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Chapter 10

Isn’t he so precious ❤


Feral Child
A child that has been isolated from society at a very young age. They have little to no experience with human contact, care, behavior and/or language.

I scrolled down from the the search bar of my laptop for before clicking on the images tab. Hundreds of pictures of dirtied, small children pop up, consuming my entire screen. I click one, and then the next, and then another.

Their clothes were sparse or non-existent, faces and frames mudded. They walked on all fours and were almost always photographed in the woods. Those were the main factors that linked all the images that popped up. They were also all the factors that applied to J.

Is this what J was?
It was the best thing I could find to make sense of his situation.

But my mate wasn’t a child; he was a grown man. I knew that. I did.
But after spending an entire night trying to find an explanation for his lack of language skills and common abilities, like walking, a feral child was about all I could come up with.

It was the only thing that made sense. Though it just added a million more problems of an already problematic equation.

How did you become one?
What kind of pack abandoned him as a pup?
How old was he when it happened?

I sigh as I close my laptop and slide down my bed. Intertwining my fingers over my chest, I stare at the ceiling with a buzzing mind.
My ears twitch slightly from the sound of faint laughter that echoed throughout the house. Tonight was movie night and despite my family’s insistant begging, I couldn’t bring myself to join them.

I should tell them-
Tell them I found my mate, and that he was everything I wanted in a mate and more.

Tell them that he wasn’t like what we had believed him to be. He wasn’t a beast. He wasn’t a wild animal. He didn’t attack senselessly. He was just a little lost and confused, and had been for a long time.

Tell them that he was mine and that I didn’t care if they hated it. I would never leave him.

But none of that would matter.
In their eyes, he’d still be a rogue.

Best case scenario: my parents would be happy that I found my mate and only a little ticked that it was the thing they hated the most. But they’d try to accept it, because they love me.
They’d want to see him one day and I’d introduce them to J. Dad would try, and fail, to be cool but would eventually go all Alpha. Julian would hold him back and I’d hold back J. And somehow, we’d make it out alive.

Worst case... and most probable scenario:
My dads would be ecstatic that I finally found my mate. They’d be thrilled and cheering and they’d tell the entire pack. Then they’d find out what he was. Julian would be reasonable, Po- not so much. Our relationship would change. Po’d tell me my mate is a rogue and he hated rogues. And even if I somehow managed to keep him from attacking my mate, the pack would. And we’d never have a moment of peace.

So when I weighed out my options, there was only one real solution- keep my mate away from the pack until I came up with a better solution.

My phone beeps on my nightstand and I lazily stretch my arm across to grab it. I smile slightly at the name that pops up on my screen accompanied by a quivering phone requesting permission for a call.

“Hey Sam.” I answer bringing the device to my ear.

“Hey Wolfie.” She replied with a tone so cheerful my chest lightens slightly. “How you holding up?”

Sam knew about my mate the same day I’d woken up in the healing centre. She was the first person I told. My ears still rung a little from the scream that blasted through my phone that day.

“I’m fine.” I say but even I could hear the underlying bullshit in that reply.

“You’re not.” She replied sympathetically. “Have you seen him since the last time?”

“No.” I whisper. The pain that resurfaced at the mention of my mate was almost unbearable. I struggled to stiffle my whimper as my insides twisted with want and need. It’d been only two days but it felt like an eternity.

Each day was harder to get through than the last. I needed him more than I needed to breathe... I was dying without him.

“Levi...” She whispers. I shut my eyes tightly as I try to drown out the agonizing way every fibre in me cried for my other half. “Why don’t you come over for a sleepover."

I frown at this in confusion. Sam knew I was in no condition to leave my room, let alone go to her house.
I had somehow managed to hide the tole being separated from my mate had on my body from my parents, but I was still bedridden for the most part.

“You’re actually an idiot.” She sighs when silence hangs between us. I open my mouth to reply but she hangs up before I can get a word out. My frown only deepens but I don’t have a chance to curse her in my head as my phone instantly buzzes again.

Sam🖤: You’re so stupid. Sleepover is code for GO SEE YOUR MATE. Tell the parentals you’re coming over at me and let Petrova zap you to your mate instead.

Sam, believe it or not, had a pretty good relationship with Aunt Katty. She believed she was some character from Vampire Diaries reincarnated as a witch and called her Petrova as a result.

Me: It’s night time. I’ve only seen him during the day.

Sam🖤: You’re point is......

I knew she was right, but there was still a light feeling of fear that was admittedly threading it’s way through my system. I knew it was because a piece of me still associated my mate with the thing my pack hated for years; the past has practically infected the rest of my being with fear.

I shake my head before I quickly type back a response.

Me: I will. Thank you for this Sam❤

Sam🖤: What have I told you about red hearts...

I chuckle to myself before throwing my phone on my bed and sliding off. I stumble forth a little but catch my bedpost in time before my face could hit the floor. I take a couple quick breaths before trying again, a lot slower.

My body felt three hundred pounds heavier as I walked forward. It was as if someone dropped a boulder on my back and left it there. I hated the feeling, but i needed to see my mate, and that thought was enough to scrape up what little energy my body still possessed.

For the first time in almost four days, newfound energy radiated throughout me. A firm will boosted my moral as I went down the stairs with a small skip in my step.

I was going to see my mate.

“Levi!” Hagen says with a voice so surprised that an intense feeling of guilt shot through my heart.

I’d walked into the family room to tell them I was heading out, but was immediately bombarded with sadness instead when my eyes found those of my family looking up at me hopefully.

“We’re about to watch Zootopia, want to join?” Josey offers with the kindest smile she could muster.

“I...” I start but never finish, my heart sinking as I glance around the room. “I- I was....”

My parents both had this look on their faces: concern, fear, worry, pain... just about all were present as they watched me with gentle smiles. Damon was already clearing a space beside him on his favourite couch, which he never let anyone even glance at, and Peter was fixing me the huge, blue blanket littered with anchors that I loved ever since we were kids.

“...I’d love to.” I say mustering up the smile they’d so often fallen for. They smile back and I force mine to stay on.

I fall onto the space beside Damon, taking the blanket from Peter with a thanks before letting myself sink into the sofa.

With a deflating mood, I keep my eyes on the screen and let my mind wander to the feel of my mate’s skin and his beautiful smile I so desperately yearned to see once more.


I didn’t know what time it was or where I was- all I knew was that my mate would be at the end of the line I was chasing.

I’d long passed the border, instinct taking me further than thoughts. I’d waited patiently for my family to fall asleep from their movie marathon and immediately took off once they’d all conched out.

It was too late to go to Aunt Katty and my strength was dwindling with each passing moment. I needed my mate. I was desperate enough to risk getting caught at the border. I was desperate enough to risk everything.

The skies were dark and the woodlands unfamiliar. My heart pumped harder and faster with exhaustion lying alongside anxiety. I didn’t know what rested beyond these lands and I didn’t want to know.

I just wanted him.

Howling brings my feet to a standstill as my ears perk up, making my body automatically stiffen in alert. I stand perfectly still and listen to the howling that was soon mirrored by several wolves to fill the night.

My labored breaths pump out of me and join the chilled atmosphere. I look around my surroundings, spinning like a kid left unchained. At times like this, I wished I had a wolf- someone to calm me down, knowing exactly what to say because they felt it to. The fear. The dread.

They’d know just what to say to keep me from being distracted by the numerous wolves that were heading in my direction. They’d take control and keep us safe. They’d tell me everything would be okay, and it would be.

Caspar usually filled that role, but Caspar was angry. He was angry at himself for ‘letting’ me get hurt but he didn’t need to be- it was my fault, not his.

But it didn’t matter now. At least four wolves were heading my way and I couldn’t move. If I turned around, I was turning my back on my mate; if I ran towards them, it was like running into a fire.

So what could I do?

Too long. I took too long to decide because before I knew it, a small pack of wolves ran out of the cluster of trees that rested before me.
I counted four as they circled me. Their stench alongside their red eyes indicated clearly what they were.


I shift instantly, forcing myself to bury the pain it caused as I stood on all fours. I release a animalistic sound that matched a roar more than a howl. I was scared shitless but they didn’t know that, and if I held my ground they wouldn’t try anything stupid.

They advanced slowly, taking small steps towards me. Their snarls were the clearest indication that they weren’t going to back down.

I release a nasty growl of my own, that along with my red eyes doing little to nothing of scaring them. I may have alpha blood, but to rogues it didn’t matter your rank. A wolf was a wolf and that meant one had to die.

The nearest pounced towards me but his teeth never make contact as his stomach is caught in the large jaws of an all too familiar black wolf.

Relief was an understatement to say the least. Every previous worry that harboured within me completely disappeared as I looked up at my mate.
He tightened his jaw into the now whining rogue, clasping his teeth together before ripping it away. Blood spreads from the huge gash created in the wolf before it drops to the floor with a pained cry. J drops the chunk of the rogue he’d bitten out before glancing at me.

My heart drops at the savaged gaze he sends my way, a cold unfamiliar expression casted at me. As if I wasn’t anyone to him, not even his mate.

I strip my gaze away from his as he turns to face the other rogues, redirecting the murderous glare their way.

Like cowards, they take off into the woods but J immediately chases after them. He disappears into the darkness but I wasn’t worried. I was completely calm. I knew he’d come back to me and that he’d be safe.

I look to the bleeding out rogue and take a few cautious steps back, the sight nauseating to me as the smell of him was pungent. I make my way far enough from the rogue that I couldn’t smell it as much, but close enough that J could still find me.

I couldn’t shift back.
The adrenaline bolting through me keeping me in my strongest form instead of the one I felt safest in.

I hear J’s heavy steps first and see him after. His jaws were dripping with blood that wasn’t his own, and his eyes blazing with a fiery hatred.

Against my better judgement, I ignore it all and quickly run to him. My body meets his but he shoves me back aggressively, snapping his jaws warily at me.
I step back in confusion as he begins to circle me like prey, his gaze unwavering and strong.

Did he not know it was me?

He was looking at me with an unfamiliarity that could be the only excuse for his aggression. But he must’ve felt something of the sort that he usually did with me, or else he wouldn’t have saved me, and probably would’ve attacked me by now too.

J - I call in my mind. I knew it was an unwarranted attempt, seeing as links were only shared between the mated and pack members.
But I tried nevertheless; it was the only option seeing that my body refused to shift.

It’s me, Levi - He shakes his head with a growl as he looks around wildly as if searching for someone. As if searching for me, the me he knew.

I step towards him slowly and his eyes immediately snap to my paw, I stand still for a moment with a raging chest before stepping forth again. A low growl rumbles from deep within but I ignore it as I continue moving towards him, not stopping until my fur touched his.

My body was stiff in fear of him snapping at me, but I needed to feel him, his warmth. I’d waited long enough to be this close to him again and wouldn’t stop now because he didn’t recognise me.

My body sags against him in relief as his fur brushes against mine. I rub myself against him and he reluctantly does the same. We nozzle one another affectionately before rubbing our heads against our necks. I whine silently as I push against him a little, wanting more warmth and love than what was coming to me.

Finally my body cooperates and I shift before him. If his eyes could pop, they probably would have. He stares at me completely bewildered as he finally connects all the dots in his head.

“It’s me.” I whisper circling my arms around his large wolf head. “Now shift baby, I’ve missed you.”

He shifts and I’m immediately pulled into his arms. I sigh contentedly as I wrap my arms around him tightly, standing on my toes to reach his neck. He rubs his nose against the dip in my neck making me shiver against him as a jolt of energy shoots through me.

“Mhmm.” I moan against him as his hands search my body. They move quickly and roughly, gripping parts of me in claim as he began to lick at my neck slightly. “J- J.” I stutter as he begins to nibble at my skin, the feeling of his teeth setting fireworks off inside of me.

“Fuck.” I moan, gripping onto his shoulders desperately when his hands found my ass. He seemed to like it there cause his hands didn’t stop squeezing me as he pulled my body into his. I whimper pathetically when I feel his hardened cock as he rocks it up and down against me. Forcing my clothed one to feel him entirely as he pushed us together, using his arms to keep me close.

“N-Not now.” I try pulling back but he bites down on my neck in opposition. My nails dig into his back as I suck in all the available air, my cock pulsing to life as he licks around the small bite. It may not have been a mark but it might as well have been with the fire it lit inside of me.

He pulls back once he’s content, his dark globes finally meeting my own. His eyes search my heated ones before he leans forward, his lips meet my cheek and kisses it lightly. Pulling back, he stares at my surprised face before showing me that big, toothy grin I still didn’t realise I loved so much.

That was the only word I could use to describe how happy he made me so effortlessly.

“I know you don’t understand, but I love you so much already.” I whisper as I hold his gaze, my eyes filling with unshed tears. “So please don’t leave. Don’t leave me.”

He smile wavers when he catches sight of my teary eyes and quickly begins to litter my face with mindless kisses before pulling me in a tight hug.

Thank you Goddess for a mate like mine.

I am so fucking sorry I didn’t update on time. This weekend was mad, like actually fucking mad.
I believe my boarding school deserves a book or tv show or some shit cause these people be wildin.

Anyways sorry,
I did say on my Insta I wouldn’t be updating on time so I know some of you had the heads up. For the rest, follow the Insta so you don’t have to message me when you’re looking for an update that’s not coming.

Hope that doesn’t sound bitchy, I didn’t mean it to.

So to the story, did you enjoy? I did. His mate is such a fucking sweetheart with a fucking heart of gold.

Until next time,
Byeeeeee humansssss

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