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Chapter 43

Lincoln’s P.O.V

Alexander comes to my side, bowing swiftly before she lets her eyes raise to mine, “everyone is ready.”

“Good,” I commend while I quickly survey the others.

Under the dark of night, dressed in black-fitted clothes, it was almost a challenge to pick them out from the shadows we’d trained them to blend into.

“They should be back any minute now,” I whisper and she nods before returning to her post as silently as she’d come.

Crouched in my own perch within the dark, I look down at the small makeshift camping grounds that Diablos’ men had set up in this broken valley.

We’d made quick work of surrounding them and cutting off every and any routes for escape they might think to take. Every corner was accounted for, every gap closed and manned by one of my own.

It had been one of our furthest scouts who’d alerted us of this group.

They were travelling with haste to one of Diablos’ strongholds with a group of newborns they’d turned to bolster his numbers. The scout had only caught them since they’d stopped, giving her enough time to report it to us.

They probably would’ve been to safety by now if they weren’t forced to move slower because of said newborns who had no clue how to use their speed in unfamiliar terrain.

Their inexperience delayed their journey back, giving us just enough time to intercept.

At the sound of ruffling leaves, I clench my fist, forcing all of my present clan to still completely.

I don’t breathe, don’t move a muscle as I listen. The rustling comes again, this time closer.

It was either the wind or another person, I ready myself in case it was the latter.

Wequie breaks from the greenery below us and soon Malcolm appears at his side. When they look up in my direction and give the signal, I jump down from my perch and release my hold on the rest of the order.

(A/N - an order refers to a group of trained vampires)

“They’re only thirty-six of them,” Wequie reports, being sure to keep his voice in a barely-there whisper, “thirty-seven if we missed one.”

“We didn’t,” Malcolm promises, his grey eyes like a touch of moonlight in all this darkness.

The cloudy night sky was blocking off the moon’s shine and casting the entire clearing in a makeshift murk. It was why presumably why the group had chosen this spot to rest in.
The lack of light made it impossible to see them if you weren’t looking for them and near impossible to hear them, lack of hearts and all.

If it weren’t for our scout, they probably would’ve made it back unscathed.

“There carry twenty-four newborn,” Wequie continues, “but they...” he hesitates.

“What is it?” When Wequie looks to Malcolm for help, my frown deepens, “tell me.”

“None are chained or bound,” Malcolm fills in for him, his tightening features matching his stormy eyes, “they were close together and moved only a little, but they could move.”

I can’t hide my grimace as I turn away from them with a clear understanding of their hesitancy now.

Everyone had warned me about this beforehand, they had warned against us going at all with the presumption that these newborns would be lost to us, even if we were able to save them.

It would be foolish and naive to assume that they’d even want to go with us, that their minds hadn’t already been filled with lies about who was good and who was bad in this war.

I knew that... but I couldn’t leave them to their faiths if even one of them wanted another way.

They deserved that at the very least, the ability to choose whose side they’d want to be on in the war Diablos had hoisted upon them.

“We continue as planned,” I say as I concentrate my energy to send the message out to the others, “we do not kill the newborns, only hurt them if they pose a threat but only to disable them temporarily. Do not kill them.”

Lyrra hums with my silent command and then once more from the acceptance it received in response.

I’d been practising endlessly to reacquaintance myself with my power, and it was admittedly far harder to grasp when I was the only one in control, my efforts were beginning to prove themselves useful.

We’d only travelled with twenty of our clan, but I knew it was more than enough. I’d handpicked the ones I wanted with me on this and was careful in choosing the ones who had taken to my control over them best.

They were yet to disappoint me.

With some, it was like work, troublesome. For the ones in this order, it was like drawing air. Effortless.

Turning back to Wequie and Malcolm, I let the corner of my lips twitch upwards as I face the pair that I knew would see me through any fight and any journey, no matter the realm.

Like the rest of us, they were both dressed in all black. Malcolm. in a leather vest that exposed his arms to the open air and loose trousers in case he’d need to shift his form. And Wequie, in a long dress that was tight around his chest but loose at his legs that were exposed by a very high slit. While it was probably meant to seduce, I knew he kept an arsenal of cursed blades underneath.

“Let the others have a chance before rushing in,” I say to them both, smile only growing when they both sigh in the manner I knew they would. “They need the practice.”

“So do I?” Wequie argues as he roles his shoulders, “it’s been a while.”

“For a demon, you know you suck at lying,” Malcolm comments with an innocently raised brow.

Wequie narrows his golden eyes but grins, “I suck a lot of things, mainly cocks, but I do not suck at lying.”

“You two focus on the newborns,” I say bringing them back to the task at hand, “they’ll be terrified and might act out in foolish ways, don’t let them hurt one of our own, don’t let them hurt themselves.”

They both nod and I take a steady breath before sending my energy out again.


I reach the campsite before anyone else, bringing all the startled gazes onto me and away from my vampires who were breaking from their hiding spots.

Time freezes for a split second as I catch my order lunge, emerging from the shadows like bullets from fog; without warning, only death in their eyes.

As they descend on the enemy and the fighting begins, I behead the first two that approach me with one slice of my hand. I pull the hearts from the next while I make my way to the cluster of newborns that were so young they still smelt human.

The sound of battle and bloodshed wake up the formerly silent valley as snarls and clashing blades reach the air. Those raged snarls turned to agonized wails as vampire after vampire fell, but my connection to my order never withered.

For it couldn’t when not a single one of my own fell.

A vampire rushes towards me, shouting Diablos’ name, but before I can free him of his limbs, two blades strike his eyes. They glow a violent red at the handles before they sink into his skull and start a flame that spreads throughout his entire being, taking his soul and mind in one swoop.

I glance to my left catching a glimpse of Wequie’s sharp tail before he disappears into the night, his blades singing through the air to find their next target.

“Stay still,” I warn the newborns as I approach with spread arms, trying to latch on to them with my power, “do not r-”

One makes a break for the woods but stops short as Malcolm steps forward, his ginormous form making the newborn cower to the floor and away from him.

It’d been centuries since I witnessed Malcolm’s gift, his shapeshifting, and it was just as floundering as I recalled it to be.

I try again to reach them but the connection was brittle at best, so early turned, their pieces of Lyrra were hard to access and their reluctance wasn’t making it any easier.

“We wish you no harm,” I say to the group that encompassed a blend of rage, fear, misery and distress while they shifted together, looking for a way out only to find it blocked. “We will not hurt you.”

“O-Only force us t-to f-f-follow you!” One accuses as she looks behind me to witness what I sensed to be the last of Diablos’ warriors, slaughtered. The young woman pales as tears fall from her eyes, “o-o-or die.”

Her soft mumble was strangely loud in the now quiet valley, with our enemies slain and only our surroundings watching on, the newborns’ cries were all I could hear.

I glance behind me for the first time, looking around the neatly put-to-rest vampires that were illuminated by the dwindling firepits Wequie’s blades had made.

Quietly, I stretch my power out, looking for any we might have missed or who might have escaped, but I couldn’t feel a single vampire for miles.

“Very well done,” I praise my clan, wanting to do and say far more but that would have to wait until we were behind our own lines.

“Pylen,” they reply in a chorus of bows as I turn back to the newborns.

If they couldn’t feel my power, the respect offered to me by my clan was proof enough that I was the one in charge here, the one who decided their faiths. But since no form of recognition was blanketing their features, I could only hope that Diablos’ men hadn’t had a chance to spin a web of lies over them.

“My name is Lincoln, I am simply here to offer you a choice,” I say as I bend down so that I was on the same level of the newborns. They scuffle back, trying to put distance between us, I let them, keeping my facial expression neutral. “You all have unfortunately been caught in a war you have no part in. One which will decide the type of life every vampire lives in the future.”

“Vampire,” one squeaks and I frown.

Either they were in shock or their fangs hadn’t come in yet. Anger boils inside of me as I reevaluated how old they were. A day, maybe two? No wonder they’d smelt so human, they might as well have been.

“Yes, vampire, we are vampires and so are you,” I say plainly as I look over them, “you might’ve been human but that is no longer the case.”

A few mumbles start but I raise my hand to quiet them, we didn’t have time to talk things through or fiddle our thumbs. We had no way of telling if they’d gotten a message out to Diablos’ or his followers before we killed them and I wasn’t keen on finding out.

“As a vampire, you now have a choice; come with us or don’t. You can choose to leave right now and we will not stop you, nor will we try to hurt you or follow you. We will let you go if you choose it. Or,” I look around, hope in my chest, “or you can join us. You can come with us where we will protect you and ensure that you are safe.

“You will learn all you need to live as a vampire. You will learn to control the hunger, and our history if you wish to know it. After which you can still leave and live your life as you wish, or you can stay with us and join my clan.

“I do not have the time to explain all there is to the situation or myself any better, but as I said, you have been caught in the middle of a war. Sides have been drawn and choices like these have become rare. If you chose to go your own way, I must warn you that the other side,” I gesture to the bleeding bodies, “they won’t offer you any other path but there’s.”

I don’t mention my age or the importance it held, I didn’t want to coerce anyone into coming with us. The choice had to be theirs.

Rising to my feet, I keep my eyes on the newborns wishing I could tell them more, help them, but being in the open like this was dangerous to my own people and I would not risk their lives, or their safety.

“The choice is yours.” I say finally, “what I offer you is nothing with a finality, only a chance to control your own life.”

As Malcolm returns to his normal size and steps beside me, I gesture for the others to step back. Those who weren’t keeping a watchful eye out come behind me, giving the newborns enough room to flea if they wished to.

Their nervous flittering eyes dart between us all but continuously return to me, holding an arrangement of emotions I could not calm. It was up to them. They weren’t given nearly enough information, but it was the best I could offer them, which was surely better than nothing.

It was better than Diablos.

“I-I will stay, w-with you,” one manages through rushed breaths just as two stand and dash into the woods.

The others turn to watch them go before their eyes dart back to us, their muscles tense as they wait for someone to chase after them - to break my promise, but nobody moves.

I look to the young man who’d spoken and nod, “we will keep you safe, like one of our own.”

A few more follow the first pair to leave, stumbling into the woods as they try in stilted runs to use the speed they didn’t understand.

“Maybe we should leave them with a way to find us,” Malcolm says stepping closer, his personal worry poorly hidden, “in case they change their mind.”

I don’t bother looking at him, “and give them a way to attack us if they join Diablos?”

When they join Diablos. Unless they could hide themselves exceptionally well, they would inevitably be forced to join Diablos’ side in this.

Whether or not they wanted to, he’d force any and every vampire he found into his ranks.

My only hope for those that left was that they’d tell others of what happened here, of the choice I’d given them... of the other side they could join if they turned from the inside.

Malcolm knew that as well as I did, he was just wishfully dreaming outloud.

After a minute with no other leaving, I look over the twelve than remained, “once you are safe, all questions will be answered. But right now, we must move quickly.”

Looking at my order, I pass my hand through Lyrra to feel out their conditions, getting a general feel for their conditions. “Nodin, Emery and Reyes, carry one each, get them back safely.”

“Yes Pylen,” they quickly swoop in, offering a hand as they each take a newborn and carefully help them onto their back or into their arms.

“Wequie, relax the most fretful, we need to move quietly in our return,” I say and Wequie immediately reemerges from the shadows as if he’d ridden the passing wind. Stretching his influence over the newborns before they could scream, he smiles at them and their fear at his horns and tail quickly slips away.

“The rest of you, take turns carrying them on their way back. I want no newborn on their feet, they’ll only alert others to our presence.”

“Yes, Pylen,”

My order acts quickly, moving with a confidence that hadn’t been their a few months ago. But with time, the flame they’d all held individually had been kindled into what it was now.

Proud beyond what I thought was possible, I watch them all disappear into the woods with the newborns before I turn to Wequie and Malcolm who were smirking like two rats who’d just spotted cheese.

“I told you Malcolm!” Wequie starts as he fixes the tight harness he had strapped across his chest, “he gets this doe-eyed, happy look when he’s leading them, it’s adorable!”

“Truly,” Malcolm replies while nodding fiercely, “I could honestly cry I’m so proud.”

“Fuck I just might,” Wequie adds while he wipes a stray tear away.

“If that’s all?” I question before turning around, “I’ll lead the return, you guys mark the back of them.”

“Yes Pylen,” they say with mock reverence before disappearing when I turn around to punch them both.


“Find rooms for them to share,” I instruct as our caretakers emerge from Malcolm’s home, “and make sure they all receive some blood.”

The newborns watch the caretakers wearily, reluctant to part from the group they’d travelled with, but we couldn’t take them back to the castle.

“This is where you’ll stay while you learn control, and decide where you’d like to go from here,” I announce bringing all their eyes onto me, “if you decide to join our clan, you’ll move to one of our other strongholds or maybe the castle. But for now, you will be safe here.”

With those words, they follow behind the caretakers allowing my group to rest for the first time in almost two days.

“I know you all must be exhausted, please rest and know that you have done exceptional work,” I say honestly, letting them hear all the emotion those words brought onto me. “I am eternally grateful and indescribably proud of each of you.”

Smiles brighten the tired expressions and straighten their postures as they beam at me, “thank you, Pylen.”

Dismissed, they all head back to the castle and so does Wequie who leaves with a lewd sucking motion that flattens my mood.

When they’re gone, I turn back and find Malcolm already climbing the stairs to his favourite mansion.

Since Malcolm basically lived in the castle at this point, he’d turned the forgotten rooms in his home into a rest point for the vampires we saved. They couldn’t live in the castle until we were sure of their loyalties and so he’d created an alternative.

“Staying the night?” I ask as I watch him go.

“I want to make sure they settle in,” he replies with a near pout, “that’s alright isn’t it?”

I nod my head, Malcolm had always had a heavy heart, “what should I tell the extension cord when I return without you?”

“These names,” Malcolm comments with a snort as he shakes his head, “tell him I stayed behind, he’ll come find me.”

“A night without that beast in my castle,” I smile dramatically, “I can’t wait.”

With a raised centre finger, Malcolm turns and follows after the newborns into his home while I chuckle to myself and gather my strength to return home.

I meet the elf waiting for me the moment I’m on home grounds.

With folded arms and a prominent scowl on his face, he looks me over with disgust that was nothing compared to my own.

The long dirty curtain he called here was pinned back with delicate pins that looked like moulded flowers, his twig frame all twisted up with the anxious energy he tried to hide.

“Where’s Malcolm?” he questions, his eyes only leaving me to glance behind me.

“He’s with the newborns,” I answer while I walk up to him, “my guess is that he’s enjoying the time apart from someone,” I smile as I raise a brow, “can you guess who?”

I could feel the pencil’s annoyance beneath my feet while I walked past him, the castle’s stone walkway trembling and shaking with it.

I honestly couldn’t help the smile it caused.

“I wonder if you’ll be so gleeful when you see Kalem,” I turn in time to meet the elf’s knowing eyes, “he’s still upset, if not more upset than when you left.”

I wince and the bastard nods, “yes well, I’d love to talk to him down as we both know only I can but alas,” he gestures over his shoulder with a grin, “my Pisen awaits.”

Vanishing with the last word, Aias leaves me to mourn over the implications of his words.

Kalem hadn’t been... shall we say, supportive, of me leaving the castle to help in the impromptu effort to save the newborns. And while I’d listen to his reasoning, I’d ultimately made the decision to go and well, he hadn’t been too pleased when I left.

I didn’t even get a hug goodbye.

I understood Kalem’s concerns, honestly I did, but the gain from us going was far too great to ignore. Even if we returned with the same numbers as we’d left with, people would talk and it would quickly spread that we tried to save other vampires when Diablos got them, and that we also gave them a choice.

It would open up another path to those who thought they had none, to those who thought that Diablos was the only way.

Cracks would form from the inside and that was invaluable. I only wished it hadn’t upset Kalem so much in the process.

Sighing to myself, I try to ignore the dirt and grime the trip had glued to my skin as I made my way inside. But in truth, I could feel it in every step I took. I’d need a bath, a long one, but that would have to wait until I found my love and sorted things out.

It takes some time to get to my quarters with how many times I was stopped.

Everyone seemed to have a question and without Malcolm to filter them, I was tasked with answering them all without showing all of my aggravation.

I could hear Kalem’s heart beating steadily as I approached our door. It wasn’t racing so he wasn’t worried, or excited. It was stuck in a constant rhythm, which could only be good thing unless...

Unless he was angry.

Stopping just before the familiar door, I breathe in and try to prepare myself for what an Angry Kalem might look like. Kalem had never been genuinely angry with me. Upset, certainly but never angry.

An upset Kalem meant the silent treatment for some time before he’d come to me with a scolding that would contain a fierce, disappointed glare before he’d hug me and tell me how much he hated teaching me a lesson.

The lessons were serious but light, nothing to grow nervous about. Not in the manner I was nervous now.

But prolonging it wasn’t helping anyone, so I shook my hands at my side to rid my fingers of their sudden itchiness and took in another breath.

If Kalem were truly angry and yelled at me, then I’d take it all in full and make it up to him.

I open the door as if I was heading into battle only to freeze the second I step inside.

Standing in front of our bed with his arms folded and his face set in harsh lines, Kalem waited for me, clearly upset and angry.

His hazel eyes were full and glistening as if he wanted to cry but wouldn’t let himself, his lips were set in a hard line but they seemed to wobble every other second. And while he stood his ground, his body was tense all over with his new muscles showing slightly under the black top he wore.

The shirt his fingers dug into and hung from his smaller frame.

The shirt that was mine.

“I’m angry with you,” Kalem says shakily, raising his chin slightly as if to keep the tears up, “but I don’t know how to be angry with you, Master. I-It’s the first time and I don’t like how it feels.”

My heart shreds itself to pieces as I look at my boy with swelling regret and guilt. It was suddenly hard to hold those hazel eyes, suddenly painful in a manner it’d never been before.

“I know I can be angry,” Kalem squeaks, his fingers tightening around himself, “but I don’t like it Lincoln, I don’t like it at all.”

“I...” the words die in my suddenly dry mouth, “I’m sorry my love. I’m sorry for making you feel this way.”

I didn’t know what to do in this unfamiliar terrain, go to him or give him space. Let him speak or try to explain my reasoning to him once more.

I wish I knew, I wished to all the Gods I knew because then I’d be able to wipe away that downcast expression from my usually bright boy.

“I was worried,” Kalem continues with tightening brows, “the whole time, I was worried and angry and... it’s not going away.”

“I’m sorry Kalem,” I say once more as I take a step forward, “but you know why I left.”

Kalem looks away with a huff, ”you didn’t have to go Master. You tell me and everyone all the time how dangerous it is now. You didn’t have to go out there.”

“I did-”

“No,” Kalem says cutting me off as his eyes lock on mine, stopping me in my place, “no you didn’t have to go. The others could have gone, and it would’ve been okay. You went suddenly and without time to plan. I-It could’ve been something bad, and then everyone wouldn’t have you to save them!”

“Kalem,” I start but he shakes his head adamantly.

“You just left a-and didn’t listen to me...” his unshed tears brim, threatening to topple over, “what if you got hurt.”

Kalem’s voice breaking on that last word had me quickly closing the distance between us. Gathering him in my arms, I shush him gently while he tries to hold back his tears. His arms stay at his sides for only a second before he raises them and hugs me back.

It was like he wanted my hug but didn’t since he kept letting me go only to squeeze me again.

“I didn’t mean to make you upset,” I promise.

“But I am,” he replies in a grumble, adding a little growl to get his point across.

I believe it was Malcolm who’d taught Kalem that some animals, such as wolves and bears, made growling noises when they were attacking, upset or in a form of warning. I wasn’t sure how it happened or why, but Kalem had taken to growling when he wanted to do one of those things.

I... I hoped it was a phase.

“I’m sorry Kalem,” I whisper into his hair, “I’m sorry I scared you with my actions.”

“And didn’t listen,” he adds against my chest.

“I did,” I promise, “I just, I knew I wouldn’t be hurt.”

Kalem pulls his head from under mine to frown up at me, his little bow sitting prettily in his hair, “you don’t know that Master.”

“No, not for sure,” I allow before I soften my gaze, “but I did consider the situation, the advice and counsel given to me from everyone, including you, and the situation didn’t hold a single outcome where I could’ve been hurt.”

Kalem tries to argue but I continue quickly, “I know you’re a fast learner and you’re truly brilliant Kalem, but there are some things that experience gives insight on. I was with a very strong force to protect me and while I may have only recently reconnected with my people, Malcolm has recent experience, and so did Alexander and Wequie.”

I brush the growing hair from his face, “we were well prepared to face a threat, any threat. I would not have gone if I thought I might have gotten hurt.”

When Kalem tries to look down again, I tuck a knuckle under his chin and lift his eyes back up, “I would not have gone if I thought I would not have made it back to you,” I promise in a whisper filled with my love, “I’d never risk leaving you in this world without me.”

Kalem’s resolves shattered before me and he relaxes under my gaze with a slow nod, his heart pattering between us. But his frown doesn’t leave as he looks up at me, “I’m still upset.”

“I know and I’ll make it up to you my love,” I promise, pressing a quick kiss to his lips in an attempt to ease his frown.

“I-I want to hit you Master,” he admits almost sheepishly, “that’s how upset I am.”

Despite the situation, a boisterous laugh escapes me and I bring Kalem even closer, kissing him harder while he squirmed against me.

It wasn’t funny but the thought that Kalem would even confess such a thought was pleasing in the best way.

“You can take that anger out on me when we train,” I promise, raising his hands in mine to kiss his knuckles, “or better yet, when you train with the elf.”

A small smile tugs on Kalem’s lips and finally, his frown eases to expose the gentle boy beneath.

“Am I forgiven?”

Kalem nods, “yes,” he whispers, smile growing, “once you keep your promise and make it up to me Master.”

“I assure you your birthday festivities will blow your mind,” I say with a widening smile.

While birthdays had no appeal to me, celebrating Kalem’s first one with him was something I got near giddy preparing for.

“No Master,” Kalem says with a giggle, “not that sort of way.”

I raise a brow, feeling his growing cock pressing against my thigh, “oh... and how shall I do that?”

Using a bit of his strength, Kalem helps me onto my knees which makes my eyebrows rise even higher while he grins with a fierce blush.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Kalem brings me in close, settling me between his legs where the fabric of my shirt held an obscene print of erection.

“Is this what you want love?” I ask even as my fingers press against his thighs, pushing the ends of my shirt back.

I hadn’t noticed earlier how gorgeous Kalem looked in my clothing since he was angry with me but now... now as I looked up at his lean figure and the peeks of skin that I could glimpse underneath my shirt, I couldn’t see anything else.

“Yes,” Kalem breathes out, his chest thumps happily beneath his chest, his hardening nipples pressing against the soft cotton of the buttoned shirt.

Smiling, I kiss his knee and then the skin above, following the path my hands had made up his inner thighs. The spread for me as I push the rest of the fabric up to reveal the leaking cock that pulsed for me.

I lick my lips.

Looking up at Kalem, I ask, “did you touch yourself when I was gone?”

He shakes his head quickly while his ears turn as red as his face and chest.

I bite into his supple skin before I soothe the skin with a kiss, “good boy.”

“Master,” Kalem whimpers before he covers my fingers with his own, helping me lift the fabric higher to expose himself even more, “please.”

“As you wish my love,”

Leaning forward, I capture the head of Kalem’s cock in my mouth and suck.

Kalem throws his head back with a moan as I tighten my lips around him, wetting my tongue with the tip of his cock, and the sweet precum that slide down my throat.

I grip his waist and take him down to the root, moaning around the feel of his hot need filling my mouth.

“Ahh!” Kalem moans as his hips jerk but he keeps himself in place, watching me suck his cock with the need of someone trying to make things right.

... or trying to make their boy scream.

“Lincoln,” Kalem whispers shakily, his cock pulsing on my tongue.

I tighten my lips and let my eyes glow as I look up to him with a silent command.

Kalem immediately cums, coating my mouth and tongue with his essence while he cried out for me, his body thrusting up to bury himself even deeper.

Sucking him down, I lick at his base and moan again at his taste that made my own cock leak in my trousers. As sweet as ever, I take my time licking and sucking my boy, enjoying his little whimpers and moans as I worshipped his cock.

As Kalem’s cock hardens in my mouth, I pull back and drift my hands down to graze over his balls.

“Ngh!” Kalem groans while I pass my fingers over his sensitive sack but he doesn’t pull alway, he only watches me with wet, parted lips.

“I’m not finished making it up to you,” I whisper against the tip of his cock, “am I?”

Kalem shakes his head, “n-no, Master.”

Passing my fingers down between his legs, I circle them around his wet entrance and my cock pulses with need that made my head boil.

I needed to be inside of him.

Kalem pushes back against my fingers, whimpering when I don’t press them inside the way he wanted.

I knew after two days without me he was hungry for it, desperate, and I did love teasing my love.

“P-Please,” he begs with glistening eyes, “need it Master, please I’ll be good. Please.”

“You’re always good, love,” I press the first finger inside and Kalem moans his gratitude.

It might’ve only been a few days but Kalem’s hole had tightened again, his channel wet but far tighter than when I left him. I groan, my arousal skyrocketing at the thought of stretching him open again.

“Ah! More, ughh!” I add another finger and Kalem arches with a moan, lifting himself slightly to give me better access.

I watch with rapture as Kalem’s fingers swallow my two fingers greedily, his slick making it easy for him as I worked them in and out of him.

“Did you miss me, Kalem?”

“Yes!” He promises.

“Did you miss the way I fuck you?” I press while I scrape my fangs against his cock.

Kalem shakes and nods, “yes Master.”

“I missed you too Kalem,” I promise with a wicked grin, “I missed having my cock inside you, stretching you open for me...” I curl my fingers against his sweet spot, pressing in to take him over the edge, “and filling you with my cum.”

“Lincoln!” Kalem cries out in a broken plea, his face red and mouth open in a picture of ecstasy.

Spurts of cum splash across my face and throat while Kalem orgasms, his entire body trembling and his hole squeezing down on my fingers as I worked them inside of him.

Kalem’s tightly clenched eyes keep him from seeing what he’d done until his orgasm passed and he was left panting above me. Still rocking himself on my fingers, Kalem manages to open his eyes a fraction only to pop them open when he sees his cum splattered all over me.

“Oh! Master! My!” Kalem squeaks his broken words, suddenly horrified even though his cock was jerking desperately as if wanting to do it again, “I-I-I.”

With my free hand, I swipe a finger over my cheek and raise my thumb.

I didn’t need to utter a word.

Lust floods Kalem’s gaze once more as he leans down and sucks my thumb into his mouth.

I watch with bated breath as Kalem licks his cum clean, his breathing growing as fast as mine as heat and want surged violently between us.

The second his eyes catch mine, it breaks.

Pulling Kalem down into my lap, I press another finger into him as he takes my face in his hands and licks the cum on my chin next.

We share a strangled moan as we move frantically, any sort of restraint long gone now.

“Dear Gods,” I moan as Kalem pushes my head up to drag his tongue against the length of my throat.

“Master,” he pants while squeezing down on my fingers, “ahh, n-need you Lincoln.”

Kalem laps up the last of his cum from my face as I slip my fingers out of him, making him gasp and then whine as he presses his face against mine and lifts himself up.

We both scramble with my pants and the annoying zipper and buttons between us before Kalem manages to get my cock free. He immediately sinks down onto me, taking my cock into him without a pause as a gush of his slick escapes him, wetting my cock and helping me bury myself into him.

We moan together, groan and breathe together as he presses his lips to mine and starts moving desperately.

Unable to think beyond the tight hotness surrounding my cock, I fuck my boy in rhythm with his frantic movements, our rushed pants mixing between our broken kisses.

“Fuck,” I breathe into his mouth as Kalem wraps his arms around me and fucks himself on my cock, moving his hips with a hunger that made me feel equally starved. “Ugh! Kalem!”

“Ah! Uhg! Aghhh!” Kalem cums again between us, squeezing himself around me so tightly my balls ached with the need to fill him.

We move faster, thrust harder, bringing our pleasure higher and higher, nearing its peak as I tighten my grip on Kalem’s hips to fuck him harder.

Kalem cries out about me, his cock hard and dripping between us while he bounced above me, working me as hard as I worked him.

When Kalem throws his head back and our eyes meet, we go toppling over the edge together.

With a strangled moan, my hips falter as my balls tighten and my orgasm crashes into me full force. My cum spurts from my tip and inside of Kalem’s tight hole, the pleasure so much I couldn’t see or hear a thing, only feel Kalem’s heat and the blinding orgasm that overtook me.

Kalem continues to rock himself on my cock, moving back and forth to drag out our pleasure while he clenched around me, taking in as much of my cum as he could.

It slips pass my length as we pant against one another, our bodies limp and practically boneless. I keep us upright, somehow, and slowly my vision finds itself back to me and soon the ringing in my ears stops itself.

I was sure it was over, my tremors still ran through me like I was still cumming.

I couldn’t recall a time Kalem and I had ever been so... untamed, but after that, I couldn’t wait for the next.

Raising himself up on shaking arms, Kalem offers me a lopsided smile before he gives my shoulder a soft punch, “I missed you.”

My heart tries to beat, but I raise a brow, “me or my cock?”

Kalem gasps before he lets himself laugh, that gorgeous smile lighting up his face, “maybe... both.”

“Both huh?” I question with a grin as I pull myself closer. I kiss him and the world’s pressures slip from me as my soul calms itself from having my love in my arms again, “I missed you too Kalem.”

Smiling happily, Kalem kisses me again before he kisses me all over and wraps his arms around me, “you need to bathe, you’re a little stinky Master.”

It’s my turn to suck in a breath but Kalem only laughs even harder at me, his eyes practically sparkling, “I’ll stay with you and help you! So you don’t have to be alone.”

I don’t comment on Kalem’s poor excuse since he was teasing and laughing, I never wanted to put a stop to that.

With a smile, I nod, “that would be nice love.”

I press a kiss to his nose sending Kalem into a set of giggles that warmed me inside out.

It was truly good to be home.




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Ughhh, this makes me remember why I love writing so much, I love this chapter!

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