master who was breathing heavily now, his eyes never leaving my face as he watched me fall apart by my own touch.

I’d never touched myself like this before since Master always prepared me before he took me, and I never wanted to do it myself no matter how much I missed being touched while we were apart. I liked having my body be Master’s, to enjoy as he pleased so I never touched myself without him telling me to.

But just like I belonged to Master, Master belonged to me and today, I’d be using Master for my pleasure and he was letting me. Since he was tied up, I couldn’t have Master prep me, and I was really starting to love the way Master was looking at me when I fingered myself, the dangerous heat in his eyes that flared to life with every sound I made and the way he jerked against the loops when he forgot they were there.

This was completely new, but I loved it.

“I’m adding a second finger,” I tell Master just as I push in a second, they weren’t as big as Master’s but they still felt good moving inside of me, “it feels good Master.”

“Kalem,” Master groans, his fingers rolling into fists with his body tensing beneath me, “you don’t need to prep yourself.”

“I don’t,” I agree on a moan, we’d had sex last night and I was just fine to have Master inside of me now, but I wanted Master to wait first, to watch me get myself ready.

My heart races a little faster as I look down over Master, his body tight with need and his cock hard and bobbing beneath me, waiting to fill me. I was taught that a Master’s pleasure came first and that I should never make my Master wait, but making my Master watch me, making him wait for me to be ready for him... it sent a thrill through me that made me clench tightly around the two digits inside of me.

“Ngh!” I groan as I bite down on my lip to stop a scream of pleasure when I spread the two fingers apart inside of me like Master did, the stretch felt so good. “Master, your fingers are bigger.”

Master tugs at the restraints, his upper body raising towards me but I press him back down as I quicken my finger’s pace. “You’re doing this on purpose,” Master grinds out, his black eyes turning red.

“I am,” I reply honestly because we didn’t lie to each other and the frustrated groan Master released in response made more slick escape my hole, running down my legs and fingers and onto Master’s cock.

“Add another,” Master demands and my body melts with the need to listen.

I could never deny Master of anything, but I could still obey him and drive him crazy. So I take a chance and hope for the best.

“Okay,” I reply as I pull the two fingers from my hole, “but I want you to watch me do it Lincoln.”

Master’s nostrils flare as his fangs drop completely and he yanks at the handcuffs, but they don’t budge, keeping Master’s body pinned to the bed while I straddled him, leaving him panting desperately, his eyes blood red and teeming with lust.

Pleasure pushed through me from every angle and I could do nothing to stop myself from cumming all over Master’s stomach.

Trembling above him, I barely manage to keep myself upright while my cock jerked even more under Master’s hungry gaze. I knew Master said he liked it when I used his name, but I’d only done that when I was absolutely sure and never in bed, I wanted to see if he would react to me as strongly as I thought he would.

And he did.

“I’m s-sorry Master,” I whisper when I find my strength again, “I didn’t want to cum until you were inside of me.”

“Fucking hell Kalem,” Master grinds out as he tugs at the restains again.

Letting myself slide down, I pass my hands over Master’s body while I bury my face in his chest, loving how soft he was here and how rough it felt against my cheek. I take my time moving down and lick up my cum as I go, cleaning Master’s skin with it until his skin was only wet with my saliva.

When I reach Master’s cock, I lick and suck on it just a little, I wanted to wait but since I’d already made a mess, I thought it was okay to enjoy him here as well. But I wanted Master to enjoy himself just as much as I was, so I turned my body around so that Master could see my hole but not reach it while I sucked on his cock.

Master tasted just as good as always, like something strong and powerful, his musk turning my thoughts to mush as I took as much of him down my throat as I could. Master met my lips with powerful thrusts, feeding me more of his cock while he watches my stretched hole clench to have him inside, dripping to let him enter easily.

“Kalem, push back just a little more,” Master says as he lifts his head, trying to reach me. I shift my hips from side to side purposefully, stretching a hand back to grip my cheek and spread myself for him to get a better look.

There was something so hot about teasing Master like this, and knowing that he couldn’t stop me.

Master releases a string of curses as he watches the slick slip from my hole, running down my taint and balls while I rubbed myself against his chest, pleasuring myself with his body and the taste of his big cock.

“If I’d known that you had a sadistic side, I wouldn’t have agreed to this so quickly,” Master admits as he continues to pull at the loops.

I smile around Master’s length, I didn’t know what the word sadistic meant but Master’s words sounded playful though a little strained, so I didn’t think that he was mad or that it was a bad thing.

Forcing myself to release Master’s cock from my lips, I rest myself down on my elbow and reach back to slip three fingers in so Master could watch, just as promised. Master cock rubbed against my cheek, and I pressed into it, leaning down to lap at his full balls while I wet all my three fingers before I pushed inside.

“Gods,” Master groans just as I release a whimper at the intrusion, the stretch of all three fingers inside almost too good.

I push the fingers in while pushing my hips back to meet them, the movements making my skin tingle and my cock ache as it dragged along Master’s chest. Passing my tongue over Master’s balls once more, I pull the finger out almost completely before I shove them back in.

“C-Can you see Master?” I ask on my pants, as I settle into a steady rhythm of fingering myself and giving Master slow, individual licks to his balls while his cock rubbed against my cheek.

“I can,” Master grinds out, his voice sounding animalistic.

“It feels even better when you’re inside of me,” I admit before I give one of Master’s balls a long, cruel suck, only letting it falls from my lips when Master jerked a little beneath me, “I want you inside me, and I want you to cum inside of me. Will you leave all your cum inside of me Master?”

“Yes,” Master promises.

“I want your cum Lincoln,” I whisper as I pull my fingers out leaving me empty and wanting to be filled again.

Master doesn’t say anything back this time, the only things to be heard in the room were our pants and the clinging the loops made as Master continues to tug at them. I liked teasing Master, but I couldn’t tease myself any longer, so I turned myself back around to see Master’s face.

But when I looked at him, he didn’t really look like himself. Something about Master was different, his expression darker and viscous, his gaze flicking over my body with raw hunger I wanted to feed.

“Kalem,” Master says slowly, sending a shiver down my spine, “I want you on my”

“O-Okay,” I reply, my body already moving to listen to Master before I could think of doing anything else.

I press the head of Master’s cock up to my hole and push myself down on it with a sigh of contentment as Master’s head slips through. My body releases more slick onto Master’s cock, letting him slide in even more until I’d taken every inch of him and he was buried inside of me completely.

Resting my hands on Master’s chest, I raise my hips to let Master slide out of me a little before I slam myself back down to take him in all over again. The air rushes from my lungs as I lift myself again before letting Master’s length slide back inside of me, fulling me so deeply I couldn’t think.

“Feels. So. Good.” I say shakily, realising a single word every time I took him all in again.

Master’s releases a deep growl through his clenched teeth as he watches me fuck myself on his cock, not moving a muscle to let me use him to bring myself closer and closer to the edge. With Master’s eyes on me and his cock so deep, it didn’t take long for me to spill once more, every muscle in me tensing all over while the pleasure pumped through me, growing stronger and stronger with each thrust.

It only got better when Master bends his legs, digging his heels into the mattress to thrust upwards whenever I rocked back, meeting my hips with his, making him cock rub against my good spot that felt more sensitive than usual.

“Ahg! Ah! M-Master,” I moan hoarsely as tears begin to fill my eyes, every thrust Master made met my hips perfectly, casting me into a world of pleasure that was making me lose my mind.

“You’re so fucking wet,” Master groans, raising his hips even higher on his next thrust, pushing his cock in so deep that my vision became a little spotted, “and hard, show me how hard you are love.”

Bending my arms behind me, I rest one on either side of Master’s legs so that I was stretched out giving Master the perfect view of my leaking cock that bobbed and jerked with each relentless thrust.

I tried my best to meet Master’s strong thrusts, but it all felt so good and telling myself to move was becoming so hard, my entire body was trembling and my thighs ached with using the muscles there so much. But I wanted Master’s cum before I released him to do all the hard work, I wanted him to fill me like this.

“Lincoln,” I whisper while I squeeze down on Master’s length, circling my hips while I pulled him in and out of me.

Master jerks again at his restrains, his fangs long and inviting, I lean down and Master goes completely still as I hover above him, his bloodshot eyes watching me closely. I kiss Master’s lips softly, scraping my nails down his chest while I ran my tongue up the length of his pointed tooth.

Master releases a strangled moan, forcing him to say still while I worked him with my hole, hands and tongue, dragging his cum from his as best as I could. “Master I need it,” I beg as I thrust back on his cock, “please.”

“Kalem,” Master groans as hips begin to jerk, his head falling back to the pillow while he arched from the bed.

“Please cum Lincoln,” I whisper and Master releases a loud cry as his cock hardens inside of me and his body tenses below me before he empties himself deep inside of me. My body responds immediately to his pleasure and I push back onto Master’s cock while I cum as well, my body trembling over his while I rode his cock needing to feel him everywhere.

When I open my eyes again, Master seems completely relaxed, his feature less tense and his lips parted for his heaving breaths, it was like he melted into the sheets like I did on top of him.

Master tries to say something and so do I, but talking seemed way harder than it used to be so we both gave up. Lying on Master’s chest, I try to catch my breath and so does he, a comfortable silence falling over the both of us.

Maybe I should use Master’s name more often....


Kalem never disappoints, he just never does.


I enjoyed this little filler, I was planning to head into another direction but I think for the story as a whole, it needed this little dip. If you have Gold Patreon, the sneak peak you saw will be Chapter 31 instead - sorry for that mix up but it kind of just happened.

I’ll be updating Master for a little while, I think Master needs more attention and it’ll do better for Delicate in the long run.

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