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Chapter 36

Kalem’s P.O.V

I try to keep my legs from kicking out from me underneath the big, long table, but it was hard to keep them still when I was so excited. All that excitement had to come out somehow.

I was never good at keeping my happy feelings inside, I was too small to, and right now, I was super happy because we were having our first dinner with our clan.

Clan! Every time I used the special word I wanted to scream!

Master said a clan was like a family, full of people we could rely on and trust. He said we had to work to build those ‘strong bonds’, but once we did, they’d be our family. So even though it would take some time, I was just excited that we had a family now and that it was full of so many nice people!

“You’re going to fall out of your chair if you keep that up love,” Master says into my ear making me jump in surprise.

I turn to face him with warming cheeks, “no,” I deny, which was a lie but Master didn’t need to know that, “I’ll fall out if you sneak up on me again,” I say as I grip both sides of my chair for protection against Master’s super sneaky attacks.

Master chuckles, his smile making my heart beat extra fast as he looks down at me. My heart always had to work harder to keep me alive when Master was close, but when he gave me those special smiles just for me, it really had a hard time.

Sometimes Lincoln looked at me in ways that made me squirm all over, it was like my body couldn’t take all his good love and all I wanted to do was climb into his lap and stay there forever.
If we weren’t in the big dining room with all the other important vampires, I would’ve done it but I didn’t think now was the right time to get too touchy with Master.

Since everyone had arrived earlier today, I’d been helping as much as I could to make sure that they all felt comfortable and happy with us. Time had passed so quickly when I was meeting so many nice vampires, and now it was somehow dinner time.

It was the first meal we were having altogether in the big, fancy room I sometimes cleaned in secret. Master said it was the first of many meals we’d share because it was important to spend time with everyone and build ‘strong ties’.

I didn’t know what that last bit meant, but I understood that eating together meant I could make friends, which was perfect because I wanted to be friends with everyone!

I’d made sure to say hi to every single vampire that came into the castle so that they knew that we wanted them to be here. I didn’t want a single one of them to feel left out. It could be scary going to a new place, I knew I was really scared when Master first saved me, and I didn’t want them to feel like I did then.

It had all gone really well since everyone was friendly and sweet so far. They said hi back and some of them were just as bouncy as I was to see all they could of the castle. I promised to give a tour to anyone who wanted it, and when so many told me they did, it was super hard to stop myself from popping with my joy.

But I couldn’t pop. Aias said that it was important that nobody knew that I was an elf or that I was a Nyphilim, even our new clanmates couldn’t know. So I had to make sure I didn’t pop around until I learned how to control everything better.

That was okay though because I had my first training session with Aias tomorrow morning, and the faster I learned to control my elven side, then the happier everyone would be. They all worried and that made me sad sometimes, I felt guilty to make Master and Aias worry.

I’d be good and get super strong so they’d never have to worry about me too much... a little worry was okay though.

“Master,” I call once I double-check my plate to make sure I ate everything, “I’m done, can I go make friends?”

This time only a few people look at me before they look away. When I’d called Lincoln ‘Master’ for the first time in front of everyone they’d all stopped what they were doing and stared at me and then at Master.

I’d stopped too, thinking something bad was happening before I realised that I was the bad.

But I wasn’t really, they thought that something was wrong because slaves had to call their evil owners Masters, so they thought something bad was going on. They all started shifting into a different stance that didn’t look so nice and the lady who was in charge was asking Master ‘why he had a slave’ in an aggressive voice.

Master had tried to explain, but I knew that they wouldn’t believe anything he said so I stepped in front of him to face them instead. Master always looked after me, but in this, I wanted to look after him.

‘I’m not a slave,’ I said as I tried to keep my hands from shaking too much, “my name is Kalem. My favourite colour is y-yellow and my favourite flower is a sunflower. I-I like bows and I like waking my Master up with a kiss. I have my own room full of all the things I like and I can do whatever I want with it. A-And I have a bed, my own bed. Slaves don’t get to have those things and they can’t have names, but I do. I’m Kalem, I am not a slave.′

Everyone had just stared at me like I’d split into two Kalems so I didn’t think they understood what I was trying to say.

It took a few tries before they seemed to get it. It helped even more when I told them about how Lincoln saved me, I made them all understand that I was not a slave, just a Kalem with my own Master that nobody else could have.

I didn’t like it when people were mean, but I would be very, very mean if anyone ever tried to separate me and my Lincoln.

Master looks over my plate with a little sigh before he nods his head reluctantly. I smile widely as I push my chair back and stand up, I lean down to give him a kiss on his cheek before I head off. We were eating at the head table with the oldest clan members and Aias and his Malcolm, but I wanted to eat with the other people since the big ones spoke with words I didn’t understand.

Master said I could leave once I finished eating my food, so I’d finished it all even faster than usual.

All the friends I’d ever made I’d done slowly. Like Aias was my first friend, and we became best friends because he tried so hard to speak to me even when I was too scared to reply.
Aias’ Malcolm was my friend too, I knew so because he called me K sometimes and only really close people got nicknames. And even Mr.W was becoming my friend, in a way that Master said was naughty but I liked him more and more.

So I did have friends, but I’d never had to make friends all on my own like this.

I was only a little nervous about meeting new people, but I’d already said hi to them all and no one had seemed to not like me or my eyes, so that made it easier.

Stepping down from the platform, I look around at the busy room before I make my way through one of the aisles, searching for a free seat somewhere.

It seemed like the further from the head table I went, the louder those there seemed to e. They were laughing and pushing each other with an ease that seemed to come from being friends for a long time.

I was too scared to go by the ones that were too loud, so I turned to another aisle and tried another row. Glancing over my shoulder, I find Master’s eyes on me even as he replied to something someone said to him. I smile at him, grateful that he was still looking after me even from here.

“Hey,” A pretty boy with deep brown eyes says as he waves over to me with a smile, “looking for somewhere to sit?”

I turn around to make sure he was speaking to me. When I see nobody else behind me, I nod my head and go over to him. Everyone around him turned to look at me before they shifted over to make a bit of room for me. I felt my cheeks heat as I thank them and slip into the space with a nervous smile.

Making new friends was so exciting, but also so scary!

They were in the middle of one of the eighty super long tables that made up the eating room - I’d counted when I was cleaning. All the tables weren’t full but Master said as the clan got bigger, they would be.

“I’m Gazium,” the boy who’d invited me over says with a smile almost as pretty as he was.

“I’m Kalem,” I reply before I look around, “what are your names?”

“Raven,” The girl next to him says with a wink. She had skin like Aias’ Malcolm and eyes like me so she was really unique looking, but in a nice way!

“Ophelia,” another girl says with a wave, she was a little further down but I couldn’t miss her with the bright red hair she had. The little dots all over her face matched them and looked even better with her green eyes.

I’d met a lot of other beings in the slave house, but I’d never gotten to talk to them like this and we were never allowed to have names so I loved all these even more. I never knew names could sound so beautiful but I knew I’d enjoy saying them all from no onwards.

There was one more boy next to Raven but when I saw his face, I had to look back at Gazium to make sure he hadn’t moved but he hadn’t, they just looked the exact same!

“You’re two!” I say as I continue shifting my head from side to side to make sure I wasn’t missing him move.

Vampires were fast and maybe I was just missing it because of that.

“Twins,” the second Gazium says with a chuckle.

This Gazium wasn’t as pretty as the first one, his face was harder where the first Gazium’s was soft and full. This Gazium had sharper features and had more muscles on his body, but they had the same black hair and black eyes.

“What’s your name?” I ask him instead of asking what twins were. If I did then they’d know I didn’t know what twins were because I was in the slave house for so long. I didn’t want sad times in this happy one, so I kept my questions locked away for later knowing Master would answer them.

“Sin,” he replies with a grin that told me he loved that name a lot. I loved my name a lot too so I understood his joy.

“It’s nice to meet you all,” I say just how I’d practised in front of the bathroom mirror. I give myself a mental cheer, but keep my smile from getting too big as I shift in my place.

“It’s nice to meet you too Kalem,” Gazium says, “I’m happy we got you before someone else did.”

I was popular?! Popular meant that I was liked by many people, and if people wanted to speak to me then that meant that I was popular, and if I was that then...t-then.... ahhh!!!!

“Do you like the castle?” I ask, hoping they thought it was clean enough.

“Like?” Raven repeats with a chuckle, “this is a major step up from camping in the woods.”

I shiver at that. We had woods outside the castle and I couldn’t imagine ever having to sleep out there. No, no, no.

“It’s amazing that something so massive hasn’t deteriorated underground,” Ophelia says sounding awed as she looks up at the high ceiling.

I didn’t know what deetorriated meant, but that was okay because that just meant I had more words to learn now! Before Master would know it, I’d be giving him words he didn’t know.

“Master says its made from witch magic,” I explain hoping that what I said fit in place with deetorriated.

Ophelia eyes go wide before she nods her head frantically, “that makes a lot more sense.”

I answered right! Making friends was so much fun!

“So Kalem,” Sin says making me look to him, “how’s it feel having so many vamps in your house?”

“Castle,” I correct because maybe he didn’t know the difference between them, “I like it. It’s been just Master and me, which I love always, but I love having more people here too because then I can make friends.”

When everyone reacted the first time so badly to me saying Master, I thought that I would have to call him Lincoln only, or I’d have to make them all leave. But luckily nobody had put up a fuss when I told Master that I didn’t want to change anything.

Here, none of them got quiet when I said Master, they didn’t even look at me funny, they only smiled, “well that’s really good to hear,” Gazium says after he takes a sip of his drink, “we all saw enough of the Pylen to know he wasn’t the most social guy, but that he at least wanted us here. When we saw you, I think we all shit out pants.”

Why would I make them all poo-poo in their clothes and not on a toilet? Did I look so scary to them that they couldn’t control it? I thought I was being nice, but maybe nice was different for different vampires.

Or maybe that was one of those expression things Master said he’d be teaching me next since I was learning words so quickly and well. I really hoped it was because if not then I’d have to teach them all about the importance of bathrooms.

“Why?” I ask with a tilt of my head. “I didn’t mean to look mean.”

They all shake their heads quickly, “you didn’t look mean,” Sin says quickly.

“We just feared that maybe you wouldn’t want us here as well,” Ophelia explains kindly which makes it my turn to shake my head super hard.

“I do,” I say with a smile I hoped was friendly and not even a little bit scary.

Everyone smiles back at me, Sin chuckles and Raven smirks before they nod their heads in understanding. It seemed like that took an invisible weight off of all of them because they relaxed more and started talking about things which were much more fun.

We talked about their clan before Lincoln and Aias’ Malcolm had gone to them, and then after. I didn’t know that Master liked games, but now I did.

“My Master?” I ask once more to confirm that they were talking about Lincoln, “that one?” I say pointing to him.

Master raises his head and narrows his eyes at the attention.

They all laugh and nod, “yes, that one,” Raven says between her light chuckles, “he wiped all us newborns out without even trying, I’ve never seen another vampire move so fast.”

“Newborns are young vampires?” I ask just to be sure. There were plenty of new words I had to learn which were for vampires only, like Plyen which was what they called Master and Newborns.

Ophelia nods quickly, “yeah, out of the four of us, me and Raven are newborns. Sin and Gazium just passed the hundred-year mark, so they’re technically Bloodworths now which are just a little older.”

“Don’t be so bitter about it,” Gazium says with a laugh that makes Raven stick out her tongue at him.

“Oh okay,” I say as I take in the new in-for-mation, that word was always a little harder to tackle than the rest. “How did Master.. ‘wipe you out’?” I ask hoping it wasn’t anything that hurt.

“So we start the game,” Sin starts all excited, “he dashes off into the woods, most of us go after him because... he’s the first made, imagine the rep you’d get from saying you caught the firstborn. Anyway, we were naive to put it nicely.”

“To put it very nicely,” Ophelia corrects and they all nod.

“We thought we were gaining on him but then he just turned,” Sin continues, “too fast for any of us to even realise what was happening. Those in the front ended up trying to turn with him, but that just left the ones in the back crashing into them.”

I was trying to imagine all he was describing to me but it was hard to picture it, maybe that was because I didn’t really understand the rules of the tag game they were describing yet.

“These two broke about every rib they have,” Gazium says gesturing to Raven and Ophelia, “but Sin and I were in the trees so we were alright.”

“In the trees?” I ask.

“We had this plan to follow after him silently with about twenty others, including Alexandrea, we were going to spring on him when we got the chance,” Gazium explains with a sigh, “but when Alexandrea tried the first time, he dodged her as if he’d been waiting for it.”

They all spoke about Master as if they couldn’t believe that he was real, like he was some dream that they admired a lot. It made me really proud that I was the lucky one who got to have Master’s love all to myself.

Lincoln really was amazing, even more amazing than they knew he was.

“We lost by a landslide, but I still think I won over everyone else,” Gazium says brightly though it made Sin groan for some reason, “I didn’t break my legs!”

“Do you do that often?” I ask with worry forming inside of me. I didn’t know how to stop someone from breaking their legs constantly, but I’d try to find a way to stop it for a friend.

“Only when he’s playing tag,” Sin says with a sigh, “and I’m always the one who’s got to drag him back home.”

“It’s a privilege, treat it as such,” Gazium says which leads the two into a quick conversation that was way too fast for my brain to keep up with.

I was loving talking to them and I was happy that I’d made friends on my first night, but it was the first time I’d ever had to speak to so many new people on my own. Aias or Master was always close by to help me make my way through things I didn’t know. So even though I was loving it, I was a little tired.

“Kalem,” I look behind me to see Aias standing right there with knowing eyes.

I smile up at him, grateful that he knew even before I did. I may have been making new friends who I hoped I could get close with, but Aias would always be my number one friend. Always!

“We’ve got an early morning tomorrow young one, let’s get some sleep,” Aias says kindly, resting his hand to my shoulder.

I nod as I turn back to face my new friends who were all staring with wide eyes and open mouths at Aias as if they’d seen something magical. And they had, Aias was magical and perfect, strong and nice too! His silky skin made looking away hard so I understood their silence perfectly.

“It was really nice meeting all of you,” I say as I slip out of my space and to Aias’ side, “Gazium, Ophelia, Sin and Raven,” I got all their names right! “I hope we can talk again soon!”

“We’ll be there for your castle tour,” Ophelia says after gulping and get her eyes on me again.

“Yay!” I say with a bright smile, that meant it would be even more fun now! “I hope you like your rooms and that you have the nicest sleep ever.”

Everyone smiles back at me as they say goodbye with cheery waves. Aias gives them a nod before he leads me back the way I came. I say goodnight to his Malcolm and my Master before I follow him out to my bedroom.

Tonight I wouldn’t be sleeping with Master which I hated, but I loved Aias a lot too so it wouldn’t be too bad. Aias said that it would help my ‘elven side’ adapt to what he had planned tomorrow if I slept with him. It was something to do with closeness and shared energies between elves that could come from just sleeping together.

I was super excited for what came tomorrow because not only would I get to see more of the pieces of myself that were hidden inside, but I’d also get to see more of Aias which was always great.

“Are you excited to spend your first night in the castle?” I ask Aias as we walk through the halls, hand in hand.

“I must say that I am,” Aias admits with a small smile, “but that just might be because I’ll be spending it with you.”

My cheeks fill and I hug Aias’ arm with my free one so that we were even closer, “I think I made some new friends tonight, but I’m so happy that you’re my closest one,” I tell him with a grin. “I’m so happy you’re my best friend.”

Aias’ smile grows even more lovingly as the roots of his hair glow a little in that way it’d started to do when he was feeling things more than he wanted to let himself. But Aias doesn’t hide his love away as he leans down and presses a kiss to my head that makes my body light up with joy.

“You’re the best friend an elf can ask for,” he says with a wink, “I love you dearly Kalem.”

“I love you too!” I say with a chest so full I thought I may explode.

Today I showed Master my new outfit and he loved it, I met my new clan people, I made new friends, I ate all my food, and Aias reminded me of how much he loved me. I kept having so many happy days that I couldn’t pick which one I loved best.

Wait no, that’s a lie. Pixie day was definitely my favourite, but I liked this one too.

“We’re going to have fun tomorrow,” Aias says seriously, “you deserve nothing less.”

Best. Friend. Ever!!!!


Aias leads me through the quiet halls and out to the castle gardens which were starting to look really pretty now that Master and I spent Thursdays and Sundays out here to get it looking nice.

Master had cleared me a few patches for my sunflowers to go, but since we were starting from the beginning with them, there were no pretty petals out yet. But they would be there one day and when they were, then I’d spend more time out in the gardens than in the library.

“You can leave,” Aias says to the vampires who were on guard around the garden’s entrance.

Master had explained to me that from now onwards, there’d be vampires all around the castle, marking the entry points so that nobody who shouldn’t, could come inside. I didn’t like that some people had to work while everyone else wasn’t, but Master said it was just how things worked.

I did feel a little better knowing that everyone took turns so it was fair.

The vampires slip by Aias with a nod to him and a little bow to me. It made me blush every time someone did that but they didn’t stop, even when I told them that they really didn’t have to treat me how they treated Lincoln. And Master was no help, he liked seeing me get all hot in my face and just smirked at me wickedly.

My Master could be so naughty some times.

“Alright,” Aias says after he scans his eyes over the open land that ran after the gardens for a few minutes, “your little worm of a master promised to ensure that no other came close to this area while we were here. That means you are free to use your magic as you please. young one”

I smile widely at that as the tight places inside of me relax a little bit. It was hard having to make sure I didn’t pop at any moment, that was the only bad part about having so many new people in the castle. But it was okay! There were many nice, good parts that made up for that.

Still, I had to pop around just a few times to feel completely like myself again.

“Sit with me,” Aias says when I’m done, his eyes full of light as he folded himself down on the grass before offering me a hand to help me down in front of him. Once I’ve got my legs folded under myself as he does, he lets a small smile take his face. “Before you can hope to mould several forms or use the full weight of your power, you need to understand what elven magic really is.”

I nod my head and make sure to focus on each of Aias’ words. Aias said we’d have fun with this and I wanted that too, but I knew that Aias was taking a chance he shouldn’t by teaching me so much. So even though it was supposed to be fun, I made sure to listen carefully since this was super serious.

“Nature stands at the centre of everything we are,” Aias explains, his smile growing sweeter which every word he spoke. “Our realm is vast with many species with very different ways of life, but at the centre of every culture and every home, is our landscape. It’s the same for us all; elves, dragons, griffons, avian shifters and all the rest, we cherish all that surrounds us through all things.”

I raise my hand and Aias chuckles, “what is it young one?”

“Is that why I like flowers so much?” I ask hopefully, “I’ve always liked them. From the first day with Master, I remember the plants outside your Malcolm’s home, I liked those a lot. I like plants but flowers even more”

Aias blinks at me for only a few seconds before he smiles even wider than before, his ears twitching just a little at the pointy tips, “yes, I believe so. There’s some specific part of a world’s surface that every elven creature connects with, something we cherish. For me, it’s water, more specifically, a river’s freshwater. For you, it may be flowers.”

I look around the garden Lincoln and I were building, knowing deep down that it was definitely flowers for me. The way I got all full and bubbly inside when I saw a colourful petal was like nothing else in the world, so I definitely ‘cherished’ flowers.

“Do you get bubbly for water?” I ask before quickly correcting, “river water?”

“Bubbly?” Aias repeats with a chuckle.

“You know,” I say as I lift my hands to my chest, “that feeling deep inside in here, right behind where your heart is beating all the time. It gets so good that sometimes it glows a bit, like the sun,” I point up, “and it gets so big that you feel like you may grow a second heart!”

Aias laughs loudly as he leans on his knees for support while his body shakes, but I didn’t think he was laughing at me so it was okay. “Somehow that description is better than any my tutors have offered over the decades.”

That was a good thing so I smile back at him.

“That’s exactly how it feels, Kalem.” Aias says as he sits back up, “you feel something similar with the other elements and such, but its hardly as fulling.”

When I nod my head again, Aias takes a moment to look around one more time, this time even slower than before as if he was looking for something. I look too but I didn’t know what I was supposed to be looking for.

“Elven magic runs on our connection with nature,” Aias explains softly as if he was speaking about something precious, “there are no words needed, no special spells, no vast amount of concentration... it’s simply a reflection of how deep our connection runs.”

Before I can tell Aias that I didn’t really understand that part, he closes his eyes and takes in a deep lungful of air. That strong, overpowering feeling that came around last time we fought comes back as the air splits between us and Aias’ true form comes forth. I’d only seen it that one time, but this time we weren’t fighting so I could see just how beautiful he was.

I liked Aias’ long, blonde hair but this silver-grey short hair was pretty too, especially with how curly it was. And Aias’ body was bigger too, his frame filling with more muscles that filled in his loose clothes completely. I had to look up even higher than before to see his face since he seemed to be growing taller too.

He was gorgeous!

Opening his eyes, Aias lets me see the golden shimmers inside there that he only showed sometimes, but I didn’t think he could put them away now because they stayed even as the rest of him seemed to settle down.

“That connection is something we are taught as changelings - child,” Aias continues, his voice deeper than the one I was used to but it still felt nice and smooth to hear, “we’re taught not to think of ourselves as a separate thing from what is around us, but as a factor of it. Unfortunately, you missed that but I can teach you to find it now.”

“The connection?” I ask and he nods.

“Its already there, we all have it,” he says encouragingly, “you just need to find a way to latch onto it, and once you do... the possibilities will be endless.”

Aias runs his fingers over the grass we were sitting on. He only touched it, only just a little but the parts he touched followed his fingers like there was a string pulling them out. All the little leaves came out with their even smaller roots and the dirt beneath it, all of it following after Aias’ fingers every way he went.

“We are no separate entity from nature, there are no lines between us,” Aias says as he brushes the back of his hand against some of the dirt that was following him in the air. The smooth skin that was always there quickly turned into the same rough surface as the dirt, in colour too, making it look like Aias’ skin was dirt too. “Only a single, whole thing,” Aias repeats as the dirt turned the colour of his skin like they changed places.

“I’m scared,” I say honestly, wanting nothing more than for Aias’ skin to go back to normal.

Aias chuckles as his skin goes back to normal and the dirt does too, “its only a matter of what you want to do with it.” He settles the dirt, grass and little roots back into the ground like if he’d never taken it out at all. They fit back into their little spaces perfectly before pulling closer to each other until I couldn’t tell which part had bene following Aias.

Aias said lots of big, fancy things when explaining the connection elves had with nature but I think I got it, maybe. Some of it made sense but then some of it just made me really confused. Like all the parts about reflection and entity, I didn’t get any of that. But I did understand what he said about not separating myself from nature.

He meant that I should think of myself the same way I thought of a sunflower... I think... I was almost completely sure.

“When you learn to feel and use what is around you,” Aias says as he looks down at me, “then you will truly have the world at your fingertips young one.”

Before I can reply, Aias stands to his feet which made him seem like something greater than any other person I’d ever seen. He was so big and tall that I felt like a baby next to him, but Aias’ light smile was the same as the one he sent me from across our cell in the slave house so I wasn’t afraid.

All around the castle was the hard, brown thing that Master called rockface, it was the thing that made up one of the sides of the castle and also the thing that went so high that I couldn’t see the top. The sunlight that came down on the castle were the streams that slipped through the open part of the ‘rockface’.

Master said it was because we were underground that there was so much of it and that the castle had been built into it.

Aias faced the rockface now as he lifts his hands and pulls his arms back with clenched fists as if he was dragging it towards us. Cracks like the spider webs I found in the untouched rooms started to spread all through the rock as Aias pulled the pieces of it he wanted out, making it shift and move into the picture he wanted.

His silver hair was glowing now, like the stars in the sky, a bright white light that was hard to look at for more than a few seconds. But I kept staring, not wanting to miss even a second as Aias twist and turned the rock to his will.

I couldn’t tell what he was doing. Not until he stepped back and opened his palms, pushing them forth in a motion that made bright light glow between all the spaces Aias had carved out through the cracks. It was light was shining through them all, the colour the same as Aias’ eyes as it lights up the picture he’d made inside of the rocks above the castle.

“T-That’s me,” I stammer out but the words were barely a whisper.

Somehow Aias had put me into the wall. He’s gotten my eyes, my nose and my smile too! It was like my face was in the rock now like a pretty picture I couldn’t look away from.

“I put in one of your new bows,” Aias comments. I lift my hands to my mouth to stop a squeal of excitement when I lay my eyes on the perfect bow in my hair that matched the one I had in my hair now.

“My bow,” I repeat breathlessly.

“I know you fear using your magic wrongly,” Aias says gently as he pulls me to my feet to wrap his arms around me from behind while we looked up together, “but I wanted to show you that you can use it for nice, pretty things as well.”

Aias presses a kiss to the top of my head while he squeezes me a little tighter, “every time you get scared of your magic, I want you to remember this. Never forget what you can do with your magic.”

“Create nice, pretty things..”

“Precisely,” Aias says with a laugh, “so, do you think you’re ready for your first lesson?”

Aias had never said or asked anything stupid until now.

The answer was obvious, but still, I turned my head enough to show Aias a smile that matched the one he made in the rock as I answered, “yes!”


Man, Aias and Kalem’s relationship is just too fucking sweet!!!!!!!!!!


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