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Chapter 13

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I know a lot of you were confused about the whole J almost killing J thing, I’ll explain all that in time.
But I did say that both Julian and Aiden tried to kill him in the past. Or maybe I just said Aiden, if so shit. I meant both. Lol.
Just keep in mind that this book is about Levi and there would’ve been a lot of shit that happened over the years after Alpha Mates. I mean it’s more than ten years after than Julian and Aiden’s story.

So yeah.


“What do you want kid?” Po asks making me freeze as I put a plate in the dishwasher. I straighten up quickly and glance across at him, he was wiping the counters while dad packed away some stuff that was left out after dinner.

“What do you mean?” I ask with a small frown, but he just raises an eyebrow in opposition.

“After dinner, you and all the other shitbags usually run off to do what shitbags do.” He states with a smug voice that makes both his mate and I roll our eyes.

“They’re are not shitbags.” Dad says for what must’ve been the millionth time today alone.

“They take all our food, hold it inside like a bag then shit it out. They’re shitbags.” Po retorts quickly and I can’t help but chuckle at his flawed logic. He smiles at me before continuing. “Anyway, my point is, you’re here helping out so what do you want?”

It made no sense lying, he knew I wanted something and they were the only people who could give it to me.

I had to know about Jayson. Who Jayson was and why I was so close to him, why I needed him so desperately. I’d been looking for answers on my own since that time with J in the woods, and going solo wasn’t cutting it anymore. It was hard enough to access pack information with the limited clearance I had, trying to access The Supernatural Board was a whole new level. So I decided to approach the two people who could.

“I need to talk to you guys about something?” I say after a moment. There faces change from a playful to a serious in a heartbeat. “It’s not bad, I promise. I just... I have some questions.”

“Okay.” Dad says tossing the rag on his shoulder onto the counter before sending me an encouraging smile. “Do you want to talk here or go to the office?”

“The office.” I say appreciatively. The office was soundproof and I didn’t want my fellow shitbags listening in on this conversation.

“You’re not pregnant are you?” Po asks teasingly and just to fuck with him, I speed up my heart rate and quickly widen my eyes as I look at him with a trembling hand.

“H-How did you know?” I stutter out, feigning to be scared shitless as I look at him. Fear quickly floods his eyes along with panic as his heart accelerates at an unmatchable pace.

“You’re pregnant?” He questions with a now fragile and dry tone. It was like all the air was knocked out of him as he was gasping for what was left.

“Of course not.” I reply dropping the act. His stature drops as the colour returns to his features. He clutches onto the countertop desperately, dramatically gasping for air while mentally cursing me through our link. Julian offers me a high five which I quickly meet, laughing we make our way to his office.

“Not funny kid.” Aiden huffs as he follows behind us.

“I mean, it was a little funny.” I say with a smirk.

It doesn’t take us long to reach dad’s office and before I know it, I’m closing the door behind me. I take a seat in the armchair opposite the couch where they were already seated, wrapped up in one another’s warmth.

I’d always envied the bond they shared as mates, but now that I had a mate of my own, I envied that they were together now. That they were so happy and open with one another, while barely anyone knew of my own mate who I hadn’t seen in almost a week.

“So what did you want to talk about kid?” Aiden asks, snapping me out of my little daze.

“Right umm.” I drag, trying to find the best words to approach this topic with. “Recently, I’ve been getting these.....flashbacks, at least I think they are. It started a couple days ago, it was only one at first but now they just keep coming and they don’t feel like dreams. They feel like memories, like I’ve lived them before.”

“What are they about?” Julian asks curiously but his voice remains calm and comforting.

“T-The first one was about the f-factory.” I say uneasily, my eyes meeting Aiden’s as he tenses immediately at the mention of the place we both suffered in. “It wasn’t a new memory, I mean, I’ve always known what happened. B-But this time, I remembered everything. Everything that was in the room, everything you said to him, even what I was thinking when it all happened.”

The room falls silent for a moment. Their confusion showing on their frustrated faces, I know they wish they could make me forget all about that place. I know Aiden wishes he got to me sooner, but there was nothing to be done now. I’ve never let myself dwell on the other possibilities, what life could’ve been like if everything went to plan. Because if it was one thing life taught me, it was that nothing ever went to plan.

“The next was of my pack.” I say quietly. This makes them both freeze as they large eyes meet mine.

It was no secret that I didn’t like to talk about my life before I was adopted and they’d respected that fact all my life. But times like this I really wished that I had shared more, over the years, I’d forgotten the little stuff.
I didn’t realise it at first, but soon they began adding up and I couldn’t remember much of anything before I met Aiden and Julian.

I knew I had a mother and a father, both who loved me and I loved them. I knew I had an amazing pack, we were small but it was enough for us. And I knew that I was happy.
But over time, the image of my mother’s face had deteriorated and so did my father’s. They all had, until now.

“I see all their faces.” I continue, my voice softer than I wanted it to be. “Every pack member or friend, every single one of them. It’s like I’m reliving every moment I ever lived as a kid all over again and it just keeps coming. It’s all coming back.”

“All of it?” Aiden asks solemnly and I nod with a heavy heart.

He was asking about the night I lost it all. The night we were attacked by rogues, the night I lost everyone I ever loved or cared about.

“I-I can still see my mom.......... T-There was s-so much blood.” I stutter out, tears forming in my eyes but I quickly wipe them away. I clear my throat before looking at them again. “But that’s not what I wanted to talk about.” I say firmly, forcing myself to keep looking at them. To not break down, to just relax. But it was easier said than done, especially with the looks of pity that formed their features.

“Then what did you want to talk about?” Dad says offering me an out I gratefully accept.

“You guys found me at five.” I say and they both nod tensely. “I never asked before, because I didn’t want to think about it but now I can’t even stop if I wanted to. But, was there anything that came with me? When you found me or anything left from my pack? Anything at all?”

“When I found you, there was nothing but the notebook.” Aiden says referring to the book of numbers we both had, a record of the pain we endured. “I looked, even after that night, but there was nothing else.”

“And The Supernatural Board said there was nothing left from your pack.” Dad fills in sadly. “Everything was lost in the fire.”

I stare at the carpet with a pulsing heart and raging mind. I knew there was nothing left. If there had been, Dad would’ve given it to me years ago, whether I wanted it or not.
But I still had to ask.

“Are you looking for something?” Julian asks cutting his way through my vicious thoughts.

“Or someone?” Aiden prompts and my eyes meet his.

“After I lost my pack, I was alone before Reon found me.” I say and they nod at the information they already knew.

“You think you weren’t alone?” Julian asks wearily.

“I know I wasn’t.” I correct. “I only get glimpses and a name, but I was definitely not alone.”

My eyes flash up to dad’s in surprise.

“How did you know?” I question blankly as my eyes study his every move. He glances across at Aiden who gives him a small nod before looking back to me with a weakened expression.

“When you first came home with us, you weren’t very social as you know.” He starts with a soft chuckle. “You didn’t talk much to us and not at all to other people. But when you had a nightmare, there was always one person you always cry for when I would hold you.”

“Jayson?” I question and he nods with a weak smile.

“We figured it may have been your father’s name or maybe a relative you were close to.” Aiden continues before releasing a sigh. “So we looked into it a little. We asked for your pack records and found only one Jayson.”

“Who was he?” I question on the edge of my seat, curiosity overwhelming me as I stared at the two who held the answers I so desperately wanted.

“They didn’t have an age but, they assumed he was a teenager. He was the son of one of the pack’s warriors.”

“That’s it?” I ask in disbelief.

“That’s all there was on him.” He says helplessly as I deflate before him. “But, there was something off about it all.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well it said he was a warrior’s son, but your pack was too small to have warriors.” He explains and I frown at the revelation. “Your pack files also had the age of every pack member, even a couple pictures. Something every pack must do to be registered, but he wasn’t in any picture and he’s the only one without an age.”

“That doesn’t make any sense.” I reply quickly.

“That’s what we thought. So we dug a little further.” Julian says taking over. “After the fire, the only reason anyone knew you were missing was because your body was the only one not identified amongst the rest. The files said everyone else was accounted for.”

“But Jayson wasn’t, he was with me.” I protest quickly and they nod.

“We think someone is trying to cover him up or something about him at least, this must be the best way to do it.” Dad explains as he looks to me. “We wanted to ask you about him, but you never wanted to talk about your home before this one and as you got older, you let everything go, so, so did we.”

I nod my head aimlessly as I take it all in. I wasn’t alone out there, I knew that. I knew that somehow we were separated. Somehow I ended up on a table and Jayson, well, I don’t know what happened to Jayson.
I’d forced myself to cross out the possibility that J was Jayson, Jayson could talk and walk and everything else that J couldn’t. J was lost and only just finding himself, it couldn’t be him.

“You think he’s still out there?” Dad asks breaking the silence that they let sit for a couple of minutes.

“I don’t know.” I say honestly. “I just..... I just wanted to fill in the spaces.”

“I’m sorry we couldn’t help more.”

“You guys have helped plenty.” I say quickly, offering them a weak smile. “There’s nothing more any of us could do.”

“Levi, I know you may not like to talk about it or maybe you don’t want to mix your two lives. But we won’t treat you any different if we know about your past. We’ll love you just the same.” Dad promises, his blue eyes holding mine with an honest promise. “You can talk to us.”

“Thanks.” I say honestly, loving what amazing parents I was lucky enough to have. “For everything.”

I stand and dive into their awaiting arms, soaking in the love and warmth they drowned me in as they held me between them.

“We love you Levi, always have, always will.” Aiden promises.

“I love you guys too.”







“For fuck sake Damon!”

“No means no Levi, I’m not going to play nurse with a bunch of old people who refuse to die!” He shouts back at me earning him a range of glares from the awaiting elders.

I bite down my rising temper, knowing that we were already making enough of a scene and if we kept going this would just end horribly.

Today was another day of trying to reshape Damon’s image of being a violent psychopath. He’d spent some time with the pack kids, helped out with the market and even led a training session which was very popular amongst the pack.
Today he was supposed to win over the elders, the same elders who essentially decided his future. They’d been the main source of complaints about Damon and him disrespecting him wasn’t helping their case.

It was supposed to go over easy. I would drop Damon off, making sure he didn’t run away and then go see J. But the moment Damon realised he was basically catering to the elders’ every wish for the day, he decided to act a lot more like a demon.

I grab hold of his sleeve and roughly pulling him aside to the back corner. He folds his arms across his broad chest, facing me with a look of defiance that didn’t make me scared like he may have wanted it to. To me he would always be the little brother that followed me everywhere.

“Look Damon, I’ll put this into terms even you can understand.” I start looking him straight in his dark blue eyes. “These people don’t think you’ll be a good alpha. They’re the ones the people listen to behind the scenes and the ones who perform the ceremony to transfer the power over to you. They don’t want to and will not answer to a spoiled, arrogant brat as an alpha.”

“Levi, m-” Amelia warns from behind me but I raise a hand to silence her.

“I am not a brat.” Damon growls out, his eyes igniting as he looks at me.

“That’s what you’re acting like right now.” I say just as sternly. “All you have to do is talk and help them out for the day but you would rather throw a temper tantrum.”

“Because I don’t want to pretend to love a bunch of assholes who want to take away my birth right!” He growls loud enough to silence the low chatter in the room. “You and dad and everyone else may be okay with playing nice, but I won’t pretend to be something I’m not.”

“I never said you had to.” I combat with just as much aggression. “Damon, you’re a good person. You care for this pack, these people and everything we stand for. There’s no one better to be the next alpha. But you’re also violent, incredibly impulsive and inconsiderate at times. All I want is for you to show the good parts of you that no one else sees. Show them and everyone that doubts you that you are better than they think you are.”

He holds my stare for a long moment, his gaze faltering on the edge of agreement.

“Show them you’re the alpha that I know you can be.” I say more calmly, almost pleadingly.

Its a long moment before he nods his head slightly. I release a breath I didn’t know I was holding as his eyes glaze over the elders who were witnessing the scene.

“Alright, let’s get this over with.” He grumbles before walking towards them with a large smile that was clearly forced.

I let myself sink against the wall as I watch him try to be civil with the elders. Amelia rests her back next to me, her eyes on Damon with a small smile.

“He looks up to you ya know.” She says and I chuckle.

“He idolizes me.” I correct and we both laugh a little.

“You’re the only one who can get through to him.” She continues and I shake my head in opposition.

“You do too.”

“By force and way too much arguing than I enjoy.” She says and I find myself frowning a little. “He’s a great guy but the way he is now, it’s not good enough to be an alpha. We can tame him for a bit, but he needs someone to help him.”

“You don’t think you’ll be mates.” I say reading through the lines. Sadness fills her features as she looks at her best friend.

“I know he loves me and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love him too...... but, I’m not the one for him.” She says honestly, glancing at me with slightly glossing eyes. “There’s someone out there who will know exactly what to do to water down his ‘demonic’ qualities.” She jokes with a chuckle before wiping a finger under her eyes as she striaghtens up. “I’m not the person he needs, but I’ll fill in until he finds them.”

She walks away before I can reply, jumping onto Damon’s back making him ring out a string of curses as the elders lead the way to the day they’d be spending together.

I don’t let myself dwell on Amelia’s words, the reality of them too harsh for me to accept just yet.
I knew she was right. But the thought of Damon hearing those words pained me too much to think about.

Instead I stand to my feet and make my way out the building where Caspar was chasing a butterfly. The sight brings a smile to my face as I approach him.

I hate being a feline - Caspar grumbles as he continues to chase after the small creature.

I catch the creature in the palm of my hand before releasing it a little higher so it could set a path away from Caspar.

I’m going to see him today - I say glancing down at him as we begin walking. Dad is out visiting a nearby pack and Aiden is with Reon.

Yes. Reon.
Dad kept him alive in his the cellars for over ten years and like the psycholath he is, he takes days off to go torture him. He’s invited me several times to go ‘let some steam off’, but I’ve refused every single time. I didn’t have the deep seated hatred for the man dad did, I didn’t need to see him in pain to feel better when I wasn’t at my best. But dad did.

Can I come? - Caspar asks eagerly but I quickly shake my head

It’s amazing that you want to meet him Caspar, it means the world to me. But as far as history and personal experience goes, he’s not the friendliest with others. I don’t want you getting hurt - I explain clearly, I didn’t want Caspar in anyway getting harmed by J.

I loved J and I knew he was trying hard to adapt to whatever it was that we were doing, but bringing in other people could make things unbalanced.

Okay fine. But can I at least get a picture - He drags and I laugh itha quick nod.

I’ll try to take one today - I promise.

I had big plans for J and I today. Just the thought of it made my chest fill with glee. It’d been far too long since I’d seen him and I wanted nothing more at this point than to be with him. Since both my parents would be occupied for the day, I had enough time to sneak out of the pack and spend time with him. To actually spend time with him, enjoy his company and his presence.

I’d even put together a little date, though J wouldn’t realise it was a date and may even possibly hate it. But I hoped that he wouldn’t, I hoped he’d enjoy the night as much as I would.

I’m going to show my mate just how much I love him.


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