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Chapter 51

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Lincoln’s P.O.V

The muscles in my legs throb, burning with the effort it takes to keep moving forward.
Each step felt like a spear was being driven up my body from the soles of my feet.

Still, I press on, searching through the narrowed vision my drooping eyelids allowed.

I look for dark brown curls, hazel eyes, a wide smile, praying that I’d glimpse any part of him.

But despite all the life I sensed around me; all the chittering creatures and blinding light above, none of it belonged to my light, to my Kalem.

My face grows wet again, lined by the evidence of my shame.

I’d promised to keep him safe. I’d told him time and time again that we’d never part, that no other would ever hurt him, that we were forever...and I’d failed him.

I’d failed my love.

The tears fall faster as the weight of my failure floods me once again.


My gaze lifts just enough to spot the two figures who step before me, blocking my path, not for the first time.

“Lincoln,” Wequie whispers again, his voice uncharacteristically fragile.

I couldn’t deal with them right now.
They’d tell me that I needed to come home, to strategize instead of searching desperately with no lead. But I couldn’t stay still, behind the walls of the castle when there were still stones that hadn’t been turned.

I try to muster my energy so I could evade them again, but it’s harder this time, my body barely managing another staggering step forward.

“I need to find him,” I rasp, looking around the little spaces I could.

There was nothing familiar about the area, nothing that could hint to where we were, it’d been two nights since I saw a thing I recognised.

Two nights since I’d seen him...heard his voice, seen his smile, felt his love that was always so abundant that it felt like a living, breathing thing he kept safe just for me.

It’d been two nights since someone had taken him from me.

The rage that consumes me once more, lends me the strength to press forward, past Malcolm and Wequie to follow the scent of honey that had drawn me to this area in the first place.

I knew there was a slim chance that it was Kalem, or even a mark of his sweet scent, but if there was even a slight possibility, then I had to look.

I had to know, hope that maybe this would be it.

Maybe I’d finally find him and mend the tear in my soul his absence caused.

But when I stumble into the small opening of flowers and sunlight that spoke of all the things Kalem cherished, I don’t spot him, or anything that pointed to him.

He wasn’t here.

My heart threatens to crumble under the weight of the disappointment that only grew crueller the longer I was without him. It made my mind reel with the knowledge that the longer I took to find him, the higher chance there’d be that the worst scenarios would become reality.

If Kalem was hurt...

Shoving my hand into my right pocket, I desperately thumb the bind of the small yellow notebook there.

I’d found it while searching through Kalem’s old room before I’d realised... accepted, that I’d failed him and that someone had taken him from me.

I hadn’t stopped searching since, but I kept the book with me.

It was a tiny thing, something I couldn’t ever recall seeing him with, but the marked pages were teeming with little notes that dated back for months. Starting just shortly after I told him I loved him for the first time.

My name is Kalem, and I am a strong boy.

I only have to make myself happy and nobody else.

Lincoln is mine and I am his. His Kalem! Not a slave.

I’m not a slave.

The trainers taught me bad things because they’re bad people, but I know all the right things now.

No matter how many bad thoughts I have, I know I’m not a slave.

Lincoln taught me how to be free!

The book was full of personal notes that Kalem had kept to himself all this time. Like little reminders of all the things he’d learnt since we’d met, all the lessons I tried to teach him, all jotted down in this little book.

Now, it was the only thing that was stopping me from completely falling apart.

“We should’ve found him by now,” I whisper when I hear Malcolm and Wequie emerge from the grove behind me. “We should’ve... he should be home by now.”

“We will,” Malcolm insists, sounding so sure despite the hopelessness of the situation.

I wanted to believe that it was his sight that allowed such faith, but his inability to see anything definite outcome made that impossible.

“Everyone is looking, across all our territories,” Wequie promises, coming closer slowly, carefully. “I promise you Lincoln, we will find him.”

They didn’t understand.

“I taught him how to come home,” My fingers tighten around the book I cling to as I try to get the words out. “I trained him to fight, to keep himself hidden if he had to, to escape the moment he saw a chance. I made sure he knew what to do if this ever happened. He should’ve come back by now.”

Silence follows my words that break on the way out of my tightening throat.

“He should’ve come back by now,”

Neither Malcolm nor Wequie reply, knowing that any response would be to detail a horrific reality.

“H-He should’ve...” my words fall apart on themselves and my body does the same.

The world tilts on its axis, but before I can meet the ground, Malcolm catches me in his arms and hoists me up with ease as he studies me with wet, grey pitiful eyes.

“We’ll find him,” I hear him promise as my fatigue shuts me down.

Or maybe it was my shame, my unrelenting, cold shame at failing the one person I loved in this world.

My Kalem...


Months ago, after I’d returned from our first endeavour to grow the clan, Kalem and I had laid in bed, wrapped in one another’s arms.

We’d been apart for only three days, but it’d felt like an eternity, and once we were together again, neither of us could bear to let the other go for more than a moment.

“It was the worst,” Kalem has said while nuzzled against my neck, his arms so tight around me I could barely manage a breath, “way worse than nightmares on my own and no cleaning.”

I’d laughed, wondering how a person could be so loveable even when they were upset.

“When you were gone, it felt like a piece of me had gone too, Master," he’d continued in a low whine, “a-and without it, the other pieces didn’t know how to work at all!”

At the time, I’d thought that I knew exactly what he meant because I’d felt the same when we were apart. But I hadn’t, not truly.

I didn’t know then, as I did now, the absolute agony that not having your heart and soul close to you could cause.

I didn’t know the way that tormenting dark pit of loss could make it hard to breathe, to think, to do anything at all.

This went beyond not knowing how to function.
This - not knowing where he was - was like waking up in a nightmare, with no way out.

When I open my eyes, I find Wequie at my side, peering down at me with golden, mournful eyes. I could see in his gaze how hard it was for him to stay strong, to be stable while I was anything but.

I wasn’t usually the one who spiralled. Even in the worst situations of our lives, I’d been the one to be calm, to think of the best way forth amongst all the chaos.

But that was before I’d found the love of my life... and then lost him.

I try to sit up, to get myself moving so I could get back out there and find him, but my body remains plastered to the bed I laid on. No matter the force I put behind it, each movement comes as a slowed echo of the intent I placed on it.

Suddenly, the guilt in Wequie’s gaze made more sense.

“I’m only keeping you here until you’re rested,” he rushes to explain, his words laced with the pheromones that circled us and this room that was soaked in it. “You can’t keep searching for him while you’re this weak. If you get hurt, that won’t help anyone, least of all, Kalem.”

I try to voice the curses which stock my mind, but my tongue was too heavy to get a word out in this sated state Wequie had inflicted upon me.

Usually, an incubus’ power wouldn’t be enough to cripple me. Their magic wasn’t generally strong enough, and even if it were, I kept my guard up at all times, especially when an incubus. But Wequie was older, stronger, and I never kept my guard up around him.

I’d always trusted him to never do this to me.

“I know you hate me for this now, but when we find Kalem and things are how they should be, you’ll understand,” Wequie whispers, but the words seemed like they were meant to convince him rather than me. “You were already running on fumes before this, so please, just trust us to keep searching and get some rest.”

How could I rest when I didn’t know where he was?
How could I lay here doing nothing when he might be suffering without me?

I plead with Wequie where words wouldn’t let me, begging him to free me so that we didn’t waste any more time.

But he stays firm, wiping at his glossy eyes as his pheromones grow stronger, seeping under my skin with the clear command for me to rest.


“This isn’t going... to hear that,”

“So you’re... we do what? Keep... from him?”

“No. I just think....carefully with this.”

As I come to once more, my mind works to untangle the voices around me, pulling them apart until I could distinguish them from one another.

Malcolm and Wequie, both standing near as they’d been sure to do from the moment my world turned upside down.

Thankfully, the oppressive weight of Wequie’s magic had disappeared completely, allowing me to sit up and face them both.

“How long has it been?” I ask, already getting to my feet so that I could make up for all lost time.

“A day,” Malcolm answers, wincing the moment the words leave his mouth.

“A day,” I grind out, already mourning the loss of time that’d been forced upon me.

I turn to Wequie, wanting to strangle him for what he’d done, wanting to hate him for it with all the discord running rampant inside of me.

“You kept me down for a day!”

“You needed the rest,” Wequie argues even as he avoids my murderous glare, “you’re barely any better now, you need blood too but I know...”

Wequie doesn’t finish the thought and I thank the Gods that he had the sense not to force it on me through his compulsions.

I’d already hurt Kalem enough, I wouldn’t drink from another.

“There’s news,” Malcolm says as he steps in front of Wequie, drawing my focus to him instead.

I try not to buckle from the fear that tries to overtake me, but my legs still grow weak beneath me.

News could mean any number of things, all of which was worst than the last in my mind.

“What is it?” I barely manage, afraid to let the words out if it meant triggering an answer that would destroy me.

“Aias said he saw what happened,” he starts with a deep frown, “through Kalem’s flowers? I’m not sure how-” Malcolm stops himself as if he didn’t understand his own words.

I did.

Kalem had told me all about the first time he’d connected with his flowers in such a manner, I’d just never known the elf was capable of doing the same.

It’s only then that I note the elf’s absence.

Last I remembered seeing Aias, we’d been parting ways to search opposite directions. He’d looked no better than I had at the time; tired, worried and desperate to bring Kalem home.

But finding out where he was, paled in comparison to finding out what he’d learnt.

“Thén and Kalem weren’t taken together,” Malcolm says, his words coming a little slower as he watches me carefully. At the same time, Wequie inches a little closer to the door as if to block it, “Thén was the one who took Kalem.”

All the memories I had that included the large vampire turns red in my mind.

My bloodlust surges to new heights as a vision of carnage burns through me, growing with fury the more I took in all the times I’d seen the vampire with Kalem.

Always nearby, lurking in a manner I’d brushed off because Kalem thought so highly of his friends.

I’d thought I was being paranoid, looking for trouble where there wasn’t any.

But there was, and Thén would pay for his life for this.

“It was witch magic that took them, and after he saw it, Aias was able to get a hold of it,” Malcolm explains hurriedly, a weak smile growing on his lips, “he’s been tracking them ever since.”

Hope floods my heart like a tidal wave, sending me back a step as I contend with the first sparks of joy I’d felt in days.

That was something, something that was better than what we’d had so far.

If Aias was able to find where Kalem was, even a general location, we’d be able to tear through it with our numbers until we found him.

We would find him and then I could fix all of this, all I’d broken between us.

“When did he leave?” I ask, needing to know if it was too late to catch up to him.

“Hours now,” Malcolm replies, his voice wavering with poorly masked worry, “but he’s sending signals back,” he continues while his fingers caress his collar.

I nod, mind already racing with what it would take for us to gather a force strong enough to face whatever was on the other end of this string.

Thén was the one who took Kalem from me, but there wasn’t a doubt in my mind that Diablos was tied to this.

Thén was no witch and I doubted he knew any strong enough to take both him and Kalem away, far enough that none of us could find them on food. But Diablos had a menagerie of witches, and only he was reckless enough to risk something so treacherous as taking Kalem from me.

I’d already planned to kill him, but now, after he’d dared to take my Kalem, my boy, his suffering would be abundant and merciless, and Thén’s would be no better.

“There’s something else,” Malcolm adds, cutting through my thoughts like an Obsidian knife.

Where I’d expected to find Malcolm’s usual hopeful eyes, I find instead something so sad it causes the deepest parts of me to shrivel up.

“What?” I ask as Malcolm looks to Wequie who’s guilt seemed somehow deeper now, and deeply mixed with shame.

“What is it?” I ask once more, my voice shaking.

With a breath, Wequie inches his way towards me as he pulls something from behind his back, “I found this.”

My gaze drops to the thick black book clenched between his hand, the binds golden rings that matched the yellow-topped pencil resting between them.

“After we realised that Kalem was gone, when we all started looking,” Wequie says all too quickly, “I went back to the war room, to look for... I don’t know, anything that would help us. But I found this,”

Opening the book, Wequie flips through the pages before he settles somewhere near the back and hands it over.

I scan my eyes over the marked pages with all the carefully crafted notes in Kalem’s neat and large handwriting.

On the right page, near the top was scrawled Magical Kalem! the words enough to make my eyes fill again as I imagine the glee Kalem would’ve written it with.

I could so easily picture the smile that must’ve lit up his face doing so.

I bite back the pain and focus on what was written underneath; lists and questions scattered all about with no sort of order, followed by little jottings of ‘ways to get stronger’ and crossed out ideas on how to ‘unlock my demon side’.

“When he told us what he did, we were all too worried about the implications to hear what he was saying,” Wequie continues while I read as fast as my eyes would allow me, “it was only after I found this, that I really thought back to what he was trying to say, about why he tried to find that other nyphilim in the first place...”

I glance Wequie’s way when he grows silent, hating the hesitance I see there as he rubs his hands together, “I think maybe... he wants to prove to us that he’s strong.”

Before I can say a thing, Wequie quickly moves closer to point a finger to the opposite page where Diablos was circled in the centre with notes and questions spidering off from it.

Why fight Lincoln if Master controls all vampires?

If so strong, why did he come and ask Master to stop the clan?

Lincoln wins all the fights, that doesn’t make any sense!

The notes carried on like that, mixing in all the things that didn’t make sense about Diablos and how Kalem hoped to help, once he was able to access all his magic as a nyphilim.

“What are you saying?” I ask when I look up at my friends again, feeling skittish to hear what they’d say next.

Stepping closer, Malcolm interjects, “You said earlier that you trained Kalem to know how to come home, that he should’ve been here by now.”

My entire body tenses at his flaying words. They were more painful than he could ever imagine.

“Maybe...” Wequie hugs himself a little as he frowns down at me, “Maybe Kalem’s staying with who took him so that he can gather intel or... prove that he’s strong enough to deal with it himself.”

I close my eyes and shut the book.

You’re wrong.

He wouldn’t do that, wouldn’t risk it.

He knows better.

All the things I wanted to say to Wequie refuse to come out, because no matter how much I wanted to banish a reality where Kalem was putting himself in the line of danger like this, I couldn’t.

We’d gotten into all of this because Kalem wanted to be stronger, to be able to help, to stand with the rest of us. If I’d only noticed sooner, I could’ve ensured that he knew we could be together without him having to risk himself.

I would’ve been sure to spend more time with him, to include him in our plans and discussions and make sure he understood it all if he were ever lost.

But I hadn’t noticed, and only the Gods knew how long Kalem had been stewing on this, convincing himself that the best thing he could do, was to find this other Nyphilim so he could be strong, so that he could help defeat our enemies...and now, he might be sitting with them.

How had I let things come to this?

How had I ever let Kalem think that anything was more important than his safety?

I cared for nothing more than I did Kalem, but somehow, in trying to ensure his future was peaceful and full of all he could ever desire, I’d jeopardized it all by being ignorant with the present.

But it wasn’t just that.

I’d come to appreciate all that went behind being a Pylen and leading a clan.

The thing I’d once turned so fiercely away from, started to bring me joy. I was proud of all in my clan, I was happy to help, to teach and to guide. I found myself enjoying the castle being full of life and even though sometimes it felt tedious, I liked being a leader.

I’d got wrapped up in it all, too wrapped up and I...

“You forgot all about me!”

Dear Gods...

“If that’s true...” I hear myself mumble, “then he’s choosing not to come home.”


“He can come back... and he’s n-not.”

Because of me.

“Don’t spiral,” Malcolm pleads as he comes to me, kneeling before me so that he could look at me, “Don’t think the worst when we can’t see the full picture yet.”

I was pretty sure that I saw it in full now.

The facts were that I’d misplaced my priorities during this war and abandoned Kalem in the process. I’d made him feel uncared for, unloved and when he tried to tell me, to do something, I’d yelled at him.

I’d hurt him with cruel words fueled by fear, and now, he didn’t want to come home.

The wound that had been opened the moment I’d learnt that my love was gone, spreads itself wider, growing to make that painful ache in my chest burn deeper.

My heart shrivels in its place in a useless attempt to escape the misery I’d made for myself.

“We don’t know if this is even the case, we’re just... trying to see it from all corners,” Malcolm reminds me, “He might be waiting for the best moment to go unnoticed or maybe-” Malcolm stops himself as he tries to take a deep breath, “Kalem’s strong, you made sure of that. He’s been trained, he’s smarter than even he knows and he’s more powerful than we can imagine. He’s going to be okay.”

“Okay?” I croak as I look up at my best friend who was trying his hardest to be the voice of reason, but it was hard to see reason with the picture painted for us. “How can he be okay if he’s not home?”

“I...” Malcolm tries, but nothing follows. No perfect reason, no wishful explanation, only his grey eyes growing a little darker.

Before any more can be said, Malcolm’s collar shifts from silver to gold in short pulses, Aias’ signal I was guessing.

It makes us all tense as we watch the pulses grow faster and stronger.

I had no clue what it meant, but it was the distraction I needed at this moment, because the thought that Kalem could be home - that he could be safe right now - but wasn’t because he thought he had to prove something was harrowing.

“Aias’ back,” Malcolm manages before he’s out the door.

Wequie and I share a glance before we follow after him, moving as fast as we could through the scarce castle hallways until we reach the castle doors where all in the castle had rushed to gather.

My steps falter some when my eyes land on the elf and the disaster he’d become.

Aias’ usually perfect aura of greatness and strength was now a mangled mess.
His straighter hair was matted and dishevelled, his golden eyes dragged down by heavy bags and his cheeks were sunken in slightly as if he’d been drained of all his energy just trying to make it back.

“What happened? W-What... Are you okay?” Malcolm asks as he rushes to his lover’s side, allowing Aias to lean his full weight onto him while his eyes struggle to focus.

Aias nods despite the clear fact that he was not okay. Managing the smallest of smiles for Malcolm who looked so much smaller than the confident thing he’d tried to be earlier.

My shame only grows the longer I look at Aias.

While he’d been out there, tirelessly searching for Kalem to the point where he looked like the light behind his eyes might flicker out any moment, I’d been in bed, resting.

Those same golden eyes lift to mine, vacant of their usual distaste, there wasn’t room for any of that now.

Kalem was all that mattered, all that would ever matter.

“I believe I found them, or where they’re going,” he manages through pants, his normally smooth voice now hoarse with fatigue.

The relief his words causes are palpable, something that is impossible to miss as Lyrra thrums with the clan’s relief.

In the back of all the white noise in my head, I could make out Alexander and Karios already shouting frantic orders to gather our forces and prepare for an incursion. It was the trigger to the blur of movement that began all around us, as those in and outside the castle moved as fast as they could to get ready for our final battle.

Our final, because after all of this, I wouldn’t spend another night with Kalem, without our enemies corpses still sizzling in the ground.

I’d faster die than allow Diablos to live another day.

“Where?” I ask unable to keep the desperation from my voice.

I didn’t have the strength to be the unwavering Pylen my clan probably needed, I didn’t have it in me to put on a brave face when all I felt was this unrelenting, brutal fear from the moment I’d learnt that someone had taken my love from me.

“I do not know the precise location,” Aias breathes out, sounding angered by his own words, “I don’t know this realm, this planet so closely. But I have marked the path in my mind and in the lands. If I could see a map or perhaps-”

Before Aias can finish his thought, a member of the clan steps forth with a map, spreading it out quickly on the floor for our perusal.

Mentally, I thank them, thank them all for caring so deeply for Kalem in the way he loved them too. If the situation was reversed, Kalem would be beside himself with worry, doing all he could to make sure we found them, and they all knew that.

Staring down at the map, Aias’s pale brows pull in close while he studies it desperately.

“I tracked the magic from its source for as far as I could before I ran up against this...wall.” He shakes his head, “it was strange, like nothing I’ve felt before.”

“Witch magic?” Wequie asks as Aias draws himself closer to the map.

“No, not quite. I’m not entirely sure,” he rasps, “it was distracting, like a barrier that made everything outside of it look the same. I tried to break through it, but every endeavour felt like it was being hurled right back at me.”

That explained his appearance.

I could see the raw worry in Malcolm’s gaze, all the questions he wanted to ask, but we needed to know what Aias knew immediately.

Aias’ magic was usually so fluid, so easy it looked effortless, but now it looked like the most difficult thing in the world with how he strained to get even a small glow starting on the map.

“What do you need?” I ask, ready to do anything it took to help.

“I’m weakened, so it’s harder to draw my magic in,” Aias replies through gritted teeth, “I’m trying but I require more...”

Aias words drift off as he glances at Malcolm.
Sharing some personal thought, the pair stare unblinkingly at one another before Malcolm draws Aias’ left hand to his collar.

A deep frown sullies Aias’ face as he recoils slightly as if the suggestion offended him.

“Please,” Malcolm begs before I can, “this is for Kalem.”

Any fight left in Aias drains out of him at the mention of Kalem, his best friend, who’s safety was clearly more important than whatever holdup he had against drawing from Malcolm.

Wasting no more time, Aias circles his fingers around the nape of Malcolm’s neck, around the collar that instantly lights up like a beacon that matches Aias’ golden eyes.

A moment later, that small glow from earlier grows on the map, cutting a line through it from the castle and down the path Aias seemed to have taken.

I can’t help the small bit of awe that fills me as I watch the line move through reservoirs, woodlands, state lines, countries borders and terrain that would challenge even the supernatural on foot.

Where I’d tried to scour the continent for Kalem, it looked like Aias had marked every inch of the globe.

But before my amazement could grow any further, the glowing line moves into South America.

While my heart tries to surge to life, my hands form fists so tight, the bones in my fingers threaten to break.

“This marks how far I went,” Aias says, unaware of how the rest of us had stiffened or as to why, “I know it’s not certain, but I believe if we follow this path, we’ll find him.”

“They’re going there,” Wequie says, resting his finger against the desert region in the map that was disturbingly close to where Aias’ line had stopped. “The Atacama Desert.”

Aias looks between us with shock written all over his face, along with a sliver of hope that wouldn’t last much longer.

He didn’t know what we’d learnt from Luciel before all of this, he didn’t know that the path he’d follow led directly to the desert where Diablos’ remaining forces were.

But he seems to get it, some portion of it at least, with the way his features fall.

“Diablos is based there,” I say so that he wouldn’t have to ask, “they’re taking him to Diablos.”

Saying the words out loud was far more painful than having them in my mind.

It was like pouring diesel into an open flame before stepping directly into it.

The flame burned brighter for Aias as the words settle in and set him ablaze.

While Kalem had told me in parts over the months how horrible his life had been in the slave house, all the punishments he’d suffered, and the treatments he’d accepted as right, I could never understand the depth of his pain the way Aias had.

Aias had been there, with him, in those cages being beaten red and blue.

I often forgot that with the way he carried himself as if nothing in this world could hurt him. But as he straightened now, his exhausted vanquished in the face of Kalem having to suffer again, his past pains showed clearly in his eyes.

“He can’t get his hands on him,” he pants, his eyes shifting to silver as if he were struggling to keep his true form at bay. “He can not hurt him again, Kalem ca-”

“He won’t,” I grind out.

He wouldn’t.

I’d promised Kalem that I’d protect him, that I’d never let the ones who’d hurt him ever get their hands on him again, that I’d never let him suffer again.

I’d failed him by letting someone take him, but I would not fail him by letting Diablos hurt him.

By Aias’ map, there was still time which meant I still had time to save him, and I would, no matter the price.

I could feel Lyrra sitting just under the surface, the fountain of power sitting there as always, just waiting to be tapped into.

I was always so careful with it, never wanting to do too much, never trusting myself with it, but there was no room for hesitancy now.

Taking in a deep breath, I still myself for only a moment before I open myself to it all.
I don’t hold back, not run from him or try to measure it, I let my power spread through every inch of me until it fills my veins with the overwhelming magic they’d used to make us.

With a single thought, I send it out to every member of my clan. Not only those in the castle, but those who were still searching, those in distant lands waiting for the command they all knew would come someday.

I’d just never imagined that it would be like this.

I always thought we’d be more prepared, all ready to face the day we’d been chasing for more than a year now. We’d all worked tirelessly to get here, each doing their part to see our goal met.

The day had finally come and not all of us would return.

I’d thought that by Wequie’s nagging, I’d be sure to give some sort of speech.

As Pylen, it fell to me to ensure that everyone knew that what we would do today would be worth it. That the lives lost wouldn’t be in vain, and that we’d come out of this greater and stronger than when we began.

I owed that to them, I knew that.

But as I looked down my hand... my empty hand that was usually filled with Kalem’s small, warm fingers whenever we faced the clan together... that empty space that belonged to my rock, my support, my constant light... now gone, because they’d taken him from me...

I couldn’t find it in me to utter any words beyond the command I make sure settles in the marrow of their bones.

“Kill them all,”


Holy shit...


Thoughts on the whole clan trying to find Kalem?

Thoughts on what Wequie did?

And ooo, they know about Then!!!

This chapter was kind of insane. I feel sooooooo fucking bad for Lincoln, especially since he knows that Kalem might be able to come home but is choosing not to!! UGH BIG SOBS.

I kind of wanted Lincoln to be more distraught, like on the floor holding his framed letter, bawling, but then I realised that he’d never do that. He’d be doing everything he can to find Kalem, even if he lost himself in the process. So I think this is a good middle, what about you guys???

I just loveeeeeeeeeeee Aias. I mean I always loved Aias, but that little shit at the end really just did it for me!

I’ll be updating Patreon next so I don’t know when the next Master update will be but I’m so fucking EXCITED for you guys to see what comes next.

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