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Chapter 14

Picture of Levi - I usually imagine him cuter but fuck he’s hot here
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I look over my checklist for the third time, cursing myself mentally for being obsessed with checking things like dad. But I push the taunts I know Po would make out my head and go through the list anyway.

Pillows. Check.
Blankets. Check
Lights. Check.
Food. Check.
Laptop. Check.

I look around the space I’d set up for J and I. Everything was in place, exactly the way I wanted it to be.
It was a little risky setting up here, on land that basically tethered on the pack’s. But it was a risk I’d gladly take just to make J smile.

Plus, Aunt Kathy promised to put up a dome like barrier to keep everything and everyone out of this space but us. I really didn’t deserve someone like her, I mean, she didn’t have to do this for me. She didn’t have to help me sneak out to see J or make sure no one followed, but she did. She was always here for me and I thanked Goddess everyday that she was in my life.

“Don’t you think this is a bit simple kid?” She says as she glances over the set up.

“It has to be simple.” I say ignoring her unimpressed look. “J won’t get anything extravagant, he won’t value it as much as others. This.... I think he’ll like this.”

“Whatever you say.” She says lifting her hands in defeat. “Want me to zap him over here?”

“I have a feeling he won’t take a liking to teleportation.” I joke knowing that he’d probably lose his fucking mind if that happened to him. “Plus, we have to go somewhere else first.”

“So my job here is done?” She asks and I nod with a smile before giving her a tight hug. “Touching. Levi, you’re touching me.”

I ignore her and squeeze harder.
Aunt Katty may pretend to be a bitch with less emotion than a brick wall, but I knew her long enough to know that she loved hugs. Even if she’d never admit it.

I release her eventually and she sends me an aggravated glare I promptly return a smile. She holds the glare for a moment before her resolve breaks and she sends me a tender smile.

“Have fun tonight.” She says genuinely and my smile just grows even bigger.

“I will. Thank you for everything.” I say appreciatively but she just swats me off.

“Remember, rubber is your friend.” She teases, disappearing before I can defend myself.

I push away the pending thoughts that come with her implications, J and I were very far from that stage and I didn’t need to get all worked up thinking about it.

I glance over the space one last time to make sure everything is perfect before setting course towards the area I usually found J.

It was strange that with the land that ran as far as your eyes could take you, he always seemed to be in the same area. I figured it may be because he stays around for me but when I think about it, that didn’t match up with what the pack believes.

Dad always said that ‘the thing’ haunted them and the pack because it rested right outside the pack. Almost taunting them as it remained undefeated and when I thought about J, the J I knew and loved, it didn’t make sense. He didn’t seem to be looking for a fight or for a challenge, he didn’t seem to be looking for anything at all.

So why would he stay?
Why would he remain in a place where people just kept coming back to attack him?

I stop in my tracks as a thought pops into my head.

Did he stay for me?

No. No.
J didn’t know we were mates until we met, until he shifted. Like me, he had no idea until it happened. I mean, he even attacked me.

I force myself to keep walking but the thoughts follow suit, my mind scrambling to put the jagged pieces together.

Why did he stay....
Did he feel the pull? Did he feel the mate bond? But how....

I never felt one myself. The only pull I felt was to explore the land beyond our pack, to get out here and see what was left untouch.

Did that pull have to do with J? Did I feel a pull to him and not the place itself?

I shake my head to rid myself of these confusing thoughts. I was never one for conspiracy theories and that’s exactly what my life felt like at this point. A bunch of unsolved, nonsensical mysteries that I couldn’t figure out.

But I didn’t want to think of that tonight. I didn’t want to think of my old pack, Jayson or anything else. I just wanted to think about my mate. To spend a night with him and only him.


J tackles me before my smile can completely form. Laughter ripples out from my lips as I lay on the ground, covered by his large wolf form.

He quickly begins work at lathering me with licks, purposefully covering me in his scent that I had to scrub away every time we parted.

J nuzzles himself into me, basking me with his affection and love that I greatfully accept as I wrap my arms around his large neck. A tingle runs up my spine at the connection and I can feel all the pent up tension leave my body.

It’d been too long.
Too long since I had seen, held him, smelt his beautiful scent mixed with my own. Too long since I’d seen my mate.

When he pulls back to look at me, my heart jumps within my chest, the sensations his gaze arises warming my body completely. I can see it in those dark black orbs, the need and want and even the joy.

It makes my heart race.
He makes my heart race.

I manage to eventually pull myself from underneath him and I turn so that he could shift. He still didn’t like me to watch, but his shifts were getting shorter and easier with each attempt. I longed for the day where it’d be as easy as it was for all the other wolves, he didn’t deserve to suffer, especially not for me.

When two large arms wrap around my stomach, I immediately sink back into his chest as a smile spreads across my lips. Electricity courses through me at the feeling of his skin on mine, sparks dashing from within me as a sort of happiness, I only feel with J, invades me. This sort of delight that only came around with him, it was like the sun was shining on me as I was soaking it all in.

J doesn’t let me enjoy this hold for too long and he turns me to face him. His eyes gleam at the sight of me and he tugs me towards him. Holding me flush against him, he latters my face with kisses that set me off into another fit of giggles.

“I’ve missed you.” I breathe out when he finally let’s up on the kisses. “You have no idea how much I’ve missed you.”

He stares at me and sets a gentle kiss to my nose that I tell myself is his way of saying he missed me too.

I wrap my arms around his neck and push myself up on my toes to look straight at him. The large smile resting on my lips mirrored by his as well. A giggle escapes me right before he tightens his hold around my waist and lifts me a little.
I laugh against him as he tries to spin us but we just end up on the floor. This just making me laugh even more as a few chuckles of his own escape his lips.

It was as if we were just bursting with energy now that we were together and didn’t know what to do with it.
I pull myself up his chest, my weight resting on him as I look down at him. His hair was tangled again, already catching the leaves on the ground with the knots that formed with my absence.

“You shouldn’t try things like that when you can’t even walk.” I say playfully and his smile fades at the mention of the word walk.

Some things J was starting to get. Walk meant doing the things with his legs which he hated, clothes meant putting on the uncomfortable fabric which he also hated and my watch beeping meant it was time for me to go.

He sits up a bit with an expression I don’t quite recognise, he sets me down besides him before standing to his feet. I begin to think that he’s mad at me before he takes a steady step forward and then another and another. He wobbles here and there, he even falls once or twice, but he stands again and continues.

I stand to my own feet in awe and can’t help but release a sort of mix between a scream and a shout that makes him snap his attention back to me.

“You’re walking!” I exclaim with a smile so wide I swear my face would tear in half. “You’re actually walking!”

I quickly rush over to him, catching his arm before he could fall again but I’m too proud to notice. Too damn happy to stop myself from hugging him so tight he groans and grunts at my force.

“How?” I question when I finally pull back and allow him to breathe. “How are you already walking?”

He doesn’t get what I’m asking completely, so I make some gestures with my hand and him before he seems to get it. He points to me and then north, towards my pack.

“When I was gone?” I question and he nods unsurely as if not sure that the words I suggested were right. “You practiced?” I say almost in disbelief and this time he doesn’t nod, not recognising the words.

I bite back another scream, not wanting to scare him. Instead I just jump onto him, he catches me, managing to keep us upright this time. He supports my weight effortlessly, his hands gripping my thighs while my legs held me to his waist.

“I am so proud of you.” I say as I press my forehead to his. I pull back after a moment to look into those beautiful, dark orbs of his. “I love you.” I say looking him straight in his eyes.

He studies my lips for a moment before kissing my cheek gently. The tenderness of the action sending a jolt of electricity through me.
I struggle to keep down my blush and the smirk that plays on his lips tells me he knows just how much he affects me.

“I planned us something special today, don’t make me cancel it.” I warn with a small frown that fades easily. “Let’s go.” I say as I slide off of him.

I lace my fingers between his own, prompting him to put a bit of his weight on me as we begin walking.
It’s slow and shaky, but we make do and I can’t help but love every second of it.


As we approach the intended site, the sound of water rushing invades my ears and I push us to walk a bit faster with an overwhelming eagerness buzzing throughout my entire being.

As we made our way over here, J’s walking had improved a little more and he listened to my aimless rambling as I told him about everything that happened in our time apart. I knew he couldn’tquite understand it all, but he tried so hard to and that was more than enough for me.

“This place is very special to me.” I say as the crystaline waters come to eye. “I found it a couple years ago.”

When we manoeuvre our way through the remaining trees, I stop us to take in the breathtaking waterfall in all it’s glory.

With the afternoon sun laying waste to the sky, the blue waters shone with a unique beauty. The water crashed onto the jagged, undercut rock before rushing down uncontrolled and viciously. Crashing into the awaiting plunge pool that sparkled welcomingly.
The colbalt tinted waters spread out in the large pool before burshing at the edges of the stony border. The borders surrounded by small white flowers that grew in bundles, complementing the caged water.

I drew my eyes from the waterfall to glance up at J, sure enough his eyes were wide, pupils dillated with wonder and amazement. A look I savour as the corner of his lips tugged for a smile.
Absentmindly, he took a step forward that result in us stumbling a bit. Ripping his eyes away to look at me, he sends me an apologetic look that I swat away.

I give his shoulder a small squeeze before nudging him forward. We move quickly to the waterfall, only stopping when our feet become slightly wet from the damp soil that rested before the flowers.

I wanted us to have fun. I doubted J knew how to swim and I wanted him to enjoy the rush of cold water against the skin. For him to bathe under the waterfall’s showers and soak in one of life’s simplest pleasures.

I release J’s grasp on me, ignoring his worried gaze, to quickly strip down to my birthday suite. My eyes shyly find his again after, an unwelcomed blush flooding its way up my neck and to my cheeks.

Lust burned in his eyes as he racked them down my body. He’d never seen my body in it’s barest form with no clothes standing between us. The look in his eyes had my cock pulsing as goosebumps spread across my skin. I sneak a glance down, my eyes rising quickly at the site of his fully erect friend.

His hands trail at my sides, the contact sparking a shiver throughout my body as he teases me with his gentle touch. His fingertips continue to caress my edges until his sinks his fingers in tightly and pulls me to him.
I gasp slightly as our erections meet with a force, J groans his pleasure as his eyes flutter shut for a second. He rutts against me and a breathy moan leaves my lips, ecstacy and need breaking off of me in waves.

“L-Let’s go in.” I say pressing a gentle hand between our chest. I’d be happy to let him discover the pleasures available to us as mates, using my body as he pleased. But I didn’t want to do it standing here in the woods, feeling ironically naked.

He frowns his displeasure, but doesn’t fight me as I lace our fingers together and pull him towards the water.

The moment his toes meet the chilling water, he jolts back pulling me with him. I chuckle before pulling him with me through his reluctance.
He groans his indignation but I ignore it as I tug him in further. When we were barely beyond our ankles and he began to whine I stopped immediately and looked to him.

“It’ll warm up.” I say tip toeing to hold his face between ny hands. “I promise J.”

He pulled his face from my hands and tried to take me out with him. I escaped him and quickly dove into the water.

A cooling rush floods me as I break through the water, the pool deep enough to allow me to sink further, enjoying the depth and exhileration that came with it.
Not wanting to worry J, I quickly swim back up, breaking the surface with a gasp. I brush the hair from my face and look to my mate.

He was inching his way forward to me now, determination pushing him closer but the cold slowing him down. I laugh at the distorted expression and swim to him, meeting him halfway.

Once close enough, he held onto my hand tightly and jumped in like I did. I laugh at the big splash it made but quickly brought him out. With a dramatic gasp for air, he holds onto me tightly, teeth shattering as he shook in my arms.

“You’re adorable.” I comment as I slide him to my back. He holds on without protest and I make quick work of swimming around to warm him up.

Once he adjusted to the temperate, it was hard to keep up with him. Like a child going to the sea for the first time, light shone in his eyes as he swam around, holding onto me to keep him from sinking. But soon he abandoned me, taking to it easily as he began exploring the large pool of water.

I watched him wonderously, contemplating whether it just came naturally to him or if he’d done it in the past. Most definetely he’d swam in a river or two in his wolf form, maybe that’d allow him this easy transition.

My thoughts were disrupted when J turned around, seeming to only then notice that I wasn’t behind him. I quickly swim to him before he could afford to panic.

“You acted like a scared pup before and now you might as well be a fish.” I say with an amused smile as I treaded before him.

He tilted his head like a confused puppy and I couldn’t help but laugh fondly. Enjoying my happiness, he smiled graciously before ducking under the water only to pick me up from under and boost me up.

“J!” I exclaim with laughter rippling out of me as he held me effortlessly in his grasp. He slid me down after a moment and drew me close, a wide smile resting on those perfect lips.

His eyes search mine and he begins to lead forward making my heart race in anticipation and want. But then, he just splashed my face with water, sending me a smug smirk.

“Oh, you think you’re funny?” I question as I brush the water from my face. He brings a hand to his lips but chuckles escape him anyway. “Come here!” I shout diving towards him but he dodges my grasp and dives under. I don’t waste a moment to chase after him.

We spend our time in the utmost happiness. Chasing after one another like if the outside world didn’t hold a candle to us. A smile never left my face as I felt a level of freedom and contentment only present when J was around.

J made me forget.

When his fingers wrap around my ankle and tug, some air evades me as I laugh underneath the surface. He pulls me all the way back to him, not allowing me to escape once I broke for air. It was his turn trying to catch me and I’d invaded him long enough that he’d grown fed up.

Laughing in his grip as his arms wrapped around my waist and he pulled me tight against him. We were shallow enough for him to stand and he used it to his advantage.

“I surrender.” I say with a lopsided smile, letting my legs circle his waist and my arms hang on his shoulders. “You win.”

He makes a content grunt, a smile resting on his lips as our chests rose and fell in aspiration. As they raged, our eyes held under the incoming night light.

Slowly and steadily, our hearts seemed to settle into a steady thump. The sound filled my ears completely as my eyes flicked to J’s lips and then back to his eyes. He did the same, though confusion was clear on his face, eyebrows twitching slightly.

We both wanted the same thing. Our bodies urging us to meet in that way.
But J didn’t know entirely what it was, so I held myself back and allowed him to get there at his own pace.

And soon enough, he was drawing closer. His movements cautious unsure, the action almost slowing down time as I wait for his pink, full lips to meet my own.





J’s lips spark a new current through me when they finally meet mine. Gentle and soft he presses them to mine before releasing a strained moan that I mirror shamelessly.
Like a newfound energy, my body sizzles to life as I savour the taste of my mate. It similar to his sweet honey aroma that filled my nose.

He pulls back suddenly, his jolt sending the waters rippling around us as his wide, black eyes meet mine. I chuckle at his reaction a little before licking my lips.

“It’s called a kiss.” I say softly, as if afraid to break the atmosphere. I giggle at his bewilderment before leaning forward and pressing quick peck to his lips.

When I pull back he studies me with the same expression for a moment, then he closes his eyes and kisses me again.

He moves tentatively, following my slow lead as our lips move in a gentle dance. I shiver slightly as his grip on me tightens and he begins to pick up the tender rhythm. He groans against me and I let myself drown in him entirely.

Our lips move fluidly, singing the same tune as we soaked in this new form of connecting as mates. We grow in pace as we become hungrier for one another, to have each other in the best of ways.

I lick at J’s lips and he stops for a moment before doing the same to my lips. I smile against him before separating only barely, I slip my hand under his chin, pushing his already swollen lips apart with my thunb before kissing him again.

He hums his surprise as I slip my tongue between his lips, his own meeting mine with a gentle caress. I keep hold of his chin as I claim his mouth as mine, coveting him with love and affection.

I let my hand slip away, resting it in his hair as our lips move comfortably. I don’t let my tongue explore his mouth like I so desperately wanted to, keeping this slow embrace for now.

Once we pull apart, our heads press against one another as we pant heavily. Catching our breathes, I sneak a glance at J’s now slightly red, swollen lips and nibble slightly on my own with pride blooming in my chest.

“It’s getting dark.” I voice after a moment as I look around the now dark forest. “You haven’t seen the other surprise yet.”

I swim to the the edge of the pool before climbing out, J following behind still a little dazed by our kiss. It was our first kiss so I couldn’t blame him, the thrill of it still racked my body. Plus it was most likely his first kiss too.

I left J for a second to grab the small pile of clothes and a towel I’d put here earlier today. I wrap the fluffy goodness around both of us, rubbing it quickly to dry us before dressing in my old clothes with a small blush.

Once finished, I look to J who was still snuggly wrapped in the large green towel.

“It’s cold tonight so you have to wear clothes.” I say holding the pile in my hands. A deep frown twisted his features and he shoke his head defiantly. “You’ll catch a cold J.” I plead but he doesn’t budge.

“You are wearing clothes!” I say determinedly. He stares at me for a moment before he tries to kiss me but I stop him. “No more until you dress.”

His eyes grow wide as if horrified that I’d deny him a kiss. He tries again but I pull the clothes between us and shake my head.

With a lot of grunts, groans and growls, J let’s me dress him head to toes in clothes. It was the first time, I’d gotten him to wear a full outfit and I couldn’t help but stick out my tongue childishly when I was done.

He itches at the loose t-shirt that hung on his shoulders before sending me an unpleasant glare.

“You were good, so here.” I say tapping my lips with my index finger. The glare vanishes and he quickly crashes his lips to mine. The action making me smile against him as kissed me hungrily before pulling back. Licking his lips with contentment, he smiles at me.

“You will literally be the death of me.” I say before I sling the wet towel over my shoulder and hold him close as we begin our journey to the spot I’d set up.


Jaymes Young and Phoebe Ryan - We Won’t

As the twinkling night lights came into view, my heart squeezed a little anxiously. We were walking a lot easier now, my hand only present incase J had a little slip up or grew tired.

I looked to J anxiously as he studied the set up before me with the same intensity I was studying his features with.

I’d made a sort of outdoor cozy spot by setting up a couple tents I managed to scramble together. Drapping them over with old sheets that I tied together to the surrounding trees to make a small, sheet campsite.
It was covered with gold fairylights which ran under the sheets as well. Underneath all the chaos rested large pillows and sheets that covered the tent floors. Inside rest my laptop and speaker alongside a large spread of snacks and treats.

It was the date I’d always imagined for my mate and I when I’d allow myself to dream of one. Something simple but enjoyable all the same. Secluded and private, for just the two of us.

I looked to J and he looked back to me. A million and one questions ran through his mind, I could tell, I just wished he could voice them so I could answer them.

I gave him a sad smile instead and pulled his hand, crouching down to get under the sheets. He follows my movement and eventually crawls when needed to get into the space completely.

“Tonight, we’re going to get to know you.” I say once we were comfortable. J lying on his side, propping himself on one arm as he continuously stomached the grapes near him.

I opened my laptop before putting some music to play. J froze at the sound, his ears twitches slightly at the sound of guitars, drums and pianos all merged into one. He listened attentively, the sounds foreign but I think he liked it if the sparkle in his eye was an indication.

“I thought you’d like this.” I say fondly as he laid onto his back and relaxed visibly.

He opens his arm for me and I quickly crawl to him. Propping myself up on my elbows as I layed on my stomach. I plucked a grape from his grasp and popped it into my mouth with a smile.

“So you like grapes.” I note mentally as I pull at the bowl of strawberries. “Try this.”

He doesn’t even study the fruit, just bites into it before frowning a little at the taste. He chews a bit more before swallowing it reluctantly and shoving the rest of the fruit back to me.

“And you hate strawberries.” I say eating the fruit myself.

I sit up a little before holding a grape in one hand and a strawberry in the other. J points to the grape and I give it to him before holding the edge of my shirt.

“Clothes or strawberry?” I question and he frowns with aggravation at the question as if it was an offensive query. He shakes his head and I shake right back at him. “You have to choose.”

Eventually he points to the strawberry but I don’t make him eat it, just smile as an idea pops into my head. I quickly start asking him other pairs of things around us before pulling up my laptop to continue with images online.

Through our little game, I’d learnt that J liked sunshine over snow, wolves over people, witches over vampires which was an oddity and then rabbits. The excitement he got from the image of the bunnies was no where near Peter’s, but it was still nice to know he’d already inadvertently gained Peter’s favour.

As the night wore on, sleep tugged on my eyes and J pulled me into his arms. I sunk into his hold reluctantly, I didn’t want to waste this time sleeping but sleep was coming quicklg.

I tugged a large blanket over the both of us with his help, he seemed to hate the many layers of it all and made a big show of stripping naked once more before joining me under the blanket again.

It was a rare that I could stay with J this long, so long that exhaustion caught up to me. Long enough to spend the night in his arms, the warmth of his chest heating my cheeks completely as I pressed myself closer to him.

It was the only way to describe what this was. The feeling of being with my mate and not having to worry about leaving.

We were together they way we should always be and the reality of it all brought tears to my eyes. I pushed them back, not wanting to bring sadness into what had been such a perfect day between the too of us.

Instead I just drew myself closer, slinging a leg over his own as he circled his arms around my waist and inhaled my scent.

“I love you J.” I whisper sleepily, pressing a kiss to his chest and as I dose off, I smile at the gentle kiss pressed to my temple in response.

And though I knew it was my imagination, I savoured the reality in my head where he said it back.

I love you too Levi


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