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Chapter 34

Kalem’s P.O.V

Pixie festivals were amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was like everything sparkly and pretty in all the worlds came together to this once special place to show off just how amazing they were, and it made me want to never ever leave. I usually didn’t like it when there were too many people around me and Master, but I didn’t mind it as much when it was pixie people.

Pixie people were too sparkly to not like.

There were all types of pixies; big ones and tiny ones, ones with super big wings and ones with the smallest ones, then there were those pixies who shimmered and sparkled all around, and others that only had their plain colour, but they still looked pretty.

And best of all, they were all nice. Everyone had big smiles on their face, they were singing and dancing and laughing, being happy and kind all around. None of them wanted to take me from Master, they all kind and smiled whenever they saw us and the ones who were working in the food tents gave us all these special treats for free - which Aias’ Malcolm said was a good thing.

So far, I’d been given something called a ‘donut’ and something else Master said was called ‘churros’, I loved them both and asked for even more when I finished them quickly.

I was on my last churro now and though I wanted to savour it, it was disappearing quickly.

“Master,” I whisper as I give his hand a little tug. Master looks down at me and immediately starts laughing, “what?”

“You seem to get messy when you’re enjoying what you’re eating,” Master says as he raises his free hand to rub at my lips and cheeks gently, “there’s sugar all over.”

I lower my eyes while Master cleans me up, feeling embarrassed but also loving having his attention on me. When I’m all clean, Master kisses me gently and rubs gently at my warming cheeks, I force myself to look back up at him as I offer the last bit of my churro.

“Do you want some?” I ask with a hopeful smile.

Master leans down and holds my gaze while he takes a bite of the churro, he chews it slowly as he straightens up and smiles wickedly at me. I swallow, well I try to swallow, it was hard when my mouth was soundly so dry.

That did it. I had to climb Master when we got home, there was no other choice.

“So,” Master asks innocently, “how are you finding it so far?”

“I love it!” I exclaim with a bright smile. “It’s the most wonderful place in the whole world!”

“Because it’s sparkly, or because there’s so much yellow?” Master asks with a raised brow.

That was another thing that was great about the pixie people, they understood just how bright and beautiful yellow was and had lots of it everywhere.

“Both,” I reply and Master laughs again before he pulls me in closer.

We continue to walk through the festival, taking it all in as best as we could while Aias’ Malcolm walked ahead with his master, showing him everything that he loved and thought Aias would love to.

Aias seemed to enjoy it, in his own way, he loved learning new things and his Malcolm was showing him everything there was to the pixies. And his Malcolm was also happier than I’d ever seen him, and every now and again I caught Aias smiling at him.

Aias and his Malcolm were very cute together to me, but I kept that thought inside.

“Master, can we go do that?” I ask pointing towards the section where there were lots and lots of pixies dancing around.

They were all moving in sync, connecting and splitting at all the right parts and I wanted to give it a try. Though when I looked up at Master he seemed a bit reluctant, so I pulled out my ‘weapon of quick persuasion’ as Aias called it.

“Please Lincoln,” I beg while I look up at Master with wide eyes.

Master immediately relaxed his strained features and nodded slowly. I squeal my excitement and fly up with my wings to kiss his cheek, Master chuckles and lets me pull him towards all the dancing pixies.

When I used Master’s name, he didn’t get mad or give me a punishment like all the stupid trainers said he would. Master just got really happy, it was as if when I said his name everything mean went away and that always made me super happy to know that I could give my Master so much happiness.

I couldn’t understand how I ever feared Lincoln when he was so kind and perfect.... and sweet!

“Follow my lead,” Master says as he pulls me into a free spot near the back of the large crowd, I nod and bite my lip to stop myself from laughing as Master took the first stance.

It wasn’t that Master was doing it wrong, he did it just like all the other pixies around him, it was just funny since it was Master doing it. With a smile on my face and neverending - my word of the day- joy in my heart, I take the stance as well and let myself giggle when Master laughs when I do it too.

Through our giggling and laughing, we manage to follow along as best as we could to all the other dancing pixies who danced around one another. Each pixie had a dancing partner but it was all done as a group, we slipped between one another and around each other, returning to our original partner only after performing all the right steps.

My favourite part was when everyone stopped and flew up for a moment with their wings, cheering loudly while in the air, before we landed back down to the ground and began all again.

It didn’t take long for me to pick up on it, and soon I was dancing just as quickly as everyone else, or I hoped that I was. There were smiles all around which only made it that much better, so when Master and I met each other again I had to tell him, “I love you” before we parted again, because if it wasn’t for Master I wouldn’t know that this much happiness was possible.

Master whispered it back when we met again, and flashed me a wide smile while we danced and danced with shared smiles and giggles.

When Master and I took our final stance and escaped from the still dancing crowd, I could stop myself from jumping into his arms. Master held me close with loving eyes and kissed me silly, and all I could think or feel was love and safety with the man who promised to love me forever and ever.

It was Master and me forever plus happiness like this always!

I knew then exactly what I’d do for him, so that my Lincoln knew always how much I loved him.


We find Aias and his Malcolm sitting on a free table with some weird things on their heads, it was like the ears Mr.W had when he let his incubus side out. The one on Aias’ Malcolm’s head was black and fluffy while the one on Aias’ head was pink and made of paper, and it matched the pink shades propped on his nose.

Aias looked slightly miserable while his Malcolm looked beyond pleased.

“Not a word of it,” Aias grinds out when Master opens his mouth to say something.

Master slowly shuts his mouth but his smirk was still in place as he sat down and pulled me down into his lap. I settle myself happily and look back at Aias and his Malcolm with a grin, “I think its cu-”

“No,” Aias says cutting me off as well, “I don’t want to hear it Kalem.”

Closing my mouth, I nod slowly and watch as Aias’ Malcolm presses a kiss to his master’s cheek and snuggles up to him as best as he could with Aias’ radiating anger.

“Did you enjoy yourself out there?” Aias asks me sounding a little gentler now, “we saw you dancing.”

“It was perfect!” I promise as I look back at Master, my heart hammering against my chest as if it wanted to do pop, “Master made it perfect.”

“I’m surprised you still have a Master,” Aias’ Malcolm replies with a snort, “I thought he’d break a hip trying to act young again.”

“It’s almost as if you forget your own age,” Lincoln replies flatly. “We’re both old, at least I’m not senile.”

Aias chuckles at that which makes both him and his Malcolm freeze with a shared look of horror, “you’re supposed to be on my side, Aias.”

“It looks like the elf is more fond of me,” Master teases which makes me give him a hard poke.

“I’m the only elf who should be fond of you,” I whisper which makes them all stare at me with wide eyes.

Looking from Master to Aias and his Malcolm, I try not to panic at the silence. Silence didn’t mean that I did something bad, it didn’t mean that I was in trouble, I shouldn’t panic when Master liked it when I told him whatever I was thinking inside.

It wasn’t wrong, to be honest with myself and others, Aias always told me that.

“He’s growing up,” Aias’ Malcolm says, his words full of fondness while he looked at me with full eyes. Aias sucks his teeth but still nods his agreement as he pets his Malcolm gently.

Looking to Master for an explanation, I frown deeply when I find him looking at me with an expression I’d never seen before, he looked happy but also like he might cry any second. Which was a weird thing to imagine, Master sometimes let a tear slip and he was free with his emotions, but Master had never cried with me the way I so often did with him when he first found me.

“Did I do something... you didn’t like Master?” I ask slowly as I play with the end of his shirt. I stopped asking if I did something wrong because Master said it made me think negatively, so I did this instead because Master said just because he or others may not like something I say or do doesn’t mean that I did something wrong.

Master taught me lots of lessons that made everything the trainers said easier to push away from my mind when I got scared. It was still there, it would always be there I think, but it was getting easier to ignore it when it came back.

I didn’t tell Master, but I had a little book where I wrote down all the new things he and Aias taught me. They were like my new rules, but ones that I used for my life because it was all mine, and when I felt like I was just a slave again, I went back to my little book to remember that I was just Kalem.

My favourite lesson was that I didn’t have to please anyone who wasn’t me. I liked to please Master, I liked to make him happy as he did me, but I didn’t have to do it. I could do whatever I wanted, because I was free a-and strong and Kalem.

“Not at all,” Master replies as he shakes his head slowly, “I’m just proud of you.”

Uncurling my tight fingers from Master’s shirt, I raise up my arms and hug him tightly - I was proud of me too.

“Well, would you look at what we have here...”

I pull back from Master to look at Mr.W who now stood at the head of the table with his hands on his high hips. In pixie form, Mr.W looked even better than he usually did, his clothes weren’t loose like everyone else’s, his clothes were so tight that it looked like a second skin.

He wore the colour I knew now was called amber, pants that were high on one hip and low on the other, letting everyone glimpse the natural lines that went downwards into his pants. On top, he wore a type of shirt I’d never known was possible. It was like one really long fabric that he wrapped around his nipples and back, once across his stomach and then it disappeared altogether.

If I’d known that there were clothes like that I’d wear them all the time for master.

All the pixie people who passed by kept staring at Mr.W and his attire, but they didn’t look angry, they looked like I did when I wanted more Master.

“Friend,” Mr.W starts as he slowly passes his eyes over each one of us, “a person with whom one has formed a mutual bond. Friends, multiple ones of that.”

“Wequie,” Aias’ Malcolm starts but Mr.W raises a hand to stop him.

“I was under the presumption that you all were my friends,” He presses on, “Lincoln, Malcolm, we’ve grown a bond like no other over the many decades.”

“If that’s what you want to call it,” Master mutters.

“And Kalem,” Mr.W says making me jump in surprise, “I thought with our shared demonic qualities we were destined to be close companions to the end of it.”

“Well...” I start. My demon side scared me because it sounded bad and I didn’t want to be bad ever.

“And you, Aias,” Mr.W says towards Aias who raises a single brow, looking both amused and intrigued, “I’d think after the gift I bestowed unto you, you’d love me the most.”

“You don’t bother me,” Aias replies which was his way of saying that he found him ‘tolerable’, which was a normal way of saying he liked him.

Mr.W sighs dramatically and rests the back of one hand to his head, “I’m just... wow... I never thought in all my years, that you all would betray me like this. Attending a pixie festival, without me?! The literal life of every party in every realm.”

Mr.W falls back then as if he’d fallen asleep but his sharp, linear wings caught him before he could hit the floor and he flew himself back up with tears now in his eyes, “not even an invite... this is a pain like no other.”

“Alright, enough of this nonsense,” Master cuts in with what was left of his patience.

“Nonsense,” Mr.W repeats with a choked sound, “this is hardly nonsense to me.”

“Wequie,” Master deadpans, “it’s hard to feel guilty when you came here without us.”

Mr.W falters for a moment as he tenses and looks between us. He straightens up and stands on his feet as he searches for a possible response, “well...I’d assumed you were otherwise preoccupied.”

“Not even an invite,” Aias’ Malcolm repeats with the same dramatics as Mr.W had included earlier.

“This is a pain like no other,” Aias adds flatly.

Mr.W droops then as he rolls his eyes and squeezes into the free space beside Master and me, “I still think you all were in the wrong here. There’s four of you and one of me, at least one of you should have reached out.”

“Would you have come if we invited you?” Master asks seriously.

“Of course not,” Mr.W replies as he raises his hand to watch the eye of one of the attendants, he waves them over while saying, “I’m not a fan of being a tag-along to this unfortunate foursome, but still, an invitation would’ve been appreciated.”

“What’s a foursome?” I ask curiously but Master only shakes his head before he replies to Mr.W.

“I’ll be sure to waste both your time and mine by reaching out time,” Master deadpans before he snuggles himself into my neck and pulls me closer.

“Thank you,” Mr.W replies.

“You look like sex tonight,” Aias’ Malcolm adds nervously which makes both Aias and I frown with confusion.

I didn’t know that you could tell someone that they looked like sex, I thought that was a thing you did. I wonder how Master would feel if I told him he looked like sex, it wasn’t a lie since he always looked like sex to me.

“You can keep your compliments to yourself Malcolm, I’m still mad at you,” Mr.W replies before he breaks off into conversation with the attendant about all the things he’d like brought to our table. Once he was done, he turned back to all of us and propped his face in both hands on the table, “well, now that I’m here am I allowed to stay or would you prefer I leave you to your secret adventure.”

“It’s not an adventure Wequie,” Aias’ Malcolm replies seriously, “those are for you, Lincoln and I alone.”

Mr.W looks down and twists his foot with a pout, but he doesn’t reply, even as everyone kept looking at him. Something hits Master hard under the table, making us both shift as we look across to Aias’ Malcolm who was staring at Master with wide insistent eyes.

Master releases a whispered curse under his breath and tightens his arms around my waist before saying, “Wequie,“. Mr.W looks to him with a little hum, “we are truly sorry for not inviting you along tonight. In truth, it’s Kalem’s first time out in a supernatural setting and we didn’t want to overwhelm him.”

“Are you saying I’m overwhelming?” Mr.W asks but he didn’t sound angry, just a little more excited.

“Yes,” Master confirms, “and as soon as Kalem is ready for some of the... things you enjoy, I’ll be sure to come to you first.”

“Promise?” Mr.W asks quickly, his wings fluttering behind him.

“Promise,” Master grumbles begrudgingly, “now if you’d stop your ridiculous pouting, why don’t you enjoy the rest of the night with us.”

Mr.W claps his hands happily and beams widely, his energy now restored and just in time too because the server he’d first called over, came with two arm fulls of foods, and was followed by another person carrying just as much food.

I smile down at all the food, a little nervous but excited to try what was here. It’d been a long time since my body rejected anything other than mush, and though I still ate it on my bad days, I didn’t like it as much any more now.

Sometimes it felt like so much time had passed since my first night with Master, and sometimes it felt like it was only a few days ago, it was hard to put the Kalem I used to be to the Kalem I was now.

But I really liked the one I was today, the Kalem today was happy.

“So Kalem,” Mr.W says while he picks up something long and green to eat, “how have you been?”

“Happy!” I reply immediately, “I’m really happy!”

Master smiles against me and Mr.W smiles as well, but it wasn’t one of his secret knowing smiles that were teasing and a little naughty, this smile was all kind and special.

“That’s good,” Mr.W says before he looks to Master, “I’m glad that this old fart can make you so happy.”

Master rolls his eyes but doesn’t respond to Mr.W. I smile proudly as I pick up one of the fries in front of us and raise it to Master’s lips, Master doesn’t even blink as he leans forward to take it from my fingers. He chews it quickly and opens his mouth for another, I giggle to myself as I quickly pick up another, content to feed Lincoln for the rest of the night.

“It’d be nauseating if it weren’t so beautiful,” Mr.W comments beside us before he turns to give his attention to Aias and his Malcolm. “So what have you all done so far? Have you been through the animal range?”

“There’s an animal range?” Aias’ Malcolm asks with obvious excitement.

I didn’t know how I felt about animals but they kind of scared me because I hadn’t met one. Master said dogs had furr and I hadn’t seen anyone with hair all over them so that was scary. And animals couldn’t talk, so what if I did something they didn’t like, how would they tell me. Plus, all the ones I saw when we were out of the castle were on collars which were something for slaves, and I knew now that it wasn’t right to make someone a slave - it made me want to save them.

It was all very confusing.

Mr.W nods his head quickly, “all of this realm’s most exotic creatures just wandering the lands, you can walk with them once you don’t get too close. They tamed them for the festival apparently, I’d have a look before they release them once this is all over.”

Aias’ Malcolm looks to his master with hopeful eyes, after a few silent moments Aias nods his head before he takes a sip of the drink before him. His Malcolm cheers his gratitude and thanks both Aias and Mr.W.

“And you?” Aias asks slowly, “what have you done in this festival?”

“The real question is, what have I not done,” Mr.W replies with wiggling eyebrows, “though in all seriousness, I’ve not yet gone to the ice rink.”

“That’s where the people skate,” I pipe in, hoping I was right, “on the flat ice?”

Master had told me that the place we’d passed by earlier that was white and flat was called ‘ice’, and that the weird way people were moving on the ice was ‘skating’. It looked really fun, but I was too scared to try it then.

“Yep,” Mr.W confirms, “the pixies’ version is a little more challenging, they like to include their wings to it.”

Aias winces at that piece of information, he still didn’t like using his pixie wings which I didn’t understand. I loved them so much that I wanted to enjoy every second I had with them.

Looking up, I follow the pixies who flew with my eyes, wondering how none of them crashed into each other. Everywhere we’d been in the festival so far, there were pixies who chose to walk and those who chose to fly around. There were never any air accidents, it was like they were communicating silently, or were following invisible roads that only they could see.

I wanted to try it out, but when I’d asked earlier Aias had paled so I said I changed my mind.

“I’d like to try that,” Master says which makes everyone stop talking and look to him.

Master hadn’t wanted to do anything tonight by his own request, he just went along with everything and smiled when he really liked something. But he hadn’t actually said that he wanted to do something now.

“Malcolm,” Mr.W whispers carefully, “I think Lincoln is expressing... want.”

“It’s almost as if he’s experiencing emotions,” Aias’ Malcolm whispers back.

“I think... is that our Lincoln?” Mr.W asks but before Aias’ Malcolm could say anything back, Master cut in with a rough growl and stands to his feet with me in his arms.

“We’ll do it without the lot of you children.” Master grins out before he steps out of the bench, I quickly grab the little basket of fries and hug to my chest as Master takes us away.

I watch over my shoulder as everyone else grabs whatever they were drinking and eating and follows after us with shared laughter. I smile at them but tuck it away when I look back at Master who had a smile on his lips.

Maybe Master didn’t hate the teasing as much as he pretended to.

I raise one of the chips and Master quickly eats it up making us both laugh.

Pixie festivals are the best


It’s the way I can write about these guys having fun forever.


I’m thinking that I should do a short extra next from Aias’ P.O.V about the rest of the night, including the ice-skating lol. Let me know if you guys would like that, or if you’d prefer me to just write the next bit from Lincoln’s P.O.V.

Besides that, I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter, it was cute and fun to me, and I loved seeing all the many changes to Kalem as he’s grown now. It’s so amazing to me that he didn’t think people were bad for not having collars as he did the first time Linc took him out.

Vote up and comment if you enjoyed the chapter.

I plan to write one more Master chapter before I return to writing Delicate chapters.

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