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Chapter 20

Levi’s P.O.V

I twirl the spaghetti on my plate with my fork while resting my head on my other hand. My mind wasn’t on the conversations produced by the rowdy table which seats were filled by my family and all our closest friends. Nope, it was on the one person I always wished to be with.

J. I wished he was here to enjoy this with me instead of home with Caspar probably wondering why I had to leave.

I sigh at the thought. Instead of cuddling with my mate, I was attending one of my parents little dinners. They invited all their close friends and their kids so the room was pretty full. To the heads of the table were my dads of course, to the left the kids and to the right the parentals.

I used to love these dinners, it was a time filled with love and happiness, one filled with an air of comfort and safety which I reveled in. But right now the only thing in the air was the smell of roasted sausages.

I wanted my mate. If I could bring him, I would. But that meant telling dad which, every party so far consulted agreed, wasn’t a good idea. At least not now, but soon, I hoped.


I drop the fork in surprise as I look up towards the voice. My eyes widen when I find everyone staring at me even little Jacob. I clear my throat looking to Po with a small hum which makes him roll his eyes.

“I asked,” he starts as if repeating himself drained the life out of him. “, how’s the house coming along?”

“Oh, it’s fine.” I say offering him a brief smile.

“Peter could give more detail than that.” He jokes urging me on with his hand.

“Most of the repairs are done. The water still ran through the pipes when I got there so that took a load off.” I say indulgently, I glance up at Uncle Beckett for a save.

“Of course they are, I left that house in tip top shape.” He says with a laugh which no one follows. “So, Damon how is school?”

“The education system is a scam.” He replies before shoving a large piece of steak in his mouth and chewing viciously.

“Doesn’t really answer his question but okay.” Hagen mumbles just under his breath, his eyes dancing around the table.

“He’s right though.” Uncle Michael chimes in. “I remember when we were in highschool, it was pure hell. Not once in real life have I had to find x.′

“Thank you!” Uncle Beckett roars making me chuckle. He believed that x was some sort of weapon and preached his beliefs to anyone who would listen.

“Do you guys have any plans for after high school? Are you going to stay in the pack lands or venture out into the world?” Uncle Nicholas asks wonderously, his eyes dancing between each of us.

Uncle Micheal and his mates lived in New York now, they came back to the pack often to visit but I didn’t know them that well. They were close to our parents though and always made time to catch up.

“Become alpha.” Damon says in an almost duh tone.

“Become beta.” Amelia continues with the same tone.

“Get into the academy.” Josey and Hagen say at the same time.

“What about you Peter?” Uncle asks. At the mention of his name Peter jumps in his seat before ducking even further in his seat, trying desperately and most obviously to hide from everyone’s gaze. He was terrible with people but even worse in a rook with many of them.

“University.” Dad answers for him when it becomes clear Peter won’t reply. “He wants to study Marine Biology, right love?

He nods quickly at this before ducking under once more. The attention shifts to me but no one asks the question and I’m grateful that they didn’t. I was an alpha without a pack living trying to keep my mate and I alive with no real plans for the future.

“I’m going to be the best warlock.” Jacob says filling the silence making everyone smile at his confidence.

“What about you Nikola?”

“Survive.” He mumbles with a shrug making Aunt Katty ruffle his hair proudly.

The meal continues with separate chats amongst everyone, laughter and joy filling the space but my thoughts reverted back to the person my heart remained with.


“I’ll see you guys later, I’m heading back to the house.” I say already backing away from my family, the need I felt for my mate basically written on my forehead.

“Why don’t you take the others with you? Let them see the place.” Po suggests making me freeze in my place.

“There’s no need,” Hagen says quickly, he sends me a knowing look and my heart warms with gratitude.“We’re beat and want to go home.”

“What he said.” Josey says nodding while Damon gives an uninterested shrug. I frown slightly at the gesture but quickly brush it off.

“You guys are some shit siblings, the only reason I haven’t gone over is because this one doesn’t want me to.” Dad says giving my back a couple hard swats. “But you can’t keep me away forever.”

A nervous chuckle escapes me but I force myself to swallow the rising panic in my chest. Just imagine J opening the day one day to see dad sends my heart in over drive. Luckily dad steps in before I had the chance to faint.

“Leave him alone, he’s trying to be independent, let him.” He says before giving dad a couple forceful shoves. Dad walks forward reluctantly, cursing at his mate who sent me a wink over his shoulder while pushing Po forward.
Josey and Hagen gave me two tight hugs before following after our parents leaving Peter and Damon before me.

“What?” I ask with a frown of confusion.

“We want to meet him.” Damon says folding his arms, his head tilting upwards as if readying for a fight.

“Absolutely not.” I say shaking my head.

“Why not?” He replies with a low growl.

“For one, you want to kill him and let’s not forget Peter’s afraid of him.” I say making Peter flinch slightly but he made no move to leave.

“I do want to kill him.” Damon admits without hesitation. “I want to tear his limbs off his body and burn him alive.”

“Watch your tongue.” I warn with tightening fists, my wolf rising at the threat alongside a usually dormant rage which urged me to tear him apart. I forced myself to push it down however, he was brother and I would never let myself lose control and hurt him.

“I want to do all those things but I won’t.” He says strainingly as if it physically hurt to do so. “I won’t because you love him and he’s your mate. So I’m going to play nice and go see him.”

I ponder his words for a long moment, trying to decipher whether or not his words were true or if he was simply finding a way in through which he’d attack my mate, I wouldn’t put it past him.

“Plus, dad sort of making us go.” He finally spat out making me roll my eyes. My eyes drift to Peter, his small frame still shaking slightly.

“Why are you bringing Peter along?”

“I can’t kill in front of Peter, so think of it as an insurance policy.” He says with a shrug. Oddly enough, this made me relax slightly.

About four years ago, when Peter was on one of his morning strolls through the pack land, he witnessed Damon slaughtering a rogue who he’d purposefully chased into the pack.
The sight made Peter avoid Damon like the plague, he wouldn’t eat with him, never raised his eyes to his and ran away from him every time he tried to approach him.
It took time and a lot of talks before Peter was able to be in the same room as Damon again. Though Damon played it off to not impact him at all, he missed his little brother and promised him he’d never hurt even a fly in front of him again.

“Are you okay with this?” I ask looking to Peter now. His eyes raise to mine screaming no but he nodded stiffly. On another day, I’d let Peter go home, but he had to meet J sooner or later and I preferred sooner.

“So can we go meet the guy or are you going to keep bitching?” Damon asks with a raised brow, I released a ragged breath before turning them and leading them to my mate.


“A couple rules before we go in.” I say as we approach my home. “No growling, no excessive touching of me, he gets jealous, don’t touch his grapes he’ll attack you and don’t go in our room, he’s super territorial.”

“Sounds like a wild mutt.” Damon mutters making me stop in my path. I turn to him with blazed eyes, getting so close to him that he held his breath for a moment.

“Damon I love you, but if you insult my mate one more time, I will beat the shit out of you.” I growl with extending canines. “That’s a promise.”

He holds my stare for a moment longer before shifting his gaze and nodding slightly. I don’t bother waiting for an apology, knowing it won’t come and instead take the last few steps to reach the house.

My foot barely touched the first step before the door swung open and J’s gleeful face met mine. All the annoyance swept out of my body and was immediately replaced with joy. He was on me in a heartbeat, squeezing me so tight my lungs were empty and I savoured the love he forced my way.
He inhaled me deeply, releasing an aggravated growl when he couldn’t find his scent. I let him reapply it as he pressed loving kisses down my shoulderblade.

The affection came to a sudden stop when J’s eyes peaked over my shoulder and landed on my brothers.
His grip on me tightened as a low growl scraped against the back of his throat.

“Relax baby.” I say pulling back to look him in his eyes. I palm his cheek, rubbing it comfortingly with my thumb. “Be nice.”

J looks at me with a slight pout that makes me chuckle, I was getting the feeling that he was getting tired of being nice to everyone. I made a mental note for us to go for a hunt later, he needed to kill something and release a bit of pent up tension.

“J, this is Damon.” I say gesturing for Damon to come forward.

His features were harsh and unforgiving as he climbed the few steps to our house. His eyes burned with the urge to attack but he held it back as he stood before us, his jaws tightly clenched as he glared at J who stared back at him innocently.

“Hi.” Damon ground out through clenched teeth. “Nice to meet the guy who almost killed our dad.”

“Damon.” I snap and he rolls his eyes. Before I could scold him even more, J reached our a hand for Damon. Damon snarled it making the vein in my head pop with annoyance. “I swear to Goddess above, if you don’t shake that hand I will kick you off our property.”

With a glare my way, he took hold or J’s hand and shook it roughly. J frowned at the touch hold before his eyes met Damon’s with building anger.
I could practically see the wheels turning in his head, the inner battle he was having trying to not attack Damon who was clearly challenging him for my sake.

“What happened to playing nice?” I growl once they drop hands. J glances at me for a moment, confused at the anger that clearly radiated off of me for Damon.

“It’s a bit harder than I expected it to be.” He admits glancing at me for a moment, his eyes darkening the way they often did before he ripped someone’s throat out. “I have to go.”

I don’t bother trying to stop him, actually feeling relief as I watched his retreating back. J’s large hand squeezes my shoulder comfortingly and I let myself relax into his touch.

Opening my eyes, I find the spot Peter was in empty with no trace in his wake. I sigh once more and walk into the house with J close behind me. He closes the door behind us and follows me all the way to our bedroom where I flip down onto the bed with a loud groan.

“Why must everything be so complicated?” I whine as he pulls off my shoes. Since living together, I’d taken up the role of dressing J quiet forceabley while he took up the role of undressing me quite happily.

“Why can’t everyone be happy that I found my mate and be happy that we love one another?” I complain like a child as J pulls off my pants. He presses kisses down my legs as more skin is revealed making me shiver slightly, my body welcoming the distraction without complaint.

“We are that rare pair of mates who love one another on site, do you know rare that is J?!” I yell making him flinch slightly but he continues his kisses anyway. “It’s really fucking rare!”

I sit up for him to pull my shirt off my head which he discards quickly, leaving me in just my underwear. He strips himself with ease before he crawls his way onto the bed, parting my legs to sink into the space between them.
His lips meet mine with a gentle force that silents my rant with ease. I moan into the kiss, letting it drown me in the love I so desperately craved.

I lay down with J’s weight caging me in place, his lips never leaving mine as his tongue licks at my lip. I open allowing him entrance to claim my mouth as his wandering hands search my body thoroughly. He pulls away from the kiss to look down at me, my breathes coming out a little strained with the excitement my body felt.

“I just want to be happy.” I whisper letting my fingers sink into his hair. “I want us to be happy.”

He stares at me for a long moment as if trying to understand my words before he pressed a brief kiss to my nose. I close my eyes as he presses his forehead to mine, the weight of his body comforting me more than it should.

“I love you J.” I promise, my arms wrapping around his broad back. He rolls off of me, holding me still as we lay wrapped on our sides. I look up at his dark eyes which mirror my own before leaning in for a kiss, he groans his appreciation at the contact as we sink into a familiar dance. My body tingles with the connection, the feel of him making me breathless as the kiss slowly grew heated and our touch rough.

I rolled us so that I was on top of him, pressing my hands to his firm chest as I panted heavily. The sight of his scars which littered his skin made my chest ache but I didn’t let it _ me. Instead I leaned down to press a kiss to each and every scar, burn or wound, stopping to circle his nipples with my tongue. A low wine escaped his lips when I bit them teasingly before continuing my journey downwards.

When I reach the impressive tent in his underwear I glance up at him, gulping slightly at the sight of his glowing, lustful eyes. I palm his length while pressing kisses to his thighs, not daring to break eye contact.

His tongue swiped across his canines as he gripped the sheets for some form of security. He stared at me with a gaze that cursed me for my teasing, one that made my member leak with excitement.

Deciding to give him a break, I tugged at his underwear until his cock sprung out. It was big and long, so incredibly hard and wet with precum, the sight of it brought a low moan from my throat.
J released another strained wine as I pulled his underwear away completely, my fingers grazing his length teasingly.

“A piece of me wants to drag this out and make you scream.” I say honestly as I continue to tease him with my fingertips. “While the rest of me wants to make you cum so hard and fast you cry.”

I grip his base firmly before I let my tongue meet his tip. The contact was short and gentle yet it made J moan loudly. I smiled at this before licking the beads of precum from his tip, my own clock pulsing at the taste of him on my tongue.
Lowering slightly, I met his eyes before dragging my tongue from the base of his weeping cock to his top of his pained tip. Licking him up and down like a lollipop, I take my time making my mate squirm and moan with pleasure. Keeping my grip firm, I continue to tease him to brink of insanity, loving the desperate sounds he made and the innocent look he sent my way.

“Do you want to cum baby?” I ask before sucking greedily on his tip, squeezing the base of him so he couldn’t come.

He releases a pained wine that makes me leak uncontrollably, an excited shiver raking it’s way up my spine. He squirms in his place, looking at with with a silent plea for release.

“Then cum.” I whisper before I release my tight grip and instead jerk him with a tight, fast grip I loved for myself.

Another wine broke past his beautiful lips as his eyes widen with fear at the sudden attack. But they soon flickered shut as he moaned loud enough to shake the house, cum jutting out his big cock and onto his chest as he arched off the bed. I continued to pump him, watching the scene before me with so much arousal that my own climax tethered on the edge of completion.

When he finished his beautiful climax, I sucked at his tip making him scream at the sensitivity. Groaning around him. I part from his gorgeous cock to lap up his cum. Loving the sweet taste that tainted my tongue and made my mind fog, I licked it all up until his skin shone with only his sweat and nothing more.

“You taste so good.” I comment as I lick my lips hungrily. “I want the taste of you on my tongue every day now.”

J’s dazed eyes meet mine, a bit of drool escaping his parted lips. The sight of him makes me leak with need. I dip my hand into my boxers and begin stroking desperately, a few moans escaping me.

“Just a little more.” I say breathlessly as I drop the teasing and swallow J completely. He screams at the attack but doesn’t stop me, I moan my satisfaction as he begins hardening in my mouth.

I focus on drowning him in pleasure, making him lose him mind as I swirl my tongue under his length. His fingers find my hair as I continued bobbing up and down his length. My own cock dripping with the unfathomable need to cum.

Suddenly J’s grip tightens as his hips begins thrusting upwards into my mouth. I moan around his cock, his size stretching my mouth open as he began fucking into it with the deep growls and beautiful moans.

I relinquished control and let him fuck himself to climax while I stroked my straining cock. The scent of his arousal floods the space quickly, making my cock ooze precum uncontrollably as I neared the edge.

My mouth tightens around my mate as my eyes roll and my body shakes with the intense rush of my orgasm. Cum spurts from cock and I moan in pleasure as I stroke every last drop from myself. A roar like growl leaves J’s throat as he cums once more down my throat, the taste of him exploding in my mouth, spurring on my own orgasm. J holds me to the base, making my swallow all of him and I love every second of him.

He releases me when he returns to his senses, pulling me up his chest where I flop down on him in exhaustion. He pants heavily with wide eyes, confusion and curiosity racking his features as they often did whenever we enjoyed one another’s bodies like this.

“God I think I’m addicted.” I mumble running a finger up his length making him whine at my touch. “Okay, I’m done.”

He glares at me for a long moment before he kisses me, he parts from me with a sigh as sleep quickly takes him and I’m left with my own thoughts.

We will be happy, sooner or later....


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Q&A with J

I frown as I look around for Levi but I couldn’t find him anywhere. I tried to stand but I couldn’t move from this tree I was sitting on. Trees usually liked me so I didnt understand why it was being mean now.

I try scenting for Levi but he wasn’t close and there was nothing else but me, the wood and the room.

“That’s where you’re wrong, I’m here too.” I look up and my eyes stare into my own? My head spins when I stared at myself with a deep frown. “It’s me, Roger.”

I stare up at me...or I stared at him for a moment before shaking my head but he was still there when I straightened. So I tried closing my eyes really tight but he was there staring at me with a bad smile.

“Where are we?” I ask angrily.

“In the author’s head, that’s why you can talk.” He says with a smile. “Thank fuck she listened to my prayers and separated us.”

“Who’s the author?” I ask looking around again for Levi.

“Not important. B-”

“I want Levi.” I say with a low growl but he just smiles.

“It’s just me and you.” He says with another bad smile that makes me want to rip his lips off, but if I did that then I wouldn’t have lips and I wouldn’t be able to press my lips to Levi’s.

“Where is Levi?” I groan and this spinning thing with his eyes.

“Here’s the deal, you answer a few questions and I’ll let you go back to Levi.” He says making my eyebrows meet, I didn’t trust him. “You’re smart not to.”

“How can you hear my mind, you’re outside of me?!” I yell but he just keeps smiling.

“The author and I are close like that.” He says smiling widely.

I already didn’t like this author.
I felt a small pinch on my arm and jumped in the wood, I look at Roger but he puts his hands up.

“Pretty stupid to say you don’t like the author, I mean, she’s in charge of everything.” Roger says and suddenly grapes appear in his hands. My mouth drops as I stare at Roger eating grapes happily. “She loves me.”

“I want.” I say trying to stand but I couldn’t.

“Be nice then.” He warns and I growl at him. I really hated Roger. “Feeling’s mutual, now are you ready to answer some questions?” I nod and Roger pulls out a bunch of paper from the air.

“Question uno - who is your favourite sibling?" He says before taking some time to explain to me what siblings were.

“I like the little man.” I say smiling widely. “He gave me a deer.”

“Well aren’t you easy, and in more ways than one.” Roger says before moving to the next paper while a grape appeared in my mouth. I chewed it happily and waited.

“Second question and a personal favourite of mine, why don’t you like Roger?"

“Because he’s stupid.” I say looking Roger straight in our eyes. He frowns so I keep going. “He’s mean and angry all the time, I don’t like him.”

“You literally growl for a living, how on earth am I angry all the time?” He snaps making me fold my arms.

“You’re angry right now.” I say making him growl.

“No I’m not.” He snaps.

“Yes you are.”

“Am not.”

“Yes you are.”

“No I’m not!”

“You’re shouting right now!”

“So are you!”

Two sets of grapes appear in our hands making us smile as we begin eating them in silence.

“Okay, third question- what’s your favourite thing about Levi? P.s. you’re the cutest. They put a bunch of heart emojis but you don’t know what an emoji is so now it’s a little awkward.”

“I like his smile. Whenever he smiles I know he’s okay and then we both feel good inside. His smile is really nice, makes my head go fuzzy.” I reply as I smile in memory, my mate is the best. “What does cutest mean?”

“Like adorable kind of, like they’re saying your really adorable or cute.” Roger explains and my smile quickly fades.

“I’m not adorable.” I snap but he ignores me as he begins reading out another paper.

"Aren’t you feeling the mating pull to mark Levi yet?” Roger says and I stare at him. “What?”

“I don’t understand.”

“Basically don’t you want to bite Levi and make him yours forever?” He explains and I nod quickly.

“I always want to bite him. From the first time I met him I wanted to bite him, but I hurt him and he was scared of me. I think if I bite him it’ll hurt him and I don’t want him to be afraid of me, I want him to love me.” I say while looking with my hands. “So even though I really want to bite him, I have to make myself bite my lip instead.”

“That’s cute but stupid, much like you.” Roger says and I growl again. “Moving on! What’s the first thing you’d say to Levi if you could talk to him?”

“I love you.”

“What a surprise.” Roger says rolling his stupid eyes. ”What would you do if you met Levi’s parents? Well his other dad since you met julian already?”

“He has another big man?” I question with a frown of confusion. “I thought the yellow hair one was the biggest of them all.”

“It’s become a fear of mine that you’re clinically stupid.” Roger says while rubbing his face. “He literally showed you photographs of the whole family, remember?”

“I was sniffing Levi, I didn’t really look at them.” I say honestly and he groans loudly.

“Author help me out, a picture of Aiden stat!” Roger says a paper with a dark haired, big man popped in front of me. I saw him in the other pictures, but in this one he looked bigger and meaner and angrier....he looked like he’d like Roger so I didn’t like him. “I’ll ignore that comment which I take as a fucking compliment, do you know who bis wolf is?! If Maximus liked me, I’d die happy. Anyway, what would you do if you met him?”

“Would Levi be there?”

“Depends on the author.”

“If Levi’s there, I’ll hold his hand but if he’s not, I don’t know.” I say honestly and more grapes appear making me smile.

"Why did you attack Julian? Spicy question, I like this one.”

“Who’s Julian?”

“For fuck sake!” Roger shouts. “I think I’ll have to answer this one for you. Basically he w-” Roger stops suddenly before biting his lip and smiling. “Sorry folks, author says that question is off limits.”

“This author sounds mean.” I say quietly, holding the grapes extra tight. I was afraid they’d take it away from me.

“She like the Moon Goddess, a bitch.” Roger says before quickly adding on. “But I love her, with my entire soul.”

When nothing happens he breathes out and continues with the questions.

"On a scale from 1 to 10, how useful is the voice in your head? AKA, your wolf.”

“How does this work?”

“One means you really, really love me and need me and ten means you wish I’d die.” Roger says with one of those evil smiles that I didn’t like.

“Four.” I say making the smile fade as Roger stares at me with a look I didn’t know. “If I didn’t have you, I think I wouldn’t have mate. I want to give you ten but four.”

“Sometimes you really are......nice.... to have around. I mean, y-you’re not a bad human.” He says before shaking his head and continuing.

"Do you want kids and How many kids do you want?”

“What’s a kid?”

“A child. A small person which you raise until they’re big people.” Roger explains but I didn’t really get it. “A pup. How many pops do you want?”

“I want pups. I think I want one pup or as many as Levi wants.” I say quickly as I look around for him again but he wasn’t here. “How many more? I want mate.”

“There’s a shitload to go, maybe I’ll bring out Levi if you behave.” He promises so I nod quickly.

"What do you think of each of Levi’s siblings?”

“I like little man, he brings me food. I like the little woman who looks like him.”

“Why do you like Josey, you’ve seen her never met her.” Roger says with small eyes.

“Because she looks like the little man, and I like the little man.” I say before I remember the angry one. “I don’t like the mean one, I want to hurt him.”

“But we won’t do that.” Roger says and I nod even though I already thought about what his blood would taste like. “And Peter?”

“The one that ran away?” I ask and he nods. “I don’t know.”

"Do you remember things from when you were younger?”

“No.” I say trying to remember everything, but all I saw was trees.

“I do.” Roger says making me look up at him. “I remember everything even if you chose to forget it.”


"When you met Julian, did you remember that you attacked him?”

“I had a lot of fights before I met mate, I don’t remember any of them. But this Julian man, when I met him, he smelt familiar. His scent made me feel bad, so it must’ve been bad.”

"Was Levi a prisoner of the same people who kidnapped the kids. Like like Levi and his dad???”

“I only remember being a wolf in the woods until I met mate.”

“Spoiler alert, he was kinda. Author said not to say anything else.” Roger says before getting another paper. ”Age?”

“I don’t know.”

“We’re twenty eight”

“That sounds old.” I say and Roger nods.

“You’re mentally thirteen so it makes up for it.” Roger says with another bad smile. “Next, this one’s funny.” He says laughing for a minute while I stare waiting. “Okay, okay.... what’s your dick size?"

“My dick size?” I ask and Roger laughs.

“Your little friend that gets excited when Levi’s not wearing clothes.” He says and I look down immediately. “How big is it?”

“I-I don’t k-know.” I say looking away.

“Well we’ll leave it at pretty big, how about that?” Roger says and I nod again, my face felt hot now.

“Oooo goodie, a question for me. Does Roger remember Levi from when he was a kid? Yes.”

“We knew Levi?” I ask and he nods. “Why can’t I remember?”

“Because you’re stupid.” He snaps back and I growl. “It’s complicated alright, doesn’t make sense worrying about it, the author will explain when she’s ready.”

“I want grapes.”

“You’ll get a bellyache.” Roger says with his arms on his chest.

“I want mate and grapes!” I shout an Roger sighs.

“For fuck sake, author some help please.” Roger says and suddenly we’re in the room of waters and I’m in the tub of water. I smile as I lie down in it, grapes were next to me and I could smell mate everywhere. “Thank you, now, both of the intimate scenes were from Levi’s perspectives, so J, what are your feelings about them?”

“The times I got really, really happy and my body got weird?” I ask and Roger nods. “I like those times but I don’t know if I like the way my body makes me feel. Everything gets hot and I don’t know what’s going on. But then Levi makes his happy sounds and I get h-hotter and things c-come out and I d-don’t know.”

I try to go under the water to hide but Roger pulls me back up. My body was hot now that I was remembering and I felt tight.

“Sometimes you can be cute.” Roger says before hitting me hard on my face. I try to attack him but the tub want let me. ”On a scale of 1 to 10 how badly do you want to strangle Roger right now?”

“One hundred.” I growl and Roger smiles.

“Feelings mutual.” Roger says moving around the papers. “Felling. Is. Mutual.” He finishes slowly. “The following questions author said not to answer:

What separated J from Levi?
Why did he attack Levi’s dad?

Moving on. If you could cook, what would you make?”

“Deer.” I say immediately and Roger sighs.

“Let’s pretend he knows what actual food is, if he could cook he’d make pizza or sushi.” Roger says and I frown, I liked deer. ”Is he going to be able to talk?”

“I can’t talk.”

“You can, you’re just a little messed up inside.” Roger answers looking sad. ”Does J remember anything from his old pack? He doesn’t but I do.”

“We don’t have a pack.”

“We used to.” Roger says a little quietly and I think he looked a bit sad.

“What happened to them?” I ask but he doesn’t say anything. He doesn’t say anything for a long time and then suddenly he rubs his eyes and smiles at me.

“No more questions about the past okay,” he says, his lips shaking. “How about we make this the last question, J.....are you going to let your inner wolf out soon.. cause I’d love to see that?”

“I don’t know how to.” I say with a frown. “I can let you out?”

“Yes.” Roger says and my head fizzes. “I’ll teach you how, soon don’t worry. The author’s got a plan.”

“Is it a good plan?”

“It’s a bumpy one, but you and Levi will be together.... most likely.” He says and I open my mouth to yell but he beats me to it. “Go back to your mate now. No more questions, author will wipe this from your memory.”

Before I can blink, everything changes and I wake up pulling for air in Levi’s sleeping grounds.

“J?” I look down at mate who was looking at me tiredly. “You okay baby?”

I lie back down and put my arms around him. I kiss his skin and close my eyes, my throat hurt a little but it was just a bad dream.


“Do you have to wipe my memories too?”

“You know I do.”

“Is he going to make it out of this okay? He’s already been through so much, I don’t want him to get hurt again.”

“He’ll be fine Roger and so will you.”

“Tell me one thing, please.”

“Go on.”

“Did he suffer? Is he okay now? Will I meet him one day?”

“Not in this lifetime but you’ll meet your mated wolf one day Roger, one day.”


Well wasn’t that spicy.....
I tried to make it interesting and little special so it wasn’t your everyday Q&A.

Hope you enjoyed, though I bet that just made you guys have like a hundred more questions.

Thank you to everyone who asked questions, I enjoyed writing this. I’ll be writing an extra for Peter, so keep an eye out for that.

I hope you guys enjoy this new year to come. I hope we have great memories and cries from my books for those who stick with me. I loved this year, it was fun and I think my writing improved.

So Happy New Year ❤

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