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Chapter 3

Lincoln's P.O.V

“Good Morning Master.”

My eyes shoot open as I scoot away from the source before falling out of my bed in surprise. Releasing a loud groan at the temporary pain the shoots up my back, I sag back with another groan. I was too lazy to get up so I just stayed there, my legs in the air and my body oddly contorted.

What a great way to start the day.

“I’m sorry Master!” Kalem exclaims circling the bed to get to me.

“It’s fine.” I groan looking up at him. I immediately shut my eyes with a groan when I find him standing naked over me. “Kalem, I’ve told you before. You have to wear clothes.”

“I’m sorry Master.” Kalem apologizes before bowing his head and running off. I keep my eyes closed as he leaves and keep them closed, staying in the same position with my neck bent beneath me until Kalem comes back.

To my surprise and pleasure, he’d successfully managed to cloth himself today but the strong scent of conditioner still radiated off of him. I’d have to teach him the difference between body products and hair products.

His new clothes looked absolutely ravishing on him. When shopping, he’d drifted towards shorts and crop tops because they had the least fabric. But when I explained to him those were clothes for hoes and we didn’t like hoes, he put them down.

Instead, he’d chosen oversized sweaters and hoodies that made him look even cuter if that was possible. I think he did it assuming the more he covered himself, the happier I was. But what had seemed to make him the happiest, was the sleek, tight fit butler suit that he gawked at. And when I told him it was generally used for people who helped in the house, well he snatched it before I could blink.

Today he stood before me in the same butler uniform. His skin no longer coated with dirt, but an alluring cream tone that shone under the bedroom light. His hair hung naturally wild and his eyes perfectly alive.

He stood there patiently as I studied him, tilting his head to the side slightly with a growing frown. Probably wondering if I was going to get up.

The answer was no.

“How did you sleep?” I ask as my body slides down further at a snail’s pace.

“Very good, thank you, Master.” He replies quickly as he continued to watch me with a puzzled look. Poor thing got a weird, lazy loner as a Master. “What about you Master?”

“It was great and then this human yelled and woke me up.” I say kindly making him open his mouth but he shuts it quickly. A blush takes his cheek and I smile to myself deciding that alone made up for my disturbed slumber. “I brought you breakfast.”

This makes me sit up as I look up curiously. I jump to my feet looking around the room for a sign of food. Instead, he presented me with a blood bag that was held behind his back.

“You found my blood bank.” I say in surprise.

“I explored the castle this morning to get acquainted with where I’ll be doing my chores.” He says with a wide smile, holding his head high with pride while I frowned.

“What time is it?” I ask slightly confused.

“Nine.” Kalem informs and I check my phone to make sure he meant in the morning.

“Nine in the morning and you’re already up?” I ask superstitiously and he nods eagerly. “What time did you wake up?”

“Four am Master.” He says making my eyes bulge. “A good slave is always ready.”

I try to find the right words to explain that four am was never a good time to be ready for shit. But then my mind caught up with the rest of his words.

“You explored this entire castle?” I ask in disbelief while he nodded furiously. “The whole thing?” I ask and he nods again. “Up and down? Left to right? The outside gardens? The library? The kitchens? The stable houses? The ballroom? The throne room?”

“Yes, Master.” He replies giggling. “The entire castle.”

I stare at him wondering how one person could be so ecstatic at the prospect of exploring an old, surely haunted castle. All powered by the goal of cleaning the damn thing.

I rub my face tiredly as I relive my decisions from the previous day. I made a mistake. A stupid, impulsive mistake.

How could I take a slave after decades of preaching against it? I went against everything I believed in, all gone within an instant, all because of a man. No, a boy. A boy who had clearly been through enough, he didn’t need to be dragged into my life. A boy who held me in his grasp with a mere glance.

I release a strained sigh as I refocus my attention on a worried Kalem. I didn’t have a plan nor did I know what I’d do with him. The only good thing which seemed to stem from this situation was that he was in a better place with me than any of those other filthy vermins.

I wouldn’t turn him into a sexual outlet or a laborer. He was too young.

Too precious.

“You are not cleaning this entire castle,” I say putting my hand out. His smile sadly fades instantly at my words as he hands me the blood bag. “No matter how much this place needs it.”

“May I ask why not Master?” He asks with knitted eyebrows while I downed the blood bad. Scrumptious.

“Because you are not a servant nor are you a slave,” I say walking past him as I made my way into my bathroom, Kalem making sure to follow me quickly.

“I am a slave.” He says firmly making me turn to face him. “And I like to clean.”

Of course, the perfect angel enjoys the one thing I hate doing. Perfection is perfection.

“You are not a slave,” I say clearly making his frown deepen all the more.

I didn’t think it’d be so hard to give someone their freedom. But Gods be damned, this kid was one hundred percent brainwashed into the system. It’d take time, care and a whole lot of patience to get him to think otherwise.

Kalem was so young. He didn’t even realize what he’d been put through was nothing sort of diabolical, completely inhumane even for the supernatural. I no longer regretted stepping in. Thank the Gods I did. The thought of Kalem in the possession of some perverted freak made my fangs drop, my eyes becoming clouded by bloodlust.

He doesn’t say anymore as he looks at the ground in confusion. His doe eyes clouded with clear frustration as he had a mental battle to figure out what he was and what my words meant. I considered the possibility that me changing all his beliefs in one go would do more harm than good. Perhaps like the food, I’d have to ease him into realizing what he’d been a part of.

“You said I could do whatever I want, that this was my home and that I was free.” He started making me nod suspiciously. “Then if this is my home, then I get to clean it. I want to clean. I-It’s my freedom so I can clean with my freedom. So I’m going to clean Master.”

Oh he’s good.....

“Okay, you can clean.” I say making his face instantly light up as he beams up at me. “But not the entire castle, that’s just ridiculous. You can clean the main rooms in the section we live in.”

“So from the food spaces to here?” He asks basically dancing on his toes. I nod in response making him smile widely. “Thank you, Master.”

“Stop calling me Master.” I drawl once more.

“Sorry Master.” He replies making me groan internally. He didn’t even realize he was doing it. “Is there anything else you’d like me to do before I begin Master?”

“No Kalem,” I say looking down at the small boy. “Make sure to eat before starting okay?”

“But I ate yesterday Master. I’m full.” He replies, blinking repeatedly showcasing those honey glazed eyes which rested under his short, soft lashed.

“We need to get you to eat more.” I say lifting one of his arms. It was basically bone. I could break it by accident, the thought made me release it immediately. “You need more meat on your bones.”

“O-Okay.” He replies unsurely.

“Eat half a bowl and then begin. I’ll come to check on you in a while.” I say running my hand through his hair unconsciously. He closes his eyes as he leans into my touch. A small smile climbing onto his lips as I continued to run my hand through his now silky hair. “Did you take a shower?”

“I tried the bath today, Master.” He murmured, as he unconsciously stepped closer to me.

“How was it?” I ask as my other hand pulled him in closer.

“It was really nice, thank you, Master.” He basically purrs as he rested himself against my chest, his fingers caressing my chest. I continue to run my hand through his hair as we stand their contently. “I liked it more than the shower.”

“It’s completely up to you Kalem,” I reply. We stay in this position until my eyes catch a glimpse of our reflexion in the mirror. I immediately detach myself from the boy as he stares at me clearly confused, the disappointment running through his eyes didn’t help. “Alright, go on.”

I press my weight against the bathroom counter once he leaves as I hang my head in shame. It’d barely been a day and I was already slipping.

Get it together Lincoln.


I roll around on my bed before settling on my back, staring up at the ceiling I release a sigh.

I’d already checked on Kalem six times, yet I couldn’t help myself from wanting to go check again. I searched my head desperately to remember what I did all day before Kalem came. But no number of memes could distract me from the young male cleaning the castle happily.

I didn’t quite understand why I was so fascinated with Kalem or why I couldn’t leave him alone, but it didn’t matter at this point. He was literally the only thing I thought about since the first moment I laid eyes on him.


I sit up quickly to find Kalem standing at the door. His hands folded behind his back as he offered me a weak smile. My mood immediately brightened with his presence as he walked further into the room. I stand to my feet, walking to meet him halfway.

“I finished my cleaning.” He says beaming up at me. “From the kitchen all the way here.”

“That’s great Kalem.” I commend making his smile widen. He stares up at me expectantly making me wonder if I was supposed to give him a treat or something. Due to the lack of a better idea, I ran my hand through his hair, patting him slightly. “Good boy.”

That set the kid off.

He almost tore his mouth open with the smile he gave me. Before I could register what was happening he was hugging me. I kind of just froze there while he squeezed me happily.

“Thank you, Master.” He mumbles into my chest. I didn’t reply as I held my arms up, still shocked as to what the fuck was going on. It wasn’t the action that shocked me so much as the feelings it steered up deep within. I’d never been hugged before and it was odd.

“S-Sorry.” He mumbles pulling away after a moment. I don’t comment not knowing yet what to say.

“Uh.” I start before clearing my throat. “Time for lunch.”

“Lunch? I already ate Master.”

“What did we say about meals Kalem?” I retort looking down at him.

“Three times a day.” He mumbles to himself. “Sorry Master.”

“Don’t look so sad,” I say lifting his chin only to find a face of clear despair. “Soon enough you’ll be eating so much that I’ll have to stop you.”

“I highly doubt that Master.” He whispers looking me straight in my eyes.

“Come on,” I say lifting him. This cheers him up instantly as he loops his arms around my neck. “Hold on,” I warn before speeding to the kitchen. Once I stop I look down at Kalem to find him panting slightly as his eyes danced around the new surroundings.

“W-Wow.” He comments as I set him down.

“I should be saying that,” I mumble to myself as my eyes searched the pristinely cleaned kitchen that looked nothing like the place I visited yesterday. You could see the color in each compartment, the kitchen suddenly possessing a life of its own. “Kalem this is amazing,” I say turning to the proudly smiling boy.

“Thank you, Master.” He basically squeals as he struggles to stay still from excitement.

“Seriously, it’s never been this clean before. You did a great job.” I praise him making him practically combust, clearly enjoyed being complimented for his actions. I make a mental note to do more of that.

“We’ll give you another half bowl okay?” I say pulling out a small box of cornmeal. He frowns at this but nods in understanding. “So what do you want to do for the rest of the day?”


“Besides clean.” I finish quickly making him bite his lip angrily. “There must be something you want to do. Something that you’ve always dreamed of perhaps?”

“I can’t think of anything Master.” He replies as I put the cornmeal in a small pot adding a bit of salt to make it even a tad bit more delectable.

This mush shit was fucking appalling but if it meant that it didn’t leave Kalem sobbing with pain like the pizza did, then I’d let him eat it for as long as he needed to. But not a single second longer

“Well, why don’t you think about that and tell me when you come up with something,” I say kindly. He smiles at this as he watches me before suddenly standing up and running over in alarm.

“I am so sorry for making you cook Master. Let me, please.” He begs, trying to get at the pot but I easily hold him back. “Master you sh-”

“Kalem, go sit down and relax. You just finished cleaning. Rest before your little body gives out.” I say giving him a gentle push towards the kitchen stool. He watches me uncomfortably for a moment before slouching his shoulders and returning to his place. “Kalem, tell me why you think you should cook your own meals.”

“A master shouldn’t have to do anything with their slave present. The slave must attend to all their master’s needs as well as their own. A master should never do something so demeaning as cooking their own meals.” He says clearly as if reading a paragraph off of a pamphlet.

I contemplate his words for a moment. Understanding the meaning behind them as I stur the disgusting mush before looking up to him.

“Kalem, what does demeaning mean?” I question innocently. He frowns at this as he opens and shuts his mouth several times.

“I-I don’t know Master.” He admits shamefully after some time.

“It basically means something that causes someone to lose their respect for someone or something. Something that takes away one’s dignity.” I explain slowly. He nods after a moment. “So Kalem, do you think me cooking for you will take away my honor, my dignity?”

“No.” He answers without hesitation.

“Do you think Malcolm wouldn’t respect me anymore if he saw me cooking for you?” I ask, but he just frowns with confusion making me realize he didn’t have a clue who Malcolm was. “The man who is with your friend.” I provide, making his features flood with recognition.


“Then there’s nothing demeaning about cooking a meal for you is there?” I question as I pour the substance into a small bowl.

“No Master.” He replies as I set the bowl in front of him. I send him a small smile before pushing the bowl a bit closer to him.


He stares at me momentarily before he begins to eat, using his hands once again. No matter how much I wanted to change that instantly, I knew that increasing his meals was already a big move. I’d have to do this slowly and make sure to take my time with what he could handle.

Once he’s finished, I wash his bowl before returning to his side after retrieving two strawberries from the fridge. I hold them up to him making his eyes narrow slightly.

“To eat?” He questions making me nod. “But I’ve already eaten so much Master.”

“The last thing,” I promise, begging slightly. “It’s sweet and I think you can handle it.”

He looks at me unsurely, so I take a bite of one. Making sure to exaggerate how much I enjoyed it before handing him the second. He examines it curiously before taking a bite as I did. His face shrivels up in surprise as he chews it slowly.

“It’s sweet!” He exclaims as he chews it a bit more before swallowing. He quickly takes one more bite, finishing the small strawberry with a small smile.

“See it wasn’t so bad now was it?” I question as he licks his fingers.

“No. Thank you, Master. I enjoyed it.” He replies with a guilty smile.

“Have you decided what you’d like to do?” I question standing over him as he dangled his legs from the tall stool.

“No Master.” He replies sadly.

“Well, there’s so much to do. We can watch a show or movie, go out for a walk or take a drive. You can read a book from the library.” I saying listing a few things off the top of my head.

“I can’t read much Master.” He whispers, seemingly ashamed of the fact. “But I like stories.”

“That’s perfectly fine Kalem, I’ll teach you,” I say making his mood lighten faintly.

I pick him up and head to the library, setting him down before the two large steel doors which rose all the way to the ceiling. I push the doors open with more effort than I wanted to give before taking a few steps in. If you got over the dust, broken shelves and vegetation that seeped in through the pointless sunroof, the place hadn’t changed at all.

I quickly light all the old candles before returning to Kalem’s side. There was an endless number of books that I’d collected over the years, most prominently during a decade of which my only interest was reading. I’d long passed that phase, but I never let them go.

I wouldn’t call myself a hoarder so much as a collector.

“Let’s start you off with a modern age classic.” I say as I begin walking further into the room. Wracking my brain to remember where I kept things. It’d been a long time since I set foot in here and my memory didn’t agree with my age. I wander around almost aimlessly before I stumble upon the book of interest. “The Hobbit,” I say turning to face a curious Kalem.

Walking over to a large armchair that sat before a forgotten fireplace. I dust it slightly before sitting down expecting Kalem to sit in the one opposite me. Instead, he slid into my lap making himself comfortable without question. I waver slightly as he tucked his head into the crook of my neck, taking his favorite position against me.

I liked it too but it had a way of making breathing a tad bit difficult, nevertheless, I try to ignore the close contact while convincing myself that this was only happening because I needed to teach him how to read. That was it.

“Just follow the words as I read them okay.” I whisper to Kalem who nods against me. I clear my throat before beginning and using my find as a guide. “In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit. Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of.....”

I read slowly and clearly. Stopping to define words he didn’t know and explain things which confused him. If it were anyone else, I’d deem them pathetic and throw them out. But I wouldn’t dare with Kalem.

With him, I found an unbounded level of patience I didn’t know I possessed and an unexplainable need to help him to the best of my abilities. I hated the company of others and over the centuries, I could only withstand the presence of a very small group of people. But with Kalem, I could sit here with him for the entire day. I wasn’t irritated by his giggles, bothered by his smiles or angered by his questions.

How could I be? When everything he did made me feel like I was truly living.

After an hour of reading, Kalem fell asleep, completely snuggled into me. I closed the book before resting it on the small table beside me. Though I knew it’d be better to take him to bed, I simply leaned back into the chair and wrapped an arm around his waist. Linking my fingers around him as his body laid comfortably against my own.

His small intakes of breath pushing against my neck upon departure making my skin buzz with pleasure. He doused my body with warm and I bathed him with comfort.

I let myself fall asleep as well, holding the precious boy who’d slowly been bringing light into my darkened world.




I wasn’t planning to update so soon but like, I was editing and I just wanted to push publish. So here we are.

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