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Chapter 41

Lincoln’s P.O.V

“I’m not one for speeches or extensive, unnecessary conversation, but Malcolms has made the case that some form of a speech, or explanation, is quite necessary here.”

The group of near forty blinks up at me.

Wide-eyed and as stiff as a board, they all had that slightly terrified look the previous Anouk Clan clan members had in their first few days at the castle. I assumed that like them, our newer clanmates would lose that look soon enough and stop looking so stereotypically pale around me.

Besides attempting to relax a newborn... me? That would just be a waste of time.

“Firstly, you should know - and eventually accept - that as vampires, what we are, or rather, who we are, goes beyond our individual selves.” I explain as I walk the length of the training room, “in simple terms, that means that there are more pieces to each of us that link us to our species, than there are things that make us our own people.”

A glance around revealed that the majority understood what I was trying to get across. For the ones who didn’t, I add, “we were established for group work.”

That gets a few quick nods as shame fills a few eyes. It was an unnecessary embarrassment, but I don’t comment on it since it would only make them feel worst in this situation.

In time, they’d come to know that I didn’t expect any more from them that what they were capable of, and knowing all about the foundations of our species was nothing any newborn was expected to know.

I keep my eyes off them to provide a moment of relief instead.

“You are here today for me to show you how to fight properly, but also to expose you to how it feels to have my control overcome you,” I continue in time with my slow steps, “but both require the same level of understanding of our kind before we can attempt either.”

Tightening my hands behind my back, I take in a needed breath before continuing.

“When the witches crafted me, they added something to my genetical makeup. Over the course of decades, I’ve studied every bit of witch magic that I could in the hope of understanding exactly what that something was in more detail than just something that I felt in my blood.

Millenniums later and I’ve come to accept that that is all there is to it - something that lives in my blood. Something they put in my blood,” I clarify as I raise my hand to look over the flesh, “that ‘something’ is made of magic, and when a vampire is turned, that magic is passed on. It’s the same thing that keeps you alive, even in death, and what also allows our lifespans to carry on unnaturally.”

I take a moment to listen to the blood that rushed through us all, moving in a rush beneath our skin in a manner that would kill any other being. Whatever it was, it kept us alive and strong, without our hearts pumping, the magic kept our bodies always moving like an eternal machine.

It was magic, years of study didn’t change that simple fact. It was just... magic.

“As I’m not fond of magic and disorder, I’ve taken to naming that ‘something’ Lyrra.”

Was it petty and incredibly childish to name the greatest of living show of witch magic an elven name? Yes.

But I didn’t think about that when it brought me pleasure each time to know that beyond the grave, in some magical afterlife, the witches probably screeched every time I demeaned their power in that way.

The fact that I was spreading my childish revenge was acceptable in my eyes.

Finding where I’d ended in my makeshift speech, I carry on with a dutiful mask of calm. “Whether or not the witches intended us to carry on this long or for this connection to me to remain, I am not sure. But it has and there is a piece of me in every vampire that followed, in all of you.”

I look to the newborns once more, struggling not to laugh at the terrified expressions they wore now.

It was rare that I spent so much time with the young of our kind. They usually avoided me, unable to cope with the underlining traces of my power for too long and I understood that. But I wouldn’t have the foundations of our clan be something sloppy or poorly constructed.

So even if it was a little painful now, if my educating them now strengthened their futures and the clan’s, then it was worth it.

I keep my laughter in and swallow my guilt as well to keep my outside appearance to them something neutral and calm. Sudden laughter would more than likely look insane and I didn’t need them thinking the Pylen they just agreed to follow was crazy.

Not that it mattered, one conversation with my love and they’d think I belonged in an asylum.

“When I make your bodies move,” I say pointing to a man at the front who’s arm immediately shot up the way I wanted it to, “it’s simply me connecting with that magic between the two of us - the Lyrra - and sending out a silent command through it.”

“But it only goes one way?” The man asks while he visibly strains to lower his hand, but despite his grinding teeth and greatest efforts, his arm remained where I wished it to be.

“Yes,” I confirm before releasing him, “before, that chain of command went from the witches to me and then to you. Now that they’re dead, it’s from me to all of you.”

“And the witches are dead?” A young girl I could scent was recently turned asks. She had to be only a few months old, her bloodshot slightly rabid eyes made her look feral, but by the end of her first two years as a vampire, that would ease away. “T-They’re all dead, right?”

“Yes,” I assure her as gently as I can, adding an honest smile to it, “I killed them all in turn, cremated them and then cemented their ashes into the foundations of this castle.”

The girl’s arms tighten around herself just a little.

Perhaps my words weren’t as reassuring as I’d hoped they would be.

As a newborn, she more than likely knew very little about our history, but if she was correctly following the programme Malcolm set the newborns on, soon enough she’d learn all she needed to know about our species and our history, and then she’d fight even harder for our future.

The Anouk youngest grew fiercer by the day, their resolve strengthened by the time they spent in the libraries and in the safety of a protected, growing clan.

At first, I’d been against enforcing such a rule onto them, but Malcolm had been unwavering in his plans to ensure that those under the age of one hundred spent the necessary time to learn their history properly.

It seemed a little trivial to me, but even more than that, I’d wanted to avoid a number of pitiful looks in the halls or worse yet, ones forged from fear cast our way once they knew what we’d been through.

But, like always, Malcolm had been right so it wasn’t very long before I agreed... albeit very reluctantly.

In the last two weeks, those worries had been put to bed soundly and I’d been quietly reminded to stop assuming the worst of every situation.

The newborns didn’t look at me with pity or fear, there was only respect to be found as they nodded or bowed to me in passing.

And in all honesty, it felt good.

“I raised this point about magic and our origins so you’d understand that there is a type of... network that runs between us all because of Lyrra.” I explain while I try to find the simplest words to articulate myself well. “And in it, like any other network, data is stored somewhere within it.”

“Data?” Another questions and I nod.

If I thought hard enough, I would remember what her name was, but it wasn’t important now so I didn’t bother trying.

“When we were still under their rule and another was made, or a human was turned, there was no time to teach them the things the witches deemed important,” I explain, my voice growing a little tighter with each word, “since our primary purpose was to be weapons, fighting was something that was instilled through that network rather than developed from scratch.”

That makes understanding visibly wash over them all before they all perk up a bit, looking to me with an excitement I’d come to expect at this stage. Everyone liked shortcuts.

“From the moment you became a vampire, that ‘data’ was stored inside of you. So I’m not here to teach you how to fight today, I’m here to teach you how to access that part of you. To access Lyrra.”

A familiar calm rolls over me as I encompass this subset of my role as Pylen. It was such a simple thing, teaching the young ones... and yet, it made me feel that much closer to the clan as a whole.

Electrifying was the best word I could think of to describe the feeling.

“The stronger our clan grows, the more of this ‘data’ you’ll be able to access and the stronger each of you will become.”

As I run my calloused hands together, one by one, they all stand to their feet, determination taking away any lingering doubts or fears. Moving in their lanes like a building wave, they each dip their heads in a formal bow, their arms crossed behind their backs in a gesture of goodwill and trust.

“We follow you Pylen and from you, we learn,”

The words didn’t fail to warm me from the inside out as they had the first time I’d heard them from one of my followers. It’d started as a passing statement whenever I helped or advised someone, and now, it was a sort of motto in the clan.

They were simple words, and yet there was so much to them that I couldn’t help the smile that took my lips hostage.

“Then, let’s get started.”


“Practice where you can until we meet again,” I say as I look over my panting newborns, their exhaustion telling. “The more time you spend consciously accessing Lyrra, the easier it will be.”

I let them go a second later and watch as they all file out of the room, in much better spirits than when they’d first slunk in, scared and squirming.

Trailing over them, my eyes catch sight of the only incubus I allowed in my castle and I sigh mentally.

“Wequie,” I greet him as I make my way over.

Leaning against the back wall with his arms and ankles crossed over, Wequie smirks up at me with a particularly smug look. Some of the newborns’ eyes linger on him with fascination and lust as they passed by, whether or not they knew what he was, almost all of them fell into the trap his tiny shorts and transparent tunic had set.

Not bothered with his effect on them, Wequie sings my name out as if it were his favourite song, “Lincoln!”

“How long were you here?” I ask, trying to figure out how I hadn’t picked up on his presence at all.

“About midway through,” he answers with a grin, “but you were so consumed with your little lesson that you didn’t notice.”

I scowl and Wequie’s grin grows wider.

“You’re good at this you know,” he nods toward the space the newborns had filled just seconds ago.

“Am I?” I start walking and Wequie falls into step beside me, letting his horns and tails out as he does.

It surprised me for a moment to see them, the horns specifically. Between his horns and his ears, Wequie more than not let the fluffy ears out when he showed his true form, preferring the hide the daunting horns that sprouted out of his head.

In a deep brown, they each swirled twice before their pointed ends wound up into the sky like a makeshift arrowhead. I was sure that if a person landed on the thick things, they’d be impaled rather than break.

A shudder runs through me at the thought.

“Yeah,” he replies with a firm nod, “you’ve always been a bit of a hardass-”

“Thanks,” the word comes out dry with my disinterest.

"But,” he says while rolling his golden eyes, “it looks like you found a good balance here. You know how to be firm but also fair, and it helps that you are lazy, quieter than most leader-types and an overall simple guy.” Some part of me felt offended at being called ‘simple’, but the rest of me knew it was true. “I think, because of all of those things that make you, you... they trust you.”

I hum as Wequie and I walk together, his words rolling over me like a cooling balm on heated skin. They lift my mood as we move from the lower levels of the castle to the busier upper levels in comfortable silence.

In the first few days with the beginnings of the clan in the castle, much of our time was spent affirming the castle and ensuring roles were dealt out while they all settled in. Now weeks later, my followers were free to do as they pleased outside of their elected or assigned positions, allowing for a livelier castle.

The days were filled with laugher and conversations as the clanmates got to know each other. The three new clans that had joined us and the extra strays Wequie had found meant that things were far busier than before, but the castle held it all together.

I didn’t mind the buzz of life half as much as I probably should’ve.

“I expected you to be gone by now,” I say as Wequie and I move through the halls that part for us, every vampire on my path stepping aside with a respectful nod or bow.

“Is that your way of saying you want me out the castle?” Wequie shoots back, his eyes trailing after a lean woman I knew he’d be visiting later tonight.

Somethings never changed

“I’d tell you clearly if I wanted you out,” I reply blankly, “you have your own quarters here, and unless I tell you to leave them, then you’re free to use them.”

Wequie blinks up at me with a daft expression that didn’t suit him. His golden eyes shining with the surprise his swishing tail was already giving away.


“Being Pylen has made you less... ‘grrrr’,” he raises his hands in a claw motion as he flashes his teeth at me, “you’re more... ‘gr’,” this growl is much smaller and quieter.

“That’s good to know,” I grumble but Wequie only laughs as he steps into a happy skip beside me.

“Well, either way, I’m glad because I was planning on staying.” Wequie admits with a radiant smile, “you’re little war has made trading as a supplier a lot harder than it needs to be. It’s like don’t shoot the messenger, except I’m a supplier and everyone is shooting anyway!”

I grimace only a little at his nonsensical words.

It had been almost a month since Diablos sudden appearance in the castle, and things had changed astronomically since then.

Diablos had given us a day to decide what our verdict would be, but I’d never bothered with allowing him the luxury of another meeting. Giving him the chance to glimpse the state of our clan - or me - would’ve been downright foolish.

It had been a good thing, a Godsent, that the elf had stepped up and offered his magic to secure our lands so that no other magic could pass through that he didn’t allow. I knew it was because of his need to protect Malcolm but I was still silently grateful to the streetlight.

When no answer came, Diablos struck with his first official act in this war.

Malcolm and Wequie had only just arrived at the Zintius Clan when hundreds of Diablos’ warriors had descended.

Zintius was the last of the four clans Malcolm had travelled to in the hopes of bringing them to our side. With Wequie’s help and some of the Anouk, in the little time he had, Malcolm had ensured that over seven hundred more had joined our clan.

It would’ve been near a thousand if not for Diablos.

Unprepared for a fight and not willing to lose any lives unnecessarily, Malcolm has wisely retreated and returned to the safety of the castle with Wequie and the other clans trickling in soon after.

From the reports our scouts had gathered, the Zintius clan had been forced to agree to fight for Diablos or face the decimation of their entire clan.

It wasn’t good news for us or any clan out there. Diablos was bolstering his numbers as well, but where we allowed choice for now, if Diablos got to your first, you were either on his side, or dead.

It was truly a war now. No longer a petty squabble or disagreement between two vampires. Diablos wasn’t hiding anymore and that changed the pace of things.

If it weren’t for the elf’s magic, I was sure that he would’ve already tried to attack the castle as well.

I hated to admit it mentally, and I would never do it out loud, but the elf had helped us substantially.

“I’ve already told you that we could use you as our own personal supplier,” I step into my office with Wequie close behind, my mind trying to carry this conversation and all else I had to do today. “It’s far more difficult than I assumed it would be to find blood for so many vampires.”

Wequie snorts as he crashes down on the couch while I circle my desk and sink into the seat I’d spent more time in the last few months that I had any place in my entire life.

No. That was a lie. My bed would eternally hold that position.

“Which I don’t mind, but I don’t want to just fetch blood like a water boy on a football field,” Wequie replies while his tail coils around his arm in a sign I’d come to know as nerves from him.

Looking at him, I give him my full attention for the few minutes I could spare him, “What is it that you want then Wequie?”

Sitting himself up, Wequie’s horns sink into his head and are replaced by the black ears I was more familiar with.

It was a natural reaction his body did for him to appear smaller and make his prey soften to him. I knew by now that it wasn’t optional, it wasn’t something he could control and though I was not a fan of his species, I knew that Wequie would never try to manipulate me in such a manner.

Still, I unintentionally relaxed at his change of appearance.

“I want to play a bigger role here, in the clan. I... I want to be a part of it.” Wequie says carefully, his eyes studying me intently so he could pick up any visible reaction of mine. “Malcolm’s your like advisor right, your right-hand man? He’s doing what he’s good at, he’s happy and he’s finally found a fit for him. I’d like that too.”

It was true that Malcolm had finally found a fit for him.

In the clan, Malcolm had quickly become someone everyone vampire felt comfortable going to with any query or worry, knowing that Malcolm would help, no matter how big or small.

He was openly beloved, there wasn’t a single clanmate who even considered making humour of his submission as the first of our kind had in our earliest years.

If they had, I’d kill them before the elf had a chance to.

The only time they kept a bit of distance from Malcolm was when the leaf-lover was with him.

Malcolm’s popularity wasn’t something Aias seemed to mind, but when it disturbed the... things they did together, then he became colder still.

Even so, Malcolm was happy. With his role, the clan, and his elven Master.

There was only one person who the clan loved more than Malcolm, but no one could ever try to compete with Kalem for that position.

Everyone loved Kalem.

“I know none here will mind it if I make it so,” I allow as I bring my head back around to the topic at hand, “but your own kind will, won’t they? They already don’t like your friendship with Malcolm and me.”

“They dislike it because of how vampires think of us, you included,” Wequie clarifies. “But that’s a small part of it, they’re really just angry my time out of our hovels mean that they don’t get to fuck me as much as they’d like.”

“A shame,” I deadpan and Wequie giggles.

“If you were an incubus, you’d mean those words,” he stretches himself out as if to show off his mostly exposed body to accompany his words, “it’s a major loss not to get this ass or this d-”

“Back to your point,” I say cutting him off before he could over-excite himself.

“You’re no fun,” he pouts childishly. “I’m a real catch you know. Or like, several catches in one. I’m an insane, rare type of catch that people search for like treasure.”

“Wequie,” I groan and he raises his hand in surrender.

“My point is, I want to help as well,” Wequie says, sounding a little more serious this time, “you’ve helped me a thousand times over and never asked for anything in return, not even once. Now, you’re chasing control of this monster your species has become, and I want to help you Lincoln. And if I can find my own place while I’m here, then I’ll be happy.”

I blink at Wequie, my mind flashing between images of the man before me and the small, ill incubus Malcolm had introduced to me centuries ago, and yet, somehow it managed to feel like it’d only been days ago.

Initially, I’d thought Wequie would be nothing more than another of Malcolm’s rescue projects. Someone he’d fix up before sending back into the world, bandaged carefully together to present one whole person instead of the shattered pieces of themselves he’d originally found.

I never imagined he’d grow to be one of the only two beings in this world I considered to be a friend - in my head.

“What do you want to do?” I ask as I try to think of what role Wequie would fit best.

His species and gifts with lure and attraction made him best suited for things related to the interworkings of the clan, but without even meaning to, Kalem already had that role in a headlock.

Somehow, my boy had become the welcome party, the tour guide, the counsellor, the listener and everybody’s best friend, and that was just a few of the roles Kalem had taken to like a fish in still waters.

The next best thing I could think of for Wequie was to help with the recruitments but I knew him well enough to know he’d grow bored of that within a week, especially if he tried to do it on his own.

“Along with securing the supply chain, I want to be in charge of the clan’s brand,” Wequie says with a big smile as he folds his feet under him and leans forward.

That... I hadn’t expected.

“The brand?” I repeat slowly while a single of my brows raises.

“Maybe brand isn’t the right word,” Wequie allows as he twists his lips together and thinks, “maybe image or like PR.”

“PR?” I repeat again, “We don’t have a brand or ‘PR’ for you to be in charge of.”

“Exactly,” Wequie says, his eyes glowing with emotion. “You’re literally just a new clan that everyone knows as that new vampire clan. You don’t have a proper name, you’ve got no sigel, no official titles or even colours.”

“Hardly seems like things we need,” I say honestly, not bothering to butter my words with Wequie.

It only angered him when people tried to sugarcoat things.

“To you, it might not be top of the list,” Wequie admits even as he rolls his eyes again, “but when you trying to get the allegiance of the bigger, stronger clans and then the respect of the other species in the future, it would make the clan look a lot more... professional.”


“Are you just going to keep repeating my words or are you going to think about them?” Wequie snaps which somehow gets a chuckle from me. Still, Wequie quickly continues before I could even consider shutting him down, “Malcolm said you want to get the Amaris Clan on your side in the future.”

I narrow my eyes at him, “I do.”

The Amaris Clan was the strongest vampire clan at the moment.

Located under mountains of ice in Antarctica, they’d separated themselves from both the supernatural world and the human one. Attacking them was a lost cause to any with the way they’d adapted to the ice their fortress was built upon.

It was their battle skill and numbers that attracted me, and the respect they commanded amongst the other supernatural species. Respect which we’d need once this was all over and we tried to set ourselves apart from the slavery our species had endorsed.

But the Amaris Clan was a future goal. Approaching them now, as we currently were, would only ensure an immediate denial.

“Anyone who knows of the Amaris Clan knows that their colours are blue, their sigil is a mountain, their clan’s words is ‘At border’s end, we lie’ and their clan is built on achievable ranks that cycle through the generations.” Wequie breathes out, “I’m an incubus and I know that, shit, most of the supernatural world know that. And as I’m sure you’re aware, most of them respect them as well.”

That was true enough. Since most of the supernatural didn’t know about how old our kind truly was, the Amaris Clan currently represented the best of our kind. Something I wanted to have under my wing eventually.

Sensing the ground he was making, Wequie comes towards my desk, pressing his point further. “Sometimes, image is just as important as all the other stuff. It’s better to have these little things sorted out early on than to wait until later to slap it all together.”

Wequie stares me in my eyes, his heart fighting a little faster than usual, stuttering over itself in an unfamiliar way.

Wequie wanted this, he really wanted this.

I would’ve said no already if it was any vampire who had come to me with this proposition. Though his points were all valid, we were in the middle of a war and none of us had time to waste on choosing colours and mottos.

But, Wequie wasn’t a vampire and he wasn’t just anyone.


Wequie’s eyes bulge.

“Okay?” he repeats, his heart kicking up its pace.

“Okay,” I repeat with a small smile. “I’ll leave you in charge of ‘branding our clan’,” I say with finger quotes, “if its something you want to do so badly, then you can. Just be sure to pass everything through me for the final call, but other than that, I’ll leave it in your hands Wequie.”

Wequie’s eyes shimmer as his fingers curl around the edges of his shirt and he jumps up and down with a happy scream.

I hadn’t seen him react quite so innocently? in a long time. I wasn’t sure if innocent was the right word, but the reaction was free in an opposing way that Wequie usually embodied that word.

While Wequie celebrates, the door opens and Kalem pokes his head in before he comes jumping in, happily screaming along with Wequie even though he had no clue as to why Wequie was so happy.

Still, that didn’t stop my love from taking his hands and sharing in his joy. I watch the pair jump in front of my desk like two reunited teenagers after class.

“Why are we happy?” Kalem asks once they settle down.

“Because Lincoln’s letting me play a role in the clan,” Wequie says as he looks from Kalem to me, “and I’m really, really grateful that he is.”

I nod and Wequie returns it before he looks back to his friend.

Wequie and Kalem’s friendship was something I monitored extremely closely.

It wasn’t that I didn’t trust Wequie, because I did. But sometimes, when they found their way to a topic that was far less than appropriate, all of Wequie’s control or sense went out the window in seconds.

Having another demon to share his filthiest thoughts with fried his brain quickly every single time.

Kalem was naughty enough as he was, I did not need Wequie’s whisperings to him all the things he could do with his tongue to make it worse.

So monitoring was in order.

But even so, it was good to see Kalem feel comfortable enough to ask Wequie about the incubi and what it meant his species was like. It was subtle, but he was trying to learn more about his demon-side and that was something I would always be supportive of.

“I’m eating with you again tonight,” Wequie says and Kalem nods fervently.

“It’s me, you, Then, Katlyn and Raven tonight,” Kalem says and Wequie grins happily, I barely stifle a groan.

The two chatter away some more before Wequie slips away with a blatantly suggestive look that made Kalem blush. Kalem watches him go, his eyes lingering on his body in a way I’d come to take silent note of.

While I expected jealousy to rise up inside of me, it never did when I caught Kalem staring after others appreciatively. There was nothing wrong with him recognising others he found attractive, if anything, it was a sign of his continuous progress since the boy I’d first found would’ve never risked such a thing.

It was also something I knew I’d have to accept as natural along with many other things in the future. With his demon side, I suspected that like Wequie, Kalem wouldn’t shy away from watching others together if I allowed it.

That sick incident in the car was evidence enough of that.

I was comfortable enough in the knowledge that Kalem loved me and only me, and would never seek another’s body.

The second the door closes, I pull Kalem into my lap and press my lips to his.

He moans into the kiss and I mirror it, wrapping my arms around him and kissing him deeply until he parts his lips and lets me deepen the kiss. I lick a path across his lips and pass my tongue over his, my cock hardening in my trouser with how desperately he rubbed himself against me.

Pressing Kalem back onto the flat wood, I suck on his tongue and groan as our cocks grind together, his pulses against mine as he wraps his leg around me and brings me in tighter.

“Would it be wrong to fuck you right here?” I ask him as I press him into the desk and kiss my way down his neck.

“Y-Yes,” Kalem manages through breathy moans as I rub a hand over his cock.

“Why?” I question as I lift my head to look at him, “you usually love it when I fill you whenever and wherever I can.” Leaning in a little closer, I whisper, “you usually beg for it.”

Kalem blushes deeply but his cock jerks against my hand through the fabric of his pants. “Lincoln,” he half whines, thrusting his little hips up as fast as he can.

“It’s soundproof, nobody comes in without me allowing them entry,” I list as I return to his neck, “I can be quick.”

“I d-don’t want to risk it,” Kalem mumbles, his fingers digging into my skin.

With another kiss, I raise myself up once more and lean over my boy. His face was flush with his arousal as he stares up at me, his bright hazel eyes drawing me back in for more.

Before I can do just that, I sit myself down in my chair and keep myself there with much effort.

Kalem, for some unfathomable reason, was against having sex in my office, while everywhere else was perfectly acceptable to him. And for some equally unfathomable reason, that just made me want to do it even more.

I wasn’t sure who’d win out in this particular battle, but I hoped it would be me.

Still panting hard, Kalem sits himself up and catches his breath before he slides himself back into his place on my lap and kisses me gently.

“Sorry,” he mumbles sadly against my lips.

“It’s alright love,” I reply as I lean back with him in my arms, “we can make up for the lost time tonight.”

“Yay!” Kalem cheers with a wide smile, “we can use the vibrator again. Ooo, and the cuffs!”

Kalem’s reward had turned into everything I knew it would.

There wasn’t a day that went by where Kalem didn’t mention his favourite toy or try to get a hold of it when I told him no. But whenever that vibrator was present, Kalem would beam like a newborn star.

I was currently withholding the information that I had others with different speeds and settings, and I planned to continue doing so for at least another year or two.

“Whatever you want,” I reply and Kalem kisses me again. His soft lips move gently over mine, making me melt in my place as happiness spreads through me.

“I’m supposed to meet with Aias soon,” Kalem says against my lips, decidedly not parting with me, not for feeble conversations.

“But,” I prompt.

“But, I thought you might be hungry,” Kalem whispers, pulling himself away so that he could undo the lace that was keeping his light blue, cotton shirt together.

Since the second time I bit Kalem in bed, I’d stopped drinking from blood bags completely.

Before that night, I’d been adamant that I’d wait until I paired our lives together which wasn’t going to happen until he had proper control of his elven powers.

But things had changed that night.

When we were tangled together, a raw expression of our love, I’d felt almost fragile and each time the words from Kalem’s letter circled my mind, I felt even more vulnerable. But strangely, it was near blissful to feel that way.

All my life, I’d been this strong weapon of destruction and nothing I’d ever faced after the ones who’d made me, had ever come close to making me feel weak.

Nothing by Kalem.

With Kalem, I felt frail. Like he could tear me apart, break me down and leave me in pieces only he knew how to reconstruct. Loving him gave him that power and when he read me that letter that displayed his own love for me, I realised for the first time how deeply he possessed every part of me.

I thought before Kalem had every part of me, but that night, Kalem made sure to take up any pieces that had escaped him before.

After sealing our love with that bite, drinking from any other felt like a betrayal.

It’d been a very small fear inside of me that Kalem wouldn’t feel the same, but that had faded away when Kalem had sat up seriously the next morning and declared that he wanted me to only feed on him and no one else.

And that...well, that was that.

“Love you,” Kalem whispers with a smile so bright my heart tried to beat for him.

Pulling his shirt from his shoulder, Kalem exposes his skin to me and stretches his neck while his fingers slip into my hair.

Leaning forward, I press a kiss to the skin before I bite in.

My hands immediately tighten around him and I bring him in closer as I sink my teeth in deeper. Ecstasy rushes through me in the unique way only fresh blood provided, but it felt so much stronger with Kalem. Richer. It made my world fall still within a moment, leaving only the two of us in a precious moment of euphoria that felt like it could stretch out forever.

Sucking in a deep breath, Kalem digs his fingers into my hair and holds me in place, a soft moan of pleasure coming from him as his body shivers in my hands.

I drink his blood down in a rush, the taste as sweet as him and as intoxicating as his love was. My muscles quickly fill like the power in me, making my senses heighten and my mind sharper while I feed on my love with a hunger only he could sate.

Despite Kalem’s whimpers for more, I pull away and seal the holes my fangs made with another kiss. Kalem shivers again but wraps his arms around me in a tight hold I never tired of.

“I love you too,” I whisper to him as I kiss him almost desperately.

Kalem giggles suddenly as he pulls away, looking slightly dazed but also ecstatic, “if it feels this good now, can you even imagine how good it would feel when you bite me for real?!” His smile grows as he squirms in my lap, “it’ll be the best thing in the world!”

“Really?” I question, feigning to be doubtful as I look up at him.

Kalem’s smile fumbles slightly as he tilts his head, worry forming, “”

“Maybe not,” I reply as I cradle his cheek, “I don’t think it will be when you’re already the best thing in this world.”

Kalem gives me a little shove as he gasps as if he’d just found out that a fairy was in the castle.

“That was really naughty Master,” he grumbles before he gives me an almost secret smile, “but also sweet, so you get a pass... just this once.”

“Thank you for your mercy,” I whisper mischievously before I pull him in for another kiss.


Now, why are they so fucking cute


I just love Lincoln ughhh. Every time I’m writing from his POV, I feel like he holds the secrets of the universe but chooses to sleep instead. Idk if that made any sense looool.

What did you guys think of the start? About the witch magic? I was trying to explain it a bit more so you guys could understand how it worked a little better.

And ughhhh WEQUIE!!! I WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR THE SEXY LITTLE SFEJKWLRIGNLR. I’m truly going to lose my entire mind when I’m writing his book ughhhh.

Anyway, vote and comment if you enjoyed this chapter and let me know all your thoughts.

I’ll be working on a Patreon extra next and then Master again I think, I’ll try to keep you guys updated.

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