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Chapter 6

Lincoln’s P.O.V

Oddity, a strange or peculiar person or thing.

Oddities were rare in themselves. I didn’t see them often, seeing as I’d been around enough to not be surprised by much and I didn’t concern myself with them, because in all honesty, I just didn’t care. Besides, oddities were weird, for example, in the supernatural world, an oddity would be an ugly witch or a strong omega werewolf. Those were oddities.

Another oddity was me waking up before Kalem.

Not once since Kalem had settled into a life with me in our castle had the boy not been smiling down at me when I opened my eyes with a blood bag in hand. He’d always been there at a distance, gazing down at me with his joyous, bright, honeycomb eyes and a smile that warmed the darkest parts of me.

‘Morning Master.’
He’d always chirp happily.

But not this morning. This morning I opened my eyes and found an empty bedroom.

A frown instantly took my face as I swung my legs over the side of my bed and looked around. Perhaps he was hiding, trying to surprise me. But that didn’t make sense, knowing Kalem, he’d probably scare himself trying to scare me.

I stand to my feet, steading myself quickly before I make my way out my room and towards Kalem’s. When all the stupid reasons were cleared from my head, I was combatted with the one thought I wanted to avoid but couldn’t.

Perhaps, he’d left.

It made breathing a much harder task than it should be to consider the possibility that Kalem had left. There wasn’t much I could do in a situation like that, I couldn’t bring him back against his will if he wanted to leave, he was free and could do whatever he pleased. Even if that meant he wouldn’t be with me, taking my heart with him as he left.

I couldn’t bear to think of him leaving so I forced myself to avert to other possible reasons for my boy’s absence. He could be ill, it didn’t take more than a simple brush of the wind to make humans sick or he could’ve been taken. If it was the last, that would simply mean every person or thing that stood between me and him would lose their lives in the next five hours.

But it’d been none of the above.

As I burst into Kalem’s room with anxious eyes and a distressed soul, all I found was a darkened room with a small, curled body hidden beneath the puffy, yellow blankets that covered his large bed. I could barely make out his tiny frame with all the pastel yellow sheets and pillows, he’d taken a liking to the color so I made sure to use it as much as possible in his room and accent it with white.

I released a steady breath before walking towards him, futile stress and unnecessary worries filtering out of me with every step. I let myself relax completely when my eyes settle on his disarrayed, black wild hair which was barely sticking out from under the sheets.

I lift the nearby chair to the side of the bed, being sure not to wake him before sitting down into the smaller chair. Leaning back into the old wood, I fold my arms over my chest and watch my boy sleep.

I knew I shouldn’t have referred to him as mine. He wasn’t a thing I could just possess and control as I pleased, yet in my mind, he was mine. Not because I’d indulged in the disgusting trade of slavery and thought of him as a slave for me to do whatever I wished to. No. He was mine because I knew I would never let him go, even if he let me go, I would always protect him. I’d never spend a moment away from him unless needed, which were few in number as he repelled the very idea.

It didn’t take much self-awareness to realize Kalem was already my entire world.

Another twenty minutes or so passed before Kalem finally steered awake, his body stretching out at all angles while releasing a small mewl or two beneath the covers.

He’d found himself tangled in his sheets, as a result, causing him to wrestle against them slightly creating a battle he was sadly losing. His head emerged from beneath the sheets suddenly, his hair falling over his eyes before he released a small huff of exhaustion.

My eyes shamefully found their way to his exposed frame, the sight bringing me up short of breath.

He was shirtless, not surprising as Kalem detested close with a disturbing passion, but at this moment, I wasn’t complaining. His chest was small, with two little pink nubs that were begging to be teased a bit, I lick my lips a the sight of them hardening from the exposure to the cold room. His frame was lean and gorgeous, thankfully seeming more healthy as his ribs were no longer pressed against his skin. Not a single hair rest on top of his smooth skin that seemed to glow in the darkened room.

The sight of him made my entire body pulse at the prospect of what I could do to him, with him.

A small yelp brought my attention back to Kalem who was now staring at me with now wide, shocked eyes that still looked a little sleepy in a truly delightful manner. Him only now registering my presence.

I suppose it was creepy that I was just sitting here staring at him... my bad.

“Master, what are you doing in here?” He asks after a moment of silence, his lips turning to form a small frown.

“I woke up and you weren’t there. I guess I got too accustom to you being there, I just wanted to make sure you were okay.” I explain making him nod before he sat up a bit straighter.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t there this morning Master.” He says quickly, alarm stiffening his muscles as he stumbles over his own words. “I-I had scary dreams and I couldn’t sleep.” He reveals honestly making me frown in turn as I draw myself closer to him.

“Nightmares? About what?” I ask studying him with a growing state of worry.

“M-My old h-home.” He whispers after some time, his voice light as if he spoke too loudly he’d be snatched away. His knees meet his chest, arms wrapping himself in an attempt to grasp safety.

“Do you want to talk about it?” I question softly, not wanting him to shut himself up.

He shakes his head quickly, eyes squeezing shut as if reliving the memories with just my words. I transfer myself to the edge of his bed, sitting close enough to bring him comfort but not to scare him into himself.

“I-I w-woke up in s-sweat so, I-I took off the s-sleeping clothes you got me, s-sorry Master.”

All your clothes? Stop it Lincoln.

“It’s okay Kalem, you don’t have to apologize,” I say instead of my vulgar thoughts, watching as he played with his fingers hesitantly. “Why didn’t you tell me anything? You could’ve woken me up, I would’ve helped you.”

His eyes dart up between me and his hands as he nibbles on his bottom lip, tempting me with his innocence as he tries to decide whether to reply with honesty or as he was taught to respond.

“I didn’t want to disturb you.” He squeaks out. “I-I didn’t want to cause trouble.”

“Kalem,” I call with a sigh causing his eyes to find mine hesitantly. I move a little closer to him before opening my arms. In an instant, he was curled in my lap and clinging to me desperately, arms looped around my neck to hold him close. Thankfully the blankets followed his journey to me and covered his delectables.

“Kalem, you do know that I care about you right?” I question as he pulls himself back to look me in my eyes. “I’m not lying, I care about you, so much that I’d do anything for you. You do know that don’t you?” I question once more while palming his cheek. His little heart was hammering away while his eyes darted between my own, our faces too close, allowing his warm breath to tease my lips but I kept my eyes focused on his. “Wake me up whenever you want Kalem, especially when you have a nightmare.”

“But I don’t like disturbing you master.” He replies tightening his grip on my shirt where his fingers could reach.

I ponder it for a moment knowing damn well Kalem would die before he woke up his ‘master’ from sleep and disturbed him with his own needs. His little brainwashed mind would never put himself before me.

“Okay. How about the next time you have a nightmare, you crawl into the bed with me?” I offer, making his body immediately tense as his eyes all but popped in their place. “You don’t have to wake me up. Just come to me and I’ll be with you so your nightmares can’t get you. Would that make you feel better? If I was next to you?”

He contemplated my offer for a while, fingers clenching and unclenching my shirt as he thought. Frowning for a long time before a smile stretched across his lips and his eyes found mine once more.

“Yes. It would.” He said beaming up at me. “Thank you Master.”

“No problem love,” I reply before biting my tongue... hard.


It slipped out, it just fucking fell out. Fuck. Where the fuck did that come from?!

Kalem was looking at me as if I’d grown another head before an aggressive blush lit up his entire face. I would’ve liked to admire the cute reaction but I was more concerned with my own actions to truly appreciate it.

I place Kalem down before standing up and separating us with a noticeable space.

“Right. I’m going to get breakfast for both of us.” I say taking quick steps to the door. “You clean up.”

“Master wait,” Kalem calls desperately, but the door was already shut and I was dashing away. His speed was nothing in comparison to mine and before I could breathe, I was hunched over the half-full fridge in the basement.

I downed three bags in a row, a feeble attempt to drown out my pending thoughts. But sooner rather than later, they made an appearance.

“What the fuck was that?!” I scream to myself. “Love?! What’s next baby?!”

“He’s eighteen Lincoln. Eighteen. Meaning off-fucking-limits.” I shout at myself, annunciating the command out loud while keeping a listening ear out for Kalem.

The pacing came next, hands drifting upwards to grip my hair angrily before making my way to the kitchen. Screaming wasn’t helping, maybe cooking would.

No, it wouldn’t.

Kalem had been slowly building up an appetite and I think he was just about ready for an egg. One scrambled egg with the mush today should be okay, a couple of strawberries would open his stomach right up. He’d grown a licking for them.

By the time I’d put his egg to fry, Kalem was making his way into the room. His steps careful as he came straight up to me, placing himself next to me as I cooked.

“What is it Kalem?” I question not daring to let eyes meet his.

“It’s fine.” He replies confidently, his chest puffed out as he stood tall.

What the fuck...

“What’s fine?” I ask while plating the egg.

“T-The love.” He stutters out making me tense in turn. “I don’t mind if y-”

“No,” I say quickly making him frown deeply. “I’m not calling you that.”

“Why not Master?” He asks with clear defiance and sadness.

“Because that’s a term of endearment.”

“You said you cared for me.” He replies with tilted brows that showed his confusion.

I’d fucked myself with that one.

“I do. But still no.” I say giving him a slight nudge. “Eat.”

He glared at me for a moment before reluctantly dragging his feet to his favorite stool. With one more glare of confusion and annoyance, he began eating everything with noticeable hunger.

I let my own mind drift as I try to come up with the best way to leave Kalem without him breaking down on me again. I’d wasted enough time not acting on Diablos’ threat and needed to get a move on tracking him or at least breaking down his assets before he had a chance to put all his cards into play.

The first place I’d hit would be the slave house. Not only because I knew that’s where he held the majority of his auctions on this side of the country, but because it was where they hurt and abused Kalem. I’d tear that building down brick by brick, soak the soil in their blood and demolish any remaining pieces of it, so not a single soul would even consider rebuilding again.

The problem was getting there when I had a little human attached to the hip.

I couldn’t take him, that was out of the equation - he’d seen enough bloodshed. I couldn’t leave him in the fucking castle alone, someone could take him or attack while I’m out. The only and safest option was to leave him with Malcolm. The elf would protect him with his own life and Malcolm would not let a soul set a foot onto his property.

But would Kalem let me go easily, I already knew he wouldn’t.

I return my focus to my boy, watching him eat happily with a sheer level of innocence that seemed almost angelic on him. He didn’t even notice the egg as he ate it, his mind too full of thoughts to comprehend something new.

Once he was done, I leaned on the counter in front of him and took a breath.

“Kalem.” I start making him look to me. “I’ve spent every moment with you since you came here and they’ve been great.” He smiles. “But I need to tie up some things, sooner rather than later, and I can’t take you with me for them.” His smile fades.

“W-Why not Master?” He asks in a slight whine. “Did I do something bad?”

“No, no nothing bad at all. You’ve been nothing but good, perfect, you’re always perfect.” I say quickly, scrambling to banish the hateful thoughts from his mind.

“Then why Master?” He asks again, face struck with anguish.

“Because it’s dangerous and I rather you somewhere where I know you are safe and comfortable,” I answer with a weak smile. “I can leave you with Aias, so you don’t want to be alone.”

“I-It’s not that I don’t want to be alone, I-I just want to stay with you Master.” He insists, slipping off the stool and rushing over to me. I held my breath as he hugged me tightly, clinging to me like a lifeline. He was nervous, the hugs always came out when he was nervous, happy or very happy. “I don’t want to separate.”

“Kalem, you know we’ll have to sooner or later,” I reply while rubbing his back.

“I don’t want to.” He continues, voice strained with need as he began to tremble. “I want to stay with you Master.”

“Your safety is more important Kalem,” I reply gently. He didn’t say anymore and just frowned as he detached himself slowly. “What is this really about Kalem? Will you tell me?”

He gnawed on his lip once more, balancing on the line of truth and fake responses.

“’re the first person who’s ever been nice to me Master. To care for me so much and not hurt me at all. It’s strange and different, b-but I think I-I like it and I don’t want to lose you, Master.” He finishes honestly making my heart leap at his words.

If I wasn’t careful, I’d find my lips on his and my hands delivering pleasure all over that seductive, little body.

“You won’t,” I whisper but he shakes his head.

“Then let me come with you.” He offers as he draws closer once more. “I’ll be good, I promise. I won’t make a sound Master.”

“You’re always good,” I say with a chuckle as I caress his face with both my hands, my thumb sweeping over the smooth skin over his cheeks. “You’re perfect.” He blushes deeply for me making my hands warm slightly at the feeling. “That’s why I don’t want to taint you.”

He wouldn’t go easily, this wasn’t working.


“No more arguing. Here or Aias. Chose.” I say pulling my hands away as I take a step back. Hurt floods his gaze along with slight panic as he stands stranded and confused.

There was no way in hell I was letting him stay in the castle alone, but I needed to give him the option of choice. Even though I knew he’d pick Malcolm’s home.

“M-Master I h-”

“Choose Kalem or I’ll choose for you,” I reply a bit sterner than usual.

“Aias.” He mumbles, his eyes downcast to the floor so he was no longer looking at me.

“Okay, we’ll leave in twenty,” I say before turning and leaving before he could change my mind or before I caved into him.

Yet again.


The drive to Malcolm’s was tense and awkward.

Kalem wasn’t his usual talkative self, in fact, he didn’t say a single word. He didn’t ask questions about the outside world that he was previously so fascinated by, didn’t ask questions about me or try to hug me even despite the resistance of the seatbelt. Instead, he kept his eyes on his lap, playing with his fingers anxiously with a deep frown distorting his beautiful face.

When we pull into Malcolm’s estate, I park the car and lean into the seat before turning to face Kalem. His eyes remained down, keeping his silence as he had been since the kitchen.

“Kalem.” I start but he doesn’t move to give me his attention. “Kalem, look at me please.”


“It won’t be so bad.” I try but his silence doesn’t falter. Instead, he shot me a glare before getting out of the car and walking to the front door.

Did he actually just glare at me? Did Kalem just glare at me?!

I got out after him, following him completely bewildered that he was so upset for something so simple.

Before I can conjure up a response, the door swung open revealing a naked Aias. The elf gave me a smug look before smiling down at Kalem who didn’t seem to even notice his friend’s nudity.

Why the hell is the elf naked? And how did Malcolm get it done?

“Come here.” He offers softly, hugging my Kalem like some ugly, mother hen. My eyes twitched slightly to see his arms wrapped around my boy through his nudity.

“Kalem,” I try but he just hides his face in Aias’ chest. I release a frustrated sigh as frustration and anger pumped furiously into my veins, “I’ll be back soon, I promise.”

With that, I turn and make my way to my car. Driving away without so much as glancing back, knowing if I saw him in a distressed state for too long I’d return immediately to comfort him.

I curl my fingers around my steering wheel tightly, trying to transmit a fraction of the anger that flooded my veins into something else.

I was angry that Kalem was mad at me, but that just added to the rage that’d been building for the past two weeks. Not because of Kalem but because of everything he knew and seen, everything he knew before me was dark, unforgiving and merciless. I was both of those things, but I’d made it my mission to never direct those parts of me to him.

I’d only shown him kindness and the parts of me that weren’t as dark as the rest.

His actions reflected the horrors he endured perfectly, the fear returned to his eyes within seconds every time I raised my hand a bit too high or I was just a little upset, he’d find himself on his knees begging then. It also showed through his relentless need to please me, something that I feared would never fade.

Nobody, even the most fucked of us all, should want to please anyone more than themselves. It was selfish but true, he needed to love himself and serve himself, not the highest bidder, which happened to be me.

That was what made me more bitter than anything else, knowing that his feelings to me were nothing more than a slave trying to please their Master. Knowing that he’d behave the same way with anyone who bought him that night if I hadn’t broken his chains from him.

He may be my world but I wasn’t really his, not truly.

The drive was long and silent. I’d always been a fan of silence, for as long as my memory took me, I’d always preferred a quiet space over any other. But now, for a reason all to clear to me, I hated it.

I hated that I couldn’t hear the soft thumping of Kalem’s resilient heart or his little gasps at things that shocked him that I’d come to take for granted, like a bird in the sky or a man with grocery bags. I hated not hearing him, not having him around.

But it was for the best.

Kalem had already seen enough tragedies in his life. I could only imagine what his poor soul had been exposed to at a young age and I didn’t want to add to that in any way. A massacre would be an understatement for what I had planned for Diablos, he didn’t need to see that side of me.

The last thing I needed in my life was Kalem fearing me.

That’d destroy me.


I groan angrily as I make my way through Diablos’ mansion. Here I was making the effort to come to kill him and he wasn’t even here.

Of course, I didn’t expect him to be here but I did expect something, maybe his little auctioneer to lead me to his location. But all there were vampires I’d already killed and slaves I freed.

I release my rage with a bloodcurdling shout, kicking one of the dead bodies lying in the hallway like a disgruntled child. I keep kicking it, blaming this dead vamp for all my problems, then the stamping began. I only pull away when I feel his skull shatter beneath my shoe.

I look around the crumbling hallways, bodies littered throughout the space that was now up in flames, the fire doing the rest of the work to kill off any that had staved my attack.

I’d managed to break into the mansion and kill every sentry, guard and working officer he had under his name. Of course, it wasn’t hard as I had an enormous advantage over them all, in terms of physical strength. But it still worked up a sweat in me I didn’t expect.

It was an annoying reminder that I’d become a little rusty during my time as a couch potato, after all, I hadn’t fought in any sort of battle in nearly half a century.

But it was all for nothing because Diablos wasn’t in his main office or his private quarters when I finally made it through. He must’ve escaped when the first alarms went off or he wasn’t here at all, neither was his next in command, which meant this entire expedition was a waste of time.

Yes, it’d put a dent into his dealings, but it didn’t do much to lead me to where he’d be next.

The only good thing about this was that the enslaved people who were locked in the basement were now free. I didn’t stick around long enough for them to see my face or the damage I’d done, I simply broke all the locks in a blink of an eye before creating a path for the back door.

Now all I could do is hope they make it somewhere safe.

I leave through the front doors of the mansion, steeping out through the flames that took down anything left of the disgusting building as I made my way back to my car, stopping when I look to the sky to find it already dark out, knowing it was probably later than I imagined it to be.

I curl my fist with blinding rage for myself when I remember telling Kalem that I’d be back soon.

Now even more upset, I slide into the driver’s seat, sinking my nails into the leather as my mind wanders to Kalem. I left him to get revenge on those who tortured him, but in the end, I didn’t get the one who made it all happen.

I left him for no reason.
I’d made him upset, scared and worried for absolutely nothing.

“Damn it!” I shout slamming my palm against the wheel.


I enter Malcolm’s house without knocking, it was never locked any way. I move swiftly through the house, straight towards the only two heartbeats that rested in it.

I knew it’d take a bit of work to make Kalem forgive me and return to his happy state, but at this moment, happy or not I just wanted to see my boy. He was reluctant to separate and now I wish I never did, just a couple hours apart from him and I was dying without him.

I needed him.

I open the door that stood between us, faltering when my eyes land on his small form curled into Aias’ side. The elf looks towards me, golden eyes boring holes into me as he bared his pointy teeth, yet he doesn’t move, clearly not wanting to wake Kalem.

I step inside the room and move towards the two. Wanting and needing to scope Kalem up and take him back home, where he belonged, which wasn’t here with some overprotective fake Rapunzel.

“He waited for you for hours.” He says icily drawing his eyes down to Kalem before looking back to me. “He wouldn’t leave his place by the door where you left him. No matter what we did or said, he wouldn’t move, because he was waiting for you.”

My heart drops within my chest. I couldn’t care less at the clear hatred the elf was sending my way, that wasn’t what was tearing me up inside. My stilled heart was squeezing itself at the fact that Kalem didn’t want me to go that badly, the thought of him waiting shattered even inch of me that had vowed to keep him happy.

I thought because he was angry when I left, that he’d at least find comfort with Aias but apparently not.

“I’ll take him now,” I say firmly but he chuckles in amusement.

“If you believe even for a single moment that I’d allow you to take him with you while you’re literally dripping in blood, then you are disturbingly deluded.” He replies with narrow slits for eyes. I grit my teeth in frustration as I stare at the elf. “How do you think Kalem would react if he woke up and saw you like this? It would destroy him.”

He was right. If Kalem saw me like this, he’d either never let me touch him again or he’d never let me go. I didn’t know him well enough to say, especially with his healing state and I wouldn’t risk it.

“You can’t even draw your fangs in.” He spits in disgust. I lick on my teeth in shock, surprised to find my fangs still present. Usually, they would’ve gone by now after a fight, but I was still so worked up that they were here.

“The moment he wakes up, call me,” I say before sending one last glance Kalem’s way. Taking in his peaceful form like the breath of fresh air I desperately needed. “He has a phone, he knows how to call me.”

I stumble out of the mansion with blind movements, thoughts disarrayed from the pain of it. I’d left my boy alone and he’d waited for me, waited in vain because I didn’t do what I promised to.

I could only sigh as I got into my car, returning home and for once hating being the only person residing in darkness.


Poor Lincoln, waaa!!


I don’t blame Linc at all, he didn’t really do anything wrong. I think, but idk.

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