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Chapter 18

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Levi’s P.O.V

I keep my fingers tightly woven between J’s, the secure hold allowing my heart to calm down.

The fear that haunted my heart on the way to find him, at the prospect of losing J, now fading easily as we made our way back to the pack where dad would be waiting with Caspar. Initially, I wanted everyone to be there when I brought J, but dad said that it may be too much for him and scare him off.

So we agreed to meet at a section of the border which dad had left patrols for the day, saying he’d take the shift himself. He’d lead us carefully towards Uncle Beckett’s and Uncle Emitt’s old home which had essentially been deserted for years, there, J and I would slowly build our bond before we thought about our future.

I was scared truthfully. I hadn’t allowed myself to imagine how J would react or how dad would. Their occurrence in the past was something I couldn’t even imagine J doing, he was so sweet and innocent I just couldn’t imagine it.
I wish I could ask him why he’d do that, whether or not he even remembered it and if he regretted it. And alternatively, if dad saw him in person would his attitude change as the memories came flooding back. Would he attack or would he stay composed? I had so many questions and no true way of answering them. It was scary.

J tugs viscously at his shirt collar bringing me from my thoughts, I lean over quickly and tear it down a little, the room providing him with some comfort. He smiles down at me before kissing me gratefully, I soak in the warmth his actions provide before retaking hold of his hand and leading us forth.
We were almost to the border now, I take a quick glance at J to make sure he was okay, I smile at the results I find. He was smiling back at me, already watching me with trust and love in his eyes, he looked a little curious, anxious maybe, but the trust that he harbored was more than enough for me to take us the last forth those last few steps.

The second my eyes land on golden strands which seemed to glow under the glowering sunlight, my heart sped up with nerves and anticipation.
I gripped J’s hand extra tight as I led us to my dad who was waiting with a nervous smile of his own.

The minute J saw him, he tensed for a moment, his eyes widening as he looked down at me with crossed eyebrows. I gave him a look that said it was okay, I hoped he understood as I tugged him only. Pulling him the entire distance until we stopped right in front of my dad.

The two study each other for a long uncomfortable moment, J looking confused and uncomfortable and Dad... well I was never that good at reading dad.

“Dad,” I start causing his eyes to drift to me for a mere second. “This is J, my mate. J, this is my dad.”

Neither say anything, not that J could, but I hoped the frown on his face wouldn’t be so prominent. Dad sticks out a hand surprising both of us as he offers a warm smile to J, the type that made you instantly relax, one that only he could muster.

“I’m Julian.” He says clearly.

“You shake it.” I say quickly before demonstrating with dad and nudging him afterward. J copies my actions absentmindedly, a frown still lacing his features as he tucks himself into my side.

“Its nice to meet you J.” He says despite J’s silence. “You weren’t kidding about the communication barrier.” Dad comments with noticeable amusement in his tone.

“He’s getting better.” I promise a little defensively. He nods cautiously sending me a look that made me blush with embarrassment.

“He makes you snappish.” He comments approvingly before turning on his heels and walking. “Alright, let’s go before someone becomes nosey.”

I follow behind him, dragging J along quickly. J looks at me worriedly so I press a comforting kiss to his hand as we walk.

“Your father would go grey if he knew what was happening.” Dad says with a sigh that spoke of future exhaustion.

“We don’t have to tell him J is the beast, we can just say he’s s-”

“You never lie about or to your mate.” He says cutting me off quickly. “It just leads to future problems. Pretty hypocritical considering what I’m doing right now.”

“I’m sorry.” I say with building guilt. The last thing I wanted to do was break down my parents’ relationship building up my own. But even though I said that a piece of me knew I was already doing that, whether or not I wanted to.

He stops walking to look at me. He shifts his gaze between J and I, the small wrinkles formed by his frown fading as a smile takes its place.

“You deserve a chance.” He says finally. “I had mine, there’s no reason why you should be denied yours.”

J pulls me closer, glaring at dad with radiating waves of warning, an action which makes dad laugh. He laughs so much that his stiffen form relaxes completely as he stares at J with a growing fondness.

“Very protective,” He comments joyously. “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

He starts back walking and soon enough we’re emerging from the woods to the back of the old house I’d visited many times in my childhood.
It’d always been a secret escape of mine and I couldn’t have imagined anywhere better to start building a life with J.

J stops me when his eyes land on the house, panic quickly flooding them as he looks around unsurely.

“It’s okay baby.” I say facing him as I held his face in my hands. He was shaking slightly, his racing heart easily susceptible to my sensitive ears. Instead of using words he probably didn’t understand, I pull him into a tight hug. I begin swaying us a little while rubbing his broad back soothingly as I pressed kisses to all the skin accessible to me.

Slowly but steadily, he begins to sink into me, his inhales of my scentless desperate as he breathed easily. I continue the soothing actions, letting myself fade in the calming bubble we’d created for ourselves, the world around us escaping me as I swayed my beautiful mate to a state of comfort.

“We’re going to stay here.” I say once I pulled back just enough to see his face. “No one will be around, nothing will bother or hurt us and we’ll be together.”

He looks at me with puzzlement for a long moment before glancing at the house behind me and then down at dad before returning his gaze to me. The glimmer of unwavering discomfort and hesitance doesn’t fade but he nods anyway, I press a kiss to his lips in hopes of calming him a little.

“I love you.” I whisper and a small smile forms on his lips as he kisses me on my nose in response. I can’t help the childish giggle which escapes me as he layers kisses all over my faces. I break away from him with a large smile that freezes in its place when I turn back to see dad staring in disbelief, only then does the bubble pop and I remember that he was still there.

Unsure of how to react, I clear my throat despite the rising blush and wrap my fingers between J’s once more before leading us pass dad and into the house. The old wooden stairs creek their pain as we make our way up them, J’s eyes dart around curiously as he takes it all in.

I lead J cautiously throughout the house, taking him slowly so he wasn’t spooked by anything. He was taking it pretty well considering this was possibly the first time he was in a house. The fear which drowned him initially was quickly replaced by curiosity, one that I could only find cute whenever he touched something only to jump back to his place next to me. The shriek he released when I turned a tap allowing water to jut out was nothing but adorable, but J didn’t think it was and ended up throwing me a bit of a cold shoulder for the laughter which escaped me. But after a few loving kisses and unwavering hugs, he quickly succumbed to me and kissed me back happily.

When we were finished making the rounds around the house, we made our way back to dad who was waiting patiently in the kitchen. His hand wrapped around a mug of hot chocolate as he beamed up at us, we’d bought a few groceries to accommodate J and me for a few days, fruits were obviously included as it was one of the few things I knew J adored.

“Any problems?” Dad questions, relief encompassing his form once I shake my head. “That’s good.” He says with a smile, looking happily between us. “Then I guess I should be on my way.”

“Thank you.” I say leaving J’s side to hug dad tightly. He releases a small sound of surprise once I crash into him but he hugs me back with just as much love. I ignoring the burning it causes inside and hold onto him. “For everything, thank you.”

“Of course.” He replies pressing a kiss to my forehead. That seemed to be J’s tipping point because I soon find myself being pulled off my father and instead, being cocooned by my mate. He releases a low, warning growl to dad, glaring at him with pitch black eyes which glowed in his fury.

Dad puts his hands up in surrender, unable to keep the delighted chuckles inside as he backed away slowly. I hit against J’s chest a little until he loosens his grip on me. I stare up at him angrily which causes his own glare of anger to falter and fall into one of confusion. I open my mouth to scold but dad beats me to it.

“No, it’s my fault Levi.” He says with a smile before looking to J. ” I am very sorry J.” J’s eyes narrow at dad before he looks at me with a ‘ha’ expression as he crosses his arms. I roll my eyes losing all energy to argue with my mate, partially because it would lead nowhere and also because he was just too cute when he thought he won.

“I’ll see you soon Levi, keep in touch.” Dad says finally, turning to leave.

My heart rate spikes when J leaves my side and rushes towards dad who turns swiftly with eyes mirroring exactly what I felt inside. To both of our surprise, J stops right in front of him and extends his hand. Dad stares at it in both shock and confusion, J frowns at this before taking his hand for himself and shaking it. When sense hits me, I can’t help but smile widely at the pride and love that buds in my chest.

“I think he’s saying bye.” I say to dad who still looked confused. He nodded nevertheless at my suggestion before smiling to J and taking his leave. When the door closes behind him, J doesn’t waste a second returning to my side with so much force that we crash to the ground.

I laugh beneath him as he hugs me tightly before rolling us around until we hit a wall. I sit up panting slightly as I smile down at him, my body now on top allowing me to straddle him. He stares up at me with those dark eyes that caused fear at first glance but now, all I saw in them was a doe-like innocence which drove me absolutely mad with the need to protect him.

“So do you like it?” I quickly gesturing to the space around us before resting my hands on his chest as he rests his on my waists. He looks around a little from his spot before looking back at me with a nod. I smile at the response and press a quick peck to his awaiting lips before leaning back once more.

“After we get settled and relax for a day or two, I’ll start introducing you to my siblings.” I say running through the scheduled I’d already planned. “But before them, you need to meet Caspar, because he’ll be living here with us.”

He frowns at this and I can see the confusion blurring in his vision.

“Caspar is my Jaguar, he’s my best friend and one of the only reasons I’ve made it this far.” I say with a fond smile forming on my lips. “Think of it as my outward inner wolf.”

The words sparked a thought in my head and annoyance for my own stupidity and incompetence quickly floods my mind as I facepalm myself. I shake my head with a sigh, J reaches up and pulls my hand from my face looking up at me with confusion and worry.

“J,” I say making him perk up at his name, “do you have an inner wolf?”

His eyes remain bright with curiosity as he tilts his head a little with clear confusion at my question.

“Someone in your head,” I say pointing at my head, “they lead you and guide your path in life.”

This seems to get through as a frown immediately forms on his lips and his eyes filled with disdain, the expression of annoyance and complete vexation was something I’d never seen on J. It was my turn to frown now as confusion filled my head.

“I’m guessing you don’t like him too much.” I say and he nods viscously from his place on the floor, then his head shakes and nods again before it becomes a blurred movement to my head. If I was to make a wild guess, he was probably having a very heated conversation with this inner wolf.

“J.” I call making him freeze. “If your wolf is listening and can understand me, I would love to meet him sometime.”

It takes a moment for the words to sink in, presumably to the wolf and J’s understanding, because soon after this statement, J’s frown deepens considerably as he stares up at me with a look of betrayal and disbelief.

“Don’t tell me you’re jealous of your own wolf.” I say with a chuckle formed of disbelief. When J doesn’t look to me I release a small growl of aggravation which brings his eyes straight back to mine. “I want to meet him, end of story.”

After a while, J nods slowly in agreement, his movements rigid and forced as his eyebrows meet with scorn. He shifts his gaze to me, directly the anger my way as if to put the blame on me. I raise a challenging eyebrow prompting him to respond with a glare of defiance. With coiling insides that didn’t like the emotions sparking between us, I send him a look of ignited rage myself.

Like a bad melting pot of heated emotions and clashing pheromones, our bodies react in the strangest way as instinct prompts us into a fight for dominance. I couldn’t smell the alpha gene on J but I could feel it as I’m sure he could feel mine. The need to dominate and take control was one that quickly bred its way into my veins as I stared down at my mate.

Soon enough we were rolling on the ground once more, the earlier playfulness none existent as our most primal instincts drove us to prove who was in charge. It was more wrestling than fighting, each of us scrambling to grip the other into a position of submission. A position that I had no intentions of taking.

It takes quite sometime before J puts his hands against my chest with wide eyes that screamed the need for this to end. I paused in my position, weirdly enough in the same form we started, me on top and J beneath me. We breathe heavily and desperately, our eyes not daring to shift.

“Do you surrender?” I question and he shakes his head rabidly. I raise an arm for another attack but he quickly stops me once more before making some gestures with his hand. “You want us to pause this? To continue another time?”

He nods quickly forcing me to ponder the offer for a long moment before I nod my agreement. Before our chests get the chance to settle, he shoots up without warning to crash his lips into mine, a muffled hum of surprise escapes me at the collision but it quickly fades as our mouths move hungrily.

J pulls me tight against his chest as his lips claim mine with a force and urgency which I can’t help but sink into. My body buzzed internally, shivering externally in response to his movements which were sure and compelling. I licked at his lips and he groaned his satisfaction at the action before opening, allowing me entrance as we kissed one another with so much hunger and need, his strong arms circling my frame tightly in possession. His tongue slide against mine, my body rocking into an outward action with mirrored what we were doing in our kiss. I rock against him, my fingers digging their way into his hair, gripping it tightly for stability. A small moan forces its way out of my lips when J begins rocking against me, his hips mirroring my actions causing our now hardening members to crash in their confines.

I pull back from his lips panting heavily as he kissed his way from my lips down my neck, stopping sometimes to suck at my skin causing electricity to spark from the area throughout my body. I tighten my grip against him as I continue to rock, grinding down a little harder as he thrust his hips upwards with an animalistic need.

“J!” I moan when he bites down on the area I hope he’d mark soon enough. My member pulses with need, hardening completely as he does as well. Precum pours from my tip as he continues to nibble and suck on the area forcing a continuous stream of moans to escape me.

His actions drive me mad. My mind becomes a hazed mess filled with lust and need as he continued to attack me with pleasure. My actions slow with the new found want, the deep growl which escapes J a clear sign of his displeasure at this. Somehow I end up beneath him, his large form towering over me as he pressed himself between my legs. His cradles me with his large arms, his rough, desperate kisses never stopping as he begins grinding his length into me.

“Ahhhh.” I moan out when his large member presses roughly into mine. Rushed, uncontrolled movements harbouring J’s form and crashing into my own as his instinct drove us through this pleasure-filled path. “F-Fuck.” I groan bitting down on my lip hard when my cock hardens, his actions pulling me all too quickly to the edge.

He sits back momentarily to latch his arms beneath my legs, raising them for better access before dropping his head beside mine. The hot air from his pants caresses my ear as I wrap my arms around his back, holding on for some form of solidity with his erratic movement.

“P-Please don’t stop.” I beg through moans as he directs more force behind his thrusts as he plummets his cock against mine. The layers of clothing between us the only thing preventing me from coming right here and now. His tongue finds the shell of my ear causing me to arch into him as I moan out in pleasure.

“I’m gonna....f-fuck J!” I scream as he nibbles on the bottom of my ear before sucking it into his mouth, his tongue swirling around it from the inside. “I-I’m gonna cum!”

I dig my fingers into his broad back as he continues to thrust against me in pursuit of his own orgasm. My vision escapes me as I shut my eyes tightly, completely unprepared for the pleasure which invades me from all angles. The power of my orgasm shaking the deepest parts of me as I held onto him, shaking slightly at the continuous streams of cum which poured from my cock as he continued to batter his own against me.

The deep growl alongside his now slowing but powerful movements told me that J was cumming. And fuck me if it wasn’t the best thing to watch him experience. His jaw was laxed as his deep moans of pleasure fell from his lips, his hips thrusting sporadically as he emptied his balls. The scent of his essence filled the room quickly, filling me with newfound lust as I inhaled it greedily. I wanted nothing more but to taste it at that moment, but when J looked down at me with an expression of both exhaustion and shock, I knew this was the furthest we were going today.

“There’s so much I have to teach you.” I whisper breathlessly as he stares at me. I lean up to give him a kiss before collapsing back to the floor, J follows as he plops his weight onto my chest with his own exhaustion.

Living together should be interesting..........


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