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Chapter 40


Another Master chapter in one night!!! I haven’t done this in forever so I hope you guys enjoy this, cause this sort of just happened and next thing I knew, this chapter was done lool.

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Kalem’s P.O.V

With my legs locked around his waist and my arms looping his neck, Master carries me from his office all the way to his bedroom.

The whole way, he gives me the softest kisses that make me feel like I might melt through his arms if he wasn’t careful.

But Master was always careful with me. So I kiss him back, loving the way he was smiling like I was while we kissed, little laughs coming from us both as he took us to our room.

The castle wasn’t quiet, but the noise of the rest of the clan felt so far away from our secret place, that was ours and ours alone.

Once the door is closed and the lock turned, Lincoln takes me to our bed and lays me down gently before he climbs after me, his eyes never leaving mine. I pout when he doesn’t bring his lips back to mine immediately, but he only smiles as he runs a hand over my hair and looks at me.

“I’m going to frame it,” he says while his eyes run over my face, “I’m going to frame it and every day, when I see it, I’ll remember exactly how I feel right now.”

Smiling up at him I bite my lip to quiet my giggle, “and how do you feel right now?”

With his eyes locked to mine, Lincoln shows me his most honest smile that he saved just for me when no one else was around, and he says, “I feel loved.”

My heart tries to escape again at those three words and I quickly bring Master down so I could kiss him again, wanting him to feel how happy that made me.

All I wanted was to make him happy, to make sure that he felt loved, always.

With my lips moving slowly against his, Lincoln closes any space between our bodies as he slides his hand over my thigh and brings the leg I had around him in closer.

Every inch of me was already on fire and I wanted him inside now, but it felt so nice just kissing Master that it was easy to wait.

Master keeps giving me loving, sweet kisses, each making happier than the last, until I felt so happy that I thought I might start crying again.

But Master pulls away before that happens, and he undresses the both of us before he comes back to me for more kisses. These kisses don’t come to my lips, instead, Master kisses every part of me but my lips.

Across my chin and down my neck, Lincoln kisses his way to my chest where he takes his time kissing me like if each kiss was a quiet ‘I love you’. Each one made my heart tighten and my body squirm, it felt like he was switching a light on with each kiss, until I was glowing from the inside and I couldn’t stop smiling.

By the time Lincoln reached my ankles, my cheeks were hurting a little.

Resting my legs back down to the bed, Master spreads me open as he slides down until he had his arms locked around my thighs, his mouth just above my already dripping hole. Master lets his eyes close as he leans in and runs his tongue over me.

I suck in all the air I can as Master runs his tongue over my hole again, humming at the taste of me before he goes back for more. My head falls to the pillow as my body curls, foolishly trying to move from all the good pleasure Master was giving me, but Master keeps me still, his firm hold making it impossible for me to move.

He keeps me right where he wants me while he keeps running his tongue over and around my hole, his circles it over and over again, making me whine and moan, but when he kissed me there, I couldn’t help but whimper as tears pricked my eyes.

I grip the soft sheets below us and close my eyes as Master keeps loving me, gently and warmly, with all he could.

“Ahh,” I moan when he finally slides his tongue inside of me, pressing in while I opened myself for him. Pleasure crashes into me as my toes curl in the bed and my hole opens and closes around Master’s tongue that felt so so good there.

“Master,” I breathe out as I look down, my eyes barely open for me to see my dripping naughty parts and Master between my legs, his eyes half-open too and on me while his tongue and lips kept licking, nibbling and kissing me down there.

I moan when he spreads me more and drives his tongue deeper inside of me. As if knowing that I was going to make a mess soon, Master wraps one of his hands around me and strokes me in time with his tongue.

When his tongue went in, his hand went up, and when his thumb circled my wet part, his tongue did the same below.

“M-Master!” I cry out before my body tightens up and I make a mess all over myself. Master keeps stroking me through it, his hands and tongue never stopping while the pleasure kept running through me.

When I settle, my heart making my chest thump faster than normal, Master pulls back and runs his tongue over his wet lips as he looks down at me. One hand on his own c-cock and the other around mine, he strokes us both.

“This was not the plan I had for us tonight,” Master says with a little smile, “I was going to fuck you in all the ways I know you love me to, and then I was going to give you your reward.”

“Am I not getting my reward anymore?” I ask with a frown. I still wanted my reward.

“You’ll get it love,” Master says chuckling, “but I don’t want to fuck you or play as we both love to.” Leaning in, Master kisses the side of my hip, “I want to love you.”

My heart flutters and Master’s smile softens, “I’ll love you first, and after that, you’ll get your reward.”

I nod my head quickly, “I want that,” I swallow my tears, “I want that, Lincoln.”

“I’m glad,” Master whispers before he lays himself back over me and kisses me deeply.

I hold on to Lincoln as tightly as I can, not wanting to separate for even a second while he kept kissing me and touching me and... loving me.

It felt so good, to be loved and cared for by the person I loved the most.

Master rolls us over so that we were on our sides, but I was mostly on Master since I kept my leg wrapped around him tight and my body glued to his. He only smiled and brought me in closer by tugging my leg up higher.

“Ngh,” I moan when our hard parts rub together. My dripping head made us both wet so that every time we moved they rubbed together, making me moan and whimper for more, and Master gives it to me.

Sliding his hand down, Master circles my hole that was only getting wetter and wetter until he finally presses a finger in to get me ready. I push back onto it, already begging for more and Master gives me that too.

Prepping me carefully, Master stretches me with his fingers while he keeps kissing me all over, making me feel like I was falling in his arms and I never wanted to stop.

When his fingers press into that special place inside, my eyes squeeze shut as I cling to Master and cum again, making him groan into my mouth while his tongue runs along mine. I whimper as I thrust my hips up and down, wanting to feel more of Master inside of me and against me.

I just wanted to feel him everywhere.

When I’m finally ready, Master slips his fingers out of me and brings himself back on top of me fully. He rubs himself between my legs and against my hole, making me whine desperately for him to push inside, but he had to make his c-cock wet first.

“Ready love?” Master asks when he presses his tip against me.

I nod my head furiously, “yes, please, yes,” I beg through my quick breathes and he chuckles before he kisses my head and presses in.

My body tenses before I relax and push back on Master’s thick cock as he enters me. More wetness comes out of me, making it easier for Master to slide all the way in until I was completely full of him and couldn’t move or breathe.

Lincoln holds himself over me, breathing roughly while his eyes turn red and his fangs drop. A shiver runs through me as I cum on the inside, my body tensing around Master, making him groan as I squeeze down on his length.

“S-Sorry,” I say when it passes but Master only shakes his head.

“I’m not,” he says with a wink that makes me giggle.

Master kisses my neck and shoulder gently, waiting patiently until I was ready for him. When I am, Master doesn’t get rough the way he usually did, this time, his pulls himself out slowly and thrust back in slowly too.

It forces the air out of me as he drives me up the bed, my fingers around his back, digging in with this amazing feeling of being filled all over again. His big cock, presses straight against my special place, making my eyes heavy and my body limp as I took it all in.

“Lincoln,” I moan as I kiss his shoulder, spreading my legs more for him.

“I love you Kalem,” Master whispers as he continues his slow thrusts, his face buried into my neck, “I love you so much.”

My tears fall again then as I dig my fingers into Lincoln’s hair, my body feeling so sensitive and open while Master loved me so sweetly.

“C-Can you... please?” I beg as I press Master a little closer to my neck.

I don’t force him like last time, I didn’t want him to be mad and I knew he said we had to be careful with him drinking from me. But right now, I wanted nothing more. I needed it and I felt like I’d really start crying if I didn’t get it.

“Pleas-” Master sinks his teeth in before I have to ask again and my mind blanks.

Everything disappears but Lincoln and the feel of his teeth. I knew I was cumming again but that went into the cloudy white feeling that came when Master drunk from me.

It was like nothing and everything was happening and I really really loved it.

While Master took more and more of my blood, thrusting his cock in and out of me, I kept making messes between us until I realised that Master was too.

When he pulls his teeth out, he doesn’t look mad or guilty, he looks happy.

“G-Good?” I ask and Master nods as he licks the blood on his lips away, “really?”

“It was amazing,” Lincoln promises as he rubs his nose against mine, “loving you is amazing.”

With a warm heart and running eyes, I hug Master too me and say thanks to anyone who was listening for giving me such an amazing man to call my own.

Lincoln was all mine and I loved every part of him, and I would for the rest of my life.


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Lincoln’s P.O.V

Slipping myself out of Kalem’s warm arms, I make my way to our wardrobe with soundless steps to retrieve the little black box my boy loved so very much.

I take it out of the drawer and silently take out the two toys that I’d set aside earlier to be my boy’s reward. I grab the bottle of lube we rarely used and the blindfold just in case he wanted it, before I return to my love.


I thought myself already wildly in love with Kalem, seeing as every breath I took was for him. But tonight I’d learned that there were many levels to love, and that the further one feel, the more consuming it grew.

If the way I felt for Kalem after just one year was this strong, I couldn’t imagine how I’d function in a century.

The thought should’ve been a scary one, but it only made me smile.

Sitting at the edge of the bed, I look over my lover who slpet soundly with a smile still on his lips and terribly puffy eyes that made me laugh a little.

I imagined my eyes looked much the same, which was a... strange thought.

I recalled crying once before in my lifetime, and those tears had felt like something disconnected to me. Like some external action that wasn’t of my doing and they’d hardly affected me.

But the tears I’d shed tonight. Those tears had wrecked me entirely, just like each word Kalem read to me from that beautiful, wholesome love letter.

Gods, what had I done to deserve Kalem?

No matter how hard I thought about it, not a single good deed of mine seemed sufficient enough for someone to reward me with Kalem. Not even when I added them all together did it seem like it was enough.

He was just too good, too sweet and pure, so loving and bright.

His love was so bright it was almost painful to have casted onto me compltely, and still, I wanted more.

I wanted more of his love like I wanted more of him, even knowing that Kalem had given me every part of him, I still wanted more. He made me greedy for him and there was no fighting it, not that I would ever dream of doing so.

Maybe it was a mistake, some flaw in the universe to give Kalem to me. Blessing or not, mistake or reward, it didn’t matter.

At the end of the day, Kalem was mine now, and I wouldn’t ever let him go.

As the elven beauty in question shifts towards me, my bite mark comes into view making me still. I thought I’d feel guilt or shame now that the haze of our love making had cleared, but I didn’t.

I only felt pleasure pumping through me as I ran a finger over the place I’d punctured.

My caresses make Kalem shift more as he looks for my body in his sleep, searching for something to cling to only to find the space I usually filled empty. A frown forms and Kalem’s eyes slowly open with much effort in search of me.

When he finds me on the end of the bed, his eyes widen more and he mumbles something intangible. He tries again and this time I get three words, which was progress, but not by much.

My boy needed something to jolt him awake.

I move back up the bed until I was right above Kalem who quickly drifts back to sleep once he feels my presence near him. I kiss his cheek, unable to stop myself when he was so effortlessly endearing.

My kisses, though innocent, make Kalem spread his legs for me even in his sleep. I quickly press my lips to my shoudler to stiffle a laugh while I took his unintended hint and got his reward ready.

Reaching for the medium-sized toy, I lubed it up before I rub my fingers around his hole. Kalem makes a soft needy sound, his cock already taking interest even while his eyes remained shut.

Pressing the tip of the toy against Kalem’s hole, I watch him carefully as I slowly slide it in.

It wasn’t the first time I woke Kalem up with cock, it was simply the first time I was doing it with one made of silicone.

Kalem whimpers at the intrusion, his body taking in the toy with ease while he shifted about sleepily. His little cock was already standing hard and tall making me want to suck on him.

I hold myself back enough to get the toy settled in nicely before I reach for the cock ring I’d gotten for my very lustful boy.

It wasn’t one of those crazy contraptions that I’d surveyed online that looked more like a weapon than anything pleasurable, it was a simple vibrating ring that was for the sensation, more than keeping Kalem from cumming.

I hadn’t tried that yet, but denying my boy his orgasms was something I planned to explore another day.

Sliding the ring over Kalem’s erection only make him whine more while he shifted, his body fully awake even though he was out like a light.

That wouldn’t last for much longer.

With the ring in place and the vibrator deep inside of him, I position my thumbs against both of the on switches before turning them on at the same time.

Kalem’s eyes immediately pop open and he moans.

He tries to shut his legs around the toy but I keep them spread, using my weight to hold him in place while Kalem moans, the new sensations making him squirm and shake all over.

"“L-Lincoln?...uhgh!” Kalem whimpers with a small frown of confusion.

“Your reward love,” I say to answer the silent question, “this is your reward.”

Even as Kalem’s hazel eyes light up with joy, the confusion doesn’t leave since Kalem didn’t know what a vibrator was and had likely never felt anything like this before.

Still, he was enjoying it immensely. His cock was jerking up and down, and his hole was leaking all around the toy buried inside of him.

Both were on their lowest settings, but that didn’t stop Kalem from moaning loudly as the new sensations shot through him.

“Ahhh!” Kalem moans as his fingers dig into his pillow and he cums.

Long ropes of cum escape his cock, painting his stomach and chest with his own essence while he continues to moan, the sound making my own length harden as I watch my boy unravel before me.

“W-What... Master... this?” Those were the words Kalem gets out when his orgasm settles but the vibrations don’t.

Leaning down so he was looking at me I smile as I tell him, “this inside your wet hole,” I press my fingers against the end of the toy, “this is a vibrator,” I tell him before I tap his sensitive tip, making him whimper, “and there’s one for here too.”

Kalem’s face grows hot at my words as he looks down at the toys bringing him pleasure.

He only admitted it when I teased him to it, but Kalem loved any sort of words I said during sex which were normally too ‘naughty’ to be said out loud. And I loved the way they made him react.

“How does it feel?” I ask him while I take hold of his wrists and pull his hands away from the sheets.

“G-Good!” Kalem pants desperately while he watches me bring his hands to his cock. The second his fingers are in reach, he wraps his fingers around his length and immediately starts stroking himself while he used his little hips to thrust upwards. “Ahh! S-So good!”

My boy truly was a lustful creature.

I watch as Kalem strokes himself through his whimpers and moans, his desperate movements making the vibrator in his ass start to slip out a bit. I quickly push it back in, loving the way that made his legs tremble and his entire body arch from the bed as another orgasm reached him.

I continue fucking the toy into him while he strokes himself, both ends of pleasure making his orgasm carry on and on until Kalem was covered in more of his cum and his eyes were rolling with the pleasure of it.

But still, his hands kept stroking and his hips kept thrusting.

I’d been curious for some time now how Kalem would react to such a toy, and by the Gods above, I was not disappointed.

“Master,” Kalem moans as he looks at me, his face hot with embarrassment, likely from how he couldn’t seem to stop himself from searching for more. “Please..nngh.. more!”

I turn the power up on the dildo, unable to deny my boy anything.

Kalem cries out and I keep playing with toy, thrusting it in and out the way I would my cock, while Kalem brought one of his hands up to play with his nipples. My cock jerks at the image that made keeping a lid on my own need to fuck him into the mattress, a lot harder.

I turn Kalem over so that his ass was on display for me, the dildo moving on its own while lodged into his wet hole. And the sounds... dear God the sounds it made could make me cum if I wasn’t careful.

“Do you like your new toys?” I ask Kalem while I run my palm over his ass.

Kalem nods his head against the pillow he was clinging to with both his hands, his face hidden by most of it.

But this wasn’t nearly as enjoyable if he hid himself away.

“Why don’t you show me how much?” I suggest as I take Kalem’s pillow away and settle myself in its place. With my back against the headboard, I press the tip of my cock against Kalem’s lips, “play with yourself Kalem.”

Kalem’s teary eyes widen but his arousal doesn’t simmer as he reaches back and begins thrusting the toy in and out of his hole. Each time he pushed it in, his shaking body shifted back to meet the thrust and his eyes rolled.

“M-Master,” Kalem whimpers against my cock, his lips rubbing against it while he licked and kisses me gently.


“That’s it love,” I praise him while he makes his way to my balls. When his lips wrap around them, all sense leaves me, “God!” I moan as Kalem suck them in greedily, moaning around me to give me vibrations of my own.

Digging my fingers into his hair, I hold him right where he is and wrap my free hand around myself. Slowly, I stroke my length while I watch Kalem fuck himself and suck on my balls. His perked ass was shaking, enticing me to replace the dildo with my cock and have as much of him as I could.

“Hmm, that’s... good,” I breathe in ragged breathes while Kalem licks at my taint, making my vision blur for a moment. At my reaction, he continues, lapping hungrily at the sensitive skin there while I stroke myself faster, “yes! Mhmg! Yes Kalem.”

Kalem whimpers and moans at my praises, his fingers moving more frantically to get the dildo moving faster and deeper as he chases his orgasm with me. I tighten my fingers and stroke the head of my cock frantically until I finally went over the edge and came.

My balls draw up and my cock hardens in my hands before streams of cum escape me, coating most of Kalem’s back but a bit of his cheek too as I kept stroking myself, moaning loudly at the mind-numbing orgasm.

Kalem cums only seconds later, his moans muffled against my balls while his hips jerked and his eyes roll. I watch, enraptured, as Kalem’s entire body melts into the mattress after yet another orgasm, his mouth and nose buried between my legs.

We should’ve done this a long time ago.

Hooking my hands beneath his elbows, I lift Kalem up and switch the toys off for him to catch his breath but he protests quickly.

“No!” He says in a slur as he tries to shove my hands away, “l-leave it on! Leave i-it in!”

I look down at Kalem’s cock which was always the measure of how much more he could take. Sure enough, he was still erect and dripping, clearly loving every second of this.

“It’s my r-reward!” Kalem continues, thinking I was still deciding on whether or not to turn his toys off. “Mine!”

“Okay love,” I say chuckling and I raise my hands in surrender so he knew I wouldn’t take them away, “I’ll leave them on, but I’m turning it down a bit.”

Kalem pouts, but let me do that much as he shifts in my lap until he had both our cocks in hand.

Dear Gods, have mercy...

“I take it..uhgg... you.... like your reward,” I say as I watch Kalem stroke us both.

“Nghh! Love it!” Kalem answers as he directs my hands to the dildo. Taking the hint, I take a firm hold of the handle and pull it before thrusting it back it, pressing against the spot that made Kalem whimper and cum again.

This was going to tbe a very long night....


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