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Chapter 23

J’s P.O.V

There were so many of them, Levi’s people. I knew it was a big pack but I didn’t know it was a big, big pack.

I left our cave when I woke up and Levi was gone. The cat wouldn’t wake up and Roger wasn’t speaking to me, so I was alone.

I went to make a hare but there was nothing there, Levi always left something in the cold box.

I think he is in trouble.
So I came out looking for him.

I followed his scent to where it disappeared, right before a big crowd of people who had food and shiny things. I think mate’s scent just got lost with all these people’s. They were so many of them that I couldn’t tell one from the other, I think that’s why they couldn’t smell me.

I joined the big crowd and started walking around. I wanted to look like them, so no one would notice me. But s few females stared, I tried to make a different face but they just did that giggle thing that Levi always does. But it didn’t sound as good as Levi’s giggle thing.

It sounded weird.

So I walked away from them and forgot why I came out in the first place. I liked this place, everyone seemed to feel good inside and no one was fighting. Some of their faces I think I’ve seen before, when they attacked me in my primary form.

But they didn’t look so mean now, they looked different and showed their teeth to each other and even to me.

I think Levi had nice people, when they thought you were their people. I don’t think they’d show me their teeth if they knew who I was.

They all don’t like me.
I can tell because Levi keeps me in the house. He doesn’t like me going out or meeting people he doesn’t choose.

It’s like when I was in the woods and he would only see me sometimes. It makes everything hurt inside when he leaves but I know he hurts more inside so I don’t give him trouble. I think these people give him too much trouble so I don’t want to bring more.

I wish I could make mate good inside all the time. Never have leaking eyes and only sweet giggles, I wish mate knew I loved him a lot. But I don’t that could ever happen with these people around.

“J?” I turn quickly, people moved their lips a lot like Levi here and this was the first time I knew a sound they were making.

My eyes find little man and I smile real big. But he doesn’t smile real big, I think because he had a piece of meat in his teeth. His eyes get bigger and bigger as he stares at me. He rips the bone from his mouth and comes towards me as people look at him.

“Shit, shit, shit shit!” He says quietly before pulling me away from the middle of the crowd. “What the fuck are you doing out here?! In the market of all places, do you want to die?!”

I could tell by the way he moved his hands and how big his eyes were that little man wanted to know why I was outside.

I point at my chest and he makes a new face and looks up at me. I pat my chest harder and he makes an even weirder face. When I start banging on my chest he grabs my wrist and makes an o shape with his mouth.

“Levi!” He shouts and I nod quickly. “You’re looking for Levi?” I nod again.

I think I’m starting to understand this mouth moving thing.

“First things first, let’s mark your scent.” He says before dragging me behind some wood caves. He reaches down to the grass and starts pulling some parts and leaving others.

When his hand was full he brought it up to me and rubbed it on my arm, I frown when my scent faded and quickly push him away.

I sniff my arm but there’s no scent, I rub it really hard but there’s still no scent. I growl at little man as I look up to him. He puts his hands up and makes small giggles but they sounded like scared giggles.

“Hey, I’m just trying to help you.” He says quickly. “We got to mask your scent or you’ll get caught.”

I didn’t know what he said but I shake my head. He makes more sounds but I keep shaking my head and point to my chest. I would never mask my scent because it had Levi’s too. If I took it off it was like saying no to mate. I’d never say no to mate.

“You’re one stubborn shit.” Little man says before jumping on me. He starts rubbing the leaves all over me while I try to pull him off but he wouldn’t fall off, he was like a monkey.
This little monkey ran around my body like a tree and covered me in the scent eraser and only got off when I was covered in it

I growled at him and extend my canines. I wanted to rip his throat out for doing that. Levi would be so mad and sad and he might not talk to me. I wanted to kill the little monkey but I couldn’t. He was mate’s brother and I liked him, so I wouldn’t kill him.

But I did punch him.

He fell down with a groan and I grabbed a piece of raw meat he had in his bag of meats. I sit down and eat it quickly, I didn’t eat this morning and was very hungry now.

“Sure. Eat my fucking food.” He groans, I didn’t know what he said so I just showed him my teeth. “Asshole.”

I eat more meat until I’m full and when the little monkey is okay again. He makes me stand and leads me away from the many, many people.

We walk down a path that was not dirt. I’d never seen it before. It was hard and black and hot but I didn’t make noises, the pain wasn’t that bad. The little monkey was on my back now, I didn’t mind because he wasn’t heavy and it seemed to make him very happy.

“We need to get you back home.” He says playing with my hair which was growing long again. “Levi better give me a TV or some shit for saving your ass.”

His face appears in front of mine, but upside down and he smiles. I couldn’t see where I was walking so I stopped.

“Is it true you totally destroyed Damon in a fight he challenged you too?” He says very quickly. I tried to pick out some sounds but all I got was Damon and challenge.

I don’t know what happened when I let Roger out, but I came back and Levi was sad and crying. His blonde, big man didn’t come to the cave anymore and Roger didn’t talk anymore.

Something mean must’ve happened but I didn’t know what, so I just nod and the little monkey starts making happy noises and sits up again. I start walking.

“That’s too good.” He says with the same noises. “Holy shit I wish I was there to see that son of a bitch get knocked down a couple pegs.”

The little monkey keeps making sounds but I learn to ignore it and just keep walking. My feet stop when I see a tall man walking our way. He was as tall as me, had black hair and black eyes.

He looked like a face I’d seen before.

The pictures Levi showed to me flash before my eyes and memories in my primary form when I was fighting many men, including him. His eyes were red in the my head and his talons were the ones which left their mark across my ribs.

“Oh we are fucked.” Little monkey says above me. “We are fucked, fucked fuckedddddd.”

I stand taller when the images stop and I’m left with the man who was walking towards me showing teeth. I could smell his scent and I knew it well. It was a scent of an alpha, had the same trace as mine and Levi’s and Levi’s other big man. It was a scent that was on the other big man, a scent I knew before and now.

Just like his people he seemed happy here but was a lot meaner out there.

“Hagen.” He says looking up at little man when he’s close enough.

Roger. I think I need you right now- I say looking at the man who was now looking at me with a smile. He was frowning.

“And who are you?” He says slowly, his eyes becoming smaller.


What?! A wolf can’t take an extended nap around he- He stops suddenly before he starts cursing like little monkey. Oh fucking shit mother cunt sucker. Why are we looking at Levi’s dad?! Why the fuck are we outside of the house?! Where the fuck is Levi!

“He’s my friend.” Little monkey says above me. “He’s a mute in the pack, Aunty Kat, told me about him so I thought I’d go check him out. Because aunty Kat, said he needed help and was lonely. Isn’t Aunty Kat so nice?!”

“She’s literally the opposite of that, a bitch and a half.” The man says laughing before he looks at me again. “I’ve never seen him before and I know everyone in my pack.”

Here’s the plan, we throw Hagen at him and we run.

Who’s Hagen?

You deserve to die.

“W-Well he has been alone in his house for years. Maybe you forgot him.” Little monkey says but the black eyed man keeps staring at me.

This man was Levi’s father, he made Levi very happy. He always talked about this second big man very nicely so I couldn’t hurt him. Even though I could tell he wanted to hurt me, he couldn’t smell me but he still wanted to.

“Hagen I suggest you stop lying to me.” He says with a lower voice, his eyes turning darker. “He’s a rogue.”

It’s been a pretty shit run, I must admit - Roger says with laughs.

“W-W-What?” Little monkey says with giggles but his fingers were gripping my hair tightly. “N-No he’s not. Do you want chicken?”

“He’s not in the pack link, his scent is masked and I’ve never seen him before.”

“Aunty Kat!” He screams loudly making the man’s eyes dart up to him. “Can explain.”

“For fuck sake, I need to change my name.” A new voice suddenly says making my eyes look to find the witch I’d met once before.

I like witches. They were always nice to me when I lived in the woods and they hated these wolf people like me. This witch was nice to Levi so I liked her too.

When she saw me and the big man, she looked like she’d start cursing too but she didn’t.

“Hagen you let him get out!” She groans before coming towards me. “My experiments are not to be played with!”

“You said a short walk.” Hagen says quickly.

“Yeah, the market place is not a short walk!” She says patting my head gently with her fingers before doing that thing with her eye I’ve seen trapped people do in the screen in the cave.

Hello Jayson, my name is Katerina and I have been looking after you and Levi for a long time. Let me get you out of this pickle and we’ll chat some more okay.

My eyes widen at the new voice in my head, one that I understood like Roger but it belonged to the witch. I nod slowly and she smiles at me before moving her fingers and turning to the big man who looked angrier now.

“You brought a rogue into my land.” He growls with now red eyes that moved between the witch and I. “And you let Hagen run off with it?!”

“Calm your saggy tits Aiden, he’s docile and alone.” She says looking the man straight in his eyes. “No pack or friends, I think he’s a new rogue since hes not all crazy pants. Thought I’d take him in and see if I can save him.”

“You can’t save rogues.” He grinds out. I didn’t understand what they were saying but he probably didn’t want me here or even alive.

“You saved Levi.” She says and the man takes a step towards her and grabs her clothes.

I think he hated clothes like me, I think I liked him more now.

“Levi is not a rogue.” He says slowly and lowly, spitting out each word.

“Yeah because you took him in.” She says carefully. “I’m just trying to save a life here.”

“I want it out.”

“Too bad I don’t listen to you.”

“Katerina, I’m warning you.”

“And I’m warning you. If you don’t let me go, you’ll lose your hand. Best friend or not.” She says gently but her eyes were purple now.

They stare at each other for a long time before the man releases her and take a step back.

“Keep it in you house and don’t let it out. I don’t want any of the kids around it.” He says before looking at me again. “If I catch it outside, it’s dead.”

“So dramatic, I’ll see you later for the barbeque.” She says giving him a shove before she snaps her fingers.

Suddenly I’m in a new cave and little man is no longer on my shoulders. I look at her as her face melts with the wall and this morning’s chicken pours out of my mouth. When I finish, it disappears and I fall on the ground with a small cry.

My body hurt and everything spun and joined into one. I wanted my mate and my cave and hugs.

She bends down to me and puts her fingers to my head.

I’m sorry, but I had to get us out if their before Aiden changed his mind. The side effects will wear off soon enough, is there anything I can do to ease the pain?

I want mate.


Levi appears suddenly with eyes leaking like I’ve never seen them before. He rushes to me and hugs me extra tight, he sobs into me and I try to hold him tight too but everything was still spinning.

“N-Never do that a-again!” He shouts between sobs and I trail my nose to his neck to smell him but don’t find anything.

It makes me whine as Roger shifts in discomfort.

“I-I was so s-scared!” He keeps crying and soon the room becomes still and I can see him clearly. He presses kisses all over my face and hugs me so tight I can’t breathe.

“How do you already know about him meeting Aiden?” The witches asks and mate immediately goes still.

“He met dad!” He shouts before looking at me.

“Yeah, my reaction exactly.” She says before coming down and touching my head.

Are you okay Jayson?

I’m tired and hungry.

I’ll have Nikola fix you something.

“Let him lie down on the couch, I’ll get Nikola make him something.” She says to Levi who frowns.

“You can understand him?”

“By entering him mind, yes.” She says making Levi’s eyes grow big. “I intercept the link between his him and his wolf, it let’s me talk to him in a form he can understand.”

“Does that mean I can talk to him?” He asks gripping my arm tighter.

“It doesn’t work like that Levi.” She says sounding sad. “But we can try to find another way which does, for now, get him to the couch.”

Levi leads me to a new room like the one at home, with a screen and soft things. He puts me to lie down on a soft thing and kneels next to me. He holds my hands with his own and presses his lips to it.

“Thank Goddess you’re okay baby.” He says as his eyes begin leaking again. “You have no idea how scared I was when I came home and you weren’t there.”

I lean forward and press my lips to his. He presses it to me but then pulls away with a new face.

“You taste like vomit.” He says with one of his sweet giggles before leaving and coming back with water. I drink it slowly and try kissing him again, this time he doesn’t pull away.

“Mom made me make food.” A new voice says, we pull away when a tall boy walks in with a bunch of different meats. “I’m guessing you can’t eat cooked foods, being a man of the wild and all that.”

“Thanks Nikola.” Levi says when he takes the plate and hands it to me.

“He doesn’t look like a beast.” He says watching me as I start stuffing food into my mouth. “He just looks like a hungry guy.”

“Nik, I’m going to press play if you take any longer.” A new voice yells loudly.

“I’m coming dad!” He yells back before shaking my hand and leaving.

When the woman returns, she’s in new clothes and has a new plate of food. I take it from her happily and continue eating.

“Are you not feeding him?” She asks Levi who frowns.

“More than enough.”

“Well either his stomach is a black whole or you’re not feeding him enough.”

Point at the woman so we get more food - Roger says so I do it quickly. Levi stares at me in shock, with a look as if I hit him. So I point at quickly point at him but the look doesn’t go away.

“I’ll deal with that later, but for now can you fill me in on what happened today.” He says looking at the lady.

“Hagen covered his ass and called for me when your dad started interrogating him.” She says with a shrug. “For more detail, talk to your little brother.”

“I got to buy him that TV he wants so badly now.” Levi says sounding tired. “Thank you for saving him, I don’t even know what else to say besides thank you.”

“Don’t sweat it, but we’re talking while he can’t understand anything and that’s rude so give me a sec.” She says before pressing her fingers to my head again.

Your mates just worried about you and is happy that you’re safe. Want me to tell him anything for you?

Tell him I love him.

“He says to tell you he loves you.” She says to mate who smiles widely before tackling me with a hug.

“I love you too, with all my heart.” He promises and I kiss him happily as I wrap my arms around him waist and pull him to me.

When we part, the witch touches me again and tells me what mate says making me smile as well.

I want to go cave

Cave? Do you mean home?

Yes. I want to go home.

Okay, I’ll tell him. But can you back tomorrow, so I can talk to you both. So we can start unravelling this mind of yours.

Okay, I’ll come again.

“He wants to go home with you but promises to come back tomorrow with you.” She says to Levi who nods. “There’s some things I need to tell you, both of you.”

They talk some more before Levi and I leave the witch’s cave and head to our own. Levi holds onto me tightly the entire way and doesn’t let me go, pressing surprise kisses to me cheek and telling me how much he loves me.

When we finally get to the cave, I feel myself relax as the big cat greets us. I force Levi to come in bathe with me.
I wanted to smell him again and he needed to smell me too.

When I could finally smell him, I kissed him all over and made him sleep on me in the bed. I didn’t want to let him go in my sleep again, so if he was on me, he couldn’t.

The position made my insides swirl and down their hard but I ignored it and went to bed with mate.

I hope tomorrow is nicer than today.


Long ass chapter. Hope you lot enjoyed. J’s language is improving, that’s intended for those of you who were questioning that.


Did you enjoy the Aiden interraction????

Hope you enjoyed this doubled update. Worked really hard on it, tick to New Year’s Resolution.

Until next time,
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