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Chapter 33

Kalem’s P.O.V

Having many people look at you was very very scary.

It made me wonder how Master did it all the time, because every time all the nice vampires looked at me, I wanted to pop away and hide while everything I pressed the pause button in my head for a little while.

And if I already did that, then nobody needed to know.

But even though I was super scared of saying something wrong and making everything go bad, I was really excited too!

I was going to give a tour! My very own Kalem Tour!

I’d never done one before, but I’d never done something all on my own either without Aias or Lincoln near me. Since Master was being a Plyen and Aias was with his Malcolm, it made sense why I was so nervous. But I wanted to do this well all on my own, and maybe if I did, then I could do more things on my own.

Maybe I could be an in-de-pen-dent Kalem. Master said it would be good for me to stand on my own two feet, but that he’d always be right beside me even if I did.

Master was so sweet.

I shake my head to get it to focus. It was tour time, not get lost in happy thoughts of Lincoln time. That was for later when I was alone with him and could get lost all night.

“Hi everyone!!!” I say with a wave as I press on my toes so I could see those in the back.

More people than I thought would come showed up earlier, so sadly, I had to make some of them go away. Which I still felt bad about, but if I did it such a big group then I would never learn everyone’s names and I really wanted to, so I promised the ones that had to go that I’d do another tomorrow and they could come to that one instead.

The ones who were allowed to stay smile back at me as they give me my very own wave, making my smile grow even wider because smiles were always a good sign.

“I’ll be showing you all the parts of the castle I can today, but its a super big castle, so if you need to take a break then just let me know,” I say very seriously. I didn’t want anyone getting tired from all the walking, and since I didn’t have their super fast speed, I couldn’t do it quickly. “Oh, and I’ll try my very best to answer all your questions but I may not have all the answers, I’m still a bit new.”

“And that’s fine, cause we’re new too,” someone says, and I giggle when I see Raven waving at me beside all the other friends I made at dinner yesterday. “We’re just excited for the tour and to get to know our Plyen’s to be pair-mate.”

Pair-mate. Master said that’s what we’d be when I got full control over my magic since it would link us together forever. It made me want to work even harder to be the best elf I could so that that would happen soon.

“Yay,” I say, only letting myself jump a bit to get my excitement out. I really wanted to pop around but that would be naughty so I hold it all in. “Let’s start with all the places Master said that you have ‘access’ to.”

Everyone nods and it gets even harder not to pop as I turn around and lead the way.

Leaving the area of the castle where they all lived, I lead them to the main castle library which was far bigger than the one Master had just for himself which meant that it took so much longer to clean up.

That day had been amazing!!

“Lincoln has put books in here from as many years as he could,” I say as I stand near the door while they all have a quick look-about with their fast zooming, “there are all types of books for everyone to use, you just have to make sure you put it back when you’re done.”

That was one of their rules and rules were important.

“And we’re free to read anything in here?” One larger man named Then asks. “There is no system of rank that allows one access to certain material but doesn’t another?”

(A/N Then’s name is not pronounced like the word then. Its like th + end minus the d in end. With a very exaggerated TH sound)

Then spoke funny.

I remembered Then’s name because he was so big that when I first welcomed him, I’d been afraid of him, but I wasn’t scared anymore because Then was really nice and had spoken softly to me.

“It’s free to everyone,” I say with a little frown, “if you get the book first, then you get to read the book first. That shouldn’t change unless Master says you can’t for some reason, but Master’s really lazy so I don’t think you have to worry.”

Then’s eyes go super wide as he looks around the room cautiously.

“What’s wrong?” I ask, looking around for something bad but not seeing anything.

I’d been doing lots of training with Master so if it was that meanie, Diablos, I wouldn’t have to pop away.

“Is it fine to say that?” Then asks quietly, “about the Plyen? To call him lazy?”

I giggle, “it’s the truth, and it’s good to tell the truth.” I giggle again when I think back to the lesson Master learned about what could happen when you lied, “lies can lead to naughty things in a car.”

Everyone stares at me with confused faces, which was okay because they weren’t in the care so it made sense why they didn’t understand.

“Naughty things in the car you say,” Sin says as he peeks his head out from one of the book aisles, “what type of naughty things.”

Would Aias get mad if I told them? I knew Master definitely would so I make a motion of zipping my lips to keep the secret in and Sin laughs, and so does everyone else.

I was making them laugh!

It was only the first room and we still had many things to see, and I was already making them laugh!!! I hope they tell everyone else so they know that Kalem Tours bring joy!

While everyone keeps looking around the library, I say, “Aias’ Malcolm said there is lots of history in here about vampires and that newborns especially should take the time to learn it,” I say repeating the words he’d told me earlier.

A few people groan including Ophelia and Raven, but everyone nods and does that little bow that made my cheeks feel so hot I thought my face would melt off.

I didn’t want that to happen so I turn around quickly and rush out of the library.

Everyone follows after me, each looking around the pretty hallways with wide eyes and open mouths which Malcolm says was dangerous since flies could fly in. That hadn’t happened to me yet luckily, so I always made sure to be cautious of how wide I opened my mouth when I was shocked.

(A/N - yes, I did do that on purpose loooool)

“Can I ask you a question...?” Someone near the front of my tour group says.

I couldn’t help but dance on my toes just a bit, I had my very own tour group!!

“Kalem,” I say as I turn so I can see her better, she had pretty golden hair that Aias called blonde but I liked golden better, so it was golden hair. “My name is Kalem.”

“I-I know,” she says while she does another bow, “I just wasn’t sure if you preferred a title to be used.”

I shake my head quickly as I stop walking and so does everyone else, I swallow with all their eyes on me but I push through it. “Please just call me Kalem,” I beg as I look at everyone with the kindest smile I had so they didn’t feel like I was some meanie trying to trick them. “I’m not like Master or Aias or his Malcolm, I just want to be your friends and make you all feel at home. And friends call each other by their names right?”

That’s what Aias had told me anyway.

But they all nod so Aias was right, “so Kalem,” I say with a bigger smile, “just Kalem.”

“Okay... Kalem,” the girl says, she didn’t sound like she wanted to say it and I hoped really really hard that she didn’t hate my name.

Stepping to her, I take her hand in mine slowly, “what’s your name?” I ask as I pull her with me so that we could talk side by side.

“Daliah,” she says as I tighten my fingers around hers.

She looks down in surprise and I hoped that this would help so that she wouldn’t feel so scared talking to me. Her fingers were cold like Master’s but I warmed them up with my hands and she smiled as we walked.

“Lincoln says I’ve been here for almost a year now,” I say to answer her question from before. “But it feels so much shorter.”

I didn’t bother being louder since I knew how sensitive vampire ears were now which meant that they could hear me unless I made myself super super super... super quiet.

“And it’s just been you and the Plyen, in this massive castle, for this last year?” She asks sounding scared at her own words.

“Yup,” I reply with a smile, “and it’s been amazing! The best year of my entire life and it’s going to be even better after my first birthday because next year it’ll be me, Master and all of you!”

She watches me with wide eyes before she smiles, like really smiles at me, and then she tightens her fingers in mine too!

I take them from the library to the dining rooms, from the largest to the smallest, showing them where everyone would eat when the castle was full with our future clanmates. All the while, slowly learning each of their names every time they asked me a question or made a funny comment.

The vampires in our clan were very very funny and kept making me giggle.

Next, I show them all the kitchens that Master said they could use to store blood, the place Master called the great hall and then the ballrooms, all four of them.

We were just supposed to peep inside the ballrooms before moving on, but that wasn’t what happened when everyone got a look at the pretty room.

“Is it alright if we take a break Kalem?” A boy named Winter asks for everyone who was staring at me with hopeful eyes.

I nod quickly. We’d done lots of walking already and a break would be nice.

“Do you want to take a break somewhere you can sit down?” I ask as I look around at the empty ballroom, “ballrooms are for dancing so there are no chairs here.”

“We want to take a break to do just that,” Winter says with a happy laugh as he steps back.

“Let’s dance,” Ophelia says, her bright red hair bouncing around as she rushes inside.

I watch with wide eyes as everyone runs after her and they all start dancing around together, laughing and smiling widely. I tilt my head to the side, trying to figure out what music they were dancing to, and if they wanted a break, why were they making themselves more tired?

Maybe this was how vampires took breaks. But that didn’t make any sense since Lincoln always just laid in bed and scrolled through his phone on his breaks.

But Master was weird so maybe it did make sense.

“Come on,” Sin says as he comes back for me, taking my hand before Gazium could, “I’ll be your partner.”

Gazium sticks his tongue out and ended up dancing with Ophelia instead, and Raven pulled the Daliah out of a corner she tried to hide in and forced her out to dance with the rest of us.

I thought we’d just have a look inside like all the other rooms, but somehow we ended up spending a bit of time just being goofy and dancing all around.

We first tried something called a waltz which everyone knew how to do, but me. But they told me not to feel bad since I was younger than them and they all had many years to learn it.

So I didn’t, and I tried my best to follow along to all the steps while we all danced in pairs. I felt bad every time I stepped on Sin’s toes, but he just laughed and told me to focus on having fun.

After the waltz, Sin taught us something called the Bharatanatyam. He said it was a very old but very important ‘classical dance form’ from somewhere called India. I’d never heard of India before but I liked it already since their dance names were so pretty.

Since also said that if I was going to be the pair-mate of the world’s oldest vampire, then I should know all the best dance forms from across the globe.

Globe was a new world. It sounded funny to say.

Bharatanatyam was nothing like the waltz or the pixie dance Master and I had done together where we were jumping in the air, clapping and laughing in time to the cheerful pixie music. This one was much much harder and Sin was the only one who knew the steps for it, so I wasn’t the only one stumbling around.

But that was okay, because everyone was laughing and having a good time while Sin hummed a tune to help us follow along, and we all had fun with it.

When it came time to move on from the ballrooms, I almost felt sad, but I told myself that we could have many dances here in the future and that would be lots of fun.

Since the day was quickly moving, and I knew it was near meal time for those who liked to eat food, I let Then carry me to the remaining stops while everyone used their special speed.

I finish the tour with Master and I’s section of the castle and the throne room.

“From here is Master and I’s private quarters,” I say, repeating the words Master always used to describe it. Pointing down the hall, I make my face super serious so they knew I wasn’t joking about this, “Master really doesn’t like it when people are in his private places and if you do, I can’t save you from him when he gets mad.”

“Not even you?” Then says with a bit of a smile that makes me break my serious act.

“Not even me,” I say with a giggle, “but you can go over here.”

I quickly rush to the doors at the opposite end of the hall where the largest doors in the castle were. I try to push them open but it was too heavy for me, well for Human Kalem, and I was supposed to be a human so I had to act weak.

I was super smart.

Luckily, Ophelia and some of the others help me open it and my heart almost bursts in my chest when they do. They were all so nice and friendly, nobody made fun of me for not knowing things or not being able to do what they could as vampires.

They were all...

They were better than I knew people could be.

I always thought that everyone who wasn’t Aias and Master was out to hurt me, since everyone I met before them had been. In the slave house, I tried to make friends when new slav- people. When new people were brought in, but they didn’t want to be friends with me and it was already extra hard to make friends when we weren’t supposed to talk.

The trainers had been cruel and the vampires were even worse. So I thought, maybe, everyone in the world was just like them or even worse.

And I thought that Master had been the most terrifying of them all when I first watched him walk down those stairs and towards me. Because if all those horrible vampires were scared of him, then that must’ve meant that he was much worse.

But he wasn’t. Master was better in every way.

Master may be a bit mean to Aias and a bit cold to others, but he was kind and he really cared about other people inside of his heart. He was nice, more than nice, and he gave me a home.

Aias was the first to show me kindness and love,
Lincoln was the first to teach me compassion and make me feel strong.
Aias’ Malcolm has shown me how nice it was to laugh and make jokes with those you cared for,
and Mr.W had shown me that being naughty wasn’t bad all the time.

They’d showed me that people could be better, and I could see that now with my clanmates.

They were all better.

“Thank you,” I say when we step inside, I wanted to hug them all but my arms weren’t big enough so I had to do it one by one. “Thank you for everything.”

Everyone seemed to be confused about why I was so happy but didn’t stop them from hugging me back, which was just another thing that made me like them even more.

“Now, this special room,” I say as I turn to face the wide hall that was three times the size of where we ate with nothing inside of it but the marble steps that led up to a beautiful silver chair that I kept extra clean. “This is the throne room,” I say with a bit of a squeal I couldn’t help.

I knew Master didn’t come here ever and I didn’t know if he’d ever use the room, but I felt something amazing whenever I came in here. It felt just like when Master was using his power or talking to other vampires, like it held some of the power he had inside of him and that was just so amazing to me!

So until he was ready to use it, I had to make sure to keep it as clean as I could. Though, I had to do that in secret because it went over the four hours I was allowed to clean each day.

It was okay to break that rule sometimes though. I just had to be sneaky with my popping.

“This is...” a girl named, Vera, says breathlessly as she steps back. Her head going back so she could look up at the beautiful roof I wanted to fly up and touch with my own fingers, “”

“How many vamps do you think can fit in here?” Ophelia asks as she runs her fingers across one of the walls. “Hundreds?”

“Just about,” Sin replies as he whistles, making the sound echo all around like a singing bird.

“This is amazing,” Winter says before they all look to the throne.

They breathe in, standing straighter as if Master was here.

“This,” Gazium breathes out after a minute of silence, “this is what we’re fighting for. This ... it feels right here.”

I didn’t know what that meant, but it sounded good and kind of like what I felt when I was here. So I smile and cover my mouth to keep my sounds in while they all had this special moment.

They stare at the throne for a little while longer before they all turn back to me at once and bow, “we are where we’re mean to be.”

I lift my hands as I step back, wanting to tell them to stand up and not bow for me. But the heat that usually filled me with embarrassment didn’t come this time.

I didn’t feel so embarrassed or shy when they did it.

I didn’t, because it felt... right.


I knock on Master’s office door and try to settle my shaking fingers as I wait.

Today had been a super long day. I’d done training with Aias, then that horrible Diablos showed up, and I gave two tours before it was time to go to dinner with everyone.

It had been a lot, but now the important moment was here.

I didn’t really know why I was shaking so much. For some reason, my insides were really nervous and that was making my outsides nervous too.

But I didn’t get why. It did take a long time for me to get my note all right and perfect for master, but it was perfect now, so I should’ve been excited not nervous.

And even though I knew that, my fingers were still shaky and my heart was racing so fast that I thought it might pop inside of me!

“Kalem?” Master calls from the other side, “I said you can come in.”

Quickly, I open the door and slip inside as quietly as I can. Closing it behind me, I look up and smile when I find Master sitting at his desk with his sexy glasses on.

I knew he didn’t really need them so I didn’t know why he wore them, maybe just to tease me because he knew how worked up they got me. I kept my lips shut about it since he looked too good with them for me to be so silly to say something about it.

Master plus his sexy glasses was always a win!

“I’ll be coming to bed soon my love,” Lincoln says as he looks at me with a guilty, sad face. “Just a few minutes more and I’ll be with you.”

Master thought I was here because he’d left in the middle of dinner to go do more work while everyone was eating - or drinking, but that wasn’t it. Well, it was a little bit because I was worried that Master was doing too much work when he needed to rest more.

But, I’d come now because I’d finally got my gift for Master just right.

I practised reading it one last time with Aias before I came here, and he said it was absolutely perfect and that my ‘flea of a Master’ would love it very much.

I wasn’t sure what a flea was, but I knew it wasn’t nice.

Lincoln and Aias were always saying mean things about each other.

“I can wait,” I tell Master as I walk towards his desk, my heart going faster and faster which each step I took.

Master looks up at me, a small frown on his face, “Is everything okay, Kalem? Your heart is racing.”

Evil vampire hearing!

“Everything’s fine!” I squeak as I stop in my place.

Please heart, please calm down!
I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but I will if you keep beep-beeping so hard!

Master studies me a little longer before his face fills with understanding and he laughs to himself before he looks back to the thick book he was writing in, “I haven’t forgotten your reward,” he says in a teasing tone, “I promise you’ll get it once I’m done here.”

My reward? I was getting a reward?

It’s my turn to frown as I think really hard until I finally remember that Master had promised to give me a reward earlier today, that was before everything went so bad. I’d forgotten about it with all that happened and then my own gift, but remembering just made me more excited.

I close my eyes and try to do that slow breathing thing that I saw Mr.W do when he was really excited about something.

It helps me a little bit. The slow in and out breaths that I hold in my chest for as long as I can before letting it out in a huff. Master kept chuckling, thinking it was about the reward, which was a good thing because it meant that my special surprise stayed a surprise.

Just like he said, within a few short minutes, Master shuts his large book and takes his glasses off.

Awww, the sexy glasses were going. I pout.

“Done,” he says with a smile as he pushes his chair back, “and now I am all yours love.”

Master tries to come to hug me, but I put my free hand out and take a few steps back which make Master freeze as he looks at me. His eyes narrow and he tilts his head, but he doesn’t move.

“You have to stay where you are,” I say firmly, “for now. Or I’ll get distracted and I won’t finish it all.”

“And what is it that you need to finish?” Master asks with a growing smile. When I don’t reply, he looks down at the hand I had behind my back, “what is it that you’re hiding Kalem?”

“Nothing,” I say quickly, before I correct myself, “something.”

“Something?” Lincoln repeats.

“Something,” I confirm with a nod, “something special and for it to be special and good, you have to listen to everything I say.”

Master continues looking at me with that naughty smile that made me feel squirmy below, but I had to stop myself from getting excited down there or everything would fall apart and I’d be full of Master before I knew it!

And for once, that would have to wait. This was wayyy more important.

“Alright love,” Master says with a nod, “I’ll follow every word.”

“Thank you,” I say with a smile as I look to the soft couch I usually slept on while Master worked. “Sit there,” I say pointing to the middle of it.

Master moves without a word and takes a seat exactly where I told him to. Still smiling from ear to ear, Master crosses one of his legs over the other while he leans back. Which only made it so much harder for me to be good and stay on track.

After. I’d get my reward after.

Lincoln’s dark eyes follow me as I move towards him until I was close but not enough for him to touch me.

Taking in another deep breath, I bring my hidden paper in front of me and smile as Master’s naughty expression clears to a lost one.

Smoothing the edges out, I put my eyes to the first words and let the air out.

I could do this.
They were my words, and I’d practised them really hard with Aias.

I could do this.

A/N - Wrote this to many songs which I’ve added to my new Spotify Playlist for Master, but main one is a piano version of Three by Sleeping At Last which you don’t have to play while reading - but it did make me sob like a little bitch.

So I’ll leave it down below for those who want to.

“Dear Lincoln,

I’ve never written a letter before, and since this is my first, I hope you like it very much.

A few weeks ago, when you came back from seeing the Anouk Clan, I decided that I had to do something to make you feel as happy and loved as you always make me feel.

I thought it would be easy since we love each other and know the all the little things that make us smile. But it’s actually been really hard.

Did you know that you’re a super hard person to make super happy?”

Master laughs, and I giggle with a mental cheer. That was meant to be a small joke and I was happy that I got it right since those could be hard for me.

“At first, I thought that we could spend lots of time in bed together and make lots of messes, but then I realised that making lots of messes was something that would be more for me than for you. Then I thought about cleaning together, but I know how much you hate to clean.”

Master nods his head quickly making me giggle again.

“I thought of all sorts of things but nothing really worked, because I can’t buy you one of those nice cars you like and I don’t know how to find you a special book you’d love like Aias’ Malcolm always does. And you were no help because no matter what I asked you, your answers didn’t lead me anywhere at all!

I started to think that there was no answer. I thought that maybe I couldn’t do anything special that could make you feel nearly happy as you make me every single day.

But then we went to the pixie festival, and I tried churros and donuts for the first time, and we danced together with our sparkly pixie wings. And while we were dancing, that’s when the idea came to me - I knew exactly what I could do to make you really happy.

Write you a letter. But this isn’t just any letter Master; this is a really special letter because of all that’s in it, but also because I wrote it myself.

A year ago, I couldn’t read or write, and I would’ve never ever, ever, ever written a letter for you even if I could, because that would be wrong for a slave to do. But now, I can read and I can write, and that’s because you taught me how.

You’ve taught me how to do a lot of things, Master.

You taught me how to love myself for who I am and you taught me how to see all the nice things about myself. So now I know that who I am is a strong, beautiful boy who can do whatever he puts his mind to.

You also taught me how to cook my own meals, and how to fight, and you taught me how to take care of plants so that they can grow big and pretty.

You showed me how to use my knife and fork instead of my fingers, and how to dress and clean myself without any help.

You’ve taught me a lot of things this last year, but above everything else, you’ve taught me how to be free.

I never thought I would be free, or that I even could be. I thought I was a slave and that was all I was going to be. But you showed me that I could be more.

You showed me that I didn’t have to follow the rules others made for me, or serve anyone I didn’t want to.

And I know it was hard and that sometimes I still make it even harder for you, but I just really want to say thank you, Lincoln.” I sniff and wipe my eyes quickly so that I didn’t get my letter wet, “Thank you for teaching me how to be free.”

I stop for a few seconds to clear the tears that rush to my eyes when I read the next words to come.

“I’m free to be Kalem, a-and I’m free to do all the things that make me happy, including love you.

I love you so much Lincoln. I love you so so much.

Whenever I think of you, this super warm and fuzzy feeling swells up inside of my chest and I feel like all the things inside of me are going to burst out of me like a bunch of sparkly glitter!

And whenever I see you, everything feels calm and wild and happy and crazy all at the same time. It’s like any time I see you, my body doesn’t know what to do with itself so it just chooses to do everything.

I don’t know if that sounds like love, o-or if other people feel love like that, but that’s how I feel it.

That’s how it feels to love you. Like everything is happening all at once, and it is the best feeling in the whole wide world.

I love loving you.

Nothing in this world beats loving you, Master. Nothing at all.

It can’t when you’re so kind and loving and sweet a-and perfect and handsome and special and the most loveable person ever.

I wish I learned more words so that I could tell you exactly how much I love you because nothing I write feels like its enough. It’s like I can use all the best words I know to tell you but it’ll only tell you this much of how much I love you.” I pinch my fingers together super small so Master could see how little it was, “and I love you like this much!” I stretch my arms as wide as I can and then stretch them a bit more.

“It’s impossible for me right now, but maybe one day, when I know more words, I’ll be able to.

So until then, I hope that this little bit makes you see how much I love you and how much you mean to me.

And I promise to do everything I can, from today to forever, to make you as happy as I can. To always make you smile and laugh, so that you can feel all the happy feelings you make me feel every day.

You are my favourite person in this world, and you’re my forever person too.

It’s Lincoln and his Kalem, forever, so don’t you forget it.

Forever yours,


P.S I love you.”

Lowering my paper for the first time, I look to Master through my blurry eyes and wipe away my tears as best as I can, but it was hard since there were so many and they were coming so fast.

Master stands to his feet and rests my letter down carefully before he steps close to me and takes my face in his large hands.

I thought my leaking eyes were what was making Master’s eyes look so wet, but it wasn’t. Master was crying too.

But it wasn’t like how I was crying, all uncontrolled with sniffs and whimpers that had started up half-way through the letter and refused to stop. Master’s tears fell silently and he didn’t sniff or whimper or making any noises, he just let his tears run down his cheeks, one by one, while he stared at me.

The longer he looked at me, the harder I cried.

It was the way he looked at me. It was just like how he looked at me the day he saved me. When he broke the lock off my cage and opened the door to my freedom.

The way he looked at me then...

Like I was something special that he’d been looking for, for a very long time.

Like I was his and had always been, even before he found me.

Like I was something bright and whole that would take him out of all the darkness.

It was just like how he looked at me now.

I remembered that moment when our eyes first met because it was the first time in my whole life that everything had faded away for a long moment. Like if everyone else had gone away and left the two of us behind. And for that second, I knew in my heart... that everything was going to be okay.

“You...” Lincoln says, his voice sounding rough and lost.

He doesn’t say anything else. He just keeps looking at me while his tears silently slip by and mine do the same.

“I love you,” I say hopefully through my sniffs, and Master’s lips break into a wobbly smile as he laughs. I smile too and he presses a long kiss to my head that makes everything inside of me light up like if there was a pixie festival inside of me.

When Master pulls away, he presses our heads together and pulls me into his arms for the tightest hug I’d ever gotten from him.

Lincoln was always safe to use less strength with me, but it was like he really couldn’t stop himself now because he was squeezing me so hard to him that I was barely on my toes. But I just hug him super tight too, and Master’s body sags into me as he sniffs for the first time.

“I love you too Kalem,” he whispers as he kisses the parts of me he could, “I love you so so much.” He promises with endless kisses, “I love every part of you and everything about you.” Master lets a sob escape him, “You... you’re my heart and my soul Kalem... you mean the world to me.”

That makes my tears come even faster and all my noises so much worse as I cling to him, wanting to keep those words inside my heart forever.

Master holds me and I hold him too. And even though we were both crying, it was okay because they were happy tears and they felt so good that it couldn’t have been a bad thing.

Nothing with Lincoln could be a bad thing.

Lincoln was my home, forever and always.

Lincoln was my joy and I’d never stop loving him.... never... ever... ever.


I’m fucking crying. Like a shitton. That song!!!!


I know I’m probably crying because I’m PMSing, but still. I’m legit a mess and I just love this chapter so much ughhhhhhhhhh.

Did you guys enjoy it? Did you like Kalem’s Tour and then his letter?
That letter fucking killed me.

Vote and comment all your thoughts, I’d love to hear them.

If you need a laugh after this, my Instagram has turned into a meme account about all my characters, so you can go there for a laugh lol - Tippy446

I also did a Patreon Extra yesterday called Aias gets drunk and its set in the early days of the Master timeline, at the very start of Aias and Malcolm’s relationship. So check that out if you’re interested - link in my bio.

I’m not sure when I’ll update next, so

Until next time,

Byeeeeeee Humanssssssssssssssss

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