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Chapter 46

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Kalem’s P.O.V

I stare at my notes with a deep frown while I tap my pen against the edge of my book.

It wasn’t my notes’ fault that I couldn’t put the pieces together, but I glared at them anyway.

Stupid notes.

At the centre of my page, I had the big meanie’s name in a big circle and all around it, I had everything that didn’t make sense to me about him.

Diablos had told Master how powerful he was and yet Lincoln won every battle he faced when he left the castle. So did the meanie Diablos really have a lot of power or was he just lying?

Lying was bad and that seemed like something someone as evil as him would do, but what if he was telling the truth and was just waiting for a good moment to strike?

And then, Master had that amazing gift that let him have power over all the vampires in the world, so why would Diablos ever try fighting Master if, in the end, Lincoln could just control him too?

It didn’t make sense and I knew I wasn’t that good at understanding all the details of all that was going on, but I knew that those two pieces just didn’t fit.

To me, it had to mean that the bad man had a plan, one that didn’t make him scared of facing Lincoln’s power. Which was super crazy and like insane because I’d seen Master’s powers firsthand and he was very strong!

I lower my book on a sigh and take a moment to look at everyone around me.

The library only had a few people today and they were all keeping to themselves, reading quietly in their special corners while I played with time from mine.

The girl who was turning her page in the back corner was still stuck in the place I’d stopped things as was everyone else. I check my special watch quickly and smile when I see that ten minutes had passed.

I’d made time stop without popping for ten minutes! That was my longest time yet!

Aias said I wouldn’t be able to do something like this for years but I already was, so maybe I should try something else next.

Focusing my thought, I let time continue but much slower than usual. The girl’s page lowers itself at a snail’s pace and I grin at my success.

While I focus some of my magic on that, I check on the barriers around the castle but they were fine all around.

Master, Wequie, Aias and his Malcolm had all left again with most of the clan’s fighters to take down another one of the bad man’s strongholds. They’d already gotten all of the other fortresses and were on their last one tonight.

Lincoln said it was called Lupin and it would be the hardest one yet, I guess he was right because he’d been gone for three days now...

But they were okay, and Master said things were going exactly to plan. But that’s why things didn’t make sense to me!

I look back at my scribbles and growl a little at them, wishing it was as easy to find the answer, as it was to control my magic now.

I was getting really really good at being a nyphilim.

Like with the barriers! I used to have to concentrate really really hard, and put all my focus into keeping them up, but now, I just did it. Multitasking with my magic was supposed to be hard, but I was doing it now without any trouble.

But I guess Aias knew that it was getting easier for me to use my gifts, so he left me with all sorts of materials on things to try or learn, but I’d already read all the things he’d set for me to do today.

And all he’d left for tomorrow, and all of next week.

I was getting stronger and stronger each day, but I still couldn’t break whatever magic was hiding my true form.

I feel my shoulders slump as I look at the page opposite the one with all the notes about the meanie, it was the one with all the notes about me.

Magical Kalem!

I was supposed to be strong enough now to access my true form and make new forms all on my own, but I wasn’t. I wasn’t even close.

I tried and tried and tried, but no matter what I did or how nicely I asked my flowers to help me, nothing made me strong enough to push past whatever was around me.

Master said I didn’t have to worry about that now, but I did!

Everyone was out being amazing and strong by fighting in this war, and I couldn’t even help because I was too weak. I wasn’t even strong enough to see who I really was, so how could I even hope to help everyone else.

And even though I was getting better every day, a part of me didn’t feel like all of it was growing.

Inside, there was always a little piece that felt hollow and muted, like I’d forgotten something very important and I never felt right wrong on the outside when I thought about it.

Aias said it would take time for me to reach my full potential because I’d missed so many of my ‘informative years’, but I didn’t think that that, was what this was.

I circle my pen around the full section I’d marked off as ′angel side′ before I drag it down to the empty side that said ′demon’.

Swallowing, I try not to be afraid of the word. It was just one word, five letters.
It wasn’t a bad thing, or it didn’t have to be, I didn’t have to be, but my body still got a little stiff every time I thought about it.

But I couldn’t hide from it forever, that wouldn’t be very brave and I wanted to be Master’s brave boy.

Master loved me always, I knew that, but Master’s black eyes sometimes got this look when I did something brave that made me feel like I could fly.

I wanted to make him have that look always.

And when I thought about it, like really thought about it, my demon side was the only thing I wasn’t growing in at all. Which couldn’t really be good because I was half a demon.

Didn’t that mean that I was only developing half of all my power alone?

Maybe I couldn’t unlock my true form because I needed to be strong on all my sides.

But I didn’t know how to do that.

Aias could only train me on the lighter side and Wequie tried to teach me some things, some amazing naughty things, but it didn’t make my magic flare like being with my flowers and nice people did.

I had to find a way to unlock my demon side if I wanted to be stronger and maybe if I did... I dragged my pen back to the other page and right to the centre of the name.

Maybe if I did, I’d be able to help Master and the clan beat Diablos when he revealed his evil plan.


I jump a little in my place as I grip my book with extra strength.
I may or may not have squealed, but if I did, it was only a tiny one.

Thén looks down at me with a small smile that he tries to bite back but I could see it anyway.

(A/N - I’ve changed Then’s name to Thén cause y’all seem to struggle with it, hopefully the accent helps lmfaoooo)

“What are you doing here?” I ask with a little huff.

“You didn’t hear me calling you?” Thén asks as he tilts his head a little. I shake my own and he straightens, “the warriors are back, everyone left to greet them.”

I look around the library to make sure nobody had seen me squeal, but to my surprise, it was empty now. Everyone had gone at some point and I hadn’t even noticed. I checked my watch but not much time had passed so maybe I’d gotten too lost in my thoughts on being brave.

I immediately get to my feet, wanting to pop over to wherever Master was but I wasn’t alone and I couldn’t let anyone see my special gifts, so I kept myself in place.

“Let’s walk together,” I offer with a smile, already moving so that I could get to Lincoln as quickly as possible.

Thén follows after me, his big steps making it easy for him to keep up with my tiny little ones.

I knew Master would have to do a lot of things before we could be alone, but I still wanted to see him. Even if he was covered in blood and super nasty, I wanted to do my own checks to make sure he was okay.

I had to because sometimes Lincoln was too busy making sure everyone else was okay, to remember that he should be okay too.

But maybe I wouldn’t hug him until he was all clean. Stinky Master wasn’t my favourite version of Master.

“I thought you’d be out fighting,” I say to Thén as we walk, “you usually do.”

“I asked to stay back today,” he replies gently.

“How come?”

“I just needed some time to think,” he replies before he glances down at me, “I was surprised to sitting there when everyone left, you’re usually the first one at the door, but you were staring at that book all evening.”

“I know,” I reply with warming cheeks, “but I got a little distracted today.”

“What were you writing about?” He asks and I bite my lip as I think hard.

I didn’t want to lie to Thén, he was my friend plus lying was really bad but I also didn’t want to risk any trouble by sharing things I shouldn’t. And I knew for sure that I wasn’t supposed to share the magical things about myself.

“Rain,” I blurt out, immediately feeling all sick and gooey inside from telling a lie, “I’ve never seen rain before and I like to dream up what it would be like.”

“Oh,” Thén replies sadly, his soft voice getting lower as he looked at me.

I kept my heart steady and my mouth shut, not wanting to tell any more sticky lies.

“I hope that when you do see it, that it’s everything you want it to be,” he replies with a sweet smile that made me feel even more horrible for lying to him.

I’d have to do something special like getting him some really good blood to say sorry.

Before I could lie anymore, we reach the main hall of the castle where everyone seemed to be. Some people were injured and being helped along, and other people were coming in with loud, happy shouts.

Everyone was smiling and they were all covered in dirt more than blood.

Master had said that Lupin would be the hardest because its borders were surrounded by tough mud-pits which made a vampire’s speed redundant, but I didn’t imagine that everyone would come back looking like they swam through it.

Thén leaves me with a pat on my shoulder and I wiggle my way through the crowds to find my Lincoln.

From everything I could see on the way, nobody looked sad or too hurt, so I hoped that we hadn’t lost anyone while they were away. It was always hard to say goodbye to someone in the clan when we’d only just started growing our family.

Covered in thick, brown dirt that made his eyes look even darker, I find Master standing at the centre of all the activity with his order at his back.

He was carving out demands and instructions that set people running to do any task he gave them. On his left was Malcolm and on his right was Alexander, and they all looked serious while they talked between orders.

I frown a little as I watch them. I thought that they would be celebrating before they got to all the hard stuff, but they seemed to be planning for something else already.

But they’d only just gotten back...

When Master spots me, his eyes fill with joy and a smile cuts through his harsh features, one so wide that it made my silly frown go away so I could return it.

“Kalem,” he whispers, leaving everything and everyone to come to me.

I smile at him but step back when he opens his arms for a hug, “uh uh.”

Lincoln frowns, looking down at himself before he looks back at me.

“Seriously, love?” He questions with a raised brow.

“Seriously,” I reply with my most serious look that I knew wasn’t nearly as hard as it should be, “you have to get clean first then we can share hugs and kisses.”

“I haven’t seen you in three days Kalem,” Lincoln whines as he takes another step forward but I bounce back with two.

“I know!” I whine back, “I’ve missed you a whole lot Master and I just want to hug you all day, but you’re dirty!”

Master looks at me with pleading eyes and a little pout that makes my heart does a little floaty explosion thing inside of my chest. When did Lincoln start making cute begging faces?!

“I suppose that’s understandable,” he mumbles, “Even if all I thought about every day was returning home and giving my boy a hug and kiss. I guess being dirty is more important than that. If you didn’t miss me as I missed you, then I supp-”

I cut his evil words off as I crash into his body and squeeze him super tight.

I knew Master was playing dirty with his words, but I could never have my Master doubting how much I loved and missed him, and if I had to hug him while he was super dirty to prove it, then that was what I’d do.

I still groan though as my skin meets his muddy one, but Master just laughs as he pulls me in close.

Lincoln wraps his arms around me, circling me tightly and lifting me from my feet with a pleasured groan that made me shiver all over. I giggle against him as he spins us a little, giving me all the love and affection he saved for me and only me.

“Are you okay?” I ask when he sets me down again.

I hold his face in my hands and turn it from side to side, checking for any scratches or blood. Then I start my usual checks all over his body where his clothes were torn or his skin exposed.

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“We lost no one,” Master answers with a proud smile, “It was our toughest fight yet and we took some hits, but this stronghold fell like all the rest.”

I frown as I meet Master’s eyes, “that’s really amazing and I’m super happy, butttt I asked if you’re okay.”

Master’s soft happy smilesreturns as he pulls me in by my waist and nods, “I’m perfectly fine, love, even better now that I have you.”

Master gives me a quick peck that wasn’t nearly enough but he was already pulling back from me before I could argue or keep him close.

“We’ve got them scattered and exactly where we want them,” he explains, quickly returning to serious business Plyen mode, “we have to move fast while we’ve still got the upperhand by knocking them down before they have a chance to regroup.”

I nod as Master gestures for everyone waiting for him to approach, “We’ll be planning our next steps carefully,” he continues before he settles his eyes on me and his shoulders slump just a little, “will you be alright without me for a few hours?” Master asks sounding pained.

I felt that pain too. I felt it all through my body and now in my heart as Lincoln waited for my answer.

Master had been gone for so long and even though I knew he had to, it didn’t make the nights apart any easier. If I told Lincoln I missed him, I knew he’d lock us away for some time together without a second thought... but what Master was doing was important.

It wasn’t just about the two of us anymore, it was about a whole world of people who’d suffer like I did if he didn’t help so I couldn’t be selfish and tell him that I just wanted to have him to myself, even if it was just for a few more minutes.

So I nod my head and offer Master a smile that I had to keep in place, “Yes, that’s okay,” I answer quickly, “I’ll check on who’s hurt and then come check on you.”

“Are you sure?” Master asks, eying me a little close.

“Yes, of course,” I reply, forcing my heart to beat steadily even though it felt like it was bleeding.

Master lets a breath out like he was relieved, “Thank you, love,” he whispers as he kisses my forehead quickly before he lets himself get swallowed back up by everyone waiting for him.

I watch him go with a tightening chest that made it hard to breathe but I don’t follow or let any sounds escape.

I could wait. I could be patient and good.

I could be strong.

I just had to be strong and listen to Master, and soon this would all be over and we wouldn’t have to be apart so much anymore.

I just had to be strong.


I follow as closely as I could while Master stood in front of the map with everyone else but I was still lost.

I’d spent hours checking on every single person who’d been out of the castle fighting, making sure that they were okay. Some people wanted to talk so I listened as always, but I didn’t leave anyone without making sure that they knew just how important they were to me and everyone in the clan.

When I was absolutely sure that I spoke to everyone, I finally let myself sneak away to check on Master again. Thankfully he wasn’t covered in mud still, everyone had taken the time to clean up but he was still just as busy.

Master had tried to keep me close when I first slipped in the war room, letting me sit in his lap for cuddles, but it wasn’t long before his concentration moved to the plans only and now he was on his feet with everyone else.

Which was okay, I just wanted to be close to him and I was... I just wish I could follow everything that was going on.

Everyone was talking too quickly, using terms and names I didn’t recognise while they plucked pins from the map and pressed them into other places. It felt just like it used to when Master was first teaching me how to read, except it wasn’t just the two of us anymore and nobody was explaining the things I didn’t know to me.

I was just lost and Master didn’t have the time to help me understand.

I tried a little longer but I wasn’t getting any better, I just kept feeling smaller and dumber.

I didn’t like the way I felt just watching things happen, so I stand to my feet and quietly slip out of the room, not wanting to trouble Lincoln or disturb their important plans, but nobody noticed anyway.

I try not to drag my feet as I head to through me and Master’s quarters. I didn’t have to do anything else and I’d already checked on everyone else, so I could only go to bed early.

The castle was still busy, it always was in the early morning, Mr W, Aias and I were the only ones who really slept, but they were all still planning things out.

Before, Master used to sleep with me every night, even when he didn’t need to. But these nights, I seemed to always sleep alone, even when Master was home.

I slow myself down in the flower hallway that Lincoln had made for my birthday, smiling at all the lively plants that reminded me just how much Master loved me. Their buds were closed for the evening, but that didn’t stop me from loving them any less.

I passed my fingers over them while I walked, taking in how happy and healthy they were to boost my own spirits.

“I’m glad you guys are so happy,” I whisper while I walk, “I want you to have the best lives ever.”

The flowers reach back out to me, sharing their energy and filling me with a little more power so that I could keep my head up a little longer.

I make sure to thank them as Aias taught me to do, showing them the love and respect they showed me. That was the most important part!

When I step into the bedroom, I switch on the lights and freeze in my place.

I’d forgotten everything I’d put in place this morning when I’d been smiling from ear to ear, only thinking about how Master would react to everything I’d prepared.

I’d made sure to change the sheets to Master’s favourite dark red covers and I’d set up candles all around the room to light just before Lincoln stepped in. I’d even spread the petals of his favourite flowers across the bed to make it more special.

The flowers had given me their petals when I asked kindly and I’d been sure to make them look at pretty as possible for Master tonight, but he wasn’t here to see their givings.

I bite my lip to stop myself from pouting and then even harder to stop it from wobbling.

I was not going to cry.

Master wasn’t doing anything wrong, he was just busy. He loved me, that’s why he was so busy because he was doing everyitng for me.

...Master had not forgotten about me... he didn’t...

Closing the door behind me, I quickly collect all the candles and put them back into their drawers before I gather the petals into a small pile to give back tomorrow. I push our chest of naughty toys back into its place at the back of the cupboard and shut the doors.

When everything is put away again, I head to the bathroom to get ready for bed.

It was just like it had been for the last few nights and the most of the last few weeks too.
A quick process of getting clean that felt so much longer when it was just me in the big black bathroom that I loved but Master hated.

Lincoln always said he hated that it was so dark, but I liked it because it made us stand out more whenever we were in it. I also really liked it because whenever Master was washing my, he said I looked even prettier against all the black tiles.

I scrub my own skin today, moving my hands to soap myself down as quickly as I could so I didn’t have to be here alone.

When I’m in bed with all the lights off and the sheets over me, I shut my eyes and try to fall asleep but I don’t immediately doze off like I usually did.

I knew I wanted to dream about pixies again, but I just couldn’t.

It was always hard, falling asleep without Master’s arms around me, but it was even harder when I knew he was in the castle but not with me.

My mind couldn’t settle and no matter how much I tossed about and turned on all my sides, I couldn’t fall asleep. I try to plead with my mind to stay quiet and fall asleep before I finally give up and just stare up at the ceiling.

Everything was scary dark and I could barely see in the room that always felt like the safest place in the whole entire world, but now it just felt like the loneliest.

It wouldn’t be if Master won the whole war and everyone listened to him.

At the start, Master said he was doing all of this for me and for him, so that we wouldn’t have to separate ever again and I believed him one hundred per cent, I just wish it wasn’t taking so long.

“You’re being stupid,” I whisper to myself, “Lincoln’s doing everything for you and you’re being a big stupid baby.”

You’re so ungrateful.
You’re selfish.
You don’t deserve him.

I push my pillow over my face and try to hide away from all the bad thoughts mixing inside of me and take a deep breath instead. I was getting worked up and that was the last thing I wanted to do, that would just make Lincoln worry and I didn’t want to take his focus away.

“I’m not stupid,” I whisper, knowing I shouldn’t say anything bad about myself ever. “I’m very smart and I’m not being a bad Kalem. It’s okay to want things and miss Master sometimes. It’s okay to feel sad sometimes.”

Slowly, my beeping heart calms and all the wicked thoughts about myself that were trying to drown me, fall away. It always helped when I said things nicely about myself outloud, and since that was one of Master and my’s rules, it made me feel even better to follow them.

I let out a slow breath as I slide the pillow away from my face and blink up at the ceiling again.

Master might be out fighting for a long time and I’d have to accept that, and if I wanted to be with him, I had to get better at war things too.

I shouldn’t be in bed pouting while everyone was up planning, I should be up doing what I could to make myself more helpful.

I just had to be a better Kalem!

Pushing myself out of bed, I turn the lights back on and find my book of things that didn’t make sense before I dive back onto the bed and read over my notes.

I could do that whole betting thing Aias’ Malcolm told me about on an entire field of sunflowers, that Diablos had something planned that we didn’t know. And if I wasn’t smart enough to figure it out, then I could make sure I was strong enough to stop it when it happened.

Aias said that my emotions would dictate my magic and which side of me would come forth, but I’d been sad a lot recently and my darker magic wasn’t any stronger, or at least I didn’t feel anything different.

But maybe Aias was wrong.

I cover my mouth at the crazy thought and glance around, but I was alone and nobody could hear my thoughts so I guess it was okay.

Aias did say that he was teaching me from what he knew about Nyphilims which wasn’t that much because the war was before his time and all he knew was what was left in history books from home.
He said there was a whole lot on the history and the species as a whole, but nothing he could remember about the finer details on how our power worked.

So maybe what Aias knew wasn’t really that right. But then, if Aias couldn’t help me with my magic, then who would?

‘I think one escaped with Kalem and ensured that he was hidden here on Earth by what I hope was the last of that Nyphilim’s power.’

The memory passes through my mind like something wicked whispering in my air.

Suddenly, the quiet space around me felt so much smaller.

It was just a memory, words Aias had said months ago but they felt wrong to even think right now. They felt wrong because of what I wanted to do because of them.

‘I’d say during the height of the war, someone who cared deeply for Kalem escaped the realm.’

I wrap my arms around my legs, pulling myself in as tight as I could to hide in the room like eyes and ears were in the walls, watching me for what I’d do next.

For months, I’d made sure to avoid thinking about the possibility that someone who’d cared about me would ever leave me in the slave house. I didn’t want to hate anyone and that dark deep feeling always rose inside of me when I thought about that, about them.

But now, they were the only person I could think about.

If Aias had been right, if someone had hidden my true form away purposefully, then they would know exactly how to unbind the magic that held me in this form.

They’d know how to make me stronger...right?

But that was only if they really existed.

Aias had looked for months for any sign of elven magic on Earth and though he found some, nothing ever led to the nyphilim who may have brought me here. He told Master and me that he’d scoured the earth’s surface and deep into its core, there was no sign of any nyphilim on Earth.

We’d all put it to bed like a horrible nightmare after that.

I’d been grateful that I would never ever have to meet the person who may have left me to be beaten all my life, and Aias had been happy that he wouldn’t have to face any threat.

But what if Aias missed the nyphilim. What if Aias just didn’t know how to find them?

He’d said that our species were the strongest type of elves and with a lot of power, maybe we could hide from elven magic, even elven magic as strong as Aias’. Aias was teaching me how to do that these days, so why couldn’t it be done the other way?

I feel my fingers shake a little at the thought that felt more and more real with every second.

If there was a nyphilim here on Earth, then maybe...

My heart thumps against my chest, pumping faster and harder as my nerves begin to gallop inside of me at full speed.

“It’s not scary and it’s just a maybe,” I whisper to myself as I close my book and shake my hands out, “if someone really did bring you here, then they don’t want to hurt you.”

I hoped.

I whimper as I wipe my hands over my face and try not to talk myself out of trying before I even started. It wasn’t like I was going to pop over to them now, I’d never go without telling Master and Aias and having them with me, I just had to try and find them from home.

If I could find a starting point then maybe Aias would be able to help me from there and we could figure it out together.

I just had to try finding what he might not have been able to and if it didn’t work, then I wouldn’t look silly in front of everyone because they didn’t know.

I take in a deep breath, hold it and let it out slowly before I close my eyes and repeat. It take some time to settle my breathing until I was perfectly still and calm like how Aias was before he let himself connect to nature.

As always, my flowers inside and outside the castle greet me as I reach out to feel their presence. The feel of them was like soft, gentle arms wrapping around me and welcoming me into their home in the best way.

I offer them my magic, the feel of my spirit, my mind and body, letting them recognise me on a level that went deeper than usual, and then I ask them to help me find something similar.

I didn’t know if all nyphilims felt the same, maybe they didn’t, but we had to share at least one little piece right? I hoped so, and that the flowers could guide me on how to find it.

But for the first time, they seemed a little hesitant, not immediately showing me the way as they always did.

I push a little harder, but they don’t budge.

“Please,” I beg out loud but it didn’t help, no matter how long I waited and asked, they didn’t want to take me any further.

Pulling myself back, I lie down against the sheets with a disappointed huff.

My flowers were supposed to be my connection to nature and my power, but they didn’t want to connect me at all!

“Why can’t this be as easy as popping?!” I groan out loud on a half sob that I was happy nobody was around to hear.

Then I stop all at once.

A small little click in my mind giving me the answer almost instantly.


When I did the pop, I stopped time and that was something only nyphilims could do. Maybe if I froze time and tried to find a nyphilim then, it would be easier!

Sitting up just as quickly as I’d laid down, I pull everything around me to a stop as I’d practised earlier before I quickly reach out to my flowers again.

I knew I wasn’t taking my time as Aias always told me too but I was way too excited now to stop.

My flowers didn’t answer like they usually did, they couldn’t now with everything frozen, but all their magic and energy was there.

I stumble for a moment when I realise that I could feel even more of their presence than usual. It was like I’d stepped into a new room that was overflowing with all the magic I could ever want and I could feel it all without even asking.

I didn’t know I could do that.

I quickly latch onto it and it all comes flooding into me like a water tap I couldn’t turn off.

From all around the castle and beyond, I could feel every bit of nature that weren’t even flowers and all their power. I let it come to me, taking in as much as I could before I let it all go in a powerful surge with one single firm intent.

Find the other nyphilim.

I felt myself shaking all over as the magic and power blasted out of me from all signs like an explosion or a big burst of confetti!

I could feel the magic moving away from me in pulses that came back to me like aftershocks in a quiet plain where only I sat.

With everything still around me, I could feel every wave and all it touched as it searched according to my instructions.

It was all scary and exciting but I couldn’t let myself think too much yet because I had to concentrate now!

The pulses kept going and going, running deeper into the soil and travelling further out as I held onto the remnants of the magic and the energy, letting myself be a part of it like Aias taught me.

I sit still, not moving even a tiny bit, as I follow the searching waves.

Time was ticking down, I could feel the seconds passing while I waited and I knew I couldn’t hold things still for much longer. But I kept searching not willing to let go until the final second as I felt the last waves returning to me in short pulses.

Come on...

Even if I was wrong, even if nothing was out there, I just needed to know.

So I keep riding the magic, even when I could feel my hold slipping, I hung on as long as I could.


It was like if I was behind a closing door, watching the last waves trying to return to me before it shut. I felt them push forth in their little pulses, trying to reach me and I didn’t think it would make it, but just before I lost my control over time, something hit me.

From somewhere far away, a rush of icy, cold wind responded to my magic and crashed into me all at once.

The door shut firmly as the control on my magic slipped from my fingers and everything began moving normally again, but I wasn’t.

Gasping desperately, I try to suck in as much air as I could while that chilly blast ran over my skin. I could feel the strange touch all over me, wrapping its cold fingers around me as it crawled into my bones and skin, as if it was leaving a mark on me.

But I’d left my mark on it too.

I could feel my own little buzz of energy that I’d sent out, pulsing brightly from wherever it had travelled to and I knew I could find it if I followed it.

I could find them because it wasn’t an it, I realised slowly.

“Oh no,” I whisper to myself as I wrap my arms around myself again.

It wasn’t something that was a maybe or a possibility anymore.
It wasn’t something that could’ve happened, and it wasn’t someone who might’ve been here.

They were here, the nyphilim... and I knew where they were.




I can not express in words how this chapter had my heart falling and jumping, I was writing this and getting hurt for Kalem and then I was getting scared for Kalem screaming ‘noooo’ loooool.

What do you guys think is going to happen?

Do you think this is a good thing or a bad thing??

Do you think Kalem is being stupid or is he just trying to help????

I would love to hear your thoughts!!!!

I honestly can’t wait to follow this path and see how things go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kalem’s a powerful motherfucker so it only makes sense that he has some self-discovery to do, I’m so fucking excited!!!!!!!!!!

If you enjoyed this chapter, make sure to comment and vote for it!!!

I’m going to be out this weekend so I won’t have time to write, BUT, I think I’ll work on an extra when I’m back and then maybe another Master update... I’ll just have to see

Until next time,
Byeeeeeeeeeee Humansssssssssssss

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