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Chapter 2

Kalem’s P.O.V

Stop shaking Kalem, you know how angry the trainers get when you shake.

I tighten the jacket my new Master wrapped around me and curl further into myself. It was wrong to cover your body in such a manner from your Master, I knew that - it was one of the rules. But my Master was the one who covered me, and the most important thing is to listen to your Master, but I was also breaking the rules.

It confused me.

I chew on my lip before immediately letting it go, curling even tighter in myself awaiting the punishing whip lashes which never come. I slowly unravel enough for me to look around the weird place my new Master placed me in. It was dark inside and sift where I sat, it wasn’t cold like the floor I knew.

I risk a glimpse out the clear windows of the machine to look at my new Master who was standing still next to another Master who was yelling, both facing Aias who was still in his cage. He still had his collar on and he was growling at them, I wanted to tell him to stop so he wouldn’t be punished but I knew he wouldn’t listen.

I brush my fingers against the skin which was now empty, whimpering slightly at the loss of my collar as tears full my eyes. Only horrible slaves were uncollared, my new MAster uncollared me within the first moment he met me. I didn’t know what I did to upset him so much, so I didn’t know how to fix it.

I’m a bad slave.

“Ow!” The second Master yells, jumping away from the cage where Aias’ had reached out and pulled him from his hair. I wince slightly, waiting for them to hurt Aias, but they don’t. “Lincoln!” The man complains.

Maybe that was the Master’s new name for Aias. I wanted a name too, I never had one.

“Not my problem,” My Master grumbles, crossing his large arms while watching Aias clawing to reach for his new Master.

“How am I supposed to get him home if he tries to bite me every time I get close?!” The Master yells, looking to Aias almost pleadingly but he only bares his sharpened teeth.

“Your elf. Your problem.” My Master says before making his way to the machine he left me in. I sit up a little more, forcing myself to stop shaking so I could be at my best for him. He opens the door before saying, “Good luck.”

Then Master sits down in the seat in front of me, the machine shakes a little making the trembling begin again. I almost whimper my fear but swallow it, not wanting to upset Master. Master shuts the door, locking us inside before he releases a small sigh like the trainers did whenever I didn’t perform my positions the way they wanted.

I really am a bad slave.

I look up at the small mirror and see myself, I looked dirty and there was a clear outline of my missing collar which made the tears in my eyes fall once more. Then my eyes meet my Master’s so I immediately look away, wiping at my tears, too chocked and useless to even beg for forgiveness.

I was shaking and crying, I looked my Master in his eyes without his permission. I felt like the worse slave in the world.

Master doesn’t say anything, he doesn’t warn me of future punishment for my faults. He doesn’t move, just sits still which was even scarier than when they yelled at me.

“What’s your name?” He says after a moment. His voice was heavy and sharp like casting a command. I liked commands and instructions, then I knew what to do and I didn’t disappoint.

“I-I don’t have one Master,” I reply, trying to not show my fear but my voice still shakes.

Then the silence falls again and Master doesn’t say anything else. It made me worry that I’d upset him again somehow, but I didn’t understand why. I didn’t have a name, I never did. The other slaves who came in over the years did, they always used those names until it was beaten out of them.

Everyone but Aias, he made sure no one would forget it.

“Then why don’t you give yourself one?” Master suggests, his voice softer than any I’d ever heard.

All other Masters and Trainers were harsh, their tones were rough like their hands and punishments. But this Master wasn’t like that, he was... kind.

It really confused me.

“You must’ve had something in mind.” Master continues when I don’t reply immediately. “A name you’d given yourself in secret. Tell me, I won’t be mad.”

This could be a trap. He could be testing me to see if I was a bad slave who hid things from my Master. But Master said to tell him, it was an instruction and I couldn’t disobey. Even if it meant that I may be punished because of it.

“K-Kalem.” I manage after some time. “Kalem.”

Aias was the one who gave me that name. Even though I didn’t want it and told him it was wrong, he said that it was a name that spoke of strength amongst his people. He said I was strong, but I wasn’t.

“That’s a lovely name,” Master replies making me smile as joy spills into my chest.

I’d pleased him. It wasn’t a trap, I did well. I liked nothing more than to please and to finally please my new Master made me tight with happiness.

“Thank you, Master,” I reply quickly, my voice less shaky.

“Don’t call me that.” Master snaps angrily, his tone hard like the other Masters making my joy disappear as I pull into myself. The shaking continuing as I waited for my punishment, I couldn’t do anything right. Master takes a deep breath before speaking again, his voice kind again. “You don’t have to call me that.”

“But y-you own me, Master,” I reply with a small frown, my eyes still look down to not cause any more problems.

Master doesn’t reply which worried me. Then suddenly the machine was alive and moving.

“Let’s just go home,” Master grumbles, while ignoring the other Master’s banging against the contraption which seemed to be invisible. I catch Aias looking at me through the window, his eyes soft and longing as we’re pulled apart.

My heart squeezes at losing the only friend I’d ever had. Aias was nice, he only came a few months ago but he changed my life forever. He defied all the trainers and took all the beatings without even crying or begging once.

He talked to me even though it was against the rules. I only replied when I knew it was asolutely safe to and he told me about his world and his home. He told me about what it was like outside the slave house, it sounded magical.

I’d never left the slave house, not until now.

I raise my eyes to look out the window as the machine continues to take Master and I away. It was scary at first but now it wasn’t so bad, it was only scaring when it shook about. But the long thing that Master put across me didn’t let me fall, I smiled at it, Master wanted me safe.

Outside, it was very dark like in the holding cells, except there were few flickers of light that went all the way up to the sky and then tiny little ones that covered the entire sky. I’d heard about the sky from Aias, he told me that it was light blue during the day and dark in the night. He said every little, sparkling light at night were like doors to his realm.

Aias said his realm wasn’t like this one. He said his sky was light purple and that they thrived off of nature, that they worked with the natural world instead of against it. I didn’t really understand but it all sounded so special that I hoped that one day I’d see it.

Maybe my new Master would let me.

I look up hesitantly to look at my Master, he seemed mad at something, I could only hope it wasn’t me. I looked away immediately, not wanting to make it any worse. Instead of looking outside, I tried to go over all my responsibilities, as a slave and servant, that was expected of me.

I only reached the cleaning stage when my eyelids slowly pulled themselves down, taking me to sleep without permission.


I pop my eyes open to find myself curled in something soft, covered by soft fabric that almost drowned me in it. I blink a few times and pull them back from my eyes to look down, it was big and the fabrics were a soft yellow.

I yawn tiredly as I look around the large room with surprise. It had all the things I was taught to expect to clean, I think. I wasn’t sure but I think there was a closet, a dresser, a few chairs and even one by a window, but plants covered that window so it was dark.

I think I was on the bed, it fit all the lessons, but it didn’t make sense. It couldn’t be a bed or I wouldn’t be on it, slaves didn’t sleep in beds. We slept on the floors of our cells or the floor by our Master’s bed.

I look around again, unable to help but feel amazed at the space. I’d never seen a room this big in my life, it was mostly white and had a big, pretty thing on the top that brought light in. I rub at my eyes wondering where my Master was, a slave should never be apart from their Master unless told so.

I pull at the warm fabrics, surprised to see I was still covered in my Master’s clothing. I sniff it a little and smile when I find that it smelt sweet. I swing my legs over the ends of the bed, frowning at the sight of them, they were small and thin. They looked too thin to hold me up, but I had to get to Master so I tried to stand.

Then I fell.

I put my hands out to catch me but I never hit the floor, a large arm was wrapped around my stomach to keep me from meeting the ground. I clench onto the arm, holding it tight as I tried to stand, my chest thumping hard with fading fright. I look up to find Master, he was looking at me but didn’t say anything, just set me back down onto the soft space before stepping back a little.

“S-Sorry M-Master.” I stutter, keeping my eyes to my feet in submission.

“You’ve done nothing wrong,” Master says gently but I still flinched, it was weird to have a Master be nice. Master takes another step back as I pull nervously at the thin fabric to cover myself. “Shit - I need to get you clothes.”

“It’s fine master, I’m sorry my actions displeased you.” I plead quickly, hating myself for even hiding myself from my Master in such a shameful manner. I push the fabric back so Master could see his possession but he turns away, showing my his back with a deep groan. “M-Master?”

“Don’t call me that and I want you to wear clothes.” Master manages after a few rounds of deep breathes.

“O-Okay Master,” I reply instantly while still wondering if he didn’t want to see my body because it was ugly. Maybe he wanted a working slave and not one for release. But that didn’t make sense, the trainers said they’d all want me because I hadn’t been used yet, so why didn’t Master want to use me too?

“You can use mine for now,” Master says before disappearing, only to reappear with more clothes in his hand. “Here,” He offers while handing me the new clothing.

“Thank you, Master,” I say automatically, I didn’t like clothing but I knew it was rare to get gifts from my Master and I was grateful.

“I take it by the fact that you’re not screaming that you know I’m a vampire?” Master asks and I risk a glance up at him to nod sheepishly.

“I’ve been in the slave house all my life Master. I grew up with the supernatural.” I tell Master, hoping he’d know I was a well-versed slave who was trained and would do anything he asked. But Master’s eyes only widen, growing clear with sadness as his lips parted and his fists clenched beside him.

“All your life?” Master asks, sounding like he didn’t believe me. I’d never lie to my Master.

“Yes, Master,” I reply honestly, hoping he knew I wasn’t lying.

All of the other slaves or servants I met over the years said they were ‘kidnapped’. I didn’t know what that meant but Aias said he was taken, that he didn’t come here because he chose to. I was the only one like me I knew about, the trainers said it made me special but all the other slaves said it made me disgusting. I didn’t really know who to believe.

“Kalem, how old are you?” Master asks, questioning me as if he was scared to find out the answer.

“Eighteen Master,” I answer instantly, hoping he wouldn’t mind that I was younger than him.

Master doesn’t say anything else. Just stared at me with eyes that flickered with rage and sadness at the same time, the promise of death I’d seen in other’s eyes, seeping into his gaze for a moment.

“Does this displease you, Master?” I request nervously, scared for the rejection I knew to come.

“No Kalem. I’m not displeased with you. You’re’re perfect.” Master says making me smile quickly, taking in the praise with eagerness. “Take a shower or a bath, whichever you prefer and get dressed so I can feed you,” Master finishes but I didn’t understand any of his instructions. Slaves didn’t take baths or showers. “What’s wrong?”

“I’ve n-never taken a shower or bath,” I confess hesitantly.

“Then how did you stay clean?”

“The hose,” I reply, but my words don’t please Master. It just makes him look horrified. “Master?”

“I’ll help you,” Master says after swallowing, offering a hand.

“N-No Master. I s-shouldn’t trouble you.” I reply, shaking my head with sadness and distress. Disturbed to even think of making my Master serve me, I’m supposed to be the one serving him. I’m the slave.

“Kalem. Come.” Master instructs and I can’t help but that his hand before I can think twice about it.

Then I’m in Master’s hands and he’s walking me to another room, leaving the soft place and his sweet jacket behind. It made me smile that he held me unclothed, maybe I did please him in this manner. Master takes me in a room that’s full of weird things but it was white and clean.

“The water comes down here, you choose how cold or hot you want it with this,” Master informs as he points to two knobs, one with a red mark and another with a cold one. “Red means hot, blue means cold.”

“The water was always cold Master,” I tell Master, hoping he’d be happy with this, but this only makes him angrier.

I bow my head, telling myself to just be quiet.

“Wait one second,” Master says before disappearing. I stand still and alone for so long that I thought Master forgot about me. Maybe Master had other slaves to tend to, I wondered if they’d like me or hate me. I hoped they weren’t mean. Suddenly Master reappears making my eyes widen slightly before I release a shaky breath.

“I think you’ll enjoy it being a little warm,” Master says with a smile, I think, he looked happier. He waits a few moments before turning the blue knob a little and then the red one a lot. I squeal in surprise as water comes out of the top piece, it wasn’t as strong as the hose so I wasn’t so scared. “Now get in.”

I look at Master and he nods encouragingly, so I take a small breath before taking a tiny jump into the place which held the water, my eyes shut tight as I waited for the pain. But no pain came, it felt nice actually.

Then Master chuckled a little, I peek one eye open hesitantly before opening both, the breath I held to not drown comes out and I realize I could breathe with this water. I find Master smiling at me, thinking my actions funny. I look away, puffing my cheeks a little as heat fills them.

I’m such a mess.

“These are shampoos, conditioners and some of my favorite liquid soaps. Use whichever ones you like best.” Master says pointing to little bottles filled with liquids but I didn’t get any of it. “Are you good?”

“Hmmm.” I hum mindlessly as I soak in the warm, kind water. This warm water was nicer than cold water, it wasn’t too strong and it made me feel like I was floating.

“Well, I’m outside when you finish. The clothes are on the toilet seat.”

With that, Master leaves the room, leaving me alone with the nice water and different liquids. I run my hands through my hair to push it from my face, I rub them around my body and whimper a little when I find the water black beneath me. I look at my skin to find it less dark and it’s hidden lighter tone. It was nice and smooth, I liked it without the dirt on it.

I look at the bootles, not wanting to upset Master by taking too long in the water place, no matter how nice this water was. I pick one that says shampoo and smell it, then the conditioner one and then the soap one. The conditioner one smelt the best so I picked it up and put it everywhere, in my hair and over my skin, I tried to rub it in but no matter how hard I tried, it just washed away.

I frown with anger and give up on the conditioner. I wash it all out with new hatred for it and then take the water off the way Master showed me to. I step outside a pick up the fluffy towel, drying myself with a small giggle as I came off clean. Then I looked down at the enemy clothes.

I didn’t want to wear them, but Master’s will was most important so I would listen.

I pick up the first thing I find, it had two holes which could be for arms but nowhere for my head. I pull them up my legs and smile when it works, but then it fell down. I try again, but it just falls again. I frown at it and bring it up, tying the side and it stays.

With that I pick up the second item that had holes as well, I try my legs again but it doesn’t work out no matter what I did or what way I put it. I try my head but I almost fainted, I couldn’t breathe when it was there. I try the legs again before giving up.

“Master,” I call with a frown and shame as I look down at my mistakes.

“What is it?” Master says immediately as if he was waiting outside. I try one more time with the evil clothing, hating to disappoint my Master.

“I c-can’t...ughhh...” I mumble with frustration and building tears as I fail again. “I’m sorry Master I can’t do this.”

The door opens to reveal my Master. I look up to him and seem him biting his lips to try not smiling, but he was smiling and then he was chuckling. Then my lips were wobbling and I was crying.

“Don’t cry.” Master coos as he comes to me, his smile still small and present. I try to stop the tears but they were flowing and I was hiccuping. Master came close to me and ran a hand through my hair, smiling as he wiped away my tears. “There’s nothing to cry about, you did amazing Kalem.”

I look up at him, my small whimpers quieting as I take in his praise and use it to convince myself I wasn’t so useless. Master, smiles down at me as he wipes away the last of my tears, so I smile back at him.

“You did great, but it seems you need a little help,” Master says and I nod quickly. He quickly begins undoing my wrongs before fixing them with his rights. When he’s done, he steps away and I look down at myself with a frown.

Master did more wrongs than I had.

I was completely cover, my chest, legs and some of my arms. The clothing on top was big and itchy against my skin, I hated it. I wanted to be naked for Master, then he could use me when he wanted, this would just get in the way.

“Do you not like it?” Master asks, pulling me from my thoughts.

“I’ve never worn clothes myself,” I reply in efforts to not reject Master’s gift. “It feels weird Master.”

“You’ll grow accustomed to them,” Master promises before offering me his hand again. I take it without hesitation. Master picks me up, cradling me in his arms as he begins to walk slowly with me in his arms. “When was the last time you ate Kalem?”

“I think two days ago Master.” I reply as I look around at the large palace my Master lived in. The place was even bigger than the rooms I’d been in before, the ceilings were so high I doubted nothing could touch it and there were big giant pillars which held them up.

It was beautiful but dusty.

I look around with nothing but fascination while Master walks at a normal pace, eventually we reach another strange room except it was more open and had more things. Master sat me down on one of the counters before he begins to open old cupboards only to be attacked by a tidal wave of cobwebs and dust. Through a fit of coughing, Master turns back to face me with a deep frown.

It was really hard to not laugh.

“I need to go buy you food,” Master says with a sigh.

“You don’t have to Master. I can go for a full week without food before fainting.” I said tilting my head up high proudly. It was something the trainers praised me for and I knew it meant less trouble for Master which was even better. Master’s happy eyes darken and I fear I’d made him mad but he gives me a tight smile instead.

“That’s great Kalem.” He grinds out making my smile brighten all the more. “But I rather you eat three times a day.” This makes my smile falter. “I’m going to get you food. It’ll be quicker if I go alone. Do you mind staying here alone?”

“Whatever pleases you, Master,” I reply, trying to keep the fear and panic of his words from showing.

“Kalem,” Master starts in a tone I hadn’t heard before but it sounded disappointed. “I only ask one thing of you. Be honest with me at all times. Tell me what you feel, not what you think I want you to feel. Say what you really think.” That made absolutely no sense. What I wanted didn’t matter. It was about Master, I just wanted to serve Master. “Okay?”

“O-Okay Master,” I reply unsurely.

“So I’ll ask you again, do you mind being here alone or would you like to come with me?”

“.....I-I want to go with you,” I confess quietly before shutting his eyes tightly as I flinch in wait for a slap.

“That’s good Kalem. Thank you for being honest.” Master replies gently, his voice soft as always. I peak up at him hesitantly, waiting for his face to change but it doesn’t. “Let’s go. We can buy you some clothes while we’re out as well.” Master says before picking me up once more.

I loop my arms around his neck as I lean into his chest comfortably.

I liked when he carried me.


“I’m just going to make a quick stop at a friend’s house okay?” Master says but I barely register his words as my eyes stay glued to the outside.

It wasn’t dark outside anymore, it was bright and beautiful. There was the big, yellow sun that Aias told me about, but it hurt to look at it and there was the light, blue sky, that one was nice. There were other machines that moved around like the one Master and I were in. Everything was big or moving very quickly.

I wasn’t sure if it was amazing or scary.

But then suddenly we were pulling away from all of that and going somewher deep inside until we stopped at a really, super big house that was really big but covered with plants. I liked plants, they were pretty, I wanted plants.

This big place looked a lot like Master’s, it looked like someone forgot about it and never came back. Master and I walked towards it but I kept myself close to Master, slightly terrified of losing him.

It was easy to move around now because Master fed me with something called pizza. It tasted absolutely disgusting and I hated every bite of it, but it made Master so happy to see me eat it so I forced myself to.

I didn’t like it though, but my body did.

“Malcolm!” Master yelled after entering. I shake a little at the force of his voice but keep close.

“Lincoln! Lincoln is that you?!” A desperate voice yells from deep and far somewhere. Then, in an instant, the other Master from the night before was standing in front of us. Which meant that this was where Aias was. I look up at him with excitement and hope, but that slowly dies away when I see the Master covered with fresh scratch marks and teeth marks that were slowly closing. “Lincoln you have to help me! He’s crazy! H-He keeps attacking me every time I try to get into my room.”

“You got him here? Impressive.” Master replies with amusement.

“It’s not funny Linc! He’s crazy!” The second Master shouts before looking down at me. I stiffen a little and just stare up at him, Master said I didn’t have to look away from anyone so I was trying not to. “Why is he so well behaved?!”

“What’s his name?” Master says ignoring the question. But I was smiling widely at the praise.

“I don’t know.” The Master whines before turning around and disappearing. Master picks me up before following after him. Then they slow and begin walking at a normal pace, Master lets me down so I can do the same. “He doesn’t talk. Just growls and bites and scratches.”

“Has he tried to escape yet? Elves are really strong, he could easily get out.” Master replies sounding surprised and intrigued.

“I thought he would as soon as I opened the cage door but he hasn’t. He stays and doesn’t run, but won’t let me get even remotely close.” Aias’ Master sighs before stopping at a big, wide door. “Brace yourself.”

He opens the door with a rough push before ducking behind Master while I poked my head out from behind Master with hopes of seeing Aias curiously. My eyes immediately find the vibrant gold ones which were scary on first glance but familiar to me, but Aias was in attack mode. A deep snarl escapes his throat as he begins to sprint towards us, lunging only to fall short when his eyes landed on me.

I rush pass Master without a thought and crash straight into Aias’ open arms. I hug him tight and hard, the way he showed me a hug was supposed to be like and smile at the familiar warmth of Aias.

“I thought I’d never see you again,” I whisper into Aias chest as I cling to him.

“Me neither young one. My prayers have been answered, you are safe.” He replies with his deep voice which ran like silk off his tongue.

“Kalem?” Master calls after a moment making him freeze in my friend’s arms.

A cold shiver of fear and panic rushes down my spine as I pull away from Aias and rush back to my Master’s side.

“I-I-I’m so s-s-sorry Master.” I try but my words are barely words, I sink down to my knees, desperate and fearful as I take my punishment position. “P-Please punish m-me.”

“It’s fine Kalem, calm down,” Master aids with his usual tender voice which transfers to touch as he pulls me up to his feet. He presses a finger to my chin, raising it for him to see me. “I am not going to punish you, but how do you know this elf?”

“A-Aias was my friend in the slave house Master. My only friend.” I answer quickly and shakily, only looking back to Aias when Master does, but frown when I find him glaring at my Master with hatred.

“So you’re name is Aias.” Aias’ Master comments making himself known again. He begins walking towards Aias as he continues. “I thought you couldn’t speak or something. My name is Ma- OWWW!” He shouts jumping back as Aias sunk his teeth into Malcolm’s hand. “Stop biting me!”

“Stop trying to touch me,” Aias replies unbothered, before flipping his long, white hair over his shoulders.

“You’re mean.” Aias’ Master says sadly as he glares at Aias who looked like he didn’t care.

Aias’ Master continues to yell and complain but I barely take it in as my stomach begins to twist and turn in the worst ways. It felt like it did after a trainer punched me too much in my stomach and made anything left in me come up, I could feel something wanting to come up now.

I tug gently at the ends of Master’s shirt, bringing his attention to me instead of his friend.

“Master,” I call hoarsely as I bend a little from the pain, my face becoming wet with sweat.

“Kalem?” Master questions taking my face in his hands. “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know,” I mumble before shutting his eyes tightly when everything begins to hurt. “M-Master, I’m s-scared.” I whimper in his hands when I begin tremble slightly and then things try to come up.

Master’s eyes widen as he holds me and rushes us to another room, holding me steady as I empty everything inside of into the bowl of water he held me in front of. I try t breathe but another round comes out and it hurts so much, tears pool in my eyes as everything comes out, even blood. I sob in Master’s hand, mentally pleading for him to make it stop but it doesn’t.

“What did you do to him?!” I hear Aias roar alongside determined footsteps.

Master doesn’t reply, he just holds me steady until it finally ends and the pain stops. Then Master washes my mouth clean and picks me back up, letting me sink into him while I cried.

“Did you feed him?” Aias’ Master questions, sounding serious and concerned.

“Yes, just some pizza. He said he hadn’t eaten in two days.” Master replies sounding concerned as well.

I’m so useless.

“You can’t just switch his diet like that.” He sighs making me cling to Master tighter. “They feed them stuff like mush. You need to keep feeding him that and slowly take him off it.”

“I can’t keep giving him that garbage.” Master hisses harshly making me shiver.

“If you don’t he’ll just keep throwing it back up.” Aias’ Master explains calmly. I look up to find Master glaring at the other Master before he looks back to me. “Whatever you gave him probably tasted like garbage to him anyway.”

“I’m sorry M-Master.” I croak through the tears. Feeling ashamed and tired and useless. I’d lied to my Master and made him take care of me. I hadn’t once helped him or serviced him. I am such a failure. “I’m a-a horrible s-sl-”

“Don’t you dare apologize. This is my fault completely.” Master says angrily making my tears grow. I couldn’t even apologize without upsetting him, I look away and try to hide in the Master’s chest. him. Master sighs deeply before speaking again. “You have been nothing but perfect Kalem, I promise. Let’s get you home so you can rest.”

I don’t reply, just try to tuck myself back into my chest as best as I can and stop the sobbing. But it doesn’t stop. Master doesn’t bother saying anymore, just begins walking taking me away from Aias and his Master friend.


“Thank you, Master,” I say, trying to sound as thankful as possible before I begin digging into the mush Master prepared for me.

This was familiar and didn’t hurt. This was good.

“Why didn’t you tell me you hated the pizza?” Master questions once I finish the entire bowl.

“I didn’t want to disappoint you, Master,” I reply with nothing but regret in my heart. “I’m sorry Master for wasting your food.”

“Don’t apologize Kalem.” Master corrects quickly. “I was in the wrong. We’ll slowly get you off this mush okay?”

I nod my head unsurely, not understanding how a master could be wrong.

“I think you’ve had a complete overload today. Let’s get you to bed.” Master says before slipping off his stool and begins walking. He stops when he realizes I haven’t followed and still remain perched on my own stool. I frown slightly at Master before snapping out of my daze and quickly rushing after him.

Master stares at me for a long moment before he smiles proudly and picks me up suddenly, I squeak a little at the quick movement and hold on tight as he begins to walk again.

“If you want me to carry you Kalem, all you have to do is ask,” Master whispers, looking down at me with a smirk.

My cheeks heat up with embarrassment, he’d caught me and I couldn’t do anything to hide but bury my face in his chest without risking a response. Master walks all the way back to the first room I’d woken up in, laying me back down in the softness.

“What is it?” Master asks sensing my discomfort.

“These aren’t the slave quarters...” I mumble looking around at the large room once more.

“No. Because you aren’t a slave. You’re a human being and this is your room.” Master says firmly making my eyes all but explode. “You can do whatever you wish to it. Decorate it or leave it. It’s completely up to you.”

I am a slave. That’s all I am, a slave. I don’t own things and I would never try to change something that Master owned.

“I-If not slave quarters, M-Master floor?” I beg desperately as I try to sit up, but Master just pushes me back down.

“You will not sleep in a cage or a cell and you will most certainly not sleep on the floor.” Master denies with the same determination as he brings the soft fabric up to my neck.

“B-But Mas-”

“Kalem,” Master says with finality in his tone as he leans over me.

Staring straight at me with his dark eyes and handsome face. His face was long and he had a shadow of a beard that didn’t look harsh, his eyes were kind and his gaze gentle. I think my Master is the most handsome Master in the whole world.

“This is your home now unless you chose to leave it,” Master says, wincing slightly from his own words. “And in your home, you are free to do whatever you wish. You are not a slave. You’re a brilliant, beautiful young man who will never suffer the way you have. You’re free Kalem.”

I stare up at Master for a long moment, trying to take in all his words. It takes me a while to understand them, but I piece them together enough to understand what type of Master I had.

My Master was crazy.

“My room is the one at the end of the hall. Come to me if you need anything. I’ve cleaned your bathroom so you can use it now.” Master says as he adjusts the soft rectangle under my head.

Master pauses to look down at me once again.

I freeze as I look back at him. My fingers gripping the edges of the fabric as Master studied me. My lungs fill with air as I stare at my crazy Master, heart thumping with the need to make him happy. Then suddenly, Master leans down and presses a light kiss to his forehead that makes me suck in a breath. He palms my chest like precious glass before he offers me a weak smile.

“Goodnight Kalem,” Master says making my heart flutter happily, maybe I did make him happy.

Master stands and makes his way out of his room.

“Goodnight Master.”


Kalem is tooo fucking cute like wtf, I feel so bad for this precious boy!!!!!


I wrote this chapter originally in Lincoln’s P.O.V and just spent three hours turning it to Kalem’s. I wanted you guys to have a glimpse into his head but I cant do this for the other chapters I’ve already written.

So expect it to be STRICTLY Lincoln’s P.O.V for a while, hope you guys don’t mind to much.

Anywhose, vote up and comment your thoughts. I’m so glad so many of you like the first chapter, I was so scared it may flop.

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