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Chapter 5

Lincoln’s P.O.V.

“I don’t quite understand why you’re pulling me since I’m following you freely.” Malcolm whines, protesting against my firm grip on his arm while I pull him away from the elf’s prying ears. “I know how to walk Linc.”

“Malcolm,” I say with a sigh of exhaustion which only makes him huff a little before falling into a comfortable silence.

I pull him into a forgotten room which once was an office, a room Malcolm never really used, even in the height of his fame amongst the humans. I shut the doors behind us and follow Malcolm into the webbed room, standing over him while he sat on a small cushion within the window seal.

“Alright, what is it?” Malcolm says, gesturing lazily for me to begin while crossing his legs.

“Diablos sent about fifty men and women to my castle, to take Kalem back,” I explain and frown slightly when he barely reacts, eyes only widening a small fraction.

“Oh.” He says soundly mildly surprised.

“You’re not surprised,” I state and he nods. “Did you know he was coming?”

“No, I haven’t spoken to Diablos in centuries.” He says waving me off. “But I did expect as much to happen eventually. You took one of his slaves, his most valuable of the night in front of a sector of the community. I take it, word has spread and he is facing harsh criticism for being so vulnerable and weak. Retaliating is the only option in a position like that.”

“It’s hard to remember how idiotic you truly are when you actually use your brain on rare occasions such as these,” I admit after listening to his explanation.

I’d never really gotten along with my own kind, didn’t understand their ways of thinking but Malcolm was different because he wasn’t like them. He didn’t want what the other vampires wanted, well not in the same form that their needs took. It was one of the reasons he understood me better than most, that and he was annoyingly persistent in trying to become my friend for four decades straight.

“He knew they wouldn’t succeed, knew he was sending his people to their deaths.” Malcolm continues, ignoring my comment. “It was probably a warning if nothing else.”

“There was a letter, the last one standing handed it to me before pulling his own heart out,” I reveal and smile a little at the way Malcolm grimaced. “He wants me to give Kalem back and if I do not comply, he’s threatening to start a war.”

“Are you going to comply?” Malcolm asks, knowing damn well how even hinting at me to fall under Diablos’ demands only urged me to do the complete opposite.

“Kalem isn’t something to just give and take, he is a person.” I grind out, using words all too similar to the ones I’d only just spoken to Kalem earlier today.

“Says the man who literally took him away.” Malcolm mumbles in response, continuing before I could argue. “I’d say the simple solution is to just give the man the fee which you owe.”

“I am not going to pay for him and treat him like a slave!”

“So you’d rather keep your pride than appease the fucker with what is probably spare change to you? Hm?” Malcolm questions, standing to look me in my eyes with serious intent. “You’d rather let the boy suffer through blood and deaths for an unknown length of time, so you don’t have to go against your unwavering values?”

An uncomfortable quiet falls between us as Malcolm pierces me with his gaze, showing no remorse for his words. I lock my jaw, letting my teeth grind together to keep me steady.

“I am not going to support these disgusting practices in any way.” I grind out slowly. “I will not do that to myself or to Kalem.”

Malcolm stares at me, eyes narrowing his eyes to decrypting slits before his stance loosens and he flops back onto his cushion. He rests his head against the peeling wall paint and crosses his legs.

“So what’s the plan and my exact role in it?” Malcolm asks, defeated and utterly onboard despite his fruitless protests.

“I’m going to kill him,” I say simply and Malcolm only laughs. “He won’t stop until he’s made an example out of me, which could never happen, so I must kill him.”

“Don’t make it sound like such a chore, we both know how long you’ve wanted to rip the bastards head from his body.” Malcolm replies with a deep grin. “And how long I’ve wanted to watch.”

And this is why you’re my best friend.

“Although, knowing Diablos, he’s probably prepared for an attack on some sort.” Malcolm offers while thinking deeply. “By the time we cut through his barricades, he’d be behind yet another.”

“I need him to face me, need to draw him out of his little hiding spots.” I agree, trying to remember pieces of the man I’d long broken apart from my memories.

“I’ll think of something, reach out to a few contacts and make the necessary preparations,” Malcolm says while letting one of his legs jump a little.

“Thank you, Malcom.”

“Think of this as my form of repayment for Aias.” He says hopefully, in reference to the one million he sent flying out of the fucking window.

“Think of this as a favor, you still owe me one million.” I deadpan and smirk at the childish groan he releases with a disappointed thump of his foot.

“Okay, whatever. Be a pilgarlic.” He grumbles angrily. “While I’m performing my ‘favor’, you bring down all his little strongholds we know about. Corner him to act out of anger rather than intelligence.”

“Sounds good.”

“Are you done now?” He asks exasperatedly. “Can I go back to Aias now?”

“You quite like this... elf don’t you?” I question, raising a brow at the uncanny amount of excitement that zinged through him.

“He’s special Linc,” He replies, eyes sparkling from his own words. “Something about him is just divine.”

I cringe at Malcolm’s purr, his body basically floating off the ground with affection. I try to hide my disgust with my reply.

“That’s good, I’m happy for you,” I say awkwardly and frown only deeper when Malcolm frowns at me as well. “It’s weird not insulting you.”

“I feel it too.” He replies in agreement

“Just be careful with him, he is still an elf.” I remind him before making my way out of the room, with Malcolm beside me.

“An elf who hasn’t tried to remove my collar,” Malcolm says proudly while all but skipping. “He must like me some.”

“Or he’s in deep shit and knows how to hide.”

Malcolm’s easy smile fades as his eyebrows pull together in thought, steps faltering as I push the doors to the room we’d left the pair of friends inside, open.

Before I can apologize for my rash words, our boys eyes’ were on us with completely opposing looks. Kalem beamed at me as he sat up in a hurry, presenting himself with a small, hopeful smile while Aias remained in his position in front of the television, eyes darkening at the sight of me but lightening only a fraction when they drifted to Malcolm.

“What did you do to him?” Aias asks, his voice sounding bored while still void of any emotions. Yet his eyes hovered on Malcolm’s droopy form longer than usual.

“Nothing.” Malcolm answers before I can.

Aias glances between us, furious gold eyes narrowing as he studies Malcolm. Pulling to his feet he scratches angrily at his collar before moving his body like a smooth liquid to the boxed furniture which demanded assemblance.

“It hurts my neck to watch the shows from the ground, come help me put these together imp.” Aias calls, barely shooting Malcolm a long enough glance to catch the way his face lit up at being spoken to directly.

Was this the first time the elf paid him any attention?

He basically ran to his side making the elf bare his pointy teeth with anger, but he didn’t step away. Only began unboxing, watching Malcolm carefully to keep the innocent glee there.

Maybe the elf did like him some.


I look down to find Kalem standing below me, his movements had to be quieter than a ghost’s because I hadn’t even seen him get up. He smiles up at me, eyes bright as I study him.

“Are you having fun with your friend?” I ask and he nods quickly, glancing back to look at his friend.

“Yes, Master.” He cheers. “Thank you for letting me see him.”

“Of course, you can see him whenever you wish,” I promise and Kalem immediately bombards me with a hug.

I was still getting accustomed to thus display of happiness, it stemmed more warmth within me than it did discomfort.

“Why can’t we be like that?” Malcolm questions, balancing several beams j. his hand while the elf examined the booklet of instructions. Malcolm looks to the elf with pleading eyes and a slight pout that only made his opposite scowl in disgust.

“I’d prefer to saw off my own ears.” He spits with his thick accent that was still new to my ears.

I’d never heard anything quite like it before meeting Aias. But then again, I’d never met an elf before Aias.

“Why the tears?” Malcolm asks with a confused frown. “Most people are dramatic and say the balls or tongue. Why’d you have to be different and say ears?”

His stupidity was so astounding it had me resting my chin on Kalem’s head with a groan and Aias mumbling in his mother tongue with obvious annoyance, even Kalem released a small disappointed sigh.

“What?” Malcolm asks looking around.

I redirect my attention from the idiot to Kalem, raising his chin so he’d look at me. He followed easily and waited for my next breath as if his own deepened on it.

“I have something to handle, you can stay here and help them build there furniture.” I explain, wincing only slightly as I watch the joy ease from his gaze. “I showed you how to use your phone, call me when you’re ready to come home.”

“You’re leaving?” He questions with a small whimper, gripping onto my shirt tighter.

“Yes,” I answer now slightly confused. “I thought you wanted to spend time with your friend.”

“I-I do, but...” He wanders off. “You’re leaving me, Master?” He asks once again.

“Only for a time. There things which need to be attended to and I can’t have you there for them, besides, I don’t need to be here if your spending time with the elf.” I make sure to send a discreet wink to the enraged elf.

I refused to call him by his name, for the simple reason that it bothered him.

“B-B-But M-Master-”

“You’ll be fine with Malcolm and your little friend,” I say before taking a step back, separating us slowly though it still seems to completely alarm him as he begins trembling. “You’re fine Kalem.”

I take a few steps back towards the door, turning to make my exit.

“M-Master.” Kalem whimpers making me turn instantaneously. My eyes widen slightly when I find Kalem’s tense form shaking in his spot, his eyes freely watery as he stares at me.

I could almost hear the slight plea without him having the words to voice them.

I sigh internally as I walk back to him and pull him into my chest. He instantly relaxes as he releases a shaky breath, small sobs coming out of him as his small fingers grip onto my shirt desperately. I rub his back soothingly and press a kiss to his forehead, the actions taking their time to calm him.

Guess I’d have to put off killing Diablos for another day. Sigh.


I sit against the wall of the large dining room watching Kalem, Malcolm and Aias chatter endlessly and happily while putting together the couch. Well for the most part, Aias showed kindness solely to Kalem and ignored Malcolm to the best of his abilities.

They’d managed to do the television stand after a good two hours of none of then knowing what to do. It was severally amusing to watch an elf, vampire, and human all fall prey to a simple manual.

I took on the task of reading them the instructions when they all proved to be impossibly incompetent. Not Kalem, I knew he would’ve been able to do it just fine if he could read.

We’d been here for hours now and I wanted nothing more than to disperse. I wasn’t a fan of socializing and hated groups even more. Yet, sitting in my corner and rejecting the please for my participation, it was still pissing me off.

Despite my growing anger, I couldn’t find it in me to be mad at Kalem. He’d freaked out on me leaving, probably cause we’d been joined to this hip since we met. I’d showed him nothing but kindness and the thought of losing that, even momentarily, probably spooked him.

It shouldn’t have made me as happy as it did to know that he was so attached to me.

My eyes dart up to find Kalem looking down at me with a small frown.

Okay, either this human wasn’t human or I zoned out too much.

“Yes, Kalem.”

“Would you like to join us? You’ve been here by yourself for hours Master.” He adds sadly, his eyes filling with guilt.

“I didn’t want to join you when you asked the first time and I don’t want to now on your sixth attempt,” I answer gently. A wild blush encompasses his cheeks as he avoids my eyes. “Don’t worry about me, have fun Kalem.”

“But I can’t knowing that you’re not Master.” He replies honestly.

I stare at him completely bewildered and unable to come up with a thought let alone a response. He held my eyes with his own as he stared at me. Those honeycomb, hazel eyes drawing me in effortlessly as I found myself being lost in him.

It must’ve been a human thing, to care as much as he did or perhaps this level of kindness only resided in Kalem’s innocence.

“I’m fine Kalem,” I assure him, snapping out of my daze enough to divert my eyes from his gorgeous ones.

“Master -”

“I need a blood bag,” I announce, cutting him off as I stand to my feet and leave the room swiftly.

Following the scent of blood, I make my way to Malcolm’s stash quickly and hurriedly. Completely aware of Kalem’s desperate run to keep up with my long strides.

I dive my hand into the large fridge once I’d found it, not bothered about the type as I popped the tube too before bringing the plastic to my lips.

Blood was euphoric.
The cold liquid made my tastebuds scream in ecstasy whenever it entered my mouth. From the moment it touched my lips and the scent invaded my nostrils, I was lost. Lost in the electrifying feeling that made my body shiver with pleasure.

Once I’d finish the bag, I dump it before taking in a deep breath while shutting my eyes. Soaking in the brief moment of my body responding in a lively manner. I release the breath when the sensation wielded away, opening my eyes to find Kalem looking up at me worriedly.

“You didn’t have to follow me.” I say after a short moment.

“I know but...I wanted to Master.” He replies looking up at me with those wide, doe-like eyes that screamed a dangerous level of innocence.

“You will be the death of me Kalem,” I mumble, letting my hand palm his smooth, colored cheek. His eyes flutter shut at the contact as he leans into my palm in response, a small smile pulling on his lips.

He takes a step closer as he always did, before placing a hand of his own over mine. The action making me suck in a breath of air as the connection sent electricity through my dead veins.
My body pushing, demanding, for more. More of this new sensation, this new feeling, this new comfort.

I study our hands, feeling something new flicker to life inside of me at the sight of Kalem’s smaller, delicate fingers resting on my larger, calloused ones. A juxtaposition of our character that somehow didn’t appear to be misplaced.

I let my other arm slide around his waist as I pull him in. Forcing his body flush against my own as he still looks up at me, the air escaping his lungs as the creaks and crevices of our bodies scraped against one another until they slid into place.

His eyelids become heavy once I drive my palm to the back of his neck slightly, gripping him there a little while his hair entertained my fingertips.

My body was going crazy having him so close, so perfectly close. My mind was a mess and I couldn’t think straight for a moment. Couldn’t think with the deep pulsing of his heart in my ears and his blood flowing beneath his soft skin.

"Master.” He whimpers, making my cracking wall crumble slightly.

Bite him.

The sudden surge was so loud and overwhelming that it brought my fangs out before I could stop them. Looking down at the beautiful creature, my instincts thumbed with the need to bite him deep and claim him.

Feeling myself losing control, I unravel myself from Kalem’s addictive body and stand apart from him. An unforgiving cold air surrounding me in his stead.

I try to control my breathing but any sense of control failed me at that moment. Something Kalem appeared to be facing as well. His chest bursting with life and excitement I’m sure I was radiating. We hadn’t done anything yet we’d done too much.

I’d been growing too comfortable with Kalem, too relaxed. If I wasn’t careful, I’d take it further than either of us was prepared for.

He really will be the death of me.




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