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Chapter 7

Kalem’s P.O.V

“Lick my boot,” My trainer says before spitting at me, releasing my hair from his rough grip.

I swallow my whimper and sink to the floor, plastering myself to it as I swipe my tongue across the length of his shoe.

“I want it clean, you best lick it clean.” He sneers, I shut my eyes extra tight and scramble to clean his nasty boots.

I try not to think about the taste of mud and grime on my tongue, try to think about how happy it would make my Master one day if I served him well.

I wanted to be a good slave for my Master, I had to be a good slave.

But this didn’t feel good at all...

When my mush from this morning tries to come up, I pull away from Sir’s shoe, not wanting to dirty it anymore.

Plus today was the first time I’d eaten in six days, it was my longest yet and I was happy that I managed it. I knew it pleased the trainers and so it would please my Master one day, I didn’t want it to come back up.

“Did I tell you to stop?” Sir booms making fear plummet through me.

“I’m so-”

His right foot connects with my stomach sending the air from me as I roll to my side. Tears pull from my eyes as the pain swells through me while I cough and hag.

I force my food back down when it tries to come up, coughing and crying for it to stop.

“I’m sorry Sir.” I sob gently but it doesn’t help.

Sir punishes me for being a bad slave, yelling at me as he kept kicking me. He didn’t hurt anywhere else but my stomach until the food came out.

“No Master would ever want a shit slave like you.”

I wake up with a gasp, looking around desperately at a room that I didn’t recognize. I try to take more air in but it was hard, this was not my yellow fabrics but it wasn’t the floor of the slave house either.

My face becomes wet from tears as I look around the room I didn’t know. It was dark and scary but what scared me the most was that it didn’t have Master.

“M-Master,” I call as I wrap my arms around myself, I try to stop the shaking but it doesn’t stop.

The tears don’t stop either. Master wasn’t here, Master always came when I called but I was still alone. I didn’t know where I was, but I just wanted to be with Master again.

But Master left me.

“Master,” I call again, but I couldn’t even hear myself over the sobs.

I tried to stop myself from crying, tried to not make a single sound but no matter how hard I bite on my lip the sounds come out which meant I would be punished. Slaves weren’t supposed to make noise and I was being a bad slave.”

“No Master would ever want a shit slave like you.”

I was a bad slave, that’s why Master left.

Master said he’d be back soon but it got dark outside and he still didn’t come back. I waited, stayed at the door for my Master as a good slave should, but Master he didn’t come back.

He didn’t want me because I was a bad slave.

I was mean to my Master, I didn’t answer him when he tried to talk to me and I walked away. I didn’t even hug him before he left.

I shut my eyes to stop the pain but it wouldn’t stop hurting me.

Master wouldn’t come back for me, I was a bad slave. I deserved to be punished, I didn’t deserve Master’s nice things or his nice words. I pull my knees to me and hide my face in the space, I didn’t deserve to be his slave.


I look up to see Aias walking towards me, his Master behind him. They were both wearing something fluffy and looked sleepy, my tears only fall faster when I see Aias’ collar still around his throat.

Aias’ Master wanted him.

“Kalem what’s wrong?” Aias asks as he slides into the space next to me to hold me, his Master only picks up the phone Master gave me as he watched us.

“M-Master left me.” I sob clinging to Aias as he pulls me into him. “I-I don’t think M-Master w-wants me anymore.”

“He didn’t leave you Kalem,” Aias replies but I shake my head quickly. “And I assure you he does want you.”

“I-I’m a bad slave,” I tell him, sobbing harder at the truth. “M-Master never u-uses me a-and he doesn’t ever c-call me his s-slave and h-he took m-my collar away. H-He doesn’t w-want me Aias.”

Aias doesn’t say anything back, he only sighs as he holds me tight as he can while I cry into his shoulder.

“Lincoln, he’s awake and I think the quicker you get here the better.” Aias’ Master says into the phone. “No he’s not okay, he’s having a mental breakdown as we speak.”

I cling to Aias, wishing it was Master’s lap I was in and Master’s arms around me.

“I don’t know why... no I didn’t do shit to him and neither did Aias.... we just woke up and found him crying for you.” Aias’ Master says into the phone before sighing heavily.

“Kalem,” Aias’ Master calls sounding nicer than he did on the phone. I pull away from Aias to look at him, wiping at my face as I sniff desperately. “Lincoln wants to talk to you.”

I frown not knowing who that was, I turn back to Aias and he only smiles gently at me while wiping away my tears.

“Your beloved Master.” He explains making my heart speed up with both happiness and fear. “Would you like to speak to him?”

I nod shakily and take the phone when Aias’ Master passes it to me. I put it to my ear as Master taught me, my fingers shaking around it as I clung to Aias.

“Kalem?” Master’s voice calls making my body relax and tense all at once as joy spread everywhere inside of me at the sound of Master’s voice.

“Master,” I cry happily, the tears coming faster now. If Master was speaking to me maybe he wasn’t so angry at me, maybe I was still his slave. “M-Master.”

“I’m here love, I’m here,” Master replies making my heart thump harder and heat fill my face.

“I-I’m sorry Master,” I cry desperately. “I-I’m sorry I’m s-such a bad slave. I-I’m sorry Master.”

“Shhh Kalem, calm down. Calm down, everything is okay.” Master instructs softly making it easier to breathe, I try to do as he says but the tears wouldn’t stop. “I’m on my way right now. Are you ready to come home?”

“Please,” I beg through a sob as I grip the small phone.

“I’ll be there soon,” Master promises, his words making me relax against Aias as all the bad feelings inside start to fade.

“I-I’m sorry Master.” I apologize again but Master didn’t want to hear it.

“Stop apologizing Kalem,” He scolds making me whimper. “I’m on my way okay? I’ll be there before you know it.”


“Now hand the phone back to Malcolm,” Master instructs. I didn’t know for sure but I knew Aias wasn’t Malcolm so I gave the phone to his Master and he took it.

“Yeah... entirely your fault... like crying a river... just step on it.” Aias’ Master says into the phone before pressing a button and taking it off.

He smiles brightly at me before folding his arms.

“Your stupid Master will be here any minute now, want to wa-”

I pull myself from Aias’ grip and run past his Master. I run out of the room and look for the door Master left me at. I didn’t know where I was in this home, but I knew that I needed to be waiting for Master before he got back.

I would be a better slave this time for Master, I’d be the best slave.

I wouldn’t lose Master.


“Linc is going to kill me when he finds you like this.” Aias’ Master says above me but I don’t look up at him.

I keep myself on my knees with my head to the floor and my palms flat beside me, making myself as small as possible for my Master so when he returned he’d be pleased with me.

Aias pulled me up many times and tried to make me stand, he wouldn’t listen when I begged him to let me go so I had to bite him to leave me alone.

Aias hadn’t said a word to me since, standing quietly next to his Master silently.

I hoped he wasn’t too mad at me but I needed to be better for my Master and I didn’t want to risk him leaving me ever again. I was a bad slave since the moment Master met me.

When I hear Master’s machine outside, I bite down hard on my lip and dig my nails into my hand, stopping myself from getting up and running to him. I wanted to go to Master and be in his arms but I had to please him as much as I could.

The door swings open and it takes everything inside of me to not look up at Master, I keep my eyes to the floor as he steps towards me. My heart thumping harder than ever before as I wait for him to punish me.

But Master doesn’t do that, he picks me up from the floor and hugs me tighter than he ever did before.

I couldn’t stop myself when I felt Master holding me, I tried not to but I couldn’t help but wrap my arms around Master and squeeze him to me. I didn’t mean to start crying but I did, I could feel my own heart hitting against Master as he breathed heavily against me. I caved myself into Master to try and quite my sobs, hiding my head in his neck as my wrapping my legs around him. Clinging to him so tightly he could never disappear.

Master tries to pull me back but I wouldn’t let him. I kept crying against him as I took in the feel of my Master. He was warm and he smelled like he always did when he carried me, like something nice and safe. My fingers curled around Master’s shirt, holding him tightly as I glued myself to him hoping to never have to let go.

“Kalem,” Master whispers, his voice sounding tired and worried. “Kalem, let me look at you.”

I loosen my grip on Master as slowly pull away from his neck, sniffing and shaking as I looked at Master. Master looked sad, he looked like if someone hurt him which just made me cry harder because I didn’t want him to be sad. I cast my eyes down instead of at him as I wipe angrily at my tears, they shouldn’t be there.

“I-I’m sorry Master,” I say with a hiccup. “I-I’m so s-sorry.”

“There’s nothing for you to feel sorry about.” Master scolds but I shake my head as I take quick breathes.

“I-I’m a b-bad s-slave,” I admit as I look down.

“You are not a slave,” Master says angrily. I whimper and keep my eyes down, growing even sadder that I already upset him.

Master puts a finger to my chin as he lifts it but I don’t let my eyes reach his.

“Look at me Kalem.” He demands and I don’t hesitate to meet his gaze. “You’re not a bad slave because you aren’t a slave at all. If you aren’t ready to hear that you’re not one at all, then hear this, you are not a bad slave.”

“B-But I-”

“You are not a bad slave.” Master repeats clearly and firmly making me quiet immediately. “Do you understand what I’m saying?”

“Y-Yes Master,” I reply and he gives me a small nod before he gaze softens.

“I’m the one that’s sorry,” Master says after a moment. “I shouldn’t have left you alone for so long without telling you what was happening exactly.”

“I-I thought you d-didn’t want me anymore,” I whisper gently before looking away, Master mumbles something I couldn’t understand before locking his jaw shut and taking a breath.

“I will never stop wanting you, so get that ridiculous idea out of your head,” Master says as he rubs my cheek with his thumb, Master dips his head to find my eyes but I keep them down. “I’m not letting you go until you tell me to.”

“N-Never,” I promise, glancing up at Master for a brief second to see him smile.

“I missed you,” Master says suddenly making my eyes widen as I look up to him in shock.

“Really?” I ask hopefully.

“More than I knew I could, I wish I never left your side,” Master reveals making my lips part in disbelief as I stare at him. Master continues to smile with his kindest smile as always as he looked at me, with no sign of lying that I could find. I could feel the heat filling my face again so I looked away.

“I m-missed you too Master,” I reply, leaning into Master’s touch as he smiles even brighter.

I look away from Master again, burying my face back into his shoulder to hide. I couldn’t look at him when he smiled, he looked too good then. Master just laughed gently as he rubbed my back soothingly.

“Thank you for taking care of him while I was out,” Master said to Aias and his Master. “I won’t leave him in such a state again.”

“Sure,” Aias replied sounding meaner than I’d heard him before.

“Until the next play date.” Aias’ Master said with a light laugh that ended quickly. “Ow, shit Aias seriously?”

Master turned around them to walk to the care allowing me to see Aias glaring hatefully at his Master who was rubbing the back of his head with a wince. Aias’ hard gold eyes found mine, making me tense when I remembered I bit him.

Before I could apologize he offered me a smile and nod, walking back into his Master’s home without another word. His Master shut the door and followed quickly just as Master opened the door to his machine and put me inside.

“Let’s go home love,” Master says making me look up to him, unsure if I heard right because I thought Master called me love just then.

Master smiles again, bringing the straps over my body to lock me in place before leaning in to press a gentle kiss to my cheek making me suck in a breath. Something bright and rough began to run through my entire body making me shiver as Master pulled back, I brushed my finger to the place he kissed and smiled a little.

The drive home was quiet and I tried not to think about how scared I’d been without Master, how I didn’t know what to do without him. I’d never felt like that in the slave house, I never felt that lost and alone.

I didn’t want to lose Master ever again, even for a second.

Master didn’t seem angry at me, he looked happier than before now as he sat in the front. I snuck glances at him through the tiny mirror above him but looked away whenever he saw me looking at him. I wanted to feel happy too but I couldn’t when I knew that a punishment would be coming soon.

“I’m sorry Master,” I mumble quietly as I twist my fingers around themselves, staring at them in my lap.

“For what?”

“I was angry and ignored you,” I start feeling the guilt build inside of me as I remember my bad behavior. “Please punish me any way you see fit.”

“Kalem, I am not punishing you,” Master says sternly making me frown, I look up at the mirror to find him already looking at me.

“But I disrespected you. As your slave, you should punish me.” I reply, saying what the trainers told me.

“Kalem you are not my slave and I will never harm you in any form, so I will not punish you,” Master says using the tone he used whenever he didn’t want to talk anymore so I stayed quiet.

I didn’t want to upset Master in any way, even if I didn’t understand his decision. He was my Master and if he didn’t want to punish me then I shouldn’t question him, good slaves never questioned their Master’s decision.


“Have you eaten for the day?” Masters asks as we entered his kitchen.

“No Master,” I replied honestly as he placed me onto the counter to sit. He didn’t move away but stepped between my legs instead, making something below steer.

“Why don’t I make you just egg today, no mush?” Master questions as he palms my cheek. I close my eyes in contentment as I lean into his soft touch, nodding slowly against his hand.

Master moves away too soon leaving me desperate for his touches again. I try not to look at Master as he makes my meal, my body became excited when Master touched me a lot. It got hot and I felt myself grow hard where the trainers said belonged to Master.

I always knew a Master would use me there and other places one day and I never minded that, but I never thought that I would want it as much as I did with my Master.

“Thank you, Master,” I say quickly, pulling myself from my mind as Master sets the food down before me.

Master smiles at me again so I look away, Master was smiling too much today and it was making my clothes tight and my breathing faster. I dip my fingers into the food but it slips from my skin every time I try to bring it to my lips.

Master walks over and pulls at one of the drawers, returning with the two of the many poky things that I’d cleaned before. Master picks up the food with one and brings it to my lips, I look to Master unsurely as I shift in my seat.

“Open for me.” Master whispers and I do, I don’t know why but that made me feel really really excited below. I chewed slowly as I looked at Master bring more foods to my mouth, my body heating up all over.

Master kept feeding me with his smiles and pretty eyes that made something start to drip down below. I tried to hide it as best as I could, slaves shouldn’t want and I didn’t want to upset Master.

But it was getting harder and harder to ignore.

“Thank you, Master,” I whisper once Master finished feeding me.

“What will it take for you to stop calling me Master?” Master questions as he pushes the plate aside and rests his chin his hand on the counter, looking at me with squinting eyes.

I frown a little at this as I shift again in my chair.

“But you’re my Master,” I reply confused as I look at Master. “And I-I like calling you, Master,”

“And why is that?” Master asks after a moment.

I knew this answer was important to Master so I thought about what I felt extra hard before replying.

“Master’s control slaves and their lives, slaves are meant to have Masters. But you Master are a really nice Master and I like you a lot. You’re the bestest Master ever and you will always be my Master, forever and ever.”

Master stares at me with wide eyes and an open that mouth that made me frown. Maybe I didn’t say it the way it was in my head, maybe I did and Master didn’t like it.

“I-I mean, I’ll never call anyone Master b-but you. You’re my only Master.” I try instead, hoping that was better but Master was still frozen in his place.

“I want to s-say that it feels good to c-call you Master, different t-than the trainers.” I try again but this didn’t do much better.

I sag with a small groan as I cover my face, hating myself for being such a bad Kalem.

“I’m sorry Master,” I mumble against my hands.

Master doesn’t reply right away, he doesn’t do anything but tug his at the tips of my fingers to pull my hands away from my face. I look up at Master sadly, wishing I’d never spoken but Master said he wanted me to be honest and I wanted to be good for him.

“You are something special Kalem,” Master whispers as he looks at me. “Something special no one in this world could ever deserve.”

Before I could reply, Master leaned over and pressed his lips to my head. The touch alone made me whimper as my body trembled for more of Master. Master continued pressing kisses to my head and down my face, along my neck making me shiver and whimper beneath him.

When he pulled away from me, my closer felt tighter than ever before and the inside of my legs was wet for Master, I was panting too so I bit my lips to try and stop it. I needed to get away from Master before he noticed just how much I wanted to feel Master.

My mind was filling with dirty thoughts about what I wanted Master to do with me and I couldn’t let myself think about it because I knew Master would never use me the way I wanted him too.

I wasn’t a good enough slave for Master.

“I-I’ll clean up,” I say shakily, slipping off of my stool and almost falling with how weak my legs suddenly felt.

I took my empty plate and rushed to the sink before Master could stop me, I grab the sponge and soap and start scrubbing. My eyes dart up in a panic as Master begins to make his way over to me, I quickly lean against the sink to hide what was standing up down below.

Master stops once he’s behind me, but presses himself gently into me after he rests both his hands on either side of me to cage me in. His presence was strong and it made me more excited as he breathed against me.

“You know I don’t like you cleaning,” Master whispers against my ear making me shiver, my knees almost giving out below me.

My hands loosened allowing the plate to slip from them but Master catches is before placing it back into my hands, keeping his wrapped around mine. He holds it steadily within my grasps, surrounding me completely as his arms circle me and lock me against him.

Something inside of me wanted to push back against him, wanted to beg for Master to use me but I knew I couldn’t.

“A-And you know I like to c-clean, Master,” I reply shakily, saying those words instead of the pleads I wanted to. Watching breathlessly as Master washed the dish under the water, my hands wrapped around his own.

When it was clean, Master stepped back and then pulled away completely. I take the water off and look back to find Master looking angry. The sight made my heart fall, I didn’t know what I did wrong but it made Master upset.

“Master?” I call in worry. The anger immediately falls from Master’s face as he steps to me quickly and hugged me to him.

“I’m fine,” Master replies with a small smile but he wasn’t smiling like he was before.

I let my eyes dart around Master’s face as I study him, any excitement I felt before leaving me as I found Master to look a little different than usual. His skin wasn’t as bright as it usually was and he had droppy things under his eyes.

“You’re pale,” I whisper before I can stop myself.

“Well, I am a vampire,” Master says lightly, but it just made me feel guilty when I remembered.

Master needed blood.

I pull away from Master quickly, rushing to the fridge to get one of the bags I put there. I usually gave them to Master when he woke up but I wasn’t here today when he woke up.

“You haven’t had your meal, today Master,” I say to Master as I put the bag into his hand.

Master stares at me in surprise but doesn’t wait too long to open it and drink every last drop inside of the bag.

“When did you move my bags?” Master asks curiously making my eyes widen as fear pools inside of me.

“I only moved a few s-so I wouldn’t have to g-go to the dungeons every day.” I stutter, stumbling over his words as I took a step back.

“I’m not mad Kalem,” Master says kindly with a small laugh that soothes me. “And that’s not my dungeon, trust me. I keep my blood in the basement... I thought you said you explored the entire castle.”

“I did!” I say quickly making Master laugh even more.

“Apparently not if you haven’t seen the actual dungeon,” Master protests making my eyes widen, I thought I saw everything. “Have you even found the forth ballroom?”

“There’s four?” I ask happily as I push up onto my toes. I loved Master’s castle, there were so many places to clean.

“I’ll show you around properly today, how does that sound?” Master questions with a faint smile.

“That sounds amazing! Thank you, Master.” I say giddily before jumping into his awaiting arms.

I breathe Master in as he does me, holding to him tightly with the biggest smile ever on my face.

I had my Master back.


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