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Book 1: The Fated Chronicles Levi Calderon. The eldest child to the alphas of the number one werewolf pack in the world, The Dark Moon Pack. Though adopted, he's never once felt unloved or lower than his other siblings. He's grown up with nothing but a loving family in a wonderful pack. But he still feels empty. The years keep passing by and he still hasn't found his mate. Levi believes he never will because rogues don't have mates, and in Levi Calderon's mind, he's a rogue.

Romance / Fantasy
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Author's Note



Okay, deep breaths, just a few things before you start the book.

A) This is the first book to The Fate Chronicles.
You don’t need to read The Mated Series to understand, but if you want to see Levi as a kid, then read Alpha Mates.

B) This book is MxM, meaning the two main characters are gay. HOMOSEXUAL = man on man action. I don’t know how much clearer to say that. If you’re not comfortable with that, bye bye.

C) It’s a supernatural book. Werewolves, vampires, pixie dust and shit.

D) If you’ve read any of my other books, you know I can’t edit for shit! There’s so many mistakes it’s painful and I’m sorry. I try to catch them but I’m not the best. You’ve been warned.

E) No hate please, just leave if you don’t like it. Bye

F) Grammar Nazis, are welcomed here. Point out all my stupid errors and I’ll correct when the book is done.

That’s a lie, I won’t.

But nobody likes to read a book with a shitload of errors, so it’s fine to correct me. Just don’t do it in a rude way and if someone has already corrected it, there’s no reason for you to too.

Lol to too, like poo. Get it?
Yeah. I’m done.
I did this in my other book too, lmfao.

G) If you’re an incoming Inkitt reader, my books were uploaded from Wattpad, so lots of author’s comment refer to Wattpad - they’re just too many books and too many chapters for me to weed out every

H) This is new - do not fetishize gay men. There’s a difference between enjoying some smut and a love romance, and put men in a ‘sex box’.

That’s it, hope you’re as excited as I am.
Thanks for reading and enjoy ❤️

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