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Chapter 37


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Lincoln’s P.O.V

I watch from the edge of one of Kalem’s favourite flower beds as Aias and Kalem walk side by side through the paths that’d been dugout.

Kalem was leading the pair, describing to Aias each type of plant they passed as well as how to spell their names correctly. And the elf listened with interest, nodding along and smiling while Kalem took them about.

I’d come down a little earlier than I was supposed to, hoping to catch the tail end of Kalem’s first lesson, perhaps glimpse what the elf had in store for my boy, but they’d only been wandering the grounds the last five minutes I’d been here.

Perhaps they’d finished early and were enjoying some time outside of the castle, or perhaps I was witnessing the lesson in part and was just incapable of understanding it.

Whichever it was, there was a smile on my face now. One that wasn’t going away anytime soon as I watched my boy glow.

It may have just been to my love-tainted eyes, but Kalem glowed to me. Like if a ray of his favourite colour was cast onto him to illuminate his joy and kindness, he glowed.

By the Gods, he was breathtaking.

“Master,” Kalem calls with an excited wave as he runs over to me, “Elven magic is amazing!”

“Is it?” I question as I glance up to Aias who was pocketing his true form away to fit inside of his less daunting one.

Kalem nods his head eagerly as he glances back at his friend, “Aias did things t-that would make your mind go...go,” he searches for the right word, “go poof!”
Kalem was sure to animate his words by raising his hands to his head and expanding them in a mock explosion.

“It just might,” The elf comments, though I heard the different meaning in his words.

He met my glare with one of his own before he gave Kalem a bright smile that made him seem bipolar, “we’ll continue where we left off tomorrow.”

“Okay!” Kalem agrees as he hugs his friend goodbye.

When we’re alone, Kalem turns back to me and raises his arms expectantly. With a chuckle, I pick him up and make my way back into the castle with my beaming boy, “so love, what did Aias teach you today?”

“Well there was a lot,” Kalem starts as he culls his thoughts, “he told me about how Elven magic works and what it relies on, then he showed me a bit of it... which was a little scary Master.”

“Scary?” I ask with a frown, I could hardly envision the elf doing anything that would cause Kalem to fear him.

Leaning in until he had his mouth cupped against my ear, Kalem whispers as quietly as he could, “he made his hand turn into dirt,” he takes in a breath, “and the dirt into his hand.”

Kalem pulls back to glance at the nearby vampires that explored the halls, trying to decipher if he’d been quiet enough.

I’d regrettably had to tell Kalem about vampires’ hearing abilities before we had the first of our clan move in, so that he knew to be cautious with his words.
It was for the best, but also saddening since he now knew that I heard his little mumblings and was trying to put a stop to them.

“That does sound rather... odd,” I say carefully. I wasn’t sure if Kalem was describing it well, but what he’d put in my mind was far more than odd.

But I had to be careful with my words when it came to elves since Kalem was one of them. He may end up mistaking it as judgement I was casting on him, and he’d come way too far for me to mess it up with negligence.

“It was weird,” Kalem says with a nod, “but then he put my face into the rock and it was soooo pretty Master!”

.... yes, something was definitely being lost in translation here.

I’d have to get Kalem to explain it better when he wasn’t so excited, or I’d have to ask the elf and I much preferred to ignore him where possible.
So I listened to Kalem talk, his amber eyes almost glowing with his joy as he described his day for me.

It wasn’t even seven yet, but Kalem was a bustling ball of energy that I knew wouldn’t be simmering down any time soon.
From what I’d been told by a few pleased vamps, he apparently had already promised tours for them, starting today. And though that didn’t seem to be on his mind right now, I knew the second he remembered, he’d be off.

I wanted to be upset that he wouldn’t be with me through the day - the night had been dreadful enough without his warmth in my arms - but I knew how much good this would do him.

The boy I’d found almost a year ago would not have been able to spend even a few minutes from my side without panicking, but now, he could do that and a lot more.
I didn’t need to worry about him being without me for the day, my lover was strong enough to stand on his own two feet, and what a gorgeous thing that was.

“Master, you’re not listening,” Kalem whispers, his excitement slipping from him.

I quickly press a kiss to his lips to snatch a portion of that sadness away, “I’m sorry love, I was thinking about you.”

Kalem seems to falter at that, not sure if he was upset that I wasn’t listening to him entirely or pleased that I was lost in thoughts surrounding him.

With each day, Kalem grew more possessive of me, and with each day, I came to love him even more for it.

“Okay,” Kalem says with narrowed eyes, “that’s okay Master, but I was telling you something really important.”

“Can you tell me again?” I ask as I reach my study, “I’m sorry for not listening to you the first time, I promise I am now.”

Kalem only pouts for a moment more, trying to stay mad but his smile was breaking free from him by the time I had us settled in my chair.

Shifting in my lap until he’s straddling me, Kalem rests both his hands onto my shoulder as if to prep himself for what he had to say.

“I was saying that Aias said that some Elven creatures could fly,” Kalem says with sparkling eyes, “he said they were the types born with wings like dragons and something called griffons. B-But I was thinking, what if the form that’s hidden away from me has wings, Master!” Kalem squeals just a little, “w-what if they’re sparkly!”

I say the words I knew he wanted to hear but was too afraid to even entertain in his own head, “then you’d be a bit like a pixie wouldn’t you?”

A full-fledged scream erupted from him this time as Kalem popped from my lap and to another point in the room. It was quickly becoming a habit of his to loosen the reigns of his control when he was excited.

I watch him go with amused chuckles, trying my best to keep track of him.

Kalem had wings, that wasn’t something I doubted. As a Nyphilim, he should’ve been born with them, the elf had hinted to that much through our many conversations. And though his true form was hidden from even himself, I was sure there’d be wings there still. The way Kalem took to the temporary ones he’d had in the pixie realm showed that he was born for them.

The only reason the elf hadn’t shared his thoughts about the wings to Kalem was to avoid placing hope somewhere that might sprout disappointment instead.
In the case that he didn’t, it’d be better for him if he wasn’t expecting to unlock them in the first place.

But I still prayed silently that he did have them, it would make him happier than I could probably imagine.

“If I had wings, I might die Lincoln,” Kalem says as he appears back into my lap, slightly out of breath, his heart racing a mile a minute.

“Die?” I question as I palm his cheek.

Leaning into it, he answers, “of happiness!”

Kalem was far too sweet for my heart.

Chuckling, I gather my love into my arms and give him a gentle squeeze as I try to wind him down a little.

Since the Anouk Clan had arrived, Kalem had been running around trying to make everyone happy and comfortable, wanting them to be as happy as he was here. He was excited about making friends and about learning more about himself, which resulted in him operating himself like a bustling engine.

If I didn’t bring him back down, he’d drift off with the clouds.

“Well, we’ll just have to wait and see what’s there when you get there,” I say to him while I run my hands slowly up and down his back. “Whatever it is, whoever you turn out to be, I’ll love you just the same.”

Kalem hums gently, a smile pulling at his lips while I press kisses to his neck, cheek and ear as he settles into me. “I love you so much Master,” he whispers while he wraps his arms around my neck and draws himself closer to me.

“I love you too, Kalem,” I whisper, continuing my light caresses and affections until Kalem melts into me like butter on toast.

“You’ve been so wonderful since everyone’s arrived love,” I whisper to him as I palm his head, curling my fingers around a lock of his hair, “you’ve been kind, welcoming and loving, with people who you don’t even know.”

“Wanted them to be happy,” Kalem whispers against my neck.

“Well, you’ve succeeded in that love,” I say with another kiss, “every conversation I’ve had hasn’t ended without some mention of you and your light.”

“My light?” Kalem questions as he looks up at me.

“Your compassion, your earnestness, your love,” I tell him as I rub his cheek, “your light.”

Kalem’s cheeks grow warm and he quickly hides himself back into my chest without another word, “you’ve been amazing Kalem, and it’s only been a day.” I say with a chuckle.

I let Kalem hide sometimes but I didn’t want him to miss these words of praise so I brought his chin up so our eyes could meet again, “things went far better than I could’ve hoped the first night because of you. I spoke with Alexander earlier and she’s told me that every single vampire has settled in happily... because of you.”

“Because of me?” Kalem repeats with wide, hopeful eyes.

“Every room they met was sparkling,” I say with a smile as Kalem stares up at me as if he couldn’t believe it, “you’ve made them feel at home.”

Kalem stammers on his reply, his smile making it hard for him to get any words out beyond a shaky ‘yay’, which was more than enough for me at the moment.

“I’m so proud of you, love,” I say as I hug him even tighter, “I’m so proud of the person you’re becoming. Strong, kind, wise and so loving.”

“You can’t say things like that Lincoln,” Kalem whines, his eyes filling, “I’ll explode.”

I laugh heavily, my entire body shaking uncontrollably, the force of it making Kalem shake against my chest which makes him laugh in turn as he tries to hang on. “You make me so happy.”

Kalem beams up at me as he leans forward for a kiss, leading it in the way he did sometimes when he was feeling confident. I let him, following his soft lips with my own until he pulls a moan from me a pulls back, licking at my lips before he parts completely.
The heavy eyes told me that Kalem was more than open to me fucking him on the table right now but knew that we probably shouldn’t since he’d promised so many vampires a personal tour of the castle.

“I was thinking of rewarding you,” I say, my eyes stuck to his lips, “giving you something for your good behaviour.”

Kalem’s eyes grow wide before he shivers, his erection making itself known against his trousers as he rocks against me, “w-what kind of reward Master?”

I swallow thickly, my eyes trailing up to meet his which were already drawing me in, “a new type,” I tease and Kalem bites his lower lip, “but I promise you’ll love it all the same.”

Kalem’s reply gets lost on a moan as I run my hand over his cock, trailing it gently to coax more wonderful sounds from him as he squirms on top of me. “I’ll give it to you tonight,” I say licking at his neck when he throws his head back, “do you think you can wait until the end of the day for me?”

“Y-Yes Master,” Kalem answers immediately.

“Good boy,” I mumble against his skin, grinning when he tightens his hold on me and releases another beautiful cry. “Now, don’t you have a tour to give?”

Kalem whimpers sadly as I pull back to meet his gaze, he nods his head slowly despite the way he was still rocking against my cock, “I promised to show everyone around,” he says regretfully.

“Then you better get to it,” I say patting his leg.

Kalem climbs from my body with a pout as he tries to straighten his clothes and adjust his erection, his cheeks burning as I watch him fix himself beside me. “You can be so mean Master,” Kalem complains with a harmless glare.

“You like me mean,” I reply and his blushing only deepens, “I’ll see you later love.”

“Bye Master,” Kalem gives me a parting kiss and then two extra to my cheeks before he slips out of my room, leaving me to my own devices.

“Well isn’t he just delightful,”

Every muscle inside of my body tenses as the cold edges of Diablos’ voice scrape over my scenes.

I snap my eyes upwards, feeling all sorts of emotions running through my when my eyes meet his haunted, blood-red ones.

He was here. In my office. On my property and in my home.

Diablos was here.

Long-forgotten instincts of survival snap into place driving only one, distinct message through my head to carry through until my last breath.


My body sets me into motion before my thoughts had a chance to collect themselves. My back meets my office door within the next second, blocking the path he could take to Kalem who my ears told me was only a few steps away.


Releasing the full width of my power, I connect myself to every vampire inside of the castle, quickly seeping my control into their bones so that I could snag on tightly to the ones nearest to Kalem.
In the next second, I pull those towards him, using their speed to bring them to him until they surrounded him in a makeshift blockade.

Only then, when Kalem is barricaded behind a hundred vampires and increasing do I focus my full attention on the vampire standing across from me.

Circling my desk, Diablos moves leisurely as he looks over my books before he finally looks up as if just remembering me, his dark eyes were too relaxed, too fucking comfortable.

“There’s no need to panic,” he drawls slowly, “I’m not actually here, Lincoln.”

Ignoring his words, I try to take control of Diablos next but every attempt to reach him was like passing my fingers through water.

It would have to be a physical bout then.

“Lincoln,” Diablos warns, sensing my intentions and wishing to stop it.

I rush at him, ready to end it right here and right now.

A beheading. I’d rip his head from his body and set it to flames for good measure.

But as the fingers I’d intended for his neck passed through the area where his flesh was meant to be, I realised that he’d been telling the truth.

I knew his death wouldn’t be so easy.

Diablos’ frame stretches from the point I’d reached for him like a disturbed cloud that was having troubles putting itself back together. When it reassembles itself before me I notice the blurred edges that could never be present in a real being.

A witch’s doing then.

Searching for Malcolm within my mental bindings, I bring him straight to me while I keep my eyes on Diablos who looked less than pleased with how quickly I’d tried to kill him.

When he was in front of me again, physically, I wouldn’t extend his death with words.

Swift. Abrupt. Instant.
That would be how he died if I had any say in the matter.

When Malcolm crashes into my office, his breathing ragged and expression confused, I don’t let him entertain more confusion when his eyes land on Diablos and grow wide, “he’s here through a witch’s spell,” I tell him quickly, “a projection of some sort, she must be near. Find her.”

Malcolm snaps himself out of his daze then, his surprised expression growing hard as he nods before disappearing.
I send the other vampires patrolling the property to do the same before I settle my gaze on this mirage of Diablos, letting myself really look at him.

It had to be more than four millenniums since I’d last glimpsed the second of my kind who’d been made to fit their chains just as I had. I’d seen him in passing, for no more than a second and he looked much the same as he did now, with only a few changes since the day they dragged him to my side - another weapon to do their bidding.

Brown haired and red eyed, Diablos had stood before me, confused and frightened out of his mind. The emotions that he’d been experiencing in his first few minutes the same as the ones that had poured through me when I first opened my eyes.

He didn’t know who he was, where we were or who the ones who were shackling us were. But he found out soon, as I did and as all the others did as well, and he understood the hell we were set to inhabit.

Except with Diablos, they’re been a difference from the beginning, there’d been something dark inside of him that the witches had been sure not to put in any others.

That darkness still rested in those bloody eyes as he scanned the room curiously.

“How long has it been Lincoln?” Diablos asks as lets his eyes fall to my desk, “something short of five millenniums? Perhaps four?”

Every second he was here gave him a greater advantage as he took in all the scattered bits of information lingering around.

When his eyes found my notebook, I snapped it shut and took a step towards him, forcing him to keep his gaze on me alone. “What do you want Diablos?” I grind out while I silently urge Malcolm and the others to move faster, to look harder.

“Never one to entertain conversation,” Diablos says with a heavy sigh, “its the reason why you’re so distant from the rest of us.”

Levelling those deadly eyes on me, Diablos studies me just as harshly as I was him, the familiar disdain settling in as his lips fall into a flat line, “you’ve started a clan.” I don’t reply, not wanting to give him any solid information he could work from, “and in the last eleven months you’ve targetted seven of my properties... I thought a conversation was in order, don’t you?”

“Any would be useless,” I reply honestly, “its a waste of my time to entertain chatter with man soon to die.”

Anger sparks behind his gaze as my words settle in, but he doesn’t let his composure fall away so quickly as he steps through me to make his way around the office.

“For centuries you’ve stayed out of all affairs, out of my affairs, and now you can’t seem to get out of them.” Diablos continues as he eyes the walls of books, his hands clasped behind his back, “and for what? A slave.”

I knew what he was trying to do. Gauge the importance of Kalem to me, to get a rise of my emotions so he’d be able to better map them out in his plans. I wouldn’t let such benign tactics work on me.

“People are not slaves,” I counter, my fists clenching as I mark his every move, “they are not things you can own and abuse.”

“Because they can speak?” Diablos questions as he turns back to face me, his expression one of genuine curiosity, “you place value onto them because they’re can express their wants and needs? And what of all the other living beings we all keep for our own pleasure and needs? On every planet and in every realm, we all enslave things with lives that please us... animals, plants and so on...” Diablos gaze turns almost sympathetic as he studies me, “the only difference between us is that I don’t separate the wishes of the vocal from those of the mute.”

“If you’ve come to speak to me about ideologies-”

“I’ve come to understand why you’ve so readily engaged in a war,” Diablos says cutting me swiftly, “nothing has changed in the last millennium, nothing significant, and suddenly you wish to dethrone me... after all I’ve done.”

I take my time giving him a response. In this, he had more allies than I, more connections than I, more advantages... I had to keep my cards close wherever I could.

“And what have you done Diablos?” I ask as I lean against my desk, presenting a relaxed figure to cloak the tense thing my body had become, ready for any attack that may come. “Catered a slave ring for an entire species?”

“I’ve catered structure,” Diablos corrects as he smiles just a little, “after you ran away with your tails between your legs, I led the rest who survived after the Resistance. I brought us up through the centuries, quietly, and look where we are now.”

One of the most disgusting species in all the realms. I keep that response to myself but Diablos hears it anyway.

“It disgusts you, same as all the other noble species,” Diablos says with a wave of his hand, “but same as you, they haven’t been able to stop us. Have you ever wondered why?”

The fingers I had gripping the wooden edge of my desk tightened, threatening to break it as I tried to keep myself steady while I tighten my hold on a few more vampires, sending them to mark and search every entry point within the castle.

Diablos wasn’t foolish, he wouldn’t try to invade the castle now or attack. But I wouldn’t it past him to try and get someone inside, someone who wouldn’t be lost amongst this chaotic moment to do something hazardous in the future.

Where my power stemmed from control, Diablos’ fed on chaos.

“They still think us to be a primitive species - fledgelings, “Diablos says with a chuckle, “Most don’t even know you exist, they think me the oldest, at one thousand. Doesn’t that amuse you?” His laughter grows heavier now, truer.

The type I recognised from the brief moments of happiness we’d shared with the first five around a dwindling fire. I cast the memory from my mind as he continues, his smile everpresent, “and like them, you don’t even know our true numbers.”

“You’re giving me information,” I state and Diablos shakes his head with a pointed finger.

“I’m giving you the bigger picture,” He corrects as he raises his chin, “the one you can’t seem to see.” His gaze cuts through me like a sharpened knife made for it.

“You plan to take over a species you know nothing about. We’ve grown from where you left us. We are far stronger than you can imagine, the deals we share run deep, the path we’ve dug for ourselves through the mud will not be washed away.

We have structure Lincoln.” Diablos says, sounding proud, “Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean its not structure. You may think it’ll be easy to cross out the ones you don’t like and take over everything that remains,” He shakes his head again, “you’ll only incite violence if you do.”

“So what is your offer?” I ask, finally understanding what this was all about. He was trying to get me to step down before this war truly begun.

“Border your clan at its current numbers or dismantle it, either works for me,” he says with a placating smile, “continue living in isolation and I will leave you to live out your days in peace with the slave.”

I already knew my answer but I wouldn’t let that be known just yet.

“At peace?” I question with a chuckle of my own, “have you conveniently forgotten the vampires you sent to kill me?”

“Don’t be dramatic Lincoln, it doesn’t suit you,” Diablos scolds with a souring expression, “if I wanted to kill you I would’ve sent at least three thousand and come myself. You stole my most valuable commodity for the night, I only wanted to reacquire my property.”

“He is not property,” I grind out, my restraint over myself wavering.

Sighing as if he was exhausted, Diablos nods his head placatingly, “I’m not blind. I saw the pair of you earlier, and I saw enough to know you’d give your life for his. I’m not going to waste my time chasing after a slave, he’s yours.”

I bite down on my tongue to stop myself from shouting that Kalem wasn’t his or mine to own, he was his own person who was far stronger than he thought him to be.

The fact that he didn’t want Kalem back confirmed for me that he wasn’t aware of Kalem’s lineage. So perhaps this conversation hadn’t been entirely useless.

“I won’t even ask you to pay the fee.” Diablos carries on as he checks his wrist for the time, “I’m offering you a way out of this, a clean way. But if you chose to reject this offer... I will reign down the full wrath of our species on you and any who stands with you.”

Diablos’ eyes glow then, except like always, his didn’t become red like the rest of us, his turned pitch black completely, letting me glimpse the truth of his power that he kept dormant for the entirety of the conversation.

The office door swings open as Malcolm appears with a witch in his hand and several other vampires at his back, including Alexander who’s eyes turned red at the sight of Diablos.

“I’ll give you a day to decide,” Diablos says before he looks to the witch.

The bright amber eyes of the witch become dull as she lets the spell fiddle, making the ghostly image of Diablos fade away with his thin smile stretching out until he was gone entirely. The witch’s body goes limp the next second and so did her heart.

Malcolm tosses her dead body to the floor with a snarl before he fixes his angered gaze on me, “what did he say?”

“First, we need to check every inch of this castle and the distance between it and where you found her,” I say pointing to the witch as I make my way towards the door, “send groups of ten out, and ensure that everyone is safe.”

Releasing the vampires I’d taken hold of by pulling the essences of myself out of their beings, I try to relax myself enough to pocket away the power that felt so overwhelming now.
It’d been centuries since I’d last taken control of vampires in such a way; directing them where I wanted, forcing them to hold the positions I thought best.

I’d forgotten how much it could be.

“No,” Alexander booms as she follows after me, cutting off the path I was making to the vampires who were clustered tightly, encircling Kalem who I feared was more than likely freaking out. “You need to tell us what he was doing here, right now.”

“After w-”

“Diablos was in the castle! We need to know why s-”

“What you need to do, is listen!" I grind out, venom lacing my words as I take a step forward which makes her stumble back. The edges of my power were still present, forcing him to scramble back as I advanced on her like prey. “I am your Pylen now and I’m telling you to secure this castle. After which I will explain all that happened, but not a minute before we make sure that everyone is safe.” My fangs were present now along with my red eyes as I stared at her, “is that understood?”

“Yes Pylen,” She says quickly, her back straight, “I-I apologize.”

Pulling myself back, I take a moment to get my breathing in order before I unravelled any further. I didn’t want any of them fearing me more than my age would influence, and I needed Alexander in this.

“Lead them in this,” I say to her and she nods again before disappearing along with any vampire closeby with ears.

I take another steadying breath before I continue onto my path of the cluster of vampires who were slowly breaking away from the makeshift barricade around Kalem as they regained control over themselves.

Following the shouted commands Alexander was sending down the line, they headed off in different directions one by one until I was finally able to glimpse my boy. My eyes widen when I find him curled in a ball on Aias’ lap.

I hadn’t sensed him near when I’d brought the first few to protect Kalem but yet he was there.

“Lincoln,” Kalem says releasing a breath of relief when he peeks up and sees me. Scrambling off of Aias’ lap, he rushes to me and squeezes me so tightly I saw black dots, “a-are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” I say trying to check him to see if he was. But when Kalem pulled back, it was his hands which were checking me for any injuries.

“Did someone attack? Did they try to hurt you?” Kalem asks as he looks around with a deadly glare I’d never seen from him.

“Not quite,” I say as I turn to look at Malcolm who was already in the elf’s arms, being scolded and checked for damages, “were there any others besides the witch?”

“None we found,” he answers with a shake of his head and he sinks into Aias’ tight arms.

That relaxed me some. I’d put in a lot of effort to ensure that entering the castle would be no easy task, and though Diablos had come through magic, it’d have been far more troublesome if it were done in the physical.


Centuries had changed him from the impulsive wrecking machine designed for death to a seemingly composed one which had learned to unleash its strength selectively. One which strategized, something that could be dangerous going forth.

Though his words had given me much to think about, they hadn’t deterred my plans in the slightest. This wasn’t the first time I tried to tear down the structures he’d built our species on, it was just the first time I’d done so with the intention of building new ones in its place.

Diablos was right in the fact that I and many other of various species had tried and failed to dismantle the sick system the vampires cultivated in the shadows. Every time I went up against them, it was against greater numbers than the time before.

The other species thought us to be so young, completely unaware of how interlaced we were into the fabric of history. Vampires didn’t only run in the shadows, we’d lived there for far longer than any realised.

I planned to change that.

After I dealt with Diablos and every other vampire who tried to keep the ways of old, I’d bring us out of the showers to have a seat of the table. It would take time, a lot of time, to build trust and respect, but once we achieved it, there would be no other species in this realm strong enough to force us back down.

I hadn’t been there for my people when I should’ve, but I was here now, and I’d never let another sit on my throne again.


OOOOOOO SHIT!!!! Things are starting to pick up!!!


I thought it was time that we saw Diablos in some fashion. It was either a flashback or this, I thought this would get the ball rolling in the right direction since he’s been nothing more than a myth so far.

Sorry about that, but I wanted Kalem to build in his own character before I brought in that addition of things which are no doubt going to complicate things. But I’m excited!!! I’m not even scared loool, I just think they’ll be okay for some reason.

But you guys know my fingers do as they please.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this chapter! And that you’re having an enjoyable holiday, and if not, I hope this made it a little better.

Until next time,
Byeeeeee Humansssssssssssss

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